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02 The 144,000 & the Lamb

Jean Ross
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  • June 19, 2021
    7:00 PM
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We're going to continue our study this evening talking about the 3 angels messages of revelation chapter 14. Now we'll be getting into the 3 angels messages in depth over the next few days. But we're sort of laying the foundation we preparing the way for us study the 3 angels messages. As I mentioned this morning, the book revelation is divided up roughly into 3 parts. The 1st 5 verses talks about a group of people that the bible referred to as 144000 that south subject. They're going to study this evening. Then you have the 3 angels message itself that goes all the way through to about verse 13 and then study and verse 14. You have a picture of the 2nd coming of christ. Now an interesting feature that you see from time to time in the book revelation is that the reward or the goal is portrayed 1st. And then the profit backs up and tells you How you get to that goal or the reward. So in revelation chapter 14, before we even get to the 3 angels messages and before we even get to the description of the 2nd coming of christ, john begins to describe those who are proclaiming the 3 angels messages, but he describes them. He sees them in vision, not on the earth proclaiming the message, though they are to proclaim the message on the earth. But john begins by describing them victorious, and they are in heaven. And they standing on mount zion with the lamb and descriptions are given concerning this group of people. And then after description of 144000 them, john goes into more detail and explained stuff how they ended up getting there. Through the proclamation, the 3 just messages and of course the 2nd coming of jesus then varying heaven. So he kind of does things a little backwards. Revelation is not always written in chronological order. So with that is a bit of a background. Let's, let's get to study for this evening. We talking about the $144000.00 and this is going to be an old fashioned bible study. So we're going to be looking at this verse by verse. We're going to be digging in some cross references or beginning birth one, and John writes, then I look and behold, a lam standing on mount zion. Now the 1st reference of lambs that we find in the bible is actually in genesis chapter $21.00. And there's an interesting story. Now of course, sheep are spoken earlier than this, but specifically a lamb is referred to in genesis $21.00 or lamb. And the story behind that is there was a well that abraham 7 said doug. And then the 7th of a bummer lech head confiscated the well, and there was a dispute that occurred. And then abraham again went to bummer leg, and he gave 7 lambs to buy back the well that was originally here. Now it's interesting that this is the 1st reference that we have of lamb spoke of in the bible. Incidentally, a 7 lamp numbers are significant. When you get to the book revelation, we'll talk more about that later. But here we find the 1st reference to the lamb is involved in buying back something that originally belonged to somebody else. And so when you think of that in the context of creation, the earth belongs to christ, but the devil confiscated the earth, but jesus, the lamb of god, has brought it back. So you find a beginning, the very 1st reference to lambs in the bible appointing us to, to jesus the lamb of god that takes away the sins of the world. And of course we find in John chapter one verse 29. John the baptist, baptizing in the river jordan, and he says the next day john saw jesus coming toward them and said the whole, the lamb of god, who takes away the sins of the world. Now because john the baptist said this and the inspiration of the holy spirit, he didn't quite fully understand what it was that he had just said. Because even john the baptist to learn somewhat concerning the nature of the kingdom that christ had come to establish. And yet the holy spirit spoke through him and John the baptist pointing to jesus said, behold the lamb of god. It takes away the sins of the world. And the right to the author of revelation, john, the apostle, was standing by and he saw john the baptist point to jesus. And John followed jesus. And here john, in revelation many years later, he's talking about the lamb of god, jesus standing on mount zion. Now, what about those mount zion? What does that mean? originally, zion was the hill upon which the old jib side fortress, which david had conquered, and renamed the city of david. Eventually, of course, it became known as jerusalem. And when the ark was transferred to jerusalem, zion became known as the dwelling, place of god. In revelation, mount zion then symbolizes the new jerusalem. And of course, the new jerusalem also symbolizes god's church of god's people. In the old testament you find to city, you have jerusalem and you have babbling. These 2 cities represent 2 systems. The one is the fountain of truth, jerusalem. The other one is the fountain of era babbling. And these 2 cities kind of go back and forth throughout the old testament and when you get to the prophetic books of the bible, especially revelation suddenly discover jerusalem and babylon, again symbolically representing 2 groups in this great cause. Make conflict near the end of time. Now revelation chapter 3, verse 12 talks about this new jerusalem. And the promises made to those who overcome revelation 3 verse 12 heal over comes, jesus speaking, I will make him a polar in the temple of my God and he shall go No more out. And I will write on him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the mutual islam which comes down out of heaven from my God. And I will write upon him my