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Our Turning Point

Tom Waters Alane Waters



  • December 9, 2005
    7:00 PM
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well one for me with you this evening as we also have our son Josiah we were planning on having him with us and our dear friend Thomas Solon just be Allison began to us so everyone doing this evening just full of energy are worn out and calibration book got me tired and worn out and then when the blessings of the Sabbath on the Lord wants to give us new energy I buy it at the end and end of a busy week well tonight were not really in a share with you in message per se within a talk about the turning point of our life of our life as a family when our children were very very little soured word and typing this our turning point so it's not really a messages a day just to shed testimony you know all of us have turning points I'm sure he's not just for a moment you could think of two or three or four may be more turning points in your experience right how many of you even in a short span of the last phrase I just shared to think of some turning points amazing how the mind works so all of a sudden you have share about those turning points in their very important some of those turning points made me not of been most positive experiences but nonetheless use them and wouldn't be focusing on a very positive turning point in our experience we were down how many of you have earned himself very on here Hinsdale on your Loma Linda here Loma Linda wonder himself and that's where we met the wonderful there is actually I got to get my wife from Loma Linda Missouri she can be available to allow us to hear that inversion I was diagnosed we were in our late twenties and the Lord began to show us that where we were and how we were living our lives was not the way we want to continue we were at that time the parents of two children two girls Allison and Emily Josiah who is not biggest boy was in imitation of them got began over our eyes we were very involved in our medical careers at Hinsdale and very involved in church work I was the person this is director of thirteen hundred member church there in scale that's a lot of responsibility for a twenty eight -year-old and my wife and I were involved in all kinds church programs when you remember some of the media and social committee to staff the schoolteacher 's revelations are you in gathering leaders we found some very interesting and churches it's no different than churches do not dangers is still only a few people do a lot of work related searches only keep you logged on or the differences in pictures you can hide behind it just bundled group and the pain where hi there are medical careers were moving forward but adjudicator I got a nice recruitment that after we were married which is a big turning point in our lives and we had children which is another big turning point in our lives I left full-time working part-time date can receive and was very active and empty my degrees in my certifications because that was my focus in life be married to have a family and a career impacting the way it is in America today your first home and that was that nothing turning point porcelain and we can talk about living in the country before we had children before you married we talked about it and I couldn't live in the country and work in the kind of environment where we wanted to work as long as they didn't the physical habitation to easily that we were buying our first home and out of the side of the big death and I find this thirty year mortgage for all of the dollars every month and it was interesting that even though we want and desire to live in a more quiet location especially when they were than we would start a family that all things being to pacify when we look at what would be convenient for not ending by convenient learning to be called to the hospital sweetie next time you can easily bought a home there was a mile from the hospital is a very big hospital with a lot of activity going on so we were right in the main route for all the ambulance service to the hospital where one one block from the main highway there were two blocks north of main east-west route road track into Chicago him we were also in the main task for approach four-door for all their international Airport so I know anything is not quite as much as we found out at the live they are part of what they can looking for a particular happy by the house all of a sudden your all these noises around you and it strangely the commuter trains of freight train they had nine and a house would rattling the windows which shaken in how it would normally enter into it and it wasn't long before we were really just go over and we really are noticing the train going by all times of day and night and we weren't really even to the house shaking and only time I really tuned in to the signs as if we were on call because they figured if there gone by were likely to be going so definitely turn to Nintendo things that we had a very comfortable life with something else that we didn't understand and that was that wall all these noises noticed physical representations of the busyness of our lives in sale and while we quieted down all those noises around this and got used to them in order to find we also quieted down in a real connection to God this was just like we didn't say one day and you know so we can find anymore as intracellular hearing how we frame our and you notice it doesn't matter the house rentals and more you don't say those things because you don't notice them and more so we were saying each other you notice that we don't have any time for God very interesting I would get up as late as I get up in