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Gem Castor
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Gem Castor

Prayer Coordinator of ASAP Ministries



  • June 20, 2021
    7:00 AM
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Friends, it is such a beautiful, beautiful sound. While while I was there, the back stage hearing you sing, it sounds like you are all awake already. God is good friends. God is good. And I remember 11 prayer session that my friend led out. It was, it wasn't a southern part of the Philippines, and people were passing through the passing by the prayer room. And later on they were, they were saying, wow, this a lot of you in the prayer room and you know what? There was only 4 of them. There was only 4 of them praying and I believe it was faith can brother john and linda now. And this for people who were kneeling before the throne of god together. They even thought that they were people joining them because usually that happens in the prayer room. You close your eyes and then after an hour when you, when you opened your eyes, like 30 people around you, when they opened their eyes, it's filled in just the 4 of them. And they're not the only witnesses because other people who passed by the prayers that there was a choir in there. My dear friends, this is one thing amazing about god. He says, for were 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name there I am in the midst of them what he says. So will be so, and you know, what's the most amazing thing? There's more than 3 of us here. It's like how many, 20200, and I'm pretty sure god is in the midst of us. With that being said, I'd like to request those who are able to kneel down to police, kneeled with me for a word of prayer. Our great god, dear loving, heavenly father, lord, we pray soon. We thank you. You deserve our praises. Lord. As we come before you this morning, I could not even put into words the joy that I feel in my heart will how it is such a huge privilege to bow before your presence and to call you our father. Lord, we know that we are not alone in here, that your presence is here and your holy angels are surrounding us. O lord we, we welcome you into our hearts and your father. I pray in a very special way that as your words will be spoken this morning that you please hide me behind your cross that I may not be seen nor be heard, but jesus and jesus alone be seen, be heard, be lifted up and exalted father. We need your spirit to feel us. So the father, i asked that you please be pair our hearts, all of our hearts, especially mine, to receive whatever it is that you want to give us today. Thank you so much, little hearing our prayers. We pray all this in the loving and precious name of your son jesus. All your children say a man. You know what fence the moment I saw the, the theme, the theme title of this, of this can meet the I was so excited. How much more? And then I saw the picture because this morning, this is my topic, and I always let my be audience guess what is this, This thing that I'll be talking about, but somehow it's given already. It's plastered all over here in this can meeting and this is one amazing thing right now. You know why? Because most of the meeting most of the conference is that I somehow attended. This is not the main focus, but here the holy spirit is the focus. And I praise god, listen to this from signs of the times may 9 1892 paragraph 6. It says throughout old churches, there is one subject of vital importance that has been neglected. One subject of vital import that that has been neglected. Can you guess what that is? Oh, this is a very smart audience. It is the holy spirit and listen, we have failed to make the holy spirit the theme of our thought and instruction. Remember in jakarta, when are you attended to? As a prayer room coordinator? While we were there praying because before we open at the public, all the prayer leaders come together and we were praying and friends, it is such a beautiful way to start your date in the presence of god. Can you say event that look at you right now? Before you do anything else, you are here and we were just having a wonderful time of prayer and somebody when it was still not open to the public, but somebody came in and we were wondering who that was. I did not there, open my eyes. And after we have, we have finished brain, we prayed for like 40 minutes, and we opened our eyes. It was one of the general conference vice president and said, you know what, I pray that we will come to the day that we will have conference. Did we will have meetings only focus in the holy spirit. Only focus on prayer, and I could not imagine what would be the result from that is already a fulfillment of his prayer of what's happening right now. Can you say a mental that and I pray my dear friends, that this will also be the focus on the meetings of our church. It says here, testimonies and sabot school work in 73 and 74. How greatly do the workers need about this? Some of the holy spirit that they may become true missionaries for god. More than training, we need about this of the holy spirit. Friends, this is what we need right now and it was emphasized here. I'll just, I'll just mentioned to you 3 emphasis here from evangelism, page 66, paragraph, 3 gods work is to be carried forward with our with what with the holy spirit. Power, not just horsepower. Friends, we need more than horse power right now. We know we need more than any, any bower, than the holy spirit's power, supernatural power. This is what we need right now, especially in the times that we're living in right now. And it says here, we need the book. This some of the holy spirit emphasized again and again and again. And the 3rd one, there needs to be a waking up among god's people. Do we need that right now? A man. Praise god. A lot of people are being awake and awaken right now. There needs to be more and needs to be more we there needs to be a waking up among god's people that his work may be carried forward. Bid power, fence did you? Can you hear the desire, the longing of god for his church to go forward with bower? God is seeing. It's looking down on his church and his heart is yearning how you want them to move