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Heart Burn

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • May 27, 2010
    7:30 PM
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or him and once again is why I see you all here tonight and it's my prayer that your hearts will surely be started and then you will leave this place are different than when you came in on my task tonight is to prepare you for the other speakers that they will be sharing throughout this weekend and dumb I will let you know that as I saw you when I talk about you you may initially ask yourself what does this have to do with Arnie Bible can I want to talk to you tonight about the cause of heartburn the cause of heartburn and I know I know I know what you're thinking I just ask you with your thoughts okay one has to pray with me as we open God 's word heavenly father asked thought you would see this message and breathe upon its naked new father please find me and put your words among North touched the hearts of your people in Jesus precious name we pray amen like you to open your Bibles him him him him him chapter three verse eleven the Bible says his seeing them that all these things shall be dissolved what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and problem looking for and hastening on to the coming of the day of God women they had been as being on fire so he dissolved and the elements shall melt with fervent heat nevertheless we appoint to his promises look for new heavens and a new earth where in the righteousness numerous tells us that God is looking for a people a certain kind of people when he returns he is looking for a sure five people amen we see from this verse that God not only plans to have a purified people but he also plans to have a purified art are you with me God is going to purify his people he is also going to Sheriff by the earth the verse tells us that we should be looking for and hastening on to that great day how many of you would like to hasten that great day the question is how I will send that great day I want you to notice with me if you would go back with me to the book of Matthew chapter twenty four Matthew chapter twenty four I notice with me verse fourteen Matthew twenty four verse fourteen the Bible tells us there and it is gospel on the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then while I maybe would like for the answer what do we need to be doing to hasten that day we need to be preaching and teaching the gospel not as a problem because in order for this to be accomplished all of us need to be involved in this work but here are the questions asked earlier you have ever been terrified to give a Bible study you have brought about the worst possible scenario in fact are we better leave this to somebody else who knows what they're doing but this own army is to eat you to hasten the day of God is to eat you with the tools you need to go out and to preach this gospel in all the world God is looking for a people who have the desire in their hearts to win souls I call that the solder a a burning desire will burning desire youngest night when yard when your heart is on finer heartburn somebody is looking for people whose hearts are saying it was a lobbyist Hassan that they will not want no matter what the obstacles the matter what the challenge is to say the Lord here I am standing me I like to suggest to you tonight that God 's people need some heartburn God 's people need a heart learning the law and his passion for the saving of souls there is a powerful lesson to learn from second Peter wanted it turned out there with me second Peter chapter three you're what I find something absolutely amazing here second Peter chapter three you see you may not realize this and maybe some of you have seen this but do you know that God has a method for cleansing the world God has a plan you really second Peter God 's plan for cleansing the world is through baptism what about everyone baptism surpassed what you talking about once a notice of a second Peter chapter three press three no as far as I saw come in the last baseball closed not enough to their own lusts and saying there is the promise of his coming for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation when they willingly are ignorant of that by the word of God the heavens were of old and we are standing on the waters and in the water in the wound that was being relevant with why on earth what happened to it in Paris when we come you realize at first Peter chapter three verse twenty one tells us that love was a symbol or a type of dummy baptism and people survive the baptism of knowledge they meant well most notably when the loan that covered the area by the way nothing know what partner somebody I didn't know whether Amanda had the fire of God shall I had in his heart I think no one can part you understood the burden that was our party and gene he was preaching unless his liking I wanted to know something was coming and he was trying to prepare the world for that event oh so God has concealed in the car of his weapons whereby he would purify the earth at that time the Jets of water began to come out from the depths of the earth and on this one increased and force with no stones and trees and zero cents to send out had hidden under the earth the weapons he would used to say that the Muslim currency decline in your baptism at what we find here is that God has on a plan for cleansing your because not only does the Bible say that he would claim that Bywater but without I want to share something with you that there is unknown the baptism coming are you with me please allow this letter is honestly in second Peter chapter three verse continuing analysis of the heavens and the arts which are now how much the same were kept and stored reasons are on-field off I hear against them and judgment and perdition of ungodly men you can't a baptism by water followed by a baptism of fire problems my thinking Christian experience and see in teachings page one oh eight I want to this the rest of the will not be cleansed will not be what everyone will we on till the end of the one thousand years when the wicked that are raised and gathered around the city the famous dialer that will deny the wicked will verify the sound thing about was not God when he designed the five yards he wasn't he