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  • July 26, 2021
    9:00 AM
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One book of the bible was forbidden in ancient times on this episode went to look at the song of solomon. So stay with us. I'm coming to you from silver spring maryland. Welcome to in a bible based conversation on my dental contemporary issues and thought provoking perspective. Just in can with in bye. Hey welcome franz. My name is Justin kim and you're watching in verse in studio with me. Are my 3 brother in sebastian, jonathan, and israel and our sisters are on break this up to. So we are an episode 5 on our arc on the topic of biblical sexuality. So if you have minors in the area, we do want to warn you that our topic is a bit of a sensitive matter. So viewers discretion is advised. We're going to solomon's almost all in chapter 8, verse $6.00 and $7.00. But before we read scripture, we always want to pray for the lord's blessing, so smashing. Can you bless yes, las pray? heavenly father, thank you so much for giving us your word. Its ability to speak to every dimension of the Human experience. And lord, as we look at oneness, the very prayer that jesus pray that we would have with you, lord, that you may, teachers through your work today, How to experience that in a covenant relationship of marriage. This is our prayer, and we offer this prayer from our hearts in jesus name. Amen. Mandy, man, israel chapter 8, verse 6 and 7, please. It says, set me as a seal upon your heart. For love is as strong as death, jealousy as cruel as the grave. Its flames are flames of fire, a most vehement flame. Many waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drown it. If a man can give for love all the wealth of his house, it would be utterly despised. Okay, johnson, can you share a little about what you know about the book of solomon solomon it is. As I mentioned, the top of the show, it's a forbidden book. It was in, in an ancient times, I read somewhere that, that young people were not allowed to read it until their carnal nature was, was dead. And I don't, I don't know how they measured that and when that was appropriate time. Right. So yeah, it is an interesting book. Yeah. No it's there was a brief and whatever you know. So 1st thing, 1st thing for this, this is an incredibly poetic booking. Ok. And poetry through and through and when you read it at 1st you can be a little confused about what's going on here. Like it's all this nature nature and like and then he describes a woman really weirdly like not typical what we would do today. But it's a play book and it's actually really, really powerful and beautiful. A description of a love relationship between and and the woman here in the, in this book at solomon and the, sheila might and it's, it's basically the, the process of them, you know, they are in love. They get engaged and they get married and they celebrate. You know, love and that the holiness of the beauty, beauty of god's love, really that god had intended. But this is what's going on here. But it's very descriptive. And so that's why some people find it a little like, oh, how does this fit into the bible? Yeah. But it's a, it's a, it's a poem of love describing a love relationship. A married love relationship. Yeah. Who are the 2 lovers here? Who is the protagonist, sebastian, who is the male and female? We have king solomon as the protagonist. And the bible tells us also in 1st kings that solomon wrote a $1005.00 songs. So when he says this is the song of songs, right? So this is an experience the song they really want to encapsulate. But then we have, as we're introducing the 1st part of the book of the schuler, my woman, she's not really given a specific name, but it's very clear that she is the character with, with, with which solomon is interacting with, as this sort of love story unfolds, and I think that's what makes it very profound as a book and as an experience with these 2 characters, a king and a woman who is really nameless and not anything significant. Right? She's not the queen of another kingdom. She's not a political marriage. This is literally just about 2 people in love, and I think that makes it very reliable to the average person, but also a little bit surreal because it's like, can you imagine a king being in love with you at the same time is just an average person now we know later on, solomon had or was for it was 700 concubines and 300 was or 371000 women in his life. And israel like, how do we know that? I mean, is this the same solomon was solomon. He, this is the mr. Playboy guy, and he's running this love palm. Should we take a serious we or what's that background? Well, it's important for us to consider the life of solomon and what's beautiful about scripture is that it doesn't hide the fact that human beings were fallen. And what's beautiful about the life of solomon is that it portrays actually the, the contrast in the Human experience. I like solid was the why those men that ever lived? Yeah, he made the biggest mistakes is that any foolish person would ever make right here. And now you have a picture of poetry of a person who is madly in love. And yet he made a lot of mistakes with that very same topic. So in his journey, he's now writing from the perspective of