forward with power. But we have been moving powerless. Why? Because this is not the theme of our thought in an, in our instruction. We talk about a lot of things, but not the power that he desires to give us. We need about this of the holy spirit. And of christian author said that if God were to take the holy spirit out of our mid day about 95 percent of what we are doing in our church would go on and we would not even know the difference. Have mercy, 95 percent of what we're doing in our church would go on and we would not even know the difference. You know what that means? We have been so used to working with out the power of the holy spirit. We have been so used to doing things in our own strength and our own ideas, but without power. But it says here, yet if God would have taken the holy spirit out of the midst of the 1st christian communities about 95 percent of what they were doing would have feast immediately. Did you hear that spends about 95 percent of what they were doing? During that time would have seized immediately. For now, friends, just imagine a comparison. We have been so independent of power. And that is why we have been so powerless. No wonder 120 people after pentecost changed the world. And now we are 20000000. And sometimes we're, we're seeing the but there's some rates like, well look at this, almost $3000.00 per day. Friends. Shame on us with 20000000. That should be $30000000.00 per day. A man might new friends, we need the power of the holy spirit. I was attending an o C I conference in cambodia and I was hearing like reports from country to country and I was inspired. I was thinking, god is coming soon. That was 2019 I was getting excited. God is coming soon. The work is being finished. And then on Friday, ah, mister laurence burns from the 8th and gave this report statistics, and I'd like to show it to you this, this photo. And he shared this. So abt, i'll be showing this slides. He said he gave this, this little graph, this blue and green graph that says the total population of the world is in blue. And the year and church membership is in green. And this one, you could see the dates down below if you do not see it, it's, it started in 1863, and it's 3 years increments until until 2016 you see that the blue represents the world population and the green represented the church membership and all the while I was thinking that he was color blind. There's no green on. Actually there is. Can you see the green? barely hot. That's why I blew it up. Now can you see the green? Can you see the green now? friend, i asked him, I asked him for the data and I could see that the green in numbers. It is. It is not one percent friends. It is not one person is not even have one percent. And what the sad thing is, not even 131 percent, it's point 29, the highest that we had friends have we been moving forward with power without power, without power, my dear friend. And if we do not admit it, if we do not admit it right now, we would not. We would not accomplish this work that god has given us. If we still somehow rely on strategy, rely on our own ideas and not on the power that god has been. One thing to give his church you know what? When god gave us the holy spirit, he gave us the greatest strategy to insult. Couldn't god gave us the holy spirit? He gave us the best solution in the situation that we are in, coven locked down. This could have been our greatest opportunity to let the Lord be lifted up. If we were moving forward with our john 15 verse 5, john, 15 verse 5, she's us appealed to each and every one of us. For without me you can do what For without you can do nothing. Any he himself declared john 5 or 30, I can of myself do nothing. So friends, who are we to declare that we could do something? Without him? We have to move forward with our a love this next quote from christ object less than page $408.00 that says without the spirit of god, a knowledge of his word is of no avail. Wow. A knowledge of his word is of no avail. Without the spirit of god, a knowledge of its word is of no avail. The fury of truth, unaccompanied by the holy spirit, cannot quicken the soul or sanctify the heart. You hear this, my dear friends. Even if you have all the degree in theology, if, even if your name follows all the letters of the alphabet without the holy spirit, it's nothing. It is nothing but christ as if I believed it up. John 12 or 32. If I be lifted up, I will draw all men. And to me that grab should not be color blue. Should be green. If we would only lift christ up and how do we lift them up by bowing low, asking for the holy spirit to fill as it says here, testimony to the church. Volume 8, page 21, paragraph 4. And I know I'm done with that. Testimony is vulgar, made says it is the absence of the spirit that makes the gospel ministry so powerless. It is the absence of the spirit that makes the gospel ministry. So what powerless, the reason for that blue graph dominating the whole chart is not because we lack strategy. It's not because that our churches are small compared to other religion. It's not that we don't have much schools or hospitals. It is the lack of the holy spirit, learning style and eloquence. Every natural or acquired endowment may be processed, but with the presence of the spirit of god, no heart will be touched, no sinner, one to christ. Had I loved this next thought. Those those lines sound depressing. But listen, is a beautiful promise here. On the other hand, if they were connected with grace, if the gift of the spirit are there's the poorest and the most ignorant of his disciples will have a power that would tell upon hearts god makes them channels for the art flowing of the highest influence in the universe that a man is so I was ready to high us in the universe and The highest and the you never Said you need a conductor. This is something so powerful that the Lord is wanting to give us. But have you know, dispense, we have been turning our backs from it. We have been somehow looking for solutions even from other religion and how they make things work, how they make worship so attractive. My dear friend is the holy spirit that will make the difference. I remember in g Y C, when we gather together every morning