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01 Give Him Praise

Gem Castor
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Gem Castor

Prayer Coordinator of ASAP Ministries



  • June 19, 2021
    7:00 AM
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God is good, a man went faster. Justin said I, I have a big faith. I just somehow like lots inside because I know that my faith is proportionate to my size. It is only by the Grace of god that that we are here that I am here right now. Standing in front of you. Sometimes I even asking why is the Lord asking me to do this and all I could. One thing that comes to my mind is that verse that god will use the foolish things of this world. A man the weak things of this world. We have a wonderful god. We have a gracious god. So friends, before I continue on with his devotion, no, my sister in christ somehow encouraged me. Jan. At least give a little background. How. How did you fall in love with prayer and friends. You know what? I grew up in a sudden 70 adventist home. I'm the and the youngest of the 6. So when you see my brothers and my sister, you would not actually imagine that we are siblings. I have a Brother that 6 foot $2.00 and $2.00 for 6. And and I have a Brother that's the, that's the way bigger than me, like twice or thrice the size and but god will use the little things of this world. Can you say, mentor, that and friends? Actually one of the reasons why I fell in love with brett, i did not even think that prayer was was really useful before I am the kind of guy that goes around fast and all and all the while I thought that prayer was a waste of time until somehow the Lord brought me to the point that I was in the deepest darkest part of the point of my life that I was even thinking that live doesn't doesn't mean anything. And I was even angry at god during that time. The Lord somehow brought me to the prayer room. I was asked to lead out just imagine friends, you were asked the lead out a prayer session that you do not even desire to pray. It was an A face gap in the Philippines. A jesus for asia was leading it out and and a friend of mine asked me to to be their friends that that day when I knelt down before god changed my life, I was an active youth leader. And I, I think you could relate active in the church, but not having a relationship with jesus this see here and there, but not having that connection with the Lord. And I got to the point of, I told you it was a dark place. I did not one. I did not like what the Lord was doing to me during the time. But god is good, god is so patient. But when we were there kneeling before the throne of god, giving our praise as an I did not even realize that braces would be that emotional. I was weeping. My dear friends, i was weeping and the Lord somehow broke my heart and the Lord somehow reminded me of how amazing he is. And you know what, friends, when you up they said something, something so good. You could not keep it to yourself. Can you? Is that just a filipino thing or something? You could not keep it. 2 years of filipinos, we could not enjoy if you are not enjoying it with our families. With our friends, you see, filipinos always huddled together. I was just invited to a pot block with people that I have not even met because we love to huddled together. We want to share the goodness and friends the moment experience that I was somehow even thinking. I have to invite everybody in this conference to go to the prayer room. I was even tempted to put my, put my short arms and the door like you could not grip out of this conference unless you have an experience in the prayer room. Friends, and that's the reason why I'm still here 11 years now over there, john 11 years past. But god is good. That that desire to bring people closer to the Lord has not even faded because this is the walk when we have with got it always goes up a man. So after, after sharing that, I think it's time to have another word very. Can you say a meant that and for those of you who are able, i'd like to invite you to kneel down with me forward of prayer. Our great god, our dear loving, heavenly father, lord, we give you praise. We give you things for you to serve our praises and our thanksgiving and lord. As we bow before you, if father maybe had a clear picture of jesus, if we have a clear picture of you, the father, i asked that as sir. You had me speak the words this morning. May you hide me behind your cross that I may not be seen nor be heard, but jesus and jesus alone be seen, be heard, be lifted up and exalted repricing. We thank you that you have gathered us all here to start this day with you. And lord, I pray that all throughout the day may be in your presence or police. Anoint this, we don't know anything the holy spirit for. He asked all this in the loving and precious name of your son jesus, all your children say a man. There is this beautiful quote from the spirit of prophecy testimony, treasures volume to page $110.00. It says, shall we be recipients of his mercies and never express