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Logo of Talking Points, 3rd Quarter 2021: Rest in Christ

02 Restless and Rebellious

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • June 27, 2021
    5:34 PM
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Ah, camera evasion and Mark howard. This is talking points. We are into now our 3rd quarter of the year old and called rest in christ. And this week, less than 2 is restless and rebellious. Yes. Kind of a heavy and it's kind of founding title a little bit. But pastor howard, you kind of walk through this one before what, what are we looking at this week? Well, this week's lesson last week. We started the quarter on rest in christ and talked a lot about rest in the different words used in the old, a new testament for rest and. And so now at the end of last week's lesson, we talked about how the sin of our original are 1st parents lead to restlessness, humanity. So now we're looking at restlessness and rebellion this week, restless and rebellious. And it's actually taking a sweep through the few stories in the old testament typically, well, which we'll touch on in just a moment. Ok. So it's a little bit tied to last week's in the flow of thought. We're hoping to see we're going to least draw out here. So that's exciting. All right, then we've got some, I think this week we, I don't want to give way too much, but I think there might be more than 3 talking points there are. Ok. So I did read it hurts, but it was very new. You'll see why they were for talking. OK, so we've got a lot to cover this week. But before we do, let's have a word, a prayer and you can walk us through those absolutely. Heavily. Father, thank you so much for the opportunity to study your word. This important theme of rest is clearly all throughout scripture help us to understand its application or own lives, what your intent is and how we can experience it in jesus christ. So bless us to that end for pray in jesus name. Amen. Alright, alright, well alluded to this last week, but I'm just going to say this, this quarterly starting out and I'm having a little bit of a struggle with it because it, from a teaching standpoint it almost feels like we're taking a theme and trying to superimpose it into where we want it to go, not the rest isn't the theme in the bible, but for example, last week we talked about how there are many words for rest. L mean a little something different, a little faster. So then we get into restlessness. And in what type of rest or restlessness are we talking about from what, which kind of rest. And this week's lesson basically says read for this week. Numbers 1112331212131327233141223. And 143940, but I don't know why it just didn't said read, say, read number 11 to 40 because the vs. It left out. I just, that's what I did as I read through the chapters. And so, which are powerful, powerful experience in the history of israel, but then it feels like we're going to try to fit this anyway. Here's what I did with it. Okay. In, in looking through the story and trying to draw out the points point number one that I walked away with is that restlessness produces dissatisfaction. Ok, and obviously we will flesh these out point number 2, talking point number 2, restlessness perpetuates n, V and rebellion. So point number was restless, produces deception the rest of the perpetuates. So the dual applicant and it took a while for me to come up with the wording and you'll see why ok, number 3 point number 3, obedience is the cure for restlessness and I would leave it there. But I think I mentioned this, we are reviewing this that, that is so legal list, load it like that is such a O, B T. Here we go again. In fact, I think a lot of people with the o B as is the cause of reference. I'm so tense, trying to obey all the told me here all the time. Little comments. And I heard a comment this week. So we're going to be so behavior oriented. And for some reason we can't talk in the church about obedience anymore. You know, it's like in yet 70 evidence. We know that epa core, the heart of the great controversy is over the law of god. In that before the law of god was ever broken, there was perfect army. And in order for there to be perfect germany, again, we're going to have to keep all going to we know we can't keep the longer own string. Yeah. But there is no returning to harmony without obedience to God. And we're going to see that in here. But because of that, so nobody gets the wrong idea. I added talking point number 4. So 3 is obedience is a cure for restlessness and number 4 is god's grace is the cure for disobedience. OK, so obedience is essential, but we can't get grace and nobody can say will you said no. I didn't say god's grace gets there, but we have to understand that god's last not an arbitrary law. If there was a purpose that god outlined those commandments the way he did because they are the solution to so essential, but it's also possible apart from christ. That's exactly okay. So we got for to walk through now. So let's just go back to number one. Restlessness produces dissatisfaction, flush the OK. So this week's lesson again. If we, if you look at what you read last paragraph there on Saturday afternoon. Sure. In this week study, we look at some examples of strange human restlessness that was brought about not by impending natural disasters such as earthquakes, but rather by the basic sinfulness of fallen human beings who are not resting in what christ offers all who come to him in faith and obedience. Ok, now I love that statement. I think it's a great statement, but here's my real challenge there. It says that restlessness was brought about, came as a result of the basic sinfulness of fall. Human be ok, sin resulted in restlessness. But then when we come to this is restlessness leads to rebellion. Well, rebellions another word for sin. The great rebellion