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05 Overdosed

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • May 5, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Our scripture reading is taken from 1st Peter 5 in verse 8 I have to apologize it was. It was transcribed wrong and so. Corinthians was read but it was 1st Peter 5 words 8 which says be sober be vigilant because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walk at the bout seeking whom he may devour Peter says to be sober and vigilant a message tonight isn't titled overdosed overdosed let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word once again I pray not Lord it you make me once again just a nail on the wall a rusty sorry nail Lord but upon a nail last you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ this is a heavy topic tonight Lord and impacts many of our young people so we're asking for an extra portion of your Holy Spirit this is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen All right so we're going to get right into this and normally if you if you follow the patterns of my sermons I start with a Bible story and I weave in the concepts into that Bible story tonight imma do something a little different. By starting with the testimony. When I was working as a physician in California I want to say where in California I was. I had a patient come to see me is about 31 years of age if I remember correctly it was a Thursday Thursday afternoon and he was having some upper respiratory symptoms a little mild cough some runny nose this was pretty covert so known as panic in a run in for the corners. And he came in to be seen and we we talked for a while actually knew his parents. And had kind of worked with them before and knew that he had some struggles in the past. With drugs and alcohol in fact he was a very talented football player when he was in high school and. He had a serious injury and I school I think it might have been like he you know tore a ligament significantly in one of his knees had to have surgeries and so forth and rehab and in that process of course he was given pain medication Well what we now know the science shows if you simply take pain medication narcotic pain medication let me be clear as prescribed after 7 days it's enough to become dependent on it or addicted to it and so this young man since high school had been struggling on and off with a pretty significant serious life altering drug addiction problem. I don't you know I don't know how much he drank but he drank he did drugs. He never finished college he was having a very hard time with life fortunately for him his parents were pretty well off so they were able to use him find ways that keep him active in working. And when I saw him he had been back working for about 6 months. He had actually completed before that 66 months of rehab and I may run concurrently rehab and so he had been clean and sober as I remember clearly 6 months before I saw him because he had these symptoms and didn't feel very well that was a Thursday I said listen it's Thursday afternoon you want to go back to work today anyway I'll write you off work tomorrow you'll be fine by Monday morning. You don't need any special medication you don't need an antibiotic this is just a virus so we'll see you on Monday and as he and I were talking and I went to prepare his note so he could be off of work. The Holy Spirit began to tell me that I should pray with this young man and. The urge to pray with him was actually quite strong however I. Was busy and I said I don't want to offend this guy by asking if you want to pray. And so he left I really didn't think much of it when I came to work Monday morning one of the nurses came to me and said Did you hear what happened doesn't know what happened and she mentioned the patient by name and said that something terrible had happened over the weekend the day he had off that. It seems as if he took license to take the free time and somehow stumbled back into someone or went somewhere where his drug of choice was available what I know is that Saturday he went and got those drugs and took. The same amount he always took it took that Saturday night and he never woke up Sunday morning. And even as I think about it I'm very sad because I know the pain his parents went through that his girlfriend went through his friends from high school he grew up in that area and the damage that it did to so many it was always brought back brought back to the fact that the Spirit of God seemed to be pressing me to pray with him and I failed to do that I don't know if I had prayed him if it would have made any difference I'll never know but I will tell you that what I've learned as a physician and part of my training at Loma Linda when I was doing my preventive medicine residency part of my training was in the area of Addiction Medicine and young people I want to tell you that literally there is singularly no force on earth that is. A physical or chemical organic source that is more damaging than drugs and alcohol if Satan has designed a when he has designed a win in the arena of drugs and alcohol countless countless lives are ruined families. Shattered Dreams abated drugs and alcohol and yet we live in a society that doesn't just legalize these things they glamorize it and if you are going to be a child of the Living God. One of the things you're going to have to understand is 2 fold one the dangers that these things cause you and secondly how it is that you approach those who have these problems we'll talk about both of those things tonight. As we look at America's big problem so issue brief