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JoAnn Davidson


JoAnn Davidson

Teacher at Andrews University Theological Seminary


  • June 29, 2010
    12:45 PM
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him with environmental issues Internet more and more attention to delivery you however all the remained focused on human life when you're thinking down the primarily if not exclusively human willing arguments in concern for nonhuman life rest on their contribution to our welfare for many diseases and birth appreciating the importance of the nice clean environment but the natural world is not valued directly for its own sake but indirectly for the sake of human beings who then it might be a nice environment week we have no responsibility for the created world itself only to human beings like us as our advantage because the environment one reason for this is that the evolutionary theory tends to yield a subtle deep valuing of many forms of life it seems on a Seventh-day Adventist churches been slow to acknowledge the importance of creation care since we believe both that the world has value and exalted standing because the divinely created statutes that status but also because seven p.m. and is urged the importance of being good stewards we often limit our thinking about stewardship to our wallets or to time however from the first chapter of Scripture to the closing of the book of Revelation we find an impressive reminder of how valuable all creation is to the creator himself and the importance of being good stewards of the created world in the opening chapters of Genesis as God creates each day he exclaimed you remember this is the and even this is very both humans and animals are created by God 's own hand from the dust of the three two seven nineteen both humans and animals are given identical blessings reply the very least divine appreciation of all life both humans and animals are given a plant -based diet remember when God grants dominion in Genesis one and during that thing he mentions is the non- violent night the subsequent fall in Genesis three again affect all creation of a human in the land itself later no I told my doctor take his family and animals and getting our to keep this kind aligned on the face of your during a global catastrophe because of the extreme violence of human life in the middle of the deluge God remembers no one will only animals that are within the earth Genesis eight one after exiting the RPMs are explicitly included in the design not talks then I will do no and his sons with him same as for me behold I established my covenant with you and with your descendents after you have with every living creature that is with you and then he identifies them the bird of the cattle every beast of the earth with you all know that the art at the severe that I establish my covenant with you this is the sign of the covenant I established between me and you and every living creature that is with you I set my rainbow in the class and it can be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth Genesis nine four times in this lengthy covenant God mentions Noah and all the animals are included in the same company I find it strangely human and animal is coming to Connecticut continues suggesting clothes links between human and long life animals as well as humans have blood in their veins they both could be leased her murder all humans at the land are given right in the Old Testament patriarchal the needs of animals are attended to first after traveling remember Rebecca Waters the camels of Abraham 's servants even before inviting him to her house Genesis twenty four when God speaks to jump out of the whirlwind his long speech in Scripture 's Florida chapter addressed in the book of Job starting with chapter thirty eight he recounts the lenders have created world and the exuberant celebration going on during creation week he tells Joe when the morning stars sang together and always such a regulatory or just jump to continue contemplate several animals that he including a lioness mountain goat leaping down hot in Eagle and Raymond and the and him not to look out for him which I made along with you to eat grass I cannot see now that strength is in his and his flowering stomach muscles his tail moves like a senior in the season and I are tightly knit is all underlying beams of Ron and his ribs like iron in the first of the ladies go your way and then the creator admires the mighty Leviathan obviously Dimock delighting in such a creature I will not keep silence concerning its aliens working mighty strength were explained in Paris Job forty one later the children of Israel I like the promised land portrayed as rich with milk and honey Moses also describes God affection for the land itself he writes he said the land in which you are about to cross the business why haven't I through which the Lord your God hair Deuteronomy the latter also carefully instructed on creation care they had an obligation to be trying to their animals one must help to you when it is all in under a heavy load even if the animal belongs to an enemy Lord were were not in the muscles of a delete while doing a handiwork involved in a culture laughter I know they are helping to harvest you reap the Mosaic laws include protection nature outline the destruction of fruit trees in the military campaign added to my when siege ramps were extensively used in warfare humans animals and the land are included in the stipulation for the weekly Sabbath and the bad year is six years usual cellular land and down-to-earth I is that on the seventh year you shall let it rest like that life and work your people the portly people may eat and the beasts of the field me in like manner you should do in your vineyard in your all wrong since they usually are working on the Santa Lucia with your oxen and your donkey mystery and the Senate remains of administering your may be reprints the three annual feasts of Israel Passover feast of weeks and what Pentecost and the feast of Tabernacles commemorating the redemption of God 's divine providence during their wilderness traveling significantly these three festivals are also more connected to three harness is and is not the firstfruits of their harvest and Thanksgiving they remembered on your way for this God of creation and God salvation historical books draw attention to help humans then affects creation the Lord said if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves see my face and turn ways will hear from heaven forgive their sin and heal their God 's providence for all I inspired many the prayers and hymns in the Salter reminding how God benefices blesses all creation the sans issue Reese Linda Kreis to the creator and the many different voices and requires appraisal Institute choir from Psalm one forty eight was all the voices preselected in the area and you crazy creatures fire hail snow clouds stormy wind mountains hills fruit trees Cedar Lee Castle maybe things will now allow people 's prisoners and you know the main old men and children all praise the name of the family forty the wisdom books invites appreciation for non- humanlike to remember that why this man I go to meet sluggard consider her ways and be why