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  • June 28, 2021
    9:00 AM
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Are something called scripts that are floating all around a they dictate what we say and how we sit and how we present ourselves, even on the screen, on this episode of in verse the coming to you from silverspring, maryland. Welcome to in a bible based conversation on my principal, contemporary issues and thought provoking perspective. Just in can with in friends when instruction came in, you're watching inverse. And we are here in the studio with my friends, jonathan kelly and israel. And on this quarter, we are talking about the topic of biblical sexuality. The subject matter is a bit sensitive. So if you have minors in the area or within your watching vicinity, we want to give you a heads up. And the viewer discretion is advise. So I want to open my friends, hey guys, are you excited to talk about this topic? We'll find out, well find, find that this is a very sensitive topic, but the bible does talk a lot about sexuality. And we want to invite you to go to the inverse bible dot orgy and you can download and get the bible study guides. We have previous quarters on different books of the bible on different topics. And we believe that this topic is one that is very important for our generation today. So we want to invite you to go to that website. We'll have a prayer and israel can pray for us and we'll get into our subject today. Sure. Fall, i haven't. Thank you for the opportunity that we have to study or your word and specifically this topic father. We want to ask your presence to be with us to guide us in jesus name a management. Gotta romans chapter 12 versus one and 2, romans chapter 12 versus one and 2. And kelly, if you can read that for us elsewhere, we, I beseech you, therefore brethren, by the mercies of god that you present your bodies, a living sacrifice holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service and do not be conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of god. Thanks. Thank you. Now we are talking about this topic of sexuality and I don't, I get, I get excited because the bible talks about sexuality and we're gonna address this. But for some people, these 2 topics are kinda like, well, I know you probably watching out there and you're either like, yeah, we're talking about this, you're like, oh no, what's going on? Why? Why is that discomfort there when it comes to biblical spiritual, religious, and then, and theology in the bible, and then when it comes to this, this other world? What's the why, why is there a disconnect jonathan? Well, in the bible, you know, as he just read here, calls us to a holy life. And historically, sexuality and holiness have always been kind of presented as to things that are opposite of each other sexes. This has been present that often as this 30 thing is thing we don't talk about. And it's, you know, the shame involved in all the things that we feel uncomfortable talking about. And, and so there has been this, this disconnect related the idea that everything has to do with, you know, the physical. It's not as important as the spiritual and you know, your religion is in your mind. Faith is in your mind and sexuality, that's your body. And even, you know, some, some religious denominations and so on they, they will still promote this idea that sexuality is something that is lower and not be so much focused on as none of important as the spirit. So let's, let's back up, we're going to get there in, and definitely definitely true that there's all these scripts. All these are ideas, these are things floating around. So here's what, tell me a bit more about these scripts, like what, what are the actual little pieces of fortune cookies flying around in the sky? Are they, I think, as societies we just have, we normally have these codes by which we can be societal values. And in some cultures, for example, it'll say that if you're a male, then you have this rule, this script to play a pure female. You have this, this kind of script that you must follow. And these are really values that society places upon as a human being and certainly sexuality is one of those scripts that tells us what is our IT is that we should function. What are the things that are okay for us to do? What are things that are not okay for us to do? And so, I think what's interesting too about scripts is that even even dictates the smallest parts of our lives. So like a script that I've learned and my home is, you don't start eating your meal at a restaurant or at home unless everyone has food. That's just a script. But there are, I go to other people's homes and the house can be like offended if you don't start even as soon as they give you food. And so it's like, I'm like, what's trip to my mother? Listen to the script of this home. But those are, those are different scripts and different ways i have influenced my behavior. So I love you mentioned cultural mores and values. And you mentioned colds and dictating roles that play in society. They also can impact like you know, me talking with my hands or maybe in me not, not talking my hands how we sit, even the clothes like this is appropriate. I don't know a fashion. Why is it paula role for, for our day in age, but maybe not for 100 or, or 500 years ago. How you know, how we interact in every single way and not just the abstract stuff but also the very concrete thing. You know, there's also these massive scripts that are above entire societies. You know, I moved from europe to united States and then a huge script in the United