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  • July 5, 2021
    9:00 AM
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Not physically naked, but spiritually. Naked is the topic for this episode of inverse are coming to you from silverspring, maryland. Welcome to in a bible based conversation on like, sensible, contemporary issues and thought provoking Just in can with in bye i. Hello everyone, your watching universe. My name is Justin kim and in a studio we have my friends the best from kelly and see who. And we are talking about the topic of biblical sexuality. It is a sensitive subject matter. So if you have minors and area were to give you a little bit of heads up, you may want to clear out the room and the car or something else and come back to us later. But bure discretion is advised on our episode. We're looking at the concept of spiritual nakedness. So this is arthur, so title being naked, and we are in a, our 13 week arc on looking at the topic of biblical sexuality. So if you're here for some other nefarious purpose, you can switch to another channel. But here we're going to look at the bible, him and friends, the bible, i'm in what we're going to read and so smashing. Can you pray for us? Yes, we need it. Heavenly father, we are so privileged to be able to study a word. And lord, this topic is perhaps uncomfortable in ways that it needs to be in ways maybe that it doesn't. But lord, we just pray that the spirit of god that jesus promise regardless into all truth as we converse today, is our prayer in jesus name. Amen. Men, human. We're going to go to scripture and, but we, before we actually get there. So you wanna ask cali if you can kind of, we accept a great episode last last episode and you can kind of give us a recap because a lot of that will impact what we're talking about today. And if you've been watching this is your 1st episode here and you're like, well, he's guys talking about the backgrounds, you know, it's got this, you know, pink of going on like this is kind of, it is, this is a very risk, a subject by we believe it's very important because scripture talk about it and what are some, some highlights that you remember from our less up yet. So the 1st episode, we talked about how we're all influenced by script. So this idea that there are explicitly stated, but also not so explicitly stated rules of how we talk about certain things, how we hold ourselves and even about sexuality. So there are scripts that were told by social media or by movies or by people related to or by friends. But also there are scripts that are found in scripture. And ultimately we came to the conclusion that we shouldn't rely on ourselves, or even things that we see in the world as our standards of what we should think of the proper script. But instead, we should evaluate all of them by the way, is sexuality is one of those topics that once you've seen scripture, that you see it really everywhere. Right. And that sexuality is a very, it's a sacred topic to talk about. And so this is the premise that we're coming from. We don't want to take this topic lightly or frivolously, and we want there are, there are some real time applications and lessons that we can, we can come away with. I'm secret, i know our verse psalms 139, but I'd like to switch gears and go to another verse where, where we find our episode title coming from. Let's go to genesis chapter 3. Genesis chapter 3 in I think that would probably be better that this is set up our, our conversation here. And genesis chapter 3, verse $6.00, and $7.00 in script can be for this for us. And it will go to some $139.00 also. Ok, but we're 6 says so when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree desirable to make one wise. She took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her and he ate. Then the eyes of both of them were opened and they knew that they were naked, and they sowed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings. Okay, so let's talk about this 1st a little bit. Spend some time here. I don't know about you guys when but, but the 1st time I read this 1st one, I was a little kid. I was like, lose thing, you know, come out like and just trying to like, how, how does, why is yours a huge disconnect, right. So tell me more about this 1st guy's share. Share with this verse with Yeah, well I think it's interesting, very, very beginning in verse 7, it doesn't say that their eyes were open and they became naked. Is that their eyes rope? And they realized they were naked. So there was something, it was something that physically happened of their nakedness. It was something that was fine, became not fine. And so the idea of making this too is just like it's okay to be open even. And just using the word nakedness, loosely talk about like, you know, sharing vulnerability and things like that. It's okay to be that way unless you want to hide something for whatever reason. Good, reason, bad reason, whatever. And so for them like they were open, that was fine, but they, they realized that to them, it was no longer fine because of what happens andrea, just to just to buttress kelly's point in chapter 2 was 25. It stated explicitly. Genesis to 25 says and they were both naked yes, the man and his wife. But then it says, and we're not ashamed. It was, it wasn't the physical reality of being naked because already said that they were naked. But what happened in was 7, chapter 3 was not at a physical