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11 The Obsolescence and Permanence of the Covenant

Justin Kim Sikhu Daco Jonathan Walter Callie Williams



  • June 6, 2021
    9:00 AM
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Most children's books have those 2 pictures and yet to see which are the same and which are different we're going to do that on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring. Welcome to. The Bible based conversation a. Temporary. Provoking. Post just in time with the end. We're going to utilize some contrast in comparison skills on this up a soda when you look at those children's pictures and you see one monkey has a tail and one doesn't then one table has 3 legs and another one has 4 and one guy has a must as one does if you're watching him 1st my name is Justin came in the studio got Jonathan and Siku in Cali and we're going to take a look at the Old and New Testaments and the covenants and the promises and compare and contrast Hello yes. We are in episode one episode or an episode of 11 aren't we and we've covered a lot covered a lot so John what are some things that you remember as one not each each each town that you visited but as you fly over and what are some things that you remember as you reflect on our our root trip through the covered it well there's a lot to say but I want to try to keep it in the us we learned that God is consistent with his message of the Gospel the gospel is the same in the old in the New Testament and people are saved the same way in the old in the New Testament it's by faith the question is the difference is how do we respond to the invitation that God is giving and we learned that in the covenant God promises himself he's the one that fulfills the covenant you know he gives the promise and he promises to also live in us and through us and he has exemplified that you know through Jesus and he had made a lot of different covenants that are not so different after all they all. Preach about that same truth that God is here with us and will take us through this experience and will save us through it all so it's just. Going to get him up. Well let's go to chapter 8 and we have been emphasizing that the experiences have been the same but it's clear that some of those details are not the same when it comes to the actual historical components we say the word historical components but what's another what synonym for Historical the actual details involved the actual the rituals involved I guess is a better way of saying it so well how about word of prayer or rescript or and can we can you pray for us have slightly Father in heaven we thank you for guiding us thus far in the study we thank you for showing things that we've never seen before we thank you for speaking to our hearts we trust that just as you have been with us that you continue to do so please open our eyes as we read Scripture may we understand it may we see Christ more clearly and then we apply it rightfully to ourselves and to others and that ultimately Lord may just continue to lead to a deeper surrender to Christ we ask him pray all this and his name Amen amen and I'm sure to go to Hebrews Chapter 8 and for those of you who are following out there you can open your your Bibles and go to the New Testament go to Hebrews and also go to n. verse Bible dot org where you can get the inverse Bible study guides and you can download them and you can follow along we are in episode 11 lesson 11 and you can also go to open t.v. dot org slash in verse and you can see previous episodes not now you want to finish this up so go to the previous episodes after this after you know all right we're good so let's go to Hebrews Chapter 8 Chapter 8 reverse one so you can 1st one 1st one Ok. Now this is the main point of the things we are saying we have such a high priest who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the majesty in the heavens a minister of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle which the Lord erected and not man every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices. Therefore it is necessary that this one also have something to offer but if he were on earth he would not be a priest since there are priests who offer the gift according to the law of the copy and shadow of the heavenly things as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle will he said See that you make all things according to the patten shown you on the mountain but now he has obtained a more excellent ministry in as much as he is also a mediator of a better covenant which was established on better promises critical stop there Ok so this is really a high point in the book of Hebrews Hebrews it's just a weird book in the middle of Paul even though Paul there is debate whether he wrote it or not it sounds a lot like him and we have a lot of evidence that it's pointing towards him as the author but in chapter one it says that Jesus is better than the Angels chapter 2 Jesus is and the whole theme is Jesus is better batteries better than Moses he's better than Joshua he's better than the Levites he's better than the priesthood and then in Chapter 8 verse one and Seeker comes along and she reads verse one and she says now this is the main point Ok so what's the main point what it what is Paul saying here. Paul is making clear that there's 2 different. Number to crying cause pathways in the way there is heavenly and the earthly and what are you talking about here now he's speaking to the Hebrews to the Jews and they me they understood what he's talking about he's referring to when it comes to the earthly ministry has taken place he's referring to just sanctuary system which was something that God told Moses to institute you know 1500 years before this was written and told them Well what is that sanctuary a system is going through that right so that's what is that basically it is a. Real life object lesson of everything that Jesus is and for us as all their sacrifices involve pointing to Jesus. Yeah there was this tent you know the Holy Place the most holy place maybe I've heard of that it is Ark of the Covenant and there's all these these furniture items that all symbolize something about the Jesus that was like a 3 d. model that God gave but it was as we said I think it was in for whereas it it was a copy verse 5 here we go a copy in Shadow of the heavenly things most as was shown by God in heaven that there is a heaven in the sanctuary and most has made a copy of that but there's these 2 elements going on here