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Daylight Savings Time

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • December 3, 2005
    10:00 AM
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the twelfth ten so John chapter nine contact that is pretty and is followed by me thank you Lord for this opportunity to stand in your presence on the field Lisa and leaders that father God to bless us despite ourselves father is Lord let your words speak truth to us inspire us to be your servants without prayer in Jesus 's name and John chapter nine verse one the Bible says that as Jesus passed by he saw a man was blind from birth and his disciples asked him saying Master Vinson this man or his parents that he was born blind Jesus answered neither as this man sinned nor his parents but that the works of God should be made manifest in him I must work the works of him that sent me while it is day the night comes when no man can work as long as I am in the world I am the light when he invests hoping he spat on the ground and he made clay of the spittle and he anointed the highs of the blind man with the clay instead of the handful watch and also he went his way therefore an wash and change the Jesus 's disciples were perplexed at the idea that some people or someone would be born blind remember in the time of the Jews it was understood that anyone who receives such an illness with or him Paul was given for the personal and alive because of something that had been committed to the fact that the question that any of you when the time that they have access to someone like Christ and that is losing value this person in this condition it was assumed that sin have to be the reason that this person had been gotten into this condition so they started Jesus the Messiah loving God fully one hundred percent human and fully one hundred percent divine and him and often that is the position we take often we see that others are in a bad spot or in a bad situation leasing poverty we see injustice when we see disease or always the addiction a lot of times when we assume that someone had to listen that person for simply because society may have neglected them what they may have been dealt a bad hand in a monthly something that they did or their parents and why they are in a condition even as we wander the halls of the hospital in singing bands a lot of times in online reporting while my what this person knew why they had canceled with the health methods while minds and start to wonder how they doesn't change what they ate or how much they exercise than what is spared them from others virus for this cancer unfortunately we have adopted much of how the Jews view things we assume that nobody gets into bad situations that does not put themselves there that will submit to you that that is one of the worst premises from which to go into ministry one of the worst ways to enter the ministry is to go and assuming that the film you are going to help his response will the situation I think they go through the malaria that we have all been and come short of the glory of God there is all right as the Scripture says no not wanting to work out just a little differently in other words it not for the grace of a loving God so maybe as we looking to store energy in the face is trying to do some teaching I submit to you as we heard this morning I called to join the thing invented in a call to sign up for Bible study that Jesus wants to tell us something we can go into the ministry is returned the disciples in verse three any activities that are not in this man thin noise parents that the works of God should be what made manifest I want to submit to you that on some level God allow suffering because it is the situation that seems the most difficult it is a situation that seems the most impossible when God is most able to show what I can tell you that just as we gospel at Saddleback Church in orange county where a very famous pastor and wife combination of unneeded Saddleback Church of Rick Warren who is the author of what I know I think now is the number one selling book in US history of the purpose driven life in a conference they are on HIV and AIDS as we can with one of the presenters at this conference and I was it was interesting because passage from all over the world of fifteen hundred people registered and came from all over the world of people from the White House and from governments around the world and and and physicians and pastors and churches around the world came to this conference and it's interesting because as you have fill in many circles as something that someone did themselves is still knew that we must just be honest and we often the question you have what have to have a healthcare provider eigenvalue after working at an HIV-AIDS clinic on Miami Beach while I was in medical school I can tell you that all is the first question what if the answer is not obvious how did you get the disease one of things I said in my presentation is that the playing or the other of this pandemic as they call it that has come in the form of HIV and AIDS with multiple millions of people infected and and and the deathly into the hundreds of thousands and in many nations twenty five million people infected in sub-Saharan Africa alone I will submit to you that this believe is one of the greatest opportunities for witnessing in the gospel being preached at the problem and plan this is even offering the church I went to the church I mean the global church is offering an opportunity will often lose something in the name of Jesus and expect nothing in return that one of the less I do that every church should have a single mother 's ministry because we know that one of the reasons that a black women in America now are the fastest among those getting the HIV virus is because we are incarcerating like that at such a high review and we know that one of the studies the social sciences is thousands I wanted that one of the evidence -based body manipulation is that father listen this is probably the number one contributing factor to the fact that the prisons are being loaded within the city and for men of all races but especially I will let you know when and while we know that we want to bring terrible things happen in a metal bowl and improvement especially for extended periods of time often a Baldwin very deadly virus one HIV the land and somehow denying the fact that they may about homosexual experiences in prison one of the arcade they refused the wood was that they pay what I didn't really go home to their wives or girlfriends I know that this is part of the reason than that at least in the United States 's transition from where it was to where it is the one thing we do know with you really want to write amazing the United States I especially since my audience was primarily probably practice from suburban white America Sergeant Charlene everything in your suburban white shirt was the reason into the battle of the United States and single mother led me and make sure that the boys especially in those family have a greater understanding of the world around them is to be that it happening right outside of the door not in sub-Saharan Africa any related and possible of Jesus Christ in the spring with power is always the question why boys in the division why is America going the way of knowing it why is the situation is as if you want to have unsafe while on your response where you wanted to live this is the problem the reality is that the entire planet admitted to the viruses and then there is no disease one that even said to me that these can only take you did that while Satan and that is why I said that the permanent one is that I send them in and do what the thing is the responsibility of the fellow responsible for the present condition birth for a sermon by the way is entitled daylight savings time the settlers for Jesus says I must work the works of him that sent me when it is day and night when no man can work a lot of submit to you that you don't have forever enjoy singing along to submit to you that you don't have to ever the sign up to do Bible studies however submitting that the night is coming and this is daylight savings but at the same day must be done now a lot now will play the possibilities of trying to reason with freedom however the time while we can think up I will bet you thought I will say this is the time to do it Jesus himself understood that all ministry is limited by the fact that I is all I and the day will come when this planet will be shut down one of submitting that that are coming Mary's in a minute over a quarter of a million lives were taken in the salami in a matter of seconds over seven hundred of over seventy five thousand lives are taken in an earthquake in Pakistan in the few days we walked with Hurricane Katrina thank you move through the Caribbean and into the bowl into America I'll is showing America's naked and I is happening in this accident we have a problem visit Hawaii was one that will offend will happen they will happen in the name will be on the angle and with a natural disaster and catastrophes is coming at this country is more to a morality -based version of politics at this country begins to move further and further away from the freedoms that make this country and this nation great while at the same time the multiply of his nation and superspeed so that you can tire on the television and watch the most debated and Lincoln programming will keep thinking you have all the time and were Jesus warns us of the work that needs to be done must be done while there is still being when no man can work


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