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Jesus’ Encounter with Martha and Mary

Benjamin Ng
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  • April 4, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven, thank you so much. Thank you for seeing us safely through another week. Thank you lord for grace and mercy, which is new every morning. And father, as we come to you this evening as we study your word. Once again, we ask for a blessing. We ask for your holy spirit to please guide us. We ask that you would please speak to us. Oh lord, grace us with a presence is our earnest plea in prayer for pray in jesus name a man. While our encounter for this evening is jesus encounter with Martha and mary, and it's a short story, but there's much that we can learn from this story. So let's get straight into it's Shelly. We're starting in luke chapter 10 and verse 38. The bible says this. Now it came to pass as they went, that he entered into a certain village and a certain woman named martha received him into her house. Now this was martha's house, not to say that she owned it. You know, she had 2 siblings lazarus and mary, in, in John chapter 11 versus one and 2. This is what we read. Now, a certain man was sick named lazarus of bethany, the town of martha and her sister, mary. It was that mary which anointed the Lord with ointments and whites his feet with her hair whose brother, lazarus, was sick. So these were the siblings lazarus. And then there was also mary, and there was also martha. But yet it says back there in luke chapter 10 in verse 38, the jesus was received into martha's house. This was her house. You know, any time that people came to this place, it was known as martha's place. As I said, not that she owned it, but she was probably the most motherly figure of all of them. She was one that was always hospitable. She initiated things, she probably cook for the people and took care of all of them. She represents all the busy for the Lord did do as probably lead us to some extent. She has the gift of hospitality. She is the one that invites jesus to her house and she is the 1st of even the 2 sisters just to show you initiative. She has, she's the 1st of the 2 sisters when lazarus is sick or even has passed away, that she comes and speaks to jesus. Look at this in John chapter 11 and verse 20. Then martha, as soon as she had heard that jesus was coming, went and met him. But mary sat still in the house. So if you wanted anything done, if you wanted to move forward, you call a person like martha. She will get things done. She's a do a, she makes things happen. And so there is more of that invites jesus into the house and she is taking care of everybody. And who is Mary? Who is Mary, the sister that we know about? You know, she's probably the youngest sister, and that's why martha has more of a motherly figure. She's more of the laid back one. It seems. And look what we read about her in John chapter 11 verse 2. It was that mary which anointed the Lord with ointments and wiped his feet with her hair. Who is brother? lazarus was sick. You see martha, proud upon me, mary. She's the one that wiped jesus feet with her hair, the one that got the expensive perfume. And she ended up being reprimanded by some of the disciples, but jesus defended her. She is the one that was showing great appreciation for jesus. And she really had great love for him. Why. What else do we know about mary? And what we're looking at, mary, and martha both, but there's not much that is said about masa. But there is much that said about mary. Actually john 1925. Now there stood by the cross of jesus, his mother and his mother, sister married the wife of cleopas and mary magdalen. Mary magdalen is the one that is known as the sister of martha. She is one of the few people that is standing at the cross of jesus, where he is crucified. All the other disciples, except john had fled. But she was there along with the mother of jesus and also another mary. This mary had great love for jesus. Why is it, how, what else do we know about this, mary? Well, let's also go to John chapter 20 and verse one. The 1st day of the week coming mary magdalen, early when it was yet dark under the simple cur and seized the stone taken away from the separator. So this mary, she is the 1st to see jesus when he is resurrected. She there early at the tomb on the sunday morning and that's why she's the 1st to meet jesus. She has great love for christ. Not only was she there 1st on the resurrection morning, she was there when jesus was crucified, she was the one that wiped jesus feet with her own hair and this expensive perfume. Why? What do we know about this, mary? Her love was evidence. And why? Because she is notoriously known as the woman who was caught in adultery in the very act. And we studied that back in John chapter 8. And you know, you remember that jesus was merciful to her. Remember that. And he told her that he didn't condemn her either and told her to go and sin no more. So from that experience, her love for jesus began to grow. And now jesus is invited into the house of martha and of course of Mary and lazarus. Okay. And so all these siblings, they love jesus very much mother as well. We're not to say that she hated him, but she probably did not love jesus as much as mary did. What was married doing in this case, we read enjoy a look. Pardon me? We're back to luke luke chapter 10 and verse 39. And she had a sister called mary, which also sat at jesus feet and heard his word. What was mary doing? She was sitting at the feet of jesus listening to his word, listening to his teaching, listening to his preaching. She wanted to grow in faith and in love with the messiah. And it was at the feet