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03 No Greater Bliss

Calvin Kim
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Calvin Kim

Co-founder & Director, F5 Challenge


  • June 19, 2021
    11:15 AM
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And of course, start with per real quick. If your boss has me totally father, you're so good to us. You're so loving. You're so kind. You're so long suffering. I just pray that anything that I do and say here will bring glory, an honor to your name, but your present to be here with us. You know, my pray, hey, man, at our 5 events we do a lot of icebreakers because we want to mix people up and get him to know each other. And so one of the things I do is a common icebreaker is I ask people, what is the most blissful thing you have ever experienced in your life? The definition of the word blessed is perfect happiness. And you can just start thinking of what's the most blissful thing you've ever experienced in your life. One person shirts on about just kayaking on the lake and I was just so pitiful. One of the most blissful experiences i ever had was we've just somebody mount rainier, we climb through the night. And when you're on that mountain, you get tired of backpacking food, tired of power bars. And as we're coming down at that high altitude you got to eat, but you have no appetite. And back at camp, there was some food with some fruit in it. And I was just hoping that my friends who stayed behind or got back early did that. It that the food up for that they would have left it and when I came back, it tasted so good. It was so blissful, you know, when I asked these questions, the answers are often times, most of the answers are things that are fairly, very simple. No one ever said it's when I bought my 1st car. I bought my 1st house. It's always something some simple experience and choose the cost. Nothing or the cost is break. Negligible. Just like that. Just that tasty meal i had right there at base camp. Just this week, while the most blissful moment of yesterday was just god hearing answer my prayer that my daughter is in joy. Her experience at youth rush, because that weighs heavily on me all week. I didn't want to reset her dad, bring cursing, or to go do this, you know, knocking on doors and getting rejected as a character building experience. But it's, you know, you hear story, some people quitting and leaving, and that's just I didn't want to. I don't want my daughter experience that and so that was so I was just happy so happy yesterday. The pen of inspiration says there is no greater bulus, perfect happiness. There is no credibility on this side of heaven then. And what? That's right. Then in winning souls to christ. Tell you quick story about a friend of mine. Tuesday nights we have a running group. It stopped because a covert, but I showed up and there was a new guy there. And a lot of times I like to gravitate towards new guys and a new people. They don't know what I want. It seems like everyone knows each other. And his name is Charlie rocket. What a great name for a runner. And we started running and this guy was running fast. He's a fast runner. And one thing that all runners want to do is they want to be able to run faster. You will never meet a runner that goes, you know what? I think I run too fast. I can run too hard. Know every, every runner wants to run faster and they want to be able to run longer. And so we ran together the entire time. And I said, charlie, i want you to help me to get to be a faster runner. And he loved it, help you. And so we met again and we went swimming together and he's teaching me different tip the stuff. Anyways, I asked him, I said you want to go hiking with me because he was living in a be alone. His wife's in japan by herself. She's japanese, he's not. And so he goes, yeah, I'll go hiking with you. He doesn't really have any friends. And so, and then as I was thinking about it, my trip is up north. He lived down here for me to go to church and go all the way to limpy and go back. It's been a really out of the way. And I normally wouldn't invite someone, I just became friends with the church. Normally I wouldn't bicycle hiking, but I said, you know what, it would be easier if I just picked up in the morning and you went to church with me. And to my surprise, he was all going to church with you. So he goes to church with me, and after we, we want hiking, we had a great time. Not too long after I cannot remember if was just a few weeks or a month or so, or a couple months right. Afterwards he sent me an email. And this is what the email says, a dear and wonderful friend of mine who's not even in the church and did that. I confess to you the depression that I can't work through training and helping people painting coaching coaches. Probably the only thing that is keeping me sane while I know I can help you succeed. I'm fighting a mental illness that emitting would even shane my wife. I can't help you. I'm not a model for your own success. I want to support you so much. I been bragging to my friends has met this individual whose life I can help change. I think I need to be in your church. Maybe I should be telling you this, the suicide help like I was a disaster. Can I confide in you without being judged? I feel your church and you might be the only ones that I can confide in, but I don't know where to turn except the church. Your congregation, even for one day help keep me alive. I'm sorry to unload this on you because you run it are running buddy and have inherited a suicide. He's apologizing and I'm praying god that my friend