States is the idea of the American dream. Okay. And you know, you go to college, you, you get married, you buy a house, I pick a white picket fence, you know, you all the things that you're supposed to do. This is the script you're supposed to fall or at least strive after. And that was, that was quite new to me, coming from the european context where it's ok to rent and little apartment for your entire life. You don't have to have a house. And yeah, so I thought that was something that was quite interesting. And now that I've lived here for a couple years, I can tell it that script definitely has effective. How are you students are thinking about? I've deleted this and make sure my retirement and so to some of these are definitely the forefront of your brain. But you're saying there's some that are kind of like a positional there in the back of your brain impact how you even the trajectory of your life. Ok, well they alternately shape entirely who you are because you know, now jonathan is what an america still it official, everything. It affects who we are. I think at the very core of our being and you have these, these, these values, the scripts that are floating around. You also have these mechanisms of art like movies and media and music. And they capture these floating around things. And they put it into music or movie video form. And then as you say, it's the American dream of because of the cultural power of, of North America. These values, maybe not in Europe and austria, but the rest of the world wants to live like the values that america has projected on the scripts that communicated as he said through stories which is really powerful. And it has, as he said, it has affected the entire world because people want to follow the not the north American way, etc, etc. So it's really, it's really when you think about it, it's kind of scary because it makes you a little uncomfortable. Am I controlling my own life? Why am I being controlled by the scripts that other people have, you know, planted into me even even with him used to respond to him. And even if you're like, I'm not going to abide by any script, right? You have to abide by some scripts to good to go against that. Yeah. So you always the rebellion script. Yeah. Yeah. And I think I also like the use of the worst trip here because I think sometimes we can say, oh, the same thing. A subliminal messaging, but it's not because the bible messaging all visually subliminal. But there are some script that our, our supplement. Awesome, and all like maybe your family doesn't say like, I can't actually recently that had happened. Some of my family told my brother like you don't eat until everyone has gotten their food because he wasn't operating by the script. But before the interaction i heard no one say that you just know that. And so this is different though, because you can get it explicitly from movies and different things like that. So I just, all great point, right? Some of these are genetically passed down, not genetically in our bodies, but through the family upbringing and education, they are pass down. Yeah. Implicitly. Like what is the one doing? I will now obey and then you there's, there's different there's, there's funny social experiments, other one being like in a doctor's office like, oh, when the, when the doorbell rings, everyone stands up. And then you find by the end of the, of the experiment, people who came into that they're not only other people do that, nobody knows why they're standing up or phone goes off. But just the script and the real estate interest and go look that up on the to the I think the scripts affect every aspect of our lives. When, when we go to church, we worship in a certain way. You know, the idea of standing up there are some churches that you go to when you're seeing a song, people stand up and you have to stand up. You don't know why you're standing up through it as you go to church. Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes it's subliminal. Where people just stand up other times the worship leader on top is going to tell you what to do and they're going to direct you in a very, very dictator ish. And I think in not only impacts the way we worship, but it also impacts even the most intimate aspects of our lives, including sexuality. What I appreciate about our passage in romans chapter 12 is that it doesn't separate it or compartmentalize our experience. Notice what it says in the beginning is as I B, C 2, therefore brother and by the mercy of god that you present your bodies living sacrifice. But then later on he is going to say, how do you do this? You do this by having a transformation of your mind. And so the bible has a script to, you know, and I think ultimately what ends up happening is we choose which script we will follow. We will not choose whether or not we will follow a script, okay? So that's awesome, israel, so this, this, this, these vs are really challenging this, this, this new you of scripts that we're in, right? So let me ask you, how do, how do we do that? The bible says what the bible is implicitly saying that we cannot be compatible with all the scripts that are floating in certain society, right? Some have to be challenged, some have to be evaluated. Summer are totally ok and how we'd hire shoes. I mean, who cares? That's ok, but other stuff we should challenge. How do we, how do we do that and in step format, a bit more practical. Yeah. Once up there in verse 2, so it's be transformed by the renewing of your mind. And so it's a process of renewing it is it's an I N G verb. That means something's happening continually