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Jesus’ Encounter with the Man Born Blind

Benjamin Ng
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  • April 9, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Father and heaven. Thank you so much for this past week that you watched over us. Thank you lord, for this time that we have to come and study your word together. I pray oh father, that you would please send us your holy spirit, lead and guide us. Oh lord, into all truth, speak to our hearts with by word this evening we pray in jesus. Then we pray and ask a man. While our study for this evening isn't titled jesus as encounter with a man born blind. And what's very interesting is that there is another, another party that comes into the story and you'll see very clearly as we go along, our 1st text is found in John chapter 9, starting in verses one and 2. And as jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from birth, and his disciples asked him, say, master, who did sin this man or his parents that he was born blind. So they come across this person that's born blind and, and the disciples, ignorantly, in some sense off jesus, this question who sinned was this man or was it his parents? That's the reason why he was born blind from this question. We can see how the people in general viewed suffering back then and even to a great extent. We view it even in our day and age as well. We view it as a punishment from god as if we've done something wrong and God is punishing us. This person must have done something bad in order for something so terrible to happen to them. And in this case, it was being born blind. This man was born blind from his birth and we see this sort of twisted thinking, even in the old testament, which obviously carried on into the new in the book of job d, around the job, he was the richest one of the richest men enough. And he had 10 sons and daughters as well. And in one day he lost all his fortune. He lost all his children, and his friends came and asked him job. What did you do wrong? You must have done something wrong because god doesn't treat righteous people. This way only sin is all we thought you will or righteous person job. You must have done something wrong. And so even old testament, we see that the people thought this way. Blessings, god is with you. Your rich god is with you. While something bad happens, like losing your money or losing all your children one day, you must have been some really wicked person for this to happen. This sort of twisted thinking existed even in the times of jesus. So they were asking him, jesus, who sinned, was it this man himself or was it his parents? How does jesus reply? Jesus answered, neither had this man sinned nor his parents, but that the works of god should be made manifest in him. You see friends, it isn't always about whether that person did anything wrong or not. Sometimes they didn't nothing at all when innocent party job sure was. But it's just because satan had a problem with them because he was righteous. And satan's claim against them was what? You see the reason why job follows you. God is because you bless him. Let me take away all his blessings. Let's see if you'll still be faithful to you. Friends is not always personal, sin or apparent sin that cause disease or, or these calamities. I guess the fall upon us, but yeah, sometimes it is sim but sometimes is just nature and the devil working, but god says look, it's also that the glory of god would be made. The works of god should be made manifest in him. Let's continue in verse 6 and 7 of john chapter 9. And when he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground and made clay of the spittle and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay and said to him, go wash in the pool of saloon, which is by interpretation. Since he went his way therefore, and washed and came seeing. So it's interesting how come jesus just he didn't just speak a word and or touched the guy and says, you healed? Why didn't he just speak as he had done in other times. And the people that bo bay, like, like the one who is cripple, he just obeyed the word of god and he was healed. Why is it that he went to all this trouble to put clay on his eyes? And this is now now go watch. I mean, this man was blind of all people. You should have off this one to just be healed by your word, right. Why did jesus have to speak? I mean, obviously it worked. But why is it that you seem to take a different routes while look, it's not that there is any healing power in the clay itself or the water which we with, which he used to watch his eyes. The healing power was dependent upon the word of god alone. And the interesting lesson that we learn from this is not so simply just why did he do that? But how far that blind man was willing to go to obey as well. You see friends, the word of god heals that has power. But it requires cooperation. Now did that blind man take any credit for saying, oh I washed in the pool and that water has healing power in it all that cleaner? You just take some of this clay in a look. Look, natural remedies are important. Do you know, have you heard of hydrotherapy water treatment? You know, sometimes we just so used to the day and age we live in where we pop in drugs, right? But not, not remedies and hydrotherapy and all these different things. They have healing properties to it. But it's not even that in and of itself that, that has the power to make a blind man to be able to see. It was dependent upon the faith of the blind man and his willingness to follow the instruction of jesus all the way. When that blind man was healed, he didn't go look at me. Look how good I am. Jesus healed me. Yeah. But, you know, I did some of that a wash