new name. So the ultimate reward of the redeemed. They inherit a city whose builder and maker is god. It's the new jerusalem that is the home that jesus went to prepare for us. So then it says, I looked and behold the lamb standing on mount zion, and with him, a $144000.00. Now of course the number 144000. If you look at it, it is 12 times 12 times a 1000. And as I mentioned, numbers are significant in bible prophecy. Of course, the number 12 represents what represents the church represents god's people. You have the 12 tribes of the old testament. You have the 12 apostles, the new testament, there are 12 gates into the new jerusalem. There are 12 foundations. So the number 12 in the bible often is associated with god's people associated with the church. But there are other numbers that be fine in scripture as well, and some of them are rather important and significant when you study bible prophecy. For example, let me just give you a few of the highlighted numbers. The number one in bible prophecy represents what it represents unity of purpose, unity of purpose. Here he israel, the Lord, thy god is one. God is the father and son and the holy spirit, but they are united in their mission to save mankind. Jesus said, but this reason shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall be joined to his wife and the 2 shall become one united united of course the other 2 in the bible represents the law and the prophets. The 2 witnesses symbolized by moses representing the law. Any olaja representing the prophets in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses. Every word or truth is to be established incidentally. So if moses represents the law and the lie to represent the prophets, jesus took 3 of his disciples, peter, james, and John. And he took them up into a high mountain and he was transfigured or glorified. And there appeared with jesus to individuals, moses and elijah. And you'll remember the story there in the gospels. The 3 to 5 pulse saw the fight and they were overcome with fear. And peter, not quite sure what to say, said lord, it's good for us to be because now we both have an echoes. One for you, one for moses, one for elijah. The bible says there was a shadow or a cloud that overshadowed them, and God himself spoke and said, this is my beloved son here, here. Now on that mount, you've got moses representing the law. The 1st 5 books of the old testament. You got a lie, joe. Or the prophets, the larger represents the rest of the old testament. Remember, when you think of the 2 witnesses? I know sometimes we think of the old and the new testament, but strictly speaking, even in the time of jesus, the old testament was divided up into the law. The 1st 5 books or by moses and the prophets, which was everything else. And strictly speaking, the new testament would be an extension of the prophets. So moses represents the law. Elijah represents the prophets. The law testified that jesus christ, the prophets testify that jesus is the christ. So you have your 2 witnesses. But the bible says in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses, who is the 3rd witness that jesus was the christ? It was god the father. This is my beloved son. Hear him. So the number 2 in the bible represents the law and the prophets. The 2 witnesses that you read about in revelation chapter 7. What about the number 3 in the bible? Any significance? The number 3. Yes. What is the number 3, represent the father, the son and the holy spirit represents the godhead, the number for any significance, the number 4. While in revelation chapter 7, we have a description of 4 angels that are standing on the full corners of the earth, holding the 4 winds of the earth. The number 4 represents the earth as a whole. It's the full points of the Compass north, south, east and west. Incidentally talking about the number for how many of the 10 commandments was written on the 1st table of stone. There were 4. What did those 1st 4 commandments have to do with our relationship to God? The last 6 had to do with our relationship to our fellow man. All the world owes worship to God because he has made all things for the number 4 represents the US. What about the number 5? Any significance? The number 55 represents doctrine or teaching. The 1st 5 books of moses 5 represents doctrinal teaching. The number 6 any significance, the number 6. Number 6 is man's number ma'am, is great on the 6th day of the week. The 1st miracle that jesus ever performed in cane of galilee was turning water into wine. And by the way that it's just an incredible miracle. Think about everything connected with that. The bible tells us that there was this wedding and cain of galilee, jesus and his disciples, about 5 of his 1st disciples. There. We bought it to the wedding and while the wedding was progressing, it says the wind literally fail. They ran out of line mary, the mother of jesus comes and says, the wind has failed and it says there were 6 stone water jugs used for the purifying of the jews. Jesus told the servants to fill the water, jacques with water, and somewhere in the process of that, and they scooped the water out, it became wine. Anna was taken to the governor, the feast, the governor. The feast gave his approval and then the guests could drink the wine. Of course that was pure grape juice. It was unfamiliar. It was a symbol of christ atoning blood, his sacrifice. But it's amazing to me that the 1st miracle jesus performed, he performed for a wedding. And in order for the wedding to be successful, there was a need to turn the water into wine and it took place in 6 stone water jugs used for the purifying of the jews in order for the married supper of the land to take place. Jesus took upon himself humanity on the cross, jesus provided the blood, allows the wedding