reports of increase in opioid and other drug related overdose and other concerns during a covert pandemic this is just an American Medical Association just put this hour earlier this month what we found is that during this pandemic there's been a whole hidden pandemic These are called the diseases of the spear suicides drug overdoses even fatty alcoholic liver disease from the amount of excess alcohol that has been consumed it's interesting churches were considered non-essential and closed the liquor stores were considered essential and stayed open and so many people actually and I've heard people at work I've heard people patients say this they literally. Fill the void of not going out to work or church or wherever with bottles and bottles and bottles of alcohol what is interesting is that a recent report says that although this thing has been horrible and predominately the opiate epidemic is actually affected some urban and rural white families more than even urban families However what's interesting is one report I read is that last year African-Americans actually did outpace in the Rome of overdose deaths this is a very very serious issue one that America has not figured out and I'll say it is it is a true supply and demand issue part of a reason America is always going to have a drug problem is because America does not have a drug supply problem America has a drug demand problem. We're going to talk about why that is a bit tonight as well which countries consume the most opioids is the United States and Canada. We look at how many doses are given this I think is per 1000000 people you can see America leads the pack but most of these are developed wealthy countries all the way down the list and they would Spain this is a major problem. And we'll talk more about how this came to be but this is significant opioid overdose deaths this is even before the pandemic you see that it has taken off what is going on that people are literally doing drugs to the point where it takes their life. And what does this mean prophetically that these types of things are happening well we talked earlier this week about the frontal lobe and this is the part of the brain that is like the most holy place this is the part of the brain that Satan is putting under siege when Peter says be sober be vigilant he is speaking to how sharp your mind must be because some riot t. is the opposite of intoxication and you don't just get intoxicated on drugs without 1st or on some level becoming intoxicated with the world and I don't mean to get intoxicated or world that you want a fast life and you know you're looking to stay high all the time but even the pain of this world can intoxicate you to the point where people begin to self medicate with drugs young people if you've gone through things if you had your challenges if you had to suffer through Priem it is important that you deal with it because if you leave wounds and a holes in yourself oftentimes we will try to fill them with what makes us feel better and want to secrets about addiction is anything that changes your mood it can addict you. So I was working at the veterans' hospital in Loma Linda while I was doing my addiction medicine training. And I said it's all the story all the time because one of most impactful parts of all of my medical training it was it I didn't get the in learning from attending physicians or from Ph D.'s and some you know. Basic science specialty or something and I learned so much from these veterans men who had served our country many of them if not most of them combat veterans who would actually put their lives on the line and had been greatly traumatized on the battlefields of the world and I remember as I was I was a part of my training was to sit into one of the group sessions and as I sat there and and we went around the room and they talked and they let me say something that many of them make better Christians that us because they're willing to open up the Scripture says confess your faults one to another that you might be healed right and many of us would never confess our faults but in the confidentiality of these group sessions they would confess their faults it would talk about their failures as fathers as husbands all of that they would just go through and it was heart wrenching on the one hand but you could see and power and it was palpable the healing that took place because they opened themselves up at the end of one of the sessions and they would do various chance it works if you work it's a work until it works and these chance that they would do once at whatever 1st sessions I went to that they chanted in and they said God made the human heart so big that only he can fill it God made the human heart so big that only he can fill it and when I said that all my years in church I had never heard anyone put it that way. I was raised 7 Adventist my mother's mother's mother was a 7 and I've never heard it put that way God made the human heart so big that only he can fill it and afterwards I asked one of the guys was kind of leading out so what do you mean by that he said if you try to fill the god sized hole in your heart with anything but God and you will become addicted to it he says each one of us must find God and fill the whole make up the void your pain your disappointments your tragedies your trials every hole that life creates must be filled by God If you leave the whole the god sized hole in your heart if you leave it and don't actively seek to place God in that space see you will see the void and he will sell said a torrent of things after you talked about sexual intimacy and relationships