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  • June 21, 2021
    9:00 AM
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What does John Hancock have to do with the Gospel of John on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring. Welcome to. The Bible based conversation. And temporary. Provoking. Post just until within. You know American history John Hancock was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence at the bottom of this contract he signed his name in large letters John Hancock What does it have to do with the Gospel of John you're watching in verse in the studio with me is Jonathan Sebastian Cally and myself Justin Kim and we're so glad that you decided to join on the last episode studying on the topic of the covenants So the little guys with no Aloha Are you familiar with American history and John Hancock Oh yes actually my 2nd middle name is harder because Carter Braxton signed the declaration with Carter backs and a lot smaller than that yes he was not just God level Well we've been looking at the topic of the covenants for about 12 weeks now we're in our 13th week and we've we've covered the mountains and the valleys and then some yes and this episode is called the invitation and we've been talking about covenants and contracts and we want to sign at the bottom of this concept that we've been talking about for for 13 weeks 12 men so we're going to board a prayer and we're going to go into where John actually invites every single one of us into ours Jesus that's inviting all of us into this relationship with him so Kelly we're going to go to John 15 verses one through through 71 through 8 in Sebastian can you pray for us before we read Holy Scripture Yes let's pray. To God have a lasting father we have come a long way and understanding and lord it is now time to take the things that we've studied that we've. And into applying and to live the moment in everyday life and soloed we pray that your spirit would be with us today and that individuals who are watching we as we share that we would sense the spirit of God inviting us into this relationship with you in the way that each of us may respond with all of our hearts with all of our minds and with all of our souls is our prayer in Jesus' name and my name in them Kelly chapter 15 of John Pearse is one on which yes I am the true vine and my father is the vine dresser every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away and every branch that bears fruit he prunes that it may bear more fruit you are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you abide in me and I in you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine neither can you unless you abide in me I am the vine you are the branches he who abides in me and I in Him bears much fruit for without me you can do nothing if anyone does not abide in me he has cast out as a branch and has withered and they gather them and throw them into the fire and they are burnt if you abide in me and my words abide in you you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you by this my father's glorified that you bear much fruit so you will be my disciple it will stop there will stop there so I asked Jonathan what also you guys can jam in but we've covered a lot of stuff in the coming months I'm John thing give us kind of the highlights member specific not every single episode but some specific episodes that you remember and then cap silly it's this word covenants come in as can become a Dr boring word but I find it after this or like a lot more yet I like it a lot more and it really is you see the heart of God Better yes absolutely it really covering it means the commitment of God to us and we can as he said we can sign. This we can have faith in him and say yes I accept this commitment of yours I want that relationship so that's really what God is trying to communicate to us through covenant but we've learned a lot I mean I've been saw him blessed spender standing that God's heart is a heart of giving heart a living for all His creation and so that is what you can call the everlasting covenant and as as. An outgrowth of that everlasting covenant in the context of a sinful world we see these other covenants taking place but they all have the same foundation that God is here for us to help us out of this mess and so we have seen in some episodes we talked about what is the difference between Old Covenant and new covenant historically so that means you know before Jesus came God had covenant with his people and through Jesus he had but you know recall many called a new covenant with humanity but really the historical time line we conceded all these covenants have the same foundation the same God It's nothing changes the only thing that changes is there's a deeper expression of them or a deeper understanding of who God is and then we have also learned really that the covenants can also be seen through an experiential lens where the old covenant experience experientially is is something that has to do legalism where I don't commit to God I commit to self to to live up to the standard that has been given while the new covenant experience is what Jesus promised from the very beginning in the Garden of Eden all the way till he comes again is a promise that he will live his life in us He will keep His commandments through us he will help us it is his righteousness his work so those 2 distinction can build complicated times and not to say but once you kind of get that everything starts to make sense really everything in the Bible be gets a new light shed on that shoal described to me here with all this. The all that we covered this this quarter it seems like God's doing everything God's doing everything God from everything God's doing everything almost 12 episodes God's doing everything God flows through you God's God's doing everything we want to do we do and I think that's that's where we can you can over over and besides you know you don't have to do anything at all and then everyone say that's kind of in the one hyper extreme version and then the other extreme version is like well yeah God did everything but you got to do this this this in this this and it kind of you fall back into the Old Covenant thinking you know Jesus provides that right balance and I don't know if it's us I doing anything but there is a certain element that we have to subscribe to a minimum in a contract of signing a document you may not be fulfilling all the promises of the document you do have 2 of your volition choose but you partake in this and this is where