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Logo of Talking Points, 2nd Quarter 2021: The Promise, God's Everlasting Covenant

10 The New Covenant

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • May 13, 2021
    8:21 PM
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Ah, cameron devane or mark howard, and this is talking points pastor howard, this week we are on quarter to less than 10, called the new covenant. And we were kind of talking beforehand that we are now on the 10th lesson of a 3rd lesson study. And were 5 about the covenant and were finally getting to the new covenant. Ok. Well, now I will say that we will learn in this lesson that we've been talking about, the new covenant a lot more real occasion and we will, but obviously the same thing like, you know, we've got this great study of all the different agreements. That gods may with people, but when you come to talking about the new covenants, this is all anybody want is like, I just want to know. But like the whole new covenant thing is a new covenant doing away with god's law. The whole thing, if you're non evidence like we're new covenant, we don't have to worry about samples anymore. If you're a 70 and like what do I tell by friend christians who are. So this is the study exactly what kind of like we were talking before had. Even inside of the 7th day adventist church, there's a little sometimes a lack of clarity about what is the old and new covenant like old seems like was old testament, old company. And when you have a new company, so even I would even think evangelical persuaded person and non evans could read through the study. That's really interesting stuff. But none of it counts. So you get to do the well back. I mean, the word testament and covenant are often interchange, so it will rebuild to be confused yet. All right, so we're going to try to clear up some stuff today. So we're going to good study. We're looking for to but what we're going to do, let's start with the word prayer, then kind of walk us through the talking points. Bless you. It was pray, heavenly father, thank you so much for the opportunity to study your word of all particular this theme of the covenant and the new company, the old covenant, and what you want from us. And lord, what we can find and you please bless us now as we open your word and bless the sabbath school classes that will also do the same, this coming sabbath that their, their experience will be rich and everyone we draw closer to jesus. We pray in jesus name. Amen. Hey ma'am. Okay, so as you've mentioned that the, the point this of this we study is why the need of a new covenant. Exactly. You know, and I said as we are reviewing this, I can understand why I need to redo things. Right. I didn't do it right the 1st time and I cover. So I got to redo thing. And so this is a little bit of what we can talk about. So the implication is to reduce things that there were something wrong with the old one. And it's god, covenant was lacking. So even if you thought it was dated like you there implications. It got a gym timeless. Right? Right. The then the bible outdated. You given to which some people think right now god can see the end from the beginning and end. Make sure everything is relevant and we're going to see that. All right, so let's break it. Ok. So there are 3 talking points we're going to, I've drawn out of this week, the less number one. The problem with the old covenant was not the law and will expand on that. But that's based on the fact that when you do talk about old, a new covenant, the common understanding seems to be that the problem with the old covenant was it was law based in New covenant grace base ok mentality. Ok. The problem with the old covenant, according to scripture was not the law that's drawn from sunday's lesson. Point number to god's promises may the old covenant, better say that the bible talks about in one of our lessons. Specifically quoting from the book of hebrews, better promises what made promises better. What made your covenant better? A better coverage, better promises god's promises. And then monday through wednesday. And I just gave away the whole lesson for talking point. And then number 3, the old covenant was not god's idea. Now that is going to take and there's a little overlap there from wednesday to Friday, but that, Yeah, that's going to bring it home right there. So well, we've got a certain amount of time here and there's a lot to cover. So let's just get right into number one. The problem with the old covenant was not the law, probably ne, 7 daven. So that's exactly right. Well let's find out from scripture. Why that's the case. So jeremiah 31. Why did you read for us here? My 83131234. And I need to say that this is the new covenant passage. You know the estimate, the bible. Exactly. The bible talks about the new covenant in number of places in different terminology to put the actually use the term new covenant like this is the place. And when the apostle in the book of hebrews talks about the new covenant, where does he quote from bam, right? Here ok, jeremiah 313-1234. Behold the days are coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of israel and with the house of judah. Not according to the covenant that I had made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt. My covenant which they broke though I was a husband to them, says the Lord. But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of israel after those days, as the Lord. I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts and I will be their