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07 Satan’s Last Resort

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 10, 2021
    11:00 AM


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Well, today we're going to continue our series a little bit. Maybe I shouldn't make apologies. I probably shouldn't. I worry that it's going to be a little bit long. But again, I just give you full permission. If you need to use the restroom, go use the restroom. If you need to keep marched into your car, I won't hold that against either. You won't get think I for me. But for those of you that see, this is a rainy afternoon and you're in the fasting. Stay by now we're going to do our best get through this. This is a picture of Dr albert molar. I believe if I'm saying his name correctly the few logins and ordain baptist minister, who currently serves as the president of the southern baptists, the logical seminary, and louisville, kentucky which is the flagship school for the southern baptist convention, is one of the largest seminaries in the world for them. And he has spoken up in both time magazine and christianity today, and they called him one of the leading american evangelicals historian, been carrying new York times. Wall Street journal usa today, the Washington post. And the list goes on. He's made appearances on date line and good morning american today show you get the idea. But he wrote this article, my secretary judith sent this to me. I just praise the Lord for judas. He does so much to keep us organized. Season unsung hero in this church and a godly woman, woman of faith. So she sent me this article and I was reading through and I wanted to share it with you. The date that this was written, or at least when it came out of March for of this year. So just a little over a month ago. And the title there says pivoting to surrender, a warning for all christians. And I just want to read you excerpts from this article. And if you take a picture of that, you can easily google that and pull up and read the whole thing. But in the article, he says here your vocabulary word for the day is pivot. According to the oxford languages dictionary, pivot can be used as a now meaning the central point, pan or shaft on with the mechanism turn or oscillates. As a verb pivot means to turn as if on a pivot, it means to change direction. That turns out to be important and common usage, a pivot can usually indicate a major and fundamental change. And he goes on. He says it's exactly what's taking place with regard to one of the nation's largest adoption and Foster care ministries. What's he talking about? Just consider this to word phrase in a breaking your religious news service article. Bethany pivoted is exactly what the organization did. Bethany refers to the bethany christian services, b. C. F, which had been one of the nation's largest evangelical agencies involved in adoption, and Foster care. The pivot points to their policies regarding l G b T q issues. Bethany christian services recently announced that it would now place children in same sex household and other families identified as l G. B T q. This can only be described. He continues to write as a watershed pivot, pivot away from orthodox biblical christianity, and towards the aims of the sexual revolution and its new morality. Bethany christian services, at least, an official policy defined a marriage. In biblical terms, the agency plays children only qualified christian homes. And bethany believe that children deserved a loving home environment, marked by a conventional marriage union between one man and one woman. In fact, in 2007, they strengthened their language. But in recent years, in cities like philadelphia or states like the commonwealth of massachusetts charities were being under a considerable pressure for refusing to serve the l G b T q community that they would no longer be allowed to continue. As a ministry was the threat, as soon as same sex marriage was legally approved in Massachusetts, the state took action to course that state's largest adoption foster care agency, catholic charities. Simply because the cafeteria refused to contradict catholic teaching. And so catholic charities made a choice remain catholic in conviction. Good for them. And massachusetts made the choice to serve the l G b T q demands even at the expense of losing a historic child care provider. So in the case of bethany christian services, they decide to make a national change of their policy. Ruth graham, the New York times, reported that under the new policy, the agency will begin to provide services to l G b, T, q, parents nationwide, effective immediately. And the case of the catholic charities in Philadelphia is set to hit the supreme court in just the next few months in which it is expected that they will rule in favor of the catholic charities. Right to remain catholic in their beliefs. But sadly bethany christian services went ahead and changed their policies. They surrendered even before the battle began. Vague toes to pivot. If you will, more continues in his article. We can't miss this. This is a textbook case of failure to lead and to maintain conviction. Bethany hired a polling firm to decide how much latitude they really had to pivot. They had the polling data to help them decide whether or not this would be acceptable whether or not this would be ok. And so rather than based on scripture and thus sayeth the Lord, we're going to pull and say, what do you all think? And they buckled under the pressure and tries, they made a walk, the tight rope. There is no middle ground between the moral revolution and biblical orthodoxy. Christians must understand this pressure is mounting on all front. He rides and will confront every single christian institution, school congregation denomination, and ministry period. He says, every christian and every christian ministry will come to a reckoning. We must all decide where we will stand. We will pivot, or we will hold fast to faithfulness and the hope of the gospel. And then I love this line as he closes out his article here. He says, let me be clear as to where I and the southern baptist theological seminary stand. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. The demand a pivot will undoubtedly come. But will we surrender before the fight? Will we pivot where we buckle? No, he says we will see the fight through all the way to the end. And if we have to leave the buildings to the bath, you realize the seminary the largest southern baptist seminary in the world. There's plenty of buildings, there's plenty of campus, right? There's plenty of overhead. He says, we will leave the building to the bat. If that's the case, so be it. We will shut it all down before we surrender our commitment to christ, to the gospel and to the unfailing truth. Oh, god's word. To that I say, a man and a man. He says, by god's grace, that's where we stand today. And we are about to find out. He says, which institutions which schools which churches and with the denominations will stand and who will pivot and abandon the faith. I read through that article and I say, wow, that's leadership. Somebody who's willing to stand up and stand out and to lead. Not to lead by polling numbers. I mean that's what aaron did, right? We have moses and we have. Aaron moses said this is what god says we should do. And they did it. Aaron said, well, what do you all want to do? Let's take a pole. Well more people one, and I don't want to worship the true god. And so we'll just, or we'll worship him in our own way. You know, we can count to how we want. And so now we have this, i'll send out pops the cas friends. True leaders, there's a place for polling, but true leaders don't poll when it's a moral issue. They say simply based on god's word, this is where we stand period. I better move on through the gone to the series entitled final events. We've dealt with some pretty heavy topics and today