of jesus that she 1st experienced forgiveness in John chapter 8 when she was dragged through the streets by the pharisees and caught in the very act of adultery and thrown at the feet of jesus expecting to be condemned. It was there that jesus forgave her sin. It was there that she left and condemned with new hope that she could have a chance to change her future. And even her present situation when jesus told her to go and sin no more. And that's why when jesus came into the house of mother and mary, she was so excited to sit at his feet because it was at his feet that she found forgiveness. It was at his feet that she found mercy. It was precious to her to sit at the feet of jesus. She counted it a privilege and a blessing. And you know, how many of us actually have that experience today? What does sitting at the feet of jesus represent for us to day in our time? Well friends, the application is very simple. It's listening to his word. It's spending time with god in his word with him getting to know him. It's our daily devotions, reading the bible on a daily basis. This is what it means to sit at the feet of jesus listening to sermons, reading different books from different christian authors about jesus christ, which up lifts his word and makes us more faithful to him. It is about having a deeper devotion and commitment to jesus christ. That's what it means to sit at the feet of jesus to day. And you see, mary, she counted it a privilege, a joy of blessing. And you know, one thing that stands out is the reason why she did this. It was, it was out of her love for her savior. She didn't considered a duty. Oh, Jesus is at my house now. Now I gotta go out and entertain everybody. I better go sit at the feet of jesus. Oh no friends. She was enjoying her time there. She was so happy to be sitting there at the feet of jesus. She was not doing this because she was part of the host. No, she wasn't sitting there because it of a custom. In fact, it was quite opposite in terms of custom. She should not have been sitting there at the feet of jesus. She was meant to be doing the house duties. She was meant to be helping her sister to cook and clean and to make everybody feel welcome. But she had appreciated all that jesus had done for her. And so when she sat at the feet of jesus, it was a joy. It was a blessing. It was a privilege, it was precious to her because jesus had forgiven her. He had saved her from the wrath of the religious leaders. He had stood up for her when everyone else was ready to give up on her and condemned her to death. She had seen the need and the blessing of jesus in her life. Friends, have you seen the need of christ in your life? Have you seen his mercy and his tender care and his love towards you? Have you experienced this forgiving touch? Not just once, not just twice, but many times when we run back to sin, he's just there ready to forgive you over and over again. Have you seen his pitiful look ready to help you in time of need spending time with christ? What I'm trying to say is this, sitting at the feet of jesus every day. It will only have meaning to us. If christ is personal to each and every one of us. You know, it doesn't mean that it is personal to you just because you grew up in a christian home. It doesn't make it personal. Just because you went to church every week. It isn't personal, just because you've done all the forms and the duties. No friends, christ must be personal to you in how he's touched your own life. Not just reading stories about other people and their faith. Not just reading the bible and seeing those testimony than those stories about how god made the son stand still or how he opened the red sea for moses. Know how is god personal to you? How is he a living god to you? What has god done for you? And you see friends, this is why sharing praises is so important and personal to each and every one of you. And even to me, you know, I shed about that the testimony before we started this evening about my praise, about how god he was with us. When, when my son samuel went into operation yesterday, he had to be put to sleep. You know, friends, i've had about 3 or 4 operations where i've had to be put asleep every single time. And I know the feeling of what it goes through and, and you know, I believe it was my, my, my grandma on my mother's side who went for an operation on an old age. And she never woke up from it. And you know, so it's the sort of praises and blessings that I share. And I mean are from the bottom my heart because I know what it means to me about how when, when I saw my son come back, he was wheeled back into the room and he was just lying there asleep. I was just praying. God, please. I pray that he wake up, you know, I could see him breathing and I was thankful when he finally opened his eyes and was awake again. How is god personal to you? What has god done for you? Do you experience his mercy? Do you experience his goodness? Do you experience his love for every single one of you? And when we do that, when, when we see how god is personal to us, then then the time that we have when we sit at the feet of jesus becomes more precious. It becomes a greater blessing. It becomes a privilege because we know that we cannot live without christ. We know what he means to us, and then personal devotion is no longer a duty that I must do every day. And we almost make it as if, if you don't do it, you're not going to be saved as if its works to heaven. We consider it a christian duty, a con christian discipline. We use those sorts of words that don't evoke any sort of love and joy for our savior. And when we look at, at harry sitting at the feet of jesus, we don't understand many of us. We can't go out to play, wait