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Jesus’ Encounter with the Rich Young Ruler

Benjamin Ng
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  • April 30, 2021
    8:25 PM
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Father and heaven, thank you so much for this time that we are able to come and study together. Lord, we ask for your presence, we off for your leading. Will you please guide and lead us with your holy spirit and help us to understand the word that we're about to study? May you please send your holy spirit to guide us and to teach us? And to convict us of the truths that we need to learn, especially for our own personal life to day for brain, jesus name a man. Our title of the study to day is jesus encounter with the rich young ruler. Now we normally call this encounter such but we only read about that word ruler in luke 18. 18. Now there are 3 places in the gospel that is found matthew, mark and luke is not found in John, but it's only in luke that we see that it's a ruler that comes to jesus. To talk to him. We're not going to go and spend time and look today, we're actually going to be focusing our time in matthew and Mark. And so with that, let's go to our 1st bible text found in matthew 19 and verse 16. The bible says and behold, one came and sent it to him. Good master, what good thing shall i do that I may have eternal life so that this rich young ruler, he pays great respect to christ, he calls him good master is a teacher. He probably is one step short of calling him rabbi, but he recognizes jesus as authority. He recognizes that he is a good man and a good teacher. Someone worthy to be followed. And so he comes to him and asks him this very interesting question. He says, what, what good thing shall i do, that I may have eternal life that I can inherit eternal life. It's as if he wants to do something. You know, the rich are tend to be that way. They're successful because of something that they did. And so he's like asking price, what can I do? He, it's as if he wants to work his way to heaven. But how does jesus reply look at this? Matthew chapter 1917 to 19. And he said to him, why call us thou me good. There is none good, but one that is god. But if thou will enter into life, keep the commandments. He saith unto him which and jesus said, thou shalt do no murder, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shall not steal. Thou shall not bear, false. Witness honor thy father and thy mother, and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. You know it's so interesting. Jesus says, if you really want to do something, keep the commandments. Now we know that that's impossible. There is none. Good, no, not one. It's impossible to keep the 10 commandments, and it's not jesus making this requirement. Remember, it's the rich young ruler asking, hey, I want to do something. What can I do? It's inherent to life. So if you want to do something, keep the 10 commandments and it's not jesus. Spelling it out to him, but he's like, okay, which one do you want me to keep jesus? And that's why christ lists it out. But jesus, he shows great regard for his law. He does, but you know what? I want to look at what jesus quotes here because in actual fact, she doesn't quote all 10 of the commandments there. He only fastly. What we see here is he only quotes the last 6. Ok. He doesn't quote the 1st 4 commandments in relation to our love and loyalty to God. He only quotes the last 6 in how we treat each other in love to our neighbor and may be the rich young ruler with jesus leaving out these fork. First of all, comments, he may be, the rich, young ruler does not love god as much as he thinks he does. But you know, the 2nd observation that we can make here in jesus quoting the 10 commandments. We actually have to go to the book of mark, okay, it's in mark that the parallel passage that we see. And notice this mark chapter 10 verse 19. He's quoting the climate of the rich young ruler. He says, thou knowest the commandments, do not commit adultery. Do not kill, do not steal, do not bear false witness. Defraud not honor thy father and mother jesus in this passage. We don't see it in matthew, but in this passage he actually quotes one commandments that we actually don't see spelled out in the 10 commandments found an exodus, or even in deuteronomy, which is the fraud. Not did you see that the fraud, not. What does it mean to defraud? Not it means to keep back by deception fraud. It's like when you commit fraud, it's like you're printing money, right? You're trying to deceive somebody, thinking that this is real money that can actually be used when it shouldn't be so that that's what fraud is. And jesus says, defraud not don't keep something back that you are holding onto by deception. Has the rich, young ruler possibly been defrauding? And when you look in the concurrence the word defraud also means to steal. So it seems like he's emphasizing stealing because he already said, and I'm not sure if you notice this. Let's go back in mark 10. 