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Sabbath Part 1a

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • June 20, 2021
    2:05 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen father have and we are so thankful and privileged to be here together. Like minded believers here to learn of you to worship together. I pray your holy spirit would be with us with guide us would give us understanding, lord, not just in a theoretical way, but a practical way as we speak. Better understand the vital core truth that comprise the evidence, faith and how we can share those more effectively with others. As we seek to be ready, when jesus come, we ask that you would answer this prayer as we prayed in the name of jesus and for his faith men. Okay, so we have advertise this as the core work out and camera now we're trying to who come up with what you know, let me back up a little bit. Emmanuel institute is a lay training program here in the michigan conference. And when we started out, we did a, basically a free and a half month training and there's a lot you cover. And 3 and a half months where we had students who would come stay on campus. We were, we were working at a pullman, michigan. We had a campus there, students would come and then we had a field pool, so we would go out into we would pick different area community we work in I want to say we worked in holland, we worked in Grand haven, we worked in Grand Rapids one summer we worked in alleghany, we were all around, we'd find it a locale, and we would go out and they would go door to door and they try to find interest and get bible studies and we would train them as they were doing that. So it wasn't just classroom stuff, obviously very extensive. And so when we do something at can't meeting him and I almost don't want to call it a manual training because it's, you know, manual training is more immersive, for example, this fall. And we talk about the morning this fall in October. We did it last year too, but I'm just really glad that some covert things are shifting. I don't want to offend anybody here, but I'm just telling you In July, july 1st, I don't have to wear mask into the grocery store anymore and that makes me happy. So I don't know how the rest of you feel about it. But at any rate, we did this last year, last thought it worked out pretty well, but we had a manual session in the training office and it was a week long. And the folks came and they said in a local hotel and we fed them their meals and it's all day, every day for 7 days we incorporated outreach in that. But there's just a lot of things you can cover. And when you pull yourself away from whatever you usually do at work or play and you spend all day every day focusing on spiritual things, training witness thing. It has a different effect then going to a class or having something at your church in the evening, and then you go back to work the next day. You understand the thing. But can't be any kind of halfway in between that we had a week to do something. You're wondering what to do and because of the variety of things, we train in training people how to find the interest to study with training people, how to give bible for training people, how to get the things when you're in bible study, all of those things can take an amount of time and so you can't do them all at once. We do these a short session like you can't meeting. Sometimes we'll do a week where we do witnessing training. But this week we're focusing on something that we have traditionally called our bible boot camp, and that is going over 7th avenue, i believe from the bible to help you be more confident in sharing them with others. And I'll explain what I mean by that. A little bit more in a minute. So you know this week the core, our core work out is our core beliefs. What sometimes has been called the 5 s's, or the successes, or the 7 s as if you've ever been through. This is different and you're always going to have service. You're going to have state of the dead. Are going to have 2nd coming. You have, thanks. Where are you going to have spirit of property that sometimes people put salvation in there. But the vision is, is what we, that's, that's kind of an overarching everything belief. And when we talk about the 5 S, we're talking about those, you think different thing that, you know, those are the things we're like, how do I share this with somebody In this same room in the morning starting tomorrow, l royce name and are retiring minister director and I are going to be teaming up to do a week long presentation on justification. Righteousness by faith. We get the Salvation component there, but in the afternoon got to 5 and then I added standards. Ok, christian living christian dress. Why? Because these topics are the topics that people heal squirrely about sharing with other people. When 7 day avenue here, we did a training in lansing michigan several years back and I want to tell the passer there at the time. Not that I'm telling on him is a bad thing, but we were trying to figure out what we're going to include. We did it like a 10 day long training and you're always going to leave something out and put something in like what are we going to try to cover in the week? And I like to always do at least a little section of a boot camp or going over bible doctrines, beliefs whatever else. And the pastor said, you know, I want to get more practical. I want people to be able to have more practicing getting bible studies and giving bible studies and they already know the doctrine In something told me I need to keep up teeth of the doctrine study in it regardless. And so I was able to cover everything he wanted, and I had one afternoon where I just blasted through a bunch of those distinctive. I think I covered the law, the sabbath, the, the market of bees, and something else in, in, in the covenant, in like a 4 hour block. I had Now don't be like, because guess what, this afternoon as