last night that's one way he can do it but drugs and alcohol are definitely another way and the Bible speaks to how addiction works in multiple places one of them is here Romans Chapter 7 Romans Chapter 7 for I know that in me that is in my flesh dwelleth no good thing for to will is present with me but how to perform that which is good I find not for the good that I would I do not but the evil which I would not that I do this is the Apostle Paul he saying listen in my flesh dwells no good thing he says I can't even figure out how to perform what is right he says when I go to do good the good that I would do I don't do it but the evil that I would do that's what I do verse 20 says now if I do that I would not it is no more I that do it but sin that dwells in me. He says I find that a law that when I would do good evil is present with me For I delight in the law of God after the inward man but I see another law in my members warring against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members this is why the Bible says Do not lean on the arm of flesh you can't trust your own body let me make it clear in fact I used a quote Dr James Kala time when I say this but your body will conspire to kill you if you give yourself everything you want every urge every every desire if you try and fill every one of them your very body your own flesh will conspired to kill you this is why we do not walk after the flesh. Says it this way in verse 240 wretched man that I am who shall deliver me from the body of this that. Is interesting for the Christian the flesh is your enemy to an extent the flesh is where sin sets up shop where desires and urges come from when we get it we can get into all of our hormonal ways we'll talk about some of the neuro chemicals neurotransmitters that contribute to this in the field of addiction but Satan understands we read the quote from the right last night he has studied the human agency he understands how we work he knows how to push the right buttons he will create the trauma in your life and then give you the sinful treatment for it later on he will make you have the pain in order that he can supply earthly pleasure addiction works this is from cigarettes I'm not talking much about cigarettes the night the numbers of cigarette smokers are down but vaporing is up and nicotine is still nicotine it is as addicting basically as cocaine is. Has killed more Americans than probably almost anything and it works when you smoke a cigarette that nicotine goes into your lungs it's quickly within seconds gets to your brain and when it gets there and we talked about the reward pathway of dopamine earlier we'll talk more about that in a 2nd it causes a massive release of dopamine so you get this feeling of pleasure is rush that happens and I'll talk more about that in a 2nd I want you young people to understand how addiction actually happens because there to me there are 2 big phases of addiction there is a moral failure phase when you expose yourself to the addicting stuff to substance and then there is a phase where you are it where it's beyond your control the point that you have to make the decision around is that you never allow yourself to become addicted I don't care how many alcoholics are in your family if you never drink alcohol you will never be an alcoholic addiction happens by choice but to break it is difficult to choose as the Apostle Paul just said and so a good example is here right Dopamine is the brain's a reward pathway God created these reward pathways in my the way I see it from a medical spiritual standpoint when sin entered the world God made sure that the human mind would always prioritize certain things to make sure man survived he said to to Adam and Eve would be fruitful and multiply so we attached to the union of marriage and intimacy as we talked about last night the pleasure of sexual intimacy as it would drive humans to reproduce if it wasn't pleasurable there'd be generations will be lost Same with food as you can see here we need food is that there's a release of dopamine same with drinking water but you see here when someone takes drugs this is cocaine look at how many more yellow bubbles there are here than over here the amount of pleasure you feel is what makes you say that you are high. This is this mosque of rush of pleasure in the brain euphoria people say I'm high as a kite and so you feel so good the problem with this is it doesn't matter how high you get on drugs or alcohol when you come down your problems are still going to be there so addiction to go to kind of 4 stages 1st is this experimental stage you discovered agent produces pleasure and I remember growing up one of my friends. In Bloomfield here in Connecticut we were like probably in 5th or 6th grade he was telling us on our walk back home from school how he had tried cigarettes and and when he had to I didn't realize how little we were in time but he was talking about how this cigarette gave him such a buzz man it gives you this nice buzz you get feel good and we were like 5th grade you get this great buzz I don't even fully understand what he was talking about but years later of all of us he was the one wound up with a drug problem because what the way your body works you get into this experimental stage you find out that you get this buzz this pleasure from alcohol from cigarettes from cocaine from heroin whatever the drug is amphetamines crystal meth it doesn't matter you get this buzz you get as high and it makes you feel better so the 2nd phase is you see the mood swing produced by the agent So now you feel better so guess what the next time you