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Education Reformation: Inexcusable Ignorance

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • May 15, 2021
    3:30 PM
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Lord and we've assembled in your house we've been blessed already and for that we are thankful and now I'm asking the Lord that your spirit would make our hearts ready make us willing. Please adjust according to your will we love the Lord we will follow you bless us now I pray in Jesus' name amen the small earning I am continuing in the 2nd of a series of 5 sermons on education Reformation last Sabbath I talked about let the righteous women rise up and we noted at least 5 individuals in the 1st chapters of The Book of Exodus that put in place the delivery of the hope through the deliverance of Moses the smore name I don't want for a moment to minimize the power of the home mom and dad are the 1st teachers the home is the 1st school and it doesn't cease to be a school just because people graduate the instructors as long as they live by God's grace are blessings to those that they have put on the path of life so I'm appealing to moms and dads I'm appealing to you adult children don't harden your heart and be stiff necked just because you reached the age of maturity doesn't mean you've achieved all things in relationship to the elements of our spiritual growth so may we be humble to each other and follow the admonition of the New Testament to have spirits that are submissive to each other this morning I'm going to go on the next leg of the journey and the next leg of the journey is a story that was prophesied 300 years before it came to be taken by Moses morning and open them up to the Book of Kings 1st Kings Chapter 13 going to picture frame the story this way. We've had the amazing journey of a king named saw who was spiritually unfit over time because the pride of his place in his position overwhelmed his submission to the Lord he was a persecutor of the next king but the next king was faith fall in many respects and repentant when none. And then finally the son of David Solomon comes onto the throne and Solomon is postured for the most amazing success to fulfill the goals of the Israelites nation in the world and we see some of it with the Queen of Sheba coming in pain homage to the wisdom of Solomon for God This is a journey that was about to go wrong Solomon in his spiritual lost this becomes oppressive in the financial and tax structures of the nation and He multiplies horses and wives as was prophesied in the Old Testament that would happen when they had a king and when his kingship presented and his son is on the throne Rehoboam by name he gathers the sages the ancient men and he asked for their counsel because the people are sane relief we need relief and Rev a bomb Here's the council and dismisses it but then gathers his friends who speak to him the words of affirmation about the significance of his position in the power in his role and he tells the tribes that my father's waist will look like my pinky and the message is Claire there not only will be no relief but since I'm in charge it will be my way. And the kingdoms divide 10 to the north to the south. Seas over Judah and Benjamin there's no need for some kind of leader in the northern kingdom that man would be none other than Jeroboam Jeroboam had been exiled to Egypt but he's come back and he is now the defacto leader of the 10 tribes and he understands quite well that this is a spiritual people given to spirituality. And he sets up a place of worship in contradistinction to the Temple in Jerusalem he understands these people have religious habits and the joy of fellowship in and if they continue going back to Jerusalem they will rejoin the kingdom of the South and so he establishes a place of worship in Bethel and he in Acts a decision that had been enacted by the will of the people before that is to have something to worship something visible and so to golden calves are produced and in 1st Kings Chapter 13 we have a protest from God Himself Now this is 300 years before the subject matter of today's message but it is the launching pad for education Reformation the inspired word 1st Kings Chapter 13 verse one says now behold there came a man of God from Judah to Bethel by the word of the Lord while Jeroboam was standing at the altar to burn incense he cried against the altar by the word of the Lord and he said. Oh altar altar the says the Lord behold a son shall be born to the house of David Josiah by name and on you he shall sacrifice the priest of the high places who burn incense on you and human bones shall be burned on you then he gave a sign the same day saying this is the sign which the Lord is spoken behold the altar shall be split apart and the asses which are ashes which are on it shall be poured out. Now when the king heard the saying of the man of God which he had cried against the altar of Bethel job on stretched out his hand from the altar St sees him with his hand which he stretched out against him dried up so that he could not draw back to himself the altar also was split apart and the ashes were poured out from the altar according to the sign which the man of God a given for the word of the Lord God in His great mercy restores Jeroboam sin and now I want to fast forward 300 years I want to picture frame where we are in the story of Israel I history we've had good King Hezekiah who made a mistake and showed Babylon the riches of the temple precincts we