went one spot while he went to healing that five if you would want my water and a half time by Shiner to his sons in order for a totally new are without thing I think the mice began to get this water baptism was temporary your understanding sinners came back after that water baptism but the baptism life on earth is wrong for me Satan will not rise again after that finer baptism funds of funds every sixteenth eighteen eighty two I once is this a history of Essenes with the short instruction that followed would be a warning to Aussies talk about in the days of Noah and then she says this sentence there is to be a baptism of following her house there was a one and all the unbelief and sculpting of the ungodly will not hinder this evening you see so what I'm suggesting beloved is just as God had no one in the time before the flawed preaching a baptism is coming the right will will heartburn us all in the last the way is okay with hardware burning desire in our hearts to praise to prepare our people die because I'm not there is on his economy is we are fearful taking the message because were wondering can we really do that you already know my Bible what if they asked me this question right in the middle of the Bible study you see what the devil is trying to hinder God 's people need harder fire there is something interesting with some of you may have thought about how sharing this picture of our water baptism followed by a fire baptism because as you look at that process you are begin to understand hey wait a minute that's the same way that God cleanses us in water baptism and then a five and the other guy is trying to affect his people aren't buying a shot and you are applying that what he really wants to do is to set you on fire he wants you to and somebody else on five eighty one and heartburn the link is something we might say that all of God 's warriors in the last days and we were not called something we might call them by your standards I was noticeably not the reverse is not to chapter three verse eleven is to what John the Baptist says as he is baptizing verse eleven are you with me not doing three much love and pride and eighty eight times you would want to honor the repentance but he that cometh after me is mightier than I whose shoes I am not worthy to bear cage job that ties you with the handling of an way on your John's oncoming for Gosselin water but the one who is coming after me he wants the baptize you with either find the baptism of the issue for eternity with Jesus Christ you'll not find a baptism if you are wanting to enter into eternity with Jesus Christ not just have to know where baptism and him from being destroyed by the water saw our fire baptism is what saves us from being destroyed by the fire will will send his twenty six and twenty seven here's what she says God will move upon him upon man in humble positions to declare the message of present truth many such movies seen hastening our and their constrained Marcus Stern on the agenda life of those in darkness but shall act as a writer in all that have been baptized by one fine mentioned it on the island of New Orleans and then when they are paying a higher all right everyone are in a you know when you have a burning desire to make and stop him from doing when you are writing is honored to share the word of God there is not and I can stop you from doing even that would define she's apparent desire to enlighten those who sit in darkness and even among the uneducated proclaim the one I evenly I know that doing children will be hidden by the Holy Spirit to go forth to declare the message of heaven is sternly upon those who yield to his promptings casting of man's binding rules unconscious movements that will enjoin the on the envelope or do you want to be in the Lord 's army glasses in my army my mission is to baptize you with fine to eat when you so that you no longer feared going him him a hot off on your part FY will join you will drive you to share your ninja sure it will drive you to share because you know that while nothing was coming out at the people are not in writing they will be destroyed and you don't want to see that human being will buy them online in fact Jesus of the chapter twelve verse forty five Jesus I have come to say is that horny you are into the yard what wanted to come a point in the twelve twenty nine to send while you are into the console and yes defend your answer the article about the funny thing is talking about his Holy Spirit eighties condescend fighter into the Arctic than once in the collimation as well as an farmer into the air the NASA may have never had experience of setting someone on fire a name misunderstood me the new leading to a display have you ever had the experience of meeting someone who was not a Christian and sharing with them the house and truth of God 's word and then watch their soul catch on fire anybody were headaches just as you are your firestarter is what he's looking for people just I will also know Don is looking for a people who will not allow anything to stop it from spreading the three angels message and so we must experience this baptism you do realize that even Jesus was baptized twice was the first time at the Jordan River was he the second time to your member when the disciples and the methods listed under my hat on and on and on your last and he said to them what do you realize the baptism that I must be one that ties me you know the baptism that was Allen White called it a finer re- baptism so think with me Jesus was baptized once with water and second time from disseminates across he experienced it what kind of ordeal a fiery ordeal but having gone is in need of baptizing each and every one of us with his spirits so that died that spirits we would go out into the world and begin to set souls on fire and I would like this if we are called to be firefighters then guess who the devil firestarter is then guess who the devil and his angels are you in five years is to as you all you want I want to be hot I want to Manhattan and not only beyond why am allegedly hiring somebody's heart and the headline no I don't and I and anyone in years struggling to the RadioShack but I'm struggling to know because the firefighter is putting on your fire it's like the devil when he God 's people to sleep you nonaccountable it was while man walked