the morning in order to have a little bit of time with God about it it was Christian right I needed time with God I knew that something so tired do you know why I was so tired anyway gas about Google ranking why was I so tired as I can rarely I was very tired my wife was tired and now God understand that right seven dollars because God like that not really for him and so I would just adequate devotional page dollars a quick prayer prayer I would call a very distracted prayer your expected prayers that means that while you're praying your mindset running different direction but the distracted prayer and hope that you think I get there I was a outstanding distracted prayers because my mind was racing God says the steel and know that I now tired be still it was hard for me to be still in that environment because I was allowing so many things to crowd in upon me in our lives were just as good maybe even better than some people Hinsdale enormous it's like to be an elder in the church what do leaders as audacity diverse ministry as we get a nice life but we didn't have a final action to the power is an important medley that's why you here tonight so one Friday night that was the biggest turning point in our Christian lives one Friday night eleven I do yeah I was pretty rare to have any quiet night in our home that if there was anyone it would likely be a Friday evening was this Friday evening that we were it was winter time we were sitting down her face and we had a nice fireplace down and had the fire crackling on wintertime is wonderful because the sunsets early ethnic silly wine that I was a little earlier than normal we actually have enough time to even talk a little bit and maybe going out to five o'clock in the evening and our girls were still was early in the evening and they were already be ready for Sabbath in Airville he pajamas already or bad we were sitting in the basement they are talking enjoined fire and visiting the girls were playing and they would bring the books to a suitable way asked me to hold informed and come back again and we were having a little time together that was also pretty rare in those days was twelve at a time or have you together we are back anytime as we went through the evening probably about an hour and we're just getting ready to wind down with the girls and meeting me question now never forget Kathleen what is the most important thing you can accomplish this life for far less did not attend the question that we can now visit my mouth and out of his mouth mean you know we do visualize real-time and that is what's the most important thing I can accomplish in his life now I'm pretty decisive person reorganized person a very direct person and I had my life ruled out to enhance our children and get them whenever that would be that now I wanted to finish my finish my bachelors degree had done that heading for my Masters getting some special certifications in my career get the children will not go to school so what can I do with my life for fat advance professionally and this was the path that I was and we know we believed in raising our children itself when the children came along I went part-time work because I wanted to be home to raise them that we ask me that nine instead of answering quickly which is my natural response I hesitated laws and are reflected in you know that's really good for everyone of us not to be so quick to answer that we quit to hear what the Lord wants to tell and as I dissuaded that brief moment my mind instantly replayed the events of the evening the simplicity of the children the enjoyment they had the time we had together kissed to be relaxed in the family realize what was most important to me in this life would be no girls would be ready for seeking God announcement I told him to see our girls in the kingdom of God enchantment Jesus play Second Life on your head that was the most important thing to me I wasn't actually expecting the answer I was very taking back now now sometimes by just now when I said that it takes me back a little bit because why would we be expecting that I'm involved in person last reason given Bible studies all course we expect that we all expect that but the real problem was that our lives our lifestyles she yet lets you just like the sounds of the train track way down the reality of accuracy experience in that environment in that lifestyle was quieting down so when my wife said it just me and then I didn't drink but finally I said to her honey things to change you know that something was if we want to see our children in the kingdom of heaven we can't go on living our lives the way were living our lives and lives in I think you good people are living that Isaiah only in that life nobody wants a millionaire right we were letting that I we were just living a life as Chris has been given the power of God is anathema working world as you don't recognize the drive from Laodicea write the line and you don't even know that night God began to open the that was a turning point for then I we note together with our little girls in there every pajamas and put them between us with a commitment to God that night I pray this prayer Lord I will go wherever you go I will do whatever you ask me to do I will give up anything you asked me to give up if I can hear the words well done thou good and faithful 's see the crown of life placed upon the heads of much we've never know let me hasten to clarify what I mean by never turning back is that he never made a mistake ever stumbled never always makes money mistakes and we stumbled there we made wrong choices but from that day we began to tension news vision of what God is calling us to do if we were going to hear those words will and from that we