the sabbath. And we're going to be covering the law, the sabbath, the market, the beast in the US same property. And I'm going to explain why we're doing that in a minute. We're just, this is the warm up. But when we, after I had done that session, one of the folks came up to me afterwards and this happens all the time. And I'm just giving this example and said to me, pastor, i have grown up in the ever search. I went to avenue elementary School, I went to administer academy, i went to avenue college, and I never heard what you presented here today. And I'm thinking the law and the sabbath. But in the years following that, and I pastored over here a few years ago at the Academy church, it began to, I begin to dawn on me. You have to understand my family left the evidence church when I was about 15 years old and I went to public high School and my family went off with afford movement. And I ended up coming back to the church. When I was about 26 years old and so I didn't have that academy experience and all that. And it was, it was kind of weird because I, I grew up and I went to evans elementary School. When it came back into the church. I remember connecting with friends that I had an elementary School and it was weird to me that their lifestyle was very similar to the one I was in the process of leaving Because you know, for, for many 70 avenue, your belief is a cultural believe you believe it because everybody believes it in the way I'm afraid, the way we even teach our kids. We have curriculum like you can't girls and go to have a school not learn about the long as that was because it's in the curriculum. In the curriculum, it's in the textbook. I know they got it, so that's where I'm wrestling like, how could she say she didn't get it, but here's the thing. The way we often teach it is, you know, we go on the church on the sabbath because we know saturdays the 7th day and yeah, and it, when we teach it like you already know this, here's a review. Instead of teaching it like, these are the bible reasons why we do this. This is what you're going to get challenged on. And people are going to tell you this. And this is why we don't take that position that they take on the law or on the tablet or whatever else. We don't teach them to think our young people or our adults to think critically about what we believe. And so we believe because we've been told and, and in the I see it every year, our kids grew up, camera academy told not where jewelry cause them and it's don't reduce graduate. They go out who get their ears, pearson, where jewelry, because they were just told we do it because every and like they're not going to get challenge. So now in the, in the majority of society just coming in even even in the church, but let alone like culture at large is going to challenge those things. So why do we believe these things? And I think with this lady was telling me who grew up and she never really had a critical look at what you know, what I mean by critical. I'm not critical. I'm talking about thinking it through a look at why we believe what we believe I'm going to tell you something the longer i've a 7th avenue, the more confidence i have in the 7th avenue faith and I. I don't care if a person and I'm just going to be straight forward with you. I never went to seminary. I've never taken rick, not one rick class. Ok. I know some greek. I know some hebrew from personal study as a pastor, i've been past ministry over 20 years. A lot of people. I'm going to tell you, I don't care what a person's pedigree and I will go to tow with anybody on what I believe. Because I know with the bible, and I know that because I made it my point to know that because that's what a christian is. And I think back to the words that perhaps you're familiar with the words of john. Why? cliff, who was arguing with a scholars at his day, who said, you know, the lay people shouldn't be reading the bible. You know, they need the priest to interpret. And of course, they didn't even have it in their own language and why could fit, i'm going to make it to a boy who drives the clown. It was more of the scriptures. We have forgotten that the power of the word and man, the advantage of faith is a bible base base. And in the more you know it, you're just unshakable because you know what scripture said. So my point this week, you know, when, when, when the password told me, are our members know the dot it dawned on me because I've done so much training to train people how to give bible studies. And yet our members aren't walking to give bible. And I think it's because we're uncertain not even necessarily uncertain. Like okay, the sabbath. No, I believe this app. But how do we hear the sample? What do I say? And I know these guys are going to say, we've already maybe had a little bit of experience where people come back and say, have, is you guys believe in the sabbath? Don't you know the law was done away with? Don't you know that god doesn't care as long as you love jesus. He just wants to love jesus. Love him and love one another and you get all this and then you're thinking, what am I going to say to that? And so our time this week is looking at the core 70 avenue, i believe, but we have to. So today we're going to look at the fab is, but I can't tell you about that without looking at the law. We can't do that. In other words, I want you to get an understanding of why this is a significant doctrine and in there are other things related to So there are, you know, we cover the camera covers the 2nd, recovers death, connected with death is the doctor the hell. And the millennium, i mean, you just, they kind of go together. So you're going to get a lot this week. And I want to encourage you to take notes. Now what I'm going to do, because I did run over here for the year by to because of the schedule debacle. If I had some stuff on the printer now I have bible studies that I put together. That's what I want to do with. I want