19 he already says, do not steal. Do you see that? Do not bear false witness. And then he says, defraud. Not almost as if emphasizing, hey, Rich young ruler, you are stealing may be the riches that he obtained was not obtained. Honestly, maybe he was defrauding somebody. Maybe he was stealing from somebody. And so jesus repeats this twice in different way, but it seems to emphasize that he's been stealing. The 3rd observation that I would like to make is that jesus leaves one of the 6 come moments out. And you see this in matthew and also in mark. Okay. The do, you know which commandment is left out of the 6 in relation to how we treat our neighbor? It is the last commandments. Thou shalt not be covetous. Okay? So maybe jesus is dealing with the covetousness of this rich young ruler. And we're going to come back to this one later. Okay. But jesus intentionally quotes the 6, but leave it out the fence, one the last one of the 6, which has to do with covetousness. And when and come back to this. But how does the rich young ruler respond when jesus as well? If you wanna, you want to be good if you want to get to heaven, you keep the comments and here's the one that you should keep. How does the rich young ruler actually respond? Matthew 19 and verse 20. The bible says, and the young man said to him, all these things have I kept from my youth up? What lack i yet? What a confident, young man he is. What a confident reply. All these things i've kept from my youth for sure today, This man with a life he'll be a christian because he has no problem with keeping the 10 commandments. But he says, i've kept all these things since I was young. What else do I fall short of? He is growing up in church all his life and look friends. It is possible to grow up in church all your life and still be lost. This man, surely, i mean, you know, I'm not saying that I doubt him. Surely he wasn't dishonoring his parents. Surely he hadn't killed somebody right. Surely he hadn't committed adultery. Surely he hadn't been lying. And all of these things right may be the last few under questionable. But he confidently said, jesus, i've kept all these things from my youth, or what else do I lack? Look, this young man must have known there was something wrong or else he wouldn't have come to christ in the 1st place, right. He needed some thought of what confirmation that he was on the right path, or maybe he realized that there was something wrong. But nonetheless, he's come to christ. And jesus has recognised the issue and by quoting the 10 commandments, and really one of them being left out, he's highlighting this issue. How does jesus reply? Mark 1021. We're now in mark. Then jesus, beholding him, loved him and said unto him, one thing val lakisha go thy way fell. What so wherever thou hast and give to the poor and thou shalt have treasure in heaven, come take up the cross and follow me. What does jesus do? He asks him to sell everything. This is the solution. When the rich young ruler says, what else do I lack? Jesus says, you select one thing, go and sell everything. Give it to the 4. Take up the cross and follow me, and you will have your eternal life in heaven. You will have your name written in the books of heaven. And maybe just maybe the possessions in his life were his god. And that's why jesus left out the 1st 4 months. Maybe just maybe he was so covetous of his possessions, that he couldn't let it go. He couldn't. And maybe just, maybe he had obtained all these riches by stealing and defrauding other people. They were just so many angles from which we could look at this. But yet jesus sees to the very core of his heart. It is his riches. After all, that is stopping him from entering the heaven you know, friends or how does this rich young ruler respond? He says in mark chapter 10, verse 22. And he was sad at that saying, and went away grieved for he had great possessions. You know, friends, sometimes the more you have, the harder it is to part with. You know, riches has his way of sticking to us and clinging to us. You would think that a rich man or which woman, when they have so much, it would be easier to give even more rights. But sometimes it's not. You see the riches, it's not about how much you have because when you get to the certain pay grade, then you upgrade, upgrade the car, upgrade the house, upgrade my clothes, upgrade all my possessions, upgrade the laptop, upgrade the phone, upgrade the bed, upgrade just everything you know sometimes is not the richer we have the more inclined we ought to give away. It's. We set our sights on the next status level, isn't it? And we upgrade at the expense of what giving back to God. And you know, it's not just the rich people that have this issue. Don't, don't think that I'm just attacking the, the rich people. This rich young ruler went away grief because he had many possessions, but sometimes a poor man. All he has is one possession. And he looks at that one possession as the rich man looks at his 1000 possessions. Do you see that the issue really is not the issue of how much we own. But really, how we look at it from our hearts perspective. But this rich young ruler went away grieved because he had a lot the possessions that he owned stuck him to this world and, and, and made him lose sight of eternal things. Maybe he worked really hard for these possessions. Maybe he grew up in a poor family and didn't have such privileges. And so he was now enjoying his life. But friends, he went away grieved because his heart was stuck to his possessions and he could not let it go. It was covetousness that was stopping him from selling all his possessions. It was the commandments that jesus left out. One I'm trying to show you here is that jesus is trying to redefine, in some sense what we typically think covetousness