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05 America: The End

Lyle Southwell
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Lyle Southwell

Lyle Southwell is a commentator, speaker, historian and eschatologist who has lectured around the world for the past 25 years. He is currently the host of the popular FaithFM breakfast show that airs across Australia. Since the start of 2020, Lyle has enjoyed being a part of the NNSW Conference evangelism team. He is happily married to Shell, and they have two adult sons. 


  • November 4, 2021
    12:00 PM

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Ah, never before have we had such a lesson opportunity to build the more perfect union of our founders dreams. We hold these truths to be felt that all men are created, if They are down by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is the true genius on america. I have a mean one thing. If nature will rise up about the meaning of its cream, We cannot forget today that we are the end of that for the rebels. The only thing we have to do is From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. Will not our country at all and the glow from that fire and truly like the world free. I read that back. Real weird things. Weird scene. But there's so much more to do with It was $1036.00, b. C. In the United kingdom of israel, king sole, and a small force of israelite militiamen with can't me mix match. You might ask, well, what were they doing there? The answer is very simple. You see, the philistines had come up with an enormous army to conquer this nation of israel. So was naturally very, very afraid as were the other israelites, but they will waiting for something. There was a period of inaction, and you can only imagine how that inaction played on the nerves of soul and his men as they awaited desertion started to take over the 1st one man, then another. And then it seemed like his army was just melting away. Day after day they would get up in the morning and they were less men in the camp. Well, what would they waiting for? They were waiting for the arrival of the priest and profit, samuel to come and offer sacrifice to God. And sammy wasn't coming. The bible says in 1st time, you'd have to 13 and say that he saw why did for 7 days, according to the set time that samuel had appointed. But, sam, you did not come to gil gal, and the people was scattered from him and saw, say, bring here, the bird offering to me, and pace offering, and he offered the burnt offering. Now you might think, well, that's no big deal. What stopping saw from offering the burnt offering? Well, the bible goes on and says, of course, you know, has, we would expect, as soon as soul had done this. Guess who turns up, samuel turns up, and samuel says, what did you do? And we would think to ourselves, well, in our king, so he did a very righteous thing, he's offering a burn offering. Why wouldn't he do this? semi goes on and samuel says, in verse 13, you're done foolishly. You have not kept the commandment of the Lord your god, which he commanded you. For now the Lord would have established joking them upon his ralph for ever. But now your kingdom shall not continue. The Lord has found him a man after his own heart, and the Lord has come out of him to be kept to know these people. Because you have not kept that which the Lord commanded you. What was the problem here? Why would hold you back from offering an offering? Why was a soul supposed to do so? And why was that only samuel's prerogative to offer that offering a little bit further and we need to investigate a little bit more into the subject. Wait, let's move down in time now to 751 b. C. This time we find ourselves in the independent kingdom of judah. Astoria found in 2nd chronicles chapter 26. And we begin in verse 16. The bible says that when he that is king of zaya was strong. His heart is hot, was lifted up to destruction. For he transgressed against the Lord his god, and went into the temple of the Lord to been incense on the altar of incense. The bible talks about king azhar as a good king and he, you find king desire worshiping god. You would think once again, this is a good thing for the king to be worshiping god and to be offering incense at this particular point in the temple of god. Bible says that ezra the priest, when in after him and with him, the priests of the Lord that were brave men and they would stood as I that's, that's a bold thing to do when as our is the king of the nation. He doesn't belong to you as I am to burn incense under the Lord. But to the priest, the sons of aaron that are consecrated to burn incense, go out of the sanctuary for you have trespassed. Neither shall it be for your honor from the Lord your god. Then as I was angry sensor in his hand, the bible says that he got rather upset about the priest telling him what he could and he could not do you think he's the king of israel, his sovereign ruler, can he do what every want? Can he go in and offer incense in the temple of god? While he was angry with the priests, the bible says leprosy rose up on his forehead before the priest in the house of the Lord beside the altar and as arrive the chief prison, all the priest looked at him and behold, he was leprous in his forehead, and they threw him out from their yes, he hurried, also to go out because the Lord had smitten him. Bible says and as I was a leper until the day of his death many, many years later. What is the problem here? What is the lesson that god is trying to teach in these 2 circumstances? Will very simply, the lesson here is that separation needs to exist between church and state, religion and politics. When the ancient constitution of the nation of israel was written, there was position for a king. There was allowances for that political leader. But there was also the positions that were to be held by the priests. And these 2 were not to overlap with