our gratitude to God never praise him for what he has done for us friends most of the time when we come before the Lord in time of prayer. Have you noticed that most of our prayers are supplication rather than precess? We have a lot of burden to share to God, but we lack so much on appraise as is that fear it says here we do not pray any too much, but we are despairing and giving thanks and I like this next line. I'd like you to remember this, this line here is the lovingkindness of god called forth more thanksgiving and praise. We would have far more power in prayer. Can you say men? We will have far more power in prayer. If they are more praises and thanksgiving bent, it says When you consider its goodness and mercy, You will find that he will consider your once this says the beautiful god as we serve by the fence and king david king david. I remember 11 pastor who share this. No, he's not even a pastor. He was a dentist who share this, this seminar. He said that david is the only recorded king in the bible that has not face any defeat. You hear that has not faith in any defeat in a battle field. And you know what, what one thing the, that david saw king david saw that is important sprays this 1st chronicle. 16 verse for he says he appointed certain of the levi. It's the minister before the arc of the Lord to record and to sing and the praise god of israel. A certain number. Just imagine france, if you are assigned to do this all your work all day long, it's just somehow record and remember minutes. All the good things that the Lord has done is in the bath. And you know, how many times are they doing this in a day? First, when I got 23 verse 30, it says there are also they are also to stand every morning the saying and the praise the Lord. And likewise at evening, twice a day my dear friends know how many of them are doing this. Verse 5 of chapter 23. David sent. It says here and said david, $4000.00 shall be gatekeepers. $4000.00 are to praise the Lord. How many? 4000. To praise the Lord. To sing praises to his name, to report about his goodness. Friends, david saw the importance of bracing god from the book prayer page 115 paragraphs read says god's goodness in hearing and answering prayer places us under heavy obligation to express our thanksgiving for the prayers bestowed upon us places us under heavy obligation to express or what I'm giving for the favors that god has bestowed upon us. Has god given us favors church? Oh my dear friends. The reason why we're here right now having a physical conference is only because of the goodness of god. Prince. I wish that we have this back home in the Philippines for 2 years now. We did not have our national like g Y, C gathering a P y C, because it's so strict there. And here I think this is one of the 1st major gathering right now. God is good, a man is worthy of praise. Listen friends, we should praise god more than we do. We should pray say more than we do, my dear friends. The blessings received an answer to prayer should be promptly acknowledged, promptly. Acknowledge, you know why? Because we often forget. Sometimes I even forget the things that I need to go that I need to pick up in my room whenever I am. Yes, friends, i'm not that young. When people ask me how old are you? I'm her years old. Sometimes I even choose to forget friends, it should be promptly at knowledge and it says here we often lose great blessings by neglecting to praise the giver. We often lose not just blessings, but great blessings and neglecting to praise the giver. How the soul may ascend nearer to have been under wings of faith. Did you hear this? Only one person agreed. Sense, god is good. The soul said, nearer to heaven and the wings of brave. Have you noticed reads? Most of the time when we pray, it seems like it is so hard. It is so heavy. It's like your a plane just stack seeing on the runway, but never taking off All have you experience that? Oh, we have experience back in the Philippines. We have a lot of that seeing in the runway. You are there an hour early, but they will stay there that seem like an hour and a half friends. The reason why we are not taking off because we lack braces in our prayers, Isn't that simple? But somehow it's so hard to praise god and then I realize that it's hard to break someone. You do not know it is hard to praise someone you do not know. And that's why the Lord desires us to have a closer walk with him to spend time with him early in the morning. And this is the early bird praise god. A man. These are the ones who did not want to Miss the blessings. And the more we draw nearer to him, the more we have a clear picture of him. It's not just glimpses that we see is the outline of his face out of his character. And the more you see it, the more the heart rejoices in praises. To the GoDaddy serves our praises and thanksgiving fence. It says here, as we thus express our gratitude, we are approximating the worship of the heavenly holes. While the language in heaven is the language of brace. If you want to practice the language of