is, you know, what is covered just in this to us? Well, actually I find that many people don't understand covetousness, but how do we know we are coverages or not? I mean, if a person buys a, B, m, W, and I like the B, m, W, and I go out and buy the same exact model and color and everything. Am I being covetous? Know if, if my friend has a house and I like his house, and I go by the exact same neighbourhood on the same street, and the same design, am I being covetousness of being covetous? No. How do we know we've been covetous then? Of course, look opposite, the covetousness is what? contentment, right? But how do we know that we are being covetous? You see, the key is found in when you look at the 10 come, the 10th commandments. It says don't cover your neighbors goods or your house or anything, but it also says don't cover your neighbor's wife. You can't, you can't look, you enable, say, unlike his wife and go get exactly the same wife because there's no such thing, right? You have to get that person's wife, and the only way to get that person's wife is you either kill the man for it, or you kill and commit adultery. Right. And that's what happened with the king david with but sheba, he killed his, her husband, you riah the hittite. And so when, when we look at covetousness, it always results in the breaking of one of the other of the 10 commandments. You go kill the person for you, you steal his car, or you go and rob a bank and you steal the money and go buy it. We break other commandments in our quest to get that other person's possessions. All the similar products or thing that is covetousness, but here jesus is redefining covetousness for us is not just breaking of the other 10 commandments to, to obtain that. But in this sense, what not willing to sell all that. You have to come and follow me. This man, he was just stuck to his possessions so much that he was not willing to sacrifice it to follow jesus. And that is sometimes an issue, friends. The more we have, the harder it is to get rid of it will think, oh, I don't know when I might need it, so I'll keep it just in case. But friends, are you willing to give to those that are in need? The For you see that is what jesus was telling him to do. So all that you have, give it to the poor. Come and follow me and you will have riches in heaven. This man, he was sad. He was grieved. He wasn't having godly sorrow. He was sad at the thought of being poor. He wanted heaven and he wanted earth at the same time. Doesn't mean that we have to report to go to heaven. Not exactly, look in the old testament as abraham, this king, david, the king solomon. Look at job, these men were rich, but they were so faithful to God as well. They never allowed their riches to turn their hearts away from god. To some extent solomon did, but it was more his wives. It wasn't because of his riches. But look, there are faithful men and woman in the church today. I believe that are rich, but may be we are self deceived. I don't know. You know, we always like to look at these people in the old testament, but, you know, I tried to think of someone in the new testament that, that, that was rich and that would have made it to heaven. I can't think of any but honestly, I mean, nick, a demon was a rich man, but he ended up giving up all his wealth to support the early church. He was a great support of the people after jesus christ die and he quickly became a poor man. Zacky was a rich man and whatever he had defaulted from people he gave it, he, he gave it back to them and restore them fourfold and the rescue sold. He became a poor man. I don't know. May i'm not in the position to judge because I'm not a rich man for ends. But what does jesus say after this rich young ruler departs? Let's continue, shall we mark chapter 1023. The 25. And jesus looked round about for the rich young ruler had left already and jesus looks round about and says to his disciples, how hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of god. And the disciples were astonished at his words, but jesus answered again and said to them, children how hard it is. Is it for them to that trust enriches to enter into the kingdom of god. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of god. Friends, what is the problem? What does the bible highlight? What did jesus say? The problem was that there are many that trust in their riches, they trust in their riches they, they rely on their riches more than they rely on god. It's almost as if they can by heaven. What does it mean to, to trust in your riches? While let's go to another text in psalms, psalms 49 versus 6 through 8. Look what the bible says here. They that trust in their wealth and boast themselves in the multitude of their riches. None of them can by any means, redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him. This is not just redeeming a person that was kidnapped, but a ransom to God, trying to save a person. For the redemption of this soul is precious and it ceases for ever. What is the problem with the rich men thinking? They think that aren't my riches can warrant me entrance into heaven as if I've done something good. Something nice something kind. It's as if they are trying to buy their way into heaven to work their way to gain eternal life. And that's why this rich man, he said he came to jesus. What good thing could I do that I might inherit eternal life as if I deserve it? That I