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Sabbath Part 1c

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • June 20, 2021
    4:00 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen While they're having again, we are so just we are so thankful for the word truth. We're thankful for the opportunity to be here at camp meeting. We ask the Lord now for the holy spirit to guide our minds in this last segment of today's class and father, we just thank you for sending the holy spirit, the spirit of truth to bear witness in our own hearts with your true and to confirm these things to us that we may be able to share them with others. We ask for all this in jesus name for his sake in all right, now the approach of this particular lesson is to go from. And I don't know if he thought through this or not. Question number one says, what about god makes him worthy of our worship? Now this is interesting because there are, you know, there places in the bible work, god state things about himself where we might have come up with something else. For example, in isaiah 40 fix, the Lord starts out by saying I am god and there is no other, I am god and there is none like me. And you could say, you know what kind of things could you say about god. That was not like anybody else, and we may come up with a list of thing. But it's interesting to know what god comes up. In the 46, he says, knowing the end from the beginning and declaring the clearing the end from the beginning of the ancient times, things that are not yet done thing all my council. I've got the wording of it, but the idea is in there for you guys is this is what makes me god and there's no other I can tell now in revelation for like what, what makes god worthy of our we're him. Oh, we are a lot of things we could bring up, but the reason the bible brings up is that he's the cream and that's what makes him worthy. He is the creator. So we're talking about worship at the heart of it, from god standpoint. This is why I should be worship, because I mean, Okay, so we started the sabbath study. I started to say that way, because the fab is, is about what if it does not only about worship is about creation, right? burst number to request number 2, what? 3 things god do to finish his work at creation. He rested on the 7th day and then he blessed the 7th day and he, thanks if there's 3 things that happened there and those don't happen anywhere else. There is no other day in scripture that god bless. You. Challenge people like knock yourself out, you're not gonna find it. There is no other day he blessed the 7th day. And so there's something unique even if you can explain, it. Doesn't matter that god bless this and he didn't bless the other day in that fashion. And then of course he rested on it and then he howard it. That means he said it a thought or a holy kircher. So we know that in as the in creation god made the theft. Question number 4, what else? I'm sorry. Press number 3. What. How does the 4th commandment begin? Remember the sabbath day? What does that tell us about the sabbath? Not only was it there before, but the sabbath is a memorial with the memorial memorial. Something to help you remember right now I love to do this with people because you know, you have there are people who honestly sincerely believe the sabbath came about sci, like I can't throw the thing away with came from remote on santa ok. So I like to ask you for the question, I want to challenge you to do something we are you up to, the town is what I want you to do. I want you to try really hard to remember something you never knew. It's ridiculous. So while we're over god, the thing on fine, I remember something they never knew. Obviously it obviously tell was number one, they knew it, it was there before. And then the fab itself was designed to be something to help you remember though in the commandment, remember the sabbath day for in 6th day? The word for is because, because I think these are maybe 70 years so that the sabbath, the sabbath is there to remind us what That he is the creator. And why is god worthy of our worship? According to scripture, because he's the creator, right? So you see the tie in there. So the 4th commandment begins by saying, remember the sabbath day in, remember on you creator. So it's a memorial of creation and that's what the note number for. What else does the fab is? point 2 is equal 2012. He says that I am the god who sang, suffice you now I want you to think about this with me for just a minute. In the commandment, god says, remember the sabbath, say to keep it holy. What's the 1st problem we should have with that? How can an unholy being keep anything whole If the whole sweet and bitter water out of the same fountain idea? It's so, you know, if you're, if you're, if you're kids coming from running out, playing in the mud and you've got a white marble floor and they come in and you're just like, hey, don't get any money on the floor. No, no, no. I got to be you can take his shoes off. No, they come with money feet. He can't take your feet off. It would be foolish to expect that they're not going to get money on anything. Right? When god says, remember the sabbath day to keep it holy, does he