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Sabbath and Creation

Nikolaus Satelmajer Rollin Shoemaker


  • June 28, 2010
    5:10 PM
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him a big Moose Road movie delighted to make this presentation to you we have been colleagues and friends for run but a few years and we enjoyed working together on this paper we thought will be good and to unite have different interests and includes this topic then we flew three dollars drinks and probably are weaknesses in the project that way on were going to put on the screen there is some of the main points the whole test will not be there I can get more about the whole textile later with the main points of the screen points one through six as we get to them unless will be on meeting our reading optimization this up himself and all his creation including human beings through the creation week the recreational pronounced the seventh day as the Sabbath as he ended his world bringing our world into existence if God was not to create through the disarmament would be merely a human Memorial unplanned chaotic process of evolution if we do not recognize God as the creator including the creative of the Sabbath this holds only a symbolic value was symbolic meaning assigned by humans apart from God 's creation this may have some value but could not be considered us as a special day created by God you can take away the Sabbath as a symbol of freedom from bondage in Egypt but you still have the Sabbath the creation you can take away this will be also with you still have the settlement of creation in some instances the Sabbath amplifies certain temporary or symbolic functions that cannot be defined by Northwest 's existence or role depend on us God this is holy this creation the Sabbath is meeting in a sinful and Asus world because the sacred day was given by God it is one of the following verse of the relationship between God and his creation Genesis announces this is for all God and the creation including human beings and the other in the Bible called upon the things God has created reminds us of the centrality of God in creation this paper will focus purposely on the relationship of the Sabbath to God God creation and the implication of these perspectives to humans created by God there are many other biblical theological historical and practical aspects of the seventh amendment be addressed in this lecture the Sabbath and creation in the remainder of this paper will focus on the relationship between God the Sabbath in the creation and explore some of the ways this relationship impacts our lives number one number one if there is movement from chaos to order your order and are covered in the blowing wind from Gothic to the base of the water this description from the new revised standard version is grateful to the Hebrew care clearing the region in which God there is a region with darkness over the region without form is a sea of chaos and actually early stage that he is primeval warrior recovers with black river like a chaotic ocean because nakedness covered by a deep impenetrable darkness in effect the declaration of this version declares complete and utter confusion when the storm of God sent over this ocean of life in the work of creating an inherited world with words and action which brought order out of this chaos within this that they haven't familiar with any and all the multitude of the seventh day God finished the work that he and the rested on the seventh day from all the work that he had done so God blessed the seventh day and hallowed because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation the seventh day was the gay guy from reading his work it was not completed on the sixth day of the Septuagint said the words of Genesis two one they happens in the yard for many emphasized what is going to be setting versus two three in verses two and three God brings to completion his work on the seventh day the completion of his work consists of the session the labor of creating God rests not also in completing his work blessed and sanctified the seventh day in sanctifying the seventh day God set it apart to be exclusively dedicated to himself even though God presented the Sabbath in such a way that it would be a blessing to humanity among other blessing the Sabbath brings into a member of the entirely typically God 's role is created the Sabbath begins the week which started in chaos and in perfect harmony creation was now completed and approved by God and he rested on the last and sanctify them in no mood to the specificity of the South remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy you recall the rest of the fastest and read all we now move from creation through the fall which oh two followed by Dennis is Romans five twelve service among cellular Israel has come to Monsanto to be established as a nation with God as its more the Lord delivers the kind words on two tables of stone which are the essence of the covenant between God and his people Israel in the heart of these tech tables or storm we had the fourth commandment that directs all who remember the Sabbath day God set apart the seventh day to be wholly dedicated to himself one who sees from labor is gone indeed on the Sabbath day every occupation as the seas and everyone rest the Sabbath the significance is found in God 's blessing is simplifying the seventh day of the week the creation when we worship on the Sabbath we recognize God as our create your and sustainer we have to seize from our mobile pursuit and enter into a day of enjoyment recognizing God for who he is to create a sustainable all life in the universe thus the Sabbath is not a day it is the seventh day the Sabbath is not for the purpose God designated its purpose number three their wife justice creation was given by God for the benefit of humanity then he said to them the Sabbath was made for humankind and not humankind for the Sabbath for the Son of Man is Lord even of this market twenty seven is written in a triathlete for sample humankind humankind so the emphasis lies on humankind Sabbath was made for humanity and was not to be a burden on the people we could literally write the Sabbath came into the woods made are you I knew a guy did not come into being on account of the Sabbath the word a Guinness role translated came into being is an allusion to John one three and three all things through him came into being again until and apart from him not one thing came into being again until all creation has its source in God and all things came into being through Jesus Christ in fact the creation of humans took place before the Sabbath that humans existed before the Sabbath was set apart as a date to be three or the fat was instituted in order to be a blessing to God 's creation this statement of Jesus not only brings out the true intent of the Sabbath but also the entire law the family commemorates God 's creative in saving action the benefit of humanity therefore Mark two twenty seventy when humanity receive the Sabbath as a gift humanity recognizes God as creator sustainer and recognizes God is the one who brings joy and peace with the promise of an eternal future number four in the context of the great controversy the Sabbath recognizes God as creator he said in a loud voice worship him who made heaven and earth to see the springs of water deposits Angels first message concerning us is