each other. One was a political position, the other was a religious position and God made those 2 positions separate when he established a nation. Now, if we come down to revelation chapter 13, we'll be looking at the United States in bible prophecy. Let's go over there and let's see what is taking place right down here. At the end of time in revelation 13, what does the bible say? It will be taking place in the United States because we know that separation of church and state has been central to the United States. In verse 13, the bible says that he does great wonder soon he makes far come down from heaven on earth in the side of men. And this sees those that live on the earth, by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the side of the beast. Saying to those that live on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast which had the wound by a sword and lived. So when we look at these passages right here, we find exactly what the United States is going to do and is doing right now. And that is making an image to the beast, an image to the Church of the dark ages, a carbon copy, if you like. The Church of the dark ages was by definition a union of church and state, and it remained so dramatic and he's entirely on country with his own passport. Postal service, police force army, a government called the holy c, additional system called inquisition, etc. It received them. Basset is from every important nation on earth. Now know of the church receives ambassadors. It is able to do this because it is not just a church, but also a country, a micro nation, but also a superpower. It was the union of church and state that led to the tremendous persecution of religious minorities during the dark ages that was finally brought to an end in $1798.00 by napoleon abolishing the PayPal government. The vatican inquisition was one of the primary means by which the persecution and the death penalty. In particular. We used to take millions of lives and torture was the primary means by which confessions of heresy were cheap. As we have learned, the United States was determined never to allow the environment in which the inquisition could ever exist. By looking at the dominant power across the atlantic, they were able to form a constitution that guaranteed separation of church and state. Freedom of religion and outlawed any form of coercion and torture. This of course, was anathema to the vatican, as it was the very opposite of their dogma. And the 1964 pope paused the night, published a syllabus of errors with several of them, specifically targeting the United States constitution by paused and I stated that it was an era that every man is free to embrace or profess that religion which guided by the light of reason, he still considered true, he went on to say, it was an era that the church has no power of force, nor has he any temporal power, direct or indirect, than in 1999. Probably the 13th name to heresy. After the United States constitution and finally 19 o 3, he wrote an entire in cyclical against the United States constitution. He stated, let us examine that liberty in individuals which is so opposed to the virtue, a religion named the liberty of namely the liberty of worship as it is cold. This is based on the principle that every man is free to profess, as he may choose any religion or none. A liberty such as we have described is no liberty but degradation. These actions started the process that caused the United States to break all diplomatic ties with the vatican and created an environment in which those entrusted with interpreting the constitution in the United States. The supreme court justices. Whereas typically anti vatican aligned as possible. Now the bible describes the United States forming an image and an image, a copy, and to form a copy of the paper system, the United States must repudiate his own constitution. What do you realize is that in the United States, the most powerful level of government is the supreme court. Congress and the president can make any law that I want, but it is the 9 on elected supreme court justices that get to choose how those laws are interpreted. In the last 40 years, the supreme court has been systematically dismantling those aspects of the United States constitution that separate it from being an inquisition or system of justice. As far back as the early 19 eighties, keen observer was seeing the trajectory and commenting on the growing dangers, the religious new service in 993 stated. The U. S. Supreme court has fundamentally changed the ground rules separating church and state in turn locked by one block pastor decision after another. The U. S. Supreme court has altered lines of demarcation between church and state in the United States. By 1991 supreme court, justice william rehnquist was confident enough to go on record stating the wall of separation between church and state is a metaphor based on bad history. I metaphor which has pretty useless as a guide to judging it should be frankly and explicitly abandoned by 2002 leading evangelicals were coming out of the closet to demand an end to the separation of church and state in the road to rick victory rallied that year, one reporter reported that many of the speakers railed against the separation of church and state. Joyce meyer summed up the sentiments stating separation of church and state is a deception of satan. The benny hinn show the statement that could almost be taken directly from the warning and revelation. 