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06 That They All May Be One

Gem Castor
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Gem Castor

Prayer Coordinator of ASAP Ministries



  • June 24, 2021
    7:00 AM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. A great deal loving heavenly father. Lo be patient with thank you for this privilege to worship you. To call you our father. Lord, as we begin this, said worship this morning, but I ask that may you prepare our hot, you plans our hearts and our thought and lord, I pray that you wash us from all the worries from all the burden and all the cares that should not be in our hearts and in our mine the only one to see jesus. The only one to think about jesus today. The father, i pray that may give us an I single only for your glory. Fixed only upon jesus was isis fixed on. Once again, your father, i pray that you hide me behind your crosses. I may not be seen or be heard, but jesus and jesus alone, the scene be heard lifted up and your father. We pray these fill us with your spirit. We ask this in the loving and precious knee of your son jesus. All your children say in friends this morning. I'd like to focus on the last one of the last important things that jesus left with his disciples. One of the last very passionate prayers of jesus. And this one thing that I realize as I was reading this last portion of, of christ life. Especially in desire of age. It. You see the lord's desire to leave. This message is disciples and especially to his church. This is one thing I realize. This is the most powerful evangelism strategy that jesus has given us. Somehow we have overlooked it. We've been so full of a lot of things, but not on the simple strategy of god. Remember his 2 ways are ridiculous and ah, because they're too simple that it's going to work. But my dear friend, god ways are the only one that work a man. So john, 17 versus 11. You have your bibles with you. This is just a very quick, this is not the study and I one, and I one for, for you brothers and sisters, if you have time. Well, on this thought jesse are, and now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world. This is jesus bring to his father and get so many holy father keep through 9 all name. Those will, though, has given me that day may be what they may be one as we are. Let's jump diverse 21. That they may all be one. As you father are in me and I in you that they also be one and that the world may believe that you said That the world they believe that you sent and this one that in this unity that jesus desires or is the cycle. You know the story, you know the bickering, you know, the competition between the disciples and cheese that was praying for them. He was not praying for provision. He was not praying for miracles for the disciples. What is the biggest desire for his disciples to be one? Did you get this That what jesus heaviest desire for his disciple. And I believe my dear fence that this is jesus. Heaviest desire for his church. Can you say men? friends? I looked at the as a bible commentary. It says here may be one. Listen. The unity springing from the blended lives of christians would impress the world of the divine origin of the christian church. Let me read that again. The unit is springing from the blended lives of christians would impress the world of the divine origin of the christian church. Would impress the world. I remember one pastor's wife. She was the enemies. She was married to a chinese. She's a yet me, chinese. You know the story of, of the war in viet nam, especially when that when the country close those down and there's no aid coming from from anywhere else. Even even planes that would drop somehow aids will be bombed. And he said, jam during that time would would was, was just like gold, people will kill for food friend. People will kill for food. And you could see people die in the streets and hunger. And she said, but there's this one group of people were secretly brought their food in one place and share it with one another. You know who this people are 70 added this. And she said I joined the church that because of they were what they were teaching. Not because of, of the bible study i joined the church because I saw something that I have not seen outside. Friend, this is why did me this is what it looks like. When god's church are united, can you say a mental that friends, the biggest evidence and verse $22.00 and the glory which you gave me. I have given them that they may be one just as we are one branch from the book testimony, treasures volume one page 45. It says the Lord is greatly honored when this union exists among his people while The Lord is greatly dishonored. When this union exists, among his people, friends as a church and we did honor, god rehab, have we dishonored him? Yes, we have the unity that god requires must be cultivated day by day if we would answer the prayer of christ. The prayer guys that we would be what one it says here, it should be cultivated day by day. It should be intentional. It should be in our mind. France is, are we intentional of really bring the church together at the foot of the cross? Really raining for unity, really praying for one as this is the Lord the Lord