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Logo of Talking Points, 2nd Quarter 2021: The Promise, God's Everlasting Covenant

08 Covenant Law

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • April 27, 2021
    4:44 PM
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I'm Cameron debater and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points and you want to know why I'm smiling like this because of the talking points them nails Cameron always makes them up and you always get that good smile never noticed lately I get these thumbnails like right after this you take this picture and I'm like this so I have to make sure I stand with the now I didn't know who but say that but let me say the reality is that Mark Howard sometimes will say like what I'm sure you want to be smiling is that well maybe you should actually smile more and that's the thing so I'm just trying to catch a random snapshot of us looking pleasant in the bar to hold my than you might think when people think I'm friendlier and you know that's less than what I do you know we have a great lesson if you were going to look at it this is actually still in quarter 2 the promise God Everlasting Covenant and we're unless the number 8 titled Covenant Law Covenant Law and all that's an important thing Mark Howard when you agree. There's a whole new study on just the whole Well let's be honest Ok the last 3 quarterly use I I remember distinctly I I'm sure it was in before but we had education in the end Isaiah and now the promise but every quarterly has and I guess you would expect this lesson on the law hold on the Sabbath exactly where you go on these kind of a I don't give too much away but next week we're looking at that particular law of the Sabbath but you can't really have a covenant without along with exactly this kind of whole gist of this week is that is the foundation of the covenant will study right out in more detail so I would propose that we just have a quick word of prayer and then if you would kind of give us the lay of the land for this week's talking absolute That's pretty heavily Father thank you so much for the opportunity to be here thank you for this study that you've given us from the lesson but of course it's based on your word and we want to thank you for that above all please now bless our understanding of that word. Word and help us to communicate it well to each other and to those who might be visiting our Savvis who classes as we seek to further your work and give the gospel to the world for prayer in Jesus' name amen amen Ok Cameron as you said in it stated in the quarterly Saturday afternoon 3rd paragraph our study this week centers on the God's law and its place in the Sinai Covenant. And I might add to that which we will it's not just the Sinai Covenant and it all the covenants are based on the same law the mindset is that the Old Covenant the law is part of the Old Covenant but her going to let go of old law the old couple Yes but old in front of it means like oh that is all done away with as right you and so Point number one talking point number one is God's law is the foundation of the covenants plural now at least old and new covenants we've talked about this in the Bible the other agreements in the Bible that are listed but when it comes well we'll get into that God's law is the foundation everything we've got that covenant was law is the foundation of. 22. Point over to obedience to God's law is the key to happiness that's wheat It sure is very nice a great you know we're going to get into the mindset even among Christians today is that God's law is actually something that takes away from happiness which is Lucifer's argument in the beginning God for they're going to be doing all that because nobody is to God's law is the key to happiness we're going to see that the lesson that I said this week and incidentally Talking point number one was it was drawn from Monday and Thursday interesting and Point number 2 was drawn from Tuesday through Friday interesting again. A little repetition there it's from and then the last talking point is God's design was and is for his people to magnify his law and that was from Sunday's lesson Ok so that's a little lamb for this week let's jump right into the back to number one God's law is the foundation of the covenants plural that all covenant relationships with God he has with people have this law the foundation Ok Ok flesh this out all right well so far in the Quarterly I think every lesson has highlighted something about the importance of obedience in connection with the covenant is our last lesson specifically talked to was that last night was Lesson 4 and lesson for it talked about the 3 stage covenant to Abraham in Exodus Exodus Genesis 12 Genesis $15.00 to $17.00 and it said in all of those stages there were 3 steps God's approach to man man the man's a need for obedience a call to obedience and then God's promise as a riddle is going to commit and so when you're talking obedience obedience to what right I mean as soon as you say obedience it be get some code to obey and that is always the law of God. Lesson of reformers highlighting the Abrahamic Covenant but any time you're talking about obedience which we've seen in all these agreements of God there conditional upon obedience obedience to what it's a law so it's not like Godhead. Different come in as a different type of Abraham does that but the outside eye he introduced is this being called a law he's like has been the law lol well in adding to that so you take the view we talk about we use these terms freely in Christianity rebellion. Rebellion against what. Rebellion is there some kind of law or rules to rebel against right justification I mean that's a grand thing for Christians justification to be justified but to be justified is declare innocent it is what I want to break the law raking God's Law I mean it's you know you go to Romans 3 and it flushes that out very well but yeah so the idea of law is inherent in when you're talking about obedience furthermore. Monday's lesson and they bring up the passage I've got it here in my Bible I've got it also in the quarterly it quotes it it's tough for the page you know one of the 413 and Moses said to the people and he the Bible says rather