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The Reformation Needed in the Last Days

Benjamin Ng
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  • May 8, 2021
    11:25 AM
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Father in heaven, thank you so much for this wonderful sabbath day. You given to us. Thank you lord for your watch care over us. And as we're about to start our time together this morning to study your word, we offer your holy spirit to please be with us. Grace us with our presence. Oh lord. And you send your spirit to be our teacher and our guide that we wouldn't use your spirit, but your spirit would use us and aluminum mine and fill us open our eyes that we may behold wondrous things out of thy word. And lord, please lift us up from this world even now help us to put aside our distractions and help us lots of focus. Now we pray in jesus' name. Amen. And so the message for this morning is the reformation needed in these last days. And what we studied in near my last time was that the book of the law was found, and ezra began to read from it each day. And as a result, what happened? People were convicted of their sins, they confessed, and they came and worshiped god. And ultimately they came and celebrated the feast of tabernacles and the worship. And the sang tree services were restored in those times, and the near my recounted to them the wonderful works and merciful dealings of god in the past. And how was their sins that brought them into captivity and brought them into calamity and how the babylonians and the meta persians, and even the greeks, they would rule over them. And how they ended up in that sad, sorry state. But they saw go saw they saw god's goodness towards them. And they at that time in nehemia's time, as nehemiah was recounting all of this, they entered into a covenant with god again. And this bears repeating. What was that covenant they made with god? Well, we find it in nehemiah chapter 10 versus 28 to 32. And there pardon me? There were a few things that the covenants had with god 1st, they committed to keep the 10 commandments again. Secondly, no more and equally yield marriages and relationships. Thirdly, they committed to keep the sabbath, and lastly, they committed to be faithful in their hive, an offering. And guess what? There was a great revival amongst them as they made the sc limit to God again. And after this general viable, in nehemiah chapter 11, the jerusalem is repopulated and it's just the, it was just a list of names of who was in jerusalem and who is in the surrounding towns and suburbs. And then in nehemiah chapter 12 they would appoint roles for the temple again. And you find in nehemiah chapter 12 and I'm going through these, i'm just describing to you what's happening because really the meat of what we're studying this morning is found in nehemiah 13. But in nehemiah chapter 12, they are assigning all the roles for the century, services, the priests, and the leave lights. And you'll see that that they are looking at the genealogy because they're trying to determine who is the leave liked. Because only the leave lights could serve in the sanctuary, you see. And they had been in Babylon and me to pose for a long time. And so the records were really important. They wanted to ensure that they were doing things the right way. And that the blessing of god was upon them from the beginning again. And so the wall is re established and completed and its re dedicated treasurers are appointed so that the collection of ties and offerings can be re established because the leave lights were now starting to work again. So they needed to be supported by the ties and the offerings of the people. And after that nehemiah goes back to persia in his position as the cut barrier to the king, and he begins to serve the king again. But a nehemiah chapter 13 nehemiah now comes back for a 2nd time as governor over judea, and this is the closing chapter of nehemiah and what does he find when he comes back for the 2nd time? Well let's pick it up here in nehemiah chapter 13 and starting in verse one. On that day they read in the book of moses, in the audience of the people. And therein was found written that the ammonite and the more bites should not come in the congo into the congregation of god forever. Because they met not the children of israel with bread and with water, but hired bailey against them, that he should curse them. How be it our god turned the curse into a blessing. Now it came to pass when they had heard the law that they separated from israel, all the mixed multitude. And so they find a history book and they realize that there should be through the separation between the more bites and the ammonite with them. And so this group, they decide to separate from the unbelievers from what the bible, he calls them the mixed multitude. Now friends, what do we understand about the mixed multitude in the bible while let's go to numbers, chapter 11 versus 4 through 6. And the mixed multitude that was among them fell a last thing. And the children of israel also wept again and said, who shall give us flesh to eat? We remember the fish which we did eat in egypt, freely the cucumbers, and the melons, and the leaks, and the onions and the garlic. But now our soul is dried away, there is nothing