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Gem Castor
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Gem Castor

Prayer Coordinator of ASAP Ministries



  • June 21, 2021
    7:00 AM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. Our great god, our dear loving heavenly father. The god who has been waiting for us in this auditorium before, even stepped in the place. And we thank you that you have prepared our heart to receive whatever it is that you want to give us. A lot of we pray are more creative, father for hung papers, the father i pain of every specially that may you speak your words to date and may prepare our hearts. The great appearance that you desire for us maybe ask for more of your own we paying the loving and precious name of your sons jesus all gets But those of you who are involved in the prayer ministry who loves the topic about prayer, i believe that this is one of your favorite versus a dialogue i'm about to read this morning, 2nd clinical 7 verse for d. C. Some of you are not even opening your bible ready. I remember I did. Second county go 7 verse 14. If my people which are called by my name's a lot, so humble themselves and great friends have, you know, does it the 1st requisite that was stated here in this verse is not the grey right away, is to humble ourselves. And I was wondering before, why is it that way? Why humble before pray? One simple answer because we're not Because we're not friends. I tell you even in the prayer ministry, that could be a competition even into prayer room, there could be a competition. That is why the Lord is really asking his just asking his people to humble ourselves before him. When we all before him, he's the one in charge. Not as can you say he meant that humble and themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from that. We could waive then will I hear from heaven and will forgive me and healed our lands. And this quote is one of my inspiration in doing this, this is ministry in pound and select the message, just book one, page, 121. And I really most of you are familiar with this quotation. It says a revival of 2 gotten minutes among the greatest and most urgent of all our needs. The greatest need is not funding, not programming by what revival. And he says here to seek this should be our very 1st work. Seek revival should be our what? Our very 1st work, not the plan now not to do anything but to bow before the president said to speak, revival, there must be earnest effort. Wow. There must be what earnest effort to obtain the blessing of the Lord, not because god is not willing to bestow his blessing upon us. That is not because the god is not willing to be a blessing upon us. But because we are prepared to receive it. Wow, It is not because that god is holding it back from us. But because we are unprepared to receive revival. And I love this next line because it gives a beautiful, beautiful and a very, very distinct instruction of what the Lord is wanting us to do in order for us to receive the bible. Because, well, ammonia here has been praying for the bible breed, please raise your hand. I believe that most of you here who were coming every morning desires 40 bible. This is why we come here and then we have been praying. Lord, please send revival or out your spirit, but why are we not experiencing it until now? hence, maybe maybe we are not really rain the prayer, the Lord would have a spray. Listen, it says here it is our work. It is, are what I work. This is the part that we need to play. This is our duty, our obligation. This is one thing that the last one says to understand right now. It is our work. By confession, you merely ation repentance, an earnest prayer to fulfill the conditions upon which god has promised to grant as his blessing. We have been praying for the bible. We have not been before him. We have not been praying a pair of attendance. Friends, this is the work that god would have us do and if we will do art, can you see him and do that? And it says, here are revival. Need the expect that only in answer to prayer, what type of prayer humbling ourselves. And if we are really heating the prompting of the holy spirit, the holy spirit 1st work is to convict us the convict substituted. And we have been asking for him, lord, please give me this, give me that. God is somehow telling us you do this 1st. If you do it is, and I will again then if you do this I will pour out. Then We are so busy and asking for a lot of things, but not what god has been designing for us to ask him. We don't take him at his word like the disciples. Have you noticed friends of disciples have been walking with jesus, have been eating with jesus for 3 and a half years and yet they did not get him. They did not get him and jesus was telling them I will die and I will be raised back again to life. They were thinking that it doesn't fit our plans. You will be king. It doesn't fit our plans. So they did not take god at his word. They did not take jesus at his word and said me still with us. I'm thinking most of the time when I read the bible, i was I'm looking at the disciples at a whole. Have a clue. Then I'm looking at my situation at our situation. We don't have a clue. But friends, god has given us all the answers, not just a clue. Can you say, man? God has given us all the answers, all the instruction, but we are not taking him at his word. We lean so much in a lot of things, but not upon him. We depend so much on a lot of things, but not upon in your friends. This is actually our, our disadvantage right now because we are in the age of solutions. We are in the age of answers. If you want, if you want question, if you have questions, all you