to take place. And before the grape juice was given to the guess it had to have the approval of the mass of the feast. And when jesus rose from the dead and mary was there, jesus said, do not claim to me. Do not detain me for I have not yet a sent it to my father in heaven. Miss bird a prophet, he tells us that jesus sent it to heaven to beautiful description and desire of ages. And she says how the jesus as he entered into heaven, the angels were wanting to worship jesus, but he almost waved off their worship. He was on a mission, she described how that jesus went into the presence and he had the presence of the father and he had just one question. He said, lord, I will, that those whom thou has given me be with me where I am. Jesus wanted to know from the father wasn't enough and the father said all let all the angels worship him. It was good enough. Then jesus came back to the earth any received the worship of his disciples. So number 6, significant in the bible of cost, the Mark of the beast or the number of the beasts i should say is 666. You got 3 sixes. It's the counterfeit of the godhead. It's the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. And of course the number 7 in the bible represents completion or perfection that's. That's god's number. Not a whole lot of significance. The number 8 in the bible. Number 9, not a whole lot, but what about the number 10? Any significance? The number set 10, a 10 represents the 10 commandments. Very important. Not a whole lot to the number 11 number 12 significant represent the church. And then the big, the next big number after that is the number 40, which represents a time of testing or purifying rain for 40 days and 40 nights. Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days, 40 nights without eating anything. Incidentally, they are 3 individuals spoken of the bible who fasted or went without food for 40 days. Jesus elijah and moses. When moses went up into the mount to receive the 10 commandments he didn't eat for 40 days, he was supernaturally sustained. Elijah, when he fled from jennifer bell, he had an angel providing food. And in the strength of that food, the bible says he went for 40 days interesting to note that jesus was amount on the mount of transfiguration. And moses and elijah, all 3 of them had not eaten for 40 days at some point. And of course moses and elijah, they were supernaturally sustained, but jesus was not during his wilderness experience. So the number 40 represent the time of testing at purifying. Now what about 144000, then? What does that represent the 144000? He's 12 times 12 towns a 1000. Often in the bible, when you see a 1000 or thousands of thousands, when speaking of the angel or the angels, it's talking about a large number. So people often ask me, are you saying that only 144000 are going to be alive and translated to heaven when jesus comes? I don't think so. Now if it works out that way, we'll find out. But I think following the symbolism that we have in the bible, it's more than just 144000 that would be alive on the earth when jesus comes the 2nd time. Now of course, this was something that was discussed even back in the white day. There was some controversy about 144000 and I like the response she gave. And that's my response to you. Don't worry, you'll find out soon enough. We will find out soon enough, but the important thing for us is that by god's grace each and every one of us have the opportunity to be amongst those if our lives should last. And jesus should quickly come. Some of us right here might be alive when jesus comes the 2nd time and seen coming in glory. So the $144000.00 of those are able to stand through the events portrayed in revelation chapter 6 and the opening of the sick seal. They have the seal of the living god. They are protected in the time of universal destruction when the 7 last plagues poured out. Now revelation chapter 6, you have the 6th seal, and this is what it says beginning rows 12. I looked when he opened up the 6 seal and behold, there was a great earthquake. We've identified that as the lisbon earthquake in 1755. And the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood that was 7080 the dark day and the red blood moon. And then verse 13 says on the stars of heaven fell to the earth as a fig tree. When it dropped late figs, when it is shaken with a mighty wind that has been identified as the great media or shower of 1833. So at the opening of the sick feel, we have the earthquake, we have the dark day and the blood moon, and we have the falling of the stars. All of those events have already taken place. It announced the beginning of the pre advent, or the investigative judgment that starting at 844, it announced what we call the time of the N. Today we are living in the time of the end. There is a difference between the time of the end and the end of time. The time of the end just proceeds the end of time. Are you with me? And we have entered into the time of the end. At the end of the 2300 day prophecy in 844. So currently we'll living in what the bible refers to as well. We in the time of the end soon it will be the end of time. Then a goes on to the next for us. This is between verse 13 and 14. Revelation 6. Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up and every mountain an island was moved out of its place and the kings of the earth and the great men and the rich men in the command is in the mighty men, every slave and every free man hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks in the mountains. Incidentally, we living between verse 13 and verse 14 of the opening of the 6th seal. And they said to the mountains of the rock, fallen us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the lamb. So interesting that you have a lamb connected with wrath, but jesus is coming to defend his people for 17, for the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stand? So the sick feel ends with the question. The question is, jesus is coming, who's going to be able to stand when jesus comes now? The seals are interrupted and the question is answered in revelation chapter 7. It describes a group of people, one 144000 who have the seal of god in their foreheads. This is the same group that we read about in revelation chapter 141 through 5, same group of people. And then when you get to revelation chapter 8, it finishes up the seals and the 7 silly silence in heaven about the space of a half an hour. The reason heaven is silent is because jesus and the angels have come. It's the 2nd coming. So the question is asked, who's going to be able to span when jesus comes? The answer is those who have the seal of god. They are the ones who are able to stand at the 2nd coming of christ. Now of course, there is great significance to the order in which john list these tribes in revelation chap, chapter 7. Remember that 144000 come from the 12 tribes, $12000.00 from each of the trot. You read that. And revelation chapter 7. Each tribe has a specific meaning and when you link them together, you find a description of the experience that god's people will go through just before the 2nd coming. This is amazing to me. If you look in revelation chapter 7, you've got a list of the tribes. Now the tribes are listed in revelation 7 uniquely. There is no other place in scripture that lists these 12 tribes in this order. Also, you'll notice that one of the tribes is missing, the tribe of dan is not included in the list. And you have both joseph and one of the sons. Manasseh also included you have leave, i included to make up the full 12 tribes. Also, what's interesting is the way that it's listed in revelation chapter 7. It begins with judah. Judah was not the oldest of jacob's sons, reuben was the oldest, and so they even changed them. In other words, there is a message in these tribes that god is trying to give us by placing them in the soda. So here it is. If you look at these tribes, this less, you got judah. Reuben gad asha next to lima, nasa semi, and levi is the car, is zebulon joseph and benjamin. Now, if you look at the meaning of these names, you get an experience of god's people. And here it is. If you just look at the highlighted text that says the meaning of the names, i will praise the Lord. He has looked on me and given good fortune, happy in my for my wrestling. Will god's people have a time of wrestling before jesus comes? God is making me forget god, here's me and he's joined to me. He has purchased me a dwelling. God shall add to me the son of his right hand. Wow. There is a description of what god's people are going to go through. Just before jesus comes. Will there be a time of wrestling? Yes, but will god here our prayers. Yes. What is the ultimate reward of the redeemed? He will give to us the son of his right hand. Who is that? That of course is jesus. The last part of verse one says, having the father's name written on their foreheads in the bible, and name is synonymous with character. So in relation chapter 37 votes, 314-4000 are said to be sealed in their foreheads. There is a close connection between the seal of god and the father's name. Apply to the 144000 the seal and the name of god represents 2 things. Number one, ownership, 144000 belong to God. Number 2, character, 144000, reflect the image of god. So here is a group of people that belong to jesus in the last phase of us History. And they reflect his character. They keep the commandments of god. They have the faith of jesus. The last part of verse one says they have the father's name written in a forehead. The decision making power, of course, is in the mind, the forehead to have the father's name written before it is to have the commandments of god, written in your heart by the holy spirit. This is the fulfilment of the new covenant promise. Easy. Chapter 36 says I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you. I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a hot of flesh. I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them. Thus you have a group of people who have embraced the new covenant experience. They have surrendered themselves. Jesus, god has written his law on the heart and on the mind. Thus in revelation chapter 14 verse 12, they keep the commandments of god and they have the faith of jesus. Thou, the recipients of the new covenant experience we spoke about that this morning and sabbath school. We spoke about the new covenant and what it means. Okay, looking adverse to I need to keep moving, you know, we going to run out of time. First 2 says I heard a voice from heaven. John describes what he is 38 times in the book of revelation, and what he sees 78 times. In other words, the book of revelation is an I year account of the things that John is revealed. Envision we actually find that at the very beginning of the book, revelation where it refers to the revelation of jesus christ, which god gave to him to show the 7th. Thanks so much of the take place and he sent and signified it with a signify can mean symbol symbolized by his angel to be 7. John. Now notice what john does inverse to who bore witness of the word of god. That's the things that he heard the testimony of jesus. That's the holy spirit revealing to him and the things that he's sol. It's rather interesting as you study the book of revelation. There are times where john will see something invention, and he begins to describe it and he doesn't quite know what a meetings have roll. How could he know all the symbols that we know today? He writes things he hears things, he just faithfully records it. So it's amazing to me when you