at all beside this manner before our eyes. Now this mixed multitude was not the mixed multitude that it's talking about in nehemiah the composition of the people is not exactly the same. But what they represent was exactly the same. It's a group of people that were not jewish, or from the israelite tribe when the children of israel came out of Egypt, some egyptians came with them as well because they looked at egypt and it was destroyed. They were scared, obviously the, the god of the israelites was much, much more far superior than the god that they were serving. And so they followed, but they weren't converted. And the mixed multitude was the ones that were always complaining. They were the ones that were just dissatisfied with the food that they were even eating. They were dissatisfied with the little rations of water or whatever it was. They just found places always to, to raise up complaint. They were always the one that was stirring trouble in the camp of israel, and israel would follow along with the 6 multitude you see. And who was this group comprised of? Well, in exodus 1237 and 38th. And the children of israel journeyed from rameses to sucka about 600001 foot that were men beside children. And a mixed multitude went up also with them and flocks and herds, even very much cattle. It wasn't just the children of israel, there were other people as well. And so it was within the minus day, there was a group of people that came with them out of persia. And look, it's not that we have to make the worldly people in a sense, our enemies, but friends, let's not be their best friend and make them our counselor and a confidant. Let's make sure we minister to them and reach out to them. Be careful who you choose to hang out with and who you intermingle with. God said very clearly, they were not to come into the congregation of god for ever. There was a clear line of distinction that was drawn between the 2 and the groups of people there and that must be done today as well friends. And so the 1st thing that we learn here in nehemiah chapter 13 is that we have to separate from unbelievers. We have to separate from unbelievers, we have to be faithful to this. These are the lessons that we're learning in nehemia's day. That is relevant to us as well and we see these things repeating. I'm sure that as you open your eyes and see these other issues that are repeating even in our time as well. But what else did nehemiah find when he came back for a 2nd time? Let's continue, shall we? nehemiah, chapter 13 and verse for and before this elias ship, the priest having oversight of the chamber of the house of our god was allied unto till buyer. Do you remember who told by it was she was the one that was in league with sand ballots. They were the ones that were trying to call nehemiah out so that they could hurt him or harm him or kill him. They were the ones that were trying to destroy and hinder the work of the wall being built to move forward. And now what do we find? What had happened with tow bio, we keep reading and verse 5, the priests of god, which was a lie, a ship he had made and prepared for him, a great chamber. Where a 4th time they laid the meats offerings, the frankincense and the vessels, and the ties of the corn, and new wine, and the oil which was commanded to be given to the lead lights. And the singers and the porters and the offerings of the priest. What had happened? You see a lie a ship, he went and made room for to buy you right there next to the sanctuary in a room where they put all the ties and the offerings which were reserved for the priests and the leave lights. And he had infiltrated the camp of the jews and made it in such a way that they were now miss using the hive and the offerings because there was no place to keep it any more. And what was going on here. Let's continue versus 7 to 9 and I came to jerusalem understood of the evil that a lie ship did for a buyer in preparing him a chamber in the courts of the house of god. And it grieved me sole. Therefore I cast forth all the household stuff while you're out of the chamber, then I commanded and they cleanse the chambers. And through the brought i again the vessels of the house of god, with the meat offering, and the frankincense nehemiah he hears about it and he comes and casts him out and clean the room and puts back at it for the use of the ties and offerings for which they intended in the 1st place. You know, he was doing a pretty strong work kicking to buyouts, and it seemed like, wow, he was pretty violent. But, you know, friends, this is needed in this day and age why they were profaning the temple services. And they started, the people started to see this and they began to give less and less ties and offering. And as a result, what was happening, the leave lights could not be supported, they had to go and do other work as well. And so look, friends, i think it's important for us to understand how the ties and the offering is used. I think this is really important you see, tie the offering, tie that lease what we see in the bible, not how it's used today because you know, many people misuse the time. But when you study about time in the bible, you find that it's used for the support of the gospel minister. It's support of those that are doing the work of god. And you