and he declared unto you his covenant which he commanded you to perform even 10 commandments and he wrote them upon to tell you tables of stone So Moses is highlighting the Lord gave you his but here he says something interesting his covenant which he commanded you to perform even 10 commandments we need to make a clarification Ok because in the Christian world this is one of those passages where Christians say that's the old covenant made at Sinai the covenant was the 10 Commandments right in the Old Covenant was done away with and therefore the commandments are done away with let's just be clear a covenant we've already learned this is an agreement the 10 Commandments themselves are not in agreement that the foundation of the agreement and so I put in the notes here that a covenant is an agreement the law itself is not the agreement but the provided the terms of the agreement also I put in my little notes here going through the lesson is that apparently the covenant is not merely something to passively receive but to actively be performed I thought it was interesting that the covenant is the thing. Which he commanded you to perform so. It's not just a good deal hey we've got a deal it's almost I think there's some once saved always saved is going to always need a covenant and so now we're just going to coast know it's an it's an active thing you stay engaged with it through the law terms that are out well in the lesson continues to try to bring that out that we're talking about a relationship with God in this covenant turns a dynamic thing you know that's right in on Mondays lesson paragraphs $2.00 and $3.00 it says in fact various expressions such as law statutes testimonies Commandments and the word of the Lord are found parallel to or in close association with if not having almost the same meaning as the word covenant evidently and then it quotes this phrase that is found in Jeremiah $1136.00 and $8.00 for example I'm talking about the covenant evidently the words of this covenant that phrase are words of God's law statutes testimonies and commandments the Covenant of God with His people Israel contained various requirements that would be crucial for maintaining the special relationship he saw with his people. Is it any different today so anyway we're going to get more into that but the idea of obedience and what have you it implies law and then very clearly spells out that you know in the cupboard I don't mean the words of the Covenant that's just saying that this agreement is based on you doing this absolutely living this way yes to perform it. All right so we're still talking about is there anything more we need to talk about I don't know what you're giving it a point where the movie is just because I kind of left a little bit because my kids have theirs I was less the stuff we talk about law they. Use the my Bible 1st lessons and those talks about the gods happiness rules yes rules for happy living in this kind of stuff and it seems like such a almost childish thing to say you know those rules can make you so happy when you make this sounds like a thing you say to children almost and you don't want to say you tricked them or of course anything but it almost sounds like well I mean the grown ups really. As there's actually a lot of requests ability in terms of and when you know you trick your children doesn't mean you don't but what the irony is we're actually telling them it sounds childish or childlike but that's the reality they got expected us to experience in countering and embracing his law that we actually have a better but because right could be talked about even in the sort of like the cupboard has the stages of the step in these conditions and if you obey and comply you will be blessed as like. Consent is like and plus they're going to be so happy it doesn't sound happy from our carnal mind but you have to ask yourself in the whole scheme of things I mean it's like we forget this god made the Law God did it more specifically Jesus the Son of God is the originator of the law what kind of law would you make and for what purpose in other words at the end of the day you've got it if there's a problem with the law if it is so strict and so hard then God's fault it's right God's fault and that was Lucifer's Arjuna from the beginning and that's the whole thing with it and I think that has reflection on his character isn't there and I think we're going to get to that later and we talked about it earlier in fact that the idea that Satan has a beef not just with God in a generic sense but with Christ specifically and the point of contention is his law his authority his rule and he is going out of his way I think and done a marvelous job of making even Christians feel that the law is a burden or it's woefully ill and part of it you're just saying now is the law his authority has ruled this said it and so the question that we need to ask is Why did he give the rule Yeah exactly what's behind all this why don't you read what it says there and Tuesday's lesson the 2nd paragraph Ok which I have this underline in mind too so clearly both the same line is that the Hebrew word Torah translated as law in our Bibles means teaching or instruction the term can be used to refer to all God's instructions whether moral civil social or really. Ok let's just take that concept Tara means instruction in other words in the Old Testament which was written in Hebrew yet when the word law appears the original word is Torah in the Jews understood that to refer to the 1st 5 books of the Bible yes which included God's 10 Commandments but in other words it was God's instruction his instruction for what and I like to go to Psalm chapter one and the very 1st verse of Psalm it says someone one bless it is the man now the word bless it means happy so much I want God's rules for happiness this is missing happy is the man who walks not in the counsel of the in God nor stands in the path of sinners nor sits in the seat of the scornful I have to put the pause button here you know sometimes there's this mentality today we've got to put everything in a positive light don't talk about what you can't do don't talk about don't talk about do's and yet with the 1st thing God says here is happiness a man who doesn't who doesn't