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Logo of Talking Points, 3rd Quarter 2021: Rest in Christ

01 Living in a 24/7 Society

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • May 27, 2021
    4:00 PM
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Ah, i'm cameron division and Mark howard, and this is talking points. Pastor howard, we have entered into another quarter. The 3rd quarter of 2021 is right here at the halfway mark and headed downhill. Incredible to think about. Now. It's maybe a little bit ironic, but we're talking about man is 2021 is is really race and by and everything. But this corner is intentionally going to try to slow us down a little bit with the topic being rest in christ. Which of course, spiritual rest is only found in christ. So we are our mission territorial. Yes. Please highlight us north American division a man order and number of projects listed on the back of your quarterly. Just don't forget that each time we have a new quarter, we have a new mission emphasis. That's right. And so every week you take a mission offerings. Please continue to give generously sacrificially to the mission work. And those 13 sabbath offering project make a special attempt to help out. But now back to the topic at hand. The word topic is probably the right word, because sometimes we have a quarterly, it goes through a book of the bible, or it goes through a fundamental belief of the church, like the sanctuary. Second coming this time it is a topic and the topic is rest. And in the 7 dab is mind, often we go all that means the sabbott that code for sabbath rest and that's part of it. Exactly. We're definitely gonna touch on that. But what the, it appears now I haven't read every word of the quarterly yet, but in reviewing it and looking over it seems to be trying to broaden our understanding of what rest entails. So we're going to be looking at a lot of biblical examples of rest, looking at some of the well in this week, really been look at the various word, the use for rest and try to and are standing of it. Incidentally, when we teach the bible principles of health, if we use the old new start acronym and there variations of it, one of those principles is rep is rest. So clearly this is, I mean if you look at some of the things we're going to see about god in the creation he intends for us to be arrested people physically, emotionally. And of course, most importantly, spiritually, all of those aspects of rest are going to be touched on in this quarter. So that's good. One of the challenges, i think we're seeing, you're going to see it probably in this lesson. And I'll kind of walk you through, especially we get to how we made the talking point. This when that when you have a topic, especially a broader topic that could be addressed in so many different ways that you might not have like you would going through a narrative section of, of scripture a particular passage in a leave to be there. Foresee it can kind of get it can kind of have a cross convoluted scattered a little bit all over the place. And so we're gonna still try to do our talking point. We're going to do our talking point, but we're trying to make them clear like, ok, there's a reason, this one's here and there's a reason these go to go. We typically, if you've been with us for any period of time, we try and are talking to follow a progressive flow, right. Thought. And at least in the 1st 2 lessons of this, this quarter, it's a little bit more difficult. So yeah, but the lord's going to bless regarding we're saying that because we're figuring that if we're seeing that maybe you're, you're thinking, man, I don't know what to do with this. Hopefully this will be helpful. Also don't, don't be afraid to, as you read through it, say like, you know, I might have put in a little different term. So I might have addressed it this way 1st or so. And as the teacher, you have the prerogative that I would even say the responsibility not just to go through as little, but as you understand it best to teach it and that way. So we're going to try to model that I can help us. We're talking here, you know, camera and I think that way and we present that way very linear. You know, it's like a want to a logical progression of things. And so like, well, you know, this is a little challenge and I can't, I'm sure that there are some service school programs. I don't know if t v, ear amazing facts. Why the others like this is a phenomenal quarterly. This is just, it follows along and makes so much sense area and so we're like, maybe other people are drinking this in like maybe it's great, but I think for our way of approaching things, this one, mike is a little bit more challenge. But I believe we do it here and I'm going to bless exactly. So I'm excited about that part of it. So before we do anything, of course pastor, how can you give us a word of prayer? And then we'll walk through a lesson for this much great, heavenly father. We thank you for the rest that you provide for us in your creation plan and especially the spiritual rest we can find in jesus. We pray that as we study this lesson for this week, and in the coming weeks, you would give us a clear understanding of how we can have the physical and the spiritual rest that would help us to be the faithful people you designed that we should be we ask and pray these things in jesus name, a man, a man. All right? What we typically do at this point is they are 1st talking point. Is this 2nd, what is it? What I'd like to do today is a little bit differently. I would like to get to the talking points, but I want to show me folks, this is a surprise. It's just springs it. Here it is what's going to believe it's a new quarter for fresh. I'd like to walk through the lesson as it's de La