god, and they shall be my people. No more shall be man, teachers, neighbor and every man his brother saying no, the law for they shall all know me from the least of them to the greatest of them says the Lord, for I will forgive their iniquity and their sin. I will remember no more. Okay, this is a powerful passage, 2 points in this passage, one of which we are not going to cover in this lesson. And that is both the old and new covenants are made with israel and judah, not the gentiles. Ok which you get it, is that a whole know the discussion which is what it is, but we may cover that topic in previous study. Right. We're always like yeah, yeah. Yeah, exactly. But the other thing is the look. Now when you read this in hebrews, the the modern day christian comes away with the idea that, Oh well, right my law it's gotta be something other than that. Anytime you rely on the new testament, a lot of you can't possibly be Yeah the oh love it, 10 commandment. But when you're in jeremiah, which is it reads the same way hebrews quotes from this. God says, I'm going to write my law, put it in their mind and write it in their hearts and Sundays lesson. Ask the question, question number 2 on Sunday says whose law is being talked about here. What law is this? Obviously, it's a 10 commitment law. We're going to see that in other places. In the point that we need to understand here is the old covenant had a foundation. We've already talked about this, we had what covenant law was 2 years ago. That the foundation of both covenants is a law. There's a, B and B as to what god's law. That's not the part that changed in the covenant. And so the problem with the covenant was not the law. What then was the problem? We need your book of hebrews and he didn't do it already reference as refining hebrews, but there was already a reference to it there into my 31 birth, 32. You know, it says speaking of the covenant that may quote my covenant which they broke. Right? And then hebrews goes on to clarify that very well again. In hebrew they were only the passes, only reiterating he's quoting verse. In fact, if you start in verse 6, it says when it, when you read 6 through 8 and I'll read 9 through through 12. Ok, hebrews 8 starting with 6. But now he that is christ has obtained a more excellent ministry and as much as he is also mediator of a better covenant which was established on better promises. For if that 1st covenant had been thoughtless, been no place would have been found. Been sought for a 2nd. Because finding fault with them, he says, behold the days are coming, says the Lord will make a new covenant with the house of israel in the house of judah. Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them out by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt. Because they did not continue in my covenant, and I disregarded them, says the Lord b, that's a good play. That gives us the point. We very clearly see, he's quoting from jeremiah where we just read almost word for word. And he says there wouldn't be a powerful introducing this passage before he quotes from jeremiah. He says, if the 1st covenant had been faultless, then no place would have been thought for a 2nd cousin. Now that makes it very tricky because it sounds like the god initiated, god set the god's law, god's people. I'm going to do that and that's like that. But that old thing was faulty. That's right. It's like, whoa implies that god, it doesn't. You know, out there like, well, well, I've been with all the gods fault, right. Right. But he clarifies doesn't in notice it doesn't say in verse 8 because finding fault with that all law. Exactly. He says finding fault with them. And again, numbers 9, they because because here's the reason they did not continue in my covenant, and I disregarded them, said lord, and again, back in jeremiah my covenant which they broke. So the fault, both in the old new testament explanation of this is with the people, not keeping, not that the thing in the mail see, that should make such perfect sense to any christian like did. Let's see. We got one or 2 options, either the god, his law has a problem with it or fallen. Humanity couldn't be phone. You probably definitely so very clear. The law pulses in romans chapter 7, the laws holy and just in good, no problem with the law. The problem was never with the law. The problem in the old covenant was with the people. Okay. And the essential part of the old covenant has not changed. Well, that the sabbath school quarterly on Sunday paragraph one explains, is very clear that it is clear. The new covenant is not so different in the old covenant may with israel. Funny. In fact, the problem with the sunny covenant was not that it was old or motive. The problem instead was that it was broken. So the issue was the breaking of the covenant, not the covenant itself. That's right. And what's interesting again, is the new covenant is addressing a problem in the old covenant. If the problem was the people you would expect the solution to the problem to address the people you and surely it does. You come in here and he said, verse 10. He was 84. This is the covenant that I'll make out with the house of israel. After those days. His lord, I will put my lord in their mind and write them on their hearts. So there was a problem with the people their, their ability to keep the love god that they're having on the heart in mind. And so god, in fact, we see that in deuteronomy 5 we could look it up. Are you looking at it? I am looking at it is very quick, one 1st verse 29. 