is no different. We're dealing with another heavy topic. We're dealing with the death decree. Isn't this a cozy topic? Welcome to church. I've had a rough week. Got laid off. Had all these other things happen in my life and I go to church and loan, behold the path. You're talking about the death decree. I'm sorry. I do wish we could talk about it, cause your topic today. A more feel good topic. But I pray that today's message will not be about doom and gloom, but about the Grace of god. And that god will be lifted up. And in a nutshell, is when the death decree comes down to us that we will not pivot, that we will not fold. And as a social pressures mount and the choice comes to this church or our school or our place of business or our home, I pray that we will stand for truth that we will stand alone as a little kid song to a stand alone on the word of god. And so today, in this final event series, we're looking at part 7. And we've entitled death to create god's tests or satan's desperation. I'm going to try and do a quick little recap because it's been a while since we've been talking about some of these things. The 1st message, and you're welcome to go back and find them there on YouTube, and they're on our church website archive there as well. Many of these are on audio verse, so there's plenty of places to listen to them if you're so inclined, but the in time prophetic catalyst. And in that one, you may remember that we looked at all of these things that are pushed in the needle closer and closer and closer to a national sunday law. And when that national sunday law breaks, these dominoes, if you will, are going to fall very rapidly. So it's not as if we have all this time to figure things out as things unfold. They're gone full very quickly and it's going to be under great amounts of pressure that will be left to make some of these choices unless we make them in advance. Which I would lobby that we do as much as possible by god's grace. So we can be decided on where we are. The 2nd message we talked about, the abomination of desolation. And that in a nutshell, we look through a lot of scriptures. But how there's 3 applications to that we have the siege of jerusalem and 70 id by pagan roman empire. The 2nd applications union of church and state from 538 to 798. And the in time application of this abomination of desolation is a national sunday law. I'll let you go back and listen to that if you have more questions about that. We looked at the 4 stages of the sunday law in phase one, sunday's enforce day of rest, but were encouraged to do missionary labor. Phase 2, we can on the sabbath, but you must honor sunday. This is where it's mandated. And this is where we will receive the market to be if we bow down to what the state says, we must do an honor a day. That's not the sabbath. Who ever worships the beast, and they're saying you have to worship the beast. And this is where we have to say no, I have to stand on god's word, not face to face 3 forbidding to worship on sabbath that eventually comes and then eventually enforced by the death decree. And we're going to expound on that a little bit more today than the new world order. We talk briefly about that the true new world order is when protestantism and catholicism, or the papacy and spiritualism, all unite. And eventually it's a national sunday law. But then you have all it goes to all the kings of the earth and eventually it's a universal sunday law. And that in fact is going to be a major new world order. And so we took some time to look at that. And we looked at the little time of trouble. We talked about, let's see in this little time, trouble you have for sunday worship. You have a cold leave, the city, the Mark of the beast is receive, cannot buy or sell, and death decrease. Satan counterfeits 2nd advent is where I put it. Some people put on the other side and that's ok. Latter rain and loud cry. Seeing that 144000 bline out of thin jasmine living, then you have a closer probation and you have jacob's time of trouble. 7 last plague said suffered, but do not perish during the plagues worldwide devastation by satan and arm again. And then the 2nd coming, and so we unpacked that one a little bit more as well, and you can go back and revisit last time we were together, it was the latter rain and the loud cry. We illustrate a ladder, rain as being clipped in. If you will, to God, and I use the illustration of these climbers that do free solo climes and there's a whole list of them. In fact, I could put that lie in here and there are pictures of free solo climbers that are no more. Why? Because somewhere along the way they fell, they were not clipped in, and they ended up falling to their death. In the end of time. The latter rain, that holy spirit is what flips us in. And without that holy spirit, we will be lost. We also looked at this timeline of the church has played the harlot and as a call for repentance and true heart conversion, and g, as in his heavenly sanctuary, blogging out the sins of his people. And we have the, our point of the latter rain comes from the heavenly sanctuary as those times a refreshing that come. And then we have the closer probation the 2nd coming of jesus. Because the out point of that latter rain that enable the midnight cry. If you will, and also enables the loud cry, revelation 18 for this message to go forth with greater power and clarity and might, than it ever has before. And in order for that to happen, we need an, A greater out pouring of god's holy spirit. We need the fruits of the spirit in our lives. We need to be totally surrendered to him fully and completely. When that takes place, this message will go like wildfire around the globe. And that at the same time, you have this national sunday law starting to break. And that gives more impetus to our message along with this latter rain and loud cry that it all culminates in the very marked way. And then it ends with the right in the harvest, revelation 14. And as soon as the harvest is ripe, we talked about how a farmer doesn't wait because it will rot on the vine or the wheat will rod in the field, whatever the case. As soon as it is ripe, it says thrust in your sickle and re for the time has come for you to read. For the harvest of the earth is there it is. Right? And so we do have a special message for this special time in this time, a nurse history. We want to be ready when jesus comes. I also mention that the loud cry is 2 things. It's a proclamation, but it's also a demonstration of the righteousness by faith in jesus christ. We need both. If we just have a proclamation but our lives are not a demonstration, it's not going to work. We need the holy spirit to change us so that we can change the world. I shared this quote already in regards to the ads from christ object less than starting on page $68.00, says the Fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, temperance, and she write this through, can never perish, but will produce after its kind a harvest undue eternal life when the Fruit is brought forth immediately he put his sickle because the harvest is come, christ is waiting and ask the part the breaks my heart. Christ is waiting, we thought we were waiting. Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church. Is the privilege of every christian now in look for but to hasten the coming of our lord. Jesus christ. Quoting 2nd peter $312.00 were all who professed his name, bearing fruit to his glory, how quickly the whole world would be sewn with the sea of the gospel. Quickly, the last great harvest would be ripened and christ would come to gather the precious grain. And what's it all hinting upon if all who professed his name were bearing fruit to his glory, help us lord. And so today's peace is the death decree. And then we'll have a few more here to wrap this series up. Jacobs time of trouble will be next time. And then the one I'm really looking forward to god's people delivered. And then the one we're all looking forward to after that the 2nd coming though, hang in there. That's where we're headed. And so let's continue on in this idea of death decree. If you brought your bibles turn me to revelation chapter 13, we've looked at this before, but we're going to look at it now a little bit more fine tuned in the lens of this death decree. Because it's here in revelation 13 that really the death decree is spoken of in more plain language than anywhere else in scripture, i believe this is a description of the 2nd b revelation, which of course is protestant america. And we have established that in other talks before, but we're not going to take time do that this morning. But it says in verse 11, a revelation 13 and I saw another beast coming up out of the earth and he had 2 horns like a lamb. And spoke like a dragon. We talked about this before, the 2 horns represent civil and religious liberty. So america starts off as a christian like nation. It is like christ, like a lamb, but then it speaks like a dragon. And when he speaks of the dragon, this is when the sunday law takes place. Because how does the nation speak through its laws? We talked about death and remember that the dragon gave his power seemed authority to the 1st piece of revelation, 13 the 1st be the relation 13 of the mouth of a line, which is babylon. And recall the 1st b mouth speaking great things for 1260 years. And so again, when the 2nd b speaks, like the 1st beast does, we have seen how this will be this Sunday law. Let's keep going, verse 12. And he exercises all the authority of the 1st beast in his presence and caused the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the 1st beast whose deadly wound was healed. First 13, he performs great signs that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. And he to see those who dwell on the earth by those sign which he was granted to do in the side of the beast. Telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived. So protest in America will cause everyone to worship the 1st beast. Before him grate signs or miracles. Even making fire come down from heaven and deceiving those on the earth. Now the fire coming down out of having the sight of man is certainly done to convince the onlooking world, i believe that god is on the side of a past, a protestant power. And there are various ideas of how this might be manifested. It may intentionally resemble the tongues of fire scene and acts to represent the role of the holy spirit at pentecost. It may be also intentionally there to resemble much like it was when elijah called down, fire from heaven, and his sacrifice an altar was consumed. May also, I believe it's ultimate description or depiction, is that when fire comes down from heaven as representing satan impersonating christ, i mean fire often represents christ to see in the burning bush and the fiery pillar of the cloud and the wilderness. When god inhabited the old testament sanctuary, so I think it makes sense to believe that the ultimate fulfillment of this is that fire will come down from heaven in the sight of men claiming that satan or satan will person a christ mean he will try to deceive the whole world. And so let's continue now with our versus going back to reverse 14 again, he to see those who dwell in the earth by those signs or miracles. Who might say, in your translation, would your grand to do the side of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image? That's a likeness of this Sunday, saying this to the beast who has winter by the sword and lived. First 15, he was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast and the image of the be should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image worship on Sunday of the beast of the papacy to be what does it say kill friends, that right there is the death decree we saw in part 3 of this theory that the death agree is phase 4 of this Sunday law. And so the United States of America protest in America is the one who has granted power to give breath or life to the image of the beast. And the image is represents that 1st piece, which we know as a papacy, is the union of church and state. And then we see this mark of the beast. In verse 16, he causes all, bo small and great, rich and poor, free and slave to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no 1 may be able to sell, buy or sell except one who has the Mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. So the market a beast. This is enforced. Sunday, worship, and a form of enforce. Sunday worship starts even in stage 2 of the 4 phases of the sunday law provide time we get to phase 4. We have not just fines and imprisonment and all these other things. We actually have a deaf decree that we just read about here in verse 15. And you would cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed. While this is the most direct mentioned the death, the creeds, not the only mention of the death decree, we're just going to put it up on our board here. Of in time death, the cree mentions and scripture. So there you have revelation 1315. Whoever shall not worship shall be killed. The next one I want to look at. As revelation 17 relations, 17 brows when most complicated chapters. In revelation, the combination of many things. But in a whirlwind, we're going to try to show again and some of this is review. How we see the death decree there in chapter 17 as well. I put many of these vs on the screen for you. It says the beef that you saw was and is not and will a sand of the bottomless pit and go to perdition. Again, this is review. So we're going to be going a little bit faster here. And those who dwell on the earth will marvel. And when did they marvel when the sunday lies pass, whose names are not written in the book of life, from the foundation of the world when they see the beast that was there, it is again and is not. And yet is what we see here is a beast who was, who is not and yet is, or some your version say and will a stand, past, present, and future. And the world will marvel. This seems to be a direct link to revelation 133 that we just read about one of the has been mortally wounded, but that his wound would be healed and the world would marvel and follow the beast. As we see the scarlet beast revelation 17 is the same as the 1st piece, and revelation 13. But we're going to continue here and we have the was the roman catholic church state power. We looked at. This is another presentations ongoing fath, by 38 to 798. We have the is not which is our present period of time. Where the roman catholic church was taken over by birth year in 1798 until we don't know when. So he is in power, but not any way in the same way, but he will yet a sin if you will. And that's when the papacy in the United States unite and eventually the world's united with the papacy. Then you have this Sunday law. So continue in revelation. 17 verse $9.10. The 7 heads are 7 mountains on which the woman sits. There are also 7 kings. So 7 heads, 7 mountains, 7 kings, all the same thing. 