jesus desire before he left his disciples. And I believe this is jesus the star, even until now, especially now can you say a man friend? So it says here that this union that is striving for existence among those who professed to believe the last message of mercy, to be given to the world, must find no place. It would be a fearful hindrance to the advancement of god's work. Friends, let me remind you of the graph that you saw you days ago. Remember that graph that it's all blue? That is an evidence that the work of the Lord has been hindered. If we still somehow turn away from that and pretend that we are doing okay, my dear friends, we are going nowhere. We will be going nowhere. If we will not a kid, it will not heed the call of jesus that his church should be one. And his servants are to be one. Grice is one with the father. Their powers illuminated, inspired, and sanctified must be united to make a complete all those who love god and keep his commandments are not to draw apart. They are too pressed together. Can you say men, friends, this is what social distancing has somehow prevented us from what I praise god ord. Michigan. Can me be? We could draw closer together again, even I always invite people into prayer. Let's press together. Let's just imagine we're from of, you know, stuck in a Jeep knee gum. I always say that it, my sister melody tells me, jen, we are not in the Philippines, But bread, you know, what god is good. This is what he desires for us. And I believe most of your coming here every morning because of the fellowship that you have experience here on the solid floor. Can you say a meant that your friends time will come that there will be not even a flat surface? Ah, we will not be in that in this contain environment. Maybe we'll bring our questions somewhere but that we will not be able to bring our caution. We will be dealing down on an even surface a be on point A drugs at the fellowship would be better than this. Can you say that friends then god, people are depressed together. I remember this is story that that was shared to us and my sister mel. Send this email to me. So the title of this story was a wall of fire. And it's really blew my mind. I don't know if you know this, this story fence. This happened in 2010 to the indian ocean coast of denton. And this group of young people wants to evangelize this village in this village. It's like 8000 population, but this is a very spiritualistic village. They believe in lots of superstition. And most of the majority of this inhabitants here are non christians and their hostile. But this group of young people came together and said, let's bring this village to the foot of the croc. Oh, you know what they did? ran like you did every morning. Like what you're doing and every morning they come together and pray. And one time they weren't assures, and the Village officials, some house, then a group of young people beat up this group of advent, this war pray. But while that group of young people are trying their the way or trying their best to somehow go and destroy the piece that is a group of young people are doing, you know, what, what happened. They were not able to penetrate because they saw a wall of fire surrounding the people. They saw a wall of fire. They did not succeed, but this, that this villagers, they are determine. Now they were assigned to somehow disrupt the meetings. Though in this, in this open area where they are doing the vendors, 6 theories, they saw that the, all the equipment are there. No, they said we will steal that grants on that night that they were trying to steal it. They saw a very tall man, not the stall as me, the dollar Was wearing a white row and holding a flaming sword, going back and forth guarding the equipment. They did not succeed. Now the elders for giving them the instructions, thinking they could, that this young people, this, this young assassins could not accomplish the task. So they themselves came and they came with wood, somehow pump. They were there, their regalia had to tow and they were planning somehow Will take out the speaker, the young man. And while there were you walking while they were approaching this young man, all of a sudden all of a sudden friend, this 2 elderly man who was dress somehow wiped out the meeting gain running towards the men. But they ran around him and passed him and say it's, I'm burning, i'm burning and burning friends. There was no fire. And later on, later on, they gave their testimony. They saw a wall of fire surrounding the speaker while they were approaching that if the fire was going through them and france, this group of young people continued what they were doing. And later on, people are asking them. Even those assassins were asked to disrupt the meeting as the what is your secret? What power did you invoke? What superstition is this? And they said, no, we don't believe in superstition. We serve a living god of heaven. We have the protection of divine angels. The offence this group of superstitious villagers thought god was acting this people. Why should press together red zachariah to verse 5? It says for I says, the Lord will be a wall of fire all around her and I will be the glory of her moods. Can you say it meant that france i, the