does it. But instead his delight verse 2 is in the law of the Lord and in his law he meditates day and night with the Lord sing Happy is the man who meditates in walks in the law why did God give the rules he gave them the instructions the Torah their instructions in how to be had so they are a blessing inherently so there's that like if you comply with this miserable thing that I'll agree Ward you with some of these like there's no there is the like in the law itself like actually coming in harmony with theirs and even if there's no candy at the end of it it just the thing itself will read like candy at the end of it let's talk about do we have any record in Scripture of a time because you know we're fallen world know this that the law is not being kept Do we have a record of a time when the law was kept. Well we have 2 chapters in the Bible before sin and heard yes and then we have at the end of the Bible when it is restored it's right in those little pictures Where's the pain Where's the sufferings Where's the depression Where's that one expects revelation specifically says I'm going to wipe all those are going to go and that's the one that's the thing that's missing from this experience you know so the denigrating people do of the law when the law of God was kept and it wasn't kept grudgingly it's like you know they can't because they had to but there always know there was there was genuine happiness well and on that point and we're kind of getting off of what we're still in this point about happiness though I guess you know the converted person finds or happen and we do have a bit towards evil Mel So we have a sigh we have kind of preprogramed to pre-wire to think that God is oppressive and do difficult things that I want to do you know the one with the Scripture say there's a way that seems right into a man you know but in there of his death we don't actually know what's in our best interest but we trust that God does and when we do we actually discover this was a happy as there he was right well even a little bit taking a step further that then that this instruction i like we. Always used to say that these rules were rules to educate we talk about a relationship with Christ but a relationship like my relationship with my wife grew over time because I had to learn the things that pleased her and then you do you know this is the kind of flower she likes This is the kind of candy she likes So this is the kind of place she likes to go right and so at a gala morrow is used to call this these rules to educate the relationship you know that's the education the the instruction is instructing us how to have a relationship with God So to try to separate them from a relationship in many many because I'm guessing you've learned what stuff she doesn't like to have like I was doing this and avoid it and it makes her happy your life in time doesn't permit and then talk about the lessons. Have learned and there are some yet to learn in back of it would be fun to interview or a wise one they would know it's not if you don't go throw something out there with your art but still are still inside a point or 2 about yeah because law is the key to happiness Tuesday Quarterly has a book question again we go next. Well as just look at it right here. Like ancient Israel 77 it's received a wide range of counsel critical of the why why didn't the why question why question why should we view these councils speaking of the like we've been received in the spirit of prophecy right right as a gift from God rather than a term no no no we're talking about the instruction the Torah. Ok well what I'm saying is in the thought question though yeah I know you're talking as my question yeah I was looking for the why inside the bottoms are it so what is it in the branch not middle David but there's a great conversation we had of the bottom of the page but in the middle of the page to ask this question yes why do you suppose God provided so much Instruction again this instruction of the Torah to or for Israel in what ways are these instructions for their good right and so we don't need to elaborate Deuteronomy Chapter 1013 is cited there in that passage I have also included around me 529062425 Deuteronomy 529 is where the Lord says it you know keep these laws it may be well with my people right Deuteronomy 624 and 25 These were for our good always that he might preserve us alive then it will be righteousness for us if we keep So it's just all talking about the blessing in the benefits it comes from keep it so the question on the page is. In what ways were the instructions for their good because it guided them in fact let's look at the bottom of the page of going to I've got a paragraph there from prophets and kings if you want to read this here in our handout he says to the people we're committed to this people I'm sorry to this people think you were committed the oracles of God they were hedged about by the precepts of his law every last. Principles of truth justice and purity obedience to these principles was to be there was to be their protection for it would save them from destroying themselves by sinful practices and as the teller in the vineyard God placed in the midst delay and his holy temple so this the law obedience to these principles was to be their protection and save them from destroying themselves by sinful practices and we don't view we don't really see the nature of sin and what it does to us but the goal as a guardian to get self-destruction well as law the everlasting principles of truth justice and purity but there's a lot of talk in society today about truth justice and purity but not in the context of the law of God like this is the place where you find real truth justice and real purity and without it you're never going to have truth justice and pretty powerful Yes No this next statement is also a powerful one where Ellen White says the law of 10 Commandments is not to be looked upon as much from the prohibitory side don't yes as from the Merseyside Now if I stop there a lot of people again don't you man don't make it a bunch of do's and don'ts that's not what she's saying listen how she goes on back to me to read it again the law is not to be looked upon as much from the prohibitory side as from the Merseyside