have never turned that commitment that I began to set in motion a whole new chain of events in our lives interesting the first thing that came to both our minds was the environment that we live in because they recognize that we are well our spiritual life with me and we didn't realize it until that evening and we recognize that if we really want our children to be in and one for the love of God we want them to be his children and we had to also love God and his children because we can teach them something we don't know we can't we can tell them what to do but we have to show them through our experience and so that night as we began hesitantly made that commitment that night the Lord dislikes arrow to our heart challenge us with where we were living there really has a direct influence on spiritual makeup of us and so that night and from that point forward we sat about in motion to do the first thing guide showed us to do and that is to begin to prepare to go somewhere that God would direct to experience what he wanted us to grow into with him the first step for us was to begin to change right where we were this is one of the things that many people miss they say that they put their focus and energy to getting into better circumstance that is how God works if you find yourself living in moment Wednesday as a possible now we could spend the rest of this evening for many hours as you like to sit here telling you story after story of people 's lives who per call for you to live in when they are in is taking into another son is a God that mean we can't do God 's will himself reason you got home on absolutely the key here is God 's will that argue in God 's will if you know you're in God well then you also know that you have a vital connection to the power if you don't have a final connection to God through Jesus Christ then you don't know if you will does not plan worth three something I when I hear because I talked with normative planning the weekend this is not happy living seminar this weekend although different to examiners we talked about just leaving a little bit of our experience will open our testimony because if God wants you in Loma Linda and that's when the video so he will likely word infidel that you don't know what God 's will is that battery here right now slow down on you what's the concern is because of your Loma Linda international severe you're in big trouble interesting and a lot of blood be upon me because where were headed right now this world is like he is like one half sensationalism but that's the reality when we are heading in and where I is only going to be a safe journey we contacted to the power of Jesus Christ and if you're not going to win it all comes apart it was Jesus Christ but while on the man or woman wherever they are Mister you are not connected to Jesus that's really the message to we began to recognize that yes are you showing us our condition you're beginning to show us are on done this but when we know all we begin where we are no hard and I began my knees saying Lord obviously to ask about that question I was afraid for I don't be afraid to ask the question some people I talk to so many people that are afraid to ask the Lord what you want me to do the Lord what wilt thou have me to do one thing that why you think okay okay my brave enemies they might have to give up something that they cherish and take the liver has to give up anything that you cherish and less cherishing that causes the biggest something of separate all along and still is I asked him one step at a time in my day showed me ideas are saying no I really like to say now that him I say one of the reasons that we have the wrong kind of business owners clarify something here some people think that being in a is connected to say I do not remember that I just read recently Jesus Christ was the busiest law was to say the question is who is in control who is controlling my life if I installed by the devil if my circumstances are one distraction after another control limit circumstances that dizziness is a search right to understand the difference but if I control by the Lord and my circumstances are not controlling the Internet the Lord will than dizziness is connected so I started saying no to the nominating committee that was shocking to the nominating committee because they know they need is something I would always say that the Christian thing to do Lord showed me that this was something that came to me it was very simple and very powerful whenever we add something to our life human anatomy committee call with Sega right something to align right I didn't recognize that whenever any something to my life I didn't get in a shower and get 24-hour switcher for right so if I did something added on I recognize that I needed to ask God my wife about living in the front they went when I found I'll will things on my life guess who got caught our first say you understand it is not understand nobody else have no money is coming what kind he is the son hath life even after the sun life and so I started saying okay now making a call on a talking a lot to talk my wife will decide whether I had something out of my life is there something else that you cannot without having effect on our family out there will make the decision yes I said it do that in my work and I started unanimous social commitments you know what was in control of our lives Roy Hinsdale County got upset Latin medicine it is not easy when you say nowadays saying yes sometimes people take it personally sometimes people think you're being selfish all the standard things but it make a difference in our lives it's not an easy thing to do but it's necessary to do and when we find ourselves a turning point in my