and true. And it's of your mind. And a big part here again is talk about the will of god and we find the will of god in scripture. And so the way to transform the or to renew your mind is to constantly bring it into the newness and renewal of, of the contact with truth. Because we can't like, I like that script. I don't like that script like, based on what your emotions which one sound easy, what sound hard. We need a standard and scripture is that standard. I love what you're saying that the truth is, is a, it's not a static experience, correct? Yes, you're truth. A static truth by itself is always, it is truth, it is. Yeah. But we have experience with the ends. Always changing. Yeah, absolutely. Because there's, there's different passages of scripture because even though the bible is very large, you can still kind of feel like it's overwhelming. But after you know, one story, you're kind of guy, I don't read that chapter again. I kind of know what happens. And for me that's, that's a story. The woman at the, well, I have read john chapter for so many times. I've given bible studies. I preached sermons, i've given like personal counsel, but this also different because every time I read that story, it's like how did I not note that it's not like it's never been there. I use the same exact bible for years, but it's also the holy spirit giving us deeper understanding. And so you're ready for this idea now, because as we, as we grow we're, we're able to handle more truth. And the holy spirit is constantly changing us and renewing our mind and trying to buy transformation. And then we come back after the break. We're going to look at how, what are the, the, the sexual scripts of society, and how do we interact with them as christians. I'm just in kim, you're watching inverse will be right back in the black and you have questions, comments, or feedback. You'd like to lever find us on social media by searching in booth bible on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or youtube. While they're join like us caught us thumbs up a handle again, is inverse bible know faces. Now back to the discussion, ah, scripts are these values that are floating all around us in families and societies in the world, and also sometimes in our own minds. We're looking at romans chapter 12 versus $1.00 and $2.00, and how christians are call to challenge these scripts, some to be accepted and some not to be accepted at all as well. So we're talking about the different steps in how we establish a biblical script. And the 1st step that he, that paul gives us in romans, is not to be transformed or not to conform to this world. And then it's 2nd step is to be transformed by the renewing of mind. And then the 3rd step is then we're able to prove what is acceptable. And so I think the very 1st step to the process is I need to understand and be aware of the fact that my perspective in this world is typically going to be inaccurate. Normally what the Human mind is inclined to think is an accurate perspective of what is actually happening in the world. And unless we come to that realization that we can hit step number 2, which is what? What kelly said that we need, that transformation of the mind. So transformation begin by understanding that my current perspective is not a legitimate perspective. And I need to not conform to this world in order to be transformed by the renewal, by my job. If I can add step 0, then here really that negative one this on days and here in verse one it says, you know, policy. I will see you there for Brother, by the mercy of god that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice. He's calling us 1st of all, that all this work of transformation, all any, any lasting transformation, any lasting script change will only happen from the mercy of god. Yes. And only as you present yourself to God and by his mercy, his righteousness and his work. Enough, can this take place? Yes, there is activity on our end as we can for as we understand as we apply. But even the application of that absolute only take place as the mercy of god gives us the power through the holy spirit. Yeah, because to your point, you know, people who don't even believe in god they can. They can read scripture, but it doesn't impact them because yeah, the holy spirit is the one, the mercy of god. Need to be active for any of the things to make an effect. It's really if it's a faith, actually you saying god, I'm here by your mercy, and I want, I want that change to take place. And so that's, that's why I say it step 0 as we, as we come to God. So ultimately my question is how does this happens ultimately by, by god's power rendering ways. But it's taking place in the mind, right? This is a in tangible the, the, the, the platform which is happening is intangible. I like what israel said, that whatever script is out there, it's not accurate. And I believe when it comes to, you know, we are currently in the post modern era and people are so disillusion with modernity. Majority was so confident that their scripts were right. And so now we're in post martin like, you know, young adults are like, well, how do you know for sure, how do you know for sure. And then here's, here's what I want to get out there. Many people say, well, I don't believe in any script at all. I live by my own scopes, but isn't that script gripped it? Oh yeah, right. And so how do you know that your own script doesn't work? So I think what we propose here at adverse and what scripture does is hey, take, want take scriptures scripts for a change. I want to move our discussion into sexuality. What are some