this is what I've learned in life. I've gone through a situation where i've had a lot of substitutes for love. But this is what love ultimately boils down to. I've had a lot of experiences where I use human wisdom or judgment or passion ruled my life. And now this is the experience of, you know, looking back in the book of proverbs and so forth. This is what the conclusion of the matter is or in ecclesiastics. And so this, I think you definitely take very seriously the man who is in love with experience, what have no other man, whatever experience and you know, the ability to experiment with, you know, literally thousands of women. And now it boils down to his experience with just 11, you know, just in just such a critical lesson. You know, what israel is bringing out is the eben flow of life. And how our story is not really encapsulated in any one experience. We can experience sublime moments of love like song of solomon and yet go through the very depths and gutters of society and love and sexuality like. He also did where he thought that he could use sexuality as a means of expanding power in the kingdom of god. Through these relation, political marriages and eventually corrupted his own heart and soul to know that we can go through those hills and valleys. Right. But god is still his god, god was still present. God was still working in his life. I think that the, the, this book is also an opportunity to let us know regardless of mistakes we may have made, may make in the future. It doesn't preclude us from the beauty of this experience. Other 2 to the 1st song, solomon chapter one. And just there is some, some, some clues about the, the woman here to chapter one, verse a. The bible says if you do not know fairest among women following the footsteps of the flock and feed your little girl beside the shepherd tent size compared, you my love to my philly among pharaoh's chariots, and then talks about the cheeks and neck there. We'll get to that. Here we find that this is one of not one of this is solomon's 1st marriage who to pharaoh's daughter. So she was of royalty, but this was not a political marriage that we see happening later on. That in his 1st section that the, these 2 were according and there is a certain level of, of, of love in dating going on. But there's a certain limit they want to go to, they don't get beyond that. And then we see there are waiting ceremony that happens later on. And then after that they experience all the joys of physical intimacy after that. But we see that this is, this is pharaoh's daughter. This is one, this is his 1st marriage, his 1st love. If you will, it's beautiful that this book is included in the bible. Yeah. In fact I know that the, the hebrews, they really see this is one of the most important books in estimate. Because as we're going to see later on, it really describes it gives us a glimpse of what the love of god is like. But I think it's, it's, it's awesome that this is in the bible because it shows that a god actually cares about human relationships in a very deep way, especially marriage. He, he, I mean, he created marriage. And so here we see very poetically described what that love is all about. And that it's okay to be in love madly in love. It's ok to that. There is a place for passion and the place for for, for to sexual experience tube to f. This, this book gives freedom to the sexual experience within the marriage context and brings also in the aspect of holiness which, you know, especially in chapter 8. And what I'm trying to say is I'm, I'm excited that this book is in the bible because it really helps us to see that, that the sexual experience, god has a place for it. And he put it right, the center of the word of god. Really well, I appreciate it. You mentioned it is poetry and it's cheaper poetry. This is not, you know, rules are read or how to, you know, sugar sweden's or whatever. But we don't ever use that for your I want to give you example, go to John chapter 77, verse 2. I just find this to be humorous again. This is my humour. Humorous angle and reading scripture in Texas. Numbers to your navel is a rounded goblet. Your waste is a heap of wheat and set about with lilies. This is this, This is not the greatest visual, right? I mean, she has the pot belly and you know, when's the last time you know, you saw your wife and you're like, wow, she looks like a ground goblet like that's not the most romantic say right. You see that all throughout later on it was a verse for your neck is an ivory tower. So it's like really long means like you look like a giraffe girl, what's going on? But this shows you this. There's a difference between western modern poetry and an ancient poetry, and rather than a physical likeness, it's more of the experience that one has. And so if you are a warrior back in their day and you're climbing a mountain and you're about to take a city, and on top of this, this mountain, you come into an ivory tower. You're like, wow, you like I see this like it's all white and it's, it's made out of ivory. It's, it's the you see impregnable fortress and that is the experience that one has upon seeing is his wife now love. Yeah, yeah. Ah, the verse to a heap of wheat and set about will is, well, I mean, in a green society, a heap away as plentiful ness as harvest time