day by day. We're not going to read through it or anything, but just talk about what the topics were and then see how it became these 3 talking points to give an example of what we're looking at. So from saturday afternoon starts with the introductory doctor. He kind of illustration about the business and hectic pace of life, right? In the whole quarter. I mean, the whole week's lesson is living in a 247 society. It's about business. And our need is one thing we can know immediately from last quarter is the way different contributors lay things out. Like last quarter had a this week we're going to look at this. Right. And then you have to say that we looked at Yes at the end of the lesson, there was a summary and we don't have that here though. So anyway, there's this illustration talk about the business of life that's out of afternoon. Sunday then is titled worn and weary. I'm not exactly sure why got that title because it's talking about god's rest in creation and maybe in but he wasn't worn and weary meeting a physical rest and may have, hadn't fallen into sin when god gave him say make time rest in the sabbath abrams of a different nature. Exactly. So I'm not sure what's call it, but it's talking about basically god's rest and his eaten ideal before the fall. Ok. But then on Monday is titled running on empty and it looks at jeremiah chapter $45.00 is very short chapter, but it's all about brooks, the scribe of jeremiah, and his stress and emotional weariness or emotional emptiness it talks about and how he needed to be refreshed ok, that's monday, Tuesday we get into a basically to day block of looking at the definitions of terms that are translated for rest both in the hebrew in the greek. So on Tuesday it's the old testament words, which are hebrew words, a number of them, a good number of them there, translated in some capacity to rest. On Wednesday, it's the new testament terms for rest and the example of the disciples who needed to rest thursday. Then it jumped back to the old testament to genesis forward. It looks at kane, who is a restless wanderer, as the interview tells us in genesis for. And it talks about how his separation from god made him a restless wanderer. And then friday, it closes with a quote from the desire of ages about how the rabbis and the days of jesus wanted to demonstrate their spirituality. But how busy they were and how them continue. But activity does not mean spirituality. And to me that was a little bit challenge because it's a little, I mean they're all good topics. It's kind of more a potpourri covering of it. So the talking points for the yeah, what are talking points, cameron? Number one, coming from tuesday and Wednesday, those terms, the, all the new testament terms, i said rest quote is a broad term with many meanings. OK, so there's a lot of different words that can be translated to rest. And we're going to review some of those both in the old and the new testament again from tuesday. Talking point number 2, the rest was and is part of god's plan for humanity. So we're gonna look at that creation story that was illustrated there in sunday. And Monday and Wednesday, so sunday, monday and Wednesday is going to talk, talk about this, how both before the fall and particularly after the fall, we need rest, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And finally, number 3, no true rest is found apart from god. And we're going to hone in on 3rd, raise a story about cane. So that's where we kinda went from the lesson to the talking points. Well, let's dive into it. What do we mean by rest? Well, that's a great thing. When I hear that, what is the rival me back to you? Or you can probably think of different things in the bible. X actually has all those different ideas in them too. So rest doesn't just mean sleeping or ceasing physical labor is my best idea, the rest have to do with sand and volunteer either the beaches in there. Right. So the rest is a broader, deeper term than just that. And that's what we find into thing with wednesday's left. And if you go to tuesday, for instance, and we talk about how in the old testament, several different hebrew words are used to describe different types or qualities of rest museum. And since she bought exactly she bought is probably the most well known one and that's the sabbath. It's used to express god's rest in genesis 2 and it says that he rested from his labors that shabba he ceased from working. Ok. Interestingly, that same word is used in exit chapter 5 and in a previous quarter, we talked about this. How, when god with leading the children of israel out of the bondage of egyptian slavery. Yes, it's not like he introduced for the 1st time drummer, please. The concept of the sabbath right at mel sinai, that he had been teaching it before. And he had been the people had known it from earlier in their, his right to where they just kind of lost sight of it. Or to come in with a word. Remember for something you never tell people try to remember something you never knew exactly. You know if you recall, what was pharaoh's 1st thing that he got upset about moses moses comes back making people read exactly making the rest. And so he was taken away from their work and they were resting like god got away from his work on the sabbath, they were seizing their work. So the same word ship authors use in genesis to an x is 5. Now another word, no time out, by the way. I'm not a hebrew or greek scholar. I'm probably gonna mess up these pronunciations. And for those of you who watching, who do have those backgrounds or knowledge of it, please forgive me. Mark, you probably have a fancy app, you can tell us or correct us along the way. But I'm gonna do my best with the resources i have, but another word is N U A K H new I miss you may