threads, it's not 7 AM. It's $545.00. We start at 545530 young people are running from the hotel. It's rushing. They don't want to Miss, you know what they don't want to Miss that song service. We don't have a band. We don't even have a piano or even a guitar. It's just our diary vocal chords in the morning is all a capella and you know what? We're singing him and at 6 AM, when you arrive in the prayer room at 6 AM, it looks like you are late for church. It's like 500 to 700 young people crowding the prayer room and you know what? We don't even have enough room for young people to go. And last, the last time when 2020 hit, that was the last you see before over hit and friends, they know that they could not accommodate the people are coming to the prayer. So they put them in the hallway in the hallway of the convention center. And they put like curtain, but on sabbath friends, the curtains were lifted up because there were more than $1100.00 young people and adult adults alike come together. Friends. The thing that would make jesus attractive in our hearts in a young people's heart is not speakers is holy spirit. And if we come humbly before god hungering for him he will show up. Zechariah birth for verse 6. You know this, this, this verse, not putting my nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord, I love the, the living bible translation. It says here you will succeed because of my spirit. You will succeed because of my lot. My spirit, though you are few and weak. I love that emphasis though you are what? View and week? Well among here this week. I know your week right now you're sleepy. Well, but by the part of the holy spirit, he will empower his church. And this is one of the most favorite my most favorite quotes about the holy spirit. Signs of the times august 7, 19. 014. It says in giving the holy spirit. It was impossible for god to give more. I loved it was 2 hours in giving the holy spirit, it was impossible for god to give more should you hear that hoof and if appreciated, oh not yet to this gift, nothing could be added and by it all needs are supplied and have you notice that we have been asking for crumbs that god is designed to give us the whole cake of the game. Of course, friends, we have been so satisfied with st. Food. When god is preparing a feast for us. Why, how the holy spirit is the vital presence of god, the vital presence of god. So by not asking for the holy spirit in our churches in our lives, in our family is just like lord, I don't want your presence here. Wow. Friends. And it says here, and it appreciate that will gold, 4th brace and thanksgiving, that will ever vis bringing up to everlasting life. We talked about praises and thanksgiving yesterday. Friends, if we continually ask for up to some of the holy spirit us thanksgiving and our praises will continue to accelerate. It will not be stagnant, it will not be my high state for so long like this. It will go higher. And now you can you say, man, this is what the Lord has promised my dear friends. But too often, the blessing is not appreciated. Too often this blessed thing is not appreciated. We need an enlarged conception in order to comprehend its value. Though we needed friends, i tell you the more I read this, I'm thinking my little brain could not handle the power that god is trying to somehow teach his church show his church. For me, this is too good to be true, but friends, it's true. It is god, we could not, we could not explain his power or we could do is accept it all as we could do, obey whatever he says will come to pass. Can you say a man of friends? Let's move on. Thursday morning to the church, page 174, paragraph 2. It says the promise this promise blessing if claimed by faith will bring all other blessings in its train. Wow. So we have been asking friends, we have been asking for for the wrong things, not the right things, but not been hitting the nail on the head. When we ask for the holy spirit, it will bring all other blessings in its train. And this is one problem is that really warms my heart and it is to be given liberally to the people of god. Wow, god is a gracious god. God is a generous god. It is to be given liberally to his church to you. And to me, what are we doing friends? We have to ask. I remember one of my favorite a S A P mission stories in this close country. I could not tell you that the close country just to protect or work or said are you working them? This group of people there and it's close country. They have been given a hard time by the government, but a police. So every time they administer, every time they do like evangelist of effort or even just distributing d v d 's, the authorities will somehow confiscate the dvds or even conference get confiscate their belongings. They'll be put into prison and they're seeing that their work as not progressing as it should. So they were thinking, oh, this is just a losing battle. So $11.00 person as what should we do? Let's, let's come together and pray. When we don't know what to do, pray and you know what friends, this is one thing that I realize right now, the reason why we are not asking for the holy spirit is because we know what to do. We think when ho, what to do. But I hope that that graph will bring you to reality. We don't know what we're doing without the holy spirit. So this group of people came together and they faster than they prayed. And somehow the holy spirit convicted the yes, let's move forward. They went forward still doing the same thing, but this time with the spirits anointing. They distributed this d v d 's. This d b, the one particular devotee came into the hands of a mass, the general A mafia, general and that country. And it's not the general was somehow convicted to watch this presentation and he was moved and he wanted more. So he's search the house of this pastor. How did he know he's a matthew general and nothing the house of this of this faster. And the one who opened it was the bible work, or the pastor was not there. He's here in the state. And yet I want to to know this guy. And the bible worker said, I'm sorry sir, but he's not here. And it's, but I want to know about him about what the, it's, what he's talking about the do you want to know