and we know what God is asking to do it always comes with a commitment any time you change your course you have to make a decision committee decision to make the change right I like making changes and when that commandment comes action if we do not have action the commitment will fall by the wayside for it happens every time doesn't matter what it is if we make a commitment we have to take action film and nothing we haven't is that whether notice that well we really would like to live in the country but definitely when you control my library I was enough to say that we really need to start focusing on raising and training our children the right incentives getting in through the gates of a degree good children it took action in his e-mail God loves us enough he takes his right where we are and he knows where the most tender spot in her heart is that the court for purse he used our children because that's where we were most needful most honorable and that's what people are more user children and having had for them to motivate us because we didn't even realize of course there are taking us away from him so take action for our in the area and she living it meant that we begin to research out where we would like to live we made a list of priorities always like to accomplish are the kind of environment we would like to live in we made that list to attend priorities and we started looking for areas that would meet those priorities those desires that we had and we found that the more we were willing to act upon that commitment the more exciting it was to see how God would leave and our confidence in God begins to grow he became not something we are someone we talked about that someone who became more real personal to us and his word now that we were going we were beginning to take time to really do more than a quick devotional page and then two minutes later you could say what will which even read your head and experience it happens all of its rights because my reading because we want to ride but were not truly was what we're reading night he went through medical school the same executive of I was thinking how is not normally medicines or are they even understand that but I'm thinking inning in life is important to us we put our all into the driveway and put it all in these two boys is a slight school they had me get handed repair their mind so it is with God and so we began to see God 's word become personal and encouraging an ally for a scheduled day off to enjoy next master to win two promises that the Lord gave us that we want to share with you tonight it was very and they are for you tonight if you decide you don't want displeased God and that you really Christian while God to be your God Christ to be your Savior to be your Lord and you don't hold back K you don't hold back by getting two promises that are so powerful the first was Psalm thirty two eight we memorize these not so much for the sake of memorizing them but because they became so much a part of our state experience in the transition from the suburbs of Chicago to the mountains of Montana they just picking up our allies first one found thirty two races I will instruct thee and teach the outlet that is I will instruct me and teach me in the way which thou so know I will die the win mind who is speaking here are the artists as I am that God is all flash is very lordly and we believe you and we claimed that if we open our lives up to the Lord as we were researching what would you have us to do and I like how you God was guiding us every step of the way you want to hear the whole story was run again in the whole story tonight but you can you can get in the series that we have a fresh look to country living very born-again hall started at that Isaiah forty two sixteen which my daughter Alison Rose song to that verse it was just imagining the end is not to say that but anyway do some spontaneous argument from the right Isaiah forty to sixty how will I as I is hereby a I thought I was in that category I will bring the blind by the way they are leaving the house is not known only darkness life before the unencrypted ways straight this life to them and not percent was thinking there saying our heavenly father is promising to bring us by our way we knew not is going to lead us through these crooked ways and straightforward is to bring the darkness into light the promise all in how is all of from they are on the high today Jesus Christ don't differently don't be afraid surrendering yourself completely to Jesus Christ because he'll never do anything foolish I never do anything confusing for your life he's not interested in hasty rash decisions is interested in what he takes you for your life the most important thing are we willing for him to lead us in the house that he wants to take us for all of us we need a turning point that turning point in our hearts to Christ that is where we find our peace that is where we find our joy that is where we have our confidence that he is leading up and you know when we make that commitment to whatever degree we understand in whatever area God shows us we make that commitment on our lives all of a sudden we find out that we really are little bit out of harmony with those around us it felt that way he does come it don't fit in with the flow of things the way he used to fit in whether taxing your concerns are in your community are in your group have now God had has our hearts in such a way that we went on and we can trust him and then we are willing to do it in the main goal in the rare Gambon in the vein that he had to now we had when we made this commitment yes to start putting God practically first right where we were attached to me to cut back and work again I work part-time