no, we're not all we being so I want you to understand it inherent in the command. My cell is a promise that god will make a whole think about what is the sabbath about is reminding us it is creative power is equal to one. We're looking at number 4. Remember, i'm the god who thanks to 5 you who make that to part of home. Hey Sam, it is also a sign of that. How could we keep the service holy? Unless god makes us all like the sabbath is a sign of god's creative power. How does god make us holy? What kind of power to view his creative power? Right. And so you see it's high in to the sabbath as that think about this for a minute. Take the think I'm in. Let me get back to the thing. If I were to ask you what the most important thing is For you to be say, like what, what can you do? What's the most important thing that you can do to be As your savior? elaborate that on, on that, that a little bit. What does it mean to accept him as your savior? Have an ongoing relationship with jesus? Does that sound reasonable? Now think about the think, man If you go through all the come in which one of the commandments talks about having an ongoing relationship with the Get love, the Lord God. With all your heart minds all beckon isaac with the Lord. What's the sabbath about? What is the sabbath commandment about? It's about an ongoing relationship with in, I mean that's what the fab is. Commitment is about like you're on a regular, what is keeping the sabbath? What is worshiping god about? What does it mean? A whole idea of the sabbath is incidentally in the 1st commandment, it brings up god in the 4th commandment, it actually bells out to hear the creator. It gives the, the meaning of the Lord God created heaven or tells us to take time away from work. And so like, the whole thing is about a relationship with god like that. That commandment is the one that explains how we keep all the other commandments. So that If the only command with it really spells out who the law giver is, won't find it in the other. So The fab is points to creation. Obviously it also points to god's recreated power in redemption. Now number 5, this is a fascinating one for a lot of christian. Who is an eye opener? Who does the bible refer to as the creator? Oh, God created everything, right? Who does the bible say created every John chapter one right in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god the same as in the beginning with all things made by him. And without him, there was nothing that with me that was right in him was life and life is light of men in the bible says in verse 14 and the word became flesh and dwelt among us. Be held here, florida. Glory of young Who's talking about and we could go to collage and one and find the same thing like, like jesus is the creator. You know, how many christians don't, haven't thought about that. Jesus was born in bethlehem, right. The idea of the pre existence is not that some people don't realize that, but especially when you tie in to what we're talking about. If jesus is the creator who rested on the who was it that made the sabbath as memorial, that they were the creator? It was christ himself. Why the why christ himself make a day to remind as he's a creator and then get rid of it. So the mindset a lot of people is what jesus came and did away with sabbath. Because they're not thinking about what, wait a minute, jesus made this happen. He is the creator, according to scripture. So who is the by referred to as creator? In the fab is wanting to jesus. That's why the bible calls of the Lord day. You go to revelation one. Revelation lumbers 10 is fascinating. I don't know how many of you have encountered this revelation 110 says john says I was in the spirit on the Lord In then a vision of revelation. If that's all he said, and the christian world has said that sunday, like where, what, where do you get that from? It says the lord's day, it doesn't work days, so it has to be So if we go to scripture and we say OK, let's find out what the Lord say as well as see the bible says, remember the saturday to keep it holy 6 days or so late right, with the 7th day is the sabbath of lord. Ok. So in the commandments, the 7th a services the Lord de isaiah says and I say 58. If you turn away your foot from the sabbath from doing your pleasure on my holy day. Right. You go through script and the only day if ever called the Lord day is the sabbath day. So how do you know you come to a revelation and it doesn't even say and you're going to read into that. That's called iso jesus. By the way, when you read into scripture, meaning that's not there, it's kind of interesting that people do that. I just want you to be aware that you know, if the Lord said that's why he called himself the Lord of the sabbath and marked apathy. And that's all the note there underneath number 5, because he was creator in this that was pointing to him as creators. And that's why of the Lord day and that's why he's the Lord of the savages. The thought was, was made for me because he was made it for man. What have you so that kind of lays out a little bit of foundation. So number 6, how can we be sure which is the bible service? Some people asked that, as I said, honestly, how do we know