prevalent scripts regarding our sexual understanding in the world today? Kelly, that anytime is fine, any any, as long as you feel an attraction, then you should act on it? Full stop. Ok. So let's go even deeper than that. That's. That's definitely the practice. Yeah. So yeah, like I'm hungry. I eat, i, I'm tired. I sleep. Act on your urgent urged so then I just go ahead and hang out with, you know me you're saying that's the that is a worldly script. Yeah, that's the world. What are the values that that's, that stems from? So 11 big value that we are living in right now is that the world longing after is the idea that you always have to feel good and always have pleasure. That's not just in sexuality and everything like Food, all it has to taste perfect and all this, all these experiences you have to have to be good and you want to feel good. They have to be instagram worthy, whatever, you know. Yeah. Everything has to always look good and so in sexuality, one of these values say, oh I, I want sex. And so I'm going to pursue this as he said, right now with whoever, whoever i want is available. And so, you know, apps are created for this website or whatever it's, it's very easy because that also sells, you know, so society is very much in now in a situation where, because of in the western world, especially the, well, the general wealth that is here, people are able to pursue their hidden istic ideals on an everyday basis. It's easy has become very easy to I want to, to address you when you go to the romans one. Because I think it's probably 20 supports where you are all saying from one chapter 20 to chapter one, verse 22. Maybe go to verse 21, verse 21. The bible says because although they knew god, they did not glorify him as god, nor were they thankful but became futile in their thoughts. And their foolish hearts were dark and professing to be wise, became full and changed the glory of the incorruptible god into an image made like corruptible men and birds, and 4 footed animals and creeping things. So I mean that we can take that verse in different ways, but what happens or what, but paul's addressing yours, god is very obvious. God is self evident, but they refuse to acknowledge that. And they start looking at creation and creature. And I would even say if I bring to modern language in evolution and pay animals dictate my proper, what is normative human behavior? After all, aren't humans animals also? So if animals are hungry they eat, if animals, me to me they made, i am an animal. So if I need to meet, i also me so it's just whenever and heat and all this don't come together that package that we're really animals at the end of it. But we find prescript sure that we are not animals were in the made in the image of this is why we're having this, this, this what, you know, what was discussed earlier as a value of pleasure, plate plate as that's where we're at today. Yes, I think you talked about the value of evolution places where we're at today. I think you even dig a little deeper is also the value of Education, which leads us to have illusion. I think we got to the point as human beings or as a human race where we thought ourselves to be smarter than god. And that's really what it's out. I mean, that's the problem from the very beginning of time, right? The story of adam and eve, they thought they were smarter than god. And what happens is that every time we think that we're smarter than god, we will come up with our own value system, the value system that we want pleasure. And how do we rationalize pleasure? I can't say I'm out of control. I can't control myself. I'm going to ovary, i'm going to have sex whenever I want. I'm going to do whatever I want. So I now need to have some kind of justification for that. Will education provide some kind of justification for that by saying we've come through a long period of time through a long period of existence develop from animals to become a we are. So they are, therefore, these urges that I have, or these need that I have their natural and I need to naturally express them. And how do I naturally express them? I look at nature, i look at what is taking place around me in, in, in nature, in the Animal kingdom and really media educates as well. You know, everyone is looking for a standard, what are they know, what not? And so they look at tv for 8 hours a day, or phone or whatever. And what they see is the standard is that it's not implanted into their mind. And so they, they can rationalize their, their, their seeing justification for their behavior. Because all of these 2 individuals on, in this movie, they're doing this. And so this is okay, it's okay to have one night stand. It's okay to do this and that because they're on a conscious or unconscious, right? Right? Because this is the standard being presented to me and we are at the bible says we are transformed by what we behold. Yes. And so if that's the standard i look at, then I will find somehow the way to rationalize my behavior by the scripts that are being presented to me and you know, various in various ways. Well, let's go to the other extreme. And there are, and as you mentioned at the top of the show that there are some denominations that believe they have everything regarding and you came and say the word he got a S E X is totally bad. And I can't believe those 4 young people are, or they have the bible open and they're talking about this topic on my, on my, on my, why is that script around? Where does that come from? kelley, i think the disc again, comes from this idea that it's like, yeah, spiritual things are good. Anything to do