is happiness and run as lilies around as flower, the happy whatever. And then you see he seizes the stomach of, of his why that happy time, who have more experiential, then the, then the physical likeness, correct. And I think, and I think that's important, that the book being inspired by god, through the holy spirit is showing us that that's the direction we need to be going when it comes to marital sexual. That we need to be stepping away from the what, what the world wants to do is make it a heated, mystic, physical, fleshly, sensual, simple expression which is about the sensual aspects rather than the bible is trying to point us to something higher, much more noble in which the experience like you said, of a soldier conquering, you know, getting to the top of a tower as a, there's a certain respect in that very figure of speech for his, for his bride in his love. But then there's also a sense of emotional connect. This isn't just about the physical dimensions of her neck. This is about the emotional connection. Yes. That the access and the beauty and the, the, the, the sense of emotional outbursts i'm experiencing on the inside. I'm trying to give it expression and I think that's what poetry is so well suited for me to express in a poetic fashion what you can just say in a regular, you know, subject verb agreement type center. When we come back after the break, when I look at the apex of the song of solomon, this is inverse. I'm just can we back in this been a blessing. You have questions, comments or feedback you'd like to lever find us on social media by searching in booth bible on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or youtube. While they're join us, like us caught us thumbs up as a handle again is in both bible know faces. Now back to the discussion, ah, welcome back in some solomon chapter 8 for 6 and 7. This is the apex of this poor bidden book read with us and verse 6, set me as a seal upon your heart. As a seal upon your arm for love is as strong as that. This is some intense words here. Okay? So if you will, we've got a lot of poetry, a lot of imagery, and all of a sudden, towards the end, we're getting to some hard core commitment. There are some ceiling a going on. Yes. You will share with us what's going on in verse 6 and 7. Well, what's important for us to understand regarding scripture as the fact that love and intimacy is something that is so important to God that the god, the purpose of the gospel, among other things is to help bring about in the Human mind. The purity and the beauty of this human relationship. And, you know, we talk about a little bit earlier about the fact that, you know, solomon uses this, you know, very, you know, comical in some situations, ways of expressing the beauty of others of its life. Yeah. Now, I think most importantly here, what the, what the apex of the passage tells us is that it's describing love. And that's something something important for us to ponder. There is a huge difference between sex and love. You know, and a lot of times in this generation specifically, we tend to kind of mix them together right now. Any person who has ever been in love with someone and experienced intimacy and this in this way, it's going to come up with crazy stuff. Right. You know, you go that, you know, I saw him is a love because he comes up with some crazy stuff. Right? That would come up with this or still, I can't tell you bright if the for better book But at the, at the, at the apex of everything, essentially he bring something so low has affected solomon. How much so that he equates it with death itself, right? Like, love is as strong as that and as a matter of fact, that is when you really think about it, it is the very apex of the gospel itself, like the love that god has for us, is even greater than the love that we can have for each other because our love is as strong as that his love is stronger than death. And so it gives you a picture and this is what a lot of times just really, really blows my mind. In that the love of god is greater than any kind of closeness that I can experience even with the person on this side of the earth that I love the most. And if solomon comes up with crazy stuff like that because he loves his wife, how much crazier much god be that he would give his own son in order to have this kind of a relationship with us, a relationship that is beyond the greatest kind of intimacy of, you know, just one of the other things you see in the text there in verse 6 to continue to build off of israel's comments. Is for love is as strong as death, jealousy as cruel as the grave. And so this very common poetic use in the bible and hebrew poetry of repetition of thought rather than sound, gives you this sense of what fascinated me about this passage as its apex is the relationship between love and jealousy. In solomon's mind, we typically think of jealousy as a negative thing, right? We think of jealousy as like all men, that person is envious of your position. They want to take something from you for themselves, write their own glory. But he says he compares love to jealousy. In the sense of possession, right? There is a sense of life when you're in love with something that is yours and you're jealous over that thing. And he says that jealousy is as cruel as the