may be able to get into heaven to melt a welcome my way there. But jesus says quite the contrary. You have to sell everything. Look, jesus, he's dealing with this issue of covetousness. And the difference between the 10th commandments and the other 5 comments that we see which relate to our neighbor, you know, honoring your parents. Don't kill, don't commit adultery, don't steal, don't lie. The difference between the tense commandments and the other 5 is that the one dealing with consciousness is in our hearts. The other 5. You can see it. You can see it. You can see whether a person on their parents or not. You can see whether pleasant kills or not, or commits adultery or not. While they get caught and you can't see them, the acts right. You can see it whether a person is stealing or lying. But when it comes to covetousness, the difficulty with this commandment is that it's in the hearts, it's more deceptive and you can't just go out there and condemn every rich person. This is not what I'm trying to do. Okay. I'm not trying to say that it's bad to be rich. That's not my point. But what I am trying to say here is that we have to be so careful as you're sitting here this evening listening to the sermon here. Don't think, oh, I'm ok. I'm poor. I don't have much to keep me attached to this. Well, well, it might be your car. You might not have a lot. But it just might be one things you see jesus said, one thing you left. One thing. And yes, he had to go and sell a lot of things, but there was just one possession may be to you this evening. That is keeping you attached to the swell. Really, i've seen people get so attached to their laptops, so attached to their cameras. So attached to their cars, you know, look, I'm not, not the thing, don't take care of it. But let's not treat it as if it's the most important thing in the world. Okay? But it's possible that a poor man could have the same mentality as a rich man to day as well. But look, jesus might be saying to you today. There's one thing you lack. And maybe you have to go and sell everything because it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven. The bible, texas, clear that it is impossible for a camel to go through the eye of a needle is impossible. It can't even stick its tongue through the I of a needle. It is absolutely impossible. And so look at this, look at how the disciples respond in mock chapter 10 versus 2627. And they were astonished out of measure saying among themselves whose then can be saved. And jesus, looking upon them safe with men, it is impossible, but not with god. For with god, all things are possible. These disciples, they were astonished. They were shocked. They probably were so happy to see this rich young ruler coming to jesus. Oh yes, they are ready to make him part of the disciple group. This is the one that's going to bankroll all our activities he's going to support us. We don't need to worry about money any more. Everyone's going to comes once to follow jesus. Now you see, and they must have been so disappointed when they saw how jesus spoke to him and turn him away. It wasn't the 1st time. Nicknames came to jesus by night and he eventually left as well and didn't follow jesus until jesus died and resurrected, you see. So they were shocked. True then can be saved. I mean of this rich young ruler couldn't be said them. You may be out of all people. He must have looked like he was in a saving relationship with jesus. Because our mentality, even back then, just as it is to day the mentality must have been what? God must have blessed this man. God. In order for you to bless his men, he must have been faithful. And so we equate rich witches and being rich with one faithfulness, but it's not always the case, isn't it? Jesus still said what one thing vouch, blackest. There was still one thing that he was still falling short of. And you know, it's very interesting. It's very interesting how jesus says this though, because he says what if you go back to the text that he says with men, it is impossible but not with god. For all things are possible with god and look, I want to give a different spin on this text this evening. You know, sometimes the use of politics. All things are possible with god that we can do anything. But in his context, what is jesus saying? All things are possible with god. It's possible for a rich man to be saved. And maybe you're waiting for me to give you a whole, right. You're the rich man, a woman sitting there listening here, the thieving and you're thinking, ah, okay, here it is. What's the punch line? What is it been? How can god help me to be saved today as a rich man or which woman? And God says what? You got to sell everything. You got to sell everything. Because this rich young ruler made his riches above god. He made his riches, his god, and maybe today, the reason why you're not willing to sell something is because that thing is so precious to you. It's above god, maybe your phone. Maybe it's your relationship. Maybe it's your job. There is something that you may have to sacrifice to day and God, jesus is telling you, you gotta get rid of it. You got to sell it, and not just sell it to gain a bit of profit, but you give that money to the poor. What is it? But how, how can a rich man be saved and then you try to give me hope and, and destroy the same time. While that's the thing that jesus is solution for a rich man or a rich woman to be