level, per se. Yes. But it was as a result of what, what happened in the previous versus they had this realization that you know, they had an encounter that led them to a different metaphysical experience. Ok. So on a very literal level we find and other passages that they were close at glory and what that looks like, I don't know. But on, on a spiritual level this is, this is just this, this transcends just a, they're not wearing clothes, right? Right. Anything more than that, as we get to the point we're trying to get. Yeah. And it was just going to add to that when the bible says at the very beginning of the verse, it says then the eyes of both of them were opened, right? So this is not suggesting that they were blind, right? So there's recognition that the, the author is trying to communicate was that there was a revelation that just took place as a result of this sin. And so this nakedness, as a revelation wasn't so much that they realized that they were naked as much as it's contrasting that verse $25.00, the sequel was talking about so that the eyes being opened dislike while they knew that they were naked. But then they went to so fig leaves. So you see the contrast between being naked and not ashamed. Being naked knowing you're naked and being like, well we need to so coverings. So there's obviously a feeling of us can use the word exposure that has come from the result of sin in the Human experience. It's completely changed our relationship with vulnerability. It's completely changed our relationship with being exposed. Let me ask because the various concepts of shame is emerging from this conversation. Yeah. What, what is shame and how does that differ from? I'm sure that the bible doesn't talk about it, but you see evidence of it. There's guilt going on here. There is, he's hiding, we have the print, we have some the concepts of, of secrecy. And this is a very comical passage in a sense, like god, who knows everything because he's everything hiding in a bush password person. And he's like, your god, like, where are you and he answers like, I'm like, this is not making sense on any ras rival, right? This is not nothing to the physical world is no really hiding and whatnot isn't hide and go seek. But there is a, there's a lot of spiritual 1st that are coming out spiritual problem. Yes, diagnosis of shame. You're guilty of secrecy of, of privacy. You know, you tell me more about kelly and we'll talk about shame and guilt, so same and guiltless. Sometimes use interchangeably, but they're not the same thing. Guilt is focused more outward, like I did something bad, and this action or experience hurt someone or things like that. And it's kind of like, there's something I did, but it's not who I am. Ok, and shame is like why identity focused. So I did something now I am a terrible person and I feel very terrible. Inwardly. Ok. Yeah. And it was a logical and was more existential. Yeah, that's how I process. Good work. Yes. And when you're, when you're looking at this, the very i did that they were covering themselves right. This self focus tells you building off of counties point that I'm sorry, what I did, but I am a mistake. Not that I made a mistake. Right? So to me, if they were focused on, I made a mistake, i need to go talk to God because I made a mistake. Right? But in my sense, it's like why need to cover myself? So it is me who needs to be changed or adjusted, addressed? Not so much the one who gave me the prohibition that I chose violated. So now I shifted from, this was an act that was a bad decision to I myself have now fundamentally changed my own self perception. And to me that so perception is what built into the irrationality of what you're talking about, that this is where people find themselves in shame, hiding from safety, hiding from the safest person they could probably find. And that's what shameful eventually leads to. Yeah, and just a small thing that really helps me remember this is a really beautiful relationship between myself and example. Like a daughter and a father is not. I messed up. My dad's going to kill me. It's I messed up. I need to call my dad and just that shit which, which, which I know you're probably getting getting into, but just to make that obvious in our relationship with god. Yeah. Is it just going to be totally, as you mentioned, vulnerable and ra with god. The god I messed up, or even in the midst of temptation, lord, i'm being tempted right now. He's help me like I want to do this. I want to be this, I'm, I'm, I'm going to do this. I know, but lord, there's something on me that I just know there's something wrong with this. Like even being that raw with god. And that's right allows for, for, for the, for the blessing, the Lord enter into that point. But but, but just like dennis a 3, we kind of hide a little box with, I think we're going to happen to know what's happening in my art like ridiculous stories happening to us all the time. You know, and I shouldn't say like the, this is powerful because especially in a lot of christians experience conflating this idea of shame and guilt. We can walk around feeling kind of holy because we have shame, you know, and feeling like there's this kind of like a superiority to my christian experience because I have always me, I'm such a horrible person, but stand. Yeah. But in reality, that shame keeps us away from the one who could actually help us. Yes. With the problem that we are experiencing. So