my eyes with water. That's why you know, that was me. No, he didn't take any credit for his healing was dependent upon jesus what and him following his word. You see friends, there's parts for us to play in our own healing, in our own salvation. Yes, we got to believe, but how much are we willing to follow the instruction? Every step of the way? We have such a story in the old testament as well name and he was a captain of the syrian army and he had, he had what leprosy and aliesha told him, go wash in the river jordan 7 times and you'll be healed. And he didn't believe it. Not it was he willing to do it, but when he did it finally, he was a whole but even go, okay. It was me, it was me know, his healing was dependent upon what the word of god. And so really for, for us when it comes to salvation as well, our belief must take hold of the word of god. And salvation comes to us depending on how much we believe and how much we're willing to act out on it. The fact that we can actually do it doesn't mean that we have any strength or power of our own, the sufficiency and efficiency and power is all found in the word of god alone. And so jesus wanted to, I guess in a sense we could say test this man to see how far he would be willing to follow the word of god and trust jesus at his word. How far are you willing to trust the word of god and take god at his word this evening as well? Are you willing to follow him every step of the way? Even though sometimes it might not make sense? How is clay and water going to make me help me to see god, it doesn't make sense. You know. No, no one's ever done like this before. I've never heard of such a remedy. I never heard anyone heal anybody in such a way. Never mind a blind man. He could have reasoned out so many ways. But he believed, and he acted upon the word of god. Now, this man is healed and you know he, he goes home and he is so happy. Finally, he's able to see his parents face to face for the 1st time. What happens along the way, or at least at least when he gets there, starting in verse 8 of john chapter 9. The neighbors therefore, and they, which before had seen him that he was blind said, is not this he, that sat and begged. Some said this is he. Others said he is like him, but he said, I am he therefore said they unto him, how were vine eyes opened and he answered and said, a man that is called jesus, mate clay, and anointed mine eyes and said to me, go to the pool of salon and wash and I went and washed and I received my sites then said then to him, where is he? And he said, I know not. So this man, he goes back to his home town and people are surprised. Is this the one that was blind? And they're all discussing amongst themselves and he walks in says I was, I was the one that was blind, i am he on the line? Well, how are you able to see? They were shocked and it was by this man jesus. And now the questioning, where is he, where is he and they don't know where, where, where he went and they don't know what to do. So what happened? Let's continue reading. Verse 13 to 16. They brought to the pharisees, him, that a full time was blind and it was a sabbath day when jesus made the clay and opened his eyes. Then again, the pharisees also asked him how he had received his sight. He said to them, he put clay upon mine eyes and I washed and do see therefore said some of the pharisees, this man is not of god because he keeps us not the sabbath day. Others said, how can a man that is a thing to do such miracles and there was division among them. So these people, they don't know what to do. They don't know why jesus, they bring this blind man before the pharisees. And what did the pharisees do? They begin to question him, and of course they can't accept the fact that jesus was the one that healed this blind man because they said he broke the sabbath by healing on the sabbath day. But yet, how could he have such power to heal like this? If he is breaking the law of god, there's division. People don't get it while he is a sinner, he brought the sabbath, but I mean how, how can someone do this with such power? It says if these pharisees were so zealous over the sabbath that that they were so concerned about the war of god that you know, jesus all, you broke it but they, they want actually they want the villas about the Lord God, they were following forms and ceremonies do you know that this sabbath was so rigid and strict that you will not even allowed to walk a certain number of steps in a day? You couldn't even pull a handkerchief out of your pocket. It was so extreme. And here they are so upset that jesus is healing on the sabbath day, but they themselves were actually not obeying god fully. They cared more that jesus actually broke the sabbath, or at least the trying to find fault with him breaking the sabbath. Then the fact that he was able to heal a man that was born blind on that day, the focus was all wrong. Can you see that? Look, jesus didn't actually break the sat with ok. He did not break the sabbath by healing this man on the sabbath. Day is just that the jews had such a twisted idea and thinking of how to keep the sabbath that they thought that jesus had broken. The sabbath. You see, jesus did not come to change the law. He did not come to break the sabbath in matthew chapter 5 and verse 18. The bible tells us, for verily i say unto you, fill heaven and earth pass. One jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled. Jesus said, don't even come to think, don't it? Let it even enter your mind that I've come to destroy. The law is not going to change till heaven and earth pass. Not even one jot thus the darting of the eye, not even one tittle. That's the crossing of the teeth, that's not even a whole word. It's not even a whole