recognizes his need for jesus in his life. And I'm like, lord, you put me in his, in that place right there. Can you a test to the veracity of this quote that there is no quite a bliss on this side of heaven? Then in winning souls to christ, i found nothing more satisfying. Running is gratifying, winning souls as satisfying souls as the currency of heaven. What heaven values most. God valued us so much he risked the failure of heaven. We are told for us took the risk of failure and eternal loss. One day when we are in heaven, if we should have any regrets and debatable if we have regret and haven't because a definition of regret is feeling of sorrow and we're told in heaven, we will not have sorrow. But should there be any regrets in heaven? I think the universal request will be that we did not do more to bring others with us to heaven. Not only is this the most blissful work, we are told that this is the greatest work to which human beings can aspire is the work of winning men from sin to holiness. Here's the irony of life. Kind of life is the more important something is to let instruction and education we receive about it. When I speak to youth, i tell them the most important things in your life as your relation with god that given who you marry, you spend the rest your life that will affect your usefulness for your number one relationship with god and empathy. What your careers, we get almost no instruction in high School and in college about how to find that spouse. You may go to a seminar, you may go to camp meeting and they may speak about it. Many people like me, you go to college a 1st year and your plan are around trying to tell what to do for a career. In high school we learned physics, biology, chemistry, pre calc, we learn all these classes, most of which some of it useful. Some of it's probably not useful. You'll never use it or getting your life. And yet, what about what you're going to do spending the rest of your life? And it's Holly talked about and then we come out and they never teach us about money management. So everyone is leaning on people like dave ramsay to learn how to manage your finances. And so here the topic, it's considered the most important work. It will bring you the greatest bliss. And unless you go to a bible college or you're blessed to be able to go to a summer camp program or go to apple or a bible training school or a congress i q i store I share how much are we caught from our local church on how to win sold. And so what happens is we're usually learning from our own mistakes. I can't tell you how many mistakes i've made. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's not a great thing either. I used to fire hose fire hosting is, you know, when you turn our fire hose, you got to that thing on slowly you start blasting people in. What does it just push them away? You know, who does this a lot new, convers. They just went through a 4 week process and they're all fired. They know who the market, the piece that with the anti crisis, they want to go and tell all their family members and what they do. They start burning bridges with their family members, and then they have to spend the rest their life trying to reconnect with their family. We get all the time. We have a class when you converts And there's something about when we know truth and someone knows era, it's almost intuitive. And I think that that we just want to share. We want to straight into it. So we make mistakes. Now I had a friend, met her through 5, she's a jewish girl. Sabbath morning, I read something from some school lesson. It was a bible verse about paul in the jews. It was inspiring. So I share on my facebook wall and she commented, how anti medic i was or how and sex married because I never been called antisemitic. I deleted it, contacted her and long story short. She in front of me on Facebook. So I learned my brain. I burn bridges there and so over the years I've learned, but god has been merciful patient with me and I've learned to stop doing things that just don't work. And I've become more in depth the things that are actually more conducive and helpful to sol winning. Now this topic, so when it is inexhaustible, we are told the science of soul winning is the highest of all sciences. So there's only so much I can cover. So I'm only going to cover one subset of evangelism, which is specifically friendship evangelism, which is something that I most passionate about. And that's what our ministry focuses. The internal model of our ministry is fitness for witness. I say internal because we want to keep that internal and then you have a well meaning member of our group posted on Facebook right in front of all the other people, fitness for witness. And we're like, no, we don't want everybody, the atheist, all the people knowing that one of our purposes that we want to win them to jesus. So I had brought one of my friends to one of our events, not avenue. And we just finished the big hike and she wants she's hungry. She wants to get a burger. And one ad dentist, person and in our group was right next to her. She was ordering her meat burger. And I said you really should try the venture burger here. Just ok. And he goes to pittsburgh. Here's really good. She wants me burger, she's not avenue. I think she said it a 3rd time or she or he, I believe as he when she finally goes, hey, I'm not adventist. And as we're flying home, she's telling me this, I'm thinking that the poor girl order her meat burger and then she come to another event just a few weeks later. And this time she brings one of her non atlas friends with her. And I'm just like