know, in our churches we have quite transparent with how much ties we collect. And even in our business meetings will show you how we've been using the money as well. We'll give a detailed print out of howled the expenses of the time has been used while not the ties because we don't keep the tie than our church. It goes to the mission and then that it gets redistributed to the passes in support for them. But we also show you how we use the offering that you put into the money bag each week we are transparent. We want you to have full confidence that we are using the ties and the offering that you give out of the sweat and the labor of what you and in the week that it's being used rightly in a certain way. We want you to have confidence that when you put that money in the bag, you can have confidence that will be used in the proper way. And even with time, friends, i hope that you have seen in this past year that have been busy as a gospel minister. You know, I've been preaching many, many weeks at the beginning when the M. C. O. First started. I was preaching 4 times a week for Friday night, then the sabbath, schooled and divine service, and then a closing sabbath. And then I was able to the sabbath school started up and then I was able to find people to do sabbath evening. And so all I have is a Friday night and a sabbath morning that has been busy. It's been tiring writing 2 summons a week as well. You know, when I preach, when I pass the 2 churches, it's much easier because I preach him this one family and then on the other side with I don't have to prepare much. I just have to review it because I'm preaching to a new congregation that hasn't heard it, and I just have to pay one. So every 2 weeks. But in the time a pending, it's been busy. Last year I preached a possible 47 of the 50 to sabbath. And so I easily preached over 100 sermons just last year for the weekend. But not does that. You see the offerings. How about the offerings, the money that you put in the money back, the ones that you give to a local church budget? Why do people give so little? Maybe it's because you don't see that we have that money that much need. So it's important to share with the churches what we do at the leadership level to determine how this money is been used while what do we use it for? Well, the missionary book of the year, we buy those books and we distribute it for free. We, we've bought at a very subsidized cost that the discipleship handbook as well, but we make those available for our church members. We haven't charged you a single cent. But if you feel burdened to give you can give it back to, to the mission. And our church as well. We've also have a welfare fund, which we set up, which has been used very much in this past year because we've been in this time of pandemic. And many people have lost their jobs. Money has not been able to be gain of whether it's from, from people sending overseas and other people that have come overseas. Their families have been affected. And so we've used this to support our church members and people that have attended our churches as much as possible, even to the extent our relatives of church members as well who have been hurt very badly. And even the bible workers, one group that on deck side, they've been going through lumbar sou bong and they've been feeding the poor. We've been buying groceries for them. We have constant health checks on them, all the consumables that we buy for the glucose strips and the batteries and all the things that we have to buy the mosques that the bible workers where on a daily basis to go out to serve the community. All these things cost money and then they've been helping, having health talks as well. And even the church has been so so generous to, to buy that camera that, that I'm looking at right in front of me right now to, to help me to get on and live stream as well. And to buy this equipment so that we can come on line on the bible workers visiting church members and the churches they pay for the petrol and, and the upkeep of the cars. And even the bible workers on fact side, they've been working hard at a pew and in the community buying health equipment as well. And we were the 1st on campus to run a health check when a P U university was open so that we can meet the needs of the students. And many students, they were even having trouble buying groceries and feeding themselves as well. And so we've been busy in the community as well, and I guess just a note to the leaders, you know, the purpose of collecting all this money is not to save up for a new church building or make one big purchase, you know. But friends, we have to also plan wisely in how we can use this money to be a blessing in the communities that we live in. And even for the bible worker fun, you know many times I, every week I'm announcing that, but you know, we've had to buy another bible work, a car during this time because we have 13 bible workers. The stipends is not much, but you know, we pay the bible workers each month as well. And we have a general outflow from our bible worker fund of around $20000.00 a month. And so these are big expenses. And by the Grace of god, I just thank God that people have been donating and putting money in. And you have the right to understand how all this money is being used. Even