grave. Because when you think about the love that you have for your children or you think about the love that you have for your spouse, there is a jealousy present, right to. I mean, and, and I love the fact that he uses the word cruel as the grief because that really drives us home to the connection that I feel with this other person is so powerful. Right? That literally he equates that power to the strength of death. He creates its cruelty to protect that which it possesses and loves to the grief like the grave doesn't care right. It spares. No person doesn't matter. Your rank doesn't hurt your wealth, doesn't matter your position. And that's exactly how you feel about a person you love. Like I don't, if I took my wife out in the presence of united States or the king of saudi arabia, whoever disrespecting my wife's, like, even though I might be terrified in my mind, like, man, this is the king of saudi arabia, whatever. But because it's my wife and my lover, like there is no way I could go home as a husband and face my wife, knowing i did not defend her in a public situation of shame. And to me, that's the sort of awe line that he is drawing that loveseat like I will spare. No one, No person at any time in any situation. So what solomon is doing here, really, he's building up in this, in this as this apax. He's building these blocks of just showing what real true love help, how are full it is. And so we see the aspect of commitment and faithfulness in a seal upon your heart, seal upon your arm, love a strong death israel expounded than that. Sebastian just showed us the aspect of jealousy and benny continues, talks about its flames, or flames of fire, and most vehement, flaming. In the hebrew here it actually talks about. You can also be translated as it is a flames, like the flame of ya, which is a short form of galloway for the flames of god. What does that even mean if you can quickly go to daniel if that's ok, daniel chapter 7. And here in verse $9.10 little there's, you know, we'd be covering sexuality, but also going to prophesy events after 7 and then here very after 7 verse which were 791910. By the way, if you're curious about the topic of daniel, if you go to inverse piebald, got orgy, and go to our past bible study guide on the book of danny, which covers your chapter 7. But I'm feeling too on. It is not going to talk about prophecy or, and now it's not required in dance, haven't we get a little insight into the throne room of god totally play at the end of verse 9. It says here it talks about his throne was a fiery flame wheels, a burning fire verse 10, a fiery stream issued and came for from before I'm talking about god's throne and thousands of them. That's it. That's all I want it to look ok. But No prophecy. I love is not perfect, right, but we saw him building these blocks and now he takes us into the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary. He takes us to the throne of god that is described as fiery another passages in the bible. You see that again, as by our aspect, my lord is a consuming, right? And he's saying now that the experience in marriage of love and a celebration of that in the sexual and intimate act is like the flame of the Lord. And so you see a lot of fire in the throne room, but here it's like, it's like a little, it's like flame. So what you are saying, what he's saying here, that the most the deepest experience you can have in the most holy, you know, sexual encounter is a glimpse of what the love of god is like of what the character of god is like. And everything that flows from god. So the ultimate selflessness. Yes, he said we can experience a glimpse of that. But god love is even stronger than that because it has conquered death. So it says that this apex, he's from all this poetry. And the funny part, he really takes us to, to a level of the line and see its power for action that we're going in. It's, we're getting these droplets. Mr. Conner, glory right? Our, our experiences between 2 people right into and I really believe that this, this flame is so fervent and so hot. That's why the institution of marriage was given to protect fire, right. Without that, that, that protection, this fire can go astray and burn and hurt and, and because all this problem, right? And we see that sexuality is good. But what do you see? I mean, it's cause of so much havoc in society, but with marriage and not just marriage as it is, but under a biblical principles of marriage, yeah. Will cover and in future episodes that we can experience this. The sublime though I used to describe the secret of the inner precincts of the most holy man and in, and it's important for us to note that you know, intimacy in the, in the context of marriage is designed to teach us about the very character god. And the beauty of the love of god, right? And when you think about, when you think about intimacy, when you think about love. So here, passion is controlled by love. The principle of love. Love is not just the feeling. It has those aspects of it, but it's beyond that. A principal, it's a feeling that is controlled by principle. Yeah. It's a controlled flame. And in, when you think about the love that exists between 2 individuals, especially within the context of marriage, it can be there is a very fine line, a very fine difference