for sure? luke 23. How many of you have been through this passage? The 23 where they're taking down the bodies off the cross. And I mean, in luke 23, you basically have a loop telling us that there was a day called the preparation. And on that day, jesus died. And they took his body down from the cross. And his disciples went to begin involving the body. But sundown came, i mean People both cross and I, and I say people, I mean I do the same thing. You know, you know how you notice how there are certain things you just take for granted. Take for granted. And sometimes somebody making look at it like wow, I didn't ever notice that. So you have the disciples of christ. After is after 3 and a half years with him, 3 and a half years of being with jesus day by day. And then he dies. And they're involving his body. I've got people who say, well, normally I wouldn't work on the sabbath and some people referring to sunday like I feel like, but today's an emergency, i had to go to the grocery store. I had to give and dog food, i had it. Okay. If there's ever an emergency, it's involving the body of christ, right? You would think after 3 and a half years, if the sabbath was intended to be changed, the disciples of christ would have known about it. And what do they do? They leave the job on done because the bible says they go to keep the sabbath according to the command. I mean, you couldn't be plan. It's like, according to the commandment that No ambiguity there. Then they come back early on the 1st day of the week in the bible cells out preparation day, take the body of the cross, then the next day they keep the sabbath according to the commandment. And then the next day, early on the 1st day of the week they come and he's riven. And at least for somebody with a crit well, even beyond christian background. Cuz even if you don't have a christian background, it's commonly understood that the day jesus died was celebrated as a good Friday. And the day he rose as easter sunday and the day in between the sabbath, according to mamma is Saturday. And then you go to the dictionary and then you go to language, you. Oh, language. Over a 100 languages have the day pretty. Our 7th day is named after the pattern. Okay. Spanish, it's after the sabbath. Russian is after the stat with a french just after the sabbath. I mean, all in french, somebody is sabbath. But I mean, in russian is the bow tie thing. And saw the dough in Spanish, and they all mean fab, like how did that happen? All in the end, I mean again when you share these things with people, it's just I love the fact that the Lord really, you know, below doesn't ask us to blindly believe anything. He gives evidence for a phase this evidence. Plenty of evidence base is intelligent and when you look at these things in, when you're sharing with somebody, you know, god wants them to have evidence and their clear evidence. Say yeah, the 7th day is established, the Lord, thy god. Okay, so we have, you know, creation, we have the establishment of the sabbath. We have, we know which day it was. Then we get into the idea in the processing of people process. Okay, but do we need to keep it anymore? I see what you're saying. Yeah, it was there in the beginning and yes, there was a reminder of it within the 10 commandments, And it was the 7th day for the jews. You know that but is it still important? Well, number 7, did jesus keep the sabbath now? loose for 16 is that past where it says that jesus, on the 7 sabbath day, went into the synagogue, as was his custom. This is where he grew up and it was his custom with the custom. It's something you do on a regular basis right now. How many of you of you have encountered? The somebody says yeah, but what jesus kept the sabbath because you had you and he had to do with the do it because he he, he was trying to play the do i've ever like that. Yeah. That describes your life. It was always trying to please you that people will say that when it comes to the fab and it's like, I hear you talking about the same jesus you about. And he says that they were trying to kill him all over the brow the mountain and all this. But that was jesus custom, but some people will say what jesus had to do that because he had to come and build a law perfectly himself. Okay. Alright, fine. So number 8, where the acts of jesus a violation of the sabbath, ma'am. And the funny one how, how many of you heard somebody say something like, well, you know, jesus broke with that with all the time. You know, people on the ab and he did this on the fab and got all pharisees, all man you, he was always breaking this out and they were all mad. And have you ever heard that? Okay, was he breaking the sabbath? Or was he breaking the pharisees? sabbath was I and this is why I love matthew 12. So what does it say? Somebody really? I mean this is a fascinating birth, matthew 1212 Okay, it is what? What is lawfully in harmony with not breaking the law, right? Your view, this is going to do away with the sabbath commandment. Who cares of it's long. I mean like people that, Oh yeah. You're breaking the law. Yeah. I am. Because I'm doing away with that law. I mean the point jesus. So they're accusing him of breaking the law and what is