jeff, that's we want she had such a good time. She bringing her in as far as I know, she the gal pri atheist. And I don't like that our events start with friday night vespers. I would rather it started earlier in the day and we started hiking rock time, so we can at least build connection 1st. But normally because schedule it starts with the best person. Here's this girl who's just sitting there kind of like, she looks like a fish out of water just like you and I would be sitting at a mormon camp meeting. Like what am I doing here? I kind of look right and right as soon as best is over and I'm like, and keep in mind by sunday after we've gone sabbath, we got hiking on Sunday. We go rock climbing 5th gal, this new cal, just you could just tell she was just connecting with everybody. But this is vespers and rafter investors, my friend who likes her hamburgers. She was, you know, when we were on that big hike from the previous trip, she goes there. We're talking about how jesus is coming back to the belt. The ryan she goes, why do you guys get that? Because that sounds like a crock of. And she just stop right there, right there from the camp fire. I'm like, I just want to crohn a hole and die. And I'm like, who is telling you the stories? So I want to learn from jesus himself, the master evangelist, cheese to effective soul winning. So we'll go straight into the bible and John and John chapter, the jesus a speaking to somebody, do you know who jesus speaking? True. They can mess john 3. 60 forgot to love the world that we know the text jesus is speaking this to me. Right. In the next book, john chapter 4, jesus is speaking to somebody who was speaking to the woman at the well, if you do a compare and contrast with these 2 stories, they have nothing in common except for one thing. These 2 people had an encounter with jesus face to face one on one that's the only thing they have encounter with. One wasn't even looking for jesus, which was a woman and nicotine was actually looking for jesus. But if you do compare contrast, everything is complete and tactical as it gets. One is male, one female, one married to one woman once had 5 relationships. One is a religious leader, the other is not religious leader, one is educated one, it's an educated one is a ferris p. A jew, one is American. One meets with jesus in the nighttime. One need to jesus in the daytime and you just keep going through one meeting, the Valley one meets an elevated place completely up with a story. So what do we draw from this one? Is that as jesus, because administer right up to John to and he turns water into wine. The 1st thing to do is, does he meet with somebody in the highest echelons of society, nicotine, wealthy, well educated and reputable. And then right after that he goes to someone who is in the lowest social wrong of the social ladder. A samaritan, a social outcast, and minister tour. Because we're told jesus in every store that he saw, he saw a soul to be saved for one. That's what jesus says, there is no one outside the recent wrath that does not deserve to be saved. So here we see this. And so from this simple compare and contrast, i want to pull. There's so many specialists to be pull. I just want to mention and highlight to just for the purpose of this message, one of the approach jesus is very direct with. Think it, he must 1st thing he says that you must be born again. He says over, you must be born again. He's marvel not that I said to be you must be born again. Very direct, white jesus direct with him as he says in verse and art thou, religious art, tell master is wrong. No, it's not these things you should know better. So if you see me ordering me burger, you can say kelvin really should try the operator. It's really, really good. Ok, if you see me ordering a bacon broken because the calvin, you know, better than that, you can ask god to bless that, swine that he cursed. But if I'm not an avid us, let him order what they want. Ok, that's not the 1st thing. So another thing is with the woman he takes a totally different approach. What he tried to you and we all know he asked for a favor. He's trying to win her trust. And I know you are all familiar with this, but I have to share this christ method alone will get to success in reaching the people. The phoebe mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed a sympathy for them minister to their neat and wonder comp, and then he bade them, follow me if there's one word in this paragraph, that's a focal point for me, or to me, the crux. What do you think that is what you think the board is? ha, that's right. You cause I'm impressed. Sure. This massive before people are like ministered sympathy, you know, just different thing. It's the word then. It means at that time it's tiny. He won their competence, then he paid them, follow me way too often. You know what? We haven't even wonder conference and we're already saying follow me and my belief, follow me in my diet plan with the nicotine nicotine came looking for him in 1st to make a mistake. And from rabbi we know that that our teacher come from got from no man can do the miracle that they're doing except got be with him. Jesus already had a competent. This guy had already been watching jesus doing these things, a ministering to the people and sympathizing with them. And so he'd already won the conference with the woman. She didn't know who jesus was. Another thing I want to focus on is the timing. The timing is so critical. Also the timing of the conversion, the woman became converted right away. She goes and tell everybody that's important. That's why we need new