my dad, my dad will always say to me, you are not a mistake. You made a mistake, but you are not a mistake. And that distinction and realizing that Yes, I made a mistake, but this is, this is not necessarily my identity and that's actually thanks to what god has done for us. You have made it possible that even though we made a mistake, he has offered us redemption, right? In jesus christ and so we don't have to identify as the mistake, right. So it's possible for him to love the sinner and hate the sin. And he wants us to have that experience in and of ourselves so that we can come to him. We can then remove the sin from me, was just going to connect exactly with sequels describing as what we looked at in episode one on the scripts. Right. And you see how when the script is based on shame, and that's the director right of your experience. You're going to see a complete shift in your whole relationship with god, which is directly what's going to feed into perversion, sexually. That's going to feed into problems with intimacy because there is no such thing as intimacy without vulnerability. There and you have to overcome shame in order to really deepen your intimacy with any person in your life. But as long as I have shame and I'm a mistake, i can never accept your compliments and I can never accept your love. I can never accept your service because no matter what you do, it's never changing. Who I believe I am? And I think that is the, the real critical script shift that's happening, you know, which syn coming into their experience. It seems like the to the, the, the vertical, vertical, horizontal really, really corresponding correlate with each other that wrong vulnerability. And then that, that clear and we have with god interacts impacts my my relationship with my wife. And that vulnerability allows me to be vulnerable with and that's the parameter for sexuality correct? That's correct. Come back at the break. We will look at psalms 139, and to look at how god, who sees everything and knows everything and how we can be vulnerable with this kind of god and that impacts our sexual behavior. I'm just in case you're watching inverse. We'll see you after the break. Have been a blessing to you. Do you have questions, comments, or feedback? You'd like to lever? Find us on social media by searching in booth bible on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or youtube. While they're joining like us caught us thumbs up by a handle again is inverse bible know faces. Now back to the discussion, ah, a welcome back. We're looking at the topic of shame and vulnerability in some sent, in some sense. It's either pop words, but what we're finding is these concepts have been around since the garden of eden year, and we need it in our day and age, especially with media as you are watching on social media or on, on TV or whatnot. We live in a sort of plastic world. We need real wallet, t relations for sound. It's cliche that sounds true. We really do. And his quality relationship is not perfect with perfect, but imperfect, imperfect, yet seeing each other and I and I love your dad, says your dad is a wise man. He quote, some stuff there You are not a mistake. And I think that's, that's a good take away. Let's go to psalms 139 if that, sorry, you all sounds 139. I'm going to go to versus one through 6 and see if you could grace us with the reading of that sir. Said oh lord, you have searched me and known me, you know my sitting down in my rising up, you understand my thought a far off. You comprehend my path and my lying down, and are acquainted with all my ways, for there is not a word on my tongue, but behold, oh lord, you know it altogether. You have helped me behind and before and laid you hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, it is high, I cannot attend to it. And if you really continue with the rest of the chapter, it continues with that and we can, we can look at it. But really it's that god is, is everywhere. A theme of a phrase is repeated in that in that chapter is even there right there even there even there he is everywhere here. There were so so sebastian, tell us about what the for the 1st thing that you notice is the, when god is doing something in these versus on the other side is what is mine, right? So it's like you have searched me, so that's the person. And then verse to, you know, my sitting down in my rising up. So there becomes this issue immediately from this text, right? If you're a person like me who likes to be very private, right? This idea of privacy and see, you know, secrecy is a little bit. I think sometimes even we can confuse the ideas because to think that god is like, yeah, I know this. I know this, that's yours. And the idea privacy is, this is mine, and my sister growing up, she was the only girl. And for her it was like, privacy was like the world for her as all her brothers. Right. We're like trying to bus in her room and see what she's doing and where she's playing and get out of my room. Right. So ok. Can share this stuff with private secret. Oh yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I mean we're good. Now we're good. Now now back there, 10 years ago I would I would have a car waiting for me outside the city. So if you look at the idea that we were trying to intrude with that which was hers and crossing into that space. And so I think we, when we look at the idea of vulnerability, that's really the question that immediately