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Logo of Michigan Conference Campmeeting 2021: How Much More?

01 Reconciliation, Unity, and Latter Rain Power

Gregory Allen Carol Allen
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  • June 20, 2021
    2:15 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen Following you have promised that we are 2 or 3 gathered. You would be in our minutes. Our request is simple this afternoon. We would see jesus bless the reading. We pray in jesus. Ok. We're going to go right into our presentation because it is pretty wrong and so we want to use every minute. And so we're going to start with the purpose and the outline. This presentation is designed to demonstrate the absolute necessity of the acceptance of christ centered, communal reconciliation to the spirit as a prerequisite for unity and latter rain power. Now look at very carefully because we're making an important assertion that we're going to develop in the next 6 days or look next 5 presentations after today. This notion of the spirit making us why the spirit making us want unity and then and only then the latter rain power. Here's the outline, discussion questions. And then we'll deal with our test, which is roman's age versus one through 17 historical cultural context. The old consensus and then the new consensus on how to read roman textual analysis, the spirit of life in christ jesus life in the flesh and life in the spirit. And then find room. So, but the application towards the ology reconciliations, unity and letter rang power and then his invitation, the gospel imperative, well, of one another for christ. Welcome to you. And so this outline covers the 6 days of presentation. And today we're just going to make it to the old consensus. Oh, you won't be here forever in there. Okay. So now we have some questions for you, and unfortunately we're both teachers and these have to be rhetorical questions because we can get your feedback. We would love that, but let's start with the 1st question. Do you believe that the 7th day adventist church was called into existence by god, can you shake your head? OK, so we're together. We believed that. Given the fact that most yes, the a would say that god has blessed the work of corporate advent, isn't it's message and mission. How do you account for the deep divisions in the 7th day adventist church based on ethnic centrism, if necessity, right, tried and cast, and as you will see, as we go along, we're using this term f. No centrism because it is the ancient term. The whole idea of race, by the way, is only 500 years old. So back in antiquity back in time of scripture, the idea was f no century. And so that's why we're using that. So it is an inclusive category. Ok. So still, the question is, how do we account for the deep divisions in Adam? And by the way, we not just talking because I had the opportunity to serve at the general conference for 70, for a number of years. And in that role you go all around the adventist world, whether it's india, europe, from africa, or wherever it is. And you see f, no century division. Ok. Final question. What all the fundamental belief number 14 actually play in edmond. You know that we have 28 fundamental belief and when I was a little younger before which, which we had only 127, we added a belief. Ok. And so this belief used to be 13, but now it's 14 and we actually call it, we actually call it unity, the unknown doctor. And because most 7th day adventists and know nothing about this dr. You know a lot about the sabbath doctrine and so forth. But we know almost nothing about this stuff. So that's why we call the end the unknown doctor. Now look at it. Look at this doctor. The church is one body with many members call from every nation kindred turn and people in christ. We are a new creation distinctions of race, culture, learn a nationality, and differences between high and low, rich and poor, male and female. There's not the divisive among that. We are all equal in christ, who by one spirit, has bonded us into one fellowship with him. And with one another, we are to serve and be served without partially ality or reservation through the revelation of jesus christ in the scriptures, we share the same faith and hope and reach out in one witness to all this unity has its course and the one of the trying god, who has adopted us as his children, to fund them. No belief number 14 Because you look good to you have pretty good. And so we want to ask a couple of critical questions, my wife nor question. Ok. Critical question. Does have been to them as a whole practice dis doctrine See some head shaking. No. Oh I guess And we'll look at this next question. The more important thing. Whereas christ call to love one another so that the world might know It is not in fact And by the way, it may interest you to know that how a 28 funded mental belief based on our preface these on doctrines that we have developed as a church looking at scripture and so they're not inspired. They are hopefully illuminated. Ok, but they can be changed at any general conference session. In other words, as the holy spirit gives us more understanding, they can be changed. They can be updated The original high and your ads and had only 4 doctrines called the 4 s's. The 7th is sanctuary. Second coming in the state of the did. And so I think from there we went to 10. And then we went to