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Jesus’ Encounter with the Woman with the Spirit of Infirmity

Benjamin Ng
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  • May 21, 2021
    8:25 PM
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Father in heaven, thank you for this time. Lord, we are just ever grateful for the time that you do give us. There is a big pandemic that is going on right now. And for the life and health that you grant us. Lord, help us to be even mindful of these blessings that you grant to us. Thank you for seeing a safely through another week. And thank you for this opportunity to come and study your word once more. I just asked for your holy spirit to please be with us, lord, guide us now as we read your word, speak to our hearts and minds. Oh father alumina, that we might be drawn closer to Z. That your I, our eyes of understanding might be opened. This evening, as we study into this encounter for you praying jesus name a man are encountered this evening. Is jesus encounter with the woman with the spirit of infirmity. And let's just get straight into our 1st bible text shelley. It's found here in luke chapter 13 versus 10 and 11. The bible says this, and as he was teaching in one of the synagogues, and he was teaching in one of the synagogues on the sabbath and behold, there was a woman with the which had the spirit of infirmity 18 years and was bound together and could in no wise lift up herself, jesus, he was teaching here on the sabbath and it's of a notable mention in the story would have come right back to this detail in just a short little while. But as he is teaching, what happens there was this woman that had this spirit of infirmity, the bible says, and that she had this infirmity for 18 years. She had been sick for 18 years. The word infirmity just simply means sickness. And she was bowed over. She was hunch silver, she could not look up. She was what we call a hunchback. And you know, sometimes we don't think about this. You know, I hunched over a lots and it's not good all these years looking at the phone and the TV screen and the computer just looking down too much and not exercising properly. And all of that, I praise the Lord that we have a physiotherapist that comes to my home church here and a jap. You've been helping us with our backs. We've been doing our planks properly. But this woman, she was sick for 18 years. And you know, in our modern day, what do we call this sort of infirmity for 18 years back problem? Maybe it was scully, yoseph saw some sort of spine problem, you know, and doctors would diagnose her to go see a chiropractor or a physiotherapist and whatever treatment that she tried to to receive to get it straightened out. It did not help. And you know, we don't know what her past background was, and why do I say this? You know, we don't know what, what she did, whether she had sinned or not on, but it seems to indicate that she had not sinned and brought this disease upon herself. Why? Because when you look at some of the past encounters that jesus had with some people, the that was sick, you know, he, he was quite specific sometimes in what he said, of which we don't see it here in this encounter, for example, that the man that was lame that had to be carried by his 4 friends and you know, they couldn't get through the crowd. And so they went up to the rooftop and broke, made a hole in the roof, and they load him down. You know this man, it's so interesting that when before jesus healed him and told him to get up and walk, noticed what he said to him in mark chapter 2 and verse 5. When jesus saw this faith, he said unto the sick of the paul, the sun valley sins be forgiven thee. Obviously this man, he needed spiritual healing 1st, before he needed the physical healing, it must have been something that he did that put himself in this state of not being able to walk. He, he had committed some sort of sin and jesus knew that this man needed hear the words of forgiveness rather than healing. First of physical healing. He needed to be forgiven of his sins and you know, so jesus, he, he forgive him in the heart and you know, some of us we, we carry heavy burdens about and around with us sometimes that cause this physical sickness as well. You know, the men that have been lame for 38 years. We studied about this one as well. He was lying by the pool of bethesda, you run with. And he was waiting for an angel to stir the pool. So that when he went in he could be healed. Of course that was a fable. We don't know if that really was true or not. But he had been sick and lame for 38 years. Jesus comes and asked him, do you want to be made whole and said, of course I want to behold him. Jesus was the one that told him, rise up, take up your bed and walk. And he got up and he ran off and he was so happy. But jesus would meet him again later and look what she would say to him as well. John chapter 5 and verse 14. Afterwards jesus findeth him in the temple and sayeth unto him, behold, thou art made whole sin, no more less a worse thing come unto thee. So this man, he had also been