letter. It's just a stroke that makes up part of the letter. I have not even come to change to the very least degree the law of god, which includes the sabbath commandments. Jesus did not come to even change it. He did not come to abolish it or change it is just that they had had such a twisted understanding of how to keep the sabbath that he had to come to show them how to really keep it to do could on the sabbath day and don't think that jesus was always just found doing good and healing. People know he also went to the church as well. Look in luke chapter 4, the 16. The bible says this and he came to nazareth, where he had been brought up. And as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the sabbath day and stood up for to read. So, you know, she wasn't just healing and doing good on the sabbath. He was also found in church on the 7th day participating in part of the church service. Jesus was a sabbath keeper at heart, and though he field on the sabbath, he was not breaking the sab. If he was not working, he was not receiving any wages. When he healed the cripple, man, do you remember that story? There was a man by the pool of bethesda who had been there for over 30 years. And he, he asked this man to take up his mat, his bed to walk and to go home on the saturday after he had been healed. The pharisee saw that and the accused and condemned jesus because jesus had off this man to do it. Okay, sure. You know, maybe we can stretch it to that extent and you can go back and listen to that sermon that I spoke about that I preached about. But she even then jesus was not breaking the sabbath. But now we come to this man who's born blind and he didn't pick up any mats. He wasn't doing anything that would have broken their sabbath, except that jesus healed. They were just trying to find fault with christ. Can you see how unreasonable they are? And how full of hypocrisy they are the so jealous and hateful of jesus, that even when jesus didn't even do anything wrong, they said it was wrong. And so no friends, jesus did not break the sabbath. He did not come to change the sabbath except from its twisted and warped way and how the jews were keeping it back then is a sabbath still relevant? Absolutely. Friends. It founder from genesis to revelation. It's found there in the bible. But anyways, let's keep going. What happens next? John chapter 9 in verse 17. They say under the blind man again, what say ist thou of him, that he has open thine eyes and he said what? He is a prophet. So they question him again. Not that they don't know. I guess trying to intimidate him, but this man, he just simply says all this man, the profit. And naturally of course the pharisees cannot accept this. I mean what? Jesus profit no way. They would just declare that he broke the sabbath. And now this man is declaring him to be a prophet. So now they take it a step further. What did they do next week on accept his answer. So what did they do next? John chapter 9 versus 18 to 22, but the jews did not believe concerning him. That he had been born blind and received his site until they called the parents of him that received the sites. And now the call in the parents. And they asked him saying, is this your son who you say was born blind? How then doth fee? Now see his parents answered and said, we know that this is our son, and that he was born blind. But by what means he now see if we know not all who has opened his eyes, we know not. He is of age. Ask him, he shall speak for himself. These words notice this, these words spake his parents. Why? Because they feared the jews for the jews had agreed already. That if any man did confess, that he was christ, that he should be put out of the synagogue. Can you see that the parents knew? They knew that their son was born blind. They knew what had happened. I mean, come on, this is their son. But they were claiming ignorance and they did not one to say that it was jesus because they were afraid of being put out of the synagogue. They did not. The ferris's did not want to believe the men themselves. They pulled in the parents. But it's biased already by why? Because they're intimidating. The parents. If they confess christ, they'll be kicked out of the synagogue. Now look, that doesn't seem so serious to us to day. I mean, no pastor in their right mind would ever say that to any one in the congregation you kicked me out. Okay, I'll just go down the road and go to another church. It doesn't matter. It doesn't really matter. You don't want me. No, no big deal. I don't have to go to church. Right? So many people today don't even see the need of going to church. So no path through in their right mind would say that right? But the reason why this was such a big deal in their day is because you see the nation of israel was one religion. They all worship the same god. And when you kicked out of the synagogue, you, you are an outcast of society. You can't go into any synagogue and, and the worship of god, it's sent the whole religion. It dictated their whole life. And so to be cast out of the synagogue in their day was a very, very serious situation. It would ruin your life. So the parents, they're scared of the threats of the pharisees and more than actually telling the truth and how many people, friends, how many of us have sacrifice principal to gain worldly temporal advantage than standing up for that which is right. We, if we have learnt to stand before god, friends, we will learn to stand before any man. And we will not be afraid of what human beings threaten us with. If we have learned to stand in the audience chamber of god, but these parents, they were afraid and they did not want to tell the whole truth. He's of age. Go ask him yourself. You see that? Let's continue john