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To Be Like Jesus

Genesis Napod



  • May 22, 2021
    2:00 PM
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We go and pray and we'll get into god's word loving father. We thank you so much for the privilege, an opportunity to worship together again and to be indoors and father. What a blessing father. So easy to take for granted. What we do have sometimes not till we lose something that we realize what we had for father help us to, to just enjoy the time and may jesus be glorified as we study your word here and we pray him. And so when I was asked to share a message, usually whenever I get asked this in genesis, we need a title. And for me, it's very hard to get a title because, you know, I like to think of different things and sometimes you know, the last minute on the like, you know, I think I want, I rather make this my punch line and like, oh, but I can't get the title but so when they ask me for a title like, you know, I need the most generic one size fits all kind of a title. And so I was like, you know what? To be like. Jesus was no matter what his priest this morning at the end of the day, you need to be like jesus, a man. I mean, it could be prophecy. It could be the old testament, the gospel, whatever it is. And if the punch line is not to be like jesus, then we miss the point. As it says in corinthians, you know, we could have all knowledge of all mysteries, but we have not love, which is god that we kind of missed the whole point. And so the idea is to be like jesus, a man and so with that being said, I will get into today's message. So there is a term, or rather 2 words that people, I do not like in 2020, when a lot of things were happening. Because they want to get those two's words or we're close. Ok, we're close. Got to close it. But it's this idea of the new normal. You guys heard that those 2 words before? New normal and so 2020 a lot of chaos. Things have happened, a lot of crazy things, and we had this idea that you know, all these things, it might be permanent, it might last you know, forever. And therefore, we need to get adjusted to this quote unquote, new normal. Our new normal of where mass this new normal being 6 feet apart. This new normal of not the travel or your loved ones are the new normal of you know, just a lot of adjustments. I'd be able to sit in a restaurant or go to church, just these things and you know, for a lot of us or maybe all of us, this was not fun for us. It was not a good adjustments, but this idea of a new normal. But the thing is, this, those who recognise a new normal are people who have had it different at one point for people who are born into something that's already been changed to them, that is normal, that makes sense. So with that being said, as much as this new normal was a bit frustrating and how we so desire to go back to what we call normal god has his own kind of thing that he wants to get back to. If I can fit it that way, ever since the fall of mankind, the fall of adam and eve, the whole earth has to go through this process of a new normal in the beginning and the book of genesis. When my favorite book in the book of genesis, the bible says that god created the heavens, the earth, a man. And in this garden of eden that god created, we had a perfect god with perfect people, perfect environment. Just everything was perfect, a world without sin and a world without sickness, a man that is the environment in which god created powerful. But because of sin, that is not the kind of world that we live in today. And because of sin, there was a new normal. I wanna show you guys this quote here found in the patriarchs and prophets only put an x over the quote. I have the full quote here, but I'm here read it to you guys. And it says, here as a witness, this is Adam and eve as a witness in drooping flower and falling leaf. The 1st size of the K. Adam and his companion mourned more deeply than men are more for what? Over there dead. Now you don't have this, I'm gonna finish it off. Here is the death of the frail, delicate flowers was indeed a cause of sorrow. But when the goodly trees cast other leaves, the scene brought directly to mind the stem, the stern fact that death is a portion of every living thing. Now I went to school at Southern and they want to go to southern. Okay, let me ask you a question for those who have got to southern what is arguably the most beautiful season The fall season, right? The fall season. And so my civil spring. So my say so I don't ever says winter but fall, you know, I'm from here. So when I was over there southern during the fall time, it was so pretty like all the leaves, turn red and orange and brown and I felt more home. I went there just because of the leaves that here for some reason, but it just felt very homey. Felt very much like thanksgiving for some reason. But that was arguably the most beautiful season when all the leaves are falling. But it says here, as we're reading, reading in pictures and prophets that adam and eve, what, what was the reaction imagines they went to southern that would be terrible, right? Absolutely, it's terrible. But they mourned when they saw the leaves, not even a leak, not even the leaves. Just the 1st leaf falling. Because what was this an indication of, of death. And so fall was actually not god contention. The fall of man or the falling leaves was never the intention of god. And so the fact that there were leaves falling was