to go out and play. We can't wait to go off and do our own personal things. Many times jesus is just in our way of our work or our studies, our social time, of a good time. You know, friends, in psalms so much it tells us to call out to God, to praise him. How could david have so many praises to praise god with it because god was so personal to him in every experience of his life. Even when he was running from for his life from king soul, he could praise god, even when his son absolutely was trying to hunt him and to kill him, he could still praise god. When for god forgave him of his sin against bathsheba, you ryah's wife. He turned around and praise god, because god was so merciful to him. God was still real to him, god was personal to him. And so merry she was feeling blessed. She was counting it a privilege to sit at the feet of jesus and to learn from him from all his teachings. However, not all was good in the household of Mary and martha. Let's continue, shall we. Luke chapter 10, and now we're reading verse 40. But martha was covered about much serving and came to him and said, lord, dost thou not care that my sister had left me to serve alone? bid her therefore, that she helped me. You see martha was busy with all the preparations and for all the duties and work in receiving so many people into the house. Jesus was not some private of the sort of person that had no one knew about him. No, he was a famous man. Wherever he went, people were following him and drove and so certainly the house of martha and mary and lazarus must have been full. And she was busy taking care of all the guests needs feeding them, washing their feet, making sure they were comfortable. And in the midst of all the business, what happened? She got flustered and she got annoyed and she took it out on jesus. She brought jesus into this whole problem and the problem was her sister, mary was not helping her. She was not doing what a woman should have been doing in those days. She felt like she was all alone, while her sister was having a jolly good time. And that was probably what made it worse. You see, she was running around there while her sister was just sitting there, seemingly doing nothing. But she forgot that was probably her own idea of having jesus come to her home and, and to provide for all the people you know, friends. It's possible to serve christ be involved in the blessing of serving others and yet still feel like it's a burden of feeling upset by the burden of it all. And this was the case of martha. Not only that, but look at what she said to jesus. She said, jesus, don't you care that my sister has left me all alone to serve everybody. Don't you care? Where have we heard those words before jesus? Don't you care? dear? Remember, when the disciples were under the bolt in the middle of a storm and jesus was fast asleep in the boat with them. And the boat was now full of water and they were beginning to sink. They finally cried out to jesus, jesus, don't you care that was sinking? Don't you care that we're going to perish. What an absurd question. Because of course, jesus cared. He did care and he did care about what martha was going through. Of course, the situation on the boat in the storm was a more serious situation, but of course, jesus cared. And in saying that what was happening, moto was blaming jesus for the situation. And it's so easy to blame god or feel flustered, isn't it? When things don't go away or we get too busy, all of a sudden it's god's fault and he's meant to help us. God always seems to get caught in between. The innocent party is now the problem. And it's interesting because you see jesus teaching here. And martha, she interrupts the whole situation. Jesus, don't you care that my sister has left me to serve all alone? She tell her to get up and come and help me. And the whole situation stopped, and probably everyone's wandering was uncomfortable family situation. But of course, jesus is going to to turn it into a teaching moment, but you see friends, it is possible to serve god it is possible to serve god until you start getting upset that no one else is helping you. And yet they're all just sitting there sitting at the feet of jesus as if they aren't doing anything. Friends, it's possible to come totally like a martha. Well, we get all blitzer in serving god that we end up leaving the church or we end up stepping down from a position of influence where we could have been a great a blessing. But because it seemed like no one else was helping us. We get upset and angry and we're going to look at the reason as to why martha got this way and how it's possible for us to end up that way as well. But you see friends, what happens? We start thinking that jesus doesn't care and we burn out and we leave god all together. It's a dangerous situation to be in france. It's possible that many of us are massive to day. And we're not learning to be like Mary. How does jesus respond? Look at it, luke chapter 10 versus 41 in 42. And jesus answered and said unto her, martha, martha, thou, art, careful and troubled about many things. But one thing is needful, and mary has chosen that good part which shall not be taken away from her. How does jesus respond? What does he say? Because what he says here helps us the understand a bit more about martha. And what sort of person she is, remember, she's a doula, but yet she gets upset when other people aren't working like how she's working. And also jesus said that she was careful and troubled about many things. She was worrying too much overburdening herself with worry. What she was upset about jesus is trying to imply is that it's a small thing. Nothing much to get upset over. Remember she was upset because what her sister