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Experiencing Righteousness by Faith in Christ

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • June 5, 2021
    11:45 AM
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As torch to give the full power your spirit. Nort sent you spirit of righteousness, felicity holy spirit. And made the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart. The acceptable in your site are lord, are safe and redeemer. A man You know, this subject has been presented many occasions when the title righteousness by faith. Many of those dis, presentations are very interesting. In fact, the history of the christian church has seen 3 times this subject coming up once in a visual bow. And that was in the early church to romer's dimensions to the romans. And it was not always pleasant. The accept it. The next experience with writers by faith was during the defamation. And there was the conflict between the established catholic church and the reformers within the church. And they had difficulty in accepting what the church will still be there in regard to righteousness by faith in christ's because it was absent, it was only righteousness and judgment and justification, but not the writers by faith in christ. And the next thing, when it appears again on the horizon, was in our church about 40 years after the beginning of our church in 188844 years after 1844. And again, there are strong discussions heavily these agreements. And that is not what I wanted to present today. I think we haven't had enough creams. But what I think I like to have present ish. How did you read to snares? These writers is by faith. Can be experienced Not intellectual concept. I'm sure that you read a number of people who can explain it. Can you see the hands of some who would like to venture out in explaining it? My I don't see any and I would ask you to come here to the pool for there. Give us lecture on this little dog. But keep in mind here that The intellectual presentation, the intellectual understanding doesn't make it you get dr. Discussions site. And if you have time and you want to see what to please 988. In 1988 to jericho for his right estate, collected all the manuscripts and letters in which right has mentioned the tre, 1888 and registers. And they k read for compilations over over 1800 pages. So you see there was lots of things going on but I read it because I was asked to teach this, picked and you know, it was not the most pleasant material. I did just as it I glimpsed a glance, the most beautiful things. But now I liked to several my experience and the very 1st experience in the next half an hour The importance of the subject was already pointed out by jesus. Who said matthew faced 1st 6. Bless it are those who heard going to thirst rises? For they shall be filled, beautiful french. Now the question is, does this fit your experience? Because in order to refill to this, what needs to be happening? You need to hunger and thirst for righteousness. And the question is, how many of us don't even want to see hands are hungry and thirsty for years is something totally different experience there yet. This is what the Lord said in the beginning of the show room and effect a little later on. He recommends to lish priorities in your life and one of the 3 or it is seek 1st, the kingdom of god. And he noticed that zach was not the end. He enter this texas and his righteousness. And the question is, are we seeking 1st with the kingdom, the righteousness ivy hungering and thirsting. And if you don't, you go there we feel sir, what are we going to do about it? french, the biblical teaching of registered by faith in christ and effects the experience of the believer is 3 areas. And I like to explain those things in the past in the present and in the future. And for you, of course, it is important to know the present, but without the fast, you will never experience depressions. So keep that in mind as your lives. Now try to analyze this here. The experience about right is by faith in christ in the past. It's all past tense. So what is going to happen? What I know the priorities? How can you experience in the past 2 years, too late today? Not too late, because if you have never experienced it, it's been through for you to beginning right now. And it is a part of your past experience and it start Here with ex, repentance. Now I don't think they're lean. If you talk about leisure, my faith that we talk about repentance. This is a prerequisite to experience. So what is it? genuine repentance road uses got the sorrow. It results in a radical change in attitudes towards god and sin. So keep in mind as you know now you may understand probably well then jesus started to preach. What you did, he say we bent and B rift, iced revenge event vote. Because without repentance you will never experience righteous roughness. God's spirit go over. Go victor. Those who receive him of the serious news or seen by bringing them to a sense of god's righteousness and that are all last condition. You finish in the 2nd quarter inch in 7 1st then. Now I want to invite you to turn to the text. And I frequently used a new king james, by this time I don't because then if your bibles have the definition that the spirit of property uses over and over again, that really brings a certain special experience so. So every done for the king james. The 2nd corinthians, chapter 7. First in and see the ball says here for godly sorrow, workers repentance to salvation. So why does it need to have godly sorrow? And it is only then we have got the sorrow. It goes to repentance. And then it says here, not only this re penis, to salvation, not to beauty, bend it off. Now this is basically one of the literal translations here. Now why is it show important? Because what happened is