an indication of death. This made them more and even worse than somebody die and go into a funeral. But what happened over the years? Do we cried, do we cry when it's fall? When it's southern, do you cry? everyones, they can instagram figures like low look at the look at the beautiful leaves are falling. And so what happened because of sin, there is a new normal and we've got an adjusted to it. And so now the concept of leaves falling every here is normal. And over the years the causes of people getting sick and dying became normal. And so we kind of just got use the idea that, you know, this is just the way life is. It's the circle of life. You know, people are born, they, they live, they get sick and eventually they die. This is what we're used to. And it's, it's just what we are accustomed to, but for god who exists before this new normal does not like this new normal man. And God and tension is to get us back to what is actually normal. And so it's really interesting because the things that we might see that we think are abnormal, you know, like, have with god or read the bible, the things that the world might consider as abnormal, this is actually what is normal. And this is what god intends to bring us back to. So with your bibles, i have a lot of bible verses i and so I'd like for you guys to turn your bible with me. Let's go to ecclesiastics chapter one. Read from some wisdom here. Ecclesiastics chapter one And some commentators say that the author of ecclesiastics was probably a little bit depressed when he wrote this book, because this was a man who had everything rights had everything and yet he was a little depressed. So I'll give you guys a moment get there We all there man. Please. Yes, his one was to started birth one. It says here the words of the preacher, the son of david, king of jerusalem, injury islam. Vanity of vanity says the preacher, vanity van is all, is what everyone all is vanity 1st 3. What profit has a man from all his labor which he toils under the sun? One generation passes away and another comes. But the earth abides forever. Now, I don't know if, if solomon was melancholy, because I tend to be melancholy. And I like to go and hikes, withers with brands or by myself to just, you know, think about life, think about god. And I have these melancholy thoughts come to my mind. And I think to myself as I'm on the hill, the local lender, or big bear or wherever, and I think to myself, I wonder how many people have hiked these hills before me. And I've thought the same thoughts that I'm thinking right now. I wonder how many, how many people these hills and these cretins mountains have seen and will continue to see after i'm gone, the large a. Terry. So sama here who is the richest man at this point? Who has everything that we would want? He says vanity about his early as vanity verse, for one generation passes away and what happens? Another one just simply replaces it. You come and you go. But the earth, it's there forever. The hills normal, the hills are still there, but the trees are still there, but humans, we come. And we go, 1st by the sun also rises and the sun goes down and have to the place where it arose. The wind goes towards us out and turns around to the north when a about world, about continually. So he goes on to say, like, you know, life goes on today, you might be the most powerful riches person as solomon was, but eventually he will pass away. And what about his riches? Now, what about all of his materials? Now it's all pretty much vanity and what he's saying is this coming from man who had everything is that you might have everything that the world wants. But it's only temporary. And so the causes of death is that when you have gone through a number of funerals, you begin to realize that one day they'll be you and me. We work so hard for our materials. We work so hard for our degrees. We work so hard for life, but one day we will pass away. It's a very somber, melancholy thought. Is it not? Now I take issue with that. I don't know if you guys took issue with that, but I think issue with that. And I work as, as I mentioned, my buy, I work as a nurse here, a low melinda, and for a whole year we were the designated primary cobit units. And so I got to work with lot of Family members or rather a patients. And the saddest thing about the unit is that before they kind of ease the, the restrictions is that even when they're dying, they couldn't have family visit them. As you begin to realize that the most important things in life is not materials. It's not possessions, but what it all comes down to and your last moment of life is being around the people that you love and your health. And as we, as humans, as we could face, we could experienced this and how much we, we would want something to change. God wants us to as of even better, a man, god is looking at to this death issue, the sin issue. And he wants to, that's better for you and me, he wants not just a temporary solution, but a permanent one, a man. So we have our bibles that are getting like another verse here. Let's go where you to go back to the book of genesis. So we're going to really keep up with these thoughts here, but let's go to the book of genesis. So the question is, well, what happened? And when we can all know what kind of happened? But what is it that took place here? Now the net, the met, the name of these messages and how, what everyone to be like jesus, we are striving to be like jesus. And so let's