thinning as well and his sin had put him in the state of me being made a cripple too that he could not walk for 38 years. And so jesus, he warned him and then many times he tells people this, you know, I forgive me of your sins or, or go and sin, no more, you know, and people need, they need the spiritual healing. They say 9 out of 10 diseases begin in the mind. More often than not, it is what's happening in here that we need to be relieved off that mental stress and that spiritual burden that we carry are about us. That many of us, we need to hear the words of jesus. But with this woman who was bowed over for 18 years, she had the spirit of infirmity. She was sick, but it doesn't seem to indicate that she was afflicted by something that she herself did. It was just some sort of physical sickness, a physical malady, something that was not her own doing. And of course, we have much of that in our world today as well. Some of was sick because of things that we inflict upon ourselves and others, the sick simply because they just contracted a disease. And it was not their fault. They were minding their own business. They did not do anything to, to deserve this. But they just simply got sick and it seems to indicate that this woman was of that category. She was eating healthy, she was exercise, she was going to bed on time. Yet somehow this disease still caught her. And so 18 years, 18 years, can you believe that? That's how long this woman had been bent over for who had this spirit of infirmity? Let's continue now in luke chapter 13 and now verse 12. And when jesus saw her, he called her to him and said to her woman, thou loosed from vine infirmity. And he laid his hands on her, and immediately she was made straight and glorified. God said jesus, he sees her and he has compassion on her. And speaks life and power into her limbs and her bones and lay his hand upon her and makes her whole. He speaks to her and shows are the power of his word. But yet there is also the healing touch as well. And as soon as this woman is touched by jesus, she stands up straight and she begins to praise god, she glorifies god. She thankful for the blessing of Health and you know, friends, we ought to be thankful for the blessing of health as well. The fact that many of you have not caught cold it and maybe yes, some of your family members and friends have. But the fact that many of you have not, it is a blessing from god. It's so easy to take for granted. Our health isn't it, especially when you're young, you're full energy and vigor and eat all the junk food and you're still healthy. That definitely is a miracle of god. It is an act of god to keep you still healthy, whilst others might eat the same food. And get really, really sick because of it. So this woman, she is healed from her sickness of 18 years, and then she stands up straight. And she begins to praise god. However, something into ropes, this joyous occasion of seeing someone who'd been sick for 18 years, brought back to full health and strength. What happens next? In luke chapter 13 and verse 14, the bible continues, and the ruler of the synagogue answered with indignation. You still have what indignation it means anger, because that jesus had healed on the sabbath day and said unto the people, there are 6 days in which men ought to work in then therefore come and be healed. And not on the sabbath day. The celebration is interrupted with a harsh sound that comes from the ruler of the synagogue. His tone is not in harmony with all the celebration and the praises, and the happiness and the joy that is taking place before christ. As we see this woman healed. She is angry, but what could be perfect? What? What could a person possibly be angry about? Especially when someone is healed from the sickness of 18 years? Why was he angry? What did the man say? All he said this 6 days or you can work and be healed on those days. Not on the sabbath day, which is meant to be a rest day. You see this man? She, she was vellows for the sabbath. At least that's what the bible seems to indicate. Isn't it? And he just declared that jesus had broken the sabbath by healing this woman on the sabbath day. And you know, other encounters we read how, how this man was fuel on the sabbath and he took his bed and he walked. And the pharisees all you're, you're carrying your bed, you're breaking the sabbath. But in this instance, all jesus did was heal that the woman wasn't carrying any bed. All she did was stand straight up. That's all the happened. And the ruler of the synagogue will call him the pastor. He came and reprimanded christ and said, how dare you heal and break this others by healing this woman on the sabbath day. There's other days and you can heal, you don't have to heal on this day. He declared that jesus had broke the law. She had a pretended zeal for the law of zeal. That was misplaced. I mean, after all, yes, he was the ruler of the synagogue, and it seemed like he was in a position of, of religious authority. If anybody should have known how to keep the sabbath, it would have been this man ripe. And he just declared