get a bad grade on a test or your or your parents get into a fight or you are are disrespected by someone at school one of the things that if you find out this thing cause pleasure and changes your mood you go into this thing again and now any time you have to deal with emotional things you can use the substance with the cigarettes or alcohol you can use this substance to change the way you feel to dampen the emotional impact until finally you become preoccupied with the mood swing and a final phase you become obsessed with the agent. The mood swing may no longer be present Why because you develop a tolerance to the thing and you can't ever get back that 1st high which is what most if you when you talk to people in rehab a lot of them tell you you keep going because you're trying to get the 1st high back you become obsessed with the agent and that's why you see people wearing marijuana things on him. You know where blood like t. shirts and I literally you become obsessed with it if you listen to Americans speak many Americans they talk about some of these things what a fondness literally for some people a cigarette is their best friend when they get a raise at work they get a cigarette to celebrate they get fired from work they get a cigarette to console them or to get a drink to celebrate and a drink to console them and what happens is you develop Arrested Development you you don't ever move on and one of things I found in working in addiction medicine over the years is that you can see a 60 year old person if they became a drug addict at 15 and then finally coming off of it at 60 literally you're not you're not dealing with a 16 year old you're still dealing emotionally with a 15 year old it arrests your development this is why you're going to see more and more in our society of adults doing very childish foolish things because many have never dealt with a life full bore if only dealt with life through the veil of intoxication or getting some sort of buzz or high so let's talk about the 1st one alcohol alcohol is ubiquitous and I could I was going to put all the stats and how much alcohol we sell and drink but I think most people understand alcohol is everywhere and I guess that even during the lockdown alcohol was still readily available this is what spirit of prophecy says in the end counsels for the church page 136-2137 she says Satan gathered the fallen angels together. To devise some way of doing the most possible evil to the human family one proposition after another was made to finally say to himself thought of a plan he would take the fruit of the vine also wheat and other things given by God as food and would convert them to poisons which would ruin man's physical mental and moral powers and so overcome them and so overcome the senses the Satan would have full control isn't it interesting that when you go to a liquor store they says spirits sold here because there is when you turn your mind over do chemicals to and try and force this euphoria up to the release of dopamine and adrenaline one of the things that actually happens is that the enemy gets sway over you he actually begins to have more power and you can see it in my judgment to make and grandmother would say a drunk man's tongue is a sober man's mind you become unfiltered and I goes on to say under the influence of liquor men would be led to commit crimes of all kinds to perverted appetite the world would be made corrupt by leading men to drink alcohol Satan would cause them to the send lower and lower in the scale and if you've been around you know this this is true alcohol can rip a person straight out of normalcy ruin families not just alcohol all of the drugs that we're going talk about here's what the Bible says Proverbs 2331 says Look not doll upon the wind when it is red when it gives his color in the cup when it moves itself a right at the last it bites like a serpent and stings like an outer. The Bible is describing fermentation or don't miss this some folks say well Jesus turned a water into wine and Paul said a little wine for the stomach sake but here the Bible is describing it is a process that happens that's why Solomon says don't look at it after that goes past this point when it becomes red when it gives this color in a cup when it moves itself a right when it has firm and did he says don't look at it why not what has alcohol in the wine and it will bite you like a serpent it will sting like an adder he goes on Solomon says that I shall behold a strange woman and I heart and then a heart shall utter perverse things your judgment of who you lay with who you associate with things you would normally never say and do you would do under the influence of alcohol Solomon is giving a warning here you know someone who is one reason why girls need to understand they don't prop young women do not process alcohol they do not have as much alcohol do you hydrogenated in their system to process alcohol like men do and so it is if that were the same amount of alcohol consumption a woman most women will get intoxicated before the man will this is why a lot of men want to buy you drinks because they think they can hold their liquor better and you can move you to a place where you are under the influence and have poor judgement so that you are less likely to be able to make smart choices right so even if the person looks like you know I always would joke about certain celebrities number ones I know you would know but if they're not very attractive they'll look very attractive after a few drinks at least that's what the guys hoping. Yea that I shall be as he that live down in the midst of the sea