to talk about the doctrine and then I'm not going to give you a bible study, but I'm going to walk through the flow and I want to do it after I explain. Let me say one more thing and then I want to dive into talking about the law a little bit will start there and there will be the intention is this every day is going to be from 215 to 5 days. We're going to have break. So we'll go from 215 to 3. We'll have a 10 minute break and we'll go from 3 fan to 4. I have a break and go from 410 to 5. And we're going to take that block to go through what we cover each the sabbath today. Tomorrow the state of the dead wednesday is thank you every thursday. Is the no, no, I'm mixed up. It's Sunday. Tomorrow's back 2nd coming. And that's monday, Tuesday. Say the dead wednesday. Is It written out somewhere? Oh, thank you for telling me. Well, we're going to present this week because I forgot the spirit of rosie's wednesday. Thursday is thing she wary? Yes and Friday standard. Ok. So let me say one more thing about when it comes to sharing your faith with others, specifically giving bible and I'm going to incorporate evangelistic meetings as well. Now, I don't know if you've ever thought this way. I've been challenged this way. Sometimes my members, i mean I don't get houses, we're pretty much bye, bye bye. Remember usually do the challenging on it. They'll say, why do we, when we cover the sabbath, why don't we cover this and why do we cover that? Why? Why always this little bit and why don't we, when we give bible say you have more studies on this that and the other thing I want you to understand that a bible study lesson is not written with the intention of exhausting the topic. When you vangelis itself in that evangelist meeting and preaches on the sabbath, his point, he has to cover every last place in the bible that the sabbath appeared. His purpose is to address specifically those things that people have questions about who address so things those points where the devil has twisted things and he is trying to straighten them out when you're giving bible studies, if not the point to exhaust the topic, the point is to try to take the things that are unclear and make them clear so that a person can think through them and make a decision. And so as we go through the topics this week, there's a lot that we won't cover. But what we do cover are those areas that we get challenged on, that people have questions on. And We want to try to bring clarity from scriptures answer those. And so, as I explain some of the reasoning the back behind the scene, reasoning behind putting a study together, then when we go through the site, if you go from here to here to here, I think it's going to make sense as you see, this is why the flow and I'm going to use the lessons i wrote ok, and I've used for manual for a long time, but any evidence lesson on the last and a follow up pretty similar trajectory of thought because of that reason. If trying to answer the common mindset that most people have about a topic like the family. So you can't get into the sabbath without starting with the law. Tell me what's the christian world thinks about the law. Now I want to share with you some things about the law both just don't think about it. And I want to start with, let's start with this. Let's start with justification by faith. Ok. How many christians believe in justification by This about all of them right now, I want to ask you some questions here. Let's say that a friend jack here and I are having a, a disagreement. And I say something like that. You need to know the disagreement. You just meet, you come in on the conversation and I say, jack, you're just trying to justify yourself. Have you ever heard that expression before? Without even knowing anything, what am I basically saying he's trying to do to show he is right? Or An excuse to show he is right to show he's innocent to excuse himself, right. When we use that term justify. Have you ever tried to justify yourself There? Ask that question. Okay, let me ask you to follow up. When in, when do you try to? Is it? What is the only time you try to justify yourself? Not necessarily when you're wrong. Okay. Well there are a lot of people think I'm wrong with don't tell me. They were getting closer. Ok, perhaps. I'm fishing for something. When somebody accuses you, brian. Yeah. Well, you don't necessarily have to. We like to give an explanation. Yes. When you feel attacks, right. Justification only comes in the presence of accusation. Isn't that true? So here's the big question for the christians. Why do we talk about justification? Because there's been an accusation where the accusation Doesn't tell you the bible call state and then the kids have the rather the devil does god care about the devils accusations against the little bit. But guess what? The bible calls him a liar. That's not let take your bible now. Now let's get into the bible and I want you to look with me to the book of roman I think mathematically, john x. Romans, romans chapter 3 And verse 19. So we're going to start If you did not bring the bible in some form, if you really want to have it for them Because the purpose of this week is not for you to leave and say, that was interesting. Those guys in there taught some interesting stuff, know the purposes that you say the word said, the bible said John john st. Roman, 3 verse 19. Now follow along. It says now we know that whatever the law says, he says to those who are under the law, that every mouth, maybe stuff in all the world may become guilty before god. What do you think they're not done? But what do you think Who is doing the accusing in verse? The law, whatever the law says, and think about the wording now that every mouth may be stuff. What does it mean for your mouse to be stuff stopped from one? Specifically in the context, what justifying yourself mean is like I can just am, I find myself all day long, but what's going to happen when I go and I stand