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01 Because Jesus is Coming

Jean Ross
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  • June 19, 2021
    11:15 AM
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Our focus over the next few meetings together is what I believe to be one of the most important praise in truth message is that god has given to the Avenue church to take to the world. That is the 3 angels and messages of revelation. Chapter 14 and so we're going to take an in depth look at the 3 angels messages. Because I think it's a message that not only goes to the world to prepare people for the 2nd coming of christ, but in a very real way. It is a message that brings revival to the remnant church. Now, revelation chapter 14 is divided up into 3 parts. The 1st 5 verses of revelation, 14 is a description of a group called the 144000. And if you're wondering about 144000, I wanna encourage you to come tonight because that's our study this evening. One 144000. And then starting in verse 6 of revelation 14, you have the 1st of the 3 angels messages. And then starting around verse 14 actually verse 13 is the end of the 3 angels. Verse 14 is the beginning of a description of the 2nd coming of jesus. Jesus, this picture is coming in the clouds of heaven with a sharp sickle in his hand to reap the harvest of the earth. There is a harvest of the grain. There is a harvest of the grapes, the grain represents the righteous, the grapes represent the wicked. So 3 parts, the be finding revelation chapter 14, we have 144000. Those who are proclaiming this 3 angels message. We have god's last warning message that goes to the world just before the 2nd coming of christ. So this morning I want to begin with the last half of revelation, 14 began to talk about the 2nd coming of jesus. The sermon is entitled because jesus is coming. We find in revelation chapter 14 verse 14. After the proclamation of the 3 angels messages, then I looked and behold a white cloud and on the cloud sat one like him to the son of man, having a plan. He had a golden crown and his hand a sharp sickle. Jesus comes to reap the harvest of the earth. For 3 and a half years, the disciples had been with jesus that come to love jesus. They believed jesus to be the messiah. And they were hoping that soon jesus would establish a kingdom here on the earth. So when jesus told his disciples that he was to leave them and send to the father in heaven, their hearts were filled with sadness. When jesus looked into the faces the disciples and he saw the sad looks on their faces, jesus said, these beautiful words let not your heart be troubled if you believe in god believe also in me in my father's house. Jesus said, there are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, jesus said I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am they, you may be also now when jesus gave this promise to the disciples, that was interesting in the way jesus did it. You see back in bible times when a young man proposed a young woman and she said that his proposal for marriage, the typical thing was to then go back and add a room onto your father's house. And when that room was completed, then with your friends and much pump of fanfare, you would then travel to your bride's house. You would escort her back to the father's house where the actual wedding ceremony would take place. The newly married couple would then live in the room that was added onto the father's house while the young man would go out and build his own house. So when jesus said to the disciples, i'm going to go to the father's house and I'm going to be pair, prepare a place for you, and then I will come again and receive you unto myself that for I am there. You may also be the disciples understood this as a marriage proposal. You see jesus is the groom. The church is the bride. And jesus is preparing a mansion for his bride in heaven in the father's house. And when jesus comes, we get to go to the marriage, supper of the lamb in heaven. We get to live in those mansions for a 1000 years. At the end of the millennium, the new jerusalem comes down from god out of heaven. Revelation 21. The earth is fine, the plains then recreate, and the bible tells us that the redeemed will go up from the new jerusalem and they will build their own houses from one sabbath to another. All flesh shall come and worship before god. So jesus says, I will come again and receive you unto myself were advantageous, we believe in the soon literal visible 2nd coming of jesus. We have this hope that burns within our hearts, hoping the coming of the law. Now because jesus is coming, there are 4 things that I wish to emphasize today. The 1st is that we need to know god. Jesus said in John chapter 17 verse 3, and this is eternal life that they might know you the only true god and jesus christ. Whom doubt has seen jesus makes it clear. If you are to boil down what it is we need to do in order to have eternal life, jesus makes it clear. He says, you need to know, god, not just know about god, not just know the truth in the word of god. But if you want eternal life, you need to know god. You need to have a personal connection with jesus. You need to enter into the presence of god. You need to get to know god the bible goes on. Jeremiah, chapter 9 verse 23. Thus sayeth the Lord, let not the wise man glory and his wisdom, let not the