emerges. Right is if I'm going to be vulnerable, if I'm going to be naked in a sense and not ashamed, how does that interact so much with my privacy in terms and also at what point in my veering off into a dangerous place of secrecy, right? concealing which is what adam and eve were doing, right, I'm going to cover up my nakedness as if that's really going to solve the problem, which we know in the text, it did it. And they knew that she could, can you help us parse out the difference between you mentioned privacy and secrecy. Fashion parse out those to they are similar, but they're also different. I mean, it goes with what's the best way of talking about, I think like privacy with what is mine like so this is within my, my realm and it, it's none your business. Like what I secrecy has to do it. This is your business, but I'm withholding it from you. Right? So it may concern my life, but I know that you would be interested and have an interest, have a vested interest in knowing this. And then me withholding that makes it a secret now. So adam and even the garden of eden. What have you done? They just obeyed god. Right? So that is his business. And they're trying to withhold from him something that is part of his business. Yes, it was their actions, but it concerns him. Whereas with privacy like saying your rising up, your, my down, sitting my uprising, god still respects you know, our individuality. There are things that, that go with who you are and that are right for years. And that should be private. Awesome. Just parents, article iris because I was just thinking like when god was saying, you know, where are you, you know, as, as the god who knows all things and has access to all things he could have just bypass like I know everything I know you are, but you know where the judge executioner and jury all the other, but he's like, where are to start the conversation in a very grace oriented way. And he already knows where adam and cowering. I don't know what's in the box with bush in my mind, but as a box loves him. He's there cowering. And so he doesn't. He's almost, he's, he's, he's approaching this abuse. You know, those youtube videos that Yeah, dog you don't just got the dog by coaching with some gent gentlemen there. Okay. So that sums $139.00. Yeah. Sorry. Your your comment just really sparked this picture in my mind of the vulnerability that god is bringing in that moment right here is divine. Like I could just lay it all out because I am god. And yet my willingness to respond to your secrecy with my own vulnerability, right? When clearly adam and eve are not safe, right? These are not people that you're like, oh, let me expose myself. But god is like, where are you, right? He's risking rejection. Which is what adam says, oh, I was afraid and I hid myself because I heard you wait. So you're hiding from me. Like what did I say? Right. And so just recognizing that the interaction of adam and eve, lack of owner ability with god's vulnerability in that experience, gives us a recipe of we as christians when we find our security in christ, what we are able to do for those who are grappling with she at the same time, go to some $139.00 and it's parts out some more stuff there. What can we mine out there? Kelly, as we look at the principles of vulnerability of nakedness, what is $139.00 revealed to us? Yeah. Versus one through 6. There's different sections here, but that 1st section is really talking about the thoroughness of god's knowledge. He's not just like doing like a fly by like, oh I see you're somewhere over there. Ok, we're going on. But it was like, I know, I know like even sitting down and rising like those are very of say, mundane with right out your life. Like I just, I got a good glass of water like it's not a big deal. I'm moving, but like got even there. God knows. And I remember studying this passage a while ago and I really didn't understand ver, sick m I K def, random exclamation that's, that's fine god. And that it's too high for you. But seen it in, in this realm of, of how much god knows us. And it's not just, he knows and he does nothing else. It's not just like I'm just like the database. I just gather data. And like, I just know, I thought you need to know who, but like, god loves us so much, even though he knows all those things. And so it's not that he's, he's investigated like are you are the my love, okay. You're not know, he didn't or you know, he's like, he's getting all of this information. He knows all of this. And then he still places his hand on top of us and behind him before us and holds us. And that is knowledge to wonderful for me. That is high, cannot attain to in and so just understanding the thoroughness as well as the depth of his love. It's again even that's a vulnerable place because god has invested in US an ability to reject him because that's what love requires. And so god pours out all of his recognizance right if you and he's all like, he's focusing all of this. He love the so deeply and then his was and then he says things like, where are you and can I, can I come be with you? Will you please as my has recently preach? Would you please let me love you? So passage after this you can almost have to kind of like just kind of stop. Yeah. And just pause. Yeah. And then that you know, awkward air silence on. Yeah. But your own time just. I mean, it is, I mean you have to like it is such knowledge so I can, yes I can, I can handle it. And then