have his son Ammon who comes to the throne and 6 is only on the throne for a few years and then we come to the experience of Josiah Josiah is the one who is 8 years old and he will become the one who institutes the final great effort at reform in the Israel light experience the 10 nations to the north are gone when Josiah's on the throne they've been disseminated by the Assyrians never to be collected again a warning to the final 2 tribes in the south. And as we come to the story line of our scripture reading this morning the nation of Israel is on the edge of divine retribution Josiah will enact many and mighty reforms when he dies in 6 o 9 b. c. there will only be 3 years before King Nebuchadnezzar shows up and begins orienting the nation of Israel to its new future over a period of almost 20 years never can as it will give Judah a chance to play by the rules to be a cooperative vassal state of course they won't do it so I want to explain right from the beginning of this message the Josiah is the last best chance for reformation and Josiah is God's instrument for a message of repentance now take your Bibles and go to 2nd Kings Chapter 22 and let us look at the story the story of a boy who grows into a man and becomes a great reformer he was 8 years old verse one says when he became king verse 2 he did what was right in the sight of the Lord and walked in all the way of his father David nor did he turn aside to the right or to the left now this phrase the ology one commentary said was common amongst the Israelites in regards to the rectitude of a leader but where does it come from if your Bibles to go back to the Book of Joshua Joshua chapter one I want you to see where it comes from because it is a promise that is important for us in the moment in which we live Joshua chapter one beginning with Verse 5. It says No man will be able to stand before you all the days of your life just as I have been with Moses I will be with you I will not fail you or forsake you be strong and courageous for the Lord shall give this people possession of the land which I swore to their fathers to give them only be strong and courageous be careful to do according to all the law which Moses my servant commanded do not turn to from it to the right or to the left the so that you may have success wherever you go verse 8 this book of the last will not depart from your mouth but you shall meditate on it day and night so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it for then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have success have I not commanded you be strong and courageous do not trouble or be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go most morning I want to assure you that the promises made to Joshua were is true and waiting to come to fruition for Josiah as they are for you and for me. God does not intend that his church come to the end and stumble in exhaustion across the spiritual finish line God intends that his people receive blessings that can be attributable only to divine partnership and divine intervention for your life individually and for the corporate work of the church there is indeed this continued covenantal blessing that God wants to place upon his people and that relates specifically to fidelity to the law of God and this expression found in the Book of Kings is an expression about Josiah moving according to a knowledge of right and wrong out of the law out of the inspired word. We have come to an interesting place in society where we have found and more importantly in the sub society of administrate of the 3 angels messages where we have found ourselves taking our cues from the latest scientific study the latest social logical data and this morning I'm here to announce as we continue in this journey of education reformation that it is time for us to come back to a partnership with God and the instruction of inspiration for the success that the world needs and deserves so that it can be warned through an army rightly trained even an army of you this morning as we look at a young person a young person who I believe was saved from the sullying licentiousness of his age his father only reigned for 2 years before he was killed by his own servants and what this does is it places a young boy who has not yet been caught up in the meat grinder of the licentious cult that was operating in the temple precincts he's a boy still in his intimacy with a tendency to spiritual sensitivity and God will go around the generation preceding him and he will do any work which is built upon an amazing discovery. Verse 3 2nd Kings $22.00 now in the 18th year of the king of Josiah the king said. The son of as ally of the son of Meshaal on the scribe to the house of the Lord seen go up to the priest that he may count the money brought into the house of the Lord which the doorkeepers have gathered from the people let them deliver it to the hand of the workman who have the oversight of the house of the Lord and let them give it to the workman or in the house of the Lord to repair the damages to the house so the Carpenters and the builders and the Masons. And for buying term timber and huge stone to repair the house only no accounting shall be made with them for the money delivered into their hands with a deal faithfully quite an amazing statement of trust in a generationally compromised royal situation verse 8 then he'll cry of the priest said to the scribe I have found the book of the law in the house of the loon and he'll cry a gave the book to share fan who read