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DNA and Design

Tim Standish


  • June 29, 2010
    5:45 PM
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the two things that I love one is science on the other is using and the two things go together in DNA DNA as I think you'll see as we go along Islamist beautiful molecules out there I want you to think of DNA not just in a machinelike way but as a beautiful walkabouts not long ago I was in London and I went to one of the hot galleries there I was looking at all of these spectacular works about and I came up to this image what a beautiful family see visits a mother in this particular case this is supposed to be married the mother of Jesus and those geniuses sitting on Mary's life and Jesus is interacting with John the Baptist which would make me think the other woman the woman sitting to the right must be Elizabeth but it has since it is the place to be and by tradition Saint Dan is supposed to be the mother of Mary and this is the family 's needs are this would be the grandmother lung bother and Jesus and the Council here what a beautiful city what a beautiful thing and yet this scene that was sworn by a leader not a defense he is currently a toxic this is the plan for a painting that we don't have today all we have is the plan for the painting of the plan is beautiful we know that we are not a convincing was a genius when it comes to and even though he was a genius he still made lands for what he did the MS that I'm selling you on the left is unknowable except all John the Baptist I love this depiction of John the Baptist by the late hearing as he is a young man he's a vibrant man and look at the gesture that he's making with his hand Leo nodded eventually has to pointing to the Salus of his life his wisdom his mission fall but God of heaven the creator God who gave him this mission to make the white stripes for Jesus himself I like it but he's shown as a young man without obedience because it's tempting to think of him as an old man but remember when his ministry began he was a young man and he drew his strength from God you'll notice in the other picture something very similar look at the gesture that and is making in that picture also slaughtering the EULA signal pointing to God and saying this is where my strength comes from this is where the blessings come from this is the creator who has the power to do these wondrous things in our lives it's a beautiful and when we see the similarities between a plan and a painting we can quickly see that this was how we do not agency what it turns out that in a way God works in Jesus hello why he has a plan for us in the plan is beautiful just like the cops and that Leonov agency may in fact the gospel of John stopped out with telling us that there was a plan and you as you go through the Gospels you hear that this plan existed over and over again if you have a hobby expression that Jesus is the Lamb that was slain and from the foundation of the well from the very beginning there was a plan a plan for making us and a plan for saving there was a plan so let's look at these words written by not John the Baptist but John the apostle Peter says in the beginning was the one on the love was with God and the Word was God he was with God in the beginning through him all things were made without him nothing was made that has been made there's something interesting about this translation but will the one you where I'm showing you in yellow inquiry is obviously not polite there is a difference Greek word that is used there that what is logo is unnecessary a bloodlust this has profound meaning to it and who goes names the world it also needs a plan so you can read this to say in the beginning was the way the plan him was in place Jesus was that land to create and to save us this is in credibly profound on the plan itself is beautiful in a way you can think of your DNA as being your plan is not completely a planet doesn't determine everything about your life but it's a plan for you so in a way you could say in the beginning was the DNA you think about that press on into much detail that amazing moments when your mother and your father came together and God 's plan for you was formed in the union of that spun and that a upland came together and as we went along in just a few weeks that single cell life fertilized egg developed into a little time he signed the baby and it was beautiful and it grew and developed other than the cost of nine months and then it was bought and it was you and you continue to develop and now you will like the painting based on that plan your the fruition of that plan that is written out in the DNA obviously other things that come in like environment and soft but there is a plan for you that is written in your DNA DNA is in think of as being the chemical paper I should plan your proteins are written now this chemical paper is very special it's just the right kind of paper is about the time before people was invented yet people write stuff out on fragments of pottery and they chiseled stuff into rock and sometimes they ride on animal hides and things like that but with something that revolutionized our ability to record information and exchange it and reproduce it and so on DNA is like paper in that sense it is just the right stuff the plans that are written on that chemical paper I beautiful let's just review a little bit about what this chemical paper is you've probably seen pictures of DNA the DNA is inside every single one of your Celts now some of yourselves as they mature actually lose their DNA like your red blood cells but every cell in your body stops out with this DNA this was long long chemical for inside the nucleus of your self not to give you an idea of how long this chemical is it is approximately if you put all the DNA in each of your cells together and when it would be approximately two meters long that's longer than I am whole approximately two leases on how long does it all get inside yourself obviously if the plan field was written on paper real the sets DNA is extremely if this sucks ass boring information and it is just a white material that can be spooled around special proteins on those special pricing felt to arrange it in a very orderly way you can think of your writing assignments as being books a book you have the pages arranged in a nice pencil water and the inflammation is in the places that you need to be on that file because if you pull pages upon you want to get him to retrieve that information the DNA itself has a beautiful structure to it it is a double helix it's true with Ulysses going around each other interestingly enough we are not a divinity designs a staircase that is a double helical staircase window with beautiful structures like this double helix come from they come from the minds of geniuses in our world this particular double helix is beyond anything that I think a human being would be capable of coming up with this is a product of incomprehensible genius and that is why one of the man who discovered this structure this double helical structure Francis crick wrote something and it tells us something very important he said biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed but Rob the Ewald why does he have to say that because any rational policy would save the beautiful structure of DNA and immediately recognized design their there are some other interesting things about the