0 lord says that they had such a heart in them that they would fear me and always keep all my commandments, that it might be well with them and their children forever. So that's in the context of the sign i covenant right before that the Lord says when the people said all the words spoken, we will do. He said they're right, only that were true. They're right. And what they said, the job is all that there was such a heart in them. So the problem was the heart of the people. And what is the new covenant address? Not the law, but the heart of the people, a man. So again, the problem number one with bill kevin was not the law, but it was the heart of the people to keep it's right because when you read the account of all the and if both of them contain law, all right, well then number 2, then god promises made the old covenant better. So this is stating what you know again in we read in hebrews chapter 8 and you just read this in verse 6. But now he capital age has obtained a more excellent ministry talking about christmas present ministry in as much as he is also a mediator of a better covenant. Speaking of the new covenant which was established on better promises. So the question here is, what did god promise to do under the new covenant? Well, the promise, of course, as we've just been reading, was to write the law on their hearts in mind, to actually internalize it. That's right. Peterson profits, page 372 says the terms of the old covenant were obey and live. If a man do, he shall live in them. That's exit of 2011 in leviticus 185. But cursed be he that can firm is not all the words of this law to do them did around me $27.00 and verse $26.00. So again, the terms of the o comment world, a live band die. Right? Sure. The new covenant was established upon better promises the promise of forgiveness, of sins and of the Grace of god to renew the heart and bring it into harmony with the principles of god's law. And Monday lesson speaks to that will text after text there from equal the Lord provide a heart to know that I am the Lord. Jeremiah 24. You will take the stony heart out of flesh and give them heart out of their flesh and give them heart of flesh, ezekiel 11, and it goes on field $36.00 again. Again, Yes. It's summer. Is this work of god? Is the foundation of the new covenant. Now, not the change of the law because I work on the heart and it's interesting these passage you bring up, they don't say new covenant, but they're about the new covenant men. And that's why I mentioned there are other passages jeremiah 31 says the new covenant. But there are plenty of passages the old testament about the new covenant in these passages where it talks about god change. The active agent is the change of the heart by the fear not to change the law to something we can keep. Right. Ok. So you're a little question here in the notes is what does it mean to have the law written in a heart? Well that's also that comes through Sunday and I believe it's question number 2, lesson. None of them thought question number 2. And I have sunday, but it's not sunday anyway. Let's. The question is a bit regardless of where it's found, wednesday's question ok. But anyway, I wrote it here in the outline outline. What does it mean to have the law written in our hearts? Great question. And it refers a few romans chapter 2, verses $14.15. Ok? roman up to versus 14. 15 read for when gentiles, who do not have the law by nature do the things in the law. These, although not having the law or a law to themselves who show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness and between themselves, their thoughts accusing or also, or else excusing them. So. So It is sunday's lesson what was throwing me is Sunday actually gives a bunch of questions. Number 1234, under the 1st read section. Yeah. And then that 2nd question is focus on the last part. It's that last sentence that says, what does it mean according to roman's right to have a lot in heart and you were saying, well there that phrase written in the heart is apply this time to people who don't even have the law that's read gentiles, but kind of explained how they do by nature just from an act. And yeah, because we understand that even if you don't have the written explanation of the law of god, there are, you know, god is given every man a measure of grace. So there's a trade that there's a conscience in every person and if you only light, right, you live up to it. But let's clarify that No human being does by nature the things contained in the law, right, right. We're in my flesh. Well, no good thing. So paul's point is if you see a gentile even who doesn't even, doesn't have knowledgeable all per se, doing is doing the thing of the work of god that work god written in the heart. Exactly. So even though every human law having or not is bent toward evil, if you see someone particularly someone who doesn't, haven't a written understanding of god's law. And he's out there obeying the little light that he has the conscience that you have. If it's right into the work of god in the life writing his law on the heart and according to this becomes a law to himself said, basically this is all he has an accountable to it and the Lord is working in his heart. So we are saved by grace just like them. And the question that was posed is, what does it mean to have a law written in a heart? And from this passage very clearly, it means to by nature, do the things contained in the law. You don't get it right away from doing that. They like new covenant. I'm going to come to a christian. So I don't worry about keeping law. That's not a