the bible workers in monkey era, we've recently started hell check over there at the plaza there and we've been reaching and meeting many people there as well. God has been really blessing the work and the people are bottle workers and different church members have been really busy. And I praise god for the but you see friends, i want you to have confidence that when you put that money into that bag, it's going to be used for the right purposes. Not so that the bible workers can have a more lavish lifestyle or myself. But that we can use that funds to father the work of god, even especially in this time when it's so difficult to work in the pandemic. But surely, god is blessing. But more than anything else, france, it's not the money that god needs to finish the work. If your heart do come and join us on Sunday mornings for united prayer, because truly that is where the work, the real work is really done. But anyways, coming back to the story of nehemiah chapter 13 because the people saw that the funds were being misapplied. They lost confidence in giving of their highs and the offerings. And this had a waterfall effect versus 10 to 13 of nehemiah 13. And I perceived that the portions of the leave lights had not been given them for the leave lights. And the singers that did the work well fled, every one went to his field. They didn't have enough to support themselves. Then contended i with rulers and said, why is the house of god forsaken? And I gathered them together and set them in their place, then brought all judah, the ties of the corn, and the new wine, and the oil unto the treasuries and made treasurers over the treasury's shallow maya, the priest, and that of the scribe. And of the leave lights put dire, and next to them with pain in the sun of zacko, the son of matter, naya, for they were counted faithful and their office was to distribute unto the brethren, you know, friends, the lessons here parallel our time. If we want revival and reformation to take place in our church, this is one of the areas that nehemiah talks about making sure that we are faithful to art hiv and our offering to make sure that the gospel work is supported and carried forward. And we need faithful people in these positions and friends, i assure you that we have 2 wonderful ladies in dac and sec, faithful woman that work extra hours to make sure that our time an offering an A books are in proper order and that the funds are distributed accordingly, and so that when you put in funds for a specific ministry or work, we appropriate to that ministry and make sure that it is used for that purpose. But friends of we want to revival and reformation, even in our time. I cannot over overstate the importance of being faithful in our hives and our offerings. But I believe that there are still people passive. There are called to the gospel work, but they suffer for once. And so they're constantly thinking about money, how to support their families, how to just make a living, and some they leave the call of god to go and work in other fields and areas which god did not call them. But because the tie, the offering was being mis appropriate. But you know, let's go back to the story, you know, what is the next issue that nehemiah encountered? Let's continue reading in nehemiah 13 and verse 15. In those days, I saw in judah, some treading wine presses on the sabbath, and bringing in, she's and leading asses, as also wine, grapes and figs, and all manner of burdens which they brought into jerusalem on the sabbath day. And I testified against them in the day, wherein they sold victuals there dwelt men of tire, also there in which brought fish and all manner of wear and sold on the sabbath, unto the children of judah and in jerusalem. Then I contended with the nobles of judah, and said unto them, what evil thing is this, that you do? And profane the sabbath day? Did your father's did not your father's thus? And did not god bring all this evil upon us. And upon this city, you bring more wrath upon israel by profaning the sabbath. What were they doing? They were breaking the sabbath, and nehemiah was calling them back to faithful on the family faithfulness on the sabbath. He reminded them. Have you forgotten that the reason why we went into captivity in the 1st place is because we are breaking the sabbath will profaning the Lord God he had to remind them, were you going to bring us back into captivity? If you keep doing this and friends, we have a long history of what we read in the bible about how the people were unfaithful to God, even on the sabbath, and God brought upon them, or at least he withdrew there, protecting his protecting care. And babylon, and made a pleasure, and even the assyrians, before that, they came and conquered them and made them subservient to them. And be needless to say, france. This is a big issue in our day as well, profaning of the sabbath, ours, remember the commitment and the covenant that was made to God on your baptismal day and friends. What happened? The 3 things that followed for the israelites, the covenant. To follow him. One of them was the sabbath. How important is it? It's a holy and a special day may be familiarity with it that we come across it every single week has made us take it for granted and made this, this special and sanctified day