between that, which is slavery and which is love, right? Like if you think about all the different things we have to do in life, in order to please our spouses, to make them happy in order to make the home a little miniature heaven. If you were to write down on a piece of paper and share with someone who has never experienced love, these are the things that I have to do in order to make my spouse happy. People would look at like a slavery. It would look like slavery and, and that, that's what happens when a person that never has experience love, relates to what love looks like. However, if you share that with an individual who knows love and they immediately grasp what you're trying to do. And so in a very, in a very similar situation, when you experience intimacy with an individual, it requires an element always will require an element of selflessness. In order for you to have an intimate expression of love, now sexuality sex. That can be very, very selfish. But the flame of your way sexuality within the context of, of, of the bible always has this element of South listeners making, making love with an individual taking their needs before yours and this element of expression. You know, it's, it's really profound what israel saying because that, that completely explains why solomon goes in verse 7 and says, many waters cannot quench love, but you can quench it's false comparisons and counterfeits, right? If you just strictly go into the sexual direction without the one this, without the unity without the serious connection that we saw developed throughout the book between these 2 individuals, waters can quench that, right? The waters of difficulties the waters of financial stress, the waters of whatever it may be that floods that flame then it dies. Yes. And I remember on my, on the night before my wedding, you know, I was hanging out with of my groomsmen and knew when they were all giving me advice. And one of them, he said, you know, sasha, my, my prayer for you is that when the flames of romance have died, that you will still maintain the embers of commitment. Because as long as you have the embers of commitment, you can always get the flame of romance back. And that's all we stuck with me throughout, you know, the 10 plus years of marriage to help me to understand that what's going to give me back to those moments with my wife. Whether that the physical intimacy, emotional intimacy, or spiritual intimacy is going to really be built on the embers of my commitment. And that's where the seal and the waters cannot quench that. Because even we have a little fire pit in my backyard. And we tried to pour water and do all this stuff to put it out when we were done came back, it was still smoking and I knew you'd like, I thought I buried this thing. And to me, that's what it's like, you know, with, with True oneness and intimacy in a biblical sense. So you may think you buried it. But even after all of that, you're still going to see the smoke in the embers there. Chuck, you know, we've seen now that dispute awful apax and you know, we really dwelled on this and what god has store for us when it comes to love. But if you can go to verse for chapter 8, it says here I charge your daughters of jerusalem, do not stir up nor awaken that kind of law until it pleases. In fact, this is repeated. It's 4 times in this book, warning us, but also encouraging us and what you were saying, you know, you don't want to just jump into sexual encounters all over the place because you desire that love. Yes. The desire for that kind of love is good. God gave it a desire, but he says, wait until you find that person that you can commit to in marriage, where you can then really experience this profound kind of love. You know, instead of just going around and, and, and not having that, you're not, you're missing out. And so god is saying, I have something incredible for you, but don't rush it. Let me guide you into that expire. I love him, verse 6, that there are 2 to the word seal is mentioned twice. You see the ceiling of the heart of the inside and you sitting of the ceiling of the arm on the outside. You know, this is an internal external experience. It's physical, spiritual, i mean everything that you guys were talking about, you know, that worked for ceiling is really it's, it's a long term commitment. It's not temporary, it's not just merely physical, it's a one time engagement. This is a before, during after commitment for the long haul, which is what marriage is. Mirrors is just more than the the thing that you sign for the law is a seal the bonds, the 2 together. And that is the appropriate atmosphere for the flame of your way to take him. And hopefully that's your prayer to if you are in and married relationship to have the flame of you always burning hotly in your, in your experience as our prayer. Thanks for joining us. Here in inverse was you next week as we continue the topic of biblical sexuality. You've been listening to invoice a bible based conversation telling. Jonathan was the fashion braxton dachelle and justin kim. The invoice is brought to you by the whole channel. Television that change his life more by episode in hope to Find us on social media invoice 5 until next time. This is invoice.


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