or is he that lives upon the top of the mast meaning that you you have your vomit you stagger you can't walk straight verse 35 they have stricken me shalt thou same and I was not sick they have beaten me and I felt it not when I when shall I awake I will seek it yet again that's addiction you wake up beaten bloodied battered you don't remember where you've been and yet you get up and you want another drink I was preachin in Australia stand with a family and they were bastard Joshua Gonzales actually a great friend of mine down in Sydney and we were stale to me was telling me about the way to the drinking culture in Sydney and he was explaining that young people there to drink and if you can remember the night before you didn't have a good time drinking you haven't had a you haven't really had a good time drink it unless you can't remember what happened that is crazy and that's not just Australia that's a pattern seen around the world now where it gets deep is that a study finds alcohol dampens brain waves associated with decision making but not motor control is that they had a way to talk about brain waves earlier this week we talked about Isaiah one in verse 18 Come let us reason together alcohol changes your ability to reason by its impact on Gabba and glutamate to chemical to neurochemicals in the brain what and inhibitory 11 excited Tory one Alcohol changes your ability to make wise decisions is what a scripture says the drop will not inherit the kingdom of God because you can't choose wisely does more than that. Damages all over the body one of the big lies is that they're saying that alcohol is good for you that you should drink a glass of wine with dinner what we now know is that there is no safe amount of alcohol to drink period that is science we just we just interviewed a nephrologist on one of the shows I do and. He said the same thing he said every time you drink alcohol you lose nephrons in your kidney that you will not get back so if you have if you're drinking alcohol and you're diabetic and you have high blood pressure all of us and Europe killing the neuron nephrons in your kidney so much faster you're also killing of course the neurons of brain cells at the same time just one drink of alcohol a day increases a woman's risk for breast cancer it is a carcinogen it's literally poison yet it is advertised and flaunted and bragged about people talk about getting egg drank on end and ship and Mallette and Alice saying all this kind of stuff they glamorize it but it isn't that would save them does young people let me paint you a picture like things are going to be so wonderful if you follow him well like Adam and Eve You follow Him you will lose out on what God has for you and I wish I didn't have to preach sermons like this but in my travels I found there are many in the church who are just as affected by this as people outside the church but it's not just Marilyn I'm not just alcohol also marijuana Wall Street Journal put out this article that says marijuana is more dangerous than you think this is not a Christian 7 in Venice publication by any stretch of the imagination yet in all of the talk of medicinal marijuana in all the ways it helps they're not telling you the truth it's being hidden that in fact more people become dependent to marijuana than alcohol yes they say it's not addictive that's not true at all but I want to very addicting and we'll show you I'll show you some stats on that in a 2nd. And just today March 24th 2021 a deal is reached the fast track legalizing marijuana in New York it will be worth billions billions of dollars and already the tentacles are out as people are moving as people do smoke less cigarettes in America it's almost like it's being replaced with marijuana and people say well we know the criminal the criminal justice system did not handle marijuana well but this idea that marijuana is completely safe and harmless is a lie and if there's anything affecting especially. Many of our young men but even a lot of young women in church now it's this drug which we think it's hip it's cool I had a patient the other day coming to one of our clinics and literally he walked in the door and we were sitting behind the desk and you could smell the marijuana from not far away marijuana use and. An addiction are most pronounced on America's young people of those going to rehabilitation for weed addiction 45 percent are under 21 years of age when those $24.00 and younger are included the percentage rises to 55 so there's a problem people are actually going into rehab for marijuana even if people say it's not addicting and up I put this picture here because literally people sing songs to marijuana These are the best result of the $420.00 people 20 hip hop mix I grew up there with it was it was a reggae music that sang about marijuana and promoted it was right the Rastafarians at least did but it's all over the place now where I want to have been pushed chronic marijuana use and higher dosages are found to correlate to greater incidence of psychosis and schizophrenia no one is telling you this you see the picture there marijuana induced psychosis is real I've seen this in patients myself. Once telling you that if you smoke marijuana you increase your risk of psychosis and schizophrenia later on very difficult things to deal it a point is particularly significant due to the increases in drug potency over the last 2 decades while the average potency has risen from 3 percent t.h.c. which is tetrahydrocannabinol the intoxicating ingredient marijuana a couple of decades ago to 9 percent now not a weed sample size 25 percent do you think