13 said, I will tear down the separation between church and state. I will use miracles to do it when you had that in the bible a moment ago. In recent years, we have had an avalanche of cases where religious liberty has been trampled on. For example, there is the case of kim davis, rowan county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses, to same sex couples based on her religious convictions and was imprisoned for her faith. Presidential candidate mark huckabee described it as the criminalization of christianity, and ted cruz styled it as judicial, a judicial tyranny pointing out that she was in prison for no other reason than for her face. In 2017, donald Trump came to pow promising to abolish the Johnson amendment. A key piece of legislation guaranteeing separation of church and state. He did so by executive order, just 5 months after coming to power. Now we're in the middle of the kobe pandemic and religious liberties along with the right for person worship, according to the contents of being trampled on in every state. You see whether it is right or wrong to not gather full worship is immaterial to the right to be able to do so, which is afforded by the United States constitution. Many would argue that this is the cost of freedom cove. It has become a crisis that has been used to set presidencies to strip away religious liberties that will never be returned. At the same time that all of this was beginning to gain momentum back in the 19 ninety's torture. The primary tool of inquisition was being sit systematically, re introduced to the American system. No longer was there a right to silence chief justice bar and what recognized it for exactly what it was when he said permitting a co worst confession, which could be part of evidence on which I jury is free to base it guilty is the verdict of guilty is incompatible with the thesis that aus is not an inquisition or system of criminal justice. Did you catch the language and inquisition or system of justice? This chief justice stated that an image to the vatican had been formed in the United States. And of course, by the time the war on terror arrived, torture had become routine in places like guantanamo by threat. This time, of course, it is instructive to look at where the United States has focused its attention at the International level. The greatest historical enemies of the vatican are his land, the rocks church, the protestantism and communism. Throughout the 1260 years of the dark ages, historians estimate that 12250000000 people lost their lives from amongst these faith groups at the hands of the vatican, of course, except for communism. Since the 6th century, england has been a constant thorn in the side of the vatican and orthodox church. Since the 11th century person isn't rose in the 16th century to protest against the government of the church in Rome. The bolsheviks received funding from the vatican as they were seen as a means to bring an end of the orthodox church until they were bought out by the patriarch of moscow. And double crossed the vatican. Starting with the vietnam war, every conflict that the United States has involved itself in has been a religious war. And every war has focused on the traditional enemies of the vatican. With the exception of protestantism, you see it seems that the protestant in the United States have moved away from protesting and taking up the project of creating a copy or image of the vatican. Now let's move on and look at what has been happening with a make up of the supreme court. Has the United States been forming a copy of the vatican at its most powerful level of government? Because the inquisition system of the vatican was the direct opposite of the United States constitution. Americans used to be all about protecting the constitution. They were extremely reticent to a point roman catholic, just to judges justices to the supreme court. Since independence, they have been 216 supreme court justices. Only 14 have been roman catholic. But what is significant is that in the last 10 years, there has not been a single person on the supreme court. The newest member put forward by donald Trump and amy coney baron is possibly the most about. She's a professor of lore at the roman catholic notre dom university, the largest privately own university in the United States. She formerly worked for chief justice antonin scalia, who was supreme court justice stated, when religious rights clash with the governments need for uniform rules, the court will side with the government, religious inherent need to look to the political system, not to the court for protection. Think about that for a moment. The purpose for a constitution is to limit the power of the government and protect the rights of minorities. The government never needs protection due to the fact that it is the majority. Scalia, in effect, stated that people of faith must form a majority and elect the government to receive any level of protection. If that happened to be a minority, then they have no legal protection whatsoever at all. This is what we call very simply mob rule. And it was mob rule that signal the end of the roman republic and the beginning of the roman empire. As the United States read forms itself into a copy of medieval europe. It is moving away from being a republican forming an empire system of government reporting on the actions of scalia. The Washington post dated the problem with smith. The decision is the United States supreme court has gotten the free exercise of the 1st amendment. The times went on to say the supreme court to die forcefully declared that it would no longer protect believers. If we go to John chapter 6, just the gospel of john chapter clifton over there very quickly and see what jesus had to say, because we find i form and a system of government vastly different from the government that we see here on this earth. John chapter 6, from that time, many of his disciples went back and walked no more with jesus, did you catch that? He, jesus is being died. This being deserted by his followers. Then said jesus to the 12. Will you also go away? course peter answered. Peter, who was kind of answered and said loader, whom shall we go? You have the woods of eternal life and we believe and Sure that you are christ, the son of the living. God. Jesus answered him, have not I