think about it. Revelation is a message that god gave directly to John and John wrote down what every hood and it's given to us today. It is a message from have god is given us for these last day. First 2, I heard a voice from heaven like the voice of many waters. Jesus has the voice of many waters in revelation chapter one verse 15 says like the voice of loud thunder fund is often connected with the presence of god in revelation. And it says the last part, and I heard the sound of harper's playing the harps john. Now here is 144000 playing their harps and singing of their experience of deliverance. And we get to that a little later in the same passage. Verse 3 says, and they sang as it were, a new song. So here, 144000, they standing on mount zion, describing them in the new jerusalem, and they are worshiping thou singing. And it says they are singing a new song. This new song is the song of moses and the song of the lamb, which the 144000 will thing. Those who have stood with jesus and of gain the victory. Now you might be wondering about what is the song of moses and what is the song of the lamb? revelation chapter 15 verse $2.00 and $3.00 gives us a little more detail on this. It says, and I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire and those who had gotten the victory over the beast and over his image and over the market and over the number of his name, standing on the sea of glass, having the harps of god, they sing the song of moses, the 7 of god, and they sing the song of the lamb. Great, marvellous, all your works, lord, God almighty. Just insure your ways, o king of saints. Now when we talk about the song of moses, probably the event that comes to mind is when the children of israel came up out of Egypt and they came to the red sea and the germans were coming behind them. They couldn't go to the left that couldn't go to the right, the mountains, the sea was in front of them. Their enemy was coming to destroy them and they to cast themselves fully on god. And God opened the red sea and delivered them on dry land. Because the junctions were eventually destroyed as they tried to follow in the sea, and then after this great deliverance, the bible says that miriam laid out in worship and praise of god's deliverance. There is a son of moses that you can read about in the book of deuteronomy, but it rarely recounts the experience of god's deliverance of israel. So when it say 544000, they sing the song of moses. It's describing their experience because according to revelation chapter 13 before jesus comes, there is a worldwide death decree that is past against the people of god. Just like the children of israel standing by the banks of the red sea, they have to rely fully on god to deliver them. And in the last moment, jesus opens the sky and comes to redeem his people. Incidentally, the enemy of god's people are destroyed with the brightness of his coming. So when 144000 sing the song of moses, it's a song of their experience of deliverance. What about the song of the land? And we don't have too many times recording scripture with jesus saying it's interesting that the bible does say that just before jesus and the disciples went to the amount of gifts 70, or the god, and give 70 that they sang a him. But I think the song of the lamb can best be described in jesus in the garden of seminole when he cried out and said, father, not my will, but I will be done. Full surrender to the father. So likewise, 144000 gods people in the last days that have the seal of god. They will have that same attitude of jesus. Not my will, but vi will be done. Whatever it is, lord glorify your name. I trusting you. Thus the 144000 will sing the song of moses and the song of the last verse 3 goes on to say that they sing this before the throne. Because the 1st reverse, revelation 14 described 140000 in heaven. So the throng or the throne has earlier been introduced as the throne of the father. In revelation chapter 4 of us to this new song is sung by 144000 in the presence of the lamb. And in the presence of the father, now I want you to just think about this for a moment. John sees a group of people in heaven standing on the sea of glass and they are singing their praises to God. And they are joined in, eventually with the angels 20 for elders. The fall of increases all participating in this praise and adoration of god. But the singing is not just coming from the redeemed in the angels. But at some point in this experience, there is a hush that falls over the redeemed. And the angels, in every eye is turned to the great white throng. And as god, the father looks out on the redeemed his heart is so filled with joy that god breaks forth into seeking. Now you might say, pass the rough. Where did you get that from? Why he is the versus csaa f and I A chapter 3 verse 17 adverse that we don't always go to. But here it is. Verse 17, the Lord your god is in the midst of describing this experience and haven't got the fathers on throw. No mighty one will said, god has saved the reading. He will rejoice over you the redeem with godness, he will quiet you with his love. Notice the last part. He will rejoice over you with thing. Can you imagine that standing looking at the throne of god and his god looks at you as he looks at me is hardy, so filled with joy, this great fun ring, voice breaks forth throughout the whole universe. As the father sings of reach children. Experience that will be how many, if heaven ends right at the end of that song, it's good enough for me. I mean what an experience that would be to stand in the presence of god and here the father. Thing for jaw. Because the last has been found, the product has come home, redeemed, help brothers and sisters barely waved, the Rose goes on and says before the fall of creatures. So the