go here. Let's go to genesis. Genesis chapter one, verse 27. Genesis chapter one, verse 27. And we can all agree that jesus is god a man. So to be like jesus, to be like god in character. Right. Jesse is one verse 27. And what is the bible said? Was the bible say? So god created man and whose image and his own image image of man he created him, male and people he created them. And so we in the beginning were created in an image of god. We were created to be like jesus. But something happened, go to jesse 3, verse 5. Genesis chapter 3, verse 5. I have quite a few verses. Genesis chapter 3, verse 5 are well there. So when adam and he fell in the beginning, here, it started here. The serpents which was being used by as a meeting by satan approached eve and said this When he was tempted to eat the forbidden fruit, he said, for god knows, and the day that you eat, your eyes will be open and you'll be like what everyone. You will be like god, knowing what So the desire is that you and I have I would say that if it comes from god they are pure men. But the way the devil does it, he doesn't, as he knew, he takes what god had. And he paints it, and so there is a desire to be like, god, he was want to be like jesus, a man, praise god. But then there's also a desire to be like god, in a sense that we don't cover his character. But we covet his, his power instead, and so here we have the fall of mankind. Satan temps eve and says, hey, if you iep is forbidden fruit, you will be like like god, but wait a minute, wait a minute, just a couple of chapters before that. What does the bible say that they were already created? How in the image of god? And so adam and eve was ready like god in character. They really had the image of god. What satan or lucifer was jealous. And so he said, hey, no, no, no, if you really want to be like god, if you want his power there, wanting to try this. Very interesting what safety was trying to do was he was trying to instill his character upon the Human race. We're reading here desire of ages and I have a full quote here. So you guys have partial quotes. It says up there in desire of ages. Lucifer desired, what everyone, gods power, but not as what's not his character. I have the full quote here, so I'll read it to you. It is loose. Read said I will be like the most high and desire for self as notation had brought, strive into the heavily course, and it, banish it, bolted of the host of god. Had lucifer really desire to be like the most high. He will never have deserted his appointed place in heaven. For the spirit of the most high is manifested in unselfish ministry. Lucifer desired god's power, but not his character. And so when we say I want to be like god, the question is, do I want to be like god in character or do I want to be like god in his power? And unfortunately, within our sinful nature, what we actually desire is we actually want god's power. You know, if I had god's power, i could overcome all my enemies. If I had god's power, i could show the world that I'm really grates. If I had god's power, i could do all these great things, and a lot of times it could be for selfish motivation. Satan desired the power of god, but not to be like god in character. Whereas jesus, on the other hand, jesus humble themselves to become a human being. But he loves the character of god. He showed the character of god. And the question is, what are we desiring? This morning, are we thinking the power of god? Or do we want to be like god, in character? And so the temptation here in the garden was that, you know, if you want to have god's power, you can tap into even this forbidden fruit and your habits. And so what we have here is the 10th commandment. What is the 10 commandments? thou shall not cover. Not off. I haven't the next light here. Yes I do. Here it is selfishness is what every one selfish. Now you might have heard the bible text where it says at money or the love of money is the root of all evil rights. But if you really think about it, it, what it comes down to is this idea of covetousness, selfishness. And we're told that selfishness is actually the roots of all evil. Notice here I'm gonna show you guys the bible text here in luke chapter, 12 or 15. Let's go to luke chapter 12 verse 15. Luke chapter 12 verse 15. Luke chapter 12 or 13. And as gina speaking and he said to them, take heed and be aware what everyone beware. Covetousness for one's life is not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses. Very, very interesting. And so if you read the context of this story here, you have like this, this family matters, you know, fighting over property like, you know what, let's go to jesus. Let's, let's, let's take it to the Lord and ask him to resolve this for us. And jesus response instead of giving them a resolution, what did jesus say? He says to be aware of covetousness. Was jesus saying that there's more to life than just a temporary blessings. So often we seek the hand of god. But not so much the face of god. So often we seek a miracle from the lore to satisfy our temporary needs. But we're not seeking the bigger picture. Now I am convinced that god is invested in our happiness, a man, you know as much as we want to be happy. I think we all want to be happy and we all want to be happy. And sometimes there is a temptation to think that god is preventing us from receiving happiness. But an actuality god's biggest goal is for you and I to be happy, eternally. Jesus says in the book of