for $27.00. So now we have $28.00. Now look closely at the following video. An apology, more than 2 decades after the horror of the rwandan genocide, this abbey in belgium, is where the perpetrator of one massacre of hundreds of to see men, women, and Children such refuge sister, julian can see to give petro to the who, to many ship pursuing them and helped to set them on fire. She's seen here sitting in the middle sister because ito gave her to militia the feel that they used to burn alive, the people who sought refuge in the conference medical Center. It was a terrible thing for someone to do, especially a sister send the killing script the country apart and also displaced hundreds of thousands of people. The what can had previously said such actions for those of individuals. But on Sunday, it accepted full responsibility as the holy of mercy instituted by both frances came to in, in human rights activists say the church is apology will help heal the wounds inflicted by the clergy rule in the wrong and genocide. Inter means a defining moment in the history of the people for alonda. One that's commemorated in this annual vigil for those murdered in the captain. Kigali sister juliet was sentenced to troth is in prison for helping to burn alive. 1500. The seas hiding close to her abbey. But she is not the only member of the catholic church to be convicted. Several other senior officials have also been due for their part in the to see genocide. Human rights group said that genocide is sick and only to the genocide of the jews during the holocaust show. Hudson t R T world. Now we want to show you this genocide, but particularly adventist participation. I know that it will surprise me. At least 3000 people were killed at the advent of Michigan narrow hospital with the cooperation of the mission field president and his son was a physician. These to ensure that the victims were assemble at the hospital where they had been fossil promised safety. The advantage leaders and called the soldiers and the militia for the massacre. This was not the only instance of that dentist participation in the genocide. Some had been cancelled by their pastors, the killing was wrong only if it were perpetrated on the sabbath. And by the way, this killing at the hospital was on the sabbath. The mission field leader and his son were extradited by the International court of justice at the hague. They retried convicted and imprison for their crime. Yet there has never been an official apology by the 7th day adventist church. What do you think about? No official apology and it leads us to this question. What does it say to the world when the beast confesses, ethnics in, but the remnant will not serious question. More importantly, is there a word from the Lord? So let's turn to our scription now, and this will be our scriptural lesson for the rest of the week. We are going to be looking at roland $81317.00. And we need a word from the Lord. Therefore there is now No condemnation for those who are in christ jesus for the law, the spirit of life in christ. Jesus has set you free from the law of a sin and of death for what the law could not do because it was to the flesh god did sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and as an offering for sin, he condemns in, in the flesh so that the requirement of the law might be fulfilled and who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the spirit. For those who are according to the flesh that their minds on the things of the flesh. But those who are, according to the spirit, the things that the spirit for the mind set on the flesh of death. But the mind set on the spirit of life and peace. Because the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward god for it does not subject itself to the law of god, for it is not even able to do so. And those who are in the flesh cannot please god. However you are not in the flesh but in the spirit. If indeed the spirit of god dwells in you. But if anyone does not have the spirit of christ, he does not belong to him. If christ is in you, though, the body is dead because of sin, the spirit in life because of whiteness. But if the spirit of him who raised jesus from the dead dwells in you. He who raised christ jesus from the dead, will also give life to your mortal bodies, to his spirit, who dwells in you. For all who are ned by the spirit of god, these are the sons of god. For you have received the spirit of slavery leading. You have not received the spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received the spirit of adoption of sons by which require out of a father. The spirit himself testifies with our spirit, if we are children of god in children, errors also here is a god in fellow ears with christ. If indeed we suffer with him so that we may also be glorified with him and interpreted no. This passage functions as an internal summary and transition in paul's argument to the believers enroll. So let me show you the quickly the structural outline that the apostle paul is using. In this passage, paul celebrates new life and the spirit for those in christ jesus. The ongoing process, a st. Vacation. This life is shared by believers, both gentiles and jews. His argument has for movement. So these are the 4 movements. Now. It starts with no condemnation for those crimes. It moves to 2 ways of living. 