converts. You and I are tapped out of people. There's only so many people we know that we can bite the trust, but new convert now brings our family and friends, and we see that after baptism, we need to New current nicotine with hit the truth in his heart for 3 years in an afterwards desire. Just tells us he used to walk to help support that church. They both came to jesus, but the timing was totally different. I met a young man who was just a fuel to me. Patrick had a medical dental little thing we were doing at our local church and on limp. They asked me to come to the dentist and I met this guy and I felt like I could connect with him. I said he could have lunch together. I took him out to lunch, we start having bible studies. We did bible studies often for 10 years before he finally got baptized. I want this guy going to ever get baptized. Would have publish 30, he drift away, come back, bible study he share with me what he's struggling with and I'm like, he needs jesus. Golly problems with like and 10 years later lead the timing to the Lord. So one time I had invited a friend and she's hanging out with my friends and within a few hours within the 1st visit, the conversation became about why you should not eat meat and why you should eat meat. It became kind of a banter in a joke. I know in the situations, it's always with good intentions and warm meaning. And I'm just like this not happening to me. Anyways. One gentleman showed the following. If they had taught god at any point in our con, both sharp conversation, I would have gone. The spirit dictated when it was the right time. He knew when I would be receptive, humans have nasty habit of buggering up things. So I just want to underscore those 2 things. Again, one is what is it? The approach and number 2 is a timing because sometimes we feel like as soon as we meet them, we got to somehow I got to put in my plug. You know, I got to ask them, do you want jesus in your life here? Jesus, what he does is he was a conference 1st before he bits and followed him. Now those of you who are familiar with cpr per, is an acronym for evangelism for cultivating planting and then ripping and timing is important. You can't just plant feet in the dead a winter. No one does that. You don't just harvest at a time. It depends on the Fruit and the plant in the tree. There's a time for all this. So I want to tell you about my friend. I was in an airport and I rarely buy magazines, but I just asked them to produce. I'll just look at the magazines, and I asked if they had a triathlon magazine, they're listed, they didn't lady behind me. Overheard me asking, she started talking to me because I heard you're asking about trap lawns. And so we'd hard talking. And she got a backpack on and it got trap on the pilot, i could tell, shoot avid passionately about chaplains. She could do you mind if we sit to get on the plan on make sure. So she asked, and they had a feeling available for us to sit next to each other. I've got this gal a captive audience for 3 to 4 hours. Or should I start daniel to or should we just go for broke? Go all out. Let's just go to revelation 13 or i've got enough time to cover all 5 s's of of our church sabbath. What are they? Second coming, sanctuary spirit of prophecy stated the bed. They did that. You know, you know what we talked about the entire time. Talk about traffic the entire time. I discovered that her husband, the cardio traffic surgeon, I discovered very quickly, they just moved over to Washington and she talked about how we can cycle into training together. She insisted that I use my heart rate monitor and bob, because I was actually headed somewhere to do a triathlon. I took that, I took her hurry marker, you know, I took a hurry monitor because this would make sure we're connected because these things are expensive. I discovered i knew she was not gonna be a short term contact cuz she she was gonna be short called at one time general at the end, I want to hand her a globe trekker. I want to hand or something. Lately. I'm more into hand out the bridge version of the great controversy. I'm like if I make him something, I want to give him the full package. But here I was like, nope, that's going to be short term contact to make a long story short should come out to 2 of our events and it was 2 years before we had our for spiritual conversation. Had to be in a car. Everybody also flipping and she shared with me how she had planned to be a nun, but she had all the horrible things she's seen in the church and all the pain and she's police. And 5 years later, she was one of our volunteers for one of our things that we were doing with our f 5 count. And she's brought a bunch for friends to join us. 5, she's not converted, we're still planting seats. And now I looked on her face, we got 1900, something happened friends before that she, me and I have a adams friends. And so what we're doing, we're just planting seeds and she's looking forward to coming to our next big event. So If the p R, we have what we call with stanford cultivated planting and ripping b L F. Does that you are in the medical field? No, it be also basically support same thing, cpr. And I have an acronym for us, and it's just stands for the basic level of success. You know what I consider basic level of success. Now, it's real simple. If they know your adolescent, they think you're normal. The reason why is we're trying to be winsome witnesses and if they think you're normal, it's easier to go from normal to when some witnessing them from strange, odd and unusual. I don't know if everyone recognizes this that I've had both