john, I think it's chapter or whichever it is. But it says, I have come to give you life and to give it to you more abundantly. I think that may be john 10 town. Not sure. He says the thief comes out but still killed to destroy, but I have come to give you life. And to give it to you more abundantly, god did not create to just simply exist a man, but to live life and to live it abundantly. You think about the fruits in the garden of eden. God only said nothing from that one particular tree. But from all the other trees they had access to it. And so god gave us taste. But the man, if God want us to have a boring life to simply exist, he would have not creed, us with taste buds. But he did. He created all the beautiful flowers, the birds, the fish 1st appreciates the beauty of creation. Just last weekend, I came back from big sir. And you know, I realize when I was a student, tennessee, i visited everywhere. More place than the local. And here I friends are out of state, they're seeing more things and I have around here. And so I have a book, it was like, I need to go to zion, i need to go grant. I have not been a grand canyon. I need to go to all these place. I need to go to the horseshoe been and I know well, I need to go to all these places. And finally, I did big sir, but the thing is this, when you look at the beauty of nature, the beaches, the mountains of flowers. These are all created for our pleasure. Because god is artistic and he doesn't want to simply exist. But he wants us to enjoy life and to enjoy we has made for us. God is taking the big picture. And so here's the question. Then when the question is this? If God wants me to be happy, then why doesn't god always answer my prayers? Because I'm praying for things will make me happy. Now, I mean you don't pay for things. I'll make you said you pay for those things that will make me happy and sometimes the answers and sometimes they've done it. So why doesn't god answer our prayers all the time? Why is it sometimes he doesn't? What about the times that he does not answer. You know, when I worked, praise god, we're no longer covered units to look better. But 21 has been really rough for a lot of families, including my own. A lot of us have lost love once. And it makes me realize that during that time when you pray and fast for love, ones to be healed. And it doesn't happen. God like, I don't care about anything else. I will give you my life if you just simply shield my family member and he doesn't do it. What about then? What about then? Why doesn't god always answer? And the temptation is to think that you know what? God, he doesn't care about my situation. God is. He's not really listening to me. But remember friends, you know, as god does not think the way that man thinks, god thinks bigger. Now I think about the miracle of jesus and we're told that jesus did more acts of healing. They did preaching. So he did a lot of miracles. But some of the miracles that jesus did were actually kind of temporary. For example, we read about the story about jesus multiply and efficient the bread. Right. You guys remember the miracle temporary? Because even though he fed all those people, what happened? 4 or 5 hours later, you'll get hungry again. I mean, great, thank you lord, for the miracle, he provided a physical miracle for their physical comfort for that present time. But what happened? They were in need again. And so we could ask god for these temporary miracles to make us comfortable, physically, temporarily. God, I need a miracle financially so I could be happy financially, temporarily. We might even pray for healing so that we could be happy. But listen to this, god may not always answer our immediate prayers, but he has something bigger in mind. I want to show you guys something. Let's go to John chapter 6. John chapter 6. John chapter 6. And I think I want to start Was to start verse one, john chapter 16 verse one. After these things, jesus went over the sea of galilee, which is a sea of type marius. Then a great multitude followed him because they saw his signs, which he performed on those who were disease. So jesus was quite popular because he saw the miracles that he did. He was healing the sick verse 3 and jesus went up on the mountain and there he sat with disciples. Now the passover fees of the jews was near 5 than jesus lifted up his eyes and seeing a great multitude coming toward him. He said to philip, where should we buy bread? That these may eat? So we know the story, right? Because a lot of people and jesus is not just preaching to them, but he feeds them a man. So it's kind of like church they. We have a message and there's like a public, right. And so it's really, really nice to jesus. But this he said to him for he himself knew what he would do. So jesus kind of testing his disciple here. Well, let's trip. Let's get for to verse 10, then jesus that make the people sit down. Now there was much grass in the place. So the men sat down and number about 5000, so there was 5000 men not include women and Children. So there are thousands of people right versus 11. And jesus took the loaves and when he had given thanks, he distributed them to the disciples. And is able to those sitting down and likewise of the fish how much it wasn't just a little amount a man. But jesus fed them how much as much as they wanted. So they got for as much as they wanted. Verse 12. So when they were filled, they were what everyone filled the I want you guys to notice