for the x p S, like many of our catholic friends do. Also they go to depletion, they call fish one thing. And whatever next me come back, confessed. Same thing over and over again. And don't worry about it because breached. Tell sure what to do and you do a number of penitence. And then it is over. And you know, the next thing you can do it again. No french. True, repentance is preceded. They got the sorrel. Yes, you deeply sorry for sick and at the same time, what is he not to be dependent on? So in other words, you don't repeat this all the time. Now of course the bible has always a way out that if you fail, there's hope because your 1st job, 2nd chapter, you know, if anybody's change whatever You know, there is forgiveness. But is there forgiveness? If you commit sin and you do it all the time, that is not godless sorrow. It's worldly sorrow and detection is worldly store or result into what? death. Very said, you know, god is very patient with us and no matter what you do, he is very patient. But it comes into it because you don't have truly got the sorrel. And so here then if you have got the sorrow that has your vehicle change your attitude towards what doors got and seen. Is it a problem sitting? Is it we don't see the seriousness of it. But if you see the seriousness of screening, and what does, what does to christ, you know, every time, every sin. What is 7 greatest heavily sanctuary has to ship is plus again, is not in the mass. Though in heaven. It is applying his blood again to your sin and that create also sorrow in the heart of christ. Are you with me? You know, this is very, very important. Do we want to hurt jesus? I really taking his sacrifice. Serious. Got burdens is not only providing forgiveness for scenes, but the claims for st. Very important. Reclaiming is that you leave seed behind in god's power, not your power. Your power community isn't to help you at all. And so repentance desirable says in x $531.00, it's a gift of god. Now you say, you know, there's interesting, i'm calling to repentance and it's a gift. So how do I get it? How do you get this gift? You should be given no matter what I and you will receive. See, and you will find knock and you'll be open to it. See how beautiful this joint wrist. What is available to us? prayer is through prayer, persistence, prayer, important prayer. Importer room. Never give up calling a post the Lord. Gibberish hunger. And what thirst for ages. That is the only thing that of that you can get to change a radical change, radical change. Years. The motivation for dependence is the best motivation to achieve righteousness. Because not christ accomplished bro faded righteousness as a gift. What do you think about it? But why was she there? Is it you? Why was he then? It is your finger punches his sacrifice. 4 points to you. 4 fingers. Why? Because of your sin. You are soon, there will be no future for you. No future eternal life. No future eternity was not for the cross of christ. And that gross brings as the goodness of god, it leads you to repentance. You know, god gave his only begotten son for what? The goodness of god. To rescue you. How many people in this church were born outside of yet with the state going to she didn't quite if you. So why are cheddar's faith? But what happened? Why did god do he reaches out to egypt, fears to reject. He reaches out to where The lords lease noblemen warn His grace, be merciful. And so here. So god reaches out to us where we are outside to fold in Babylon. And to his goodness, he brought us back into the church. Now what about you? Who have been growing up in a church? You know, to davy reach the she statistics of as good as young people of what happened to them. They left gain of praise. Lord, you're still in the church show, god goodness, prevent that you for leaving the church because of the continent of jesus. And so the goodness of jesus, enormous. Reaching out to us and giving his life. His goodness. France, that is the greatest well division put he bent us. And so as a result of repentance, because as a prerequisite recon know, just in case that's a difficult word. And we don't like to hear of those words justification, sanctification. They don't even know how to explain it. You know, a number of years ago I decided to have a look at the youth instructor. And I look or use a specter it appear to you early fifties and one or june journals for the teenager, you know, from 10 to 20 or whatever. And to my great surprise, i noticed that in the articles and l right wrote articles in every paper and the articles that he wrote were not full of stories. Have a full loss statements like justification, sanctification, perfection, all of those things. For kids, I mean, you know, all those difficult things or whatever, you know, the never was, i've felt my strong and kept on pushing and pushing, pushing and I read those articles. I said, yes, this is not only for the adults for everyone, and it is so simple and I try to explain how simple it is. And therefore, if you understand the simplicity of those difficult text that you load after struggle for years, a use to use it is not for us. No, it is simple. Here it is. In general, justification is used. The logically is a divine act by rates, god declares a repentance, seen a righteous already god team as righteous. And then you find it in the 1st 5 chapters of the book, romans, but really simple words. It looks at you, just as if I have never seen this, marvel isn't just look at your past if you never since. And so the basis for this justification is not our obedience brought crash force through one man's righteous act. The free gift came to all man resulting in justification of life by one man's obedience. Men, he will be made righteous. Romans 518 and 19. You see one righteous act, one man's obedience