that jesus broke the sabbath. But how does jesus respond? Every one else has either gotten used to this type of behavior, or they will living under this pretended holiness from this man. And you know, they were shock. They all, they will probably in shock of the rule of the synagogue that he would face such a thing more than more than just living under this pretended holiness. You know, but jesus, he's not rattled, he's not intimidated. Look at how he responds in luke chapter 1315 through 17. The law then answered him and said, thou hypocrite doth not each of you on the sabbath loose his ox or his f from the stall, and lead him away to watering, and ought not. This woman being a daughter of abraham, whom fatal has bound, lo, these 18 years, be loosed from this bond on the sabbath day. You know, jesus, she gave a very clear example of what they did on the sabbath. You know, they would open the gate for their cows or their donkeys to go and get a drink of water. I mean, after all they needed to drink, right. I mean that they probably could survive without food, but to survive without water for a whole day. Know that on the sabbath they would let their cattle and all that go out for a drink, and they didn't consider that a violation of the sabbath. It, it was work, but it wasn't breaking of the 10 commandments in their eyes. You see. So, you know, it's so interesting that that jesus, he would raise this. I mean, I am here healing a person and now you're blaming me just because you're the person and you're okay to, to let a cow or a donkey drink on the sabbath. You know, this is not the only time that jesus is accused of breaking the sabbath. Remember he was accused of breaking it accused, but it doesn't mean he actually broke the sabbath. Jesus did no sin. She was sinless, she was spotless. Otherwise, she could not be our savior. And so no jesus never broke the sabbath. She was not violating any of the 10 commandments. And jesus wasn't trying to redefine how to keep the sabbath. What he said himself in exodus 20. And when he wrote it on the tables of stone, he still meant it with every fiber of his being. That was heat. That was his character. That was who she was when he said, thou shalt rest on the sabbath. Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy? Don't walk, don't get anyone else to work for you. She was still obeying that and he still believed that he was not redefining the sabbath. What he was doing was redefining the sabbath in the, in the thought process in the thinking of the jews. You see that they are the ones that had, had twisted the sabbath and made it a big burden. And not at all what, what god intended for the sabbath to be. So they had twisted the 10 commandments. They added so much there that it wasn't. It was unrecognizable, almost as the law of god. It was more a tradition of men. Jesus had many instances with a jewish teachers and leaders about the issue of the sabbath. He had many encounters of them. And I can't help but to think that it was intentional in some cases so that he could stir up people's thoughts about the rigor of the jewish traditions and especially as what he himself said as hypocrites. Their hypocrisy. So look, here's another confrontation that jesus had with pharisees and the religious leaders of the day concerning the sabbath. And Matthew chapter 12 versus 10 through 14. This is what the bible says. And behold, there was a man which had his hand withered. And they asked him saying, is it lawful to heal on the sabbath days that they might accuse him? And he said to them, what man shall there be among you, that she'll have one sheep and will fall into a pit on the sabbath day. Will he not lay hold of it and lift it out? How much then is a man better than a sheep? wherefore it is lawful to do well on the sabbath days. Then said he to the man stretched forth vine hand and he stretched it forth. Then it was restored whole like as the other than the pharisees went out and held a council against him. How they might destroy him in this encounter is very similar. Jesus, on the sabbath day, healed a man's hand that had been withered. We, we don't know what that is and what happened. But it had withered and it was of no use and it was not usable. And so they were trying to accuse christ for being willing to heal this man. And he was standing there watching and waiting to see what christ would do. And so could jesus, he reasons were the pharisees again, how many of you, if you see your sheep had fallen into a pit into a ditch, they'd hurt themselves on the sabbath. Would you not go on? Go into the ditch and pull them out. I mean, surely, but come, you pulled the sheep out. You'd have been sweaty. You would definitely have been dirty. You definitely have to go back and shower again on the sabbath. In all these things and jesus reason with them and you know the fairies were so angry that jesus still went ahead and healed this man and his hand that was withered. But he said, isn't a man so much better than a sheep? Of course, it required less effort to heal this man than to pull that sheep out of the