be confused with rock rock means why and breath brand new. I hear it right here. New arc expresses the quality or experience of rest in which someone or something settled into or settled on something. This is the type of rest described when the Lord rest on the 7th day of creation in exodus 20. Okay, so the arc is resting on the mountain, right? Something is resting on top of something, right? So it's not like an arc wasn't working and then it's which is how god rested in the genesis story. But interestingly in the exit is commandment. It does nothing. He sure body like in the fact that just describes the type of life he read it was refreshed that rested. Interesting. And there's other examples of that. The arc of the covenant rested between journeys. How the spirit of elijah rested on. He aliesha this new ark is the word when god rested from creation. It's the key settled into the right. So in genesis account, the word is selling into a chair. Exactly. So in genesis, as she was in, besides the fact that he had been working and now he's not working. But this is the quality of the rest that he was like, ha, settled in life. Ok, then we have that next word. Chicata shock caught, i'm assuming this is rest in this term of an absence of warfare or strife. It means peace, basically. And you can see that in joshua chapter 11 verse 23. So another type of arrest. Now this word are a ga, and other one. Raga, i'm going to assume to rest in a broader corporate sense, such as the rest israel was foretold to lack while they were exile, they wouldn't be at rest as a people or is the whole nation that's a little bit different spin on a fair can. Once you read what the lesson summarize, they are in too early on Tuesday says paragraph 7, the long and here incomplete list of different hebrew words denoting rest helps us to understand that the theological concept of rest is not connected to one or 2 particular words. Rest effects us physically, socially and emotionally, and is not limited to the sabbath alone. And my guess is that is written for an administer audience who would typically think of o bible rest. Yeah, it's the 7th day sabbath. And what they're trying to do is demonstrate that these different terms, a broader concept at rest. And that's all just from the old testament. Sure. Now we go to the new testament, there are several creek words, no one human pronunciation give us that one and a power. Oh, love it. I'll say that it's right. It's frequently i think it is right, but it's something close to that. Ok. But this is a physical rest of the spiritual rest or emotional refreshment. The idea that if find rest from their labors in the community of faith, that they're buoyed in their spirit, that kind of thing. Now the next verb is how do we say this one has a cato, his cod. So it's something like that h, E N, Y, C, H, A Z O. So anyway, it refer and for some reason this one is used apparently frequently, and it has a lot of new ones even within it. So there's the weekly sabbath rest. Whenever jesus was in the tomb over the sabbath day said the disciples arrested on the sabbath, according to the commandments in luke 2356. Have 2 cards though. Have 2 cards. What they did, they arrested but it also has this quality of living like a quiet life, like in 1st that's loans chapter 4. Why in this or even agreement like in acts chapter 11, verse 18 without objection. So like I rest my case or a man, I agree, and we're all in agreement. So, and there's one more word and hebrew chapter 4 had a power kind of how it's almost used exclusively there. It talks about, again there, the quality of rest creation and the rest that we can enter into in christ. So there's a whole lot of words. Yes. And so I'm glad they've got that fast. It's out of the way early on in the quarterly because I'm guessing we're going to touch on those words or the concepts at least again throughout. So there's a pretty important thing do 1st, but let's move on to the English words. Okay, so why is read so important? Why are we working on this thing? I think great number to leads us in today. Yes, it does because rest was and is part of god's point if you manage. So let's go back to the creation story, right. In genesis chapter one, and we don't have to look it up, you know this, but the Lord on day 4, set lights in the firmament for the purpose of perpetuating cycle. That's right. And why do you think about this even before sin? Why did we need a day and a night? Well, because part of our experience is going to be awake and active, doing things. But part of our original created format that god has for us is sleep. That he expects our life to be consisting of up and active light times, but also a dark, inactive sleep time. Sounds kind of find a middle, but you would think like before creation, i mean before the fall we could do anything all the time. But even in god's creation, ideal, physical rest with them. Yeah. That's going to be puzzling to me until I get to the kingdom. I mean, you know, be, go to revelation in the new earth. There is no night there. Right. So I mean, I don't, but there was, there was night in before sin. Yes. And, well, I have a theory on that and we're not going to get into that right now. But 1st of all, I don't know if any camera has a theory. That's right. It might be here at the but but anyway, we'll get into that some other time film here. But there is also that weekly rest that we think of typically when we think of the sabbath or coming away from our wearisome toil some labour or our sinful, difficult week. And we are resting in a spiritual way. And that was certainly built into god's plan. But even before, before you had the week, we sat with rest, in fact quarterly, sunday, paragraph 5. You see that when there is both in the