in this and this so with the sanctuary service you do have all the elements furniture elements that I call them and you have the building itself in different versions different you also have the calendar you have all the animals and in what many people call the Jewish economy this is not economy in the economic i.m.f. and the stocks and the and the recession and depression going up but this is the whole world around that was given to Israel lights as a part of the the old covenant and it was all and as you said it all pointed to Jesus. What what what what was the meaning of all to me only all these things as found in this passage here so you could I mean ultimately it says that they they had in this passage talk about the high priest ministry specifically which is part of you know the ritual service and is saying that there was a High Priest in the century service that was appointed for the children of Israel. But Jesus comes and he will fulfill the role of the high priest but in a way that far exceeds and far excels the way that the high priests you know perform their ministry so he has obtained a much more excellent ministry in verse 6 in as much as he's mediator of a better covenant. Which is established on better promises in that. In the ritual in the ritual that they were doing they had to offer sacrifices that I don't feel I'm running in head of we're going into that office sacrifices and sacrifices will pointing to the ultimate sacrifice was use us Jesus comes and he is the ultimate sacrifice and so already your sacrifice is superior to any sacrifices that have been offered you know in the past. All the high priests you know before they go all the priests before they go into the century to do to minister their sinful so they have to repent of their sins and they have to make sure that they are right with God and they have to go through all of this Jesus comes and he is the righteous one you know he doesn't have to go through all of these things and he is the perfection of everything in that system that it was pointing to and so just Jesus himself as a fulfillment of the entire Jewish economy of the entire system is far far more excellent you know he seeds in perfection what all those things were pointing to yeah I want to go pick up on Chapter 7 of Hebrews in verse 26 just to support what you're saying there are chapters so Merce 26 of he verses for such a high priest was fitting for us who is holy harmless undefiled separate from sinners and has become higher than the Heavens Who does not need daily as those high priests to offer up sacrifices 1st for his own soon as and then for the peoples for this he did once for all when he offered up himself by the law appoints as High Priest men who have weaknesses of weakness but the word of oath which came after the law appoints the son who has been perfected forever so I mean you all have read the Bible before the Old Testament before you get super excited in Genesis wonderful stories children's Bible stories you go to Exodus and cool you see the Red Sea you can opens. They cross over and then you get into some of the laws and some the details are like but you persevered through you go through the wilderness and then you go to live it is and finally there's all these recipes are all these you know things that you don't want to be cooking in your household but all those sacrifices all point to something this may seem like that's what they did back in old times but there was one sacrifice that was meant that if I offended Cali he did one kind of soccer if there was one kind of sacrifice where if I did something accidentally I did another kind of sacrifice there's another sacrifice where if I offended God and I represented just those different conditions and there's another one that this versus this pastor is talking about that the high priest for his own sins offered up another kind of sacrifice you take all the sacrifices and kind of like a rope that's made of these individual strains and you take all these sacrifices and kind of pull them together in one rope and that ultimate one rope points to the sacrifice of Jesus and it just makes the cross not just this oh he died but it's the if all caps at least of all the sacrifices in the old law you know now this is Jesus and he doesn't need a daily verse 27 What is that daily why doesn't Jesus need that daily. Well this is this is. It's you know this is that they really there was a there was a daily sacrifice in the sanctuary and that was to show that you know that's always an offer of grace and forgiveness and so on but mostly they took a lemon they were to sacrifice it early in the morning and one before I don't know when but sometime in the evening and it was just a case just think case and you want to get it's not just I just covers and then won the day you know on the day and so this high priest and the hype respect then would need this right but there was even or it was you know what are Jesus doesn't need this so that daily is not some kind of the daily newspaper or whatever it's just means the daily site. So this is where it's building up this apex Chapter 8 1st one now we have such a high priest who was seated at the right hand of the throne of the majesty in the heavens so again it's pointing to the same service but it's upstairs and have been and not here on Earth and there can be just an advocate here for the sanctuary on earth for a moment we often consider in Christianity we often talk when we talk about the Old Testament all of which will become dismiss it almost with a negative undertone and it really is not. A study in covenants of showing us the Gospels and the Old Testament and that's thanks for the service also illustrate the gospel because it was pointing to Jesus and people experienced forgiveness of sin because they had they believed in the substitute they would come so that's very important understand just because it's not as cool as Jesus it's not bad it's just the Jesus is of course in every way better but it's still a good thing that God instituted for his people just like I'm going to you know let's continue to compare this Old Testament New Testament and see if the monkey tale is there and where the mustaches after the break. Been a blessing to do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media or by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to. Join us like us. To handle again is. No States now back to the discussion. Welcome back there are elements of the Old Testament and New Testament are exactly the