ditch. These people, they had a higher regard for a dumb animal than for a person who had been suffering a physical malady for a long time. That my friends is hypocrisy at its best. Can you imagine carry mall for an animal then for human beings, a dumb animal that is not able to reason. Yes. Of course they feel the suffering. And I mean dumb in terms of they don't understand total human emotions, they don't understand reason and logic at all events. But yet the jews, they were willing to help a sheep or a donkey or a cow more than they were willing to help man. And look, look at their reaction when when jesus would ask them the question, look at this in mark chapter 3, the very next chapter we read oh, march up the to it was a similar story, but in March chapter 3, then jesus ask them, is it lawful to do good on the sabbath days, or to do evil, to save life or to kill. But they, what they held their peace. They just remained silent. Can you believe that they were just angry, that they will be challenged? Probably by someone who did not have the same level of religious education that they had or they just felt angry that any one would just challenge them. They felt disrespected because their hypocrisy was probably be revealed. And they realized that they had been caught in, in this superficial religious pretended guy youth that they had and jesus, he would reason with him on another occasion. It was not just once, it was not just twice when the encounter that we're looking at is the 3rd time. But in John chapter 7 verses 22 and 23. Moses therefore gave and you circumcision? Not because because it is of moses but of the fathers and ye on the sabbath day. So come size a man. If a man on the sabbath they receive circumcision, that the law of moses should not be broken. Are you angry at me because I have made a man every wit hole on the sabbath day. Do you see that the, the law of circumcision, they attributed to the law of moses but you know jesus as it is really not for moses. Moses just wrote it down, but it roger needed originated with abraham. Right. He was the 1st person to get so concise. He was commanded and asked by god. And he, he saying that, look you on, on the sabbath are willing to circumcise a person you're willing to put the law of moses the horror above the 10 commandments. You see and they had no problem with that. You see in leviticus chapter 12 and the 3 the, the law of moses is very specific. And in the 8th day the flesh of his 4 skin shall be circumcised. They had to be circumcised. On the 8th day, it was a law, a law from moses himself. And if that 8 day happened to fall on the sabbath, they would think guess what? It's O. K. To circumcise on this day. They didn't think twice about it. They didn't think that they were breaking the sabbath novel. It was okay to circumcise on the sabbath. But yet here the pharisees, they were thinking it's not okay to heal a person on the sabbath. It was okay to do this work on the sam, A circumcised cutting of that for skin from from the male genitalia. It was okay to do this horrid work on the sabbath because moses required it, or abraham or whatever law required it, right? But yet they were not willing to allow a man or a woman to be healed on the sabbath. That was the debt of the hypocrisy that they went to jesus healed on the sabbath. And now they have a problem. But you see I can't help but think that jesus intentionally did this. He didn't heal everybody on the sabbath. Of course he, he definitely healed on other days as well. But it was on the sabbath day that the pharisees had a special problem with jesus doing such a thing. And he wanted to challenge them. He wanted to help them to see that they were holding onto man made traditions are not following the law of god as how god intended for them to follow. From the very beginning it would twisted. Here's another instance mark chapter to 23 and 24. And it came to pass that when he went through the cornfields on the sabbath day. And his disciples began as they went to plot the use of corn. And the pharisees 7 to him, behold, why do they on the sabbath day that which is not lawful? You know, jesus and the disciples, they will know nads, they didn't have a place to call home. They moved here and there lived under different people's houses. And so they didn't have a place to store food and everything. They would just constantly on the move and just so happened on the saddle as they were just walking along. They pluck some corn, took it off the stalk, and they opened it up and thrashed it and began to eat it. And the pharisees saw it and blamed them and accused them of what? breaking the earth. They were just condemned by the pharisees for breaking the sabbath here and there and everywhere. And was jesus breaking the sabbath? Were the disciples breaking the sabbath? No, they were just plucking corn off, opening up and eating it. That's all it is. You know, you can eat roll corn, right? Maybe some of you who have not used to get into corn off the stalk, you get all the frozen corny eggs different, isn't it? But corn can be eaten, roll it can be, you