about jesus instead? smart bible worker. And then and Matthew, just of course, so they sat down the next day after the, the bible study is that I'm coming back. So he came back again and again and again, friends. He finished when they fundamental beliefs he gave you start to jesus. Friends, he could not hold it back. When you have discovered something wonderful, you can keep it to yourself. So he shared it with his mafia friends. Too, when the of them gave their hearts to the Lord. 20 of them joined the church, my dear friends, together with their families. Just imagine just imagine having mafia members in your church. It is inspiring and scary at the same time. Just imagine if they're part of the board, what evidence? I just. Okay. Yeah, This is a lot amazing thing. You see what god will do when we give him the rains and when you know what happened, he didn't stop there. He changed all his legal business dealings. By the way before that when he shared it with his friends. He saw the joy, he spears the joy of bringing people to christ. I want more. So he rented an auditorium and invited the whole city And shared jesus to them $200.00 plus gave their hearts to the Lord and he change his this is dealing spreads. He's a legal, this is dealings all his like what the drugs and this and that, and brazil's close that and he's so vegetable stands all over the city. Talking about lifestyle. Change. My dear friend, we don't have the snack them with the spirit of prophecy. We just have to show jesus to them. A man, the holy spirit will do things that we could not do. It is the holy spirit's work and you know what happened? friends, you know what happened this, this vegetables that, that is being placed in the city square. They have this be a system, the sound system. You know what the sound system is blaring about about jesus. But the police are going to do anything because they know is the math x map generals business Maybe offense. This is what happens when god takes over. This is what happens when his people, when his church, then they're nice and as long as we are, but a child, we don't know how to go out or to come in or like the prayer. But we don't know what to do. I don't know what to do as a leader, that should be our prayer. I don't know what to do, but my eyes are upon you. This quote here, last 2 quotes before we go into our time of prayer that really spoke to my heart. It actually shook me From testimonies for the church. Volume 5, page 726. It says the Lord has shown me that men in responsible positions are standing directly in the way of his friends. I will not. I will not point that this is just for the leaders. It involves us. It involves each and every one of us standing in the way of the Lord. And it says here, when all shall take their appointed place in god's work, listen to this, our appointed place. We have to know where is our appointed place in god's work. This is our place, earnestly seeking wisdom and guidance from him. That is our place to earnestly seek wisdom. You know what we have been doing? We have been moving forward. We have been saying, god, you are too slow. Our move ahead friends. We have to speak with them and guidance from him before we could move forward. And have you noticed most of our prayers, lord, please give me this. Lord, please protect me from this. This is one thing that somehow dawned on me. If you are in the presence of god, his provision is there. If you are in the presence of god, protection is there. You do not move a foot further from where god has asked you my dear friends where he's present is where his presence is. There is where his protection there is, where his provision that is our place earnestly seeking wisdom and guidance from him. Then a great advance. Did you hear this? A great advance will have been made toward letting light shine upon the world. And when men shall cease to place themselves in the way, god will work among us as never before. When we shall fees the place ourselves in god's way, god will work among us never before. And this is one thing I realize france. If we are not bowing low, we are standing in his way. Did you hear that? If we are not bowing low, we are standing in his way. No matter how brilliant ideas are, if we are not bowing low, god's presence, we are standing in his way. Just imagine friends, you are trying to accomplish something and there's this little creature in front of you. You will not make much progress. And God is a gentle god. He will wait upon you. He will wait until we bow down until we humble ourselves until we we acknowledge that lord, it is true without you. We are nothing. But sometimes it's not the case. We rejoice. Yes, we had 100 but this and the Lord was holding his hands in his face and saying, I could have given you a 1000000 Of the 3200000000 have not known jesus. You accomplish a 100 and we rejoice. My dear friends, that is not god's plan. God's plan is immeasurable results. And you know what the most amazing thing You want to see that happen? Do you think it's possible that a man sounds so scared? Do you think it's possible? What is the solution? Move all the gods way. Bow low. Let god work, he man. And listen o. Last quote, from the book, testimonies for the church. Volume made 238. It says, god will work mightily for his people today if they would place themselves holy under his guidance. Isn't his beautiful. He desires the work with us, powerfully, if we will just place ourselves wholly under his guidance. They need a constant abiding of the holy spirit. If there were more rare in the counsels of those bearing responsibilities more humbling of the heart before god, we should see abundant evidence of divine leadership. Do you desire to see divine leadership in our time right now? My dear friends, we needed 2020 just showed us that we don't know what we're doing. We don't even know where we're going without his leading. And it says here and our work will make a rapid progress. My dear friends who desired to see jesus come soon, you desired his rapid progress. Let jesus do what he desires to do to us. And to us that in killing of the whole spoon, this media was brought to you by audio purse. 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