7 kingdoms that have supported the false religion of babylon, throughout history. It says here, 5 of fall and one is and the other has not yet come. We put this up on the board last time. The 5 that have fallen in my opinion are babylon, me to persia, greece and rome and paypal rome. Then one is that the United States and then the one that has not yet come, or that will it then is when the papacy and the world unites at the end and says, a 10 warrant which you saw are 10 kings who have received no kingdom, singular as yet, here, these 10 horns are not necessarily specific political powers, but 10 represents universal as the world coming together to form a not kingdoms, but king dumb and their uniting with this beast at the end. And for what purpose? We have the 5 fallen one is the other has not yet come, no kingdom as of yet. It says, but they receive authority. This is the kingdom to the world united with the papacy at the end for one hour as kings with the beast. Now some people try and reason one hour exactly how much time is it and so on, so forth. I don't know if that's safe to do as bunches to say it's going to be a short period of time. Otherwise no one would survive. And it says, these are of one mind and they will give their power and authority to the beast they will make war with the lamb. There it is. This is the one world government where the kings, the years unite with the papacy. This is the new world war and when they make war with the lamb, i believe here again is the death degree. So we should put it on our chart. Revelation 1714. Make war with the lamb with god's people. But I think we need to recognise and flesh l A bit more. That the death decree is also a reaction to something. Because satan would love for every christian to be dead right now, isn't it true? Say now we seeks our destruction. But there is something that ramps up his efforts. There is something that so infuriate him that he responds in this way. And so what is the devil reacting to revelation 18 shows us. There's a reaction to the loud cry message and what empowers the loud cry message to be effective. It's the holy spirit. And as we talked about last time in part 6 is the latter rain, the holy spirit being poured out upon god. People that empowers this loud cry message to go to the entire globe. And when it goes, it's unstoppable, and it's marked with such intensity. And it's so successful that the devil now is doing everything in his power to snuff it out. We read about it now, revelation chapter 18. First one. After these things, I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority. And the earth was illuminated with his glory. So the message comes from having it has great power and great authority. The earth is illuminated with his glory, his message, his character. It's not just a proclamation, it's a demonstration. And the message is given to god's coming to people who are obedient. Why? Because they have the character of god. And it says in verse, do any, cried miley with a loud voice, saying, babylon, the great is fallen is vaughn, and has become a dwelling place for demons or of demons of prison, for every foul spirit in the cage of every unclean and hated bird. Friends. When this loud cry message goes around the world. That babylon the papacy is fallen is fallen. That will so infuriate the papacy. You know what happens to me about every 6 months? Somebody sends me a text or an email. That somebody, it comes in various forms, but somehow the pope got a hold of the great controversy. He doesn't like what's in it. And so now there's a lawsuit against the general conference. Have you seen that? And I have to respond back and say, no, that's not the case yet. How to go down fully. I don't know, but I know at some point the papers he's going to be enraged, because it tells us right here. Mean we start connecting them with this dwelling place for demons and a prisoner, very foul spear in the cage of every unclean bird. And there's a people group, a specific people group that is making this claim from scripture. You think they're going to be happy about that? And so we continue on burst for and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her, my people less you share and her since, unless you receive of her plagues. So revelation 18 is this loud cry message, given by god's covenant people who are obedient. And here we have the final invitation to come out of her. My people got as people everywhere. This is the final call. Come out less. You receive her flags for that is a loving god. Is it not? He's not trying to trick or fool anybody. He's saying come out, you're in a bad place. And this message is it goes around the globe, the reaction, the response to this loud cry message will be the death decrease satan's last resort to silence gods witnesses of the truth. He's tried everything he can possibly imagine. He's trying it all. Now, he's trying to bring people in and whatever means he possibly can, but I come to a point where enough is enough and he says, I have to snuff them out, couldn't help. But wonder this week why there's not a death penalty now. Well, maybe because we're not doing what we're supposed to be doing. We don't have the character of christ, we're not delivering the message. And so people are even noticing because we're just here doing our own little thing. And it says, revelation 1217. We have this you, this in our vandals milan, and the dragon was in raised with the woman god's true church. And he went to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of god, and have the testimony of jesus christ. So here again, we see that it will be a commandment keeping people who will be giving this loud cry message that will infuriate the papacy, infuriate the devil. And here in revelation $1217.00, it's also applied to the death decree. When it says the dragon went to make war, usually we use this text to show that gods in time church will have 2 characteristics that they'll keep the commandments of god all 10. Right? And secondly, they'll have the testimony of jesus christ. Then we point to relation 1910, where it says very plainly, the testimony of jesus is the spirit of prophecy. And so we say the in time church will follow the 10 commandments, have the spirit of prophecy. And that's all true. But the final fulfillment of the dragon being in rage with the woman making war with the rest of her offspring will ultimately be seen in the death decree. Where he tried to destroy god's last day church. Let's just snuff them out. How can we make them go away? How we make the message stop. So we need to put that on our list to revelation 1217 where the dragon is and rage with a woman went to make war with the remnant. But there's one more and that's in daniel chapter 11. This is also can be anyway, a complicated chapter and scripture oftentimes misinterpreted and misunderstood. And we've looked at this before and I don't know, we are going to try and go through and explain everything like we did last time. But we're going to start and daniel now chapter 11, verse 40 through 45 daniel chapter 11, verse 14. At that time of the end when his time time of the in the king of the South. Now that was egypt, but here is symbolically talking about secular humanism and humanistic culture. Those who are opposed to religion just like egypt was, but now symbolic. So that's the king of the South cell attack. Him and the king of the north. So come against him like a whirlwind. So the king of the north is the papacy. We're speaking everything in relationship to jerusalem, but it's symbolic here. And it says so come against him like a whirlwind with cherry, it's horses and with many ships and he shall enter the countries overwhelmed them and passed through. And then verse $41.00, it says, and he, this is the king of the north. This is the papacy, so also enter the glorious land. Why is he entering the glorious land and where is the glorious land? The glorious land is none other than jerusalem. It's god's people. Symbolically it's god's people. It's not the literal jerusalem anymore, but these are is entering into god's people and why is the entering with the sole purpose, to conquer and overthrow them. And if you skipped down to verse 44, it says, but news from the east. What news? This is the loud cry message, news from the east that jesus is coming, and the north south trouble him, therefore he shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many friends as the death decree. Which again, parallels all of these other verses that we looked at. And going back here then, right after it says this and verse 44, they went with great for destroying, annihilate many the death decree. Verse 45 says and he shall plant the 10. This is he, the papacy, the king of the north saw plant tense or tabernacle that might say in