that the devil was able to soul haters in the dark I'm sorry in the industry the Douglas Shaw 's mission 's goal is to put God 's people to sleep I never heard of the term sleepers were in town from terrorism but they call them off flavor sounds your favorites a favorite person who is an enemy combatant that there is in with the environment around until he is awaiting springs into action as a sleeper so people Little Rock you know that person be a sleeper conditioners and listening to music like the state 's motto I suggest you that at their asleep prison search people who brought us all up to God are you in planning and sleep well terrifying easy shopping sleep your CR designer with an something there is a whole even for users and there is the sleeper had one all because the Bible speaks about a sleeper yes the Bible tells the story of a sleeper I will read them just like you running away from the will of God 's name is Jonah I want you to turn the story was needed he will please Jonah Jonah chapter one how much you notice something about Sony here John chapter one the Bible says now the word of the Lord came on to join the sunup Tennessee and is a great city I for their wickedness is before me just like many of you got says Iraq will preach the word and what Jonah do mistreatment or not July twenty eight hundred choices from the presence of the Lord and went down to join any found a ship going to talk to so he paid the fare thereon and intuitive that when the monthly charges from the presence of the Lord anybody have been guilty of running away from what God is causing the study not me won't do it and as rest for the brainwave into the sea under the mighty check ethnicity so that the ship was not to be broken him I don't knows who he means but is trying to con a blending with the people around him come on Seventh-day Adventists you know who you are year of actually standing out and probably you know assuming different is just so overwhelming that we often want to do one just planning the with the people around us and say something in the biggest happened and sent out a great wind in the in the end of the scene that wasn't my intent was to see some of the ship was like to be broken and Meridian is my favorite amount was not an house for the winners that were in the shins of the sea and looked him in the event that John is on the side of the city and here I was half what was awesome on a sleeper hit areas off three in the bottom of the shed behind the people harassing and I think this how many of the honestly while the world around us is parish was six so the shipmaster came to him and said to him what meanest thou all who sleep us I like God is sending that God will bring upon us that the parasite can you imagine the shame of that town world links coming you want to remove your Christian lobby Congress in you are not alone in her and not wanting to allow you to let go it is interesting when Joan the name Joan it means the mom when you think of what you think of the Holy Spirit using the Holy Spirit was trying to leave Jonah in one direction and what is one of the Iraq allotment of plots in the other direction how many of them do that when God called him want to go legal and legal need to be the Holy Spirit John arrived to stop and he leaves no as a new person because of this set and they suddenly want to settle and cast lots that we may know for whose cost even is upon us so they test lots and so on Jonah and they found him in the preview for whose car is even honest application and what country out of what people want he had no unbelievers is coming at you like a minimal opportunity to witness right now him them either you want to the Lord the God of heaven with Mingus in the jot down when the men exceedingly afraid of something I is the menu that he had fled the province of the Lord because you told them they said they hope and that's how we do want to be seen maybe was for the theme was tempestuous and he surrounded them anything on the net take me out and cast me forth into the sea so some CB you finalist for my sake is great emphasis upon one stenosis self-sacrificing nature of Jonah was not amazing what even strongly over time place and do you think of the response of John McCain was a good response was Sedona has said turn the ship around I certainly got some good words in Nineveh and listen so was soul shall live by a point where John had told about he would rather have been thrown overboard honeybee would rather be thrown overboard single given by the study rule how you and your something something you are you so that you know what I'll be out of Lord of the landlord that have to pull them see their here is a man without finding as you know so I was swallowed by a five never wondered why he was swallowed my face besides the fact that he was in water reason continue his name afternoon or a star it is the goddess of prostitution or reproduction the Babylonian Nina was a place where fish were very abundant to start near the North Sea was associated with new mock for maroon lifestyles as the goddess of reproduction the character for Nina is written with the water enclosure or the fish inside the order or order of a signifying amendment of was the place of abundance and what is Jesus and his disciples when he called and follow me and I will make you one fishers of men so I'm sending you to catch some fish on one attention the official art okay okay this is the way of always on learning us out here where you run or where you will when you have the name Seventh-day Adventist called to be a fisher of men in the fish as you can imagine it being a constant reminder to him if you will on supposed to be listened when the well will be fishing at the heart of their shine is setting the table a minimum while we read on we find joy in chapter two notices me verse one about the way notice with the verse seventeen now the Lord has prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah and Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three times and I want to knows of me John chapter two verse one then Joan of training you to the vision do you do you get what you want was in the belly of the fish three days and three nine and then is that a testator if you happen to be thrown over in the oceans and you see a big is coming at you what are you most likely be