lose its holiness. And specialness to each and every one of us, the friends. What's very interesting is, why is it that they ended up breaking the sabbath? Look what the pen of inspiration writes prophets and kings, 671 paragraph one. Another result of intercourse with daughters was a disregard of the sabbath, the sign distinguishing the israelites from all other nations as worshippers of the true god. Did you catch that? What was the reason why these people ended up breaking the sabbath? It was their connection with idolatrous, then mingling with people of the faith and as a result that the specialness of the sabbath lost its sanctity and its holiness. The. The intercourse with idolatry is that the desire for gain, connecting ourselves with people of other faiths. And whether that's in business practice with another person, you know, maybe you're a business owner and you're in league with another person and you're co partners for, for this business. And they don't believe in the sabbath. They're not even christian, maybe. And maybe using well as his business, you know, but friends, you know, when we make union with unbelievers, it waters down our own belief system. Do you know that it really does and look, I don't understand this because I'm not doing this, but you know, maybe you partnership with friends or family. Yes. Even though might be family and they're not believers. You gotta be careful. And even those that are in relationships, maybe you're saying, well, well I still come to church, it's not about just coming to church friends. It's about understanding how holy and how bless it and how sanctified these i was are, are you keeping really the sabbath holy? Do you understand its importance? You know, for us, sabbath has become a footnote to us the day that we rest, the day that we sleep. It isn't, nor is no longer a day that we look forward to. Sunday is the most important day to us. All the close of sabbath, so I can go back and, and do my won't leave things and stop earning money or, or go out shopping and, and have fun in nature and, and do all these things that sabbath seems to be holding us back. It's almost as of sabbath has become a day that we dread and not look forward to. Oh, I can't wait for Monday to start. Then I can start earning money again and thought making progress in my korea. Sabbath has become a footnote. Sabbath has become a hindrance and it seems to disrupt the flow and ebs of our life and our aims and our goals. But we a 7th day adventists, we have to come back through it. We've lost our peculiarity and the needs to be a coming back to the sabbath. It was needed back then in the day of nehemiah and friends, it surely parallels our time, which leads us finally to the last issue that nehemiah had to deal with. Let's go back to ne, my chapter 13 and now reading verses 23 to 27. In those days also, I saw jews that had married wise of ash thought of amen and of moab, and their children spake half in the speech of ash thought and could not speak in the jews language. But according to the language of each people, and I contended with them, and cursed them and smote certain of them and plucked off their hair and made them swear by god, saying, ye shall not give your daughters unto their sons, nor take their daughters unto your son's or for yourselves did not solomon king of israel sin by these things. Yet among many nations, was there No king like him who was beloved of his god. And God made him king over all israel. Nevertheless, even him, that outlandish woman caused the sin, shall we then hearken unto you to do this great evil to transgress against our god in marrying strange wise, what was the issue that nehemiah had to deal with you into a marriage with unbelievers? And this was the 4th issue, an equally yoked relationships which of very much tied in with the sabbath and the giving of ties and offerings. So it seems like faithfulness to the 1st one is really the same as that 4th one that you're seeing here on this list to separate from unbelievers, not be an equally yoked in relationship with them. You know, friends, this is such an important issue. When you look at, at what nehemiah was going through, he's like you have to make sure that you do not let your children, your sons and daughters mary unbelievers even though you've gone down this path already. And he gave the illustration of solomon the wisest man that ever lived. Yet he was pulled away to worship bail and all these other gods because of the wives that he had married. Because they were heathen, they were not of the same faith. And we are nowhere clear close as, as how solomon was in wisdom. Let's not think that we are smarter than him. It took a few 100 of wise to pull solomon away from his faithfulness to God. But in our day, without the wisdom of solomon that he had from god ill only take one friends, we need to be so careful because why this affected the whole nation solomon's unfaithfulness. When he connected with the few than lives, he ended up pulling the whole nation away from court. He would build temples for his wives, for their gods, to worship, which ultimately he himself would bow down and worship as well. Why was this such a big issue? It wasn't just the common people, you know, it really started at the top. Let me read to you a quote, prophets