have to do is press the re or google to give you the answer. But french, you know what? We are missing out if you're leaning on all those things on all the resources on our influence, but not on the one who desires to give us everything. One powerful quote about this, it's found inside of the times, august 24, 1891. Paragraph 19 says, what ever prevents us from making christ or entire dependence is abomination and decide of god. What ever prevents you and me and the church from making christ, our entire dependence is abomination and decide. I've got it. And I was wondering why is this a major thing in god's site? You know, why friends? Hello. You ear me. Ok a brief. Got. You know why? This is a major thing. Because the Lord knows the Lord sees that. If we lean on anything else, other than him or nothing, nothing will be accomplished. We will be a sport of the enemy and we will continue walking like this. Remember the graph that we have seen yesterday, france that will continue on point $29.00, not even one percent overall or equal even decrease. Whatever prevents as we're making cries at our, our entire dependency, abomination in the side of god. And patrick's and prophets, page 770 paragraph one. It says that 10 are of the bible. The subject of the bible is to inculcate distrust of Human power and to encourage trust in divine power. Wherever you look at the bible, it has been encouraging us to lean upon god lean up on him, not on your own understanding. Trust in the low. You know your hard to remember and lee not on your own understanding and testimonies. Volume 5, page 72900 said god cannot glorify his names with people while they are leaning upon men and making flesh of their arm. Wow! Their present state of weakness will continue until christ alone shall be exulted until with John the baptist. They shall stay from a humble and reverend heart. He must increase and I must decrease a defense. Have you noticed? Your melody is not a very popular topic. Aah! Is not a very popular topic because we don't want to talk about humility and yet we don't. Number 7 or sometimes. And this is funny about the ability when you think you're humble, then you're not You're humble and then you're not. Then listen to this. Men cannot depart from the counsel of god and retain their peace and restfulness, and so there is no insanity so dreadful, so hopeless as that of following human wisdom and guided by the wisdom of god. The Lord has been giving us instruction of the instruction. How to obtain the bible, how to obtain his spirit. But friends had been leaning on a lot of things. We have a lot of agenda on our mind that keeps us away from listening to what god really wants us to do. And I love this beautiful story. I think I heard it, I watch it from the a be in this, this church and this church has 2 families that are very, very active. And a 2 fathers who are or just like the, the priest of their family is also the 2 priests of this church. You know, what happens when an active church goes out and do evangelism and do missions? Who's the one that isn't was not happy The enemy of so and he gosh, contention between the 2 big long story short friends. When there is fighting, holy spirit could not be in the midst of it. It's not a welcoming site. Is not a welcoming residence. It's not a welcoming condition. The whole expression though, everything just this went dead. All evangelism just was don't out. And even the pastor i think the pastor left or the Lord late the pastor somewhere else. And there's new pastor who came in the pastor. That's young. So what is the condition and, and he thing, I don't know what to do. The friends when you don't know what to do, what do you do? You pray, praise god for the moment that we don't know what to do and that brings us into our knees. So the 1st thing that he somehow decided to do is to do a, an entire 12 hours of prayer vigil from 6, friday night to 6 AM, saturday morning. And so he asked the people to somehow take an hour to pray. And so everyone, those who are willing sign their names. So this one father, one of the 2 fathers signed saying that 7 PM on Friday. So while he was waiting on the steps, he was waiting the steps of the church waiting for his time. That's I think, 650 and he saw from the parking lot walking the other father. And then they just found out he just realized that they signed on to say mauer awkward. Did you know, do you think that is a mistake? Isn't he might appoint the holy spirit need he made it happen and friends while they were approaching while the other guy was approaching the other guy, all of a sudden the holy spirit moved their heart. No dogs, no nothing. They just hugged each other and began leaping, and they said to each other, i'm so sorry. I'm so sorry it, it's me the cause of the promotion. The other guy said no, no, it's me. Friends, they went at each other's arms. And after they sat the thing they went inside a church arm in arm of an hour and then they went to the pew for the 2nd view in front. And then they poured out their hearts, praying before god. And some of the church members who sign the sign in at 6 p. M. So what happened and you know, what's faster than the speed of light? 