Proverbs six a righteous man regards the life examined for his tender mercies of the wicked they write in Proverbs thirty four things are little on the earth that they are exceedingly why they had wrought badgers locusts in the spider King Solomon has been quite a biologist in Ecclesiastes reminds humans and animals are shown at the same breath and experienced the same day interesting format describes all the wise men of the earth coming to your songs and expressions expressed his wisdom it says Solomon spoke to them three him whose birds and fish but when you talk about the wisest people longer came to ask you back it was Solomon Austin understood the glories of nature continue that God 's covenant is broken and the responsibilities of stewardship neglected deterioration and pollution will be the result to bring Isaiah twenty four the earth mourns and fades away the earth languages and phase the high people of the earth language the Earth 's deep fly over a hundred inhabitants because they had transgressed the law broken the everlasting and therefore curse devours the years and those who dwell in it I guess Jeremiah conductors working on concern over the created world shall avenge myself on an agent nation as this will take the weeping and wailing for the mountains and in habitations of the moment is a lamentation because they are burned up knowing them know I'm here the boys of the cattle and they haven't in the war except when they are gone the man structured and actually many prophetic voices describes the dire consequences of human sinfulness on the earth again and again God laments the broken echo systems repeatedly reminding us that his concern involves all the created order and that our sinfulness of Creek and X creation the last verse of the book of Jonah is striking in dialogue with John is not explained to John Hawaii yet competing on the children P that great city Missouri one hundred and twenty thousand persons and cannot distinguish between a writer and Internet and also Jonah there are many innocent animals the book concludes with God 's intriguing reminder of his mercy that includes not only the wicked Ninevites legendary in their time to do with him will be severe the songs aren't expressed this sentiment your righteousness only like a great news you preserved man can be going to all his tender mercies are over all his promises in the final removal and restoration are given to us the working in the again including I love this description I feel living the low line down the land is offered with a young goat happening online monkey to get a little labeling and how there were any will be distraught like an ox in the nursing child labor the cobra in the content they will not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain for the world will be all the knowledge ichthyology liposomes and in the New Testament Jesus speaks of his affection for him stressing the lowliest creatures is tragic are not five sparrows sold for two pennies and none of them is forgotten before God Jesus said not a single sparrow falls to the ground without much knowledge echoing Psalm eighty four when they are letting his welcome in Jesus also illustrated essential lesson of creation care when after miraculously being thousands of people with a small boy 's lunch he commanded all leftovers be carefully gathered so nothing more country of great waste that lets you apostle Paul also expresses a profound theology of creation for by him all things were created in heaven and earth all things were created by hand or in any of all things and since it also speaks of future environmental renewal expecting the Old Testament sin for the earnest expectation accretion eagerly wait for the revealing of the sons of Doctor Christie was utility not willingly but creation itself will be delivered from the bondage of corruption in the glorious liberty of the children of God but we know that the whole creation home and laborers with birth pangs together removing in the final book of Scripture the entire created world is dramatically encompassed with a fine drink in Revelation seven Angels are given to picture to standing at the four corners of the year holding the four winds of the earth at the Windsor knot blow on the earth see or any three then just as I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the living God he cried in a loud voice to the four angels will be granted to harm the earth and the sea saying do not harm the earth to see where the trees until we have sealed the servants of God and therefore needs these three be referring to the three comprehensive ethical systems on which our life the pins the earth of the soil and water and the trees which belongs here are complex integrated life system and Earth see the trees are meant to embedded the message to the seven trumpet sounds in Revelation eleven to twenty four elders cry out against the half in creation and they say we give you thanks Lord God Almighty because you taken your great power and rain and you are rewarding your servants the prophets and the same and you will destroy no destroy the earth Revelation it concludes with the recent restoration Old Testament earlier reminding once again get redemption involves the renewal all got the original creation the material will pay something in redemption salvation is never described his escaping these are rather weak like talking your address with you where you are allowed to forget profound values that God places on the life environmentalist outside the Christian tradition have often been unsuccessful in arguing for such hybrid secular materialist believe the world unfolds in endless process and you figure that God is eternally emanating in the world atheists think the world is all out of matter by chance you a you worship the earth and divine Buddhist and Christian scientists believe the world itself is an illusion by contrast Seventh-day Adventists believe that God created this world with patient care and then declared their girl ever since then he's been a concern landlord remember what the Levites sang in the sanctuary you easily using our Lord alone you may have they had happened and all their host and the other and all things Mary and Lord you preserve them all God is active in and throughout all of this created for it as we move and live and have our being act seventeen only late in the twentieth century get environmental things slowly begin to be brought beyond earthly human concerns however biblical writers express this created through the created world and Christians have one on their life should not be surprising that environmental issues are invented it was very good back in the cost plan is to restore that goodness in the meantime we be better stewards including this letter in our care Jan and I had creation care isn't just good stewards being everything God hoped we would be in sending human centered or animal standard or environmentally centered we will be divinely thinner reflecting the image of God in which he is created and joining the doxology course in facing priest in other words of the phrase him from whom all blessings flow praise him all creatures here below this joint report him


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