in front of the law of god in my life is expose. What do I got to say? I'm a sinner. I broke it. I'm condemned by the law in this is this, you know, so in John chapter 3, and I'm not going to look it up. Perhaps you should know the birth john, chapter 3, where now we are going. I should never say that. You should know the verse. We should all know, but I need to keep reviewing john chapter 3. Now this is that whole account and they're going to be missing the whole conversion. You must be born again. John, chapter 3. And of course they are inverse 3, jesus answered and said to him, most assuredly you, unless one is born again, et cetera. But we're jumping down to verse 16, john 316. The bible says for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should was not perish, but have everlasting life. For god did not send his son into the world to condemn the world. But the world through him might be saved. He who believes in him is not condemn, but he who does not believe is condemned already because he has not believe in the name of the only got the son of god. Where is the condemnation come from? When jesus says those who don't believe I didn't come to condemn the world, the world already condemn. That's why I gave i came because the world can then what condemn the world. The law of god. Everybody has broken the law of god. That's what it means to be a thinner, right? There is no need for justification. If there is no accusation. So for the christian who says, I don't believe the law matters anymore. It's done away. What are you talking about justification? I'm going to guarantee you or even joke, friends of never thought about that. But if there is no condemnation, there is no reason for justification. There is no reason for a failure, so there's no reason for grace. And so the whole concept, like even it's a very core, when we're talking about the sabbath, you know, the bit, the issue that most people have is that the law doesn't matter anymore either because it was done away with, or because under the new covenant there's a new law and yadda yadda. It's not that the family isn't there. It's not that this happened in the 7th day. I've talked to ministers when I pass it in Grand Rapids, we rented a church from a. There was kind of an offshoot of the, of, of, of the kind of a calvinist church in Grand Rapids, which is predominantly cabinet. And I remember the pastor, i think I still have it. I will try to find it this week. I saved a voicemail message from this pastor though we're reading the church in our church was growing in their church was shrinking. And so when he, when he would come in on Sunday, we have all these churches up there, all these chairs up. And then when they would, you know, and, and when his people would come in there's all these chairs and nobody sitting in, it didn't look good. So they have to remove jerry and he calls me up and leave this method. And it's like class or howard. I was just wondering if you guys, you know, you're in, this is what he says. Your church seems to be growing in our church appears to be shrinking. And he says anyway, could you remove some of your chairs because when you guys come in on Monday, I mean have it. You guys keep the right day. And I mean, if I've got the voicemail message, I can tell you time after time, they're not going to argue with you over a minister. They know the bible says saturday is the 7th. The 7th day. They know it's Saturday, they know it's the sabbott. So how, why don't they keep it? It's not because they don't know saturday, that is it because they don't think was important anyway. And so just right from the core of christianity, the whole idea of justification says there has to be a law law if there's, if there, if there is no longer need no need for justification. Does that make sense? So the whole great controversy is, is predicated on the fact that we've broken law got the whole idea of sin is soon as the transgression of law back if you go to John for some work And verse 33 hers for thank you that bring from low about quick amount of lithia. I mean dyslexia 1st john chapter 3 verse for I'm reading out of the new king james version, who has the king game here? Ok, somebody read nice aloud out of the king james version for Ok. Whoever commits then transgress is the law that's worded, so clear. And so plain thin is the transgression the crossing over the breaking the law. That's what then is clear is F addition. And back to the words of l Y. The only definition in the bible. Some people will take your other place to say, but the bible says whatsoever is not a faith is sin. That's right. But that's not a definition. Like what is what not a face like this. That's kind of nebulous. The bible says he who knows the good to do and does not do it to him, it isn't ok, where's the definition? But the only text and the quick give the clear definition is right there. First john, 3 fall. Then if transgression of law. Now if you read it in the new king james, and I'm telling you this because of that talk to other christians. What I'm going to read to you is saying the exact same thing. But people will argue, sometimes the argue, and they'll say, but my bible, i will says my bible says whoever commits in also commit lawlessness, incentives, lawlessness as if that something different. It's more, it's not the law, not the can in something more general. So just so you understand in the greek, this is what it says in John, this is what it. Yeah. Whoever commit sin the were percent is the record here, marcia? And I'll explain that in a minute. Whoever commit sin also commits lawlessness. The word for lawlessness is the greek word unovia. The a is negative, no, most is law. So it's not live law, as is a really a good definition of the word good translations work. But that we're him are here and it's fascinating. The word to him are here in the greek means to Miss the Mark. And, and just to visually get that if like you're, anybody