it to fan the scribe came to the king and brought back word to the king and said Your servants have emptied out the money that was found in the house and delivered it into the hand of the workman who have the oversight of the house of the Lord and more ever shot Fogg the scribe told the king saying Hilkiah the priest has given me a book and chiffon read it in the presence of the King when the king heard the words of the book of the law he tore his clothes then the king commanded Hilkiah the priest. And the son of shaft fan act bore the son of Shaphan the scribe an ass Ai of the king's servant saying go inquire of the Lord for me and the people. And all Judah concerning the words of this book that has been found for great is the wrath of the Lord that burns against us because our fathers have not listen to the words of this book to do according to all that has been written concerning. So Ok of the priest Akram Ackbar Schaff And as I went to hold of the prophetess the wife of shallow the son of Tikva the son of heart hast keeper of the wardrobe now she lived in Jerusalem in the 2nd quarter and they spoke to her she said to them Thus says the Lord God of Israel tell a man who sent you to me thus says the Lord behold I bring evil on this place and on its inhabitants even all the words of the book which the king is read skipping down to that verse 20 Therefore behold I will gather you to your fathers and you will be gathered to your grave in peace and your eyes when I see all the evil which I will bring on this place so they brought back word to the king very sober story. The Nutshell takeaway is that while Josiah could bring reform to the nation of Israel. The institutionalized evil of his grandfather and his father were such that there would be no turnaround to the culture of the nation without the punishment that the curses of the last chapters of Deuteronomy talk about and well God grants a reprieve for reformation and for repentance God states that the repeal the will be according to the sewing. And for all of those little bitty babies that input and put in the heart arms of Tofa in the Valley of Hinnom and burned alive and for all of the evil enacted in the temple precincts in the name of God. And for the loss of eternal life the poor leadership had brought to the nation of Israel and in its absence of missionary effort not turning to the left from the law of God not turning to the right for all of the darkness that would settle on the earth in this age there would be a measure of divine retribution to carry out an angry God's passion no but to deal with the trauma that had been brought upon the earth by apathy and inexcusable ignorance thus allowing people to pass through their graves without light or love or hope including the very inhabitants of the nation itself which was to be a city set on a hill. Now. I want to show you what was in the temple I want to show you what came out of the temple I want to talk about what went back in the temple to do that we need to move to the book of the Chronicles so go to the 2nd book of Chronicles. And we will come to the place. Where we read the story. Of some pretty see me things 2nd Chronicles Chapter 23. The money has been raised the book of the law has been found. Reformation is underway. But you need to see what's going on 2nd Chronicles Chapter 23 all kinds of things have gone into the temple and all kinds of things need to come out. I'm going to start with verse. 7 2nd where actually let's go the 2nd Chronicles 35 instead seconds Chronicles 35 which. Will start with verse one then Joe Josiah celebrated the Passover to the Lord in Jerusalem. And they slaughtered the Passover animals on the 14th day of the 1st month and he set the priest in their offices and encouraged them in the service of the house of the Lord verse 3 is the important verse He also said to the Levites who taught all of Israel and who are holy to the Lord put the Holy Ark in the house which Solomon the son of David King of Israel built it will be a burden on your shoulders no longer now serve the Lord your God and His people now in contrast to this which I want you to get the word picture propane charts and prophet says Minot when asked and set aside the Ark of the law now I want you to contrast with what was outside of Solomon's Temple I want you to contrast what is in. For that we'll go back to the book of 2nd Kings 2nd Kings Chapter 23 the Ark of the covenant has been removed from the most holy place now I want to show you the things that were there instead imagine the Ark of the Covenant gone church service still going on so what are they doing we'll begin with a verse for 2nd Kings $23.00 then the king commanded Hilkiah the high priest and the priest of the 2nd order and the doorkeepers to bring out of the temple of the Lord all the vessels that were made for bail for Ashura and for the host of heaven and he burned them outside Jerusalem in the fields of the Kidron and he carried their ashes to Bethel. He did away with the idolatrous priest whom the kings of Juda had appointed to burn incense in the high places in the cities of Juda and in the surrounding area of Jerusalem and those who burned incense to bale to the sun and to the moon and to the constellations and all the host of heaven he brought out the Ashura from the house of the Lord outside Jerusalem to the brook Kidron and he burned it at the Brook Kidron and ground to dust and threw its dust on the graves of the common people I would like for you to skip over a verse 13. This is