chapter 9 and verse 24. Then again called de them and that was blind and sentence him give god the praise. We know that this man is a sinner. What do they mean by that? gave god the praise. You know, they're not trying to say, hey praise, god praise god, you're healed, know they're trying to say praise god, tell the truth, this man, the sinner is any they are trying to convince this man to condemn jesus to call jesus a sinner. They did not want to accept his testimony from the beginning that jesus was a prophet. They were trying to do everything to, to get this man to come to their side and to condemn in point of christ. But how does a man respond? verse 25, he answered and said whether he be a sinner on No, I know not one thing. I know that whereas i was blind. Now I see, look, call him what you want. Sinner or not. All I know is that I was born blind. He says, and now I see this man healed me and he was just giving his testimony. He was just telling the pharisees what they, what had happened to him. And they just did not want to believe. They didn't want to believe that he's been blind. They don't want to believe that jesus actually healed him. They were just shutting their ears and their eyes for all this evidence that was before them that jesus was more than human. He was jesus give them plenty of evidence to see, but they just did not want to believe. Sure you had a problem with that man carrying his bed on the sabbath. But now this meant nothing. He's all carrying anything. All jesus did was heal, and there's still condemning let's continue. John 926 and 27. Then said they to him again. What did he to thee? What did he do to you? How open he thine eyes and he answered them. I've told you already. And ye did not here. Wherefore would you hear it again? Will you also be his disciples? You know, this is the 3rd time that they're questioning this man. He must have been hired by it by now it's like, I've already told you my answer. If I say it again, are you going to change your mind? Are you going to become his disciple? The common, you know, kit? Come tell us how. How did he really open your eyes? They just don't want to believe the con, accept his answer. Have you ever been in a situation like this before? friends? Have you been in a situation where no matter what you say, the people just will not believe they've already made up their mind before you even talk of before you even meet with them? The ferris's, they were not looking for every sign to to accept jesus. They were looking for every little thing to condemn christ. And yet jesus, or what have you done? He done nothing but just to heal. I want you to understand france, how the jews kept the sabbath back then is not how we should even be keeping it to day is not even close. It was not the way the sabbath was to be kept at all. They had lost the spirit of the law and not just that it blinded their eyes to see the savior standing right there before them. And you know, friends, they're off that, that their attitude, the blind hatred of jesus. It just didn't matter what this man said about jesus, it just didn't even matter what jesus did is the like. This was the 1st time jesus was performing a miracle. But yet they were closing their eyes to see all the evidence that jesus was sending from heaven to them. That he was the messiah, that he was more than a man, that he was god in the flesh. Yet they refused to see. You know, friends, we must be so careful that we don't allow our own faults or our own biases or, or our jealousy of someone else to make us blind to the truth that is being shared whether of god or even of another person. You know, it's so easy to take sides simply because of bias is that we have in our hearts. But we got a low good learn to go and talk to that person to, to, to commute them and get to know them. Just fall, we make our own judgments. The pharisees, they hated jesus so much that he could not do anything right. That everything he got did was wrong. Even when jesus performed a miracle, they called them out saying that he performed miracles by the power of the devil and not by the power of the spirit of god. The bible tells us that you will know them by their fruits. All they had to do was look at what jesus was doing, even with all their prejudice. Jesus gave them so much evidence and friends. If you are not around to witness a situation. And this is so important. But if you are not around to witness something that's happened, make sure you gather all the information properly. And before you call that person a heretic, before you go and judge them well before good or even for bad, go and spend some time with him and talk to them. Understand what actually happened before you jump to conclusions. Say, oh, I know that person. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They're bad. They're bad. You see that's exactly what happened with the pharisees. Anything connected with jesus was bad already. They were not willing to accept that even a man who is born blind. And now can see we've got to be so careful. This is how gossip arises. This is what causes division in the churches, and even division amongst friends were not willing to talk it out. We're not willing to meet face to face. We're not willing to ascertain the true situation. Why? Because we think that we know it already. We think we know that person, we think that we know better than anyone else, but we have to make sure we do our due diligence friends to make sure we understand the situation and then judge it by the fruits. And sometimes it's better just not to judge at all because you are not there at all because you would not know who might have been telling a lie. And who was telling the truth. You will know them by their fruits. What you see, not