immediately going to do it want to pray until I saw the fish coming I was like as it appears that he just hung out in the Mac great at least I don't have to go to Nineveh to three and something happened to Jonah that made him come to his senses he printed how was it about as well the fish three days he must have experience in that fish is done what do you think I get a red zone is prayer if you're really jealous prayer is a song like speaking proofreaders and when you read Jonah 's prayer the satellite Jonah 's prayer at the sunlight somebody else's prayer it sounds like Jesus in fact remember when Jesus cried out my God my God why hast thou forsaken me and you see a certain place in the software he talked about the water is coming over over my head and know that the flood of ungodly men have confidence me about Jesus said to the people in his time he said he would give them to find out who Joanna currently possible that you will not have an experience something similar to what Jesus may have experience in his time upon the cross in his baptism that changed Jonas are noticeably sung or rather join a chapter to one thousand and two beginning with verse three March two thousand and Jonas I cry by reason of my message and until the morning you heard me out of the belly of hell I am now hard as my voice worthwhile synergies is now when Jesus died said that his soul would not be left where and what some of the great as Jonah is having an experience very similar to what Christ experienced cannot do that with no when Christ was on the cross when he wasn't going to send missionaries why is he going through that experience will be wanting that it's very far house do you realize that Jesus began to experience the sufferings at the weekend would have let them know until his experience and the notices Jesus says he will say to him listen the things you are crying foul out of the belly of hell on the half into the deep into the midst of the season the flop comes in the amount that wasn't always a hassle to me then I said half out of my sight yet I will look again to live a holy temple in the waters come in the evenings of the soul that that will make calls from the Bobby believes what about my head I went down to the bottom of the oceans at the bottom of the mountains ending their lives without the need for ever you realize that Jonah is experiencing what the very minimized with experience has been in the same thing about yourself answer engineers and other people on Charlotte Jackson hey if the fan will do the software or any other way I said I will estimate that they are now in March Microsoft on a Jonah this invention is not an experienced you cannot and do something want to know Sidney Psalm sixty nine song sixty nine when zone is actually referring John apply Psalm sixty nine song sixty nine verse one C Neil from the waters that are coming to my soul I think in the mire when there is notwithstanding I am come into deep waters where the floods overflow me I very am I crying my throat is dry mine eyes fail away from I thought that hit me without a cause on more than the hairs of my head that it would destroy me be mine enemies wrongfully on my neck and I was that I restore that which I took not away he's going to watch in verse nine versus further C online house hath eaten me up and send them that report they are fallen upon me for that person I think Jesus what was uses the force father 's house in other words feelings jealousy anybody have been zealous before when Gonzales was harder they Jesus is our area because he was shot last Father's Day can why was Larry for his father 's honor and he's I will do anything about how my father from you believe tonight and you need to heartburn Jelena Tron how all of the daddy on the face and definitely has a lot of authority do not feel on you and me he now is going to know about he is going with a mission he is a strange person because he had an experience much like that of Jesus he says okay my box ongoing to minimum I am going to preach on this deal there were two times that Jesus fulfilled the sign of Jonah the first time is when he was baptized in the joy what is baptism symbolized symbolizes what the syringes was being baptized even though he was only baptized for a moment is a symbolizing Jesus is one three days and three nights in the green just cannot stand three days in the dungeon where I have then you will write and find that he balls on the admissions appreciative of what I guess what happened when Jesus comes up out of the water is saying descending upon him I don't than the seasons of the world and when he comes in the wilderness he begins to preach a message saying the ring and I know I'll have been in that the spirit of God want to descend upon you and send you to the world that you need of the gospel the second is when Jesus actually now can imagine it was like those people who's on the webcast over the ship would be a catalyst of what they think no one is what you can you imagine how much anyone was around the penis when standing upon the beach and there is this vicious come off the water and this man was dead three days ago is now nonadult on was not that the millennium Jesus was swallowed up by desire and three days later what happened to the earth he and what happens when he's not showing up goals back to Nineveh and he preaches the nasty something was the one that turned them upside down methods on no less was it I was preaching the gospel a minimum initially Jelena chapter three is confusing Jonah chapter three verse six for the work came onto the I know -year-old landlady his role from him and comprehend the site costs sackcloth analysis I called to be proclaimed and published there while in the by the decree of the keying and his nobles saying that neither man nor beast turned off locking anything that cannot feed not drink water but let man and beast be covered with sackcloth and cry mightily unto God and then turn everyone from his evil ways and from the violence that is in their music that began preaching the message the king and his nobleman you know what happened they got harder they call Joe knows see you another Jesus does not intend to go around and preach the gospel to every body he needs chains and noble man Jesus cause any sense on one assembly one five so that you will go and set somebody else