notes and of course in the lesson, yes, God who created us knew that we would need physical rest. He built cycles into time night and sabbath to offer us a chance for physical rest, acknowledged g, acknowledging jesus as lord of our lives. Also involves taking seriously our responsibility to make time to rest. After all the sabbath commandment isn't merely a suggestion, it is a commandment that is a lot. We can say that the sabbath commandment, opportunity witness and worship together and fellowship and praise lord. But there is an element of physical rest. And I don't know if you've had this experience in your life yet, but I'm getting to the point in life where a week gets fuller and fuller and more and more withers work in house work here at the office. I am loving sabbath more and more because all aspects of it are becoming more precious to me and the physical rest is certainly part of it. Like I don't have to go split wood. I don't have to go into the office. We're going to do that. It's great. Well it's, it's a pastor, it's a little bit of a challenge because every most having a sir familiar with little terms like, you know, lay activities in the spring and the height to the springs, right? The bed frame and lay. What are you doing This afternoon? We're going to lay activities which should be going out and witnessing, but even change by the way. It's now personal ministry or, or I forget the lay ministry almost got a bad people are so projective about like late and you like to tell the church members look the feminist and go home and sleep the day away, right? But at the same time, it's not a sin to sleep and rest on the 7th. And I don't know that we need to wait rest with unconscious sleep. There are way to be nature. We can be friends mainly taking a break from the other things being refreshed physically as we all know that's, that's a pretty easy one. But after our fall into thin still and talking point number 2, we need rest all the more. So think about all the things we talked about nightly sleep and sat with the rest that was before, but it was for the man before we even went into sin. How much more do we need that now? Well, what comes to my mind is a little sharing book that shampoos wrote several years ago called the sign, and he makes a comment in that book about he's talking about the sign being sabbath and in just are restless society. And he talks about how even when we go on vacation, you know, you put it for vacation at work. And when you're telling your friends, you know what, you go on vacation and you say, well, it's not going to check my emails. And we're like, we've got to justify that. No, I'm not. I'm not resting on vacation. I'll be on vacation. Like we can't admit it's like we're not allowed to rest. And that's kind of the topic of this week. Living in a 247 society that we've worked with, and we've talked about this to even with our digital communication and all that kind of stuff. We expect to be no matter what time of day or night by a phone, responsive thinking about things, responding to things. And we need a break. Ok. And the illustration interesting enough. Let's take a look at jeremiah 45. Jeremiah 45. Speaks about the experience of his scribe broke. And now how, how do you say that word? I say it broke by root, i like brute. Let's go with that. Jeremy 5. Once you read the, particularly i'm thinking a verse all versus is 5 versus i suppose, but right in the middle, about 1st 3 or so. All right, you said whoa, is me now this is jeremiah 45 or 3. You said, whoa, is me now for the Lord has added grief to my sorrow. I fainted in my siding and I find no rest. OK, so clearly he is worn out. He's frustrated and he's speaking to the Lord about it and the end the Lord talk to him about, well, you know, how do you feel you? Every book you write, if somebody Right, and I was like, well, so the lords promises to take on the big picture issues a life versus foreign for I want to keep reading for 5 and think that you shall fade them form. Thus you shall say to him, thus, as laura behold what I have built, i will break down and what I have planted, i will pluck up that is this whole land. And do you seek great things for yourself? Do not seek them for behold. I will bring adversity on all flesh says the Lord, but I will give your life to you as a prize in all places wherever you go. Okay, so basically what I take away from that the Lord is saying there's going to be trouble as I've outlined. But you are going to still find calm and rest. I'm going to give you your life and the prize like well done, good and faithful servant. Interestingly, you see that in the new testament as well. Mark, chapter 6 will flip over there real quick. Where jesus is interacting with his faithful workers, his disciples. And this, the context of this is they've just been sent out on their 1st excursion away from christ do ministry. They come back, excited to tell the story. So they've got stuff to tell jesus, but new ministry stuff is pressing on apparently been can't even eat and read verses 30 to 32, please mark think converse 33rd, then the powerful gather dejesus and told him all things, both what they had done and what they had taught, and he said to them, come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile where there were many coming and going and they did not even have time to eat. So they departed to a deserted place in the boat by themselves, commenting on this interaction, mrs. White raised the fall. You find this in christian service. 