in heaven, let it. So what came verse rebellion are the restless kind of a chicken and egg thing. Yes. In. And I can see it kind of in a vicious cycle, and that's where I, I kind of went with a restlessness. What I, what I've started out with in drawing from a lesson is that restlessness produces a dissatisfaction. The lesson tells us the breathlessness came about as a result in you looked at kane directly wanderer last week. We talked about the idea about how people are falling. Humanity is a state of restless, wandering, and it's because we have not committed to christ and. And so how can there be rest confident certainty, contentment? And this is the word that I was kind of looking at. What was, what came to my mind in the, the dissatisfaction we see in monday's lesson, that you've got the account of the israelites in the manner. And they begin complaining about the manner go, I can't read the food we had in egypt. You know, why do we got to eat if this bread, right? There's a low the, some bread and give it look. So what you see is a discontent. They're complaining, they're not satisfied with what god has provided. They want something other than god is provided and they begin clamoring for it. Now It's interesting the lesson quarterly on Sunday paragraph to kind of a funny little statement there. Do you have it there? You know? Because we're in the context of been complaining about the wonderful things. Apparently they claim to enjoy in egypt. Yeah. Let's make the point. They also must have suffered from severe selective memory when they remember the food and forgot the slave leap slavery and unbelievable hardship pining to go back to where I'm. I know they were great times. It's so it is kind of indicative of when we refuse christ and we have an unsettled that restlessness, like we're trying to find satisfaction in anything other than christ. We're not going to find me back slavery time. Yes. Yeah. It distorts even our viewpoint of things. Well, no, it's just this be great over it. No, it wouldn't be great over there. You know, and all your senses jer, it's sure does. And so, but that state of restlessness produces a dissatisfaction with the things of god. You haven't connected with christ, you haven't accepted christ. And so you try to fill that with anything else and nothing else is going to satisfy. So we see that in the story of the mana, and are you looking at philippians for, you know, I just see this, the next one there. I was going to see how those 2 things relate real from the book numbers and now. So the idea that restlessness, restlessness, produced that produces, produces that dissatisfaction. I'm kind of rolling that into a thought that comes in the point number 2 as well. Because we go from the story of the discontent over the mana to aaron and miriam, discontent in leadership. And envy that's produced, all of that is dissatisfaction or dissatisfied with what god has given them. Whether it be leadership position where the food or whatever. And so that restlessness produces that dissatisfaction. Whereas rest in christ produces all flipping chapter 4 versus 11. The apostle paul testified, not that I speak in regard to for I have learned in whatever state I am to be content. And that's clearly not what the israelites have there he goes, i'll explain, i know how to be based and I know how to abound everywhere. And in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through christ who strengthens me. So it's interesting verse 13, we quote a lot, but if the pulse context is interesting light, because I know that the N S and some complete in christ to the 2nd says in the book, gosh, and I'm content in every day. He can roll with the punches of life because he's got the anchor and as a result of rest in christ. So that's where the restlessness produces the dissatisfaction. And so what I have a number to point number 2 can, can we can lead into that. Restlessness perpetuates n V in rebellion. You have the dissatisfaction is exhibited in the, in the man a situation. And then you have air in the air and miriam situation and then following that, you have the spying out the land and the rebelliousness that we see in, in, in chapter 14 of the book of numbers in the lesson highlights on Monday and Tuesday. And again, tuesday says restlessness leads to rebellion, and the challenger with that is no. The restlessness is a result of rebellion already. So instead of the leads to idea, I answered that word perpetuate, right? So it was already there, but it doesn't mean it's a neutral thing. You can increase and yeah, have to find even more things to be destroy, the rest of discontent that comes from not choosing crisis. Now I have an emptiness. I have to fill that result in the record, the alive phrase did more and more dissatisfaction. But then it perpetuates in the rebellion, because when you're dissatisfied, then you start looking at what other people have and you wish they had that you had this you wish you had that and, and you don't want to be told what to do. You want to do it your way and so that it's really reproducing the character of satan. I think that we're going to say that I believe as we go on, in fact, that's what statement and patrons from profits. I don't know if you're going to go there now. Well, let me just highlight it when you read. So aaron, aaron and miriam and the story there. And number 12, you know, moses, after dealing with the people, decided to appoint some other leaders to help out one. Aaron, miriam were already leaders helping out. And so they were a little offended that moses would pick up the bible brings out the that they had a contention with moses wife, not being hebrew, but that wasn't the root of the problem. And the lesson highlights that, that wasn't through the problem. The problem was they were a little annoyed that he would take other leaders beside themselves