2 ways of living. According to paul, you can live based on life according to the flesh or excuse me, of the spirit, and then live as children of god. I'm a behind myself. Ok. Now these are what we call the interpreted questions and so these are the questions that we're going to be looking at this week. First. How does paul's description of life in the spirit in quite function with his overall argument enrollment? Why does paul insist on the radical distinction between life, according to the spirit and life according to the flesh? What is the significance of paul's message of mediated life through the spirit for christian s T A living in America in the 21st century? Especially in light of contemporary ethnic conflicts. Finally, if the latter rain spiritual power available to advent ism today. Now we want to introduce to you what we're calling and I'm a bible teacher. And so we're talking about a little summary on extra jesus. And we really want you to get this. And this big word doesn't, shouldn't scare you at all. We're going to explain it right now. So here it is. X, jesus is used to establish what the text men then literally to pull out the author's inspired meaning. So when we talk about x a jesus, we're talking about not reading into the checks, but pulling meaning out of the checks. It's very, very important. And by the way, by the way, it is very, very important that every believe every believer has facility with the word of god. You agree with me when I think about it for a moment. How did jesus defeat lucifer in the wilderness? Jesus christ himself said 3 times, it is what it is written when the bible describes in ephesians 6, you know, this armor that the christian need, It's all defensive, except for one weapon that is often says, what is there the sort of spirit which is which is the word of god. And so if your pastor has not taught you the principles that we're going to show you now sit down with the past and say that this is one of your major responsibility to give us facility with the word, especially in the facility with the work. Okay, so there are 3 levels of formal x. So here's the 3. Here's the big 3 and they're very easy. You don't have to have a bunch of degrees for understand how to do this. It's very easy, 1st of all, historical cultural. Yeah. So you look at the context, you know, if you're reading romans and we're getting ready to deal with roman's romance was not written in the 21st century. It was written when in the 1st century. And so you have to know a little bit about the context, the historical current. Next literary. This involves the immediate context, which is those text before the passage you're looking at. And the text after the passage that you're looking at, we call that the immediate content and understanding that gives you a lot of insight into the passage to study. And then grammar analysis. What do some of the words mean? And you don't have to know greek or hebrew, you know, you have so many good word studies. Now, you know, you have a court and that will tell you what every word in the bible actually means. And so it's really good. Now here's the 3rd level. Here's the 3rd level quickly and this is the most important level, theological crystal, logical. The interpretive key is to discover god saving power and saving purpose inquiry. Yeah. Yeah. So, so if you don't do this last step, then you Miss the bible all together. And we want to show you because some of you are probably visual learners. And so we're going to, we're going to show you this in a visual way. So when you're doing interpretation, there's to interpret 2 horizons of interpretation. So let's look at the 1st, the 1st arising, this is the rising, where you attempt to establish meaning. And when we talk about meaning we're talking about meaning then, you know, if you're looking at jeremiah, you're talking about meaning the time of the old testament. If you're talking about paul, you're talking about meaning in the time of the 1st century and the new testament. So you want to get what he meant then. And so the 1st step is to to understand what the inspired author paul is inspired. Gregory allen's not inspired by the way it bish, i can be illuminated, but I'm not inspired. You know, I don't, I don't participate in scripture. So po was inspired and he gave a message right to a particular audience or particular recipients. That's that 1st century audience when he wrote to in Rome. And so the 1st thing that you have to deal with is the original context. When you're sitting inside the school and you open up a text, the teacher should not say, well, what do you think about the text? That's not the 1st question. You must show you must discover what poll meant in that fix. What jeremiah mit in that checks or moses meant in the tricks are you following? It's extremely important. So your 1st response ability is to discern the principles and then the original application. And I could tell you a story, but I'm looking at our time. Okay, so the next step then is the 2nd rising of interpretation. So you mean from 1st century significance if you're dealing with paul to 21st century to 21st century significance and it's application. So now you have the illuminated, interpret it and we all can be interpretive. We have to deal with the same message, but different contexts, different recipients. And so you have to make the text plane for the mod, an audience. Does that make sense? And so we have to look