this jesus, we're thinking about miracles, right? Jesus performs a physical miracle for their what kind of needs for their physical needs and for their happiness. A doesn't just provide just a little bit, but jesus is generous. He goes above and Beyond. He he, he make sure that they are full and they are filled and they're happy. But what's gonna happen in 5 hours? You're gonna be hungry again. Now I'm trying to make a point here. This is what I'm trying to make. A lot of times we pray for god's blessings, so that we will be comfortable because we're not comfortable in life right now. God, please hill. My love one who's in the hospital, right? Now, and this will make them physically happy and healthy, but eventually, you know, even if God does he'll, we will still pass away. So it's temporary if you think about it. But notice is here. We're still john, let's go, let's get diverse, 24. So these people, the experience, the miracle of god, they were blessed by his physical blessing. Actually go to verse 22. So let's get diverse. 22. We're still in John 6, go to verse 22. And on the following day, when the people were standing on the other side, the see saw that there was no one, No other boat there except that which his disciples had entered and the jews had not entered the boat with his disciples. But staples had gone away alone. Verse 23, however, other boats came from siberia near the place where they had ate bread after laura had given thanks. So this is after eating bread 1st way for and when the people therefore solid, jesus was not there, nor the disciples. They also gone to both and can't capture them and we're seeking jesus question, why were they looking for jesus? ha, I'm here like a lot of different things up there. I think you got they are hungry again, looking for jesus. Right. What miracle the jesus just perform. He just fed a lot of people. They saw the miracle. And so now looking for jesus, because he could feed people, he could probably even feed an army verse $25.00. And when they found him on the other side of the sea, they said to him, rabbi, when you get here, I was think this is kind i just want to read this is it's kind of cute. Like what did you get here? Jesus has already been there, and so they're looking for just jesus. What did you get here? I just lied to love that part. But I and it says here now knows how jesus respond. Rabbi, when did you go? When did you come here? First way 6. Jesus answered him and said, most assuredly i say to you, ok, why are they thinking, jesus, he says, you seek me. Not because you saw the signs but because of what? You 8 of the loaves and we're what? In other words, you were blessed by my miracle of physical blessing. That was only temporary. And because you enjoy that, now you're looking for me because maybe what more bread or something, right? And so we keep seeking jesus because we're seeking in his hand. Oh, he blessed me with fish and bread. What else could give me? What else could you give me? And we are satisfied with the small temporary blessings. But notice what jesus says here. He says in verse 27. He says, do not labor for what everyone. For the food which what perish is but for the food which what endures to eternal life, which is a son, a man will give you because god, the father has set his seal on him. So what is the bigger picture? The jesus come to the world and dine across so he could feed us bread and fish. Is that the whole reason why it came to the world? I mean that's part of what he did. He did do that, but he has a bigger mission. And so what is jesus saying don't be striving just for the temporary things from god. They were seeking jesus by the way. But he's saying that when you're searching for god don't just search for god just so you can get a temporary blessing. But look beyond that, what is the bigger blessing? You see, friends, god does not want to just sustain you that you will live today and then died tomorrow. God wants to give you a kind of bread that was to sustain you for all eternity. Because I don't know about you, but god is tired of death, sickness and all this pain. And God doesn't want to just give us a band aid to just simply fix the problem now. And then eventually we die tomorrow he wants to give us a permanent solution. And that premise solution is eternal life through jesus christ. You see, you know, work in the medical field where they say that one of the perks of being the medical field is that it's always in demand. But the reason why it's always in demand is because there's always people who are sick. But I look forward to the day when doctors and nurses will no longer be in the madman. There'll be a day that we will be unemployed. And heaven, because there's no more sick people. Because god is tired of this whole sickness and pain. God is not just trying to provide it temporary blessing. I mean, he did provide efficient bread, it satisfy them for a few hours. But ultimately what he's trying to do is provide a bigger blessing so that we will all go home one day when she comes the man. And so we read about all these miracles in the bible, how he raise the dead and how heal the sick and how he fed the poor and all these great things. But perhaps the greatest miracle that god wants to perform is a changed hearts. A man to take us back to what is actually normal to be like jesus, god's will is that we become more like him. So what does it mean to become more like him? I don't know this quote. Nope, no quote