and that justification you are declared just not any better sinner. Now what is the role of faith and work? And then be noted. Pope points to abraham abrams faith was credited as righteousness. The 40 was circumcised romans for 9 and 10. So he was righteous. Before he really started to act before he actually entered into the coven relationship. So how is this? What is the role of works? Work I response of staying fullness to christ, saving grace. Now had, how did day have room x? Is this, how did he call us I You know, he lived in Babylon in or, you know, begun country lots of apostasy. And so what did god do? God looked at a charlotte, abram seem to be the best man. And he called upon abraham. To do what To go out, leave his nature vironment. Very family and go where or use it a lot for him, a dream and Country, beautiful or whatever. So he went there. Did he ever lived in a beautiful country? He french was living in tens. Each one of us has a better how than abraham and his all long life. And those people live long, you know, I mean abraham in the, in the hundreds for a long time. The intense intent. Yes. Intense. And why did he do it? Because he believed god and by faith he went And the chieftain heritage. And so friends, the experience of justification, how is this justification by faith in christ. He's very useless is imputed in this difficult word. It me describe or a credit to us. You 2nd cringes fame for Steven, and it brings fool a gl plead partner and the didn't do anything by our own works. We get it free. Expertise of justification. You find it is zachariah division check. I check to see, you know, about jose, you're the hyper sending me 40 angel of the Lord. And they have a satan accusing him. And marcell, right? Oh yes. How was jose you had dressed in phil the gloss? filthy. So what did the angel law say? He forgave him the arc angel that did the exchange of clothes in the biblical doctrine of justification, is experiencing forgiveness, but not only forgiveness, but also purification. What did the 8 of the law do? Did he cover him With new clothes? No, he took away the filthy girl, the filthy rags, and then glossed him with the purity of the gospel of useful jo does in exchange he justification is because you made a commitment to christ and there it is. Justification and that in sanctification through repentance justification lead to sanctification. Sir 016 for 6 to 8. So the steps are repentance, just a vacation and the next one. Instinctive vacation? Just that again, I think the because you are close, you related to righteousness. They are distinct, but never separate. They are designed to phases of salvation through dimensions on righteousness. Justification is what god does for us. And we are sensitive cases and what god does in US. So this vacation you don't contribute to accept that he penders and repetitive pre gift. So what god does for you outside of you, he also through through providential workings you all work outside of you to create an environment that makes you tries to repentance authentication. He works in you and so widely works in you. What we'll do that will affect what actions outside of you. So in other words, when god works in you, there will be fruits and the Fruit will inevitably be there what What god is doing in you. What he has done with you infect needed justification or signification joke. A mandatory is works both actually due to grace grace and righteousness. But I got working, you guys work in you. It is evident that you, she didn't, the fruits. You cannot hide, it is impossible because christ cannot be hit under a bushel. It cannot be. Otherwise, it is like, are you in the inevitable? You will see it Again here, right? And by which we are justified is imputed accredited. The writers by which we are saying to pay a part is shares. And so the 1st is our title to heaven. And the 2nd is our fitness for heaven. And the title will never help. Only sell your car. We are selling our car. One of our cars and those must be about on the sabbath. But there it is. You have the title, but only the car is fit. Does it go to buyer? And so the 2nd that is our fitness, it needs to work. Every grade gives us the partition of righteousness, then it must work. Otherwise it is what is their store of the world? The abuses, death. It doesn't st. Heaven. But you don't do it yourself. It is all again a gift. All again, grace, righteousness. That is pretty faded for you is a marvelous we have a fantastic god, friends, result of justification, nasty faces. The bible present. One is the compet actually to believe is past. One is the process in the believers present experience. And finally, it is the final result of the believe is experience a christ return. And so we have now be dealing with the past. So what is it, though, here as to the believers past, at the moment of justification, to believe that it is also sanctified. You cannot be declared Free from sin. Oh, let us go spare lessons integration. And that is what many people don't forget. You said ok, now we are baptized. Now would you get? No, you are ready to enable the Lord jesus christ and by the spirit of our god. First courage is 6 verse 11. He or she is, has become a saint, is nothing better with that because they are not the catholics that have only the access to change. No gods people become sage, become holy. In that point, the new believer is redeemed, eh, belong to God. Praise lord, what you say Now, No steps. If you understand no steps oft, repentance, justification, sanctification, death case has insurance or surveys. No, many people have no insurance of the vision, right? I don't know how the dynamics you've ever work as said and can deceive you. Justification, things are so d, assurance of believers we acceptance no matter how sinful one's past life. God