with the body is bad. It's all be fasting. When we're hungry, right? We have afternoon, so we want sex. So all the N bodily urge is like bad and dirty and gross, but like all the elevated spiritual things, those are good. And also I do think part of it is not that it started this way, but it's a reaction to the extreme. Like everything's good, like if every, if all that's good and actually all the bad. And so we're going to avoid all of it. So it's, I think sometimes it can start from just designed to have more barriers and to be careful. But like the pharisees, you take it way too far and then you actually make a burden out of something that was supposed to be a blessing and even those barriers they're made their human made exactly. They're not going to be made. Barriers can be abused or walked out and becomes detrimental to humanity. Absolutely. And this dual istic thinking that the body is bad and the mind or the spiritualist good. We find it all throughout history. The greeks had it, but it starts even, you know, before that, this idea that the soul, the spirit is what we need to worry about. And the body is just here temporarily. Got rid of. It's really, it's really alive from the devil because the bible teaches clearly in the book of genesis that we are created as a living, being a living soul, the entire being is. So we are souls yet are we are always not some like wiping them. All right. Right, we're not to go to God, god cares about the entire entire body includes everything it has to do with it. But the point is that because of the separation was made, we have come to these ideas that all the bodies bad within sight is good. That the mind, the thing is all, it's also it's also the 1st lie which is a lie of legalism, which is very present in that you know, what? When we have the struggle with, with completion of the struggle, what's in the throat with a lack of control, then our answer to that kind of struggle to my own struggle that I haven't life as well. I need a control, i need to check myself. I need to, I need to, I need to not allow myself to get out of control. So now I'm going to control myself. I'm going to control myself by making myself suffer by not giving the things that I want. Anything that I crave, any, anything that is pleasure to me, I'm going to dominate myself and control myself. And I think this idea of the root of this ideas, in the sense that I can make myself wholly, i can make my feel like god, which is essentially the 1st thing that uneasy, you know, part took up this idea because everyone thought about it as a legalistic connotation. I think I'll tell you to acknowledge the fact that some people have sexual experiences that have really bad. They're really terrifying rape or, or other experiences that are just horrible. And so because of that negative experience all day, it every, everything related to it is bad and shameful and guilt feelings can come from it, whatever it is, even even the things that we think are okay and we do can can invoke guilt. And so that's why also I think there's a reason why people have, have the shame connected to it. And so they say this is bad, this is not good. We shouldn't, you know, this is not, has nothing to do with, with spirituality. And that's where the disconnect comes from. Now we're going to look at the biblical scripts for the next 2 weeks, right through that. But I want to ask you and johnny kind of already already alluded to it. But why are these 2 extremes are? That's maybe extremes. Maybe these 2 scripts in society, why are they so dangerous? And if they are dangerous, why are they so prevalent in society? Why are they continuous can in continuing to be reproduced all around us? What, what is the problem with them? Whereas whereas, you know, this to a listing approach, platonic approach, the sexuality exists. On one end, it teaches us to save ourselves on the other end, you know, this idea of just me, me, me, me, me, I'm going to focus on myself. This is natural. I don't care what the rest of the world things I'm going to please myself. This idea is se tannic. That's why satan felt the bible does not teach the focus on myself or the bifurcation of myself. The bible teaches in all of its teachings, including the teaching of sexuality, wholeness, not singleness, not dualism, but, but home. It's really beautiful though, when we look at the scripture and we can see that god really does want to help us in that's, you know, changing a script and that the bible, as we're going to see this, this quarter does present a beautiful picture of sexuality, something as a gift from god, as he said, and almost 12 like god, is willing by his mercy to help us change our scripts and to renew our bodies in their lives. In that way, they may name in on that know we really encourage you to take courage and to challenge the scripts that are in society in yourself only by the mercy of god. We want encourage you to continue the conversation on our social media outlets were so grateful and happy that you decide to join us. We'll see you next week as we continue our topic on biblical sexuality, principles of biblical sexuality for your life in society, and to impact the world for jesus. According to scripture, we'll see you next week. You have been listening to invoice a bible based conversation. Hello, Jonathan wall, sebastian braxton c Q dock. Justin kim. The invoice is brought to you by the whole chat, television that changes life morning by episode visit invoice. Hope to Find us on social media, invoice 5 until next time. This is invoice.


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