chosen you 12 and one is the devil. But he spoke of judas iscariot. You know, when you put this whole story together, diseases use force to co worse. His followers. To follow him? Did he say this is the only religion where there is any kind of salvation. Therefore, this is the religion that you must be a pato? No, jesus was totally against any kind of force. And even within the 12 that stayed with him right to the end, the whole time, he knew that judith was day. And that whole time he could have done something about that. His god, his sovereign ruler of the universe. He could act in relationship to judas. But that entire time, he was appealing to judas right down to the very end, he was saying, judas, i know who you are. I know what you're thinking. And the fact that I know what you're thinking should tell you who I am and that what you are doing is wrong. Jesus was appealing to him. He wasn't driving him away. He knew that judas would be try him. When we go a little bit further on in the gospel of john, let's go to John chapter 18. Now john chapter 18. And I want you notice once again, jesus attitude towards these particular issues. John chapter 18 verse 36. Jesus answered. My kingdom is not of this world in my kingdom or of this world. Then my 7th would fight that I would not be delivered to the jews. But now my kingdom is not of this world. I want to notice the principle that jesus, jesus is establishing here. Jesus did not come to this world to build an earthly kingdom. He came to this world to establish the religion of christianity, a religion of peace and harmony, and happiness. A religion of love where there is no force and there is no coercion. And because he came to establish a religion, he did not involve himself in issues of state. He did not come to this world to set up a kingdom to become a king. If he had done, as he pointed out right here, he would have sent his servants out to fight. It was kind of what the jews were expecting. That he would raise the army and that he would establish the jewish empire to rule glorious lee over all of the world. But jesus like, no, that's not what I'm about. I am here to bring you to God, the politics and the political situation. Leave that separate from what I am doing. Jesus is establishing very, very clearly the separation of church and state. This is a principle that has existed in the bible from the very beginning and exists right down to the very end. And that is why the bible is so intent on warning us about what is going to take place in the future. Warning us that an image will be performed a copy of the system live room during the dark ages. We look back at the dark ages, the medieval period, the middle ages, what we want to call it. And we say, you know, that could never return to this world. I will this far too advanced and civilized for that. But no historian will agree with you. Because all historians know that history is cyclical, it goes around and what has been here in the past will be here in the future. In revelation chapter 13, the bible says some significant things. Revelation 13 bible says he had power to give life to the image of the beast, of the image of the beast. This is the copy of the medieval system. Would both speak and force, nor does that we're right there as many as would not worship the image to be killed. Now I agree with amy coney baron, that is a bad thing to have the death penalty. That's my view. But here we find at the very end of time that the death penalty comes back. And where does it come back for? It comes back against people of size. People who are following jesus christ, who are being forced to worship in a way that is not according to their conscience. Revelation chapter 3, once again we see the attitude of jesus, the people revelation chapter 3. In verse 20 the bible says, behold i stand at the door and knock. And if any one he is my voice, this is jesus speaking. If any one he is my voice and opened the door, I will come into him and we'll eat with him. And he with me, is jesus coming to that door, breaking the door down, training up the inhabitants is dragging them off and placing them in church and saying, you must worship me. No, that's not what jesus is doing. And that's not what jesus will ever do. The bible says he comes to the door of your heart and he knocks, the decision is entirely yours. He will never force you. If you want to open the door, that's up to you. The power to open that door has been given to you by jesus dying on the cross. Are you going to use that power or not? Will you give your life to jesus to day? The bible says that jesus wants to do more than just come in. And says he wants to come in and he wants to eat, we knew why does bible say that? Should we just all be talking about morality? The answer is very simple. Friends. Jesus wants more than just your decision to serve him. When we see a food as human beings, we draw close together. You can go to any nation on the, I think at any race or group language or wherever. When people want to draw close together in a close personal relationship. They do that over food. They say food again, jesus wants to have that kind of relationship with you and he wants to have it with you to day. Once you give your life, We are so glad you joined us here on the N dot digital for America in the, in, in this series really, when just manage to scratch the surface of everything. The bible prophecy has to say about what is happening in the world right now. And because we've only just begun to unpack such a big subject, we're going to extend to use a very special free offer. If you would like to have personal bible study, or if you would like to have your own copy of my bible study series called the prophetic code, then simply call a tech the number that you see on your screen right now. And we would love to extend this offer to you.


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