probably 3 people or more, maybe 4, where their family members are telling them they're a cult, happened to them as a cult. If you go to korea in general, they think I've been to them a call, you go to South america and many countries like my career, they think your cult cold is synonymous with strange on and unusual. Not normal. You ever have them and tell you of their mormon and you say it goes like this of their mom and they're really nice. One of the caveat or this they find out I'm avenue, i have friends that were adventist. They're so nice. You know, have to tell me they're nice. I know where nice people, why they tell me that. Because there's a preconceived notion out there for those who know who are and what is, what is the one question that probably every called port her canvasser doesn't want to be asked when they add a door, nelson or bill? What do you think that question is? What denomination argue you don't want to be asked that question because we don't want to have any, you know, any, anything that's going to kind of impede this connection. You know, you can say thing. What you go to school, harvard and all mac, It's respect and admiration of their mormon ought there's. It's usually not very positive or optimistic unless you're your fellow morning. You know from us at the I was like, oh I'm average for so happy. But when it's outside, you have to think that there is a subset of people we look at, which are you got mainstream protestant denominations, methodist presbyterian, got this other about this other presbyterian and then you've got the, the next group, the subset, which is the jehovah witnesses in the mormon, and guess what surprise were right there with them. You recognize that. And so I think this is a part for us to recognize where we are trying to win people via friendship evangelism. What I was getting out of over just recently. And we had a dialogue and she was christian, which was interesting because as soon as she pulled up in the front seat, it looked like it was kind of sitting there. And I thought, I never had an Uber pick up someone already there. Well, it was actually just kind of a hat and a thing to make it look like some was there, like, well, you know, you see what they're doing, right? They're making look like to some of their price of the contriving, carpool, whatever. But anyway, I financially christian, so when I'm leaving the car, I go, this is one of my favorite books. I handle the bridge version of the great controversy. And she was just really jovial, kind of personality and she goes, hugh mormon. You know, she's getting out right now, is this more than literature? I know it's not mormon, and for good measure, i said it's not jehovah. Witness either. And then she smiled and when she pulled around, she opened a window to thank me. A lady comment to a friend of mine. Oh you don't adventist, you seem normal. The I did an employee. I did an informal poll on Facebook, on a facebook group i created called rejoicing and hope you're welcome to have interest only to help adventist, understand that we should be talking about anything and everything on our facebook walk because people are watching us and on their i just ask the question, if you, if you didn't grow up in the tricky, you became happiness. Before you became abner, had you heard of avenues? The majority had never heard of an adventist before. That's bad news, but it's also can you actually can news and the ones who had it's like I thought they were strange audit unusual or I thought they were cult ellen white says be sure to work in a way that will remove prejudice instead of creating it oftentimes, the prejudices already there. This is the reason why evangelist. When did you evangelist series? Did you liberally cover up the church sign and put away the advent hymnals? Because we don't need under prejudice until they come in here. The beautiful message of bible true. And in our church we had a guy who was upset about this because he felt like we were being disingenuous. And there's always that guy. And yet we had better policy quotes to back up what we're doing. Jesus says, be wise's serpent harmless, as does so. And you know, god uses this description both the bible and the spirit of prophecy, which is the word peculiar. The word peculiar has 2 definitions. One is the 1st is strange and unusual. And the 2nd is particular or special. I'm not sure why, but too often we are coming across to the world by the 1st session of strange i didn't unusual, not the 2nd definition, which is particular special. I can assure you that god and intent for us to be viewed as strange are unusual. I mean, you don't have to do an attitude to the of the bible to understand this into iran, me, 76. It says that god has chosen v to be a special people. And you're familiar with 1st peter tonight, but you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a whole and holy nation. And strange aud, an unusual? No. It's peculiar garden that you are special people, particular people. If you want to get technical, the hebrew word for a special, a cigarette which is translated at peculiar special, we are special scientific literature shows that 70 avenue live on average 10 years longer than the rest of the world. Let's celebrate this. When someone asked me about what I eat, if I get a chance, I like to talk about the blue zone. That's something positive. And I want to add this about the blues on as I was preparing a message about the blue zone. And one of the things I realize and recognize, we always celebrate how low melinda is, the only blue zone here in North America. But what was really