there. So what does it mean to become more like god become more like jesus? Well, I'm gonna show you guys a familiar bible text. Go to 1st, john chapter 48. You probably know it by heart. First john forbes 8. What is for John for verse 8. Say God is god is love. God is love. Now that's the definition of god. Now the bible could have said that god is muscle and power because god is powerful. He meant by doesn't say that it says a god is love. So what does it mean to be like jesus auto, if you guys have been keeping up with the news and social media. But I feel like the world and america more than ever, are divided. And it should surprise us because the bible does tell us in matthew matthew $24.00 verse 12 speed about the last days it says and because iniquity shall bound what will happen, the love of many will what will wax cold? Now this might be true about the world, but this should not be true about god's people as christians, while the world is divided and the world is hate, each of the world is fighting. It should not be the case for god's children, a man. Because john 3035. Let's go there real quick. John. 133435. And before I read it a couple weeks I got to teach dab school here and we're going over the covenants. I think you guys still are going to go over the covenant. Ok. And so when I was teaching to our school a couple weeks here, we talked about how israel in the peculiar people, and they had a purpose and what was their purpose? Their purpose was not to, you know, just keep the gospel to themselves, but to be a light to the world. And by extension at 70 evidence, christians, we have the same purpose not to just keep the light to ourselves, but the letter light shine. And so how do we do that, John? verse, 30, chapter 13 for 35. How will the world know that we are different from everybody else while the whole world is angry and hating one another, it should not be the case for christians. What does they hear in John? 13 for 35. By this shall all men know that you are my disciples. If you have love for one another. My brothers and sisters, the time's ticking time clock here. But my brothers and sisters. I like to keep it simple and usually short, but here's the point. Try to make god's will is for us to be like jesus to be like jesus in character. Why think about jesus jesus as a person who just love people. And he loves people so much that not only did he minister to their physical needs, but he also minister to their spiritual needs. God sees a bigger picture. You know, I look forward to the day that jesus comes because when jesus comes you make all things new. And I look forward to seeing our loved ones who have passed away before us. Something we question god god, why did you let my love one pass away? Why did you allow my love one to get sick? Why didn't you healed them? Why did you not provide the miracle the blessing? Because god could have easily done it could not but god is think about something bigger. And that is eternal life. For god, raising the dead is not a problem. I heard someone put it this way. When jesus had to resurrect lazarus, he had to say lazarus name play now, because if he did it, everybody would probably been resurrected if he would come forth. So raising the dead is not a problem for jesus a man. We can see that healing the sick is not a problem for jesus. We know that feeding people who are hungry is not difficult for jesus. But what god wants to do is change your hearts. That's the biggest miracle. So why is god delay? Because he's giving us as much time as possible to share the gospel and to save as many souls as possible because everything else is easy for god. Reason the dead, easy healing sick? No problem for god. No problem. But what he's trying to do right now is to save the world and would right now praise the Lord. We are worshiping indoors again. That means that there is still time france. When we leave this place, we still have freedom to share the gospel with others. We still have freedom to tell other people about hope in christ. We have the freedom to invite people to church men and to allow them to hear messages that will bring them hope as well. While the world hate the child, the world is going crazy. The world will know that you are god's disciples. When you have love for one another, because when we have loved one another, it is truly then that we are being like jesus, a man. Let's pray loving father in heaven. We thank you so much for the simple message, father to be like jesus and father. We have seen that in this world we live in today. There is a new normal and a lot of us, we don't like the new normal father. The new normal happened 6000 years ago when adam and he fell. And you don't like that new normal. And you're trying to get us back to the way things should be no more sin, death or dying or sickness. Nothing like that. I pray father god, with a time that we still have this time of grace that you would help us father to, to win as many sold as possible. Invite them to church. We thank you for that. Church is open again. Help us father got to take advantage of the time we have now this time of grace and mercy. To reach out help us father. So that when the world sees us, that they could sell their something different. These people love one another. They are just like we love the Lord and pray. I use this media was brought to you by audio person, a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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