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How Many Dinosaurs Were On the Ark?

Lee Spencer


  • June 27, 2010
    1:20 PM
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him I thank you and this is a lesson against procrastination Doctor Standish send out an e-mail asking for titles for this and I didn't send it back quick enough and so he picked one out forming and my first reaction was how many dinosaurs were on the arc I give up how many but then I got to thinking about nursing interesting issues are some addresses don't believe there were any on the ark some some Adventists and then believe it don't believe that God created them all so the first question is are dinosaurs were in if dinosaurs are not real but there the creation of evolutionary scientists to confuse us then the answer to how many dinosaurs run the arc is throughout so how do we know if their real lingo dig them up in conjunction with Southwestern Adventist University may have a dinosaur dig site in eastern Wyoming that you all can participate yourselves the website is Dino dig S W a you EDU every year about a thousand specimens are collected guess how many elephants we found in their zero how many horses camels non- so that you bring up another interesting graph question why if it didn't evolve wire dinosaurs there but no big mammals in different question maybe because they were all on the arc and now he collect all these bones how do we know that their dinosaurs how do we know that there are reptiles the structure of the skull tells you here is a call of a tyrannosaur red it's actually deftly does Soros notice the jaw if you look at a dinosaur jaw the bone that holds the cheese is the Dan Terry for dentist he likes to look at bones that hold teeth noticed behind it anyway that there are several bones between the jawbone holds that the teeth and the skull and that the jawbone holds the keys does not articulate with the skull on the other side is a rabbit a rabbit is like you and I have mammal we have a single job on and in it it holds the keys so that the bone old geezers what one Dan Terry right so with mammals we have again Terry squad also jaw articulation so if we find fossils that have more than one bone in the job and the one that holds a cheese doesn't articulate with the job we know we have a reptile pants we would know that Toledo saurus Tyrannosaurus are reptiles in fact reptiles a majority in fact dinosaurs are rentals that behave like mammals what do I mean by that on the left is it is a Triceratops in on the right is an elephant they're both about the same size notice how the limbs are on the Triceratops they come straight down out of the body just like a horse and a camel or a person modern rep Pam that anybody everybody seen an alligator crocodile or their limbs out to the side right so these are not big Al in years contrary to what some creationists and said eleven Inc. one one four nine hundred years and it becomes a dinosaur am sorry it just is a big one at so dinosaurs are real and no reptile 's behaving like mammals so where they are and how many of them were on the mark I still give up we still can't answer that question what if God did not create the dying source what they were created by man or Satan if God did not create the dinosaurs then there wouldn't have been any on our right many of you believe that God can create dinosaurs are fewer than to guess about a third I first of all asked Ken Satan create dinosaurs I think it's unlikely that Satan has the power to create life one of the reasons that he rebelled in the first place was he wasn't invited to join Christ in God any anticipated creation of the earth that's found in story of redemption pages thirteen and fourteen why then would we think that he could create something as grand as a dinosaur then comes a question did Man create dinosaurs one how does man create anything you have genetic engineering some Adventists believe that dinosaurs are the product of amalgamation Ellen White makes this the following statement every species of animal which God had created were preserved in the ark the confused species which God did not create which were the result of amalgamation were destroyed by the flood says dinosaurs are extinct today many Adventists believe they must not have been on the Ark they must've been that the product of amalgamation so what is amalgamation I'm Dennis and the crown all good what a Malcolm mixture of what mercury and silver right which is so virgin silver and amalgamation means a blending use the term today in amalgam which is the blend of metals that Dennis used in filling teeth what he had been a bland to get a dinosaur horse and a crocodile how do you get it to be fifty or eighty feet long amalgamation doesn't seem to fit at least as it applies to dinosaurs located a couple other quotes which might not have heard this is from spiritual gifts volume four page one twenty one soon after the flood the race began to rapidly decrease in size and length of years there was a class a very large animals which perished at the flood God knew that the strength of man would decrease and these mammoth animals could not be controlled by feeble man while not every animal that God created was on our now that doesn't mean at home why doesn't the profit I remember back to list the the plagues that fell on Egypt and one of the plagues all the cattle were killed member that life you go I'm a little bit later your fine but there were some more cattlemen got killed so sometimes all means most I was shown that a very large powerful animals existed before the flood which do not now exist God evidently did create some very large powerful animals they do not exist today is there evidence of points to attend God creating dinosaurs off dinosaurs are the dominant land animal of the Mesozoic they're filling virtually all of the niche is that mammals fill today and they also filled in the Cenozoic the layers above the dinosaurs there are large medium and small plant eaters herbivores there are large medium and small carnivores there is even the dolphin and whale equivalent and if you soar would in a cross to getting ichthyosaurs and there's the bad equivalent in the pterosaur reptile 's are filling most of the nations that mammals are filling in the modern world there are no large mammals modern mammals found in any Mesozoic deposit there has never been found an elephant horse camel page in with the dinosaurs but there are abundant in the layers above the dinosaurs if our modern world ecologies are so complex that they had to be created the same argument would apply to dinosaur habitats as dinosaurs are doing everything that mammals are doing therefore if it's complex enough that God had to create the mammal ones then God had to create the wrathful ones as well but when God create something so big mean and ferocious as a Tyrannosaurus rex well think about it a predator has to be big enough to take its prey right alliance is it a mountain lion is bigger than the rabbit that he needs almost the same size or as the deer what about what would you have to be for a predator to be a forty foot long duckbilled dinosaur had personal it have to be like fifty feet long yourself you can ask yourself did God create grizzly bears polar bears lions tigers if he did how did they get to be so ferocious clearly there had to be great changes to animals after sin that God did not intend to be that way at creation we live in a world of death some might argue that Tyrannosaurus rex is ugly with those big cheese short stubby arms surely God would not make something happen like that you know I've never seen the pictures it directs to little arms to get into a little RMR acceptance low things this is familiarity consider how we would feel if we saw a mammal now with large bones protruding out of it said we might think it's pretty for Colin Adair we don't think it's weird for this animal they have bones drawn out of it said because were familiar with seeing okay so how many dinosaurs were on the arc receive it God probably did create dinosaurs but that he allowed at least some very large animals to perish at the flood by the way Ellen White never uses the DWORD anywhere she never I'm never seen dinosaur in any of her writings so how many dinosaurs were on March were there any if God allowed the whole class the parish of the flood then how many would beyond the arc yeah but maybe there were some chicken size ones I found that man could animals the answer is still we go but there are some more tantalizing suggestions this is the Ishtar gate that was once in Babylon and now is in Berlin if we look at the animals and relief on this amazing wall by the way this is the wallet Daniel would walk through we handle what animal is that as Ernie doubted the line it looks well constructed with the muscle stated on this is our readme a type of wild ox that looked like a iron ox actually does say it's a wild one see how the heirs of the Lawrence it's obviously a male walks on on its toes looks kind of like an ox okay what's this if I had other pictures you can see it has a four star and has these birdlike feet by the way what apparently did dinosaurs many of them have birdlike feet not saying this is a dinosaur but I'm sent what I am saying is all of the other animals and were on their look like animals we noted in there not fictional so why would they put out this fictional one so the question how many dinosaurs were on the arc I give up how many


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