will be motivation to drastically increase the amount of t.h.c. when if there's not competition between companies trying to sell it. We are on a precipice and America does not do well with dealing with mental health crisis and illness our health care system doesn't do well with it so imagine in 10 years if you have only a small percentage of the millions of people who are now going to try and use marijuana could wind up with mental health problems who's going to take care of them would have a system to take care of them I remember. We were having this discussion and I think I read it a case study of a young kid who came from like a look a more conservative background from like the Midwest that he went out to Colorado when they legalized marijuana he went to the store to buy edible and the person selling it to him told him Do not eat the whole Brownie cut it into fourths wait at least 12 hours between each section and eat it that way to get your high in a kid you know he got he got a hotel room he was so happy could legally do marijuana do you think he ate one 4th of that Brownie he did not he ate the entire Brownie in one sitting he wanted to an immediate psychotic episode and jump from the hotel window to his death marijuana changes spatial and time perceptions decreases memory suppresses the immune system it does inhibits people don't make wise decisions and the most dangerous thing is that most people who smoke marijuana recreationally are probably also going to drink alcohol. So it's not like there's a one of the other people there well it's safer than alcohol but who's studying What is impact is when you mix it with alcohol nobody's they're going to roll this thing out legalize it and bought a time America wakes up to what it causes it will be too late marijuana works backwards I have time to get into this except to say to every other drug releases dopamine from the pre. The the priest an optic side of the of the neuron and the receptor is on the other side of the pulse enough that side receive it marijuana doesn't do that it works on a pulse an optic side raises the amount of don't mean receptors so that's how it becomes a gateway drug if you do marijuana and then do cocaine you have more receptors to receive all of that don't mean I showed you earlier sort of cocaine is even more addicting this is not a gateway drug but neurochemically it seems to exactly work the way a gateway drug would work the other one I want to just touch on quickly is the opioid epidemic 130 plus people died every day from opioid related drug overdoses in this year I think this is from 2017 to 2018. I will get into the numbers except to tell you this this whole thing started when the joint commission the crediting body that goes into American hospitals and tells you whether or not you could qualify your credited so that you can get money from the government through Medicaid and Medicare they said that pain was the 5th vital sign and all of a sudden if you weren't meeting patients pain requirements you could be doing the provider could be doing a physician could be doing the hospital could be doing and so people started writing a whole lot more narcotic pain medicines What we didn't know at the time was that somehow the pharmaceutical industry was in on this decision and has made billions of dollars as America has watched her children overdose. And why does America's children over those because America's children are trying to to manage their pain with pleasure it's self medication the stresses of life and I don't have time to go through that part of it but I want to submit to you that what the devil want you to do is look to your pain and decide your going to feel better by any means necessary I saw earlier this week in one of the messages I said if you if you really ever going to find God you gotta learn to find him in your pain in your trials in your difficulties he's there in the fiery furnace waiting for shattering me 2nd Abednego for God has not given us the spirit of fear and of power and of love and of a sound mind the last verse I want to read is this one 1st that's the only and 5 in verse 6 Therefore let us not sleep as do others but let us watch and be one and be sober you see that it's a command to be sober for they that sleep sleep in the night and they that be drunken are drunk and in the night but let us who are of the day be sober putting on the breastplate of faith and love and for a helmet the hope of salvation you see that. Salvation is always tied to a helmet why because God wants you to protect your frontal lobe your mind it is with our minds that we love God not what God wants from us to be to be our choice to be to be our choice to choose him to love him to worship Him If you want to be overdosed we overdose with the Holy Ghost be overdosed by bathing in the love of the Living God find him last story I want to tell isn't a lot of time it goes back to the Veterans Hospital as well. I was working in there seeing patients as a resident a middle aged man came in sat down in a chair he was my next patient came into the exam room and said I want to die so what do you mean you want to die we just started trying to make a joke but he was as Africa was completely flight meaning no emotions he said I want to die I said Why do you want to die he said 2 years ago my mother died a year ago my father died and he said 2 weeks ago my dog died he said I just one day. I said Sir if you want to die why are you in the hospital he said because I felt like I had more of a chance of dying here than anywhere else I said that's not a good thing to say sir but if you ganna tell me the