the high places which were before Jerusalem which were on the right of the mount of destruction which Solomon the king of Israel had built for Ashura the abomination of the side only and for key mush the abomination of Moab and for milk come the abomination of the sons of Ammon the king defile Now I want to put this in in picture form for you. We think of the Mount of Olives as that place that Jesus loved to repaired to but if it had not been for the work of King just saya it would have been the high place for all the illustrious least licentious gods of the surrounding nations Solomon got the ball rolling through a leaves on with hundreds of evil women who became is why I'm a NASA certainly deep in the darkness with his decisions but just cya comes along and he's cleaning out the Temple and he's cleaning off the hillside of the Mount of Olives all of these the legacy of godless and wicked leadership in the past but it gets a bit worse which is hard to imagine So let's look at verse 7 of chapter 23 2nd Kings. All of the things associated with Ashura have been brought out all of the things we've bailed out we know that the Ark of the cabinet had been taken out by Monastir and now I want you to see one more thing that was there verse 7. He also broke down the houses of the male prostitutes which were in the house of the Lord where the women where we've been hanging for Ashura now. This is not subject matter upon which lots of dwelling is necessarily edifying for people but I want you to understand that the darkness in Israel had become darker than the nations it had dispossessed. And what had happened was was that the un fettered sexuality in some of these previous Kings kingdoms had borne itself out in a similar way that it buried itself out today and as we've lived in an age this is a question of already and it seeks to cast off all of the normative components of the judeo christian heritage we find the same absence of control of passions working its baleful influence in our day as it did then now when I was driving a van from California back to our church just a few months ago as I'm driving across Arizona or New Mexico I'm looking at a billboard the tells how many of the women by percent in the United States have been molested you don't see many billboards like that do you that's why it gets your attention while in some billboard in American Southwest. Communities is there this this statement. It's a little bit like that billboard in my hometown right there by the exit off Route 29 that talks about how many of our children will end up with sexually transmitted diseases. The the progression goes like this. You unfetter nation from morality and it doesn't come up to these polite little boundaries of yesteryear and stop you unfetter the sexuality of a nation and it rules by every form or inhibition on to greater if you can use that word certainly darker and violator exploits and so when children lose their innocence and become sexualized It begins this journey which we spent a week looking at in a series called you matter you love your love and your belong where Pretty soon the journey to sodomy is the end result of generational sexual sin that ends up in the darkest human form and thus we find ourselves in the day of Josiah and thus we find ourselves almost maybe more than I could know today the inside the temple precincts where the houses for the male and some think female cult prostitutes. When this sexuality burst outside the bounds of marriage and purity the end is near and I wonder and mind you today the end is near in the same way that just side dies in battle in 6 or 9 b.c. and nobody can answer is knocking at the doors of Jerusalem within 3 years this is the last chance for repentance and reformation that the nation will have. And I'm here to suggest to you today since we find ourselves in a similar place where we have been shot in shrine freedom of expression in all ways including expressions of passion and we are in a place where unless something drastic and distinctly different happens we still find ourselves conquered by our own selves and losing out on that eternal inheritance that Jesus intended for us to have but worse than that friends is the fact that our children won't even get a chance to experience the sweet beauty of what a pure and beautiful home led by 2 people who love each other even is. These devices have become the instrumentality for going around parents going around societal mores and values these devices have become an attempt to enslave people to their own desires and it's working all too often and while these can be used for good God forbid that a whole world could be turned around and a whole value system be turned upside down in a generation or 2 so that we could find ourselves in the same place and in the same position and I want to tell you on the cusp of the Canaan conquests the Midianite women were released and before final retribution the elements of institutionalized sexual evil is underway in the nation and unless something distinctly different happens unless some kind of severe reform takes place it will be the dark in of a dark journey yes indeed Josiah as an 8 year old has been preserved from the dynamics of evil somehow someway Perhaps it is nothing but the sheer. Juvenile this of his experience that he is so young that he's not yet been initiated into these gross and vile temple writes but the truth of the matter is God in his own Providence and omniscience has brought a boy to the throne and perhaps France what the