heaven for act as it now your praises and your thanksgiving and friends don't. We have a lot of things to be thankful for asset. Hey, man, and a man. There's one lady who, who gave this this thought this line to express this listen so much is given to me that I have no time to ponder, which I don't have so much is given to me that I have no time to ponder, of which I don't have you know who there's what helen keller Is she blind and deaf at the same time? So much so much is given to me that I don't have time to ponder. Of the things that I do not have my dear friends. We have a lot of things to be thankful to God more than helen keller. Can you say a man that is a week, a man? I know you're sleepy, but my dear friends, god is serves a hearty a man. Can you say a man while what acquire you need a conductor. Huh. Does listen. It says here from testimony, treasures. Volume 3, page 30 paragraph. The it says god, the size is obedient, children to claim his blessings. And to come before him with praise and thanksgiving. It grieves him that solely the praise is offered. Wow. It grieves god that so little praise is offered. He desires to have a strong expression from his people. Oh that is the a man. He desires what a strong expression from his people. Friends i I have been reading like this, this powerful quote and, and my heart is just like rejoicing every time I see it. And most of the time I see are just like, Yeah, That's nice. Friends. This is something powerful that the Lord has given us. And that should call forth strong expression of our praise and thanksgiving, as god deserve that. He deserves that my dear friends. And oh, last few quotes. Says here, if we keep the Lord ever before us allowing our hearts to go out in thanksgiving and prays to him, we shall have a continual freshness in our religious life. I did not even realize the praise and thanksgiving have this much resort in your life. You have continual freshness, even though you have not taken a shower. You still be fresh. But I suggest take a shower church. You are forgiven. I know it's early friends continue. What rush ness in a religious life when you are fresh, my dear friends. People will be attracted to something that's fresh, isn't it? Who wants to buy? Who wants to buy a vegetable? That's like no one would want it. He would always go for the fresh one. My dear friend, this is why the Lord is sorry for his church. The continued praise him and thanksgiving because it just brings freshness and listen friends. Her. Our prayers will take the form of a conversation with god as we would talk with a friend. Wow. Who do you share? The good things that happens to your life? What are your best friend? Now when something good happens? You always think of that special person that you want to share it with. So prince, when we praise god, when we give him all those praises and things giving, we consider him as our best friend a man. And that's why it will take, like the form a conversation with god and get this the next line. And he will speak his mysteries to us personally. Did you hear this? God was motel you, his secrets. And this is one thing I realized when we consider god as our best friend, he will consider you as his best friend of all the all the people in the bible. I have seen that sometimes I thought that god has less favorites, like Mary mary magdalen, john, the beloved david, A god. This the man after his own heart and thinking that god has favorites. And then I realized fence. They made god their favorite. They made god their favorite. So friends, that's a hand for us. And it says here, often there will come to us a sweet joyful sense of the presence of jesus. Wow. The more you praise, the more you are drawn near the geas. Remember, you are lifted up, you ascend in the wings of praise. This is the reason why my dear friends, i believe that we should be glad venice not sad ven test. If we have more praises on our hearts. How can you be sad when you know for a fact that the presence of jesus is with you rance the power a brace is just just blowing my mind. I don't know if you remembered historic josh. I thought, monday went into battle. Of course, before they went to battle, god directed everything. Why? Because georgia, for the bow down humbled himself before god. And God somehow gave him instructions and 2nd chronicles. Chapter 20 verse 21. It says here, when he had consulted with the people, he appointed singers the thing to the Lord and praise him in their holy garments as they went out before the army saying. And this is what they were declaring friends, give thanks to the Lord for his mercy. And loving kind, this endure forever as this is the song i want to hear that course singing friends give sayings of the Lord for his mercy and loving kindness. Endure forever. Wow. And you know what happened 1st 22 and they began to sing and to praise. And the Lord said ambush meant did you hear this france? The moment they began praising god. The Lord did something. At the moment they began praising god, the Lord moved. It says in