same and there are some that are different and we're looking at why are there different and is are these the same on us is going to sound very. What's what sort taught talk to stick with the word think you know what the hell the mystery but you know it's taught Yeah it sounds like there are many Let's go into Scripture and let's let's look at it Kelly you wanted to to yeah so let's go to Hebrew 7 you were 7 tougher for up to. And we'll start verse 1111 so I'm going to listen to Yes Ok now so Reza Levon says Therefore if perfection were through the Levitical priesthood for underage the people receive the law what further need was there that another priest should arise according to the order of the deck and not be called according to the order of Aaron for the priesthood being changed of necessity there is also a change of the Law Now we talked about how I think you did about how different chapters of Hebrews like he is better than just brother and this includes the Levitical or the priesthood but it says here in verse 12 the priesthood being changed on the subsidies There's also a change of the law which we can start to think like so that means there is no law that we start spying out of control we are confused again but here what's being changed is the priesthood and instead of going through the whole chapter just to bring it out but it's it is these rituals This is how like all the sacrifices so this way of coming to God and being reconciled that's changing so it's not it's not the reconciliation itself it's it's what you put your faith in right because our faith is always in Christ but they're kind of going through the animals and we don't go through the animals to Jesus to God anymore so just to focus on because we see those words right like changed or it's over like what it means but again the context was talking about the priesthood way of doing that and that's what's changed so she could help us map this in just a recap because for about 10 episodes we've been saying that the old covenant it's the same it's the same it's the same it's a monkey do monkey do you do monkey do. Some things it's not the same and then they're different but when they're different they're kind of pointing to the same thing so I know I know this and I know this kind of but. Clarify what I just said to make it. Make good sense. That I don't know. Ok Ok so one of the. Things that we have been talking about you know all through the season is that the covenant the premises you know the covenant promises are the same but when you talk about a covenant it's an agreement between 2 people so included in the definition of the Covenant is the response to that covenant Yes that's part of the Covenant package and so in the Old Covenant you've got you know the terms of the Covenant and then you've got the response the response is messed up therefore you need a new covenant which has the right kind of response so there's that element of you know the response the experience will element of the Covenant experience but there's also as part of this covenant experience what makes the covenant work is the reality of Jesus that works out these things in our lives and historically speaking and this goes way back to the 1st episode historically God has made agreements with his people at various times you know throughout human history and the expression of this covenant you know has been exchanged augmented over time is still the same the same terms of the covenant but it's expression over time may may change me more for a little bit depending on the context and here what we're talking about is in the context of the Israelites God gave them a covenant agreement in their context which had these rituals and had the system of worship that ultimately still pointed to Jesus still points to him as the way that we you know receive salvation in the way that we are transformed but they were you know the specifics I guess the nitty gritty of how they came to do that understanding as Kelly was saying like the priesthood the sacrifices all of it ultimately pointing to the same thing but the nitty gritty of that in the historical time frame is different from when. He's us now comes and has fulfilled those things that will pointing to him and so there's a historical. A historical element you know to the old to the covenant which you could say old in the sense of before Jesus is not old in the sense of maybe the response was wrong but old in the historical sense and then once Jesus comes it's a new covenant a new experience because Jesus has entered into the picture historically and then it's a new dispensation. Ok Ok Also I don't need to help. Laughing kind of I do this but I'm going to use a software engineering analogy so see if this works so and software engineering is something called variables pointers which means there's something in a physical space and memory Ok Jesus Ok you're with me so far Ok there's Jesus coming over to. Visit all those and others that appeals like 17 people Ok you know for the 7 people or so there's Jesus that's Ok And there's different variables so like you're a variable just. That Ok different ever all pointing to the same Jesus right but currently You were all sitting in different seats so we're all pointing from different angles we're all pointing at the same thing and so as this moves we are the pointers the arrows themselves they kind of move because you've got your eyes your eyes are moving like acting as pointers right now right so but we're still pointing at the same thing so throughout history Jesus has always been Jesus he's always been God but we've been given different arrows different pointers to point to the same thing so at one point the priesthood God was like here's an arrow to help you understand Jesus better to point to Jesus Ok thank you for this era God will understand this better discuss your point of this in the right direction but then after that was abolished we have other pointers you have other arrows but it's pointing in the same exact direction sometimes you know it's cool I understand Bibles pointers. Stay away from computer programs I mean you. You know as in your pocket. You know what's amazing is I like how you have the terms and conditions of the Covenant Yes or the same in the old and the new Yes but the terms and conditions in the old old covenant era were also had rituals attached and and you know the enemy and the dates and what not and this continued on until Jesus came and you fulfilled these aspects so then these these kind of side