world needs now is that army of youth rightly train that spoken of in the book Education Page 271 perhaps the last best chance for the world is to see a generation of pure and beautiful young men and young women who shine from the inside out who have the ability to articulate their faith and walk with the benefit of hearing a voice behind them saying this is the way walk eone it perhaps if ever before there was a need we sure do need now to rediscover the inspired word of God to get on with the victory and success in a place where we've very slowly and tragically been experiencing loss I was on the internet the other day looking for the history of our schools and I came upon the history of Atlantic Union College may rest in peace it was a carrot and me at 1st our very one of our very 1st at least. When I think about the fact that the admin a school system is dying I just have to wonder to myself was that God's intent I'm company when I think about the description of Josiah not turning to the left or to the right and I read the directions to just that no man will be able to stand against you all the days of your life when you succeed in everything you're doing I'm wondering what's going wrong. It was never God's intention that we should come up to the message of Revelation 18 which is allowed with a call to come out of Babylon and have nobody to make the cry and it was God's intent that an army of you should be raised so maybe it's time to put everything on the table and say some things are going to stay and some things are going to go and maybe it's time to rediscover not only the principal and precepts of the word but maybe it's time to let the prophets speak by finding a few other books I'm holding in my hands this morning here 1600 pages of direction on how we should do education inside the administration 1600 pages these books are all fairly new with the exception of the book education all of them are compilations with the exception of the book education unless you should have to go on a journey of seeking it all out yourself the trustees of the oh why did state felt that collecting these things together would be good Councils on education. Councils to parents teachers and students which is on education as well. And finally fundamentals of Christian education now when I open up my book education to those famous pages that I've been referencing to page 269 through 271 where it talks about the life work when it talks about the elements of angel directed education I want to read the paragraph to you there is no line of work in which it is possible for the youth to receive greater benefit. All who engage in ministry are gods helping hands why is it friends that we're having a hard time constituting an army these days hard to find teachers hard to find young men or women that choose the ministry as a 1st career they are coworkers with the angels talking about these people rather they are human agencies through which the angels accomplish their mission. Think about it you standing before a classroom of people think about it you stand behind a puppet to preach you are by God's design a coworker with the angels rather you are the human agency through which the angels are trying to accomplish their task angel speak through their voices and work by their hands and the human workers cooperate with the heavenly agencies have the benefit of their education and their experience hit the brakes you me that before you walk into that classroom before you stand behind this pulpit before you run that border give that Bible study before you engage in that extracurricular endeavor you can pray Lord Jesus give me the benefit of the education and the experience of the Angel. Model which is why the next sentence says this as a means of education what and these are in quotes now so she's making a point what university course and quote can equal this now I have about 20 stars written around this paragraph and 3 colors of pen and pencil. And written at the end of that paragraph I have Wow dash Amen and the next paragraph says this was such an army of workers as our you rightly train my furnish how soon the message of a crucified risen and soon coming Savior might be carrier to the whole world. Now I'm suspecting that we've got a little problem on our hands and the problem that we have on our hands is that while some of us might have these books on their show very few of us have taken the time to actually read them in other words we might find ourselves wringing our hands and getting into our pocket books and getting down on our knees to pray when Jesus effectively says the us as he did to Moses at the Red Sea Why are you calling out to me. I always wondered about that why is it there when God leads them into a place where the only way out is through the Red Sea emotions calls out. God says. You don't need to be calling out to me the truth of the matter is is that the God who led them right there was getting ready to leave them on and the fact of the matter is when God puts in the possession of his people the opportunity to be the head and not the tail to walk in the light not in the darkness to stay on the path of life not get stuck in the swamps of all the wonderful ideas of the secularists who need a generation or 2 to figure it out with the data and the experimenting Why is it that we really great relegate inspiration to 2nd rate direction and you say oh I would never do that except that we do we let the books in on our shelves and we wonder why it is that the vines are drying up