on fire and then they started he wants to set you on fire so that you can set identifier the question now becomes now pastor how do I know that's when here are humbled this weekend is to set you on fire I want to sell you something we need a new job the twenty fourth chapter twenty four twenty four how do you know what happens in the twenty fourth to twenty four days off the story of off to the disciples who were walking will him and sorry Dom and Donnell walking they encounter someone and they don't know when it is not until the seasons and an endlessly legal twenty four are willing and respecting the rights of the multicultural amendment I think the two of the common man which was from Jerusalem about resource along and about talking together of the things that happen to think about that one and one of a community gathering reason Jesus himself Junior and then their eyes more than that they should not know him and he said to them communications of these and you have one with another as he walked Sosa I know they usually have not heard in all the things gone on and Jesus says in verse twenty five days seventh event will start hard to believe all in all not trying to have suffered these things and to enter into his glory and angry with me personally send e-mail as beginning at Moses and all promptings he expounded on the van in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself Jesus begins to break the world down to them and the Bible tells us outbursts when you need human onto the delusion that he went anything is able to a farther with a constraining segment by liberals for it is toward evening on the days are spent he went into time with them I think the past time they sat at meat with them he thought Brad Penny drastically banking and getting them and their eyes are opened and they knew him money that is not assigned on day one to another ten aloha Erin him will will are there did not receive this while he taught Windows live the way and while he opened the Scriptures to us do you want heartburn and the disciples .org and Alan Weiss is she said it was cheaper than ever before us along our hearts than on Thanksgiving and praise to him wish I will continue off this is not religious life as a follow-up conversation with God as we were taught with a friend to speak his ministries to what often it will come to also swing sets of the present of Jesus and our hearts will turn with an honest siege on the ninth of the commune without the written part eleven is when we begin to open the word of God and see the beautiful truth fairly well when Jesus himself begins to draw near to us and begins to reveal to us that you can be a scholar to understand the word of God you can understand the word of God for yourself and when you find these truly are having is all I can say that I had earned at least a fire in the bone Jeremiah said he heard what shall amend me I hear in well all is well in use here at one apartment at the Burlington understand there is a surprising number is all chanting why does my answer is that you have to be so hard to earn at least about the firing of one another and any and all leads the time off on your network I know that is when I cannot start until the Bible says I went on the bartender wanted that were able to sneak and the amount is one of those underneath them the miracle is not so much that they were English-speaking different languages the miracle is that he was speaking to him that he had a one-on-one time at using this examiner that much having worked on morning three of them in writing I tried to stay away these men were now enough sending a minimum I'm willing to spend them up and listen to me in China we the sleepers define a set on fire a shot against heartburn is almost as we will not be living in an all Muslim heartburn will charge it on the fire at all times will be will be an hardware also noticed his mind to the truth that is the soul must not only come from God but his spirit must attend its communications others will powerless before all influences how I assured myself from the minutes of the sermons with such power to try and way into the hearts of the people owned in all words would be soldiered into the spirit of God than when we spoke those words are fine they would burn their way into the hearts of those who hear us all nothing would catch heartburn medicines and the more five-year power that God 's people is the sooner we will hasten the great coming of the day of God only one local to you without clothes sentence of God endow with power from on high with their faces light up and shining the holy consecration went forth to proclaim the message from heaven souls that were started off to the religious bodies answered the call and the process where hiring out of the dunes churches Havelock was hurried out of Sodom before her destruction another might appeal to you tonight is not a time for the sleepers to only its time for us to arm ourselves with those W and the lack of mass delivering this it's time for God 's people to spring into action and leave the theater aside but we can only do that him us are if we have hired by Mike Phillips and Lori please give me heart and I want Harper nor put your flyer in my heart so that nothing will stop me from splitting the three Angels messages to a world that is the baptism of fire is coming and we have a mission toward this world to prepare them for that great day this is a desire to play with me heavenly father set the stage tonight Mary Louise Menino hearts set on fire Mary needs that the disciples had on the board of the millions they mean to at heart are huge on New Year's was this meeting opening up the Scriptures in ways we never seem to set aside five four make us fire starters protect us against the Firesign milling around us Collins seeing me with your fire and we may speak words of truth we thank you Lord for him for prayer in the precious name of Jesus a man in him our ministry and how prepared people for the soon coming as an lively supernatural power of the Lamb of God that giveth a victorious Christian are more information on our multimedia resources incurring on speaking engagements a lot onto our website and Debbie Danny Howard the Lamb .com www. hour and on the land was wrong thank you and I will remove a


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