fit like this is exact opposite. This is saying, if you have a law written in the heart, you by nature, do the things contained in the law, you're not going to get rid of the law and say in, that's what you're doing. We can't keep the law. Well, that's one thing that change in that mindset that you just talked about in the old testament, people couldn't keep the law in the new testament. We can't keep it. Well. What to do is get rid of law. No, I wrote it in a hard. So we can't keep it, but it gets foggy when, when the Lord seems to be saying the law the same. And I'm going to keep that the same. What I'm going to change you. That's right. And praise changes us and doesn't fix the problem that we still can't keep the law and really what's the point. Exactly, right. All right, and so that leads into number 3. Yeah, and this is going to take a little explaining again because that's kind of an odd statement. The old covenant was not god, but how can you say the government was not got that idea? When he's the one who we repeatedly affirmed, takes the initiative and he's the one who called them out. He's the one to deliberately, he's the one who gives them his law. If we go to exodus 19 and view, we've seen this throughout this, this quarter. The exit 19 is just prior to the giving of a lot sinai. Yes it is. And this is the experience of entering into the old covenant looks exodus 19 verse. He says then all the people answered together and said all that the Lord has spoken, we will do so moses brought back the words of the people to the Lord. Okay, now you go to chapter 20. Ok. And look at 18 bird to 21. And you see something similar verse 18 says, now all the people witnessed the thundering and lightning flashes the sound of the trumpet, the mountain smoking. And when the people saw they trembled and stood afar off. Then they said to moses, you speak with us? And we will hear, but let not god speak with us lest we die. And moses said that the people do not fear for god has come to test you that he, that his fear may be before you so that you may not sin. So the people stood far off that moses drew near the point here we can look at the passages, god wanted to enter into this agreement with his people. And I believe him, and we're going to look at some of the passages that guns intention, was to reiterate to them the covenant he had already made with adam and even even with abram in that the covenant of grace. But when he tried to present to his people, they said no, no, no, no, mother you, you just go and have you just have god, firms will do it and will do it. And the Lord knew that wasn't going to happen. But have you ever, as a parent tried to communicate something, your kids and they're just not you see that there are good ice? Well, I could tell stories and if you could as well. But I believe the Lord saw that they didn't understand something about their own inability and so they, they wouldn't come meet with the Lord moses. You go do it. He's too holy. But evidently they didn't think he was so holy that his requirements would be beyond their capabilities. Like we don't mean his presence will cease to this, but we can do everything. He says perfectly well to go back to this old and new covenant thing like yes, I think there's an implication that god had this grid promise to abraham. Them this great nation, and you're going to be a blessing, a beautiful especially. But then when he gets to the deliverance is out of Egypt and moses is there, he takes them out signing, right. And then he establishes this, this heavy burden, law riddled covenant. Right. And the people did their bad. We're going to try to do it. We can, but you know, they could new. And so in the new testament, god had to come along and say like, you know, I was a little harsh. So what I'm going to do is take the required law that I had put on them as a burden and I'm going to take that burden off of you. It's the new covenant. And there's this, I think this kind of idea floating around that god imposed this law heavy thing and then removed it in the new testament. The old testament, old covenant in the new testament, new come right. Well, one of our challenges is those terms old, a new covenant, because what I'm saying, what our quarterly has been telling us in essence, is that the Salvation covenant salvation by grace through faith has existed from the beginning, like as soon as man sinned. So why would god make a covenant of salvation by law? It sinai great. Then he knew wasn't gonna work. If you already have one that was going to work for plus even if abraham, remember, he was credited his righteousness just by believing the Lord. That's like, that's, that's the new covenant somehow back then. And then there's the new can. So it's like the law was imposed and then removed. It seems rather arbitrary or capricious or something, but that's not so great to understand is this. Okay. The covenant, the new covenant was 1st made with abraham. Well, not averse me with any way back in the garden, just to see where you're here. But the covenant, me with abraham was the new covenant, not the old covenant. And so they were, wait, a minute hasn't come up. So just following along and you see this in scripture, why don't you look at i'll read exodus that for 5 to 8 and then you look at matthew 262722. An exit is 24 after the terms of the cabinet giving you the law and everything else. The bible says acted as 24 hours 5. Then he said young men of the children of israel who offered burnt offerings and sacrificed peace offerings of oxen to the Lord. In