at principles again, but oftentimes the applications will be different. Now here's the most important thing. Watch this, i'll do it 2 times. Wow. Let me do it another time. Wow. So if all of your study does not lead you to a deeper appreciation of the person and work of jesus christ, then you did not understand that biblical passage. Whether it's old testament or new testament, look at the words of jesus christ. He said, you search the scriptures because you think in them who have eternal life and his is they that testify of me? yet you refuse to come to me to have life. Wow. What it is, right, man. And these people for he was talking to by the way, where experts in scripture. OK, so let's deal with the phone. Let's deal with the 1st level of ex, jesus historical cultural context. And this is important information, but we're going to go through it quickly. OK, so we all know that the arthur romans, the letter was the apostle paul. He was in the ethnic jew and a former pharisee. He self identifies himself the 1st verse of the letter as a slave of christ. Yeah. And I love what happens next. Then his secretary, tertiary is as a shout out. Those churches is actually writing physically writing the letter. So he takes the opportunity to say, I churches the writer of disappears, will greet you in the Lord. Yeah, so this gives you the author and we know a lot about paul, we study poet. All of you have study, paul. So we know a lot about paul. So let's look at the date now. This is very important, so we're locating, we're locating this letter in time. OK, so here's the day. The consensus date is around 57 id. Okay? So once you say 57, a D, you may not know lot about that. So here's one kind of correlation that you can do. Look at this for a moment. The whole terms existed originally in the roman empire, is that right? And so look at what's going on. The 1st emperor is caesar augustus, those are his dates there. What's interesting if he was the emperor during the early years of jesus christ and it is also very interesting that the worship of the emperor started with augustus, implement worship. And I don't think that that's just coincidental. OK, so now let's put up all the others in the 1st century because we want to show you something. Okay, and here's the most important thing that we're showing you, and I hope you can see the color coding there, claudius and nero. Because this is the time that paul wrote in the time of these 2 emperors and you're going to see this week that this information that we're giving you now is extremely important. Remember the name claudia, especially qualities. Paul writes, when claudius was emperor, you gotta, you gotta remember there. Ok. Let's keep moving. The audience recipient. Ethnically diverse house assemblies, gentile, which were greeks, romans and others, and jews. It seems clear from the letter that the house assemblies were predominantly gentile with a substantial jewish minority. You know, when we talk about the audience, remember now that all the romans is written to all of us living in the 21st century? It's an important letter from jesus christ through the apostle paul to all of us. But the letter was originally written to these people living in Rome. In the 1st century. We have to understand something about them. How they would have heard this letter. What were the circumstances going on in their assemblies? I think that makes sense. Now, here is a critical question. Why does paul write to believers in Rome, and what does he hope to achieve? This is to be question, recall with the occasion and purpose. So pearl is not writing this letter for his health. He is attempting to achieve something and we have to be clear on that. And hopefully we will develop that this week. From that question, we go to what is called the o consensus. This is the lutheran consensus, in other words, the consensus that we derive from the reformer martin luther and in fact of still informed lutheran church based on the 16th century work of martin luther. It was believed that paul, with our knowledge of the situation in Rome, wrote a theological treatise. In other words, he wrote an academic paper to christians, living in the Capital city. This is what luther believe, luther using a thematic approach, believe that justification by faith was paul's theological focus enrollment. So once paul had determined the theme that he thought characterized the letter, then he went through the letter and found picks that supported that belief. For luther, the letter emphasizes him individual justification attained by grace and faith in christ alone as opposed to righteousness by works as paul by medieval catholicism you know, and so when you see in the great controversy, for example, when you see ellen, we're talking about luther, she's talking about this context, you know, luther road in one of the darkest periods in human history based on the practices of the catholic church. And so when she talks about his work, she is talking about it in this context. Now the question, what do you know about martin luther Martin luther was a german friar in the early 16th century. He was dedicated to a religious life, but it drove him to deep spiritual despair in 1507 luther became a priest. And shortly thereafter he was offered a position to teach the ology at the University of wittenberg in germany. By 1512, martin luther had earned his doctor of