attachments are no longer needed Right right because Jesus is here they were never bad they were never pointed to like you're cured computer at that point there is the pointed to Jesus and now the Jesus is here that we take away these are no longer needed right but the confusion is in taking them away we often think that the Old Testament core terms and conditions were also not needed and they're also been done away with in the law and this is what we looked in previous episodes that this is the core of the old in the New Covenant is exactly the same but the Koocher minutes pointed to Jesus that they've been fulfilled in Jesus and I think Paul anticipated that that might be a problem because right you know after that the section that we had we just read from verse 7 in Hebrews have to yes. 7 go for going for it right with the it so you know we were telepaths good yes go for they say this boy if that 1st covenant had been faultless then no place would have been sought for a 2nd because finding fault with them he says Behold the days are coming says the Lord when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel at the house of Judah not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt because they did not continue in my covenant and I disregarded them says the Lord for this is the covenant that all make with the House of Israel. After those days says the Lord I will put my laws in their mind write them on their hearts I'll be their God and they shall be my people none of them shall teach his neighbor and his brother saying no the Lord for all Saul know me from the least of them to the greatest of them for I'll be merciful to the righteousness and the sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more thing pausing there but Ok I just was sitting in that he says a new covenant He has made the 1st obsolete now what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away it's almost like Paul anticipated exactly what you're saying because smack in the middle of talking about comparing you know the Old Covenant system and comparing it with the excellence of Jesus he takes a pause smack in the middle and he's like hold on just so you don't get confused this you found all the way back in Jeremiah talk to me I'm a cold it verbatim longest quotation from the Old Testament because this has remained the same this does not change even though Jesus has an excellent sacrifice and excellent priesthood and what but this is exactly the same what has changed is point yeah right you may have a point out that we still do have rituals we have the Communion and that is something Jesus instituted kind of kind of point to point or he kind of morphed the Passover and we still have that and that's not a bad thing if you do it by faith and you understand what those symbols mean it's up to what are those baptism about what all of those are ritual got baptism going in and then of course Sabbath has never changed we have foot washing to Jesus even within communion I mean just covenant language though blah. Broady of my colleagues who are there been they've been ratified so what's cool is these these are these are these attachments to the terms and conditions the rituals and you're saying. The old house and the new has it but some people think that the Old Covenant reaction the Old Covenant response is because of these rituals and what Paul is saying is like. Us just like us the carnal nature of our heart that even under a New Testament era in a new covenant era time period we can with with communion with baptism with what's the other ritual that we talked about foot washing. Old legal istic response holy Yes Well yeah and bought into the idea that all the rituals and the themselves were evil then that means that there it's impossible for people to be faithful in the Old Testament so like Abraham couldn't exist David Isaiah like all these people because Are you saying that like God set them up for failure and they overcome God setting them up for fear like that doesn't it doesn't make sense I think sometimes we hold believe so he does hold them separately in these little cubes around us but we have to it has to make sense that an arc God needs to be the same yesterday today and forever because he is so it just doesn't work Yeah so the problem is not with God The problem is not with God's Law The problem is with us now what do we got to do what's what's the click and we said a multiple times before in this episode we got to say what do we got to do so you could put our faith in Jesus I mean you read you read the book of Hebrews and this is part this is Paul's point he's like Jesus is His Jesus is it did you know he's like you is the coven Yeah I think he is he is the fulfillment of all of the stuff and if we if we would focus our attention on him focus our eyes on Jesus then he can accomplish the things that he wants to do in our line and when we take our eyes off of him whether we put it on rituals or we put it on what I should and should not do the do's and the don'ts of the laws. When whenever our eyes off of Jesus no matter what we turn our eyes on to we're going to lose it ultimately we just got to focus our attention on Jesus the beauty of his character that's with you many many many men have been blessed by this up to so we have been going to the old and to the new and been comparing and contrasting these 2 sides this wasn't just a theological exercise but it's going it's we're following the thoughts of the book of Hebrews and comparing what is the difference between the 2 and what's the same because it's comparing our experience with experience of those in Scripture and hopefully you can compare that man I want to have a new covenant experience I want change I want to holiness I want I want to I want the real thing that Jesus has to offer if that's your prayer all you have to do is after this episode airs you get on your knees and say Lord I want that experience live with in me that's my prayer my friends here hopefully that's yours God bless you guys we'll see you next week here on. Earth. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based conversation Halliburton is wrong on that Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter he could occur at your host Justin Tanner the inverse is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes like this and more inspiring episodes is that in bursts the talk t.v. watching Find us on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't very.


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