singing happens there in heaven. Now who are the following creatures. While revelation chapter 4 talks about them and I've tried to get into them in too much detail, but each of the following creatures are described to have faces. An interesting looking faces, the 1st has the face likened to a lie and the 2nd, the calf. The 3rd has a face like into a man and the 4th has the face of a flying eagle. These fall living creatures surrounding god thrown can represent 4 phases of the ministry of christ in man's redemption. The lion symbolizes royalty and kingship. In one sense that can describe jesus before the incarnation a calf or knox is a beast of burden. It is a sacrificial animal. When jesus took upon himself humanity, he came to bear athens and to die as factor feiss. The man represented jesus as our high priest, ministering for us in have an even now he is our older brother. He is our high priest, one who understands and knows what it's like to be human for. He took upon himself humanity. An eagle is a symbol of judgments and royalty, and when jesus removes the priestly robes, and he puts on his kingly robes. And he comes back as king of kings and lord of lords, his coming forth to deliver his people and to execute judgment upon the wicked. So these 4 living creatures in a sense can represent 4 phases of christ ministry in man's redemption. It is also interesting to note that in the camp of israel during the wilderness wanderings, instructions were given as to how each of the tribes would have pitched their tain surrounding the thank you worry, there was a leading tribe. So there were 3 on each side of the sanctuary. There was a leading tribe in the midst of those different tribes. They were told to take their symbol or they find the emblem. And they would put, should, facing towards the sanctuary, where the chicago glory of the visible presence of god with a cloud was in the pillar of fire by night. It's interesting to know you can read about this in numbers. Chapter 2. It says on the east side, you got the standards of the forces of judah on the South. You've got reuben, on the west, you got e from. And Dan is on the north. Interesting to note that the symbol of the tribe of judah is a lion. The symbol of the tribe of reuben is an ox, or a calf. The symbol of the tribe of ear from is a man and the symbol of the tribe of dan is an eagle. Just looking down from heaven, looking down upon the camp of israel, it's sort of a manager of what john sees in revelation chapter 4 surrounding the throne of god. The lion, the ox. You've got the man and the 1st 3 going on. What about these elders that are sitting around the throne? Again, we go back to revelation chapter 4 describes 24 hours surrounding the throne of god. Who are they? There are 2 suggestions as to the identity of the $24.00 elements. The one is that they are the ones who were resurrected at the time of christ's resurrection and they would take him to heaven. Have you heard that before? Yes, some of us have another suggestion is that they are the created beings from other worlds that have not sent. Now the scriptures for both and I'll share some of them with reference to representing those who are resurrected at the time of christ resurrection. We go to matthew chapter 2752 and it said the graves were open and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised and coming out of a graze after his resurrection. They went into the holy city and appeared to many. And that's the last reference that we have of this group of people who are resurrected at the time of christ resurrection. Apparently they did go into jerusalem for a while, but then we have no further reference of them. You don't hear about them in the book of acts. They played no role in the early christian church so so what happened to them? Well, ephesians gives us a clue. Matter of fact and makes it quite clear, if he's chapter 4 said, therefore he say if when he ascended on high it's talking about the sanction of jesus. He led captivity captive and he gave gifts unto man. So when jesus ascended up to heaven, those were resurrected at the time of his resurrection. They ascended up as sort of 1st fruits of the resurrection. And they're in heaven right now. So we know that moses is been, haven't we know that elijah is in heaven? We know that in our case in heaven and this group, we don't know how many very haven't. Now the point I want you to notice here is it says in ephesians chapter 4 is a. It says he, jesus led captivity captive. In other words, those are well captive by the grave. Now they are following jesus as the offence they haven't. So some of wondered, well, could the 24 hours be that group of people while there's a few other versus ju job chapter one, verse 6 talks about another group of phasing for a 2nd. Now there was a day when the sons of god came to present themselves before the Lord and fate and all that came amongst them. The general conference that occurs safe and comes from the earth is the representative of the US. And of course, you remember the story, god said where you come from satan set from walking up and down on the earth. And God says, did you see my 7 job? In other words, there's somebody in your kingdom that really belongs in my kingdom. And you know, the way the story ended, but here are these representatives of these on fallen worlds. Could, could they be the 24 hours? I say, a chapter $2423.00 speaks of this group. It says the moon will be disgrace. The Spanish name for the Lord of hosts moreno mount via an injury slim before his elders. Gloriously. So could the 24 hours be these representatives of the fallen worlds. I'm going to share with your quote that comes from the book, desire of ages, and then I'll let you make up your own mind. Here is the description of christ sanction. It says, as he said, that he led the way speaking of jesus. And the multitude of captives set free at his resurrection. Follow. So here we have jesus sent to heaven. Those who were resurrected all behind him. Then she jumped to where they going. There is the throne talking of heaven around it, the rainbow of promise. You find this in revelation, for there are the chair of them and the sarah from otherwise known as the fall of increases in revelation for the commander that they have any host. Then she says, the sons of god, the representatives of the fallen world, they are all assembled, the heavenly counsel before which lucifer accused god and his son, the representatives of the sinless realm of which satan had thought to establish dominion. All are there to welcome their redeemer. So if you ask me, I think the 20 for elders are the representatives of the fallen world. Because in revelation chapter 4 before jesus gets to heaven, you have a description of the 24 hours waiting for jesus. It's not until revelation chapter 5 that you see a lamb as it had been slain. And then jesus takes the scroll, sealed with 7 seals for the 20 for all this, I think it's the representatives of the fallen worlds. But if somebody has a different view, that's ok, we shall know soon enough. That's a good answer. You can give right? Then it goes on and says, no one could learn that song except 144000 who redeem from the earth. So this song is sung by those of stood firm for jesus in the final moment, verse history and have been taken to heaven without pasting death. This song is the expression of their own experience. Thus only 144000 can sing it. It says they will redeem from the earth thou translated without seeing death. 144000 redeem from the earth from amongst the living at the 2nd coming of jesus. Revelation chapter 7, verse 1314 gives us some further clues. As to the 144000. So then one of the eldest answered saying to me, who are these rating wide robes? Where did they come from? So here john envision has one of the 20 for elders asking him a question. And John answers in verse 14 and says, so, you know, that's an important thing to remember. If ever an angel ask you a question and you don't know the answer, just say so, you know, one of the l. A. So you know, and John say so you know? And then he explained and he said to me, these are the ones who have come out of great tribulation. They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb, referring to those who are redeemed from the earth. Those who have the seal of god right. First, for these are the ones who are not defiled with woman for they are virgins. Now of course, in the bible, a woman often represents the church. You got a pure woman representing the true church. Revelation 12, you have any moral woman representing an apostate church. Revelation 17. So here is a group of people who have been faithful or true. They are fully committed to christ. They are fully dedicated to him. Thus they are described as being described as virgins. They are faithful for christ, the faithful to christ. Revelation 1217 describes them. The dragon. Satan was enraged with the woman, the church. And he went to make war with the remnant of her offspring, those that keep the commandments of god and have the testimony of jesus christ. What is the testimony of jesus christ? revelation 1910. It's the spirit of prophecy. The next part of the verse says, these are the ones who follow the lamb or every goes. 144000 have faithfully followed jesus on the earth. Now it is their privilege to follow jesus in heaven don't miss that. If we want to follow jesus in heaven, what do we have to do now? By god's grace, we need to be following him. Submitting to him, surrendering to him, talking of this group in revelation 7. 16 says they shall neither hunger anymore nor thirst. The sun shall not strike them, nor any heat. Now that's an interesting phrase there. Hits talking about the group of people redeem from the earth that says the sun won't strike them, not any heat. Why? Specifically talking about the sun and heat? Well, remember you have the 4th play, g is an intense heat that comes upon the earth. Here are a group of people who will be alive on the earth. They'll be delivered. And yes, they'll be protected from the place, but at least in this case they will feel some of the heat of the sun during that time. For 17, for the lamb, who is in the midst of the throng, shepherd them and lead them to living fountains of water. And God will wipe away every tear from there. I say, man, no more paying no massaro. Middle verse for says these were the ones that redeem from among men 145000 are translated from amongst the living. Taking to heaven without seeing death. How many people have been tell you to have him without seeing death? You've got enough before the flood. You've got to olaja after the flood. Of course moses he died, but he was resurrected. Read about that in jude and he was taking they haven't. But he wasn't translated without seeing the have only 2. And then you have this group of people the end of time, those have the seal of god in their foreheads. And then it goes on the end of verse for being 1st fruit to God. And the lam. A $144000.00 may be considered as 1st fruits in the sense of being the 1st part of a large harvest and also a special gift to christ. As group follows the lamb, where every goes, those 5 says I mean their mouth, but found no deceit or as the king james says was found no guile. The form of the greek verb suggests that at a certain time of investigation, the 144000 are found to be faultless, doesn't mean that they've never sin, but at some particular point, they are found to be fully clothed in the righteousness of christ, not only imputed righteousness, but in parted righteousness. And