news is I was studying. It got a, a grief and us and nicole, nicola close rica and yes. Sardinia in italy, in okinawa, these places are all beautiful peaches you live on a bit of speech to live longer. They have negatively charged. I don't in the are the air pressure to preach. They have extended family, they have community, they have all these wonderful things. You go to la, melinda. I was there for 4 years. The air is horrible. All these other places are homogenous. Think of the people they got to mcdonald's there now they've got all these western influences as well. Traffic everywhere got a special blessing on his people. And so there's so many things that we can talk about our bible prophecies. I love our bible practices are barbarossa. So coherent and co cohesive, they just fit together, which is the reason why I'm assuming the evidence because everything fits and everything answered my questions. My wife was presbyterian, before she became adventist and she goes, wow, other questions I had, I've been to the answers all my questions. So I understand, you know, some of these, one of my good friends from somebody on a facebook group posted something about diet and meat and one of my good friends for my rock climate. Jim was invited to be a part of the F type challenge. He commented, he goes, are you saying it's immoral to me or it's not biblical to meet. And it was too soon before we could delete the comment. So one of my buddies jump on and had to do some damage control. And then we send a nice masters to the person who posted like, hey, look, we're trying to make those connections here. And sometimes when they become such a focus, we haven't had a chance to connect with that person. And so you get the point that I'm trying to make. So one of the things I use this word is be reliable, or you related will. I love bill and earnest, they go, bird watching, they connect with other people. You have a shared hobby or something in common. It's so easy to connect with people. I'd received a message from the granite, a young adult youth leader, and he was, we just medical out the part she wants to learn how to mount bike. He messes me. Great, give me your number. I contacted her, we took her rock climbing height with her and we took them out by now she is regularly coming to the vespers. And guess what? She is new to town, but guess who? All our friends are. There all of us now now I have not connected with especially one on one, but one of my friends i invited to take her rockland with me. They become good friends and they go for on heights and they're talking about spiritual matters. And so paul says, I planted apollo's water and who cares? increase god gives increase. We have to do this altogether. Be related will have been practicing dentistry for 21 years. You know, who makes the best dentist. It's not that dentist who has the highest, i q, thought a dentist who's got the most skills and it's a dentist who can most connect with their patients. They're the ones. And that goes for any, any relationship or any field. I call it being reliable, paul called it something else. I love how paul calls it. What if Paul, call it be all things to all people? I like the way ellen white says it, you know, she says, agree with the people and every point you can consistently do so. Let them see that you love their souls and want to be in harmony with them so far as possible. In a time where division and divisiveness is all the norm where fear in rage seems to be the dominating emotion. I think this might be a good council Being related, but how did jesus do this? While we're on the coat, he mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed his sympathy for them minister to their needs. Jim, with a woman at the wall he entre trust by asking for a favor. Years ago, when I 1st got into triathlon, i was an avid mountain biker, so I knew cycling would be very easy to learn running. You don't need any brain, learn how to run. But swimming. I grew up swimming, but I didn't know how to swim properly. I was like, I discovered very quickly if not, it's one, probably a rowboat and you want to be a, you won't be a yacht when you're swain. So I was like, I need a swim coach and I was at a bike shop. I was talking to the guy and he told me he was a collegiate swimmer and all the stuff. And I'm like, I called him, I got hey, you want to teach me to swim. I'll pay you to teaching this one. Because yeah. So we would meet at the poor can. He was great. He's teaching me to, she's teaching me to swim. He's not even charging me. I think I just gave him money because I'm like you're coming out almost weekly and sometimes every other week, depending on her schedule, teaching me to swim. And he was amazing. We showed up at the pool one time and he shows up with slippers. He's out of hate and Okay, got few younger years younger than me but he's kind of out of shape and he brought the flipper so I thought what he was going to do is he's going to put the flipper song because I'm in better shape. And here I'm going to chase him in the pool. He goes, you put the flippers on, I think what I could hardly keep up with them with the flippers on. So amazing was and so george and I became friends who've been over a house. And I want teach jesus and his life. He talks like a sailor, he lost a drink, his beer tom. He has all stories. When he's trapped long, how do I bring up jesus? 