we get into this passage absolutely special it just reminds me as you just mentioned about the signing of the contract there is this element where in business right you may be the person who signs the contract right you have the authority to actually make this decision but you may not be the person actually executing in delivering the services or the goods so if I have you know 3 employees who are like Sebastian we can do this we just need you to sign the contract and then we can do the work so in essence Christ is is taking this everlasting covenant say I just need you to sign here and this is what we're going to be able to perform in do so it's really just that we'll in that acceptance moving forward telling Yeah this is actually just shown in verses 4 and 5 so we're talking you know so our part we're not just bring this out of thin air and abided me and I and you and that's the kind of all he tells us to do the right. Everything else is what my father does what I do who I am who you are what happens when you buy to me but the only injunction is abided me and I knew and then I saw the repeated word in this old. But I know now just. Tend And I think it also just really reiterated again at the end of verse 5 so he says it again abided by it but then for so why without me you can do nothing so I'm not telling you to abide in me and then you just get your batteries charged and your suit up to do by yourself so you know you are a branch if you think about I want to run this morning and I was going over dead branches there's there's nothing there's no life in them the only time they had life was when they were connected to the tree and so here the same thing branches are literally dead they cannot move they cannot produce fruit they are useless unless they are connected to the vine and we're of the same way. I think we have to differentiate it's important when we when we look at it you know I mentioned God is doing all these things and we talk about this when we're talking about is God is doing everything that needs to be done as far as for us to obtain salvation it is not we cannot we don't have that we can convert the merit. In any way produces enough righteousness that we can say oh now if attain salvation of Jesus the pain so they can for you but that does not mean that your life is not just to sit around and wait until everything that you do now is now and you know it comes out of that experience of salvation but everything you do everything right that you do you don't have to worry about that having merit for yourself you do it because it's right and because Jesus lives in you it's going to be natural to you to do these good things but you don't worry about oh I have to I'm doing this because I have to know I do it because I love Jesus and that's it so I rest in Jesus and I do the good works that he calls me to do but I know that those good works as good as they are and as important as they are even law keeping those things will not will not you know attain salvation from you want to very very very important Kelly and yeah I just want to go back to her. 5 again just talk about the word abide is just kind of us one of the spiritual words like oh yeah. And you know we're using words right now like choose volition choice and those things are all true abide contains that abide takes your choice and just says continue so continue in that choice don't make the choice wants not once saved always saved one once relationship always friendly and I think we can all attest to that in our own relationships even our marriages and so if you're married once and you continue in a minute decision not just your marriage for that day and there's a new day. And I would be very very hurt if my husband didn't tell me he loved me every day if you like like I told you when we got married so why and why do you here again or I loved you then and it's a it's a continuing your abiding and that relationship you're choosing to surrender you're choosing to be that branch every day every moment and so it sounds very passive in a way but it's it is quite active of of a choice because we make choices all the time what we say what we do all these things and so but it's it's simple but it's still it's a continual very profound point very profound point it's it is passive but in an active with yeah it's actually past actively passively I don't know. I was just going to you know tie that concept of the word abide the word that I like to kind of transform that into is the concept of stay Ok so you can't abide in a place where you are not currently priced right so in essence when we when we looked in episode number 2 about the little terms and conditions and we were talking about what was the fault with the Covenant and he says in that passage in Hebrews 8 they did not continue that's right in my God they did not abide all awesome now that you entered into the covenant you big the invitation were saying Ok now I need you to. Go if you go if you're going to abide I need you to stay and so many times the issue was. Is that fight that old covenant experience I got to do I got to do is like no no just stay they just stay put and you know if I want to harvest things right to get your kid or a dog that is like just like don't move. Getting that person to stay in that is the thing that's on the mind of God is how do I get you to stay now that I got you to accept the invitation and I get you just to stay here just like those dogs and just like those children I think the adults are like well how how do you stay what are the practical elements and with their with our with our phones going off and all the notification all things that you have to do and the baby crying in the background and all the taxes that you have to pay in the war how do we do it all how do we. Stay with stay with us. In this been a blessing to you Do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to well do you join us like this. I handle again in inverse Bible states now back to the discussion. In this new wonderful contract that Jesus has promised us he promises us to give us holiness and sanctification to justify us cleanse us from our sins to give us a new identity and purpose in mission and to make us his people and him becoming our God where do I sign up and how does this work this is what we're talking about on this this up a so do you guys how do we do that how do we remain in Jesus Christ so we talked about Bush want to reiterate before we remain as what we have to be there 1st and that is so 1st we just need to accept the invitation. And our hearts and