moses, took half the blood of these offerings and put it in basins and half the blood he sprinkled on the altar. Then he took the book of the covenant and read in the hearing of the people and they said all that the Lord has said we will do and be obedient like that. Little extra part of it. And moses took the blood, sprinkled it on the people and said, this is the blood of the covenant which the Lord has made with you according to all these words. Okay, go here. Yeah. That, Yes. So why don't you go ahead and read matthew 262728. Speaking of jesus, then he took the cup and gave thanks and gave it to them saying, drink from it. All of you for this is my blood of the new covenant which is shed for many, for the remission of sins. And obviously it wasn't the, the juice, the wine there. It was christ's bloodshed on the cross. So here we have the old covenant. How is it ratified with blood confirmed with the blood of animals? Yes. How's the new covenant ratified blood of christ with the blood of christ, which came 1st, the animals died before christ died. So the covenants weren't ratified full in the order they were given. Okay, so it says in the book, patriarchs and prophets, page 370 want to point out this so that the abrahamic covenant was ratified by the blood of christ. And it is called the 2nd or new covenant. Because the blood, by which it will sealed, was shed after the blood of the 1st covenant. And she's calling the old covenant here the 1st covenant, in terms of ratification. It was a see, it wasn't finalized. And this is a very point. The apostle paul makes english 3 if you want to read that for us in verse 15 to 17. Sure. The parts of paul says Brother and I speak in the manner of men. Though it is only a man's covenant, yet it is confirmed. No one knows or add to it. Now to abraham and his seed with a promise, his mate, he does not say and to see as many but as a one and to your seed, who is christ? And this, I say that the law, which is which was 430 years later now he's talking about sinai right here. Ok. The law, the son law, the 10 commandments. That the law, which was 430 years later, cannot know the covenant that was confirmed before by god and christ that it should be. It should make the promise of no effect. Now follow a lot. This is so powerful. The please make you to abraham and he's talking to the he really say listen to abraham and his seed were the promises made the covenant, the faith covenant was made with abraham. Ok. And he says the, the law he's talking about sinai's covenant cannot know the covenant made to abraham. So his whole point is, the covenant made a sign. I was never intended to change supercede or so what, what was done with abraham lincoln. And in his whole point, he is just what we're reading scripture here. The abrahamic covenant came 1st is just that it was not ratified until after the old covenant, because the company was ratified with the blood of animals. In moses de, the new covenant, the, the abrahamic covenant was ratified by the blood of christ. On katherine, i'm reading this landscape correctly. The new covenant just simply means it's the original covenant established by god, the ideal covenant it was started way back with adam and abraham. And it was ratified in christ, where the old covenant would be the sign. I covenant with the law that was given, articulated. So there wasn't a lot or but the people responded said yes, we'll do it. And the called all the new based on when they were confirmed with blood. Ok. And if we were to read on here the apostle paul makes a point that there is there is no such thing as a testament without the death of the testator. In other words, you have to have that death to confirm the, the covenant, the blood of animals with your covenant. And it was the blood of christ with the new covenant. And so again, paul confirms that right here. And so again, this begs the question, here's the whole thing. And this is what we're coming down to. Why then, if you had the abrahamic covenant, if it was a good covenant, the covenant of faith and grace and mercy to abraham. Why did god make a covenant with israel on sinai that he knew they were failing? So again, you're saying that god gave them a covenant at sinai with his law. And their response is we're going to do it repeatedly, the firms that right, that god knew that what he was giving them was something that without a change of heart they could do a lot of people say like, well, we can't keep the law and the others truth and that Yeah, we cannot without the converting power of the holy spirit, the faith in christ be law keepers. But the idea of them obeying apart from christ was never god's ideal is that that's the expectation here. Right? Absolutely. So the, the I got new, the Salvation was ever only you christ, you come to the testament x for 12 says there is only one name given under heaven among men. White bear, whereby we must be saved in the name of jesus christ. There are people today who believe in dispensationalism that says well, the jews are saved by law to different moment. Nobody is ever going to be said the law keeping man cannot keep the law of god except by the Grace of god through jesus christ in the blood of jesus christ. And so that was always god's intention. Yes. In the end, what happened at sinai is when he tried to share that with the people, they didn't get it, they didn't understand. And I say, beg, but let's be clear what we've done with the covenants as we made them. Dispensational, old covenant lasted from this date to this date. And a new covenant began here and