don't have to cook it all. You don't have to barbecue at all, or put it on a grill or, or go and boil it, whatever it is. And that's what the disciples did. And they were blamed for breaking the sabbath look, jesus was not trying to get rid of the sabbath day. Okay. He was trying to get rid of men made traditions. The jewish, the jewish nation was carrying a burden that god had not told them to carry. Jesus was not trying to change the sabbath. He was not trying to destroy the sabbath hughes trying to help him to have a right understanding of the sabbath. Is it still relevant even for us to day? Yes, it is. Look at hebrews chapter 4 verses, 9 to 10. There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of god for he that is entered into his rest. He also has ceased from his own works. As god did from his the 4th commandment to day has not been changed. It's still relevant to us. And look, that's another topic for another time. I know that there are many people that believed that the sabbath has been changed and is not necessary for us to keep will to say, it's out of date. You know, it's not relevant that if it can be kept in this day that we're living in, but friends, i still believe it is. I still believe that it's binding. You gotta show me where it is and isn't relevant. Jesus never said to the pharisees, you don't need to keep the sabbath anymore. He never said that. He said you guys are hypocrites. Because you're, you're willing to pull a cow out of the ditch or a sheep out of the ditch on the saddle, all water them and take care of them. But you're not willing, let me heal person on the sub friends. I believe that the bible is very clear. The sabbath is still relevant for us to day, and just as god rested on the sabbath, we should be resting as well. And friends of you have a job that requires you to welcome the service you need. Just call it quits. You gotta trust god, you gotta believe him. You gotta have faith in him that he knows what is best for you, and that he will still provide for you. Yes. Even in this time of pandemic. Maybe some of you knew before the pandemic that about the sabbath and its importance. And, you know, you're probably sitting here q, you mean all been ha, how dare you tell me to quit my job. But friends, it's more difficult now because maybe you did not obey. Earlier on. The friends, you gotta learn, trust god, if you want to keep the climate, you gotta have faith. You gotta trust them. You gotta believe him. You gotta love him. You got to have a relationship with him and I believe that the commandments are just as binding to day as they were back then. But the question is this though? The question that I want to look at this evening is how did the pharisees, how did they get to this point, that they would be so hypocritical, that they would be so judge mental that there will be so rigorous about the law that they would go above and beyond the call of duty and try to keep the law of god in a way that god never wanted them to keep it. How did they get to this point? What was it that made them so hypocritical? And so judge mental, how did they get caught up with the keeping of the law that they lost? The spirit of the law? What was it? Look you can see in scriptures like this in, in luke chapter, 18 and versus 11 and 12. Look at what the pharisee says. The ferris he stood and prayed thus with himself. God, I thank thee that I and not as other men are extortion is unjust, adulterous, or even as public. And you see there was a publican standing right next to him praying that I fast twice a week. I give ties of all that I possess. You see this pharisee? He was just so focused on his his obedience of the law. His good works and how he was not like all these other people and you know, it's not that I'm saying that we shouldn't focus on the law, but they just made. But they just made that their righteousness was much bigger than everyone else's. And they compared themselves to everyone else. And the way they made themselves good was by condemning other people or seen the dirt and other people. You see, they lost its spirit, they forgot to love their neighbor. They only loved themself. They started looking at people rather than the gospel and you know, friends, it's, it's, it's possible for us to get to this point of becoming a pharisee even as you study and read the bible. And you spend time with jesus. He leads you to of bed a lifestyle. He opens your eyes and helps you to see how to live a better life on this earth. And, you know, for example, let me give you an example. Let's say you come to learn about the health message, ok? And you learn that eating late at night is not good for you. You shouldn't eat late and you shouldn't go to sleep. The full stomach. And so you start practicing it. You start to put into practice. Okay, I'm not going to go to sleep with a full stomach. I'm going to have my last meal at around 530 or 6 PM. But then you see that the church, they organize a program and guess what? They start dinner at 8 o'clock. Some people don't even phone up until 830 and others. They don't stop eating