six days a week some days of work twice and think they are taking care of children in my home because I was considered an at-home mother went to work early in the morning got home before my husband had a network night to care my children and other children all day long he comes home from work in the afternoon I will go back to work because that's all he thought he understood and so when God brought his conviction to me I mean changes there has start laying off some of these other things it was keeping me from really freaking hard my own children really spending time to know them really teaching them how to be Christlike I know myself and see if I hear no longer flowing with the flow is not aiming some people view this is extreme the thought of leaving your professional careers the security of your employment the lovely home your purchasing again do what you can even go eighteen hundred miles away think again let up in the mountains of Montana and you're not sure how you're going to make a living pretty pretty extreme free extreme all we knew was that God was asking us to take the steps they mentally one encouraging tonight whatever it will be afraid that forward when God brought the children of Israel out of eject he brought them to let us what do they have to demonstrate utter dependence on him that's what we are experiencing and understanding of what he's trying to develop a master our circumstances and we can be afraid that step forward because we have the hosts of darkness all around it's all around anywhere we live in this world is more prevalent and more obvious for those who live in this kind of setting then where we live in the mountains of Montana nonetheless the devil is just as active here it were not saved by where we land was sold by who lives in a so don't be afraid if you don't feel you know that with the most important fact you are in harmony with God as interesting as you just talk about where we live but our contrast to people that were very close that with Abraham and Lot went over and just twelve and thirteen the story of the call of Abraham it's very powerful area was called to take his household and move away from his family the influences city that he lived in an hot move with him you remember the story that came to be some contention between the herds and flocks herds of Abraham and so there was a need to separate Abraham graciously gave his nephew the first time and I look everything over and he chose to play the cities where there was lots of water commerce and an easier life and you know ever see this first city was founded by King 's always been easier to make good money in the city environment did you know all we found ourselves in now even though we've made a commitment to each other before marrying we didn't want to raise our children in the city environment in Dan I think about understanding and we know that Abraham commanded household his family was saved lot while Lalas polarizes me as interesting the Bible clearly says that while the righteous man while the city gate to meet the angels do not live in a righteous man might not care activity had it wouldn't have been associated in these we didn't even know were to exist from the Savior a lot wants to say Lindsay and Sam even though to me that cost is too great yes Laszlo 's family includes two dollars that they didn't die inside unlike his other children but it will they begin to nations that have war against God people often history even today the ammonites and the Moabites law lost his family because he had a lingering spirit so are our desires we share with you tonight is not to tell you what God has asked me to do but to ask you to do what God is asking you to do is you is we have no burden we now have the New Age or if it's incredible where we live in Montana this has become a very popular place I so wish I is there salvation is is the watch some of the people that are moving to the west the great Northwest the newly people moving in alarm the new Asian people are changing the way they do you know why they're doing the very things that God is asking us to do as a people the data from reasons the power inside themselves that they're developing a Muslim is a great place that night all in Northwest is a great place to do this God wants to put his people same advantages the health message that we have should not be there today out to be the head we shouldn't wait until some other group makes it popular and say we I will probably get us but wasn't popular until some other grouping of popular than the ones that you will land you tell us what we are the Harris is going on a restaurant telomere of the no total vegetarian and that he did the advertisement popular is the point is what is God asking you to do are you taking time to know what saith the Lord concern Lord what would you do what you have the visit or where he wants to be than where the people that he wants to me you need to look at where were heading by now therefore on the right path for God wants us if not it's time for turning point in her life amen and those strings and winds that God brings to us or simply to get it on the right course and not to be afraid of evaluating our path evaluating our life evaluating our circumstances evaluating our choices evaluating our love for God really love you are they defensively grew up with the cash living room raising Christian home evaluate us think that God is our course straight through this around even if the hundred and eighty degrees turn this around focus on hand because that is where we will find power elite have this life here and preparation heart the kingdom of God one chair Joseph I only moved to Montana D and so thankful that my parent listened to the pressures