NHS the material first off it was assumed why then so you can't even hear you're just looking at just a little tiny piece of DNA and you can see the chemicals that make up our slightly different that white letters of the offer that we actually designate them with weapons off the Latin alphabet there is a American season and continues always go together and their energy is in cities and cheese and sees always go together this is very easy to remember we happen to be at the General conference of Seventh-day Adventist and after you see you once again it now anyway yes I isn't is always getting about why this is important take a look at this when you have that double-stranded DNA if you believe fit into two single strands each of those strands can set up as the template for making a new strand so you can make very accurate copies very rapidly of DNA look there at the top strand and then starting at the right isn't a so what is the strand was good to go with the data have been to eat right and where there's a Seabiscuit of the achievement is a gene is going to be asleep it's a very simple system it sounds like but it is elegant and beautiful so this is how your DNA can be replicated rapidly and as you develop from one copy of your DNA into the trillions inside your body right now you did that with tremendous speed and fidelity nobody was able to do that there's also something interesting about the food that this DNA uses asset defines your proteins it would be wonderful to the links of the details of about one okay to do that while I want to the night is the very language that this that these lessons of the DNA alphabet spells out is beautiful and amazing this year is not acquired but I'm showing you the genetic code is one in a million this is a paper title this is the title of a paper by free London hots they did research and they showed that it is a fantastic code that works exceptionally well let's talk about how that code is used to make the plans for proteins wait until look at a preteen he had called PIP asked to sit if possible we need to look at the gene now that's actually has to do with one of the most embarrassing experiences in my life that has to do with my teaching at least used to think of DNA as being kind of like Legos Legos interesting because they are modular and you can take the Legos and he can make all kinds of different things out of the Legos I have a late as there is a pleasant shoot but what else can I do a little maybe I can make it into a rainbow just so many different kinds of things that I can to with Legos because they are modular units and I can join them together in different ways to make different things either one of my favorite points seems we discovered I kind of like Legos they are modular so what they have things exons and then made up of several axons this particular example PI TX two him us six exons to select as number one three six on this particular example what we can do is we can take those modules lose exons and join them together in different ways and make different proteins that related to one another but they different so let's see here this PIC X two isoform A is made out of using information from exons one to five and six PTI IPI TX two isoform B is made out of Exxon's one two three five and six so it doesn't use excellent for and here is another one isoforms see Exxon's four five and six I used to make it why was this embarrassing to me because I got up and gave a lecture in molecular genetics class I was teaching at Andrews University and I taught my students but that will ever a hundred thousand genes in the human genome and I have wonderful reasons for doing that myself is the mole of those reasons the problem was an essay shortly after that the human genome was published and we found out we had less than fifty thousand genes now we know that we have less than thirty thousand genes in fact you don't have that many more genes but one or a fruit fly it's amazing how to map the because a single gene it turns out is a complex interconnected set of pots that can be joined together to make many different proteins as it times out our old ideas about genes have gone by the wayside one gene can make many proteins because DNA codes in module units a single gene can produce several different but related seems has something else to think about Panetta never gotten the palindromes I love palindromes is once one of my favorites it's the place to be what Napoleon sent and able was I ere I saw L you see what's special about this if you read it for what it says able was I ere I saw Elba if you read it backwards what does it say Abel was a high-rise oil but that's what a palindrome is it reads the same forwards and backwoods of my white talent frames in DNA are very common it is a novel one I love this particular one none I just sent a fast never prevents a fatness I dies on caught but if you read it backwards it says exactly the same thing we know how this particular palindrome was made it was made by a man named Peter Hilton he was a tiebreaker during the second world war because guys with geniuses they were geniuses and that's where things like friends come from brilliant minds think there are things there are actual palindromes and DNA but there are other interesting things like palindromes and an interesting interconnected complex structures in the language of DNA genes a kind of like literature in a way but they are more than than the kind of literature but we have read forward some genes code for one protein but read backwards they code for different protein sometimes these proteins are related in some way maybe that part of the same biochemical pathway of the same signaling pop oil something other genes code for more than one one proteins went in the same direction as the two genes overlapping each other it's amazing what's going on imagine trying to involve things like this this is the sort of thing that design gives us we nice design is when you have to be a philosopher or anything like that here are two examples these are piles of sand on the right-hand side is a pile of sand on Fraser Island and its radio the largest sand island in the world this particular patent on the right-hand side I know immediately was made by just natural forces acting by themselves the person that I see in the pile of sand on the left which I haven't come across in Berlin I immediately recognize is the product of design at one know that from my personal experience so I'm cheating a little bit here if you actually panned down on that photograph a little bit here is the office working on at the office had a design the artist had a plan and this is the plan coming to fruition the DNA in your body is hot of the plan that God has for you so to conclusions DNA is a remarkable material very well suited to encode the plans God went for life the plans contained in DNA our remarkable and elegance that getting the masterpieces of God 's creation and here on the left you can see the latest masterpiece in our family out of this this little baby was just born last week to see one of my cousins what a beautiful mosque the pics God has a plan for this child and this is exactly what God 's word tells us for I know the plans that I have you cause God knows the plans he has for us he wrote them himself plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you five and a future a man him and


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