theology spending the rest of his career in that position that the University on October 31st 1517 martin luther is sent to of nailed, he's 95 theses to the door of the all saints church in wittenberg, these were 95 revolutionary ideas that served as the catalyst for the eventual breaking away from the catholic church and were later instrumental in forming the movement known as the protestant reformation. Luther was 95 theses called for a full reform of the catholic church and challenged other scholars to debate with him on matters of church policy. Many of luther's views of the catholic church deemed heretical his refusal to recant. These views eventually got luther excommunicated from the church in 1520, in 1521. After a month of hearings before religious and government authorities, martin luther was declared an outlaw requiring his arrest as a notorious heretic. On his way to jail, luther was kidnapped by masked horsemen. But it was a staged event by a wealthy supporter of luther named frederick the 3rd. The kidnappers ended up delivering luther to the safety of what bird castle in eyes and germany. Remarkably, during a year of protective custody. Here at the castle, luther performed the incredible feat of translating the bible's new testament from greek to germany. By 1534 lutheran is associate, completed the translation of the old test from hebrew into germany and published the entire luther bible. Luther's version of the bible quickly became popular and influential contributing to the development of the german language and literature. It also influenced other common language translation such as william tindale's english by so that's the story of martin theologian rebel, outlaw bible translator in spark for the protestant reformation 500 years ago. Okay, based on this video, we have another question for you. What is missing from this description of luther, or do you think anything's missing? By the way, let me see those heads again. Yes. Now maybe show Let's give you an answer. Almost all biomes of the former, omit his fall. Yeah. Yeah. And that's problematic. That's problematic. And we'll show you why. Remember, scripture tells the whole moses was a friend of god, but he struck the rock. So bob is very clear about a floor in the life of moses. Is that right? David, was god's anointed king, but he killed you, riah. Yeah, he slept with your I as wife and the bible does not gloss over and peter was a disciple of christ, but he denied him. I love the bible because he gives you the good, the bad and the ugly. In other words is true clarification. The bible reject you ocean. This is very important because it is pagan. According to scripture, there is only one he well hey, how about the The hero is come on say with me. Jesus christ. If you are in service school yesterday, the teacher talked about this. If you recall, only one he, oh, in the bible, jesus christ. And so let us know critique, and this is going to be heavy for some of you. Let us critique this chris. This consensus of luther lutheran consist, consensus, a critique. Although luther was clearly used by god to challenge errors, especially the sale of salvation to indulgences disseminated by the roman catholic church and to ignite the protestant reformation with its emphasis on justification by faith not works. Yeah, so this is extremely positive. God use luther. So let's get there, clean. Ok, we're good. Luther's vertical interpretation of roman allowed him and his followers in germany to advocate and practice anti semitism. Now the only reason we're dealing with lutheran really, is how influential his understanding of the interpretation of romans became overturned. In other words, we all interpreted romans through luther's eyes for centuries. It did not change really until the 19th century. Ok. And so that's the only reason we're looking at this. His propositional understanding of the gospel as set forth in romans allowed him to maintain and promulgate the prevailing cultural prejudice in germany toward the jews where you've got to explain propositional understanding for. Yeah, so lou for a proposition is like, you know, the just show live by faith. That's a clear proposition. It is an assertion it is a categorical statement, an idea and so loosely set forth the really important ideas from paul's letter to the romans. Ok. So we said we talk about propositional to thank you. Dear. Ok question. What is anti semitism and is a phenomenon relevant today? Oh, anti semitism is another word, the hatred of jews. It has existed for a very long time. Is that exist today? When use of the ability or physically abused, this is called anti semitism in the murder of 6000000 jews by the nazis during world war 2 is the most extreme example of anti semitism. But how did it come about? And how do you recognize anti semitism? But what makes a person jewish, even jewish when you have a jewish mother, many jews, a religious. But there are several different movements within judaism. And you can also be jewish without believing in god. Many jews see themselves as part of the jewish people. Jews live all over the world that has been the case for 2000 years. Ever since the romans took the jews into slavery and brought them to run in the year 1718 after this juice spread out all over the world. Jews are a small minority in many countries. Often they are farmers, traders, all neighbors living together peacefully