saved, which is to sell every thing. And what god needs to do is not to make us poor, but to change our hearts that were willing to sacrifice and give it up. Do you see that covetousness is in here? It's within a heart, within a thinking. It's so hard to detect. It's so deceptive and God says, the only way that I can deal with This is to see whether your loyalty live with me. Whether you are really willing to sacrifice and give up your most cherished and prized possession. You see that some of us we make our girlfriend or boyfriend higher than god. Not even married yet. And the person is sick and you don't go to church because of them as well. You just stay home and take care of them even though they just got a slight fever. I mean the guy, innocent emergency situations, but you know, it gets to this point, even as a pastor when my spouse is sick, I have a responsibility to the church. God is more important. Are you willing to go? Do you see that france? I'm not saying you leave them behind and, and you know, seldom sacrifice them get rid of them. No. But through our daily actions, we show what is more important. Some of us we make our children, our god we make them above god. Do you see that? What is it that god is trying to tell you to day that there's one thing you still lack? One thing. What is it? The heart is deceptive. Above all things, if you pray, god will show it to you and is not for me to say what it is because there are just a 1000000 things that we get attached to. A little child can get. So attached to a teddy bear who knows. You say all while I just replaced the study before, it's just not the same study by a person getting can get attached to to sticks. Right. What is it in your life that you really treasure so much that you put it above god? And it sometimes is a responsibility as a husband and as a father, but no, no, no, no. Our responsibility to God is still 1st so that when you come to this point, we should, I, should I work on the sabbath to provide for my family or just go to church from the worldly perspective, guess what? It looks irresponsible. You're not providing for your home, your family, the person that you promised to, to support and to cherish and to provide for all your life. But no god is left And you see friends with man, it is impossible. But with god, all things are possible. God can change the heart to change your priorities around. This is where the missionaries come in and, and matters that are willing to die for the faith. Their priorities seem to the world inverted or skewed opp averted. But you see, you can't look through the eyes of the world, then you got to judge by what god says in his word. And his word was very clear to the rich young ruler, sell everything, give to the floor, pick up your cross and follow me. And you will have riches in heaven. And he couldn't. His mind had not been touched by the love of god. Friends, why do we sacrifice? Because we are committed to that thing. Whether it's a relationship, whether it's our work, whether it's studies, whether it's possessions, we have a feeling, a love towards it. Do you see that? And jesus is saying anything that you love more than me, than there needs to be change. You might be going to church, you might be paying 10 percent high than 20 percent offering, but jesus didn't say to the rich young ruler, give away 50 percent. He said fell everything. And jesus today is saying, I need your whole heart. If you don't give me your whole heart and willing to surrender every thing, then you're going to come infinitely short of heaven with man. It is impossible, but with god, it is possible only as you are willing to surrender to him today. Only to show I want to show you in closing, how'd the disciples respond? In verse 28 of mark chapter 10. Then peter began to st. Him low. We have left all and followed the he began to get confident. It's like, oh yeah. A surely ideas of a place in heaven, isn't it? Well, look, we've left everything for you. Jesus. What do we go? What do we go? You know, surely we'll get treasures in heaven, right. But what, what else? What else? And look how jesus response. And jesus answered and said, verily i say unto you, there is no man that has left house or brethren or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children or lands for my sake and the gospels, but he shall receive a hundredfold. Now in this time, awesome and brethren and sisters, and mother and Children and lands with persecutions and in the world to come eternal life. But many that 1st shall be lost. And the last shall be 1st. I want you to think about this. Because peter said, all we've left, everything followed you jesus, what a weekend. And jesus gave this promise, the echoes down to our day to day as well. He says, if you give everything, I will give you even a hundredfold. Now, in this time, in this time he wasn't referring to heaven future eternal life. He says, i'll give you a 100 down this time. Yes, you will do even greater things you. We bless even more beyond measure. Did jesus give them a 100 times more? Well, if you're thinking about riches, then maybe you're disappointed, but I'm telling you, did jesus work through the disciples more than a 100 fold? Yes, peter. His pistols still echoed down to us the day. Peter, on the day of pentecost, baptized 3000 peter when he would walk along the street. People revered him so much that they wanted to sit under