story of how I was on Interstate 10 going out from the inlet empire out towards Palm Springs and he was so high on drugs on alcohol and crystal methamphetamine that he began to sway on the road and when the California Highway Patrolman saw him he pulled him over and tested him he was high he searched the car and found in the trunk of the man's car all of the things you need to set up a crystal meth lab the gentleman told me that he was going out to set up shop in a motel where he would make crystal meth he'd sell some of it so he could live and use the other half of it to feed his addiction I said sir that's that seems a lot he says you don't understand where I've been any began to tell me about a very difficult and troubled childhood his time in war and combat in a war and how all of that had affected him he said Doc I just want to die I said sir you not you die here by accident today and I don't have a blue track or something from amazing facts. I reached up and grabbed the government issued. Note paper for 4 for our progress notes and I began to write out for this man the plan of salvation I started in heaven and a war between Christ and Satan and how Jesus was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world I went to the Garden of Eden a promise was made in Genesis 3 in verse 16 that one day Christ would make it right now I went all the way to to Bethlehem than the birth of Christ and and I went into the story of of the death of Christ how he agonized and suffered after living in a sinless life and I began to write out for him how Christ went to the cross and he died and when I got there I said he said it is finished and I said and he said. Father forgive them for they know not what they do I said. Jesus died for you he said really I said in fact if you were the only one who needed saving he still would have come and died for you he said seriously I missed a step well before even where I asked them assessor do you know who the pray about it I says Sir do you know who Jesus is he said yes he's the Christ the Son of the Living God I said if you know that why do you want to die and his answer was Because I've sinned too much he then began to tell me all of the sin the drugs the sex the violence all of the things that he had done and when he was done he said You see Christ would never accept me and that's why I gave him the plan of salvation and id and I said to him don't you understand you have not out sinned God's ability to save you the blood of Jesus Christ still washes it's still cleanses. The man says he started to cry tears began to run down his face he said You mean Jesus would accept me I said Sir I've got proof proof that he'll accept you sir he saved a wretch like me he and I fell on the floor of the veterans hospital in the California with tears streaming down his face that man gave his life to Jesus Christ on the spot I saw him a week later as I was doing rounds on the floor and he came running down the hallway rather Dr brother doctor and he threw his arms around me and he said I'm feeling so much better how you doing he said you don't understand ever since you prayed for me last week he said I don't even have the desire for drugs and alcohol he said Doc there Gong I said how's everything else go and he said listen duck he said only problem I have is that they keep kicking me out of the Alcoholics Anonymous and the Narcotics Anonymous meetings I said why are they kicking you out he said because they tell me I'm calling on the name of Jesus too much in the meetings I thought I man years later when I was moonlighting after I finished residency moonlighting in an emergency room of that same hospital and he was still a faithful Christian I tell you all of that today young people but you don't have to be overdosed with this world or the drugs of this world you can be overdosed on the love of Jesus Christ that He will forgive and restore even the land that the locusts have taken your eternity. And I challenge each one of you tonight to value your future your selves your family to understand the importance of your relationship with Jesus Christ that you avoid drugs and alcohol and if you come across someone in your life in your inner circle was a real problem with this take that thing to prayer and explain to them the need to go into rehab they may not listen to you but you don't stop supporting and you don't stop praying because once you're addicted it's beyond you the moral decision is over and the addiction takes over and that's where the power of God is needed to break it I submit to you young people tonight God is still in the saving business let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to. Study your word and talk about drugs alcohol and addiction Laura noted as young people there are young people who are listening tonight who are suffering from some form of addiction whether they're doing drugs or someone they love is doing drugs maybe as a parent maybe it's a friend Father God I pray to the Holy Spirit would find them those with an addiction problem Lord help them to break it help them to turn their eyes on Christ set them free father then if there's someone in their circle of love that is struggling with this help those young people to claim the Bible promises that say that nothing is impossible for God and help them to pray so that you can intercede and work things out for that person they love. But be with all of us Lord let us not get drunk with this world let us Lord all be sober and vigilant. We want to be ready when you come this is our prayer Jesus is precious and. 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