the clinical observations is the command to worship God to create the Greek expression for ploy is silently translated humanity is to create for Lisa's the three Old Testament text Exodus twenty eighth eleven the Sabbath commandment Genesis one one 's are stating that God created the universe agendas him him him go to his world on the seventh day thereby said apartment listings sanctifying and resting on revelation four two six addresses all humanity when it addresses every nation tribe language and people with us in the heart of the book of Revelation we were the command to worship the created for this command means that the controversy between Christ and Satan is over the issue of who is lower because of it create or more orders of Satan who is our accuser when we worship the creator who made the heaven earth sea springs of water we give our legions for the creator is Lord we worship the creator we worship as the Sabbath commandment specifies on the seventh day for it was on the seventh day that God brought his work to completion and blessed and sanctified or five the Sarah is a concrete reminder that God will raise for the creation was subjected to frustration that is transitory not by his own try but by the will of the one who subjected it in the hope that creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and corruption brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God in Romans eight nineteen creation awaits the revelation of God 's sons and Don creation awaits the retention of God 's children because they had been subjected to worthlessness by the one who is reminded of this on Ecclesiastes expression vanity of vanities within the Septuagint uses the same word for vanity that I ought to make you hear her frustration worthlessness or transitory the worthy in the American fruit with utility as well as frustration worthlessness for truth during the Café I think creation did not willingly to be subjected to this uselessness but when Adam committed the transgression the one who subjects that he is God subjected creation to frustration that I update it had to do this because Adam was sentenced to die if God wanted Adam and all of his descendents to have a second chance not had to change his original design and creation to accommodate the rule of sin and death the Romans eight twenty one the Greek word translated a is before and means corrupt ability which gives or explains frustration before I is the corrupt ability that must pass away as flashing light must pass away before I is to start players as a way line fifty Spirit best authority indicates more than just mere decay it indicates eternal destruction therefore both before I is a way should be understood if technologically the basic idea is that Adam 's transgression subjected the world to the subjection of creation was in the hope that he is certainty that the cursive Genesis would be reversed that is the human race which defaced the world will one day be redeemed in the first three mode human sin had terrible effects on the world on the other hand human redemption brings hope the ultimate destiny is transformation and redemption humans not creation incurred guilt nonetheless the world as a postoperative corruption and decay because of there will there become the world reality Romans one twenty one tells us what happened in the sense of the darkening of the human heart and human understanding this starting came about because humans knowing God did not give God Thanksgiving are willing honoring the Sabbath gives God glory and Thanksgiving the Sabbath honors God is creator and sustainer of all life every living thing there are a few other points to be made in one of them is that it must be remembered as Roman state at their inner the world because of sin and God 's original design humanity was to create humanity for eternal life and so we look at one of the aspects that took that God put together before then fell such as what one is to each of the lifestyle change one should have a better life in this world in fact the U.S. News & World Report noted that Adventists because of their lifestyle which encourages vegetarianism lives about ten years longer than the normal population U.S. News & World Report reported that the life expectancy of their dentist and eighty nine where is the rest of populations about seventy second point is is that we live in a world that has been both system that depends on death and corruption for very existence that we can hardly can see of a different revision a different system besides this perhaps we need to be like Joe who had some questions about how God was meeting with him in your Job God spoke to Job out of the whirlwind Joe says in response to God 's questioning I recant and related because I'm just not dust and ashes perhaps our attitude was also teams if God be to us out of the world leaving about the questions we cannot fathom the answers to another the lot is in things that we are nonetheless we do indeed express our confidence and not created in regaining power biography our observation of the sun is God completed his work on the seventh day he rested last sanctified number six the samples of creation while given for benefit is God 's Sabbath thus it is an antidote for legalism in salvation by works only just the first portion of message thirty one twelve to seventeen thus the Lord said for most viewers 's office to speak to the Israelites shall keep the Sabbath this is a sign between me and you throughout your generations given in order that you may know that on the Lord sanctify you the Sabbath the seventh of the week is to be celebrated after six days of work because God rested less incentive for the seventh day to bring the creation week the completion in this passage in Exodus is this passage is only for Israelites based on Galatians six sixteen work talks about all Israel of God Romans nine six through eight about the descendents of Israel and so on it is reasonable to conclude that these verses also for God 's people today Sabbath observance but believers the true visual God becomes us him on this is the believer is God 's child the believer recognizes God as the creator of the universe disable the will of God for salvation that God himself creation salvation and the Sabbath are all gifts from God God 's gifts by their very nature are not legalistic legalism is a human effort to define how humans obtain salvation the Sabbath is a living reminder that God is our Creator Savior sacrifice conclusion of which is at the conclusion somewhere in conclusion the Sabbath was created by God 's gift to humans at creation England he was a creation God brought to completion his work on the Sabbath the Sabbath was given for the benefit of humanity but does not belong to any people or church it belongs to God as a gift from God the Sabbath is one of the defining others on the relationship between God and his creation including the creation of humans we worship on the Sabbath we enter into a relationship with God as the creator and sustainer of the universe God willingly graciously accommodates himself to our framework of human time Sabbath time becomes a place for sphere of God 's blessing it is simply nature gives life well-being of most of our existence the Sabbath is certainly a gracious gift when we receive embrace and celebrate an atmosphere of freedom I felt


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