your translation tabernacle being a religious building, if you will, or religion of his palace. This is more represent of the state. So we have church and state between the thieves representing people you have truth them being between the dead sea and the mediterranean sea between all the people. So he, the papacy, so plant church and state, if you will, between the people and the glorious holy mountain god, people. But here's the good news, yet he shall come to his inn and no one will help him. So if we are to summarize, daniel 11, and these 5 verses in verse $41.00, kings of the north entering the glorious land. That's the beginning phases of the sunday law. In verse 43, the king of the north having power over treasures of silver and gold, that's where no man can buy or sell. If we continue on verse 44, it says a response of the loud pri message. The king of the north goes out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many that is the death decree. And again, why? Because the power, the latter rain and the power the loud cry is unstoppable. And because is preventing satan, who has given his power, seen authority, the papacy from gaining control over the whole world. So he will be enraged and infuriated by the remnant gods come to people who keep the commandments of god and the faith of jesus. He will be enraged, and he'll do all he can to bring about and enforce this death decree. So you have each of these references talking about the same thing. But here's the good news. Let your eyes drop down now to daniel chapter 12 verse one where we read at that time, at what time, at the time you were just talking about at the time of the death degree at the time he's trying to snuff out god people at the time he's in invading the glorious land at that time. It says michael shall stand up for the close of probation when michael stands up. This is not the middle east crisis. It's not some issue in jerusalem in response to some radical islamic group. No, this is Michael standing up in response to the death decree in which god's people are surrounded by the king of the north, the papacy, and the whole world or the seas. So in state and final act of desperation, to stop the loud pri message of going forth, he brings about his death decree. But before the day comes to wipe out all of god's people, michael or christ stands up. And what happens at this moment? What does michael say when he stands up? And we can read about what he says, revelation 22 verse 11. And he was unjust. Let him be unjust. Still, he has helped me let him be filthy. Still, these are the words coming from the most holy place. Of the sanctuary he who is right, just let it be right to still he who is holy, let it be holy still. And so when the death decree is given, michael will stand up and respond to the death degree and probation will close for the world. At that point, the cases have all been decided, and those who are writers will remain right just and those who are wicked will remain wicked. And this is the close of probation review. And harold, november 19 1908. Article a. He wrote 2 articles that day but this quote is talking about is very time. It says wonderful events are soon to open before the world. The end of all things is at hand. The time of trouble is about to come upon the people of god. Then it is that the decree will go forth, forbidding those who keep the sabbath of the Lord to buy or sell and threatening them with punishment and even death if they do not observe the 1st day of the week as the sabbath. Here we see some of the phase of the sun la, don't we ultimately leading to the death decree. And this leads to the closer probation. And notice the next paragraph of this quote, it says, and at that time, shall michael, stand up. The great prints which stand it from the children of thy people, and there shall be a time of trouble, which as never was since there was a nation even to that same time. And at that time thy people shall be what's the word they. We should read it again, and at that time die, people shall be delivered everyone that will be found written in the book of life. Because friends were not just play things of the devil. And if somebody dies before the close of probation, it might be a witness for somebody else to come across the line, but once probation has closed, once everyone has made up their minds one way or the other. There's no more death of god's people. He said enough is enough. By this we will see the importance of having our names written in the book of life, all whose names are registered. There will be delivered from satan's power and christ's will command that their filthy garments be removed and that they be clothed with his righteousness. And they shall be mine said the Lord of hosts. And in that day when I make up my jewels, i will spare them as a man spares his own son that serve with him. And we'll see next time it's not that he takes us out to tribulation, but protects us through that time. Just like the 3 hebrews in the fiery furnace weren't delivered from the fiery furnace, but we're not going anywhere. How is this happening? Because st, i'll spare them. And so again, michael stands up and daniel chapter 12 not to some middle east regional conflict and daniel 11. But rather, when we carefully look at this, daniel 1144 and 45, and we look at spirit problems with yet speaking about a death decree for god's faithful son who will not observe the 1st day of the week as a sabbath. And they continue to worship on the true 7th day sabbath. And they're giving this loud cry message saying, come out of her, my people, sunday worship is the Mark of the beast come out of her. Don't receive of her plagues. And this infuriates the papacy. And now they instituted death to create a plan, the tabernacle of their palace, the union of church and state between the seas. All the people, the world, and the glorious holy mountain gods, people and in great fury, tried to destroy annihilate many. This is the death, the korean response. Michael stands up. The bible's clear on that statement, his beer prophecy are clear on that. And so if we're looking for middle east conflict, right before michael stands up, I'm afraid we're going to be missing something. Because if that were the case, the bible would make that plain, it's very prophecy would flesh that out. But it's not there. However, when you look at it in this fashion, all of these pieces support the same thing. Repetition, enlargement. Here's another quotation is support. This is from great controversy. 6 o 4 fearful is the issue to which the world is to be brought. The powers of earth, 9 to war against the commandments of god, will decree that all both small and great rich and poor, free and bond shall conform to the customs of the church by the observance of the false sabbath. All who refuse compliance will be visited with civil penalties and it will finally be declared that they are deserving of death. So you can see in this quotation that those who don't go along with a Sunday law will eventually be declared deserving of death. But for those that think they can avoid the death penalty look what it says will happen to them and continue with his quote. On the other hand, the law of god and join the creator's rest day demands obedience, and threatens wrath against all who transgress its precepts. With the issue that is clearly brought before him, whoever shall trample upon god's law to obey a human enactment receives the Mark of the beast. He accepts the sign of leading to the power which he chooses to obey instead of god. And we'll see next time when the plagues fall, it's not so much the gods. Angry and in fire. Bolts are coming out of his fingers as much as he's that he's drawing back and he's letting them go through the person that they've paid their allegiance to. The person that, that he could deliver them from all of these things and provide financed security and, and physical security. All these other forms of security cannot deliver only god can deliver those things. The warning from heaven is if any man where should the beast his image receive a mark on his forehead or on his hand. The same shall drink, of the why, of the wrath of god which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation. Quite in the 3 angels message to those who receive the Mark of the beast initially think they are going to save themselves. But they'll eventually have the wrath of god or the 7 last flags poured upon them. Friends, i don't want to be part of that group. I want to be faithful to the Lord. I don't want to compromise. I don't want to fall a man's law that contradicts the straight reading of god's word. Even if it appears by all things around me that that is a safe way to go. The bible tells me it's not the safe way to go and it will lead to my own destruction. But all around us, we see people pivoting away from god's word ripping out pages of scripture, saying that is not inspired. I don't follow that. I'm not a christian that believes in that to make it more palatable to the social pressures and the social norms that exist all around us. God's word i believe is being undermine. Here's a few examples. What does it say? New rules making north Carolina schools discuss racism and some repose. The idea this is from Washington post february 5, 2021. This is like 2 months ago. And it may sound good on the outside, but if you do some digging, what's in the bill? The fact that I sent in the newsletter yesterday some links, but you probably can find most of them on your own, but they're there. And so it requires students in our public Schools now, not our private schools yet have mercy. But they are requiring all north Carolina public Schools that they're going to talk more about racism, discrimination. And while we're talking about racism and discrimination, let's just go ahead and talk about l G, b, T q, and gender identity. And so it's already been vote in the state of North Carolina that there's books and there's curriculum created to help our pre K discover that there's other families out there besides the traditional family course, not gonna use that word that some families have to dad some have to mom, some do it this way, some do it that way. And as it progresses on, down through the curriculum, you have the option to decide are you a boy? Are you a girl? It's up to you. I was talking to somebody said good thing. I didn't have that Choice is a little girl of 5 years old. She says, I want to be a boy. I want to climb those trees. I want to play in the mud bundle berg and let a 5 year old make that decision on their own. Look at what they're basing some this on the world health organization says that this way that gender identity refers to a person's deeply felt internal and individual experience of gender. Which may or may not correspond to the person's physiology or designated sex at birth. Meaning there's a conflict. The new curriculum says it's critical to recognize that every individual has a gender identity. And so during this pre K to 12 years, every young person needs to be presented with various options in regard to their deeper understanding of their own gender identity. And we're going to require it in public Schools. So if you're a baptist christian, a methodist, whatever christian out there and your kids are in public Schools, now you have a problem. If you're a principal of our 7th day adventist elementary School, now you have a problem too. Because every baptist and methodist and everybody else who learns of all this and starts to see what's going on, paying any attention to what their kids are going to be taught, are going to be knocking on our door and say, we need spaces for all of our kids and this entire community Were praying for you, sir. More than that were therefore you will back. Yup. Where does all this stuff lead? I mean, this is old news. This happened in 2012. Gabriel ludwig was 56 feet 6 inches, $230.00 pounds, formerly known as robert. He was married in the navy, all these other things. But then he decided that things were going to change. And so now he then a 5 as a women and also a younger woman, and he's on the, the basketball team and, and you know, there's gender dysphoria and all of that. Does this make sense? I'm not trying to make light of his situation. Every one is a child of the king is the truth and we're all centers in need of a savior. But when you start going from this is not ok to. This is fine. That I have a problem with. God always loves people, they're his kids. And you always love your kids too, but you don't always love everything your kid chooses to do. Why? Because it's not in their best interests, you know where it's going to lead and it doesn't look pretty. Maybe you saw this in the news. This was march 3, 2021, and the christian headlines is where this ones publish books and other places. The equality act you her a little bit about that would require faith based hospitals and assures to have to provide gender transition therapies. Anybody have problems with that to violate their religious belief. Children under this act could seek to change their gender without parental knowledge or consent. Any parents have a problem with that. Faith based adoption and Foster care agencies could be forced to play with same sex couples. Or loser licenses the act would dismantle sex specific facilities such as locker rooms and bathrooms. So I can just go into any women's locker room now and say, well, I'm identifying today as anyway. So when this was being talked about, represented from Florida, spoke up on the house floor and was reading from scripture and how this contradicts what the bible has to say. Until finally, an exasperated natalie responded, god's will is no concern of this congress. And this is just when was it? marsh 3. Flo concerning i think of this verse. In fact judy, bailey texted me this morning. I appreciate your help. Me right. My sermon, you're not helping me make it shorter, but anyway, here's the quote. It says 1st we overlooked evil, then we permit evil, then we legalize evil. Then we promote evil, then we celebrate evil. Then we persecute those who still call it evil. Have you seen man? Sounds a little bit like there was an isaiah chapter 5 world of those who call evil good and good evil. Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes. While the professionals have said, the world health organization has said woe to man who take away justice from the righteous man. Are they taking away our justice? I don't feel that any of these groups should not have equal rights under the law. But how come their rights are now able to step on my rights? They don't have to agree with me, but I have to agree with them. Fran. Something is backwards here. How about this? This is June 6, 2019. So I guess you could say this is old news. Our father po francis approved changes to words of lords prayer report says that some we can just do. I thought it was the lord's prayer. Here's another one. This is from October 21 of last year. The Washington post. It says, what pope francis comments about gay families could mean for l G b T, q people, worldwide. The article states that the pope's words don't just show support of the creation of civil unions. But it was his embrace of same sex couples as part of a family unit. And this is ok. And of course l G b T q are like yay. Or this one was just this year, march to just last month 2021. And the catholic news agency, it says pope francis world could face a new, great flood. What is shocking to how fragrant li, he disregard clear bible truth? What does your bible say in regards to another world? wide flood will never happen. It's a thing called the rainbow, but was shocking that he can just disregard bible truth and he never good seems to get called on it. Why? Because the majority of people are never reading this book. They don't know