pardons all sins. If you are no longer on the call, the nation and courage of the law in him be have redemption through his blood the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace. Ephesians 17. If you have a beautiful day cause we are justified the same time, also sanctified. And then the beginning of a new life, a new victorious life. The realization that the save his blood covers our sinful past brings healing to body, soul and mind. Nor relationship is crashed. Briggs withered the gift of eternal life. You're the 1st clearly. He who as the sun has life, he who does not have the sun, does not ever live 1st till 512. The formula is simple friends. But are you willing to seek to not to call does to question Our past scenes as being cared for through the in dwelling spirit. And we can enjoy the blessings of salvation. And maybe one of the problems is that he may not have. And the billing spirit. No. Some of the people in our churches are, you know, the spirit is just the spirit. You know, I don't know that I don't, I understand jesus, i understand god, but not the holy spirit. So therefore what you do is eliminating a very important part. If you victory life, do you understand the nature of god? Do you understand fully the nature of christ? So as you don't fully understand, god, beginning and ending and how does is why doubt this about a whole issue? You know, we all have to believe by faith. You have to believe the creation of god and your senior works. So why not profit of the dwelling on disputants? Because if you have that, then you can enjoy all the blessings or salvation right now. And so I think that is one of the problems with people. They want to know more and more and more and remembered as throughout eternity, you will be learning and Learning and Learning and never be finished with learning. So that's important. So now we come to the point of the excuse of writers by faith in christ. So the past retailer will know more. Guild, everything is finished, the children of god adopted. And now we are beginning to life of christ with christ through christ blood, bringing purification justification. Is sanctification. The believer is what? A new creation the all things have passed away and behold, all things have become new. Second, cringed by 17. You believe that if you believe that your life will be different, galt sanctification, by faith, salvation the Salvation includes living a sanctified life on the basis of christ is accomplished through his atoning sacrifice. At the cross bow appeals to the believer to lift the consecrated do we to ethical holding as a moral conduct to his 1st there slowness for for 7. To enable them to experience and dedication, god gives the believer. What the spirit of holiness romance, one 1st for spirit feels believers do not walk according to the flesh. But according to the spirit romans, 8, 1st one, homeless, 8 for fun and 8 fresh for. And so here now we walk according to the spirit. And again, tears except the promise of the bible. How to walker calling to spirit and call upon the Lord. You'll get an internal change. At the secretary, when you will become changed physically. This corruption mortal body will put on immortality. First glance is 155-1254. However, our sinful characters, merced undergone of defamation into the mind of christ. The preparation for the 2nd coming is not then the 2nd coming. They gave us the might of cause know to day that the walk with him are characters are to go with the information into the mind of christ digital philippians just involve of christ and spirit as we meditate or crashed life. The holy spirit restores to physical mental spiritual faculties. Titus city bush 5. So it is a matter of the Flex upon christ. Meditating on christ every day that the holy spirit works. How I don't know but he does. It reflect on crashed and his actions. Then I wish I had those things also in my life. If I don't see it, I call up the Lord and says, please shape by mand shareef. My heart, so that I me walk in your pen and then have you walk in his bath. Other people see what god is doing in US. Dodie spitted work evolve revealing crashed. Eddie storing us into christ image. Horse 8. There's $1.00 to $10.00. And you know that is very, very interesting here. Our church has introduced many years ago. Reading a bible reading, sort of every member each one chapter and v by 5 and I are on this chapter reading descriptors already for 3 years. And every day we read the bible bible chapter together. Not alone. We have our private version but together. And then the holy spirit abuse our families or working with christ. Beautiful, beautiful. And then you grow together. Not husband, go to him on the vibe and other way know you grow together and you pray together and as remote every day to guide you together. And then you know, need to worry about looking for the divorce. No. Because the Lord is cementing your life together, gets better and better do all the you get the warning goes you have but the character because when you and those are the counts friends, the Lord has given you the beautiful give to your life and you walk with his wife, throughout eternity. Beautiful and it gets better, the older you get. Believe me, past my life. Partaking of the divine nature, ezekiel element, you have to do. Great exceeded great and precious promise. Pleasures of the fame power to call please. The dance formation of our characters. Second, peter, one fish for to hear you. That demand is exceeding great promises that are power the promises and those promises, if the claim dos transform us and how does it route? It's Peter steps. Leather. This access to the vein power allows you see, keep them in the, the focus is not my power, but to define power editor gives it to your faith virtue, to your virtue, not to