his shadow. That even as his shadow touched them, there would be healed even more than what jesus did when the woman touched his robe at the hem of his robe and she was healed. But this his shadow healed them. Peter did receive a hundredfold more in this life. Yes, he did, but not from the perspective of what you are thinking today. Jesus promise here in mark is not an investment plan. God, I gave you a 1000 police giving back 800000. Now. God, I gave you my little my v. My little toyota Camry now please give me a hummer or a mercedes benz or whatever it is. No. We shouldn't be looking at from that perspective. Why? Because if our heart has been touched and changed already by the love of christ, then when we sacrifice everything and give to the poor and follow jesus, the thoughts of wanting a 100 x in this time is not foremost in our mind. At least not from the monetary value. So friends, please don't go out there today and say all the bible says this. I didn't know I didn't never sell soldiers a 100 fold, but I'm going to sell everything and I'm going to give it to the church. I'm going to give it to the poor. I'm going to give it to my neighbors. I'm going to get rid of everything, and I'm just going to prove the, the lesson of jesus. His promise. I'm going to prove his promise. True friends. Many of you have not all of you are going to be sadly disappointed, but at the same time, I don't want you to sit there and do nothing as well. Fell everything. What is the one thing that you lack? What is that one thing that is still hindering you from giving your whole heart and life to jesus to many of us while waiting for something so clear or just the events to just something to come up. But friends, why can't we just fabricate that event? And say, god, I'm going to give this to start this project. To do it. Take it as a sign from god that he wants you to start it. You know, friends. What is the one thing? And jesus said, at the end, there are many, shall be, 1st will be lost. And those last shall be 1st many who start out rich in this life, seemingly seemingly the head of society who become the very last that the end and those that will last the other ones that become 1st friends, i want you to think about this. Maybe just the tinkling of the gold and the silver has caught our eye too much that we've lost sight of jesus. Christ solution is Total surrender. Not starting with possession but with a heart and life to say, god, I give you everything please. I opened it all, come in and take total control trends. If you're willing to render everything, then god will show you what needs to go next. What possession it us who you need to help, how you need to follow christ. But until we get to that point, no matter if it's just a small little item in a life or a house or a car, no matter from small to big, it doesn't matter. We will always struggle because the heart is not surrendered. And you will not want to sacrifice for somebody that you do not love. And so to day god, he's knocking on the door of your heart. He wants to come in, you know, it's rightly summarized the 10 commandments to love god with all your heart, soul strength and might, and your neighbor as yourself. It's while love and whether jesus has filled your heart with his love or not. And so have you struggling today, or even if you don't know, it's not about just sitting there doing nothing prints. I want you to give jesus a chance. I don't want you to look at the end of all. I don't want to follow god because he's going to ask me to sacrifice everything now. No friends, just get to know him. And they'll be willing sacrifice john, john, the revelator on the isle of patmos, exiled from everybody. But there he gained the most amazing revelations. Even though peter was crucified upside down, he counted it a privilege, the disciples who were willing to, to give and to be spent for the sake of the gospel, why? Because they had the love of jesus burning in their hearts. What is the one thing that is keeping you from following jesus fully? What is that speck? What is that dot that has mod your perfect white garment that jesus has given to you. That he's saying, my son, my daughter, i want you to give it up to day. I pray that you be willing, willing to give him a chance for allowing to come into your heart and guide and direct you fully come, let's pray, father and heaven. I thank you, lord, that as you set your sights on this earth that you are committed to each and every one of us you'll love was unabated. In fact, it grew stronger when you came as a human being because you saw an understood, fully 1st hand or helpless condition. And father, here we are in the flesh and we struggle. We struggle with even just following you whole heartedly. I pray, lord, that you would help us to day to, to surrender totally to you to allow you to come in to perform the work upon a heart that needs to be done. And then lord, let the results be what they may be that you would guide us in how we live this life for you in how we spend our money in how we, we allow our possessions to be let go. Lord, I just pray that you would please help us and guide us to that. And pleased with my brothers sisters yesterday, help us all lot to truly follow jesus. Every step of the way I fully pray in the name of jesus christ. Ah, this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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