and the teachers are been scuttled and the parents aren't choosing. I'm afraid we're living in an age of inexcusable ignorance I can remember and young guy 30 years old pastor of the Indian Academy church and I can remember as I added child the child in that district we came with 2 we had 2 more while we were there eventually my 2 were in the school and as the senior pastor of the church I'm a member of the school board and I can remember sitting in the school board saying why thinking why am I the only one who knows this as we sit there in the school board trying to make decisions about things like 8th grade class trips and I'm thinking to myself why I'm the only person speaking up against taking our kids to amusement parks it's almost like nobody ever read the stuff like I'm using our children is like fertilizing the carnal nature and making sure they think the world should revolve around them and that fun is the purpose and serving or being served is the great purpose of life and I didn't take me very long to figure out that we're not all playing from the same playbook now why does this matter to me in this moment because we're on the verge of investing more time energy money prayer committee meetings and deliberating both with city fathers and then within our own internal organization at a local level a conference level a union level a division level we're looking at spending more time money and energy than we've ever spent on anything else in all of this church's history as we consider not only the relocation of the school but the reinvigoration of advantage said you cation with its 1st principles but I'm not sure that the pyramiding of our ignorance is no I'm quite sure that the pyramiding of our ignorance is the bother to pay to borrow a phrase from one of my own college professors is the way to go about it. Now you say to yourself I don't under me Desta. And by the way for everybody listening especially the skeptic I know that amusement parks look pretty benign today but the principles of teaching a child to understand their duty and their destiny and to love to serve if you missed out on the missionary moment for Sabbath school you missed out on an awful lot because here's that a young man in Our Midst by the name of Alex here said 2 of our seniors Dr and Mrs Virginia Richard and Virginia Clark and the joy of bonds of love formed in service and friendship across the generations were just fantastic to behold. This is our Genesis and it is our revelation this is our moment to shine with character development is wrong as well as strong minds and strong hearts but we are on the cusp of undertaking something for which we are truly not prepared. And I ask God forgive us. Because while we find ourselves going there and how do you get there friends we do it like this how do you go from take into the ark of the Covenant out of the most holy place which has the 10 Commandments in it and it has the law of the covenant on the side how do you take it out and end up with Saddam I prostitutes Instead this is how you do it you take a step in the wrong direction and maybe a generation or 2 you take another step. And pretty soon you're having church in God's house and God doesn't want to be there. As a matter of fact when you listen to the words of Malikai the 1st chapter 2 he says Would somebody please shut the door of the church and is that not possible ask yourself this question don't be confused I'm not calling the church Babylon. But if you think it was possible for ancient Israel to a past of size but it's not possible for modern spiritual Israel I'd like to know where you get the consistency of your thinking from God has brought to us the power to be the head and not the tail to be the one to whom the nation stream for life and we find ourselves in an excess stench of crisis where we wonder what will have a few years from now as institutions even large ones teeter on the cusp of financial insolvency. If ever there was a day for reform it is today and if ever we needed the Lord to come back and save us from destruction at the hands of ignorance it is now my people Hosea would write are destroyed for lack of knowledge now I would like for you to take your bulletin and I'm going to borrow one from somebody who has a boat and I can borrow thank you for yours right here I'll give it back to you. And I want you to go to the segment reflecting Christ and I want you to look at it in its one sentence sobriety. I just want to be emblazoned in your brain written on your mind put on your hands hanging around everywhere you go now let's get the quote right it doesn't say God's love does it what is the sage urge God's what favor God love Manesar as much as he loved his grandson Josiah but I want you to understand something in the covenantal experience with God His love has to take the un blessing form instead of the bussing form sometimes. That's why when you go to reading some of these Old Testament books. You find God saying you gather up and I blow on it and it goes away because there are times when God says the Pidgeon is the only way to love you right now so that's why I'm sending you. There are covenant to blessings that have nothing to do actually they have everything to do with the love of God But this aide to be correlation does not exist but there are moments when in surrender to God and in simple obedience which appears to be it's out of vogue today this idea of being a child where I could take directions from God This idea of the parable of Jesus where I declare