around them that they did what I was asking them to do even when the big unknown for them when we serve unknown God we don't have to be afraid of the unknowns that we have something to fear when we not serving God that we know and I'm just so thankful that they need that's racist connotations really got up at the door and I also got older we are ready today at my parents had lingered in the city where would I be what disadvantages when I have a nineteen was that something had to be the person I am today because I don't think I would've gotten to know Godfrey Louis S as my personal Savior now is will him given me as a learning and personal example using themselves to let her cry for helping me define my own personal relationship with him then comes a time where you know you get older and now you have to find a career as he does not come back yet the only way out of the country my parents out of fear maybe ten years or less and you and you know he never hit college Latino and perfect behalf on high till he comes back right even on ice lifetime and he hasn't worked for each one of us you and that young people we need to be trained and educated in what I have to do but we know that it and so I had definitely saw the Lord pleading in varying the size therapy I love doing that is about twelve years old and for me over the top in between nursing and the size as I waited for my greatest goals were and desires and what God was asking me to do I went without a shadow that massage therapy I made that based on real thoughtful this is real thoughtful weighing and balancing all the different options out there I knew that for me I desire to help with the family ministry work if I pursued nursing I would feel more locked down and tie downs as far as more years in education and then to make that worthwhile and pay my bills being slipped into the system to pay off the bills and to keep a regular schedule and light up seniority and so I decided to pursue massage therapy since I enjoy that just as much candy as I have a hard time just pushing medications on a family where my heart is and why more quality time to reach the heart of someone for the Lord and open-mindedness in massage I have been given incredible opportunity to touch people 's lives that may never step into a church but with the influence of the Holy Spirit working on their heart maybe to give their life to Jesus and be a testimony to reach their people live in very thankful that I followed him that didn't mean I had to leave the country setting I've been raising and returned to the city but because of the country it gave me a greater advantage to find I said before personal experience with the Lord and foundation wherewith I could be secured and anchored while I was in the influences of the world I determine before I left home because I was very fearful of those influences will start to break me down because I lost it happens my friends as I committed that I would never leave my Bible and types that every day I would continue to have time in prayer and study and that the Clintons in Cleveland made before I went because of the pressures of tests and everything Ron remembered my commitment to the Lord and I kept inverse and that is how he helped me to stand in an environment and you know I was there and was doing very well classically with the Lord 's blessing on people or anything you know you really need to go on physical therapy you have it in you and you would be more useful forgot if you would know to take advantage of the county were even given in pursuing further education at me very educated people while I really had to seriously think about that yet the Lord his people to be educated but what if you want me to do what he climb each of you and I realized as I prayed about it he was asking me to go into massage therapy and to stop it at that and go back to work for him and my home area with fat guest and that was for me because I'm very desires of pleasing people it was a great challenge because the culture came to graduation the harder the pressure came your way will be paid to go through school I'm telling you to have a place to live a car to drive in your toys and eight one hundred enough I get some kind I mean certainly you are in fact that it's not about money or position that what does God want me to do and so I made a choice again not do what people are crushing inability like I was asking and you and I was able to go back home after five months of education in California in and start a business need to be needed therapeutic size and I am very thankful that I put a Democrat in my heart because it has fulfilled my greatest hearts desire in that I've had and civil opportunities to share the Lord with my clients because of another commitment I made why began my business Lord of all I myself and I really want you to be my partner I had was we you be willing to pray with each minor client out loud and very willing to pray but I'm not from it likes to pray out loud with everybody when I don't know where they stand on God and religion when that has been a very pushy as far as all of the nations would push religious things on people in our country even of the Christian places even getting more and more that way I certainly wanted me that I don't push people away from God by the largest put in my heart are you willing to just offer to pay events and follow how can I deny God the very first thing asked me to do after I asked him to be my partner you will come really that interested out of print lives I live in a country where I can still do that freely and signing take advantage of this opportunity now I'm really the bottom line was I was worried about how I would be viewed by my clients potentially as really