and kings, 674 paragraph one. There was some sacred office who pleaded for the heathen wives, declaring that they could not bring themselves to separate from them. But no distinction was made. No respect was shown for rank opposition. Whoever among the priests or rulers refused to sever his connection with idolatrous was immediately separated from the service of the Lord. A grand son of a high priest having married a daughter of the notorious son balance was not only removed from Office, but promptly banished from israel. You know, friends, this really showed the importance of the sacred office and the purity that was needed in the work of god. And we need that in this day as well, france, nehemiah, she made them promise not to give their sons or daughters to through the unbelievers. But then he went and looked for those that were married the unbelievers and said, you cannot be in this position if you are sole. And so he had to remove her friends. This is the fidelity that the faithfulness that is needed to God, even in these days that we are living in. But I'm telling you the churches we get afraid, we get afraid that they're going to leave church. But you know nehemiah went so far to smack him over the head and he banished them himself before they even had a chance to walk out the door. You know, friends are not saying that we should banish people, but we have to have what the work of god in such high regard. Yes, we have preserved the purity of the work and the importance of the work and the high calling of the work. We need this and even for today friends. For though that america unbelieving spouses, you got to be even more faithful. You have to have your head and shoulders above water to show them who the true god is. And often the reason why a person marries and unbelieving the 1st place is because they themselves are being unfaithful. There is a need for revival and reformation in our day to day. There's much work to be done and it's not going to be easy. Don't think that nehemiah was just like that and he was built that way and that's why he was able to do that. But france, i'm telling you nehemiah he went through a lot just to stand up and to be faithful and to do the work that he did. It seemed violent. It seemed like so strong. But I'm telling you don't think you didn't think twice about this. Look of what the pen of inspiration writes prophets and kings, $674.00 paragraph to how much anguish of sol this needed, severity cost, the faithful worker of god. The judgment alone will reveal there was a constant struggle with opposing elements and only by fasting and humiliation. And prayer was advancement made, you know, I don't think nehemiah just came in and, and he started changing everything he really had to pray get the fast. He had to think long and hard about this before he went and did it. But it said there that he had so much pain in his heart to have to do this. And I'm sure that he paused sometimes, wondering whether he was doing the right thing or not. France, he wasn't acting on his own accord. It was god that was guiding him. We need to day people who are willing to pray. People who are willing to wake up early on a Sunday morning and pray together with the believers of the church. When the people who are willing to humble themselves and are willing to work, we need people that won't listen for others and, and who, who won't be afraid to, to, to just offend people because of the truth sake. Friends. We've got to be faithful to the message. We got to be careful with how we treat people. Yes. But we got to be careful that we have faithful to God 1st. And we shouldn't be worried about the results. We should be worried about how that one person we allow to be left in office. We'll have a or 11 influence over the whole congregation that we'd be for the was that the, the thought that sort of revolt that we have to consider and, and ponder. But friends, god is calling all of us to day. He's calling all of us to be near my us, and these are the full issues that will plague the people in the last days. And we got to make sure that we call people to separate from unbelievers to bank, show that we're not in league with them in business and in relationships. Got to be faithful to the tie than the offering in a day and age. Yes. When so many churches are just calling out for it so they can support themselves, but friends is not about just support, but it's making sure that we are faithful. And then we got to call people to be faithful, especially on the sabbath. Such an important day. The seal of god, the sign of our loyalty to him. And then we gotta have a clear call about making sure that people are not unequal, yoked in their relationships. These other areas of reform that need to take place the day. The bible is not dated. God knows that history repeat itself, and I'm sure that if you open your eyes to day and look around you, you will see that these are the main issues that have plaguing our churches. And maybe some of you are sitting here this morning thinking are ben's pointing me out. Friends, i'm not pointing anybody out. I'm just preaching the truth. Have I become your enemy? As paul said, because I preach to you and show you the truth. Is there any where in there that you have seen this morning of self or personal game? Do you