what you hear. We've got to be so careful. That's what gossip is, friends. That's how people's reputations are destroyed. That's how enemies are made in a moment where you've been friends for years and we got to be so careful. Gossip is doing the devil's work. Let's make sure we don't become like the pharisees and make a judgment based upon our prejudices. The less keep going, shall we? John chapter 9, verse 28th and $29.00. So the blind man, the who is now able to see off. If I tell you again, are you going to be his disciple? Then they reviled him said valid, his disciple year his disciple. But we, we are moses is disciple as if they cared so much about the law of god. We know that god speak to moses. As for this fellow, we know not from whence he is. They accuse this man for being biased to jesus aside. Ah, yeah, his disciple, that's why you thing such things. They couldn't see that they were the ones that will being blindly biased and prejudiced against christ. So the revolve him and look how this man response john 930 to 33. The man answered and said unto them, why here in is a marvellous thing that you know not from whence he is. And yet he has opened my eyes. Now we know that god here with not thinness, but if any man be a worshipper of god and do with his will, him he heareth. Since a foundation since the world began, it was not heard that any man opened the eyes of one that was born blind. If this man were not of god, he could do what? Nothing. This man, he gives irrefutable logic. Look, you're saying that you don't know who this guy is, but yet he come along and he's opened my eyes. I was born blind. You've not seen and past history, where anyone has opened a blind man's eyes. And yet what if this man could not do such a thing? He could not be of god. And he gives such sound logic that the pharisees, the kinda caught in their hypocrisy for a while that is con, revealed to everyone else that standing around. But it's probably revealed to them as well. And, you know, friends when conviction comes upon a person's heart, people normally react one of 2 ways. The 1st way is what we repent. Yes, you're right. I should believe jesus, i should scott thought condemning him. And that's the 1st possible scenario, and it's the best because that's where truth triumphs. This is where of relationships are brought back together and people are reconciled. This is the best situation when conviction takes place, the sinner comes before christ. But the other situation is you like a deer caught in the headlights, the conviction is there as well. But instead of repenting you get even more angry, you get angry because your hypocrisy has been revealed. And so the hatred runs even deeper and this is not even jesus speaking this time. It is a man that was heal that was born blind and he gives us irrefutable logic. If this man was not of god, tell me how could he do such a thing? And that's where the pharisees would eventually go and say what? He's not doing it by the power of god. He is doing it by the power of the dental. And you can see that where a conviction comes in and you don't want to accept that it makes us unreasonable and makes us dig to the ends of the earth into the deepest depths. Just to condemn this person. We got to judge them by their fruits. But continue john 934. They answered incentive to him. The pharisees now talk back to this man. Thou was altogether born and sins. And dost thou teach us? And they cast them out. Now look there not just saying that this man really was just born in sin. If he was born in sin, then every person is born in sin. But it's not that when they say you're born in sin there condemning him because the thing look, you were born blind. Remember, you must have done something wrong. You're the one that was in the wrong in the beginning. And now you're trying to teach us how dare you, they were upsets. Do you see that? And so they were caught. And all they do is turn around and scold the man and look down upon him. Oh, don't forget you were born blind. How dare you try to teach us? I was born in I was born in the rabbinical schools. Do you know how long had been a pastor or been a ferris evil? How did you say such a thing to me and now it's not even about the truth was his errors. So you are being disrespectful and you know that they turn it to something else for they have nothing to say. Conviction came but they've pushed it away. They cannot to the logic anymore. So just tell him, oh, you be quiet, you shut up, you know? And they said, well, you want and sin. How dare you say such a thing and trick them out of the church in anger. France On us this evening. Are you blind? Are you blind to the blessings of god in your life? Have you mis understood all that christ has done for you? You know this man, he was literally born blind. But the pharisees, they were in an even worse condition. They were spiritually blind. Later on this story in John 939, jesus says for judgment. I come to this world that they which see not that was that man might see he was healed. And they that which and that they, which might which see might be made blind. You know, friends, there's a worse condition than being physically blind. It's being spiritually blind. And so I ask you this evening again. Are you blind? Are you not aware of the workings of god in your life? The blessings, as he pulled out so much upon you. Are you blinded by prejudice, or envy or hatred? Are you blind? The blessings have you forgotten? Maybe you're sitting here this evening and you have nothing to praise god and you've been thinking so hard. And you can't see You know, friends, it's important to remember the blessings of god in each of our life. Because we remember so quickly when something goes bad that, Oh