it, and jesus came and he died in the cross and a new covenant. Know their experiences. And when he came to his people in israel at sinai, they thought they were able to establish their own righteousness. And there are people to day of the same mindset. And so they're living an old covenant experience because they think they can establish their own righteousness and they may not consider the righteousness, the 10 commandments. They may just say, hey, I go down to the soup kitchen and I help my name person, i'm a good person. No, you're not there in my life. Well, no good. Part of all. Right? All goodness is from god in him is every good thing. And so everything I love that concept before you read that next quote that the, the issue with old and new is not chronology, but it's experience. It's not like there isn't baldwin from this point to this point. That's right. Basically you could buy into an admin, his version of dispensationalism. Absolutely. There's an obedient there and there's a grace here is all there. And there's a new here when the reality, it's been one covenant ideal. All along god has been trying to get through to his people, the new, the old covenant sign i was a hiccup in the plan, much like circumcision, which you've already seen. It was not god's ideal. But what do you do? And the people come to, you're like, yeah, we got it covered. And the lords like, okay, I'm going to let him, i'm going to let him, let him try and notice his powerful state from. And I just have to say peter should profit 371. The chapter in patriarchs and prophets called the law, the covenant. Read it. Good, read. Bam. It just clears this whole thing up. And it brings out this scripture study that we're looking at. But from that chapter 371, it says this, and I have paragraph for there. This actually is, is from several are correct That in our notes, because this comes from several paragraphs just but you recommend the chapter, the holy. Absolutely. In want to read that in there, but people had to a great extent lost the knowledge of god and of the principles of the abraham covenant that people did not realize the sinfulness of their own hearts. And that without christ, it was impossible for them to keep god's law. And they readily entered into the covenant were gone. Feeling that they were able to establish their own righteousness, they declared all that the Lord had said we will do and be obedient. Had only a few weeks pass before they broke their covenant with god, and bow down to worship a graven image to golden cast. That's exactly right. They could not hope for the favor of god through a covenant which they had broken. And now seeing their sinfulness and their need of pardon, they were brought to feel their needed. The savior revealed and the abrahamic covenant and shattered forth in the sacrificial offerings. Now by faith and love, they were bound to God as their deliver from the bondage of sin. Now they were prepared to appreciate the blessings of the new covenant. So that the powerful thought there is even even in this paragraph bring brings out even at sun. I the Lord given the sacrificial system, wasn't chrysler's, he had intention to teach them their own need of christ and in the deliver through the Animal sacrifices you know, for shattering christ. But the people didn't get it. And so the Lord, yeah, oh lord said we will do and be obedient. And so the Lord knew he had to let them try it. He knew they were going to fail and he knew they had to fail before they would realize their need of christ. And we could talk about that in our own experiences that brings people to christ and preaching a repentance and things like that. And then you realize I need a savior. And through that breaking of a covenant with a golden calf. Now they're brought within 40 days to the realization that that covenant isn't going to work for us. That would be a pulse of power repeatedly affirm about the law for by law is a knowledge of snow like grown this. Had it not been for the last, we praises a lot of the tool for salvation, but as a driving need to christ, the tooth, right price. So Got you all. Covenant was not godaddy. God never thought him gonna make covenant. Some people going to be safe without christ, nobody, nobody can be saved without christ. It is just that some people think they can't mercy and the Lord has to take us through experiences to help us to see the need of christ. When we do then we can embrace by faith that abraham at come oh, that's a fantastic study. Now, I don't know if we want to hit the summary. There are time wise, but just referred to the 2nd paragraph on Friday. It really kind of wraps up very nicely from god. Amazing grace, a great passage. But there is plenty of phenomenal scripture and spirit from the study for this week. So god bless you guys with your sabbath, who classes and let's close with the word of prayer. Heavily, father, thank you so much for the everlasting covenant. Thank you for your law. But most importantly, thank you for christ. Who enables us to not only have pardon but also power to keep that law. And you can make us into the people you want to be. Lord, please forgive us when we liked the h. Israelites, just glibly, almost, or humanly. Enter into a covenant with you. You know we're talking about lord, thank you for your mercy for us. Thank you for showing us tenderly where we need to improve and what we really are in our need for christ. Help us to see jesus more clearly and live like in more boldly for praying jesus ah.


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