it has both sides its prohibitions the don'ts thou shalt nots are the sure guarantee of happiness in obedience to and when we don't do this and we don't do that we have no other gods before God you know we don't bear false witness etc That's when we are going to be happy as received in Christ it works in us the purity of character that will bring us joy through the eternal ages for this interesting because it's almost seems contradictory should not be looked upon as much from the prohibitory side and the next thing is prohibit prohibitions but it's not an abstract or arbitrate you can't do this but view those prohibitions as the guarantor of this better life you could have if you absolutely. And so it continues the top of the next page to the o.b.d. end yet the law of God is a wall of protection and we behold in it the goodness of God who by revealing to men the immutable principles of righteousness seeks to shield them from the evils that result from transgression similar to what we read in a letter so I don't want to skip out in quarter the Sabbath afternoon paragraph to what we both love the sentence where the I have to assume to get a circular for Goldstein probably wrote God's law is a safe firm path through the treacherous swallow up of human existence it really I mean the reality is we are in a sense the. Law but we are in this one but as we follow God's law he actually can lift us from that pit and it's it's the best place to be for the lesson goes on in Thursday there is lesson is titled If it bases it on the passage in Exodus 1500 says if you will obey so the condition like it's conditional upon obedience the promises of God and we have seen that before now it's interesting on the last sentence it says this obedience does not earn the blessings. In that God is obligated to bring them obedience instead creates an environment in which the blessings of faith can be made manifest now I think that's an awesome statement. There's another one and I'm trying to see where I highlighted it but there's a lot of this we've read a lot of this in the lesson and I've got a comment on a little bit that we don't keep the law in order to be saved we keep it because we're saving other words were saved and then after we've been saved we're we're told to obey will definitely And there's the repeated line between their salvation yes and in their sanctification you know the 2 don't ever talk I mean they might meet and shake hands but there are 2 totally different things so I put this in our note sin is transgression of God's law to be saved is to be saved from sin Matthew want $21.00 calls named Jesus will save his people from their sin or transgression of law to be saved is to be saved from transgressing the law while you can't be willfully transgressing the law and be called Saved from transgressing who are to be signals are mutually exclusive so it is impossible therefore to consider someone saved who continues to willfully transgress or disobeyed God's law ultimately salvation includes being restored to harmony with God's law which is but a transcript of his own righteous character so we can talk about justification when we are accounted righteous but that's not the entirety of salvation right so vacation is the is that. Taking us. As long breakers and making us live lives in harmony with the law of God Otherwise we're still sinning transgressing the law and then what am I saved from right so there's a little bit of a what a lot economy what I do is already I think there's a common I would probably call it a misunderstanding in the in the greater Christian church and even in the administers that what I'm saved from it is the penalty and the record of sin and then after that I mean his pardoning power is absolute yes his his victory is keeping Bauer's not so his I mean he does his best you know and as they will that's me that's patently offensive the same God that can wipe out my record in a blink of an eye can also empower me to overcome so I don't fall out again right and so God offers both of his salvation so anyway so I can appreciate I know why we do that and I've done it myself that is you want to make the point that we're not earning salvation by obedience but to take obedience out of the question of salvation altogether like again begets the begs the question What am I being saved from if I'm still living a life of sin Yeah and then to your point the penalty of sin but salvation is more than. Save me being redeemed from the penalty of sin it's being saved from the presence of sin the powers and ultimately the presence of sin and right and right now the Lord works on saving us from Powell and think about the logic of it if we but if we understand that the purpose of salvation is to recreate us in the image of God with us his character and he's given us a written transcript of his character then that our destination goal is commandment keepers which is why God that's right so the whole. So the whole aim of the plate of 3 dimension is not just call it as good as make it as good as a response is a celebration is bring it back into harmony with that perfect holy law which is a transcript of the character go but you're going to see is going to point number 3 and number 3 God's design was it is for his people to magnify the law the question asked Son Sunday What did God choose Israel for and I'll just refer to our notes here Deuteronomy 45 and there's some there's some passages here Exodus 106 and accordingly talks about them being a kingdom of pre-set cetera house of prayer for all nations I've included in our outline Deuteronomy 45 through 8 and you highlighted this last week where the Lord says that when you keep these commandments I'm paraphrasing the people of the nations are going to look at you and say Well where else can we find such a wise and understanding people who has a God like this in statues like this in common you know so that their keeping of the law was a testimony to the nations of what life could be in it. And it goes down to the my new show of like like if you've never studied out that the camp of Israel was clean it was organized it was well run it was it was it was laid out in a certain way and then you have all these you talk about justice and society a lot of it you know they have