myself to be an unprofitable servant I've only done what I should these structures of simple human relationships that are proper and ordered by God they are not part of the of they are not part of the culture of our day God's favor towards Israel had what are you there folks what's the word always that's like the word for every. God's favor towards Israel had always been conditional on their obedience. There must be a reason for that. And there is. Because our obedience to God. Transforms us through the empowering of His Holy Spirit. We actually go from operating by the carnal nature to the divine nature one step at a time some things were delivered from in the moment some things we fight back all our lines but we actually go one step at a time and the light burns brighter as we draw nearer and the world can see they can see the beauty in us they can see the blessings around us and they can become more ready some of them to listen to the teachings that we would like to deliver to them about how they too can be in harmony with the God of the laws of the universe spiritual physical and financial health societal whatever they may be when we come into a position. And we are no longer receiving the blessing of the Lord it's like Jeremiah crying for those decades turn yourself into babble and submit to the chest ties even of God's rod and they wouldn't do it and it got so bad that after they were conquered by Babylon and the decision was to remain in the land or go to Egypt that the leaders of Israel said look when we worship the Queen of Heaven everything was good and now everything's bad they got so confused they couldn't see right from wrong even after Jeremiah's prophecy is came true and there are probably some listening to me or who will hear this message and relate to it the exact same way but I do know this the Scriptures say humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and the rest of it says something like this and he will lift you up when I think about where we're at right now and I want to remind you of something I had a person say to me in the last week or 2 he said you know we're living in a cancel culture. They don't like what you say makes them feel bad they can shout you down either online they can do it. With a group they can protest they can wreak violence the major news media organizations can gather the collective whole of their common influence they can make you look like you're the problem this person said to me he says you know what right now it's all focused on political posturing he said but it wouldn't take much for issues of religion to become the main thing and the whole cancel culture could pivot and now it's focused on God's faithful people at the end of time I don't want anybody to think for a 2nd the god does not have the power to resurrect his people and reform is people and revive his people before the end he does and he will but the truth of the matter is it will not be and this chasm is void of ignorance it will be inside a discovery of inspiration again it will be in a new love for Jesus and in a fidelity to him this says whatever you have said we're going to do in. I also love the fact that while Josiah could not truly change the nation not from the inside out Josiah was seen by God as a faithful one and like Jeremiah's save your. Who worked for the king Zedekiah Eve bad Malik the Ethiopian who went to the king after Jeremiah been thrown in the pit and he said that's not right you should have done that to Jeremiah and the king says you're right go get him now. God promised the bed Melich his life God promised Josiah the that harmony and structure and happiness would reign in Josiah's age. There is not a person today listening to me who does what's right and God doesn't notice and there's not a person listen to me today who even though they stand up to a host of Evil need fear what God will do to protect and provide for them we must be God's people in this age the eternal wellbeing of an entire world and an entire generation is hanging in the balance the pagan is aging of the church is going on all around us and I don't mean just the administers but we are not immune and White writes that the zeal of Josiah acceptable though it was to go on could not atone for the sins of the past generations nor could the piety displayed by the King's followers affect a change of heart in many who stubbornly refused to turn from idolatry to the worship of the true gone through hold of the Lord sent Josiah word that Jerusalem's ruin cannot be averted even should the people now humble themselves before God They could not escape their punishment so long as they had their senses dead and by wrong doing so long had they had them that have judgment should not come upon them they would soon return to the same sinful course Ferenc the decision before us is to walk on in willful blissful at least temporarily ignorance perhaps even watching God vacate his place in our homes our hearts our schools and our churches. In place of the habits of the world supposedly baptized in some way because they were brought in to the church or the school or the home and find ourselves at the very end bound by the cords of our own desire for doing is becoming and somebody has to say it's time for a change. Everybody parent listening to me to here today I don't care if your kids are young or old. Every teacher every preacher every leader every parent every adult of age God is calling us to say set aside the trifling and the immaterial and go on this search of the