as a bible commentary, the people were living the faith and God saw fit to honor it. The Lord promise victory and the people took him at his word. Wow, the people took god at his word. Are we taking god at his word? My dear friends, god's ways most of the time are ridiculous And sometimes we don't take it because we might be put to shame. Just imagine bringing god 5 was a red and 2 fish and a 5000 friends. God's ways are not our ways. But if we take him at his word, my dear friends will see results that are not produced here on earth. Produce in heaven and friends. It says the victory was the bears because they claimed it before the victory was given. God is already promised and they claimed that said you said so, so it will be so Great. Subject less than $300.00. 63 paragraph one. I like this. Not one should we think of failure because we ally, we're the one who knows no failure. A my dear friend, this is the god that we serve. And desire of ages, page 679. Paragraph to Oh. This is the live of the church that god wants his church to live a series of on interrupted victories. Did you hear this? A series of uninterrupted victories even go very good. Not interrupted. That should have been our church. But instead of coming up with our own solution, we should be going down to our knees. Can you say a mentor that that way g harsha thought somehow managed to fight that battle. It was not a board meeting. It was not a meeting of solutions. It was a prayer meeting, it was a prayer of submission. And then when they got god's promise, they went forward. They claimed it, and God gave it. This is the power of prayer, us my dear friends. Praising god just means that you somehow believe whatever he said, and it will come to pass before we go into our time of prayer. This, you know 2020 has been a challenge, isn't it? Not well known, you have been shocked here. In 2020. Don't be afraid, don't be shy. All of us were shocked. Only god was not shocked. Only god was not jogged. And For those of you who heard the introduction a while ago, i'm working with a S A P ministries and a S A P. S is a faith based ministries. We don't have regular source of income and we are somehow helping out bible workers, missionaries conferences, mission that could not afford due to somehow pay more bible workers. So we do, we train them and at the same time give what, what the conference or the mission could not afford as like jesus for asia. So friends, god has been so good lord has been, has been taking care of every needs. And most of the time we are scared, we have a lot of of bible workers. We have a lot of missionaries that we're somehow giving stipend. And where will we get the money? But friends, our father is Rich. Can you say we are rich, kids are hands. So 4 days before 2020 was over. It was december 28. And we just had our devotional our online devotional since we are, we are working from from home remotely. So after that, the version of our assistant director, john somehow shared a story of a report about how the Lord has sustained us this year. Know that year 2020 and he said that we have a scholarship Fund and the scholarship Fund. Dr. Last 2019 I think it was 30 something $1000.00 goal and we met it. We actually had like, 200-3000 over. So 2020, they were quite conservative because of cove it a lot of people were losing their jobs business were closing down. So they still said 835000 you know what was the result in the times of good, we were 10000 more than what we had last year. Yes. Praise god, praise god. So actually we were ready over time devotional. We have to go back to our work, but found that I was convicted and as prayer to nate, there I could not shut up. Friends, i don't shut out most of the time. So I said, I said to, I said, due to the people in that in that prayer call in worship god, hey, can we just go around each one of us praising god and thinking god, even just one sentence, just one line as we always do in United prayer. So friends, that's what we did. We went around and, and we were just reminded of the faithfulness of god. We were just reminded of god's amazing goodness, amazing grace and his mercies. And thinking, wow, and actually we got the re, i'd and I suggested to the assistant director, you know what? Why not, let's spend this last 3 days of the year bracing and thanking god. We have already been lifting up our, our prayer requests. We've been bleeding before god. We have been crying in behalf of our missionaries in behalf of our bible workers. This time it's time to praise. God can use a mentor that it is starting to praise god. So friends, that's what we did. And you know what happened that day when we started praising god, people get on knocking at the door. Our office manager could not stay good nuts they put in her chair to get on standing up and then going to the door. And just answering phone calls and we have been receiving like donation after donation checks after checks. What do you do when god bless us? praise him even more so we went forward praising god and it was just