and it's really interesting so that there was a spirit of envy that began to come about. And you think of lucifer who had the highest position of any created being still wasn't enough for him. Aaron, miriam were leaders in the camp, but it wasn't enough for them to be there in the camp of other people came even close to that. They started to, you know, cherish the spirit of envy, fascinating. And so, yes, in, in, in looking at that I found the statement in the book, pedro some prophets when it read the N. V is one of the most say tannic traits that can exist in the Human heart. And it is one of the most baleful in its effects. My read that and I thought, wow, what of how but then it is it's, it's always been a, she's not like you. That's what lucifer bell says the white man rap is cruel and anger is outrageous. But who is able to stand before envy? 5 or 27 form, he was envy that 1st cause discord in heaven and its indulgence has wrought untold evil, long men, where envying and strife is there is confusion in every evil work. James, 3, it should not be regarded as a light thing to speak evil of others or to make ourselves judges of their motives or actions. And we put our self in the place to start critiquing and criticizing and noting and comparing ourselves and wanted to be above. Well, the next sentence in that, in that passage and patriots and profits quotes where game says he who judges his brother, judges the law. You know, and that that last sentence was actually part the following paragraph. But when I read it, I thought that speaks to me like how easy it is to look at somebody else and judge their motives. And that's a lot of times we get intolerant because we assume a motive. And so they're just that whole thing, the whole and being and strife. How true is that statement? Well, judge the be clear though, you know, we're told to watch for the Fruit and look for the things we shouldn't be not discerning. That's right. At the same time we shouldn't describe motive or we don't know the part. And so we need to be careful to be make good choices based on what we can see, but to go into we can call it behavior wrong behavior bank and break into in it's funny our society, the, you know, the jesus says, judge not that you may not judge, and we've got we get it backwards because, you know, man breaks into a bank and pass richard or feel you save a man or it breaks into a bank. I'm going to call my bank rob the thief. Right? But I can't tell why he robbed a bank like well, he had a hard family, he grew up this way. That's what jesus is talking about like you, you, you have to do the act is right or wrong. The only thing we have, but you can't judge the motive, but what do we do today? Well, I don't want to call him a bank robber because I don't know his family background and we start judging the other thing. We shouldn't have anything to do it. Interesting, yeah, so yeah, there's something, for example, we look at the, in the, in the situation it with air and miriam and we can say that's wrong with it. We should take a lesson and be able to see that when we see that trait isn't evidence that somebody's not resting and crying that that's at restlessness perpetuate him. The rebellion is not a restful attitude, so I can call that behavior wrong. I don't, I can't read the motive, and that's a little bit of what this statement is talking about. So that lack of content is needed. That leads to desire, whatever with what others have. We see that, and it's interesting this, this other statement, i included here that when you begin to m v and look at others and as I would others have, it becomes this vicious perpetuating which is what this you cycle that actually for a christian, especially a professed christian, because you can't be a true christian, it takes you out of the realm of christianity. Look at this statement here. Want you regret that it says it isn't working for others that we forget ourselves. But those who do nothing for their fellow men become morbid and self centered and time hangs heavily upon their hands. It is those who are not engaged with unselfish labor, who have a sickly experience, become worn out with struggling, doubting murmurings, sending and repentant repenting until they lose all sense as to what constitutes junior religion. Okay, now here a source to 0 in, they feel they cannot go back to the world. And so they hang on the skirts of zion having petty jealousies, envying disappointments and remorse. That seems like a just give your restlessness. They find their full of fault finding and feed upon the mistakes and errors of their brother, and they have only a hopeless, faithless, sunless experience in their religious life. What a miserable state of being and the people that are in the church, they hang on the skirts design, but they are nit picking and finding much as we see with air and miriam, in the store almost like you're talking with as restlessness perpetuate in b, rebellion it could continue said, which in turn perpetuates restlessness. We've perpetuates entry bit just cycle. Now I found it interesting also the lesson, what is this Tuesday is less than 3rd paragraph that starts out with this phrase. It says when we are restless at hard, we struggle to walk by faith to that. And so I've put in our notes, you modify the lesson, didn't you? Yeah, and there's a strike through, in fact that I had a chip in the copy that I'm going to edit because I thought I had it here. There's a box that says that this strike through is not accidental. It's intentional. In other words, the quarterly, i have it as the quarterly reads, but I struck it out when we are restless at heart, we struggle to walk by faith. No, and I change to it is impossible to walk by faith. Restless at heart means i'm not in christ. The only piece we have is faith in christ. I don't exercise faith if I'm not like I struggle. No. Yeah, you