Lord will be a wall of fire, and this is one thing that I realize then when god's people come together, the wall of fire goes up. I experience this back in the Philippines while I was leading out a prayer session and and one of the none, none. Adventist attendee while I was leading out, she began crying. She began crying friends and, and I asked, my friend was also a girl, a girl go comforter. And later on, after, after all the procession was done. She told me, jen, i'm sorry to disrupt, to disrupt the miti. You know why I was crying? It because I opened my eyes, i opened my eyes during the meeting and as if I saw evil angels trying to break the prayer session. Friends that were like 13 of us in that circle. Yeah, I was crying is because the, the, or before the evil angel could reach the circle, i saw each one of you rounded the angels that examine france God work. But his steeple bows down and listened. Fence the book and know and signs of the times. April 13, 8091. It sets the unity of believers is the evidence to the world of the divine power and the mission of The unity. All believers is to be the evidence. What would be the evidence that the unity so the world of the divine power and the mission of Dr. Did you hear this spent? This is supposed to be the evidence, not the size of our church. Not the programming or not any ways or means that you could navy that you could think to reach the world will make it happen. Nothing fence only what christ has been asking us has been praying, has been interceding for his church. The unity, my dear friend, evangelism would be powerless without unity. You hear the spence evangelism would be powerless without unity, but they get the other way around. What would evangelism look like? If there's unity among god, steeple france, and this is one thing I realize. If we do not need god's skull or history to be united, it's like wearing fancy clothes buying, although signature, clothes covering yourself up, but not taking a shower Isn't a disgusting Putting all your make up, but you have not showered for like 2 years. How many years have we not been hitting? heating the call of jesus? That's how many years have we not taken a shower, spiritual brand. We have been moving forward, giving the message, but they could value It could smell something else. Idea fence. If we come and humble ourselves before god and heed the warning need a council bench, i believe a lot of people over brought closer to the Lord a man. And I believe a lot of people are attracted with goods. Now, I just imagine walking in a store and you smell a sweet mango or a sweet dorion. A know some of you would run away advance. This is, this is one thing that you could not hide the aroma of heaven. And it shows me the real love heaven would be so sweet, sweet smelling in the unity of believers. This should be the my dea argument to convince the world. Did you hear that this should be the might the argument to convince the world that christ as the son of god, the redeemer of the fallen men? What is the mighty evidence? Is the unity of his church? Is the unity of the believers in his church? The love existing between believers is to be similar to the love existing between the father and son. Can you imagine a church that looks like this? That we love each other? The way jesus loves his father. The way the father loves you just that you'd be willing to lay your life on the line for your Brother, your sister. When can you imagine a church like this? Do you desire a church like this? That a week, a man. Do you desire at church like this? My dear friends, if we want to reach the world, if we want to transform that blue color graph into green color graph, then we have to listen to jesus prayer for the unity of his church. You could not do this any other way you believe so. We could not complete this work any other way. We may, we may send all our missionaries to go out. If we are not united in grades, they will not see christ in US. Even if we have evangelistic series and every band in the 6 years, we have all the powerful breaches. And when they stay in the church, they smell you. They will leave, they will stay and better take a shower. The defense. We cannot have this love unless jesus is abiding in the heart by living faith. If we as a church declared to have g as in our hearts that it should be seen and how we deal with one another. It's how it should be seed and how we deal. And how we look at our leaders, france. This unity and love will exist wherever the spirit of the Lord abides. Can you say, man? wherever the spirit of the Lord abides. And this is one amazing thing right now here in this guy, because our theme is what? How much more? If we ask for the holy spirit, how much more your father is to give it to you. That is the only way, My dear friend, that is the only way that will be moulded as one, but we have to be pulverized 1st. We have to humble our so our cell spurs. We are all broken vessels. Would you agree? And those vessels needs to beat, override the water of the holy spirit. Come down. That will be turned into mud that you will mould us again into one branch. I remember we went to Milwaukee wisconscin last the last april gave is in it was april and we were s A S A P as a