mighty man glory in his might, nor let the rich man glory in his riches, but let him who glories glory in this that he understands and knows me. In other words, god says if again glory, don't glory, your riches are in your power in your strength. But if you can a glory glory in the fact that you know my heart, you know me. The greatest work that we as christians can do as ad venice can do to get to know jesus to get to know god christ object lessons, page 354. We read the value of a man, he's estimating heaven according to the capacity of the heart. To know god. This knowledge is the spring from which flows all power. Now don't miss that. That's an important point. How many of us want more tower in our lives to love a victorious christian life? We all do. We all want to live a victorious christian life. We want to overcome. Revelation said to him that overcome, we want to be overcome. And sometimes we think that we need to work a little hotter in our own effort to overcome. But here we are told the secret to overcoming is knowing, go. Our work is to joy as close to jesus as we possibly can. It is his work to give us the victory. Our work is to draw close to jesus to get to know jesus. And just the surely as we do that christ will fulfill his promise within us. And he will give us the victory and we will be overcome. The number of years ago passed the friend of mine were at a seminar and on our way home, he mentioned to me he said, do you mind if we stopped for a few moments? There's a young man that I've been doing bible studies with and he lives not too far away. Let's stop and we'll actually meet a restaurant and I want to finish up a bible study with giving him a said that would be fine. And so we stopped and we sat down and we were doing the bible study, but the young man and the subject that he was studying that particular bible study, what's the word of god and the importance of bible study and prayer. And he was talking about how we ought to study the bible was also talking about some principles related to prayer. And during the bible study, the young man finally asked the question, he says, but, but why do we need to read the bible? He says I grew up in a christian home. I know what the bible says. I've read those stories before. He said, why do you need to pray? After all, doesn't god, no. A hearts doesn't you know what we need? Why, why do we need to pray? Of course the pastor gave nancy said, well is valuable to study. The word of god one's full mind with truth is even though god knows what's in our heart, it's a privilege to speak to God in prayer. But this compensation got me thinking what, what is the focus then? What is the focus of bible study? What is the focus of prayer? What's the goal? Well, during the bible study, i kept thinking about this. And finally, when the study was over, we got into the com were driving back home, and suddenly the impression came upon me so strongly. I got so excited. I said to my friend, i said, I think I figured out what the reason is to study the bible and pray. And he kind of looked at me with a funny look on his face. I said, could it be? Could it be that the focus of bible study and prayer needs to be bringing us into the presence of god? Could that be the focus of bible study? Could we study the bible, not simply to fill our minds with truthful, though that is important, but in the process of filling our minds with truth, could we be coming into the presence of jesus? The purpose of prayer is not just to tell something that god already knows, but the purpose of prayer is to enter into the presence of god where we get to know the heart of god. You see, you get to know someone by being in their presence to fellowship. And I said to myself, i'm going to try this out. I'm going to start reading and studying the bible, not simply to understand truth, but I'm going to read the word of god seeking to enter into god's presence through his work. And I said, I'm going to pray, not simply to do what I know. I need to do, but I am going to pray to seek that sweet presence of jesus, that peace, that passes all understanding to know god, not to be honest with you. Sometimes you kneeling prayer and you begin to pray. And you said the presence of john, of god, a very quickly other times your mind is so filled with dizziness in the activities of the day and the week that you need to spend longer on your knees. Seeking that sweet sweet spirit at peace, that joy were being told by the spirit of prophecy that jesus would go and spend the entire night in prayer, in his father's presence. And jesus would come forth, empowered and energized and strengthened for the task of that day. There is power in the presence of jesus as those who are preaching the 3 angels message to the world. We need to be people who are familiar with the presence of jesus. We need to spend time in the presence of god for that is eternal life to the Church of lay to see jesus says, behold i stand at the door, knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and I will dine with him and he with me. Of course you understand the Church of late assia in a very real way represents the church today. The church said she's rich, she's increased with good, she has need of nothing. And jesus said, you are poor, miserable blind. The naked jesus says, buy of me gold. Refined in the fire. What is that gold? Its faith, its love. How