his response? No, not. What I'm doing is a law full. It's in perfect harmony, all this healing. All of his working on the sabbath was lawful according to god's commandment. And jesus came to demonstrate what it really look like to keep the commandments not man's way, but godwin. And so really after jesus, a violation knows jesus live in harmony with the commandment. He says in John 15 verse 10, I believe I have kept my father's commandment. Right. Number 9, movies and jesus, what about the powerful did the apostles keep the sabbath day? I'm not going to look through all these act. 17 similarly says the apostle paul, as his custom one though, again, irregular, repeated dick, went into the synagogue on the sabbath day. Ac 16 as a great verse, because an AC 16 there was no synagogue. So for the person. Yeah, there was a synagogue and they had to get that, you know, and I 15, there wasn't in a god, it was people more than likely gentile believers or at least in part who gathered by riverside. And there was and again, it's customarily you read it in the birth, It was there, cost them. So you find new testament believers in x, 17 x, 16 act 18. All worshipping on the sabbath day. But to me my favorite is number 10. Was there a new day set aside for gentile believers? Now I'm reading as a new king james, you'll find and I be read differently as that are not a lot different blog point in a minute. Go to act 13. This is just I guess maybe maybe it's because I'm a pastor and I'll explain in a minute. When an x 13, you know, because people will say wealth. Yes. Jesus in the apostles kept the saturday, the 7th day sabbath because they were due and and, and they went into the synagogue and asked when the jews were there. But that's not how it was for the gentile. Ok, Maybe that's true. Let's look at the bible. What is the bible said? chapter 13 the bible says Were 13 now in poland, his party, 5th, sail from pasco. They came to pergola in pan. Filia and John, departing from them, returned to jerusalem. But when they departed from per year, they came to antioch and the city, and they went into the synagogue on the sabbath day and sat down. And after the reading of the law, the prophets, the rules of the synagogue sent to them saying men and brethren, if you have any word of expectation for the people they on. And Paul stood up in motion with his and said, men of israel and you fear, god, listen. So paul launches into a sermon on the sabbath day in the synagogue. Okay. Are we on the same page of ours? Now what's interesting is when you come to the end of his sermon, i'm going over his whole term, but you've come to verse $42.00 and look what is it? So when the jews went out, now the new king james says, jews and gentiles. Newer translations won't say that they say, and I forget it's a saving me off my head. But if it's saying the same thing, I just want you to understand if I know if it says They may have a different translation with them. Because I think they are thinking what it said, verse 42. Okay, so just keep in mind as I'm going through this. So this doesn't grow you some time. It just says the people there. And if somebody wants to get around something a challenge, you bet the original saying the same thing in the context, you get it, the people are talking about in the context or the gentile. You see that very clearly the new king james spells it out. That way it says the gentiles big. I love that were they big that these words might be preached for them when the next 7 or does matter, gentile the people, it doesn't matter. Somebody's begging to hear more. I'm af, after. So maybe this is a pastor. If you're talking to me on Saturday in the synagogue and you're begging me to hear more of what you've just her and I have a service tomorrow morning, sunday morning for the gentile believers. I'm not going to Miss the opportunity to say, oh listen, you come tomorrow morning and I'm going to be preaching more the same. I'm not going to Miss that opportunity and I guarantee you the possible wouldn't miss such an opportunity if indeed he had a 1st day service for anybody. But what does the bible say they big? Hey, Nick fab and I'd be like a next 7. Nothing. Tomorrow morning. I've done it. Well, I do. And evangelist meeting where every day of the week. Let me today. What do you have something on Wednesday night when I come tomorrow night? Right. I mean, I'm just going to tell him when the next meeting is they want to hear more. They big to your more. You'd be an idiot. Not to tell him. We got something tomorrow morning. If that were true. But what does it say? verse 43. Now when the congregation have broken up, many of the dues and devout proselyte followed paul and barnabas, who, speaking to them, persuaded them to continue in the Grace of god. On the next one, the sabbath, almost the whole city came together to hear the word of god. I mean so jesus kept the sab, if you paul, who kept the sabbath, is there evidence in the scripture of a new day of worship? In the new testament, no, no, you have repeatedly, they worship on the sabbath. And a study, of course in history tells us where that change knew about. Though. Number 10, was there a new data set aside? Know number 11. How does the bible describe price to follow reason? The last a look at me in the last study. They keep the commandments got right. Will the sabbath be observed in the newer isaiah? 