until 9 o'clock. And what happens just, just because you learn about the healthy eating you that form in your mind. And you start looking at the school. And yes, you care about the truth. You care about healthy lifestyle. You care about picking your body, taking care of your body as a temple of god, because the holy spirit you live in there. Yes, that's important. All these things are important. You love god, but what happens? You start looking at other people. You start judging other people. You start looking at emily, why don't they doing this? Why all this person, if they knew god, that they wouldn't be eating late at night? And we thought, judging them and, and not because we want to make our cell feel good. But because as we begin to grow in truth and knowledge and understanding, we're expecting everyone else should be there at the same level, isn't it? But not everyone is at the same level. Some people are just at the 1st step. Whereas you might be at the 100 step until the pharisees, they came out of their religious rabbinical training and they pulled that everybody must understand them. And so they would teach them these things and if they didn't do it, they're just condemned them. And so what happens, you stop attending such gatherings where people, it's late, you start separating yourself from the quote unquote sinners of israel. And we forget to give room for people to grow. We'll forget that we were like that at one point. We forget that if this happens in our minds, we can become just like the pharisees. We forget the people, a patient with us. When we didn't know better as well. And so that's what happened to the jewish leaders, friends, when they saw people breaking the law, they added more laws and defined the law. So clearly down to the very atom so that people would, would make sure to keep it. But what started to happen, people of course, were not able to keep it. And they start to lose sight of faith. That leads whole of the power of god that helps us to obey. And they focused on the laws and the people. And what happened. Religion became a fall. Religion became a form they needed these works to be saved. You say they lost the power that is found only in the gospel through faith. They forgot that it wasn't simply just about keeping the law, the inability to keep it showed their lack of spirituality and the faith and the love towards god. But instead of going back to that foundation to build upon that solid rock, instead of the shifting sand, they made more laws. They made more more defined laws so that people could understand if you want to keep the sabbath, this is how you do it. And here was the 10200 items, a manual on how to keep the sabbath, the friends as possible to grow in understanding of the life that god wants us to live. And sometimes we lose sight of the god that we find there in the 1st place. And all we see is what do's and don'ts, laws, and precepts and commandments, and things that we got to do in order to get to heaven. When we start, tell them people all you gotta be vegetarian if you want to go to heaven or you gotta stop eating late. If you want to go to heaven or you know, we don't realize that what they need is jesus not more works. And so as sometimes we lose the spirituality, we focus more on the dues and the don'ts, the latter, that black ink that seemingly, if we keep it ill, help us get to heaven. We realize, are we forget, pardon me, that is only jesus that can help us get to heaven and ran sometimes as possible for us to lose the spirit of the law. Which is love, joy, peace, long, suffering, goodness, kindness, patience, gentleness, all these good things. Do you know what the fruits of the spirit ah, why do we need all of this? Because you know the, the 10 commandments summarize into to right. Love god and love men. Do you know why we need love, joy, peace, long, suffering, goodness, kindness, patience, gentleness, you know, if I was to live in a little bubble all by myself. If I was a hermit, i wouldn't need any of that. Why don't need love? There's no one here around to love. What need to be patient? There was no one around that any be patient with the fruits of the spirit is so that we can be a blessing to other people. Not be judge mental upon other people. You don't, you shouldn't strive to be righteous so that you can judge other people. Ah, yes, now now I lived it. Now I can judge, you know, that's not the reason why god wants us to be righteous. He wants us to be righteous, so that we can be a blessing to people. And it's possible that today, you know, as we read the bible as we, we learn more about the bible as we grow in knowledge and understanding. It's possible for us to become a pharisee because we get caught with all the works. We got a quarter with all the works about what must i do to be saved. But friends, the true christian does not off that they don't ask, what must i do to be saved? What should be asked, what must i do? So the others can be saved. So when you see someone who is eating late at night and you don't believe it, you got to think it Well by yourself this thing. Think