are we to obtain that love and that faith? It's by spending time with jesus that wide, raymond representing christ righteousness both imputed. Parted the I. Sab represents the holy spirit, represent spiritual the sermon. Jesus says if you want the gold, if you want the raymond, if you want the I said, behold, i stand at the door, not as we allow jesus to come in to our hearts, we receive more love, more faith, his righteousness, the holy spirit. Jesus is the answer to the church is lukewarm that having jesus come in in John chapter 15, jesus says abiding me and I knew as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abide in the vine. Neither can you unless you abiding me. Jesus says, I am mine, you are the branches. He who abides in me and I in him, bears much fruit for without me you can do how much you can do nothing for key things to be finding these diverse number one. Jesus wants us to abide in him, abiding me, and I and you. Secondly, fruit bearing you abide, see me and I and him bears much fruit. Jesus says, but notice point number 3. Fruit bearing requires a miracle. The branch cannot bear fruit of itself to have the Fruit of the spirit manifest in life is not something that we can do in and of ourselves. After all, it is the Fruit of the spirit. But there is something that we can do. There is something we must do and jesus says he who abides in me, you see abiding, does not require a miracle fruit bearing dose, but abiding does not, god has given it to every single one of us. He has given us the ability to abide in jesus moment by moment, day by day to communion with christ. We can abide in him. In their classic steps, the cries page, 69, many have the idea that they must do some part of the work alone. They have trusted in christ for the forgiveness of sin, but now they seek their own effort to live. Right. But every such effort must fail. Jesus said without me, you can do. Nothing. Is coming close to jesus that we get to do the things that bring honor and glory to him. Wonderful stories told of beethoven one day he and a friend were walking home in the evening after dinner. And decided to go through a part of town that they hadn't gone to many times. It was a poor, a part of town. But on the way home they were walking through those narrow, cobbled streets and their walking along. And suddenly beethoven reached up and grabbed the arm of his frame, he said stop, listen, listen, and they, they both stopped and they listened. And Sure enough, they could hear somebody playing a piano. And they walked a little closer and they came across a little cobbler's door, and it was old and run down. But they could, you, somebody was playing a piano coming out of that little store and they stood there and listened. And Sure enough, it was beethoven's song that was being played. But then finally, near the end of the piece, the music suddenly abruptly ended. And the voice of a young lady was heard saying, oh, I just wish I knew how it finished. Or that beta went over knocked in the door and to the surprise of the couple inside it was a Brother and sister. The Brother was, was the shoemaker and, and here stood this man. He said I couldn't help but overhear you were wondering about how that song ends. He said, I'm a musician and I know how the song and they didn't tell him who he was. He says I might even be able to get you the music. And then the candlelight he looked and he noticed that the young lady that had been playing the piano, she was blind. I said, I'm sorry. She said, well that's ok. He said, so you you play by year and she said yes is so. But then how did you, how did you learn the song? She said, well, we had a neighbor who used to play the piano and I would listen and I learned from her. But then unfortunately they moved away before I could learn the whole song. She has frustrated over that beethoven came and said, well, let me, let me try. And he said, of course he began to play and that never heard anything like that. Before. Matter of fact, the friend of beethoven who stood watching by the door, he said he had never seen such passion in the playing of beethoven as he played for this couple was brother and sister. Finally, by the end, they were amazed and they said him a sir. We've never heard that before, sir, who I am. But that he was able to reveal himself. Apparently he had a little signet too too. And that he would often play at the end of the song, and beethoven played that tune and they recognized this master. And they were so overjoyed he said, well, let me do something for you. He said, I've been working on a song. No one has heard it before, but let me play it for you. And as he began to play this song, which eventually became very famous, because afterwards he wrote it down and they sat in all as they listened to the musician play. And finally, when there was through, there was so delighted. He said, I'm going to come back and he said to her, i'm going to give you lessons so that you can play all of the music that your heart desires. The friend of beethoven said that he was so overjoyed because he was in the presence of people who really wanted him there. People that appreciated what he had to get friends. Jesus really wants us in his presence. Jesus is all the joy when we come to in prayer and we say, lord, here I am. Lord, please give me that which you want to give me. Jesus wants to share himself with