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Lions in the Garden of Eden

Jim Gibson


  • June 29, 2010
    1:20 PM
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my problem is why is a member of the birthday is it God created predators are just calling killers hollered that the result is to create an beginning by Ms. God did not create an organizational level what is personal lubrication and will plan for providing this food and there were no members of the report is the provision or vegetation as food new state-of-the-art humans and animals as well that's not as a clerk will learn the creditors in only to call terrorize the newer and creating well knowledgeable in this area by eleven system variables raised all heard about a lot in sprawling arms when I have really not so much that there was a need to raise and how I express will you verily grass is a new way of doing things relations twenty one for no more than I is biblical background there apparently it is possible to have any ecology without revision since this is the same aggregation is an item that caused death and related as result of sin Romans five twelve tells us that soon will you Romans eight nineteen twenty three links in the passage human death as we were roaming the creation sounds almost like a separate him under the cyber category I I I don't see how I is not really a certain approach to the task that I think is is not a casual reading of our well being in possession how is that a there wasn't any degradation in normal degradation of the newer revision is not part of God 's plan of British opinion after saying all questions about what is really a plausible possession are first question our revision and if necessary ecologically to avoid overpopulation and recently in the Renault and you have provisionally be on Lehigh cockroaches will there is a response to a user to have their you weren't there with the ability for reproduction and is and there is no legal population so their overpopulation creation all are all related with regard to re-sign operating system does not recite almost virtually all recycling is an bacterial fungi that so the role of predators and recycling of nutrients is no more is negligible as predation is the unavoidable for his wimpy role as we develop certain structures the result will apply by Brandon on other areas there is no die as long as saying by the selected role that the results in another argument is that when we consume material which God is the is will the song is that simply unavoidable only responder that will possibility his visitor category is biblically that also applies to individuals in October so as so as they are you can occur before or have her because so I is is no models addressing what is phentermine he is a danger of confusing the idea of data with the idea of decay or thermodynamics is a question he is a further response to that question is in the biblical culture plans were not even consider the nail on you don't have plans that rely consumer that is worth reading is wrong is is is it when my screen while it was not so in ignorance of the people who are riding while they were making plans and talking about death or about three to install will be one God is credited in the young lions seem to a fellow from the provides for the writers how would God provide him worldwide channel and was able to tell his body on a response with you that will Jesus God sends his son shy of rainfall on penalty just because God blesses us does not mean he endorses everything we have a title for that professor get a sunshine or rain is worldwide certainly all of us have laws and I don't think any of us should take the position that because we enjoy God 's blessing therefore what we think a particular topic or what we do the arena is a problem I thought only is unable that God is merciful to me a sinner and since Israel all solo question on predation predation requires so much shame in organisms as evolution of life creation prognosis is perhaps a little more serious question first response I have a series of responses here are her responses that's not necessarily true in all cases in many cases changing him from eating animals into a creditor is largely a matter of behavior and for example all the hassles is not to change a cow into a printer what involves a significant physiological changes because accountability is designed for processing will be vegetation but for Peter the word is made maybe creatures ready panels in the room or in the home of all numbers is not a factor levels are available to creditors that the will likely start out as we don't know in other cases however predation may result from degeneration and is an example interviews and heaters are called revolt indentations is a common name will be dentate means what he am a long time this is no doubt you saw what they were needed they have to wonder developing may actually have to purchase a certain stage of their development of the team members all the way there so degeneration is my song behaviors and explain some personal others we do not know how genetic change is needed to produce a friend for example if it were yours and who how to create or how to manage the development and creation if you knew how to manage the development of statement all you knew you had access to his DNA even turn on hot genes and insert DNA sequences for cutout DNA sequences even rearrange genes and so on her time holiday color changes when you need the right number at all hinges on the ball I don't think anyone really has a very good I will be as it is by genetic changes you are saying well going back to the five million genetic changes in how is that I is a will answer we don't know how much change my version is in fact some creditors might have undergone major anatomical changes consider this next version snakes are completely without legs although there are a few species bowlers that have little mighty Spurs which are the Renaissance higher place is not very much but they are and what they have to be positional relationships of panels in place and we have of course losers losers I don't want to delay some have two legs that are small and as long as you always as clearly the energy generation is incurred and also commenting that degeneration is changes in behavior changes and I heard a try to quantify that as far as I know there is no way to know right now how to qualify as changes in position there are some examples of removal more difficult to deal with some creditors appear designed specifically in example humans are now capable of causing major changes in animals could read something that experiment are how far away are we from being able to distort the creation probably remember of it all Jurassic Park four is a imaginary idea of judging is the elite is an Apple in prison point in time as well as our office although that would be impossible we don't really know development so well everyone will so well that we can be confident in Holland and facilities and so on wherever the information is located by getting some organisms it appears that some of that information resides in the cell membrane so that some of the positional relationships of this classroom the organism part are not determined by the DNA that in a provided materials the materials go into the cell and when they find a place in the cell membrane where they are then they initiate wrong if that's true then there may be limits on how much you can change an organism admitting that you cannot take the DNA from one organism and in another organism created the kind of organism and is made once what connections are reading at this point I think are still as all questions one our soul mate here have been extensive changes in but here's a question was it feels on the last part of a commentary on what is and that is all we know in order to design of creatures in and has agreed to as so raising printers of your design for predation is an positive creator of evil or postseason creates the following coloring your last question is and I will propose an idea that I think many of my colleagues will roundly and will but that's not as all right I wonder just how much Satan has influenced the creation when you say many of these things are the result of sin and does produce some mechanism that changes things or is there an intelligent agent involved has been created is called under the influence of the evil Asian world consider what happened in the story of Joan parking out front so you are not part of the animals you can call the great win and cause disease I wonder are we underestimating the Jesus called Satan the prince of this world in three different tests in the gospel of John Ray times referred to as a prince or a ruler of this world in Genesis six versus eleven twelve and a doctorate is preferred all this was corrupted in Europe was filled with violence apparently without one of the things that called for the destruction of the world was violence and I think creationism for a while nature was corrupted I think and when they examine our thinking on on the cause of all evil invasion is not a small peaceful generous with his here are some conclusions predation was not part of the original creation will be part of the reason sparsely tell that is what the Bible tells it appears every nation it is the result of the curse of sin and Satan 's activities as an artist so maintain this I don't wish to deny the site is when I curse the earth as a whole he may have introduced some kind of influence of the call is he may have provided certain changes in nature of that time as possible but I still think we see the footprints of the evil one in the inlet we see in nature and I think the related that all God may reflect your understanding always


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