70, i did this news Leave their friends, they call their friends. You know, what's happened a year, they'll make long story short friends. In the morning when the pastor came in in the church, the new pastor he pulled into the parking lot. He was shocked. Is this My church number? He's new because he was just gonna use the parking lot. Was full. At 4 or 5 AM. He went inside his church. He saw all his church members singing to the Lord, praying weeping before god. And that and those 2 fathers, i still there are madame, my dear friends. A lot of things will be accomplished if we just humble ourselves before god. Can you say men Are part in this in this word that god has given us just to submit. Just obey listen to this very beautiful quote from from god's amazing grace. Men can accomplish nothing without god. Can you say a man to that? How much can we accomplish without god? How much? Oh nothing. And God has arranged his plans so as to accomplish nothing in the restoration of the Human race without the corporation of the Human with the divine and I love this next life, the part men is required to sustain is immeasurably small. The part that man is required to sustain is what in nashua of li, small, yet in the plan of god, it is just that part that is needed to make the work a success. Why is that small by this immeasurably small, but we'll get to know about that later. And, and friends. We have to admit that without god we are nothing. John, 15 verse 5, G such himself declared for without me he can do nothing. And if we heed, is instruction if we take him at his word, i believe friends, i believe things would be easier. Things would be faster if we just needed instruction and testimony, treasures volume to this is $11.00 inspiration that really gives me so much so much joy. It says here, there is a necessity for the Lord himself to communicate its own ideas. To the soul. You hear that there is a necessity for the Lord himself to communicate his own ideas to the soul. Just imagine friends, the Lord desire to communicate with us. But if we have our own ideas, his ideas are not welcome. If we have are always his ways, his ways may the events will never be found. What a thought that instead of our poor, earthly contract that ideas and plans will communicate, let me read it again. What a thought that instead of our poor, earthly contract that ideas and plans the Lord will communicate to us his own ideas, his own thoughts, noble, broad, far reaching, always leading, have been worn by defense. If we follow his will, if we take him at his word, remember that what we talked about yesterday a life that the Lord desires for the church to lead is a series of un interrupted victories. A series of on interrupted victories. It desires to tell us something if we would only listen, a member friends, the law desires to give us the spirit but their condition. And listen to this condition. Christ has promised the gift of the holy spirit to his church, and the promise belongs to us as much as the deferred disciples. But like every other promise it is given on condition. There are many who believe and profess the claim. The lords promised they talk about grace and about the holy spirit. Yet received no benefit. Have mercy yet received no benefit. Listen fence, they do not surrender the soul to be guided and be controlled by divine agencies. The part that we are asked to play are to surrender. We cannot use the holy spirit. The holy spirit is to use us. We have to remember that we cannot use the holy spirit. The holy spirit is what is to use us. Our part is to submit our part is to be led to be guided by him. So whenever we pray, my dear friends, we do not even know most of the time what to pray for, unless the holy spirit in died those prayers in our heart. And you know what english is, not my 1st language when I, when I saw that god station that the holy spirit desires the, in the prayers in our heart. When I look at the word in that you know what I think you know, you're americans, most of you indictments, to compose dutiful, a holy spirit, to himself will compose the prayers in our hearts. The things that could not be altered. Holy spirit will teach you what to pray for. Listen, friends knew the holy spirit, gods work in his people, the will and to do of its good pleasure. But many will not submit the events. They want to manage themselves. This is why they do not receive the heavenly gift. When did you hear this? If we do not submit, we will not receive. If we do not yield, my dear friends, we will not benefit from the how much more the Lord desires to give us. It's like we are asking for our for our bottle to be filled, but we do not open the lid. So no matter how much water is being poured out, nothing could be received. Even if that bottle is under the eternal fountain, eternal waterfall, nothing would bill you. If you will not open the fence only to those who wait humbly upon god watch for his guidance and grace in the spirit given only to those who wait humbly there must be an effort. An earnest effort to obtain the blessing of the Lord. Not because that god is not willing to be so he's a blessings upon us. But because we are unprepared to receive it. And here we are thinking that we have been praying for revival that we have been praying for the pouring of his spirit. And yet god is not listening. Not that god is not, doesn't invent. But it's actually not listening to these instructions. It is odd, sad, sad reality. We have to see where we have fallen. This promise blessing. And we all smiled al. This from his blessing. If claimed by faith will bring all other blessings in its train. Can you say a man that is still depressed? A men ran this promise blessing exclaimed by faith would bring all other blessings in its train whole. And the problem is, is it is to be given liberally to the people of god. Ah, friends. Just imagine the longing of the Lord to grant us this power, the loan of the Lord to grant as his spirit. You know what? Not just for the programming of this church, not just for, for the edification of brothers and sisters, but remember print to the graph that you saw yesterday in order for the world to see