us. It doesn't matter what we've done. It doesn't matter the past, it doesn't matter how many times they fall and jesus says, come on to me. All he that labor and I heavy laden and I will give you rest. Jesus says come of friends come to jesus. This is not just a one time invitation that comes from jesus for the bible says we must daily come to jesus. Paul says, I die daily every day. Jesus stands knocking at the heart's door. So here I am. At that time again, I wish to come in I. I want to dine with you. Yes. Because jesus is coming. We must know god. Secondly, because jesus is coming. We need to be faithful. Second timothy chapter for us $3.00 and $4.00 says for the time will come when they will not indira found doctrine, but according to their own desires. Because they have it, she is, they will keep up for themselves, teaches and they will turn the years away from the truth and be turned aside to fable. Jesus said, the time is coming when the devil will do everything you can to lead us astray to lead us from bible truth. Matthew chapter 24, where jesus talks about events connected but the 2nd coming he finishes that chapter by telling this parable. He said, who then is a faithful and wise serv, and whom his master has made ruler over his household to give them food in due season? Couple things to note in this verse, who is the master in the verse? That would be jesus. What is the household in the verse? There will be the church. And notice that says, the master has given food to his servant to give to his household. Who do you suppose the servant would represent in the verse would represent the leaders in the church, the eldest, the past, the sabbath school teaches verse 46 blessed aid that serve and whom his master, when he com. Michelle fine. So doing, assuredly i found you. I will make him ruler of all of his good pot if that evil serve and says in his heart, my master is delaying is coming. Notice. Jesus is going to advent this year. He's talking to those who are looking forward to the soon coming of jesus. They've been preaching about it. They've been longing for the coming of jesus, but there is, there is an evil 70 says my lord is the laying his coming. We've been talking about the 2nd coming of jesus for over a 150 years. The tendency to say, well, maybe it's not as urgent as it used to be. Notice he does not preach this from the pulpit. He does not teach this any sabbath school class, but he says in his heart, the Lord is the laying is coming. And then for his 49 says and he begins to beat his fellow servants when we forget why we are here, the work that jesus has given us to do, we begin to smite our fellow church members, spiritually speaking. He begins to eat and drink with the drunkard. Revelation chapter 17 describes a religious power that he's making old nations drunk with the wine of a false doctrine to eat and drink with the drunk it is to adopt these false teachings and bring them into the church. Verse 50 says the master, that 7 to come in today and he's not looking for him and an hour that he is not aware. Now I don't think the 2nd coming of jesus is gained to overwhelm the church as a whole. We know there are certain prophetic things that have to happen before jesus comes. But could it be that the close of probation will find some who professed faith in jesus to be unprepared when that time comes. After all, when probation closes it's, it's too late. Immediately following this parable that jesus tells him matthew chapter 24. Jesus then goes to a nother parable, very significant parable for our time. In matthew chapter $25.00, then the kingdom of heaven, jesus said, shall be likened to 10 virgins who took their lamps and they went out to meet the bridegroom. Now in this verse, who to the 10 virgins represent represents the church notice it says they are virgin's meaning that they hold to a true doctrine. They have lamps, the lamps represents the word of god. They are waiting for the bridegroom, that's the 2nd coming of christ. It says now 5 of them are wise and 5 of them are foolish. Those who are foolish, took their lamps, but took no oil with them. But the wise took oil, what their vessels in their lamps. But while the bridegroom was delayed france, that's where we are in this verse. Right now. We're waiting for jesus to come. The bible says there's going to be a tearing time. There is going to be a delay before jesus comes in, and that's where we are. It says they all slumber and, and slept. And that parallels the experience of the Church of lay to see that we read about in revelation chapter 3. But then in verse 6 it says, and at midnight, a cry was heard. Behold, the bridegroom is coming, go out to meet him. Now, what is that midnight cry that he's going to awaken the church before jesus comes? Well, we've been told what that is. Yes. In the spirit of prophecy, we've been told that god has given us a sign that was a sure is the sign that he gave to the christians, who in jerusalem when jerusalem was surrounded by the rome. You see, when we begin to see certain legislation being discuss laws, restricting religious freedoms that will awaken the church, like nothing before people will go back to the word. They'll say, we've been studying this. We've been preaching this for all the time. And Sure enough, it's beginning to take place. There will be an awakening that occurs within the church. But 7 says