with the other people in the country. But often jews forced to live separately isolated from the rest. Sometimes they lived in a ghetto, a closed off neighbourhood within the city. During the middle ages, the era from the year 500 to $1500.00 jews were also a minority in Europe. Most people in Europe, questions and they had little contact with jews. Old prince showed the jews were viewed as different or that they were hated. Even christians did not like but the jews at a different religion and that they did not see jesus as their savior. And the son of god, some christians, even so jews as the people who murdered jesus. Jews also had different customs. That is why jews were often discriminated against, and many professions were prohibited to juice. But they were allowed to work in trade and finance. The negative image of the jews continue to exist beyond the middle ages when the country was not doing well. Negative stories about jews started to appear. They were excluded and even persecuted because a small but visible group of jews was working in trade or finance. They were accused of being power hungry, causing all kinds of ghost stories about jews to repair. The stories were handed down from generation to generation and became deeply rooted. During the twenties and thirties of the 20th Century, hitler and the nazis used these old go stories. They made jews into scapegoats. For example, hitler accused use of being the cause of the economic crisis. Losing world war one was also their fault. According to hitler, hitler and the nazis saw the world as a struggle between the Human races. More and more people started to believe the jews cause problems and that the germanic people were better Then you will go on over killing yourself that you have a lot of other than a victim. You're good, mr. Border. Feel the air that's I'm sorry. 1933, hitler and the nazis came to power in germany. They took more and more measures to discriminate against jews. For example, jews were not allowed to marry other germans anymore. People were also called upon him not to buy from jewish shops anymore. In 939 world war 2 started germany conquered country after country in Europe. In 1941, the nazis decided to systematically persecute and kill all jews in Europe. This is called the holocaust, or the show. And not only jews, other groups like disabled roma, infinity, and gay people, but also persecuted. A total of 6000000 jews were killed world war 2 and they didn't 945. But anti semitism still exists. It shows up in different places in different ways. Sometimes very openly when people on the street of verbally or physically abused for looking jewish when jewish cemeteries or places of proud vandalize went on to jewish slogans or chanted during self hatred and prejudiced against jews can also be found online. For example, myths like jesus eagerly empower in many countries. Jews control the media or jews control the global financial market myths and goes stories that are from the middle ages and still exists today. Okay, now I know that this is going to be difficult information if you haven't heard it before, but it's very important. We're going to she and now a brief history of martin loses anti semitism early in life to argue that anti semitic rhetoric be rejected. So the jews might be vandalized. When these efforts failed, he became increasingly hostile toward the jewish people and concluded that they were eternally condemned by god. In 1543, just 3 years before his death, luther wrote an anti jewish book entitled on the jews and their lives. In this book, he provides advice to the german forties in people on how to deal with the jewish populace. Ok, now look at these 7 and they're painful and we'll talk about it in a moment. Saw most of these quickly is 7 recommendations. First set fire to synagogue schools, barry and cover with dirt. Whatever will not burn so that no one will ever again see a stone or cinder of them. This is to be done in honor of our lord and of christian. Second, I advised that their house is also be raised and destroyed. There would advise at their prayer, books and talmudic writings in which such idolatry lives. Cursing and blasphemy are taught, be taken from them for thy advise that the rabbis be for bidden to teach him forth on pain of loss of life in men. 5th, advise it safe conduct on the highways be abolished completely for the jews. Let them stay at home. 5th, i advise you to read. In other words, money lending be prohibited for them and that all cash and treasure, silver and gold, be taken from them and put aside for safe keeping. And finally, I commend putting a flail an axe, a hole, said the staff or spindle in the hands of young jewish and jewish food and letting them earn their bread by the sweater there browl as was imposed on the children, nevada. Yes. So these are the chevron recommendations and then in this book, luther gives what is called his final word, maya hope furnished christian to in any case has no desire to become a june, with enough material, not only to defend himself against the blind, venomous jews, but also to become, to follow the jews malice, lying cursing and to understand not only that their belief is false, but if they are surely possessed by all devils, they christ are. Do savior convert them mercifully, and preserve us steadfastly, and move ably in the knowledge of him, which is eternal life. Carol, how