beautiful. So 2 days before the year ended, we received a report. Somebody somehow gave like $5000.00 and another person, another person with what his family pledge to give. They have not decided yet. They pledge to get 302400000 us dollars. Yes. Is a big wow. Can we say it all together? Wow. God deserves our wow. So friends, what happened was we were just like blown away. I was almost in tears. So, and again, we continued tracing god. And remember december 31 is a national holiday. There's no office and there's no office, there's no devotional. So I told our friends to know what god deserves. Even just can we come together in this in his last day just for 30 minutes and let's praise god because he deserves our thanksgiving and our praise. So france, even people, even the, our, our, our office made that the, that are on leave. They joined online. And then before I could go on leading julia kerry, our director said, jen, before you say something, I need to say something. And then she said last night, that family who pledge $300.00 to $400000.00 gave us a call. They confirmed the number. And they decided to give a before that before that one person pledged to give $30000.00 every month for the whole year 2021. We were blown away. That's $360.00 house and us dollars. My dear friends for the whole year. And then she said, but it's not over that family who promised to give 302400000. The Lord convicted them to give $700000.00 us dollars. I could not speak not most of the time. I do friends that I lose words. I always have words, if not english words, filipino words. I always have words, but my dear friend, this is what happens when you are in the presence of the goodness of god. You are blown away. And friends, i was having a hard time leading out who was choking up. And this is what god somehow wants for his church to experience, be choked up. What his goodness and friends. But god, goodness doesn't reach to speak. It just go on and on and on. Remember, uninterrupted victories. So friends, you know, what happened? 2 weeks later I was in Tennessee. I was in Tennessee, would jesus for asia, and then I received a text message from a director from juliet, said jan brother jam. Guess what happened? I receive i received another donation of $56000.00 from another person. And now I received the $700000.00 check as well, with an extra $100000.00 us dollars fence in just a few days. God gave us some thing that we have not experienced before. And this is one thing that I realize when I read this beautiful quote that says if the loving kindness of god gold force more thanksgiving and praise, we would have far more power in prayer. My dear friends, what are we doing? We should be praising god more, and we will only praise him more if we know him deeper. If we know him more and friends, this is the reason why we're here. The 1st morning of the camp meeting should be dedicated to praise and thanksgiving. Can you say a mentor that he does? He's the reason why we're here. It's only because of his sustaining grades that we have michigan camp meeting right now that we are here. And friends i shared with you all this testimony is the, the question does a S A P need more? Of course we need more. That's not even one 5th of what we need. But what do you do when god supply your need? You praise him because you know, for a fact that, that is an evidence of what god is and will be. And this beautiful, powerful quote. Also from testimony treasures volume 2, page 204 paragraph for it says, review what god has done. And then know that it is only the beginning of what he's willing to do. Review what god has done and then know that it is only the beginning of what he is willing to do. Oh my dear fence. If we fixed our eyes on what the Lord has done for us that be more praises and thanksgiving. Before he saw the throne, the friends as we go into our time of prayer, i'd like, I'd like for us to gather together like what we do in July, see a social distancing would allow us let's, let's fill this, this place right now. Without braces. And for those of you who had difficulty kneeling down, you could, you could just stay in your seats but gather closely. So I'd like to invite you to please like stand up and let's, let's gather here. I'll also come down. God, who serves our praises. Our thanksgiving. So let us love the throne of heaven. Without praises. Let's keep our prayer short, just like one sentence, one sentence, let us lift up our voices to him. And if you agree with your Brother or your sister's prayer, don't hold back. You're a man, can you say men? A men of us as our brothers and sisters are, are coming forward. Let us sing this song. Praise god from whom all blessings flow. Braces creature. A mob. Heavenly oh Oh Yes, if you serve our praises and I like to begin the season of praise and thanksgiving bracing you because you heart a faithful god you never left us know forsaken us for that your father. We pray this media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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