in all those virgins arose and they trimmed the lamps, they went to the word of god. They began to study. But verse 8 says, the fully said to the wife, give us some of the oil for our lamps, have gone out. See friends, it's too late. It's too late to wait until you hear rumors of a national sunday law to obtain that oil. Now is the time to get to know jesus. Now is the time to enter into the presence of god and say, lord, give me of that oil fill my vessel with the holy spirit. Give me the spirit. We can't wait friends, this is the time that god has given us. There is a work that he's calling us to do. First 9 says, but the wise and to say no less, they be not enough for us and for you. But go rather to those a sal and and by for yourselves. And so the 5 foolish went off looking for oil. Let me tell you friends. In the last days there is a lot of counterfeit oil in the world. A lot of count for the holy spirit, the 5 foolish end up finding something that they think is oil. But it's not the real thing. Verse 10 says, and while the went to by the bridegroom came and those were already went in with him into the wedding and the door was shut. That great door of probation. And afterwards the other virgins came saying, lord lord opened to us. But notice this, but he said unto them, surely i send to you one of those faithful words. I don't know you. Now these are the people that were advantage. They were in the church. They had an understanding of bible truth. They were able to prove the 2300 days of bible prophecy. They could all you the truth of the 7th day sabbath. They held a true doctrine, but they were lacking in the holy spirit. Hadn't spent time in the presence of jesus. Jesus says, watch therefore for you know, neither the day nor the hour when the son of man is coming. You see friends at a time of widespread apostasy. God is calling for men and woman like shadrach. Me 2nd of bendigo will stand on that plane of dura when the whole world bows to the image. And incidentally, revelation 13 talks about another image that is established where god's people would need to make their decision for truth. Like shadrach me, 2nd to bendigo, we'll have to stand before political powers and say we are not afraid to answer you in this matter for the god that we serve is able to deliver us from you from your fiery furnace. But even if he does not let it be known unto thee, o king, we will not bow and worship your golden in friends. Those 3 boys were able to say those words because they knew in whom they believed they had spent time in the presence of jesus. They knew the heart of god. They were filled with love for they create a willing to lay down their lives, then knowingly. Disobey god, and shattering me 2nd, have been to go, stood up for jesus. Guess what jesus did have for the and the king rose up and he looked into those fiery flames. And he said to one of the counselors, did we not cast 3 men bound into the midst of that fight? Is it follow? I see 4 men walking free and the form of the 4th is like the son of god. You stand up for jesus now jesus will stand up for you. Now of course, this call to stand is not just something that, Well we're looking to the future to do for the bible tells us that even now we have the experience to stand for what is true. Amazing facts has a school for evangelists in different countries around the world. And one of the schools that we have, and I want to see if I can put this on the screen, i think I bump the connection here. Bear with me for a 2nd. You got to see the picture. Let me put this on. Yeah. One of the schools that we have is in indonesia. Let me see. Can you see that? No. Not yet. Let's try that again. There we go. Can you see that picture? Maybe you can. We have a school, there it is in indonesia. Now indonesia is the most densely populated muslim country in the world. You think of the middle east, but no, it's indonesia. And there is somewhat of religious freedom that we find in indonesia, but the muslim powers are, are tightening down on christian groups. But we do have a school. We've got some young people that are studying the bible. And part of their program is to actually go into the community and they knock on doors and they give us survey looking for bible study in a muslim country. A couple years ago, the director of the school came to our office in Sacramento, and he told us an incredible story. He said some of the young people were out and they went to a particular area village where they were going from house to house. And they were knocking on doors, trying to do the survey with people that began with a health survey, and that would lead to religious questions and pretty soon word god, throughout the Village of throughout the town there that these were christians and of course the muslims did not like christians going door to door, but the 2 young men went from door to door. They weren't aware about the hostile lady that was being stood up by certain individuals in the community. They just kept every day going from door to door on part of the re to their routine was they would go from house to house in the morning and then there was a little of roadside cafe where they would stop lunch night, stop and eat their lunch there and then they keep going on from place to place. Well, several weeks after they had been working in that community, they went to the, the cafe with it, eat