S A B project. There in the mon tribe in among i mean congregation. We visited and we did some video and I heard beautiful testing only from this, from the mom believers mall are from actually originally from china. But they have scattered around southeast asia. And some of them moved here in the US. You know, prince, that u. S. Is one of the biggest mission field, because there are a lot of other of refugees coming to our, to this country. The french, this mon believers, are some o ministering to their fellow mom. And when we interview the people who are there and then you really baptize all they could say, if you know what the moment we came in here, you somehow sense love. And there was one lady. She is a newly baptized lady and just imagined for her husband as a buddhist and an animate. The moment he knew that the cheese going to 70 avid this church in christian church, she gave him. He gave her a hard time and, and best possible somehow informed her family that his wife is thinking of joining a 70 adventist church and the whole family ganged up on the lady. They gave her a hard time, they pressured her, and then one particular time they said to the lady a, we have to have a family gathering and you have to go for our friends. You know, an asian family gathering is a whole village. Yes, friends. It's a whole village. So this lady came to the pastor, the password change. I one of our very, oh, he's a blessing pastor john shy. And the lady tried to muscle gently bus agenda. I don't know how to do this. I don't even know. I'm not even an expert cook and the pastor change, I said, you know what, let's bring it to the church. The church joining together. The church for this lady's house, bunch family. And they did not just go. They did not just cook, they presented everything they arranged able, they have a program, they have a P, A system and facile john spoke in the meeting and when the family of the husband game their mouth were open to just like What he had land this joy his wife somehow turn around is the biggest opportunity for them to hear the word of the Lord. Read this, this mom individuals they were so they were so shocked. They came in thinking that they will star because this, this wife, this lady here doesn't know how to go, but they came out with, with lunch boxes, With dessert and all of course there's rice, friends. They came out, spilled, would physical food and speech all ready. Just imagine if the church acts like that. Whenever there is a situation in a member, let's all gang up together to live the name of the Lord up. Just imagine how it would look like brandon let it says here from the book, From selected messages, volume on page 386. It says here. Look at the cross of calvary. Look at what look at the cross of calvary, but this is what my addition instead of looking at each other or the leaders or even the storm. Look at the cross of calvary bands. It says here, look at the cross of calvary. It is a standing pledge of the boundless love, the measureless mercy of the father of the heavenly father. Oh, that all might repent and do their 1st works. When the churches do this, they will love supremely. They will love god supremely. And their neighbor as themselves a defense, we have been looking away from the Lord too much. You've been looking at each other. You've been looking at the calamities where maybe we have been looking at the mirror for too long. But what we have missed this looking at the cross. When we do this, it says here, divisions will then be healed. The harsh sounds of strife will be no more heard. This is a beautiful bench. You decide is raise your hand. There are some hesitation. Friends, this should be our desire because this is jesus desire for his church. Can we say a man? Oh, when god's people are one in the unity of the spirit all for us to use them for us to use them. You know what I mean? All of self righteousness, which was the sin of the jewish nation, will be expelled from all hearts. And the more the grice will be upon each individual member of his body. Wow. The mole of grice will be upon each and every member of christ and body. He will make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the gentiles? Which is christ in you, the hope of glory. And can you picture our church with this picture? I defend this would result so much joy. It would result so much joy. See people come the defeat of the cross, the foot of the cross. I remember 2017 or 18 when we had that the waste health that was g Y, C and pathway to health. And I was a sign into prayer room. So every morning we come together, all the chaplaincy, all the chaplaincy group come together and pray and have a devotional. And after, after that day, I heard from one of the volunteers that jim, I have a powerful story to tell. So friends, while he was leading out this, this guy going from from station to station. Because that's, that's what our chap lindsay are assigned to do to grade for those people at the summer will help them out the specially at the exit. And he says here, this guy who has, who he was helping out said to him, I want to tell you something. All the volunteers here, of a glowing light around their head. And the guy said, what do you mean? He said, all the