knowledge, self control, to self control, perseverance, to perseverance, godliness to godliness, brotherly, kind incentive readily kindness love. Second, peter one, fish, 5 to 7. Show. We don't start out. We need to be loving and we should be. We had to look know. The love is made up of faith. Virtue is a good behavior. Perseverance, self control. Godliness. With the kindness and love, that is how peter shares the christians will walk. They will work in that or a still christ. As the spirit, holy spirit enables, is divine, the divine christ to partake of the Human nature. So the spirit enables us to partake of the divine character trait. So it is an exchange of the greatest k down here to take up his spirit. Are you in nature? Then he gives you a paternity, sewage design, power to partake of the divine nature effected even connect, resting, so by daily reflecting upon those things, our lives become more and more powerful. This appropriation to the divine nature review, renews the in a person making a scrape like your in a different level. There is crazy, became human. The believe it just becomes a design, rather they become god like character. And it's only based reflecting and meditating. User dynamic process. Sanctification is progressive by prayer and study of the word. We constantly grow in fellowship with god. If we don't study daily, we don't gross daily. Mir intellectual understanding of the planets ovation will not suffice. John says, unless you eat the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood gradually views you have no life in you John. 6 fish 50. See to 656. It is something they have no light and that was the years experience. Remember, when christ did the feeding of the 500-4000, they came to him and wanted to make him king gracious. No, I know the king. But unless you eat and drink The flesh and the seller men think his blood, you can embody yours to day turner out and left because they were not interested in that kind of relationship. But fence, that is the kind of relationship and it is only about daily meditating. And if you don't daily meditate, you don't transform. Then the Lord comes, you will do is appointed french that is bowed into words. You believe that righteousness only in christ, apart from christ you would being cannot update wretchedness. He who are bad to me and I in him. He says there's much fruit for without me you can do nothing. John 55. Here it is. It is in christ who became for us wisdom from god and righteousness, sanctification redemption. First courage is 130. Here it is all the wisdom, all the righteous is all the sanctification. Fully demps is all in christ. And we have only to ask is due to a hospital to meditate upon him. And his meditation trance. Wilson will know if you are not interested in transformation. There is the world. But if you look for an eternal life at christ, eaten alive if you love runs, that's the only way possible. And you become more and more like crushed. And that gives you also deal just to be sure to because you know, just in the beginning in the past, No daily, all believers were living, the spirit feel sanctified life christ possessed heaven. Continue nate, or for daily justification. Crazy start. We need is because of conscious transgressions. And because of errors, we may commit unwittingly realize the sinful 9 in this of the Human heart, david requested forgiveness for his what he didn't fall. So 19 verse, 12 jeremiah over 70 verse ne, speaking specifically on the sins of the neighbors. God assured us that if anyone, since we have an advocate with the father, jesus christ, the righteous 1st john to the 1st one. But the idea is that the overcome those sinful behavior and he get all power is given, uses the we in heaven and earth is there why not accept this as a free gift? And so it is daily justification, daily, repentance, daily scene to cation, all those things that are on a daily basis. And finally, here the races replaced in the future, glorification and sanctification. The in dwelling of christ in our hearts is one of the conditions for future salvation. The glorification of our mortal bodies christ in you, paul says, is the hope of glory, galoshes, one to the same for the sake of christ in you know, christ outside of you know christ in you is the overall re. Bull explains. If the spirit of him who raises jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised christ from the dead will also give life to you. Mortal bodies through his spirit who dwells in, you know, 611. And so here then the glorification of perfection. Sanctification is a live long process. Perfection now is only in christ. But Oh, of it. Oh, comprehensive, tense formation. Over life, into the even ship, god will take place when at the 2nd end. It is a marvellous offered it granted if this daily experience And it is now my question. Who would like to experience this daily outward of grace playtesters your daily justification? You daily repentance, those repulses, i doubt daily. So is not possible. The greatest are you willing though? She will want to make a governess, lord, to make this on a daily basis. May. She has a man, hey man, a man. Let's pray. Heavily, father, we thank you so much for what you have done for us. What you are willing to do and the eternity that is before us. What a privileged but we have friends. We are the most blessed with people in the face of the earth. And now father, maybe have made a covenant to you in regard to those things. Help us that shayton village under and or minus help us to go forward, empower and help us to experiencing this church. Every 5 information is my prayer in jesus name. If I am in this media was brought to you by audio purse. A website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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