many of you have seen this information before? You know, just wanted to. So is it difficult? I said, is it difficult to hear this information about lutheran yonce, difficult information? You know, we were talking to a group of pastors about it and they wanted to know from us. So how do you reconcile? This is what they said, because they got this from members. How do you reconcile this with what ellen white says about lose the integrate controversy? Is that a good question? You know, because her her portrayal. You know, her description of lucy is extremely what? positive, it is extremely up. Be to fax number one. This book was not translated into english until 1948, only white died in 1950. Most likely she knew nothing about it. And I say this because ellen wife said growing things about david, but she said very negative things about his sin. And so I'm sure if ellen white was privy to this information, she would not gloss over it. Because ellen white believe that there's only one hero and that's jesus. And she also understood that we are all sinners saved by grade. Is that right? much important note. In the 1940, a lutheran church in germany tacitly supported naziism and the nazi holocaust. Some scholars point out the disturbing parallel between luther's advice in his book in the program pursued by him during the 2nd war. Tragic, although some argue that this book represents a dark period and reformers life recent scholarship demonstrates that except for period when he attempted to evangelize jews in germany. The views expressed by the book or attitude toward the jews held by luther throughout his life and show a question for you now. How can lose her half such profound understanding of truth and yet hate those for whom quite died? Yeah, so luther had a lot of treat. Are we in agreement? You know, and we're talking about this because this has relevance for people who focus on truth, small t and not true big t christ says I am the way the word, the truth and the lie. And so this question is disturbing. Let us give you some important background information as we close do tobacco semitism in Europe. So if you look at history, ethnic centrism as we understand, it started with the greeks around 5th century b. C. When they determined that every one that did not speak, greek was a barbarian. And the name actually is because they said, doug, when they bark, say barbara, you say they say bow wow. They said they say bar bar to anyone, they did not speak. Greek speaking gibberish, they were barbarians and were inferior to the greeks who called themselves helen and they pursued the process of helen zation in every place they conquered, making people, mike reeks the church fathers early church fathers misinterpreted the new testament in such a way as to show that if you love christ, you must hate jews because they murdered christ. And you must hate all jews because of this label this christ killers. The jews were stigmatized by myth. That said they were the representations of evil in the world. They were called a witness people and it was said that their suffering was an example for anybody who rejected quite throughout history, they were supposed to suffer. And so they said, unless they were converted to christianity, they were condemned to suffer on earth as well as in the after life and these teaching gulping the way for all the things that we know about in the middle ages that happened to the jews of such as the destruction of their temples and synagogues force baptism burning of the town would massacres or port groans. All these things came about as a result of what the early church fathers believed about the jews. Yeah. Watched the progression now to the medieval catholic church. So now we come to the catholic church in the early church fathers, in the catholic church, following that early from fathers from the original church top the jews were responsible for killing jesus, not just roman, the jewish aristocracy that we know actually carried out the crucifixion. But all jews, and not only all the living but all jews throughout the time, all jews were responsible. As a result, anti semitism became endemic in Europe, especially in germany. So that people conflated a combined ethnic hatred with religious hatred against the jews with the right to exist challenged by the clerics and some of the famous names. You know, thomas aquinas, bernard of clark, vo attacked jews, you know, led to attacks of jews. Before every crusade. People don't realize that the jews were attacked. They were forced to live in ghettos and they were blamed for every disaster that took place, such as a black death. They were persecuted as heretic by the inquisition forced to become christians. But even after they did, they were still burned at the stake. Now we want you to see something so, so you know that the name artist in, you know, to protest against what was being taught by catholicism. But no, it's what happens here in terms of anti semitism. Many of the reformers, like calvin annoyingly erasmus rotterdam agreed with a catholic prejudice against jews. So they rejected catholicism that they still promoted hostility against jews using the same justifications that the catholic church uses. Both of them held that good christians hated jews. These are the farmers that you are familiar with. And so he is the point luther and anti semitism. Luther was a product of his