what it comes down to it with not thinking about God really had to think about myself and that made God made that very clear to me that it was a very selfish of me to even question that was showing I was ashamed of something and doing anything to be see you there is not a person absolutely not and so anyway so thankful that I made that commitment and every new client that come to my door I got great had been able to offer to pay what each one of them and I in three and half years of business have been turned down three times amazing and innocent people that come to the door and she just can't hold or are you sure I think this person I really don't think I think this would be an agitation and unnecessary you made it a little more subtly the Lord has just never not given the dress the only time he let me off of the first week was when a lady who couldn't speak my language came in and she was very insecure about the whole thing and I realized to say Taipei with you when she can really understand what she didn't know what was going on that was the one exception I've had an ISO thing Littler never let me off that before because the one man who refused that ended up being an hour and a half Bible study far as I'm concerned with the first episode ever gay without a Bible he was so taken that a guy would ask him if I could pray with him and he is suddenly really believe and what does that differ from the other church and he started asking questions questions were long and his heart was so soft and it was incredible and as we are going to experience the majesty learning he has confessed to questions in the about defendant at any moment here I'm pretty sure you know it is tempting to tackle ways to say things you know kids need to present the best we can and that truth is not a stumbling block when we when we say that it is only assembling blocks we get ourselves in a way of it we need to say the truth just as it is any know he said he was so grateful for the work that identity not only did he give a grain size but I really appreciate the conversation we had set out the back now here I was not lose him waiting out the door and here you want to come back and I guess I'm just trying to help you utilize this is not about others about what I want to do what was the more I want you to combat the growing longer and he is waiting for you and I taken in our personal Lord and Savior and work for him as we've never worked before just let them work their life he is not coming back to sell a high win again seems to show the world how he lives in math and he will come back to take his own home in his image is reflected in our perfectly in your babies are my children they don't belong in this world anymore they belong in a heavenly man and then think of how is the list of being responsible as Christians offended they asked to bear the light with how she seasickness before world is dying to know him and and we can be light and effect here here I think it out and trust him and get out of the mission field out there for you and he'll send you from the mountains of the multitude back to the mountain again we have to keep God first in what were doing in life in my business in a literal knowledge my family you don't have to struggle with that every day I have to make a conscious choice to take time forgot or he would become one of my life because there's so much to do even working for died there so much to do we can't afford to be so busy working for and we had no time for him if God is working in half we will be most effective in working for him wherever that but I'm just so thankful that country living without chosen pastor asked that turning point in my pants life became steppingstone for the advantage is that I found on my life choosing from Island Savior for all their things site itself him with my father on told me I had older than these were the first that he shared with you both I was wanting he clung to him when he left the city and they were making decisions to step out in faith in the argument of a lot of unknown at how many of these promises at each step and was able to open the door for them while this was really very impacted my life this was a very special person especially to my father lighting up if it are well please put down in my heart that fit with these words that I can always also remember the first is because usually my Honda sonic can memorize steps are much easier and so it just came like that and so then I called father and my Roman philosophy has some bother and I played my guitar and I sang the song and this really touches heart that you know ten years down the track after he had condos said it was now been sung and especially brand is in the child in a timeless mellow scene class shall enigmatically and is trained by accident times I live in a Cessna lands all I can do a and he and I have been the same guy in him and now I lean and then had that a man and I will name her Nancy nice people and am a game he is a these themes ran high in is an on to say and I had an early two three six sixteen and burn is a man and choice shall we gather as we pray father in heaven what a precious promise that you will bring the blind by waving what a promise that you will not forsake us father we need you we need to be changed by the power that comes through your Holy Spirit we need to be still and know that you are God we need to be still will know what you want us to do and then we need to receive the grace and power that you provide to do just what you have us to do so tonight we ask that you will reveal your wills each one each one of us here you will give us the grace and strength to follow that will in Jesus name


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