think that I'm doing it just to attack you? Do you think that I'm just calling you out? Because I'm upset it. You don't like you friends. I urge you to go back and read nehemiah, chapter 13 and see whether the things that I've shared with you this morning a from the word of god or not. But lastly, i want to share with you a quote taken from prophets and kings again, 675, paragraph 3. The success attending nehemia's efforts shows what prayer faith and wise energetic action will accomplish. Now look at this, nehemiah was not a priest. He was not a prophet. He made no pretensions, a high title. He was a reformer, raised up for an important time. It was his aim to set his people right with god, inspired with a great purpose, he bent every energy of his being to its accomplishments. High unbending integrity marked his efforts as he came into contact with evil and opposition to write. He took so determined a stand that the people will rouse to labour with fresh zeal and courage. They could not but recognise his loyalty, his patriotism and his deep love for god. And seeing this, they were willing to follow where he led. Do you see that france? nehemiah was not a priest. He never called himself a prophet. Even though that book of nehemiah was written, he made no pretensions though high title. He just loved caught. He just had a love for god and his work and for his people. And to day friends, you do not need the title of a pastor to do the work of god. In fact, many times as a hindrance, because people expect you to live a certain way. But we need people that are willing to do the work because of their great love for god that they're willing to stand up and be counted. You don't need a position in church to make an impact in the church. You don't need to sit on the church board to be a blessing over the whole church, but it doesn't matter. You don't need this title friends. You just need a calling. And I'm telling you friends many calls, but few are chosen because many do not want to stand up and be counted in the work. Friends, i believe that god is calling you today. I know that he's calling all of his people in the church to day to stand up and to give the trumpet a certain sound to, to put at the very front, the work of god above everything else above the studies above their work above the relationships above the families that they're willing to make jesus 1st last and best in everything. Why? Because they love god with all their heart, soul strength and white. And so they push forward. They're willing to, to, to counsel people, to call out sin in the church and not wait for the pastor to do it. They're willing to stand up and to do the work of god, because it needs to be done in this day and age. Friends, we all need to be like nehemiah in philippians, chapter 2 inverse for the bible says look not every man on his own things. But every man also on the things of others. It seems like god is calling us to be busy bodies. You see us to be busy. Body is not in gossip, but in the gospel work, big difference. God. He wants us to be busy install saving in soul winning in being a light in being a blessing to the whole world. Starting with your family, your friends, the community, the influence that you have, god, he's not waiting for you to to go and study theology and then come back and then you can start serving him. Know, france. He wants you to be a blessing right now. Wherever you are to be a nehemiah right here, a militia right now. Friends, you don't need to have a title before. You can stand up and do the work. You don't need to be voted in the church office. I just pray that the love of god and his zeal would be burning in your heart to finish the work to day friends. Barnaby. Will you stand up and be counted? Or maybe the love of god is winning in your heart. You need to come back to him, sit in his presence. You need to come and pray with us. You need to come and join sabbath school more. You need to come and study his word more. You gotta pray for the holy ghost to fill your heart with the love of god that is wider and deeper than any issue or problem that might come your way. And then france then will be repaired of the breach, then will stand in the gap and be counted in these last days. Let's pray father in heaven. Lord, I thank you for the example of nehemiah an old father it to speak so clearly to our hearts the issues that we're facing in the church. It's just that help us not to point fingers and find the fault and why it's happening, but helpless to stand up and be counted like nehemiah to be problem solvers to be reformers in our day and age and lot open our eyes to day to help us to see that you're calling us calling us to stand up and be counted in that regard. Will you please port your holy spirit upon us? Give us the zeal of nehemiah and more than that, give us the passion and the love that he had for you. And for his people, lord, we realize that we are living in serious times. We are living in unusual times, help us not to get use to this help us to be uncomfortable in this work. So that we can push forward and finish the work here in on like we pray in jesus' name. Ah, ah, this media was brought to you by audio purse. A web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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