lunch and I sat down and they started eating. And the owner of the store, he was sort of standing at the back, there were some of the people in, in, in the restaurant there that we eating. And finally, the other guests left and the owner of the store came over to them. And he spoke to them in low tones, and he said to you, do you boys know that there are people in this community who are very upset about what you are doing? And the young man said, why, you know, I suppose so. And the owner of the restaurant, he said no, this is serious. He says they planning to, to beat you guys up and run you out of town. I was surprised by that. But then the owner of the restaurant said, but they are afraid to do it. So the young man asked, they said, well, so why, why are they afraid to do that? And then the restaurant owner said it's because of that toll strong man dressed in white. That is always following you from a house to house. The 2 young man looked at each other in amazement. They said what tall strong man? They said, no, it's just the 2 of us and the owner of the restaurant said, no, there's always this man that walked just behind you from place to place. They said, well, where is he now? And the restaurant only said, well, he never comes in, he just stands out waiting for you guys to finish your launch. They began to tremble. They looked at each other with amazement, doubtless to say they left that mess that restaurant and they went about their mission with more confidence than they ever had before. Because the angel was with them at a time of widespread apostasy. Jesus is calling for men and woman who will stand for the truth. Though they haven't fall a man. People who know god, people who will stand forego, as god is calling us to do. Thirdly, because jesus is coming. Yes, we need to work. Revelation 146 and I saw an angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those that dwell upon the earth, to every nation, kindred tongue and people. Notice the 3 angels messages have to go to all the world. And the question is, why do they have to go to all the world? Because the next part of the chapter talks about the 2nd coming of jesus. That is going to affect every nation, kindred tongue and people. And there is a message of warning that needs to go to all the world, preparing the way for the 2nd coming of jesus. You see, god is raised up the adventist movement to do a very special time, very special time of us History to do a special work in the proclamation of the 3 angels messages. Now let me ask you, do you have to be a 7th day adventist to get your name written in the lamb's book of life? What's the answer? The answer is no. What do you have to do to get your name written in the lamb's book of life? Well, you confess your sins, you receive jesus as your personal savior. Your name is written in the lamb's book of life. Now who are the ones that the devil is trying to deceive those whose names are written in the last book of life or those? His names on not written in the last book of life, isn't going after the ones his names are written in the last book of life. Isn't it the devil's goal to get them to lose their way? To have their name blotted out of the book of life. Sure, sure it is. So to get on to the road that leads towards heaven, we call that the book of life. You receive jesus as your personal savior. But as you walking on that road that leads towards heaven, the devil is going to do everything you can to get you to take a detour that will lead you off that road. And his detour doesn't result in heaven. It results in another play. And so just before probation closes, the devil is gained to do a special work to try and distract and deceive is especially those whose names are written in the lamb's book of life. You see, according to bible prophecy, there is a deed to we're just the head. And unfortunately, the majority of the christian world is going to end up taking the devil's deeds were now going to end up losing their salvation because they're going to end up worshiping. The beasts receiving his mark. But god is not standing back, just letting the devil do this, but god has set up a massive fine post where the road divides. A special message of warning, telling people, watch out, don't worship the beast and his image don't receive his mark and that great fine post that god is established is what we called the 3 angels messages. Is it important for the world to hear god's last warning message? Absolutely. Is it good enough for us to say all they love jesus? They're a christian? Is that enough? Or has god called us to give them a message that will protect them in the last days from the devil's deception? Yes, he hath. In testimonies volume 7, page 19, we have this statement in a special sense. Don't miss this 7th day adventists have been setting the world is watchman, and like paris to them has been entrusted. The last warning for a perishing world on them is shining wonderful light from the word of god. They have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation of the For a 2nd. And 3rd angels messages. There is no other work of so great importance. They are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention. God has raised us up to do a special work proclamation of the 3 angels message. Now you might think, wow, how to know that seems like a lot of work for a lay person I. I don't have a degree in