of course we read about the special work of judgment in daniel chapter 7. Verse 9 says I watched the thrones were putting in place. The ancient of days was seated. That's god, the father. His garment was white as snow, the hair of his head was like pure will his throne as a fiery flame, its wheels of burning fire. A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him 80001000, many that unto him 10000 times 10000 stood before him. The angels, the court was seated and the books were open. I want you to just notice the phrase there, 80001000 minutes before him. Again, it's talking about a large number. Here we have a description of a judgment scene in heaven that takes place just before jesus comes. You relate in that same passage where one like him to the son of man comes in before the father. The judgment takes place. After the judgement is finished, the kingdoms of this world are given to christ and jesus comes back as king of kings and lord of lords. Now, at the conclusion of this judgment, revelation $2211.00. A declaration is made. Jesus says he is unjust. Let me be unjust. Still he was filthy. Living, be filthy, still. Who is righteous? Let him be righteous, still, he is wholly let him be wholly still and behold, i am coming quickly. Am reward is with me to give to everyone according to his work. So at the conclusion of this investigative judgment that takes place in heaven just before probation closes, jesus says he that is wholly let it be wholly he that is filthy. Let him be filthy probation closes. The 7 last plagues poured out and jesus comes to take his people whole at that point. When jesus says he that is holy, let him be holy, still in their mouth will be found no deceit. They are fully surrendered to christ's their attitude, his lord, whatever your willingness. So let it be done. Like shadrach, me check and bending on the plane of dura, they are willing to die then knowingly. Disobey god. That's the experience of this group of people. At the end of time, by god's grace we want to be amongst them. A man. First 5 says in them out was found no deceit for they are without fault before the throne of god. By the Grace of god, they have overcome every defect of character. They have been completely transformed by the Grace of christ. Now I look at that and I think, well lord, I don't know. I don't know if I'll ever be able to be amongst that group of people. But the bible says is not by my nor by power, but by thy spirit say of the law. Don't under estimate the power of the holy spirit. Incidentally, none of us will be able to stand in that day if we are not filled with the latter rain. God is going to give us a special portion of his spirit. The only reason why we'll be able to stand when that comes that time comes is because god is sustaining us. We may feel by spirit, but even now is the time for us. The syrians with jesus, we know the time is coming. We'd be seeking for that experience with jesus for a whole year. It is jude $124.00 now and to him. He's able to keep you from stumbling and present you faultless before his presence of his glory with exceeding joy on my favorite verse as efficient 320 now to him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works within us. To him be glory in the church. How do we as a church bring glory to God? By a revelation of his character? To him be glory in the church by christ jesus to all generation forever. And ever. A man in the book christ object lessons we read christ, these waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character of christ shall be perfectly reproduced. Denise people, then he will come and claim them as his own. Friends, we are living to some of the most exciting times of this earth history. We look at the world around us and we get discouraged. We look at the condition of our hearts and lives. We get discouraged. We look at the challenges facing the church. We get discouraged, but take heart our greatest days are yet ahead. The bible describes the group of people who are so filled with the glory of god that the earth is illuminated and they proclaim with a loud voice. Babylon is fallen is fallen and jesus is able to call his people to come out of religious confusion and make this stand upon bible truth. All god is going to do a mighty work, a mighty work in the hearts and the lives of his people. He's looking for willing individuals who say, lord, I am all your whatever you're willing for your work in me before you even get to the 3 angels messages. John begins by describing a group of people standing with the lamb on mount zion. So close in the righteousness of jesus reflecting, reflecting the character of god. Friends is our opportunity to be amongst them. We can make that stand to day. Say, lord, please do a work within me. Let's pray. Dear father, we've looked at a group of people described in the bible to day. A group that we look at and say, father, if, if that's what you want to do, lord police. Begin with me. Father, we need your spirit. We need your spirit to so work with in our hearts and lives. So take the principles of your law and, and write it upon our minds that we will love you supremely that we will indeed be able to sing the song of moses and the song of the lamb. Not my will. I will be done. Father, we recognize that in US they dwell as no good thing. But we also know father, that with you, all things are possible and all we can do tonight is to say lord here we please father forgive us. Plan for us, give us up, your spirit. Empower us, help us to stand true and faithful to hear. For lord, we long to be in that kingdom. More than anything else. We want to hear use to keep us safe. For we ask for some changes in this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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