6 months went by and one day we made it to Jim. He was, I need to talk to you and he goes, I could tell things were different. And we go, let's talk, we're going to room and because I just found out I have stomach. I've got 6 months to live. Right. Then I share with my testimony why need jesus? I said you want to take the bible with me. So he came to house with the bible together. During that period, 2 of my favorite testimonies, the most powerful testimony i've ever heard. One of them was christian, but all happened to be just coming through town. So I was able to bring him to go here, this one speaker, and then when christian, but all came through. He came with his girlfriend and I was like, god, you're so amazing. You put me right in his path. And it just at the right time it was timing. Had I brought up jesus before. Now, what really hurt was sad for me is that through the soul, i wish I could tell you that he accepts jesus in his heart. He wanted so badly to live and as far as I know, he didn't accept jesus. I never know. We never know till we get to heaven. And I was like why I didn't understand, but things that are real life. Hence, the whole situation is that god loved george so much that god put someone right there in his path to given the bible truth. George can never go to heaven or be there and take. You never gave me an opportunity. George will never have that. And I realized what, despite the result, ours were just to be honor guard guy. Ours is to be a light and leave the circumstances and whatever happens to the Lord. Now, I want to tell you about a recent story. Just last year, we were hiking up in mount rainier, which I can do the base camp. I've been there many times, but when a mountain snow, when a snow on the mountain, you can't recognize every anything at all. I'm going with to my buddy's and there's a woman just hiking by yourself when you're hiking. A kind of notice to people of people watch her. So I noticed people who around me, here's a woman hiking by herself. And as we started going off trail, we're going to stay crazy. Steep stuff that we should not be on without ice axis. We just have our poles and she doesn't know where she's going. So she just starts falling us. So we start talking with her. And I was impressed with her help. She was in such good shape. I can find out her name, sylvia, and she's a 55 year old french woman who listen to come by herself. She's our hiking, so we had fun. We became friends once we got up to there, we made met other people and we became friends in this huge group. We all hike down together. How so impressed with her? And I said, hey, we're going to climb of mount hood in couple weeks. Don't go with us. She came out with us. Never spoke with her anything about spiritual things, but she knows i'm a christian. And then I said you want to climb mount rainier because she out she's making friends. Now she didn't have any friends, harley price up or coworkers. I could not climb. I had to, I had to cancel that trip for myself because we were actually moving down here that weekend. But she went with my friends and had a wonderful time. I was like, I don't know when I'll still be again about a month later. She messages me and she goes, she was a manager of a retirement home. Should I need a christian broadcast for my retirement home? Could you connect me with a christian broadcast? So I'm thinking of praise lord. Right. She just knows i'm a christian, she's reaching out to me. Pray, florida. That's it. Fast forward to this year, a friend of mine who had met sylvie through my relationship with silvey, my friends with her. She was pray for sylvie, i can't tell you what's going on, but pray for her. She needs prayers. So right there, that was a q for me, because with friendship, eventually you got to be intentional and you have to be deliberate. So I sent her a message and I said sylvie, we'd love to have you join us. Next time we go, climbing outdoors, would be great to see you and hike like old times. How are you doing? I hope all is going well for you. I was hoping she would bite people like going well, good to hear from you. She responded. Hi calvin, thank you. Just lost my job. So kind of free or free. Now she message me that boy, the boy that work fills open the deeper voice or lack of purpose. This is universal. People who don't have cheese in their life have void in their lives. And they are superficially trying to fill this, whether it's with their work or their sports or their drinking, whatever it is. Everyone is trying to fill that way. And here I'm just waiting for that right time with these people. When I can come and share what fill that void in my life. I messaged her, I said, hey, let's go out to dinner tonight. So we met, and she shares words like this void, lack of purpose, emptiness, suicidal ideations. We had a 2 hour long conversation. I gave her a book and I said, you know what, we're going to mission trip next month. You want to go with us. She was, i'll come with you. So just this last week about 2 week and half ago, 2 weeks, she was out there, dr. Academy automation trip with us. So I shared this message with the group while my friends took her hiking because I wanted to tell her of one you guys love on her care for her, but don't make her your project. What I don't need a 30 people trying to like she's my project. I just want us to just love her and have a great experience. And one of my friends text to me after I cuz I had left early, we want to give you an update lamp. Had a great controversy in his car, and she'll be happy to see it. And we talked when I met with her, I had a quick question, but I decided not to give her the controversy. I decided to give her something else and a whole lot in here. She totally opened up landscape with a quick controversy and she says she's looking forward to reading it. And so just planting seeds, but building relationships. Now as we come to end here is the silver lining. You know, my friend that I came, i brought her and also I became a banter about eating meat, not even me. She comes to another one of our events and as she sends me this message, tell that I want to thank you in person, but seldom see you with your daughter at the gym. I'd like to temperature service, a good hearted individuals, many whom are dear and now close friends for acquaintances. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join. Everyone is I on national park. We serve god who can take our full pos are for both our peace or mistakes. He can turn them into blessings. I was giving a talk similar to this and I mentioned how it's so easy to give bible study to a baptist. You don't need to know a lot to give a bible, so you only need to know just a little bit more because you know what the difference between a beginner snowboarder and a snowboard instructor. Us a difference. Just for days. It's all of it. Do not know what your snowboard instructor bible think or any you know how much truth we know. Let's just take a bath is for example, besides the gospel and besides baptism by immersion, think of all the things that they believe that are not true. Stated that secret rapture eternal torment. And I mentioned this right after the message, a young man comes back to me because my father's baptist in my mom's charismatic and I'm like, oh, I didn't know there was some with baptist leanings in the audience were baptist influence. And so I started because I want to know what you meant. So I actually goes, well, let me show you. So I started showing up for the bible when I was, and I said you want to say the bible together. He goes, yeah. And now we've been saying the bible and he is hooked on bible prophecy. So here something that could have been something that just burned bridges got, can turn it around and take our mistakes and turn it into something beautiful. So I told you about that pull i'd put, put on Facebook on rejoicing and hope. The good news is that almost everyone who had heard of adventists before becoming an avenue and their impressions were that we were strange and unusual or a cult. Guess way that all become happiness. God can cover for our mistakes. We are told the secret of success is a union of defined power with human effort. I love that it didn't say human brilliance, human icu, human eloquence, human elocution, is just human effort. There is one miracle in the bible that is repeated all for the gospels. Anyone know what miracle that is, it's only miracle. Mathematically from John to feeding of the 5000 jesus give them something to eat, spiritual speaking. What does that mean? Give them some the food was food representing the bible, spiritual food, right? god's word, given something to eat. And the response what we have a 5, los, and 2 fishes. What they're saying it's, we have nothing to share. We say that all the time, but I don't know the bible. We don't have the resources to do this. I don't have the time. I don't have anything to give and just said, give it to me. Give me what you got. Any praise any glasses that this story underscore is an important spiritual lesson. You and I are said to come to jesus every morning and see jesus come to him for a handout in jesus will give you food to share. And what you do is you take the food and share it and you come back and he'll give you more and never runs out in your shirt. I love how l Y put into our ages. She says, you must receive to impart. You must impart to receive only as you impart are in parking. Can you continue to receive if you want your christian express to bliss for one of vibrant one. I want to encourage you don't miss out on winning source to jesus. One of the things I just want to add before I close as one of things I run to this ministry a lot is that having to people it's easy for us. We just meet others and we just assume everybody's happened. But that's not the case. We see this on Facebook all the time. I'll just scroll to someone's main page and take post and comment as if all their friends are abas, 1st of all, your friends are address. We got a problem because you have co workers and relatives and neighbors who are not avenue, and they're on your feet. They watch what, what's being said, unless you have your study that you private. There the world is watching what we're putting on there. And if you look at it and you're talking about just church laundry and issues of the church, they're reading this and this doesn't make us winsome. And so it's just real simple. When I post something I think twice about what I'm posting. And if the problem is not that our average people are posting vulgar stuff, that's not it. It's just stuff that just makes us look weird. And so it's just a simple when you post something, if my neighborhood atheist, this reading this is that going to build connection or maybe make us look like weirdos or burn bridges. Or if my gait coworker is reading this, will this helped me to have a greater influence up on them anyways. You know, it's something that I'm really passionate about. Friendship evangelism and I think it's, it's just such an easy way to connect with people. And the best way I like to describe friendship evangelism is all you're doing is just making friends for eternity or making friends. We plan on spending forever with your friends. Thank you. May god bless. We can everyone to use this media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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