struggle, right. You're not going to there's no, there's nothing in you or me which is going to lead into our next point. It was the pioneer who is who is writing about I think it was joan might have been jones one of jones away, but he was writing about how he meet so many people that I'm just so discouraged. Trouble of fighting with all this. And I'm just, I'm almost ready to give up. And he said if it, if only would totally be find the piece. You need exact utility surrender to christ. We're going to be restless, right. And that restlessness, if we're restless at heart, it's impossible to walk my faith because that restlessness as a result of not trusting and christ. And we're going to see it as we go. So leading into point number 3, obedience is the cure for restlessness. Now, in each segment of just the lesson this week, whether it be the mana or the situation with aaron and miriam, or whether it be with the cater barney and spying spying out the land and going in to take land. If in any of those or all of those cases, the people have simply obeyed what god said they would not have been restless. The whole restlessness of humanity can when man disobeyed god from age one. How different with the bible be if every encounter we see they just obey. Now this is not saying that we obey in our own strength. No. But if we don't understand this key point, this principle that the only way we're going to find rest is obeying christ. We're not going to go in the right direction. Now, Sure, we can't do it in our own strength. But why would I even seek the strength of christ? And maybe this is the problem today that a lot of people want to seek the forgiveness of christ without the strength of christ. Like forgive me and let me just keep on growing and we see that in the story. In fact, the lesson brings that out of called presumption, right? The israelites, they went in to conquer the land, where they didn't congress, they came back with a faithless report and god's, well because your faith is report, you're going wonder in the wilderness for 40 years and like only the ideal wandering of women's birth. Hey. Okay, we'll go up and take lynn, and I think the rules changed. I know you're on your own now. It's be in the no, no, no, we're going to going to take the land. Like you said, no, I didn't say now. I said wander in the wilderness so they rebelled yet again, instead of obeying the voice of lord and course the lesson highlights that had the obeyed the Lord. And in any one of those circumstances, even in the wandering, the wilderness of just submitted to the Lord. They would have found that rest, and I've highlighted matthew 11. I don't know if you have the 28 and 29. This is a well known brand. When you, when he thing it seems almost counterintuitive. He says, come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Yes, verse 29. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle, low in heart, and you will find rest for your soul right from my yoke is easy and my burden, he is light, he keeps you for. He says, come to me and I'll give you rest for like a man he said. So put my yoke on you. Well, you want to yoke, you know, it's a device to harness and animals and oxen away only when they're working, working to an animal where the field is wearing it, when he's resting, where when he's working right. So he's like, come to me and work with me and I'll give you rest. That's right, it seems counter intuitive. And so the rest that in the context is take my yoke and you'll find rest. You see the immediate direct context just as the animals working. If it's a yoke, it's working with christ and we find rest that way. But the Summit that there is another element in there and that element of obeying christ in Illinois, highlighted in man and blessings. One on one she says, if you will seek the Lord and be converted every day, if you will of your own spirit, a choice, be free, enjoy us and God, if with glad some consent of heart to his gracious call, you come wearing the yoke of christ knows how she describes it, the yoke of christ, the yoke of obedience and service. All your murmurings will be stilled, all your difficulties will be removed all the perplexing problems and now confronting you will be solved, you'll find right? And that's exactly find it as the yoke of obedience and service. And that should be straightforward. Common sense. How in the world can I expect to find rest when I'm disobeying christ. And so as much as I know said the challenge, people have to say, well, that makes it sound like we were going to save ourselves bare obedience. That's not what we're saying. That's why added by point forthcoming. But before we get to point number 4, the lesson on Thursday takes actually thursday and Friday dives a little bit into the idea of presumption because again israelites, after they refused to do what god said, and God changed direction, god changed the plan. The game plan said, you're going to wonder the weather is 40 years. Then they said, no, we're not. We're going to go and conquer live and they were war and it's like no, no, no, don't go and now you're going to get wiped out. And Sure enough, they went contrary to guys will get wiped out in the lesson, highlights that as they're there presumptuous response. In fact, the lesson a quarterly lesson on Thursday makes this point paragraph 5 as a israel rebellious turnaround reported in the last verses of numbers. 