theology. How my to be a part of the proclamation of the 3 angels missed every single one of us have a part to play in the proclamation of goddamn time message. Number one, live the message. That's a proclamation of the message. Do what you can to share with family and friends be involved because there is no great joy that we as christians going to have than the joy of bringing other people to jesus. I was a little boy probably. Oh, I don't know about 89 years old. Remember this? So while it was a sabbath afternoon, I grew up in South africa with the sabbath afternoon and my parents were doing lay activities. You know, the kind of leg fifties where you you walked to the springs, the bed springs to get some rest. They were resting on a Saturday afternoon and they told myself, and my 2 cousins were there, there about the same age, 89 years old and they said, you boys be quiet, don't make a lot of noise at sabbath. You can't be riding around on your bicycles. Take it easy and so there was sitting wondering what to do. And one of us, I forget which one came up with the idea. And they said, you know what we, we can be missionaries now growing up in South africa. If you want to be a missionary, the place to go with the india, if you grew up in North America and you want to be a missionary, you go to africa, but we were in africa. So in our minds for some reason we thought missionaries go to India with all, we can't go to India, we just kids. And we thought about a little bit more and somebody came up with the idea. They said, you know what, what we could probably go tell the neighbors that jesus is coming soon. Thought about a little more. We said, okay, yeah, we probably could do that. So they, we were dressed in a little sabbath suits and we put our bibles under arms and they, we went out and my mother said she heard the back door close. She peeked out of the curtains and she saw the 3 musketeers marching down the driveway. She said, lord, be with those boys. There they go. And so off we went, we knocked on the dole, nape open up the door. We said hello. We had to tell you about jesus. And we'd open up the bible and we'd read john 316 didn't matter. Where we opened the bible could be as a for god, so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. We quote john $316.00 we close. The bible would say we want to sing your song. And so we would sing, behold a matter of love, the father is given to us. We sang a little song, we said thank you for listening. And then we went to the next house, wasn't too bad going from house to house and we were telling people about jesus, we came to one house. And we noticed that something was happening because the cars parked on the street and up in the yard and something was happening at the house. And we looked at each other. We said, well, should we go? Yeah, let's go and we went me, we knocked on the door and the lady of the house, she opened the door and we said hello, we're here to tell you about jesus. And she did something that nobody else had done before she looked about and she said, oh, well, well, come on inside and she turn around and she let us down into the, into the living room. And we followed in and there inside the living room. It was crowded with people and everybody was watching the television. Now in South africa, the big sporting game, there is what we call rugby and somebody familiar with that. It's like football without the helmets and everybody's there. And they all staring at the television and they watching this rugby match. And the lady said, these boys are here to tell us about jesus. Because nobody looks at us, they will just staring at the TV while my cousin actually, he's the brave. When he walks over, he turn the TV off. Why I got everybody's attention. And when we saw the look on the face, we realized we needed to make this quick. So there we stood in front of the TV and we quoted john 316, and we sang a little song and we said, thank you for let me we turn the TV on, we bumped each other. We said, let's get out of here. We left the living room and walked down the hallway. We open the front door. We started down the stairs. Well, I'm glad we got through them. And suddenly we heard a voice behind us. It was the lady that had invited us and she said, boys, boys will come back, come back. We turn around and marched up the stairs. And I remember just like yesterday, standing on a porch looking up into her face. And there were tears rolling down her cheeks and she said, boys, thank you so much for coming to my house to tell me about jesus right there. And then I said to myself, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to tell people about gees friends, there is no greater joy hi than bringing somebody to jesus. Now I know there are many of of you out there who have had that joy of bringing a friend and neighbour family member to jesus. And once you brought one, you want to bring enough and you want to bring another and enough. But perhaps there are some sitting out here today you've, you've never had that experience you've, you've never really had the opportunity or you've never really been able to bring someone to the foot of the cross. You've never had that joy or friend ask jesus to give you that opportunity. Ask jesus to give him the opportunity to witness to a neighbor or a coworker or even a family member to bring someone to jesus. That's what's