to yourself, what can I do to help them to realize that eating late is not good for their bodies. And it's going to hurt them bright. Many of us, we don't realize it is. It's like a doctor telling you all these diseases. When you don't care. You know what I mean? It's like when, when a person goes to the doctor, they're expecting a diagnosis, something very clear. Yes. But you know, when people come to church, they're not expecting a diagnosis from you. What do you have to do? You got to get close to them. You got a witness to them, you gotta pray for them. You gotta be patient with them. You gotta be kind to them. You gotta be gentle to them. You gotta have to prove to the spirit. And that's exactly what the pharisees forgot when they looked at the people when they realized that they were soon as they like. Ah, they were in disgust. They did not have the love of jesus until this woman who was sick for 18. Yes. When jesus healed her, all they cared about was the law and not the person and friends, i'm not trying to say once again. I need to clarify here. I'm not trying to say that the last non important. We must work within the boundaries of the law and yes, the sabbath is one of them. But we got to make sure that within those boundaries of the law is not have to keep it. I have to keep it. I have to keep it so that I can be same so that if you go to heaven know friends, we got to keep it. So gods righteousness and his blessings can abide with us. So that we can be a blessing to the whole world. We need to keep it today or else we can't be that blessing jesus never sin. And he was the greatest blessing through the world that that we have ever encountered. No other man was ever a great blessing than the spotless son of god. And so today you keep those laws not to be saved, but to save others. You keep all the principle that are outlined. They're not so that you can selfishly be in heaven, but that you can lead others to heaven as well. Friends, god wants you to be a blessing to day and as you grow in truth, as you grow in understanding of our lord and savior, jesus christ, remember, don't get caught up with self. What must i do so that I could go to heaven. But let's get caught up with a spirit of christ who lived only to bless us. Then the keeping in the law. What is that? It's not the main meal. It's being a blessing to other people. And you look at the 10 commandments. When you don't kill, are you a blessing to other people? You look, we all read that command, but to one it might be, I gotta stop killing so I can go to heaven. But to the other, I need to stop killing so that I can be a blessing to the people. I'm going to stop lying. I'll get a stop feeling. So I can bless my neighbor and the shop owner and the person in the corner. The uncle that I see every day. Not a good stop lying and stealing, talking good heaven. You see that? It's a very different mentality. And many of us, we don't realize it. But god to day. He wants you to be that rivers of living water. That as jesus dwells in you, out of your belly shall flow, these rivers of living water to become a blessing to all around you. And so this is what we learned about this from this encounter to day. As we see that Yes, the woman was healed and instead we don't really see that much there. But we see the issue of the sabbath coming out and not just that, but any law really, we got to keep it, not for the sake of salvation. But for the sake of the Salvation of others, i pray that god would help us to stop being so in would focused about me. Me me, my life, my own desires, my own thoughts, my own house, my own car, my own job, my own money, my own space. To that we would learn to start thinking about others and to stop thinking about ourselves. Jesus all he had in his heart and mind was the blessing and the Salvation of humanity. And that's the heart of christ. And I pray that we would have that heart to day as well. May god help us, may god fill us with his spirit. So that we can be a blessing to this world and not a curse. Lest thou ahead, shall we, father in heaven. Lord, I thank you so much for this time that we can come and study a word together. Or we realize that we are so unlike christ, that so many of us we've just lived for ourselves, our time, our own money, our own possessions, our own place, our own space. Lord, please help us to stop living these selfish life. Help us to start thinking about others. Give us the mind of christ. Please, lord, give us your heart. Give us your love. Please give us your character. Help us to be a blessing. To our neighbors, our friends, a family. And even the strangers that we don't know the truly we can reflect your love and your blessings the all those around us lord help us to come out of ourselves, help us not to be fairer saco and hypocritical, but helpless to live the life that jesus wants us to live today. We surrender our lives against you. Now, lord, please molder. Fashion us into your image. Is earnest play. Impress jesus name. Ah. This media was brought to you by audio purse. 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