time. He was reformer. That's his understanding of the gospel of christ. And his interpretation of romans were culturally compromised. He followed what everyone in the culture believed about jews, but he wasn't by himself. It was all the reformers who believe some of these things, if you would read some of their writings, it would make your toes curl the things they talk about. The need to be done to jews. Unconditional love for the jewish other was not envisioned. So look at the history. And now we want to make the most important point going back to the interpretation of romans as we close. Looseness, interpretation of romans reconciliation between god and the individual through faith in christ, emphasized, please do not miss this point. This extremely important here is what luther taught, and we know that some of you, a visual and so you get it better. This was loosely taught that sounds ration was essentially a vertical process between god and the individual since remember luther and catholicism. You know, he grew up in a church where, where you were taught that you could die and go to hell and burn at any time. If you were not a perfect person, if your works were not right. And so his conscience, he dealt with his conscience. And so the gospel was really personally good news. And that is what he emphasized, the vertical, the relationship between god and the individual. And by the way, is this important, of course cities. But there's more to it and there in life, the distortion because reconciliation between centers in light of the cross, especially the ethnic other, was de emphasize from the reformation to the present. Get the pointing v things must remain in tensions. In other words, you cannot separate according to scripture, the vertical from the horizontal. You can do it. Looking at the pros, the biblical pronouncement in order to support this point. If anyone says I love god and hates his brother, he is a liar for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love god whom he has not seen is Jerry moon now face Is this powerful? Oh, yeah, I want to show you something Where stacy ology has strings, but it has limitations. Look at this propositional truth, this notion of ideas. This is idolized in western theology. Then personal conformity is stressed. In other words, the behavior, the thinking of the what of the individual. But look at what happens often times. Relationships are what neglect The individual, the individual and not the community. Let us show you the gospel of jesus christ as a corrective and watch its movement. It starts with our lord and savior, jesus christ. When we meet jesus, we receive new life and look at what happens automatically organically. We experience love for the father. You can meet jesus and not lo, his father. In other words, it is produced this love, this a got a love is produced based on a connection with jesus christ. But then it doesn't stop there because it moves to what hello for. He says himself, love god, love your what name? And then jesus takes it a step further look for the neighbor experience, but look at this, especially once you know me, This is the gospel of jesus christ. And once you add this dimension of love for the enemies, then you got to add some power. And so we take it all the way back over to and through who the holy spirit you can do this on your And so we close this afternoon with paul's inspiration and look at that vertical horizontal tension in this tex. But now in christ jesus, you gentile, who once were far all had been brought nearby the blood of christ, for he is our peace in his flesh. He is made both groups into one and has broken down the dividing wall. That is, the hostility between us he is abolished the law with its man mentioned ordinances that he might create in himself one new humanity and place of the 2, thus making peace and might reconcile both groups to God in one body through the cloth. Thus putting to death, hostility in jesus christ and based on his death and resurrection. God, god made all of us why We are one by satan is doing everything in his power to divide us based on race Based on tribe based only in peace when education. But I thought to make us one so that the world might know And I believe. And I believe that you believe that we are more than conquerors through the one whose office a man. But pray, father this afternoon, we thank you for your word. For your word is truly And your word is jesus christ's for christ said, when I am lifted up, I will draw all men and women boys and Girls to myself. Lord, I pray this afternoon for our church. You called us into existence. You called us into existence, lord to be light and sold in this sinful world. And yet there is an impediment that is using against us. He wants us always to be devote based on rate based on f necessity based on try based on cast. He wants us to be slaves to culture. And so we pray this afternoon, lord, that your prayer might be answered. You pray that we would be perfectly one, as you and the father are one so that the world might believe in the power of jesus christ's do it for a slower. And with all the redeem throughout history, we will praise you will praise. And we will praise you in jesus name To listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M. I S D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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