minds you can said out loud piece of paper but just yes Lord I see the terms and conditions and I accept them and I accept you into my life wholeheartedly that is a heartfelt prayer Yeah heartfelt Yes there's no there's no magic like if you do like words Ok. It's a posture of the heart reaction Ok awesome awesome we have to go to verse for it John Moe John 15 1st for yeah Jesus says abide in me and I knew I didn't focus on that that is beautiful language this is intimate Ok this is not just hang out with me I want to live in you and I want you to be in me I think that's a deep connection so that's that's what Jesus is wanting right so he invites us and when we make that decision we now can enter into the experience but like with any relationship it takes a while to get to know each other he spent time with each other but you got to spend time with each other it's not just like as he said one time thing you you dedicate the time you do you have a connection that grows as time goes on if you buy it if you stay but understand that the end goal is not that you know 15 Bible verses by heart or that you can you know do this and that's very good or you can preach a teach that's all great but what Jesus wants us to have is that intimate connection the goal is a relationship that is soul deep and deeper than any human relationship to you could ever have that's God's desire and I mean you're going to tell something beautiful about him but that is the goal and how do we get there that's what we have to figure out now like the word play the John has a starting reverse for John whether what you read abide in me and I in you and in verse 5 it says He that abides in me and. Yes and then go to verse 7 and I know I'm bouncing pretty fast through the verses here but verse 7 it says if you abide in me and my words abide in you so there's this kind of like you know didn't didn't didn't like just you and me and I mean I Him and in and at the end that that that 2nd part is removed and my words or replace them get a yes and like you said it's not the actual words themselves that is some kind of a. Incantation or is some like mindless if I just memorize this then I'm saved but it's the meaning behind the words it's what the words are how are they it is the Creative Word of God it is and meditating and and there is a power to memorizing but not memorizing for merit but memorizing for the relationship and the meaning of that gets you into Man I'm in a continual relationship with Christ and it's so easy but it's just that one nuance can be off so so difficult so I know you're up against Sebastian alley and then. I was going to lights are all over you have think I was going to grounded because as Jonathan saying right abide in me and I and you can sound a little bit abstract this and that's why Jesus uses the 10 bill a straight as the vine he says in verse 4 as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine neither can you unless you abide in me Ok So Jesus is trying to use the sense of connection as a branch is connected to the vine one is growing off of the other and there is this internal connection that on the surface you see the little bit of how the branch is connected but inside of the branch if you ever break a branch off of a tree or a vine you see these threads where life was coming from the vine into the branch and so crisis dealing with this secret life of that through this connection as you look at the way that branch is receiving life I don't see that from the outside I just see the fruits and so when we're looking at the 10 people connection here like his words I don't look at his words abiding in me as in the literal words of scripture but it's more about the thoughts of God and how that reveals about his heart so by me memorizing scripture by me spending time in the Bible each and every day I'm exposing my mind to the heart into the thoughts of gone that's that internal branch connecting to the vine of the human element and I just can't. Along those lines of just the importance of bottled memorization I think sometimes we have been beat over the head of the kid with it like memorize these verses in 10 minutes then recite them forget them like so what's the point of a rise in the Bible but I think of an example where so when Dave and I were still dating I saw I struggle sometimes with with feeling like pretty enough for David because he's so handsome and so I remember he gave me a card for Valentine's Day where he talked about how Of All The Flowers of the world I'm in favor of flowers and so like flowers look different some for roses some for this physique but here is my favorite flower and so even to this day that was years ago I mean but. And that's so beautiful to me because now years later if I get self-conscious I want about this I just remember I'm David's her flower and so it encourages my heart and the same way I can be walking in this life and I can be you know just as a so much for me I don't merit that and then Scripture comes back to mind that I'm accepted in the beloved and so it's remembering that heart of God and it's not too to super power itself but it's to remember who he is because we're so bombarded by our own anxieties and media that we get so we need to memorize scripture and abide in Scripture because we need to abide in reality that only comes from the Holy Reality through Scripture. That is exactly. Really really really inspiring because that is God's reality is given to us in Scripture because that is the true reality and I have to be tuned into harmony with that and that's what he does through the word transforms us as we abide in Jesus and then we process a lot of what God is telling us you know in in the prayer train for you know as we as we spend time with God talking to him about what we understood what we learn from him trying to maybe comprehend some of these more complex things whatever it is in prayer you know we we are we are we have this is what we call the breath of the soul. It's a life that takes place because now you're connecting with him in a deep in a deep way he's speaking to you he's helping you understand he's guiding you directing your thoughts you're processing some of these things so prayer and Bible study go hand in hand it's not just like Ok open the Word and it has to happen to me it's a relationship in the word God speaks to me in prayer I respond that's all that is a vital connection every need to have I told cycle Ok we've talked about scripture we've talked about prayer What are some other elements engage in this. I think when you when you