60 sick bears from one new moon to another, which is how you reckon months cornered scripture and from one sabbath to another. All flesh of worship before me. Of course it will be bible clear, it's going to be. So why would the status, you know, just logically speaking, jesus kept it the pulse kept if we're going to keep it in an earth, why do we not be keeping a now that would make sense. Number 30 middle of this, we're not, doesn't really matter which day we keep, this is a big question that people will, doesn't really matter as long as we worship god, how many years somebody say something like this, and I'm not going to ask if you said it yourself perhaps? I worship god. Every day. I worship god every day. Okay. Though do I but 1st of all, whenever day I choose to worship one doesn't make it that god make something saturday. I don't. Secondly, the bible says 6 days shall sell labor. Now, you know, I hope you're not playing hockey all week. So in other words, there are days in our working day where you can that where you've got every day. But there is a day that should be dedicated to God and there. Whoever the people who I'm doing that every day, I know you're not there, you know you're working like a sabbath is a day and this is kind of loss on our culture today because you know, much of your christians used to keep sunday like the bible sabbath and just with a different day now it's just you have the billboards where god is allegedly pleading to come by his house before the big game. Have you ever seen the billboard that they're supposed to be from god and find god like, hey, stop by my house. For the big game like yours god paul washers a baptist preacher and he made a point that I just thought was so excellent. He's like, you know, we, sometimes we paint up god like you, some beggar on a street corner, waiting for you to throw me a nickel like this is god almighty. He's not like, hey, could you eke out of those time for me, maybe before the big game? No, this is god. And this is the way our culture is now. No, you're not worshiping god, every day. There is a day that should be set aside. The worship the all my in me he already that one aside and in is just in that vein like, well, you know, I just, I think as long as you love god, what matters is he worship 17. Have you heard that one? Okay, let's run with that. If I'm going to pick $1.00 and $7.00 wouldn't be the best idea to pick the one god already pick. Because he's a better picture than me. You're saying, I mean it just, these things fall apart. Why is it that people walk on the sabbath because it's in can that's what it comes down to. And this is why, and I'd wanted to get into more, but we did what we could you get into the whole market to be the issue. I mean, look, if, if not an accident that when you go to exit of 16 with the mana, how does god's help With the sabbath? Right? This isn't actually funny. The commandments under proclaim yet enough somehow they know about the sabbath. OK, so it was already there. We already left for mcmann. Remember the sabbath day, but god specifically chooses the sabbath. And then he says moses that I may see whether they'll walk in my lawn. Like he uses it as a why is the fab such a good? Because there's only one real reasons. I mean, they're more reasons to keep. But it's because god like why does a vs this day? Why is one day better than another day? Because god says this, that's why and so if, if pure obedience to the will of god, you know, I can reason out why should shoot somebody in head like, why does savers is this, say, the reasons because god. And that's why the end of times, if you can say all you want, but god sort of humanity, who is it there in the words of either trembles at my work, who listen to my word. And if that doesn't mean you're in fear of god, that just means you reverence were holy. Does it matter? We say we keep mark somebody have that 79. What? 3 that was nice and loud. When a fascinating package. So what is the same vein was in vain. Your worship is worth nothing. If you're keeping the command with god and you can man with the men in place of the command of god. And then what's the last heart thinking and they were to be and then it says you have Yeah, the last part there and I'm the wording is the same thing. Yeah. You know less now more then. Now this is different context. Speaking about something else in the day, but you reject is not, not what's happening. Like what gotcha this. Well, I don't think it's important. What's really happening. You're just flat out. I'm not going to do it. I'm rejecting that. Why? Because it's, do I have always done it over here? So where's your loyalty? Hold on just just a moment. Well, one of the challenges go every 4 minutes on this. Absolutely. That's right, so be the answer god and we're going to the new painters express in that obedience doesn't really matter to God which day we keep evidently it though evidently it does and we could give there. You've heard illustrations on that. I mean, one day and 7, you know the