249. The disciples of jesus needed to be educated as to how they should labor and how they should rest. That's interesting. They need to be taught how to work and how to not work. Day there is need that god's chosen workmen should listen to the command of christ to go apart and rest a while. Many valuable lives have been sacrificed that need not have been through ignorance of this command. So our point here in talking point rest was in the beginning and still is part of god's plan for humanity. Even for those who are faithfully working all the new testament, you see this need for rest and got on faithful people. I think there's much we could say about that if we had time just in pastoral ministry because you're in ministry especially, you can feel, you know, you have a church full of members and everyone has a need and you feel like you can never be done with those needs even to the neglect of your own family and other things. You know, there's that potential and, and we have the History of a number of our pioneers who just were, were college and worked as of literally, as she mentioned, the beginning of the grave. And so this whole point that we're making here is that even in a righteous life, this side of the fall, we still need that rest. The final talking point though is that No to rest is found apart from god. And that's right. And the illustration there is, of course, all the physical rest will not avail anything that you have. You can have all the money of the time off. You can have all the resources at your command. But if you have that separation from god, I mean, cobra show that a little bit, right? I mean a lot of people had a lot of time off, but it wasn't. Exactly. So let's re genesis chapter 4. Once you read versus 10 through 14, just kind of picking up on a well known piece of janitors for verse 10. And he said, what have you done? The voice of your brothers blood cries out to me from the ground. So now you are cursed from the earth, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand. When you tell the ground it No longer yielded strength to you, a fugitive and a vagabond, you shall be on the earth. And kane said to the Lord, my punishment is greater than I can bear. In fact, in verse 14 as a surely you've driven me out this day on the face, the ground i shall be hidden from your face. Now that's an important I shall be hidden from your faces. No god, I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond on the earth. And it will happen. Anyone who finds me will kill me, so he's afraid for his life, you separated from god and the N. I V version of this call him. He says I will be a restless wonder. I'm not going to have a place anymore. I'm not going to have stability and calm. And the quarterly makes this important point and Thursdays left. And it says when god said that came to be, quote, restless, wonder on the earth. He wasn't a god made him that way. So that's an important point. It's not god said, now I'm going to make you restless. No matter how much you want to come back, I'm going to make you miserable. Now. That is that I'm sorry, it wasn't, god made him. They rather that is what happened as the result of his sinful actions and disobedience. So he stepped away from the connection with god through obedience. And now he's in a state of restlessness, not finding rest in god. Kane discovered that he couldn't find it any other way, at least not true rest. And I think if there was one truism that really comes out of this that's particularly applicable beyond her own need of rest and the ideal at rest. And the words for rest is that our whole society, separated from god, is in a state of restless wandering. People don't know their place in the world, they don't have. Com and conflicts. I mean, big picture, you know, the chair to pass is understanding. Now I still have stress and financial issues and well if only the rest is only found in christ, this right in much of the world does not have great. That's right. So we might say they might have time off, like you talked about them resources or money or friends or auditor, but they're still an underlying need for true rest. They can only write on the connection of god. Alright, conclusion on Friday, once you read that force is from the desired ages and as soon as lesson as activity increases and men become successful in doing any work for god, there is danger. Trusting to human plans and methods, there is a tendency to prey less and to have less faith, like the disciples we are in danger of losing sight of our dependence on god and seeking to make a savior of our activity. Mercy. So activity does not is not obviously not even in rest. We do not need to look to jesus. We need rather to look constantly to jesus, realizing that it is his power, which does the work. While we are to labor earnestly for the Salvation of the last, we must also take time for meditation, for prayer and for the study of the word of god. And what I meant to say is activity is not spirituality. And that's right, and we can make it when we make active or our activity of failure, we make it like this is equivalent of spirituality. Therefore I can't rest because I wouldn't be spiritual in which so interesting. So for the righteous people, they might be tempted to. So like I'm super spiritual look at how I'm working so hard and for the unrighteous people like look at how I'm relaxing and neither one of them actually has true peace. Yeah. So we need to find for everyone our rest, incorrect, so this quarter that's our goal is to get clear on how to have that through rest in a men, let's bow our heads forward. Prayer, heavenly father. Thank you again for this week study and thank you for the concept of rest. Thank you for providing for it in so many different ways physically, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually. Please lord, help us to be those people who find our true rest in obedience and closeness to jesus christ. We prayed in his name. Ah.


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