ever work with bone, arrow, gun, maybe guns, whatever, and aim at a target. It's like you're aiming at a target and you're missing it. You Miss the Mark. You Miss what your amy and that's the word that's used for thin is missing the Mark. In the context, the greek would say missing the Mark is lawlessness. So what are we aiming at The law? obedience the law. I mean so transgression of the law is know it Well my by with who love it. Good. It's saying the exact same thing, but the bible very clear that this whole problem exists because man trust we have the law of god and keep in mind that prior to whatever one might say about the law, prior to the law being broken, there was no. Yeah, there was no depression, there was no racial tension, there was no Family dispute abuse. None of That's a pretty good argument in favor of a law god. And so it's kind of fascinating that a christian would take the position to fight against the law guy. Why do you think that Anybody have experience studying with a christian enough in a series of bible studies? Most of the bible studies, the studies come in disorder, you got law and you guys have you ever give a series of bible? What happens when you go over the law with people? No problem until I remember that I present evangelistic period. I had this couple come out. I think it was like the 1st night in this is, you know, some time ago there was a big 10 commandment day. Thing christians are doing the 10 commandments. We got to get back to the 10 commandments. They had all these pamphlets printed up about important to come in. And this guy's like, can I pass these out to your desk at the meeting? I'm I did not fill out the sunday keeper pass. Now how important it is to keep the commandments. You go for it and I'll never forget when we hit 7. And his wife came out and she's like, they just couldn't get around that. Like they were all about keeping the commandments every night. They want to pass that parent without ra system bond. So we get all the everything changed. And her reasoning was that I don't remember who said that your church is so small in our church is so big. And of course my responses the bible, how many people were cheering jesus on a counter. How many people got on the vote? You know, I mean, is that how we determine true? But you know, the Lord worked with people and he course they thought coming to the meeting. I will tell you how many of you have come into the 7 damage church when you look about that. You can't shake this app. It just doesn't go away. It doesn't. It just doesn't go away. You know how much you want it to go away. I've known people years later, they come back as I go. I remember hearing it and I was just like I threw the tapes away or a yellow different on it was whatever they did years later they are because the sabbath is just, it's there in a person who wants to serve god knows you've got to obey some of the commandments of god. So the issue doesn't come in generally until the fab it and then what happens is generally a family member or a minister and chosen this Well, you know, law with dunaway and listen When you don't want to do something any It doesn't have to make sense. When you get the pressure on you like I did that and I'll tell you I, when it comes to people making decisions about the through. I always tell folks, it's really, you know, we were tempted to say, well, they need more tech. Once a person is under conviction, they've had enough tech to bring them to conviction. And the reason they generally aren't making a decision to follow what they learn isn't and information issue, but an application issue. I'm not saying sometimes we don't need more information, but it's often because they're starting to count the cost. Wow, I have to have it. I can't work on better. I can't work. I'm right in. I work in a restaurant, i work at a hair salon. I work at like a major saturday business day. What am I going to do? Or when I tell my wife she's Going to kick me out. And pete, this is what happens if people process through. It's not the truth, isn't it's application. And so when somebody, you know, on the spirit of god is works on people. But with it that you're processing that application as somebody can come and throw you a bible text that says the sabbott is an important I'll take it. Does it make sense? Those matters then matter. I don't care just that. It just sounds good because it from the bible. And the way the pastor told me it means I don't have to keep the 7. And that's what we're up again. But keep this in mind. Take your bible and go with me for a 2nd. Corinthian chapter. 13 birthday 2nd. Currently and 13 verse 8. Let me re, dep. All right, now do it. Read it again. I want you to listen carefully. Go ahead and read it again. Nice aloud. We can do nothing against the truth, but for the what in the world does that mean whose truth is that If god's true it's true, can truth become non true? It's always going to be true. And what a mindset this is, this is the mindset, the possible head. It doesn't matter if people reject, if they, if they turn away from, I mean obviously breaks your heartbeat. But when a person rejects truth that you shared, that is the final rejection. Sometimes we are gone, that is going to be turned back on you. We don't know that it takes time. 2 people wrestle through thing, But it's awesome and powerful to know that we can do nothing against the truth before the even the enemies of the truth. Try to fight against the truth and they're still presenting to if the truth of god and the truth, god is going to prevail. Now, I want to talk about what I want to do now actually is I want to take a break now. So I can go get her hand out and then we're going to come back here and we're going to walk through a couple studies To listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M I S D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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