God, why didn't you help me? When time the bad all were ready to blame. God. Already run back to him and ask for help, you know, but one times a good. Do you remember the praises on your lips? dear? I'm going to give god back the glory. Are you aware and familiar with even the changes that god wants to make your life? Are you blind your own condition? This is the problem of the labor to see in church. Do you know that in revelation chapter 3 and verse 17, the bible says, because thou saith i am rich and increase with good and have need of nothing and knows not that thou art wretched and miserable, and poor and blind and naked. Can you believe it? The people in the low to see in church which, which is a representation of the time that we're living in today. They don't even know that they're blind. Can you imagine that? So many of us could possibly be blind, and we don't even realize it we, we think our life is good enough. We're satisfied, i don't need god, I don't need him at all. And we have all sorts of reasons as to why we don't need them or we don't go to church. But friends, are you blind for how god has blessed you so much? Are you blind for his love for you? Are you blind this evening? Because this man, he understood his need, he was blind physically, but I tell you his faith was strong. It took hold of the word of god and he was willing to follow jesus every step of the way. Are you blind? Are you making excuses as to why you can't follow god? Are you making excuses as to why you're not able to to, to, to be faithful to him? Have you become blind to your own situation and your great need of him? And so often we are. We become blind and we make all sorts of reasons. We may all thought of excuses. We think god needs us more than we need him. I've the pharisees were ready to condemn god ready to make all sorts of brush statements. So we just hardened in our unbelief. Friend, I pray that god would open our eyes to day and help us to see enclosing in John chapter 9 and verse 35 to 37. After this man has been cast out of the synagogue, jesus heard that they had cast them out, and when he found him, he said to him, dost thou believe on the son of god? And he answered and said, who is he? lord that I might believe on him. And jesus said unto him, thou hast both seen him. And he, it is that talk of with thee. And he said, lord, I believe. And he was shipped him. You know, jesus, he shows himself to this man. Now that he can finally see, he doesn't recognize it, but you know what? He recognizes the voice. He recognizes the voice. So when jesus says I am he the one that talking to you on the messiah. This man was able to accept it. Just If we would remember the blessings of god, if we will remember what god has done for us, it would be so easy, so much easier to accept him, his savior, and lord of our life. We will see how much he bless us. We'll see how much he loves us would see how much good he has intention for each and every one of us would never fall away. Until I ask you again this evening, friends, are you aware of the blessings of god in your life? Are you aware that god wants to bless you so much and not just, are you aware that he has blessed you so much? If you have the acceptance fully as lord of your life? This is why praises are so important. Remembering the goodness of god, friends, if you have not yet please write down the facebook cher, just share your praise. And if you heard this on YouTube, you can share on the comment there as well, just wherever you hearing this from you can just go to benjamin on 2013 on Facebook or, and you think you'll find it just to share a praise. Remember the goodness of god. Remember somewhere where you are praising god and don't, don't just go well, I'm shy. M intro, but I don't share or I write in my prayer gentle, but I don't want to tell anybody. Know, friends. All us gives glory back to God. Human kind must as well. Let us remember god's goodness to each and every one of us, especially on the sabbath day. May our faith be strengthened by the praises that we share. Because real mind ourself, how god is so good to each one of us and that we should accept them as lord and savior of each of our life. Oh friends. Let us learn to give back god the glory that he does us. He loves each and every one of us. He wants to bluff and he wants to be our savior this evening as well. I pray that our hearts would be softened and open to him. I don't know what you've been through friends. Maybe some of you're struggling in your faith this evening. And if you are, go back and think of at least 5 praises. And if you cannot pray, god, show me how you bless my life. Ah, well I'm in the midst of some sort of horrible city. It doesn't matter. There's always a rainbow in the midst of a stall. Look for the rainbow and you find it. If we want to focus on the bad, we can focus on the bad. But there's also the good that you can see in how god is blessing in each and every one of us. Let us run to give god the glory and the price to day. And God open our eyes and help us to see him. And all his blessings let pray, father and heaven, thank you so much for blessing us so much as well. We are so undeserving lord, but the cause of your great love. You pour out the very best for your children. Lord, help us to count our blessings, help us to never forget. Help us to see how you desire to bless us so much. And so father, we just surrender allies against you this evening. We ask that you would please pour out your holy spirit upon us. Open our eyes open. Our e us. Help us discern your goodness. And so father, please guide me and lead us on a plea and I pray in jesus' name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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