14 result in death and disappointment. As the israelites now refused to accept god's new directions and stubbornly launch and attack without the ark of the covenant or moses leadership. So they did what god said before, only they did it now when he said not to do it right. So it's like how we're going to do. You said no, you can do what I said back there. It's almost like you're trying to work their way back into plan and you know, you've already made a choice. Now we got to go here. Yeah. So why did you read what else do I have to say there? Come in here. The desired page is $126.00 presumption is satan's counterfeit. A faith, faith claims god's promises and brings forth fruit in obedience. Presumption also claims the promises but uses them as satan did to excuse. Transgression it is not faith that claims the favor of heaven without complying. With the conditions on which mercy is to be granted. Yes, so let's clara, claim the promises. Well in this, this quote is found on friday's lesson in the 2nd paragraph. But just the terminology because we get lost in this. Sometimes she says, faith claims god's promises and brings forth fruit in obedience. So there's you being that presumption also claims the promises but uses them to excuse transgression. Okay? But what does that look like to excuse, transgression that's to excuse in what a sin is. Rebellion or disobedience. Right. And so a lot of times people even read it and Miss the point. The point is, presumption is a way to excuse yourself from obeying what god said was still coming across as uber spiritual kind of pious potential to everything. Yeah. Yeah. So how did she, even though they made it felt like the israelites, oh we're going to obey god they try to, you know, on the surface it may look like, no, we're gone because god told us to go into the land. Well, you're not going with his blessing now. And so it was a way of looking like it was being obedient when it was totally when to start using the promises of god as satan use them. And I'm thinking of the temptation, the wilderness, where you'd like done scripture, say you can cast yourself well the, the cast yourself down, but used it in a way to try to manipulate jesus out of obedience. And so just because you have a scripture passage to go with it or the name of jesus behind, it doesn't mean that it's been used the way god intended it. Right. So I think important lesson well in the last sentence, was it talked about complying with the conditions on which mercy, what are those conditions to will. Okay, so again, leading into that last talking point. Number 3, obedience as a cure for restlessness. Number 4, god's grace, secure. For disability, so we need to obey. So we're no longer restless, but we can't obey without god's grace payment. And so lesson thursday's lesson highlights that when the people of israel fin yet again and back in the, in the narrative. It says these 10 times now the over and over moses goes is intercessor. And it's fascinating lesson doesn't highlighted. But moses please god's own clear. You know, when god showed most his glory most said and in x is 33, show me your glory and God is all proclaim my name to you and has all, my goodness, all my goodness of the past for you in an excess 34 company said the Lord, the Lord God, gracious, merciful, abounding in goodness, and truth, the cetera, et cetera. That is what moses quotes back to God. And he says, listen, you said you were bounding in goodness and truth and you are merciful god. And you know, have mercy on this people and there's more of that story that we don't have time to get into. But moses appeals to God, the merciful character in the face of yet another israelite rebellion. And it's that greatness of god's mercy that we rest in the foundation of arrest that god is forgiving god. He's a merciful god. And God has power to transform our lives. And we look to him to bring us back into harmony with his will so that we can through through that experience we can find rest and christ, and rest from our restless ness. If we want to cure for the restlessness, we need a beatings, but we can't have the obedience if we don't have the Grace of christ right there. And so it is 2 sides of the same coin will have that right. But it is very, very important stuff. And you have a concluding statement. The concluding statement actually is a quote that came from the teacher's helps. It was in this lesson was in the teacher's lesson in the helps afterwards in the past. And in quote from patriot profits. Once you look at page 294 pictures and profits, jesus is our friend. All heaven is interested in our welfare. It is not the will of god that his people should be weighed down with care. He does not propose to take his people out of the world of sin and evil, but he points us to and never failing refuge. He invites the weary and careless come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden, i will give you rest, lay off the yoke of anxiety and worldly care that you placed on your own neck. And quote, take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart and you shall find rest into your souls. May we find rest in peace and God casting all our care upon him for he cares for us. Take my yoke upon you and bring back that idea. Take off the yoke you put on your own neck. It's so interesting. The one that you put on your own neck. Yes, that variety. And I love that we may find rest in peace in god casting our care upon him for cares for us quoting for 1st peter 57 we can find to rest, but we only find it in christ came in. And that's another good lesson for this week. But I think that's the whole premise of this quarter. What an idea in christ praise the Lord for that lesson was closed today with the word prayer, heavenly father, thank you so much for the rest that we can find only in christ. We find, you know so many temptations and discourage mrs. Tractions when we try to leave that path of simple faith. Lord, give us that faith of jesus who is obedient in all things. And lord for us not in our own strength, but we know we need to find it in christ and we thank you for providing it amply for anyone who desires it. That we say still come to you and find rest today. Thank you for all of these blessings for pray them and jesus ah.


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