in order for the world, their friends, to see jesus. Order for the world, the one who heaven this last quote he spoke to my heart is found in signs of the times january 1, 894 pagger for it says in giving jesus to the world. God gave all of heaven and one get this, this beautiful god. When jesus was given to us, god gave all of heaven and one gift and this and then why is it that when god has left nothing undone, that could be done. That there are not more broad from darkness to night. Just imagine that there's still 3200000000 who have not heard the name jesus have not known jesus. My dear friend, 3200000000. If God has given us the greatest get jesus, the holy spirit, and why is it that there are still a lot of people who have not known him this and friends, this is the answer. It is because human will does not operate it by intelligence. We seem to know where we are going. You seem to know what we are doing. We do not. We do not ask for the things that god has been instructing us to ask from him. If we would just ask, what god is asking you to do. Asking us to do, we will receive it less advanced as beautiful last line at our share. If the lord's will and way were carried out. If the lord's will and way were carried out, what does the largest di for his church? repentance, humiliation, earnest prayer. If the lord's will and way are carried out, humanity would be would be reached through humanity. And every last prodigal would be brought home. If we will just submit ourselves. If we will just humble accepted the Lord. That graph that you have seen yesterday. It will not be color blue anymore. It will be green, rest who desires to color that graph green. The prom is friends, is every last radi go would be brought home every the law doesn't lie. Can you see a mentor that and with god all things are possible. Do you want to see impossible, become possible friends? It is time to listen to him. It is time to obeys instruction, and it is time to pray, the prayers that he desires for us to pray. So church will you join me right now? Let us bow before his presence. Let us come together, conference. And for those of you who have difficulty kneeling down, you could occupy this for few views here or even you could pool. You could pull your pull your chairs closer. If you want to jump closer, let's press together. God is good, my dear friends. Amen. And as you're coming closer as you're bringing your cell phones with you, let's open our, our digital him books on him. Number 490. 2492. The thing this, this song like a prayer in our heart. He like jesus. Each me ah ha ha ha ha ha ha You like gigi or Be like she? Ah, eli g R A Z O G Or the father, how a desire to be more and more like g as each day. The Lord, before we could even go into our peer requests, we just won a begin this season of grace it with our praises, the god who deserves our thanksgiving and our prayers as the Lord I pray that even now these indict the prayers in our heart, you don't even know how to place you a laurie praise in we thank you that through The ministry of the holy spirit will be able to pray bends. I'd like to encourage you. Lift up your voices when you wait. Just pray. One line appraise one sentence of braces, the god who deserves it. And if you agree with your Brother, so you say the word a man needs god wrong. All last saying, oh He oh Oh the Other if you deserve our places and also the service lloyd with the lender of our hot water as we go into our time of night to ask for forgiveness for all those things that have blocked our vision that have caused us not to follow your instructions over The father i pay to do the search are hard now and give us a hand as we can the thing I may die once again. I like again. It was please forgive me or give us a church for ourselves. Yes I agree with that bad or give us a position in our churches forgive us lord, or criticizing or give us their father that lead murmur more than we pray for one another and bring for me to be just like jesus. We think I can be like jesus, they did the fear of our heart each day. The Me The like we her He like Ah, were she like to be Me lord a Z O E Or the father law replacing we thank you for your promise. First 1900 arson, your faithful and just to forgive us do glances from all unrighteousness. Father, i prayed to remove all those things that I prayed to please give us the hard not to return to those father. As we come before you right now with our supplication, query lord lees, l plus egypt even what to ask or we desire to receive the holy law. We desire that. What are the things that we need to do? You have given us already the instructions. How to 1st hear request Of the just how to leave each and every day. All the for the glory of All you Are to be ah Ah O O O O O the father would please help us and then the, even that we did not know what our lord we paid the stake, our hearts where you can see that it is topical the stupid you're going to save us. 5 of us are weak and quite bolder, fashioning and lift the holy spirit of the law. And We pray that as a church that No corporate, the humbler or, or the repentance we may receive flooring and filling of your home it's Sarah storms with our lord. I played a very special way to I give the I that only have one focus and that thank you so much viewing. Thank you know that even before we call read yes. And while Thank you so much. Are you doing an answering gray over a loving and precious name of your son jesus, or your children? A man. To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M. I. S. D A dot org slash audio 2021. Or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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