volunteers have a glowing radiating light around their head and I was astonished. He said, and, and I went to look in the mirror if I had that light as well that but you know what? I went and looked in the mirror and said, but I didn't have one, but one day I will have it. And he started crying. The guy said, because of what you have done here to date, I believe in the Lord again. This is what we were studying there that day that was sharing this, this thought some of the times february. Then we may have been because the seasons even now, if the people will pray fervently and believe in the promises of got and when prayer and faith abound among god's people, the world will see a steady light shining forth from them. Perhaps did you hear this? You want me to read that again and when prayer and faith abound among god's people, the world will see a steady light shining forth from that Is the one to light the world up. I, the offense we have come together. The reason why we are not united because we don't play together. We don't humble ourselves before god. Together. Revelation 18 verse one. Yours was light then with his glory we will fill the promise. And I love this quote before we going through our time of prayer. The always read this, I believe that I share this with you at the beginning of, of this week. This promise blessing, blessing of the holy spirit is made on condition that the United prayers of god's people are offered or offered. And in answer to this prayers, there may be expected a power greater than which comes in answer to private prayer. Did you hear this friends? private prayer is very important. And we should not neglect private prayer, but as much as private fair is important or brit rare is important. Can you say men one cannot do without the other friends, let us not neglect coming together. The answer that will come in Frank together would be more powerful than in answer to the prayer privately. And it says here, the power given will be proportionate to the unity of the members and their love for god and their love for one another. Friends, how much power do you desire for your church to have? It will be proportionate. The unity of the members and their love for god and the love for one another. And I like the read this thought again is last line. This unity and love will exist wherever the spirit of the board a bite as we seek for the feeling of the holy spirit as we humble ourselves before the presence of god by defence, god will take his place on his throne. That's the time that god's people will be one. So if there's anything that we should be praying for friends that a spray for the unity of our church in a spray for the humanity of our heart. That a spray for the wonders of heart. And one of my head us will fill jesus desire for his church that we will all be one. Only the holy spirit can make this possible friend. Only the holy spirit can make this happen for our church. No matter what we do in our own strength, we could not make this happen. And the good news, if God says how much more heavenly father give you the holy spirit than that, ask him the last we come before god's presence that's not ask for anything else. Like now we've been asking for a lot of things. But as ask that we, as a church was who failed the prayer of jesus christ. Can you say him and let us pray as a church that will take him at his word at whatever instruction that he has given us that we will, bill. The promise will be given if the conditions are met. So then let's gather together. And as sir become close to one another. And for those of you are not able to to kneel. Just just come closer and take the nearest the seats. For those of you brought your cushions brought your jacket. No, this is not a, a soft spot right now. Feel free friends feel free. And let's that sing the song. Even number 545. Save your like a shepherd. Lead us. Though we need god to lead us branch, we need a king of games, a lot of lords to lead us. Let us sing this song. They have your like a shad burnley barge. We need our anders care in the plaza and be did our or Their last g is blasted. G R I and we are last g, G I Before we go into our prayer request time tracy facing i got It across awe in r E. In my law or the law On this All the father lord we come before your presence this morning. The 3. 0 lord that you please indict our prayer. Help us lord to respond the prayers of jesus or help us about the brief of the unity Me now me ha, jean call and we Need To bend that it's a for the last 2 minutes. That's crazy. That the holy spirit will be able to mould our heart the way that that the church would be one that does allow the holy spirit Last, 3rd as G. O. O K or glory the day for The My o B, this is my raising my day. Oh oh, nice be my Nice day the day and your father, we pray she and we thank you. When we have you, we have a story to tell the world will know we are your disciples. But I asked in a very specially may our eyes because the bungee was eyes fixed on the Bay. All that the loving and precious name of your son jesus or your children man. To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M I S D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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