was not helping her and it made it worse. That not only was she was not helping her, it's not like she was busy doing something else. But she was just sitting there listening to jesus words sitting at the feet of jesus. You know, friends, i can relate to that. I'm like that in character as well. I'm a jeweler. I like to get things done. I like to be busy about the lord's work in some sense. I'm more like a master and I can relate to the fact of how she would get upset with a sister, any of you like that. And if you can relate to that, and when you're busy and you see people sitting there, all you just get even more angry. I can, I can relate to that, feel the blood boiling and coming up in my hot and you know, you like to serve you like to do things you like to work with your hands. And also you get upset when people don't have the sense even to lend a helping hand when they see how busy you are running here and there, it just makes matters worse. And unlike that many times, france and jesus has a message for these sorts of people this evening. Jesus saying what? You're getting upset over something so small don't let it get to the point where you end up getting upset that you will let go your hold on christ, that you will blame him, or that you get even more angry about those people who are actually studying the bible who are spending time with god because it really is something so small, isn't it? But jesus doesn't just stop there. He doesn't stop there. He also says something else. You're told about many things. But then in verse 2 he says, what one thing is needful. And mary has chosen that good ponce, which will not be taken away from her. And what was that good part that mary had chosen? She had chosen to sit at the feet of jesus and learn from him. Mary had chosen the good pot or better than what master had chosen to do. Not that it was wrong, but you see jesus ends up defending mary. Because why she had chosen the good pot, the better part, which would not be taken away from her to sit at the feet of jesus to know jesus to learn from jesus and to grow in love for jesus. Every day. We need to know christ, small friends before we can serve him. It is important to spend time more with jesus learning at his feet than to serve god. Do you know that it's more important to sit at the feet of jesus than to actually serve jesus or to do his works? In a sense. There are many christians out there that are used to doing a certain thing because that's what christians do. And some they get afraid of being baptized because they don't want to be called to do more. But it's not even that friends. The most important part of the christian life is not going to church and doing the good works at church. Now look, I'm going to bring a balance into all of this is not all the pos is telling me, I don't need to go to church anymore. No friends. But the good part, the more important part, the better part than all of this is learning to sit at the feet of jesus every day. That is more important than actually going to church. Why? Because you sit and feet of jesus and you learn from it and grow in love with him. You will go to church and do even more. You will learn to sacrifice. You'll be there 1st on resurrection morning. You'll be there last at the cross of jesus. You will be there, giving him your very best, wiping him his feet with your hair and pour in this expensive 12 him that's worth one years worth of salary. Upon his head and upon his feet. That service will come around eventually, but friends, it is even more important to sit at the feet of jesus and have this foundation to build upon than doing any other good work that you can imagine for a christian. Why? Because if you don't have that foundation, you can eventually get bitter in the midst of doing all this work. Mary could have been standing at the cross and go, where are all of his disciples? Who are those useless men that walked with him for 3 and a half years? Only one left. She could have started pointing fingers. She could have started blaming. She could have gotten angry and bitter. Where is everyone else? But when you have the foundation and the love of god burning in your hearts, when you have this devotion to christ, when you have this relationship that cannot be shaken by anything, it doesn't matter what man woman will do to you. You will have fruit, you will bear fruit to the glory of god. Eventually, you know, friends in the last days, there are people that, that have all these works. I want to show you. I want to show you matthew chapter 7 versus 22 and 23. Look at this. Many will say to me in that day, lord, lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? There is a work. And in the name cast out devils, there's another work. And in the name on many wonderful works. But what is jesus say? Then will I profess to them? I never knew you, depart from me, ye that work iniquity. There will be many people at the end of time who will say, god, we did all these wonderful works for you. But he turns around and says what? I don't know who you are. I never knew you how dreadful to hear such words. At the end of time. But why does jesus say that to them? What is the dividing line? Well, it's found earlier in verse $21.00. Matthew 721. The bible says not every one that saith unto me, lord lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. But he that do the will of my father, which is in heaven. You see, friends, you must 1st do the will of the father in heaven before your works mean anything? Well, what is the will of the father? Well, let's go to 1st the loans chapter form the 3 for this is the will of god. Even your sanctification, and how we sanctified friends, john, 1717. Sanctify them through thy