what's in here. Me know in the arc, isn't that pretty basic? Not anymore. This is a fairy tale jack in the beams dog, no are all one in the same. Have mercy, and god's words being trampled underfoot by social pressures. Like a tidal wave. We see people caving to social pressures. Whoever talks the loudest. Oh boy, there I bring up the coven vaccine. Out he says, military who refused code 19 vaccine are part of the problem after high rate of service members refused. Yep. This is an cnbc to the right january 14, 2021, No vaccine, no service. How vaccination may affect travel plans in the future. Here's a few more. February 3, 2021. Cnbc says can college is make students give coven vaccines. Here's what experts say. I didn't read that article, i'm wondering who the experts are. November 17 2020 john hopkins saying there's already or what is the headline? Can cobra 1900 vaccines, be mandatory in the U. S. And who decides? And then underneath there it says that there's already a president for mandatory vaccinations science supreme court case in 19 o 5 related to a small prox outbreak in Massachusetts. Now I had to be careful here to be clear. I'm not making any case. Please don't hear what I'm not saying. I'm not making any case or recommendation for or against the vaccine. Are we clear on that? I know many have gotten it and are rejoicing. I know others who are dead set against it. I know there are still others that are on the fence and I'm not speaking to enter into that debate this morning at all. What I am saying is that there is a social pressure that is real. That's what I'm saying. And we see that all around us and my question is, does social pressure dictate what you should or should not do? Do we just do things based on social pressure? From a human standpoint. We all have this natural mechanism of self preservation, don't we? And we want to do whatever will preserve our life and to avoid that will to cause loss to our lives or anything else. So take what you have going on in society today. The pressures from the l G, b, T, q, community, the pressures from the transgender community, the pressures regarding social justice, the pressures regarding the vaccine, and multiply it by a 100, maybe even a 1000. And at the end, when the entire world is against us, blaming us on the news, shaming us with tweets making means about us marching in the street. And we can No longer buy or sell and we can No longer support our families. And if we cannot sustain our life, every fiber in our bean is going to say, just go along, just compromise to save yourself. Don't allow yourself to lose your existence or that of your wife or your children over something that seems so arbitrary and so silly. Just a day for friends, i believe they'll be a group of people at the end that as they face death in regards to the bible sabbath. By the Grace of god, they will remain faithful. And by god's grace may we be part of that group. Revelation 1211 and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony. And they did not love their lives to, to death. Friends, god's faithful people, the end of the world will not love their lives. They'll be willing to give them up rather for god, his purposes they'll be faithful. Even when faced with death, a death decree, the loss of everything that they have. And how will they be able to do that? Because they died to self a long time ago. They died to all the stuff a long time ago. They died to the social pressures of the world a long time ago, and they said, I'm crucified with christ. Therefore I no longer live. And for me to live is christ and to die is game. What more can man do to me? I'm already dead. They'll be a group of people. That will say it's okay. And they will be dramatic about it. They won't be ran and raven like I'm doing up here today. They'll just stay, here's where I stand. I can do no other do what you need to do, and I'm going to do what I need to do. Here's your gun or whatever it is. Here's your shopping lock you saw, you know, do what you gotta do. Great controversy. 635, when the protection of Human laws shall be withdrawn from those who honor the law of god, there will be in different lands, a simultaneous movement for their destruction. As the time appoint in the decree draws near, the people will conspire to rule out the hated sect as us. It will be determined to strike in one night, a decisive glow, which utterly silence the voice of dissent and reproof. Why death? It says to silence dissent and reproof continues on the people of god. Some in prison, self, some hidden in solitary retreats in the forest, and the mountains still plead for divine protection. While in every quarter, companies of armed men urged on by hosts of evil angels are preparing for the work of death. But here comes the incredibly good news. It is now in the hour of utmost extremity, that the god of israel will interpose for the deliverance of his chosen praise. The Lord. Now we have a whole entire sermon talking about the deliverance of god. People as we come the conclusion of this series and I can't wait to get there, but little spoiler alert. The quotation just laid it out when there is a depth agree, there'll be a time set to destroy god's people. I imagine similar to the days of queen esther, where decree was made that set a date for the destruction of god's people remember the story. And at the end of time, when there is a death decree, there'll be a date set for the destruction of god's people. But just like the date of all in what seemed like a hopeless situation, god's people will be deliver but make no mistake about it. It will be a trial and test in time for the people of god because everything around is going to say, I don't think we're going to have all he we're going to come from. But by faith, i know in what I believed in, and the god who is able to protect me. Continuous shouts of triumph gearing and implication that is cursing, throngs of evil men are about to rush upon their prey when low a dense blackness deeper than the darkness of the night falls upon the earth than a rainbow shine with the glory from the throne of god. Spans the heavens and seem to circle each praying company than the agri. Multitudes are suddenly arrested. Their mocking cries, die away. The objects of their murderous rage are forgotten. With fearful forebodings they gaze upon the symbol of god's covenant and long to be shield from its over powering brightness. Friends, that's incredible. Good news. Because social pressures will mount political pressures will mount judicial pressures will mount and when it seems utterly hopeless for god's people, michael stands up. Jesus stands up and god's people will be delivered. Pray the Lord solo timeline. Briefly here we have the death, the korean acted, and that really marks the close of probation. And then we have the 7 last flags begin to fall. And in there, jacob's time of trouble begins. And so on. The 7 last flag that's when it starts to become clear who is on the side of christ and who is cited with the world who has been faithful to the Lord who has compromised, who has received the Mark of the beast and who has received the seal of god, and of course we'll have some idea before then because we'll be able to see people filled with the holy spirit, giving this loud cry methods, right. Versus those that are falling away and joining sunday worship, and so on. But with the 7 last play, when they start, it will be very clear who is on god's side. And it's also during those 7 last legs. The jacob time trouble begins. And this is a very trying time for god people. Because they've already faced martyrdom. They've gone through this inability to buy or sell and now they find themselves in mental and spiritual anguish of knowing that probation has closed and wondering if they have asked forgiveness for every known sin. Are they truly ready to meet jesus in the cloud? And it's the time of wrestling, and we'll talk