these beautiful things where you couldn't be. Into servitude for debt you know and there's the Sabbath day and the sabbath year and I mean all these really and people as you lived out the principles of the law in your own personal life in your family in the community and in the whole congregation people would sit Begley. My paraphrase but like dude this is this is radically different than everything else and what made them different is not as God has repeatedly said you were more numerous than everybody else you were taller or smarter but I gave you these laws and your fidelity to me it's the me that they are going to take it you take it for instance any one of the command adultery I don't I don't I don't I'm not I'm faithful to my wife Ok and therefore like I don't write there's a prohibition there I don't do it but because of that my wife and I are still happily married I have been through multiple divorces and paying alimony over here to the Senate in other words a lot of heartbreak like the world may hear you I don't you don't sleep or how with other women but then it's like you're happier than they have been to date in their life I mean that's just one example of no I don't do this and because I don't do this my life is richer and that's the world will notice that I think it's an adult it's exactly that's right can you imagine this little thought as a pastor I've had people come to the church because they finally come to the realization that all the stuff that I was allowed to do was a killing me it was all my fun was the worst thing well I mean imagine a society where everybody like I'm not even Tom of the ceremony law or even doctors if it was just the 10 Commandments what would society look like it's almost hard to imagine no dishonesty anywhere no one useless of any marriage right no crime no locks Oh no deception no deception trust everybody that you know exactly everybody just being everything creates right is just amazing to. Me I'm here it's right so they were good parental relationships you had a good marriage relationships a good society a relationship there's no crime everybody got the 7th day off as we prayed I mean it would almost seem otherworldly and then he got to the point it's like you're representing another world and God wants us to be evidence of that so I have other you know the Bible we looked in our last quarterly at being repairers of the breach that breach in the law of God. But the being the repairs of the breech magnifying is law this is not just talking about a lot this is as we live in harmony with it and espouse those principles it says it communicates to the people when we come to Revelation 1412 us here are those who keep the commandments of God It's that keeping of the commands it's that testimony people see that and it's an evidence that they have this great God and who has given them his law and I have been here the point that it Satan from the very beginning has attempted to misrepresent God's character by attacking his Law Jesus again according to a a 4221 came to magnify the law and has always intended that his followers would do the same throughout the ages Friday quotes from. What is this quote from Acts of the Apostles that 2nd quote you have read that on Fridays lesson Oh sure in the precepts of his Holy Law God has given a perfect rule of life and he has declared that until the close of time this law unchanged in a single jot or tittle is Tremaine is to maintain its claim upon human beings Christ came to magnify the law and make it on herbal he showed that is based upon the broad foundation of love to God and love to man and that obedience to its precepts comprises the whole duty of man in his own life he gave an example of obedience to the law of God in the Sermon on the Mount he showed how its requirements extend beyond the mere outward acts and take cognizance of the thoughts and intents of the heart so there we have obviously the life of Jesus the example of Jesus who is to be our example and we're to walk in His steps John tells us and then I've added this statement from the controversy Go ahead Ellen White says here on page 582 a great controversy from the very beginning of the great controversy in heaven it has been Satan's purpose to overthrow the law of God I mean we need make no mistake like that is what he's attack. King So when we hear people attack the law of God where is it find its origin. It was to accomplish this to overthrow the law of God is to accomplish this that he entered upon his rebellion against the creator and though he was cast out of heaven he has continued to say more fair upon the earth to deceive men in this lead them to transgress God's law is the object which he has steadfastly pursued whether this is to be accomplished by casting aside the law altogether or by rejecting one of its precepts the result will be ultimately the same and then she concludes by saying the last great conflict between truth and error is but the final struggle of the long standing controversy concerning the Law of God So it started over the law it's going to end over the law and God's going to demonstrate through this process that his law is exactly what it should be kept transcript of his character is righteous and true is beautiful and the key to having as if he couldn't a said it better well this was a joyful study I have enjoyed it very much and I trust that you guys will as well in your local Sabbath school so let's close pastor Howard with our summary statement that's read that on Friday your business is God's law as an integral part of the Covenant yet it was a true covenant of grace grace however never know finds the need for the law on the contrary law is a means by which Grace is manifested in expressed in the lives of those who receive grace and then let's pray Heavenly Father thank you so much for your law help us to truly find in it what you want to have which is a happy life a life free of the self destructive behaviors you know that sin can to can result and solar please give us victory in Jesus pardon for our past and power for a present and Lord help us to always look to you for our ultimate joy in this life and your law are all bound together for praying in Jesus name.


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