been an advantage is all about it is bringing people to jesus of friends because jesus is coming. We don't have much time left. We need to work. And then finally, because jesus is coming, lead to never forget that the best is yet to come. First corinthians to verse 9, but it is written i has not seen nor heard. Neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things that god is preparing for those that love him. Hebrews 11. By faith, he abraham dwelt in the land of promise, has in a foreign country, dwelling and tense with isaac and jacob, the heirs with him of that same promise for he waited for a city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is god. Whatever trials or difficulties we go through here on the surf, it's nothing compared to what jesus is preparing for the Lord himself. For the same from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and the trumpet of god and the dead in christ shall rise 1st. Then we who are alive and remain, shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the law on that day when jesus come, families will be re united friends will meet again. Ah, with jesus, the best is yet to come. In the early 19 hundreds, there was an old missionary who had committed his whole life to service in africa. The time had come for him to finally go home. He had buried his wife there in the mission fields. His children had worked but they moved on. He was alone. The time had come for him to go back to america. And so he gathered up his few belongings and he went to the harbor and he bought the ship. That was sailing from africa to New York City. Well, it just so happened that that was the same ship that the president theodore roosevelt was also on. He had just finished a hunting expedition in africa and he was, he was on his way back as well to the United States. Why is it, as you can imagine, the focus of everything on that trip was all about the president and the old missionary alone was observant of all of these things and everybody that wanted to meet the president and visit with the president. Finally, when the ship made it to New York and came into the harbor there, you can imagine just the pump. On the fanfare they were, they were bans waiting on the shore. They were all kinds of military people that were there and and when the time came for the president to de board, the ship, the band played and the crowds followed and the president left the ship and everyone is waving. And what a wonderful welcome for the president and the old missionary stood on deck, waiting for things to climb down and picked up his bag and got the ship. It was nobody there to welcome the old missionary say when he found a place to stay and he went upstairs, it was time to go to bed is the evening. And the old missionary got ready put on his pajamas, got ready to get into bed. And as he had down for so many years, he knelt beside his bed and he he started to talk to chief. Now this old man, this old missionary was, was not a stranger to jesus. They had spent many hours talking together. And this old missionary, he spoke to jesus the way you would talk to your very best friend. And the old missionary. Kneeling beside his bed, he said, lord, I don't, I, I don't want to sound as though I'm complaining. But lord, it just doesn't seem fair. He said, I've made my whole life in service for the kingdom. He said, I buried my wife in africa and lord, find me, it's time for me to come home and why lord, there's, there's not even one person to greet me. If my kids didn't come to see me, he loaded it just doesn't seem fair. The old missionary was kneeling there beside his bed just complaining a little bit to the Lord. But then he heard that still small voice that voice that he knew so well. The voice of the spirit whispered through his heart as if jesus was saying, but son, you're not home yet. You're not home yet. It was if the spirit was saying, son, wait for the well come when you finally get to go home. Wait for the song and that'll be song, wait for the glory that will be reveal. You're not home yet. You're not home yet, friends, we're not home yet. There is a work to do. There is a mission. There is a message that must be given to the world. There will be trials and difficulties and hardships, but jesus says, you're not home yet. I am coming. And coming soon, i'm coming to take you home. There is a man in yonder glory. I love for many years. He has cleared my guilty conscience and banished all my fears. He's coming in a moment in the twinkling of an eye. And when the dead in christ the rise to the world, i'll say good bye. Are you ready? christian, ready for the shout, the trump, the voice, while he's coming, make you tremble or cause you to rejoice. Are you daily walking with him, taking to him all your cares? Are you living so close to heaven that when he comes, he'll take you there? Yes, friends were at hand because jesus is coming. We need to know god, that's a personal work that we have to do because jesus is coming. We need to be faithful to his word because jesus is coming. We have a work to do the proclamation of the 3 angels messages. And because jesus is coming, the best is yet to come, a man, god give us strength this week. As we look at this glorious message that god has asked us to take to the this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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