also look at the fact that he he talks about 2 different elements that are very important to this concept of abiding in verse 2 he says every branch in me that does not bear fruit and takes away and every branch that bears fruit he prunes that it may bear more fruit so in this sense you have 2 different elements present in this abiding number one is the concept of time no one bears fruit overnight and this lets us know that we also by taking time in prayer and Bible study we have to remain committed right then I'm going to continue to be here I'm going to continue to receive trusting the process so many times when it comes to us experiencing God's covenant faithfulness we become impatient and he's like listen there's a vine dresser my father is going to be clippings going to be pruning you and it's because you're begging for and I want you to bear more fruit the 2nd thing is that just because we are satisfied doesn't mean gone he's our commitment to obedience and to trust him and to allow his covenant faithfulness to express itself in our lives has to be allowed to make us uncomfortable want to qualify and essentially your point some people when they hear commit to more to a life of obedience they think committing to doing more good and and trying harder and yes if you haven't listened to the last week. Well that's not what we're talking about. It's it's continuing to be open to God's moving as you know life continue to spect God You may not see the fruit you may not see the evidence right away is what you're saying and you don't like to some you may see that you know flowers of the right look like Halle over me not in the hardest time but you're still open and you're it's almost your you open your door every morning to see is the newspaper here or not every morning you've opened not going out and writing the newspaper yourself and committing this right kind of work also Also I mixed a lot of allegory. So just focus on the word prunes there so that's not a flowery. Like let's go get pruned No that's like of all sharp knives and lots of pain so that's what happens to the people that or the vines or the branches sorry that bear fruit so it's like you're you're punished when you're doing what Jesus wants you to do or you want the working out but no it's your proof that you may bear more fruit and so I think sometimes how many times have I allowed the devil to discourage me in times where I'm being tried I'm being faithful it's like oh this means just doesn't love you and you're struggling and that means got to say can you know God is like I am bearing fruit in this in this girl's life I want to continue to do that so I want to get these things out of the way as a kind of structure in other people's who want to so right now a big thing of that is speaking and so I'm learning to speak with more patient tones to people who are close to me they fit. And I'm learning to just hold my tongue more and so when I struggle with that I'm like why do I struggling but the struggle is evidence of proof that God is showing me things and this is like not to be obsessed with suffering but it's like it should be an exciting thing like God is taking me to a place he's going to use me more and that's very akin to our previous episode on discipline and yeah relations. God disciplines and there is writing going on there is not suffering from suffering that but there is that there are elements that we've clung. Onto that God slices away and or are really good if I can throw in the allegory has yeah. It's like our lives are like instruments we just bought a piano to summer and if a piano is not human it sounds horrible but that's all life right before Jesus Jesus is the mosque the artist the perfect pianist he's Lang Lang you know he's just amazing on a piano. So. It's not a flower talk about pianos now so but when Jesus comes into your life he he he bring you know his piano is amazing it's perfectly what he does in our lives through you know what we call pruning whatever it is he 3 cation he's Hume's our instrument to be in harmony with it is in verse verse 7 it says if you've guided me and my words abide in you that's the tuning process you will ask what you desire and should be done for you is not what we all want I want prayer to be answered and what this is saying here is that your character your instrument will be in perfect harmony with God you will have a ton of freedom to play that instrument in that harmony that he's tuning into what is the harmony that's love and he's giving you the freedom this is the end goal he's going to make you. Be part of the symphony of Love This is flowing throughout the universe that's where he's getting us to but as a process and this process happens through abiding and as we do that you know it will be a beautiful thing but it takes time it takes time to tuna piano it takes time to change your life but Jesus will do that anyone that's going to run around and know the question is do you want to be tuned by Jesus do you want to be part of this sin Phinney of the of the universe and be in sync with the god of this universe and after 13 weeks we want to really encourage you to sign up for this new covenant if you have no idea. We're talking about going to go we want to encourage you to go to inverse Bible dot org And you can look at our Bible study guide on the top of the covenants and if this episode has been too fast you can study all by yourself and go step step by step at a time we want to impose lore you sign up with the new covenant that has been my real heartfelt desire after this entire quarter and I want all the promises of God to be fulfilled in me and to get my legalism and my desire to fulfill the Covenant by myself out of my brain and out of my heart we're so happy that you decided join us and we want to ask you to join us next week when we look at a new topic on biblical sexuality Yeah we're going to go there it's one of those topics that maybe you think is not in the Bible but once you see it you cannot see it's all over God's instructions for optimal sexual experience and what it what that has to do with our spirituality so definitely don't want to miss it stay with us on next week here on a. You've been listening to a Bible based cost the same caliber as well Dr Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter he could ask for your host. Is brought to you by the full time television that changes like this morning ever so there's that. Whole. Oh I. Find this on social media. In the 1st 5. Next time this is.


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