truth. Vi word is truth. The group of people at the end of time who say that they did all these wonderful works and turned around and God, I don't know who you are. They didn't do the will of the father. You see friends, it's possible to get caught up with the works of the church, the works of the christian, and yet not know the reason as to why you're doing this except everyone else around you. Does this all when you get that time, you're going to get talk, you know, lisa, my churches, they're going to put you to preach. They're gonna put you to teach. You're going to get involved in the work. And it seems like it's possible that we can go down this road and not know the reason why we do it. And the reason is found when you learn to sit at the feet of jesus, it's because of your love for him. But the people at the time that preach that that, that heal and cast out demons do many wonderful works. What do they do? It may be for a selfish purpose for alteri a motive because they liked somebody and they wanted to chase them to show them how good a person they were because of a community service event that they had to fulfill. That's why they went and fed the homeless because of many reasons, friends. But unless it is driven by our love for god, it will always come infinitely short. Mary, sitting at the feet of jesus, had chosen the good part that would not be taken away from her and friends. We have to understand what that good part is for us as well. It is not going to church no. Yes, you heard that right from the pastor. It is not about just simply going to church because that doesn't bring you an inch or a millimeter closer to heaven. It is when jesus carries us. When we rest our whole weight on him. When we learn to trust him, because we spend time with him that we're willing to put a whole life into his hands. Not to say that works don't matter. They do friends. James chapter one verse $22.00 says but be do is of the word and not here is only deceiving your own selves is not that we, we, we, we learn to sit at the feet of jesus at the expense of doing any works, no france, but we have to make sure we have the right motivation. The right love. That even for me, I don't recall the summons because I'm a pastor and it's my duty to provide for my church and that's it. To make sure that people are fed. No. But it's my great love for jesus that I do this because he has a great love for the people as well. Friends, what is it that motivates you to do what you do? What is it that drives you to live the life of a christian? And it's not because you surrounded by this, all your friends all in school awoke just happened to be this know, friends, eventually it's got a shift from that or whatever motive that has revenue to you'll love for christ itself. What love is it that drives you to do this? What is it that inspires you to once to do this france? What is it that pushes you forward in all the good works? The foundation must be deep and wide. This love for christ. Many people we have the wrong conception as to why we do what we do is not of any one person, but it's a love for jesus christ, which drives us. And so friends, i hope and pray that you know this evening. Many of us we fallen the math or category we just do do do, do, do friends. We got to grown the truth as well. You got to learn to walk with jesus. You gotta learn to spend time with him, make him your constant companion and friend. We're going to learn to be consistent in our devotion to him, in spending time with his in his word and Learning to pray on anees friends. Many of us we need to have a deeper walk with jesus this evening. But yet there are still others who spend a lot of time in the work, but they've not felt the burden for souls. They have nothing, not felt the desire to serve god in any which way I'm telling you friends. We need to have martha and mary blend together. We must have works. We must not just be here as of the word only, but also do as, as well. We must put our faith into action as well. And maybe some of you are just waiting for this and feeling the calm but friends. Sometimes it requires ernest effort to just move forward and just show how much you love jesus. The motivation does not change, but friends does require a push some times. And so friends this evening, I hope that we will learn to be like Mary 1st. And martha 2nd. Both are equally important. Both we must learn to aspire to be like. But let us make sure we lay the foundation deep and broad to day that we stand upon the platform of love for jesus christ, our savior. And that my friends is a work of a lifetime. When you get married to your spouse, you will never reach the end. Is a constant growing in love for each other. And so it is with our walk with jesus. Let us learn, learn to be sanctify by the truth, each and every day. May god bless each and every one of you. Let's bow our heads for what oppression we. Father in heaven. Lord, thank you for reminding us this evening about the importance of being a mary, but also be a martyr as well. Helpless oh lord. To show our faith through our works, but I pray that you'd help us to grow and face this evening. I pray that you help us deepen our faith. I pray law that you'd help us to fall in love with jesus. Once more that you'd help us law to make earnest effort to spend time in reading your word to getting to know the god of the universe. Oh lord, please be with my brothers and sisters here. Help us to draw closer and still closer to the oh father. Bless us, lead and guidance, and help us to grow in love. And even in works for the for the pray in jesus' name aim. This media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. 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