more about that next time. But we will see that god's people are delivered at the end of jacob's time of trouble at the end of the 7 last plagues. By fire, the test $1213.00, we're almost done. You're going to go metal. When this time of trouble comes, every case to decide there is no longer probation, no longer mercy for the impenitent, the seal of living god is upon his. People. Continuing this small remnant unable to defend themselves in the deadly conflict with the powers of earth that are marshal by the dragon, host, may god their defense friends. As your only safe defense. The decree has been passed by the highest early authority that they shall worship the beast and receive his mark under pain of persecution and death. And so when the death, the cree calmed is no longer probation is longer mercy, the seal of living god is upon his people. Early writings page 36, as I saw, the 4 angels would hold the 4 winds until d. His work was done in the sanctuary, and then we'll come the 7 last plagues. These plagues enraged the wicked against the righteous they thought that we had brought the judgments of god upon them. That if they could rid the earth of us, the plagues would be stayed. A decree went forth to slay the saints which caused him to cry, day and night for deliverance. This was the time of jacob's trouble. And so we see that the response is dead degree of the loud cry. But then we see here again, it's also the response of the plagues being poured out. And so everybody is piling on and saying is your phone and you, you and the social pressure will mount. I want to ask the simple question of all this we've gone through. What's the point? Like, why do I need to know all this? Well, the point is that social pressure is mounting and that someday it will be focused like a laser on the sabbath issue. And on the bible truth. And the force against us, I believe, will be unimaginable. And what's the point? The point is when that day comes have we learn how to place our full trust in jesus because that's not the time to take trust in jesus. 11 is not done or some will be coming to the last moment. Yeah. But they've already, in my opinion, learned how to trust jesus. They just got a few of the things mixed up. But now when they see that it's in god's word. And when they see that that's what god gave to his servants, the prophets. They'll say, okay, no problem, but we learn to trustees, us today or are we just learning the pivot to band to acquiesce, to give the people whatever they want to be a chameleon. Why? Well, it's just easier. I don't have to upset anybody. Yeah, good luck with that review. And harold, january 19, 1864, you will receive more strength. This was shared to me by passer hyman, sons jacob sent it to his mama. I don't know why didn't send daddy mason to bother you, but teresa want to share with me. And it's a beautiful course, as you will receive more strength by spending one hour each day in meditation and maureen over your failings and heart corruptions and pleading for god's pardoning love. And the assurance of his sins forgiven. You haven't finished the sentence more strength doing these things than what, let's go to the next part of this verse. Then you would, by spending many hours and days in studying the most able authors and making yourself acquainted with every objection to our faith and the most powerful evidences of in favor of our faith. What does she saying that we shouldn't worry about objections, though, we shouldn't show ourselves stage source of the prove that we should have evidence for our faith. Not at all. I believe what he's saying is that in the final conflict, none of that will pull you through. But rather, the thing that will pull you through is when you get more strength by spend one hour each day in meditation on his word morning over your failings and hard corruption. Lord, i'm a sinner in need of a savior. Without you, I can do nothing. I need the fruits of the spirit, i can't produce them by myself and we're wrestling with god day and day out. And in that hour of meditation, in that time a pleading our hearts to God and insurance of our sins forgiven. We are brought closer to the save, that when the pressure comes. I have a chart right here. It's not going to pull you through. It's going to be that connection with christ that will pull you through doesn't hurt to know what to expect. Otherwise, god wouldn't have given it to us, but woe to you and me if we put our faith and trust in the charts Instead of jesus christ, I believe is good to stay these things. But the end of the day, it's not enough, no chronology. It's not enough to know the different stages of the sunday law. It's not enough to know when the little time of trouble begins when jacob's time trouble begins. It's not enough to know where the death decree fits where the 7 last plagues fit. If we don't know jesus, as our best friend, if we don't have a childlike faith in our lord. If we are not sick with the almighty, only by the Grace of god, then there is no way we'll make it through that time. But friends, if we know jesus, what was it a martin? luther said the more I look at myself, I don't see how I can be saved. But the more I look at jesus, i don't see how I can be lost. Friends, when we know jesus, we learn to trust jesus if now in every trial and every challenge we look to use as the author and finisher of our faith, he will bring us through. And so friends. Now as a time, in the midst of this pandemic, in the midst of Social pressures to pivot, in the midst of polarization, in the midst of natural disaster and famine and disease in the midst of worldliness on every side now is the day of salvation. Now is the time to draw closer and still closer to our savior. Now is the time to ask him to purge out the things in my life that are hindering him from doing what he wants to do in my heart. Now is the time to give my all to him and to spread the 3 angels message far and wide friends, i believe jesus coming is very near that it's even at the door and that things will break upon us. We're all as an overwhelming surprise, but to day. But today's the day to spend that thoughtful hour and to do it today and to day and today until he comes in the clouds of glory. That by his grace, we may be strengthened by his word for the trials ahead and if that's your desire this morning. Finally you thought I'd never say it. I can invite you to stand. And by standing you're saying lord, i'm in desperate need of you. I'm in desperate need of your love and your grace, your forgiveness, your power and by standing you are committing to spend time each day in his were to spending time each day and prayer that by his grace alone we may stand dear, heavenly father, we've gone through some heavy stuff to day and I don't know if I was able to make it clear or not. But lord, the bottom line is there are some major things coming down the pike. And you have told us so that we can be prepared. Lord, help us. The only way we can prepare is not by drumming up more willpower, but it's claiming christ power. It's not in our own capabilities, but it's in your capabilities is not what we can do. It's what you can do. And so it started each and every day on our knees saying, lord, help me to be the man, the woman, a boy, the girl that you have called me to be for these times. Hell me to learn what it means to stand for you. So that when the winds blow and the pressure mounts that with the piece that you have placed in our hearts, we won't be fearful. We don't have to be afraid. But we can say, I'm going to stand on god's word. Because truly in every experience of our own lives, to this point we have seen time and time again. That's the only safe place. Ah, the Lord, help us by your grace to stand on your trip today. Ah, this media was brought to you by audio person, a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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