what's going on, my mind is, this is the parameters by which god has his relationship. Right? Like, yeah, he knows everything infinitely about you and then some more. Yeah. Right. And then that is also the parameter of which a biblical sexual relationship should exist. Yeah, right, right. Rather than when we looked at last week like, oh, I'm hungry, i eat, i am. Then I, you know, it's just a lot more superficial, you know, a lot more mundane in and not, this is out, you know, those mundane things become significant because I remember passing on things about my wife, right? If we part ways and some of like all, I want to do this for candace and all this, and what do I find myself remembering mundane things. Oh, she doesn't really like it like this. She prefers t with you know, milk, and she likes to steep for at least a few minutes. And you like this is her favorite mug writes, all the sudden you start rattling off all these things that you understand and know about this person that you didn't realize you were taking in. Because of that, that love motivated that interest. And it's weird to say that when it's exposed to someone else, all the sudden I start realizing all the little things that will remind me of my wife, right? In any situation like I walk into a hotel, no matter where I am, where I take off my shoes because I could hear my wife's voice in my head. Take off her shoes, dirty, where you've been walking. Like when I go to my hotel, i don't get under my, you know, my bed with my outside clothes on like these are things that you start realizing that god is saying, I understand those things about you. And he will unpack all of that. And that brings intensity to intimacy. To know that you are understood to just looking at the chapter as a whole, you know, like you have one. It starts with you have searched me and me and go to the end was $23.00. It says searching your god must have the same tab, the search mule got it. No my heart like when you think about it. And if you study the tablet, it's kind of like a carbon panel. Like you've got 2 endpoints that are like the same. And then you kind of go through and there are similar ideas throughout the chapter and kind of the pinnacle of it is verse 13 The of the, of the, of the kind of the like the height of it after you know, god has 1st you, he knows all these things about you, and this is what the experience comes to says you formed by in what parts covered me, my mother's womb, i will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvellous at your work, and that my soul knows very well. He's been talking about god's knowledge of him as a what this reveals to me what I know from this is that you got your soul amazing, you know. And this, the intimacy i guess of god's knowledge of us and God coming to us in that close way. What it actually result in is, is, I guess praise an honor to and even an appreciation of who we are as he formed us and what he 10 intended for us to be. I'm fearfully and wonderfully made and only in this context only in the context of understanding who we are in the light of how god knows us. Can we have the freedom then to interact with somebody else at a vulnerable level in the way that god interact with us? Because now I realize, god is the one who formed the pupil wonderfully, may not, I make mistakes and etc. But look at who god is, how he knows me and how he treats me. And that gives me confidence in my interaction with other people. Beautiful. This, this, this vulnerability seems to be and the main ingredient for love. We're going to look at and, and, and a couple other lessons, other offices in the future, but there are different kinds of loves out there. There's no rental. Love, there is friendship. Love, there is buddy buddy love. There's, I like your definition. There is all these love and there's also sexual love, right? And to me intimate physical and it's as if that, that vulnerability is needed and all those levels in different, different shapes, obviously, you know, like sebastian and I don't want to have the same vulnerability with him as I do with my wife. Right? But all those, if you kind of take all those together kind of like a rope that has all these different different fibers, can really reveals the love of god in a sense all vignettes love. God can't be reproduced to him in being so he needs to have different relationships, right. And other which of, of which I think the sexual relation spin, intimacy is one of the deepest one of the most profound. 11 that we really don't understand. We've been looking at this concept of vulnerability and we really need this in our society today. We wanna encourage you to go to inverse bible orgy. And you can download the bible study on principles of biblical sexuality, sexual design, and study the bible with us. And as you have witness, we've looked at psalms 139 in genesis 32 we. It's not just theory, but we need this in our practical lives today. We're so glad he said to join us. We'll see you next week here in inverse as we continue our topic on sexual intimacy. God bless you guys. You've been listening to invoice a bible based conversation. Hello, Jonathan wall, sebastian brackson depot doc or justin kim. The invoice is brought to you by the whole channel, television that changes like a more episode visit in the hope to Find this on social media. Inverts bible until next time. This is invoice.


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