sacred and the inspired. And come to my house with an offering of understanding and let me be to you whom I promised I would be let me put the everlasting arms underneath you who is like the god of gesture and who rides the clouds to save us all that's at stake friends is the next generation to declare God's righteousness all that's at stake friends is the happiness of the homes of the ones that we've nurtured into young adulthood all that's at stake friends is the eternal wellbeing of grandchildren and great grandchildren etc All of it's at stake friends is that people go living in darkness and ruin their lives of their own spiritually uninformed choices that's all that's at stake so I end with this illustration and you'll know where the sermon title came from at the end of these few sentences the system of education carried out for generations back has been destructive to health and even life itself so it is a quote about education many young children of past 5 hours each day in school rooms not properly ventilated nor sufficiently large for the health will come addition of the scholars the air of such room soon becomes poisonous to the lungs that inhaling little children whose limbs and muscles are not strong and whose brains are undeveloped have been kept confined indoors to their injury many have but a slight hold on the life to begin with now listen to this next sentence confinement in school from day to day makes them nervous. And diseased Now I'm not done but I would like for all of us as we think about the letters a d d n a d h d which the white never heard of in that combination. I would like for us to do a little bit of thinking they become nervous and disease did she say what kind of disease no should go on to talk about death is it just disease of the body or could it be disease of the mind as well their bodies are dwarfed because of the exhausted condition of the nervous system the lamp of life goes out the parents and teachers do not consider that they had any direct influence in quenching the vital spark in other words the student dies and when standing by the graves of their children the afflicted parents look upon the bereavement as a special dispensation of Providence So let me just interject should the male call prostitutes be in the church. Or should the Ark of the Covenant be in the church and what's the journey like between the 2 how is it when standing by the graves of the children the affected parents look upon their bereavement as a special dispensation of Providence. God allowed me to go through this when by inexcusable ignorance their own course has destroyed the lives of their children to then charge their death to Providence is blasphemy God wanted the little ones to live and to be disciplined that they might have beautiful characters and glorify Him in His Word and praise him in the better world. Friends. We've hybridized a number of things by that what do I mean we've taken things from the evangelical world the process of Churches are sinking e.a.a. Sutherland in his book studies in Christian education will call the present church is week over 120 or 118 years ago we have brought things in from the outside because of the data. Because they work and we have ignored the council the inspiration that bring the cross in both its beauty and its death to self into the lives of our families and our children and I'm afraid. That there may be some listening to me for whom the words blasphemy may be written across the story lines of life because of inexcusable ignorance. Sober. To the ultimate degree. But it doesn't have to be. I am calling every person within earshot of this pope at this mornin in this place and every person who watches this message online I'm calling to determine between the trifling the superficial and the worthless and come back to a journey of encountering the laws of life and vitality I'm calling every individual listen to me here today to know that there's a God who loves and forgives. And who could give us the gift of repentance I am calling for the God of heaven to a base our pride and prepare us to be taught from above. I am appealing to the Lord of Heaven to forgive us as we've presided over the slow death of what was meant to be a city set on a hill. A savior of life and a life. I'm calling God to forgive every parent that has forgotten that their house has to be a church not anything else and that they is the 1st teachers or to talk about God at the table which obviously means take time to bring the structure of Christ and all things I'm calling on the God of heaven to forgive us when we've said Do as I say we did something different I'm calling on the God of heaven to re institute the strength of his covenant or promises back into our own lives our own homes our own schools our own churches but he's not going to do it. Under any different conditions than he promised in the book of Jeremiah chapter 29 when he said May this be our parting promise you will seek Me and you will find me when you search for me. With all your heart God help us he has in the past he will again we are on the verge of worldwide. Retribution for the lawless destruction of all things may God raise up a righteous generation may the mothers in Israel raise up May the teachers and the preachers and the parents and everybody else rise up and make sure. They have the knowledge of the beauty of holiness in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons later visit w.w.w.. Dot org.


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