story. You know, what about a, somebody gave you Your grandfather gives you a watch, you know, and some, as I get here, you know, I'll give you another watch. I'll have that way. I like that was better. This the services I did is tied to the Lord. Like there's a god holy day. This is a connection area significant. It's unique. You heard, you know, a man with married a woman with 6 sisters. Right. You know, one gets in US in the car after the wedding and it's the sister and it's not his wife and they are one and 7, right? I mean, obviously those are ridiculous, but that's what we do. We like, we play loose with a sabbath that way, but the sabbath is god's holy day. And if the day is more than just a holiday that day me have with you. And that relationship with the Lord bills, everything else in our christian experience. And the Lord is very clear, the last question, how to jesus asked to express or love him to important 15. If you love me, keep my man Does that get plainer than that? Now if you look at the difficult half of is there, they're pretty self explanatory. To read through, i've tried to word them pretty plainly. These are the main arguments we get to lawrence. They. We talked about that roman, 14 by one person, the themes one day above another, another person of themes, every day alike. If you read the passage right off and romans 14 people will scroll. Hey, it says one man regards one day above another. Other may regards everyday life. But he's speaking, this is online. You're convinced about saturday, I'm going to throw 30. First of all, it doesn't say anything about the fabbing the passage. It starts out where paul says that he's talking about what he calls doubtful thing or the commandments of god. Doubtful. Like, I'm not sure. I know these are things that people have different opinions on. Always use, chris. I was using some people like, I don't think he should celebrate christmas on December 25 because he wasn't there and one of them. Well, there's no thus saith the Lord, eat away on that. That's a doubtful thing. You have one opinion. Somebody else does not of the faith, the Lord. What you out of the say the Lord on the command of god. So in romans 14 paul talking about things in the, in the area of christian liberty. And it's now not talking about worship, and it's not talking in, in, in that part of the text i quoted, it says one person that themes a day says about a day, a man, a seems not god, it doesn't, they, god, themes one day above and others is one person thinks one days more important in the other end, if I, if I was the one who came up with a stablished and said, well, I think there isn't one thing, but I didn't come up with it. Guy came up with it so that romans 14 is not at all addressing the fact that this is Paul point and you can read that in there. The explanation at $27.00, the disciples came together on the 1st day of bread. The 1st day of the week to break bread and some people say there was they broke, read of meaning service. But if you read on in the book of acts, it says next to 46 they wrote read everyday. So okay, well that kind of doesn't work. First corinthians 16 people will say, you know, paul took up a collection early on the 1st a week. It means I met for worship, that's not, it doesn't say that at all. I mean it, in fact he says on the 1st day of the week, he didn't even take up the collect nieces, lay aside on the 1st day. So people get, you know, other people say, well this is a collection up, there must been a church. No, he says lay aside so that when I come you'll have it ready. Aren't you there on the 1st week? You know? No, he says when I come so anyway, some of the passes people use, there's explanations here. You can review it. The law nailed to the cross in collage, and that's a more lengthy explanation, but I think it's pretty plain as you go through that. And I've had the calendar change. I love that whenever you heard the calendar change one. 0, the calendar has been changed. Are you aware that the calendar changes every 4 years? I mean, we are aware that it's called leaking. How many of you heard a week? Every 4 has changed a weekly cycle. Painting adding a day are taking away from the counter doesn't change. Sunday, monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, has ever done so yes. Have and calendar changes. These are 3, but you know, none of these things is helpful. It can be helpful to give people good answers and for you to know ways to answer. But at the end of the day, The carnal heart is a battle to get around the world And it and the end of the day we get his side, which way we're going to go. Am I going to yield to god's will thus saith the Lord that thus saith the Lord is always going to conflict with my will. At least part of him. You know when we're born again, we receive a new nature. You're aware of that right? But the bible's very clear that we don't lose their own nature and then the to battle and the flesh left against the spirit, the spirit against the pledge. Ok, and you clearance that and your christian life that will gone because the carnal hard does not like the things in the word of god. The end of the day we're going to decide which mastered jews when it comes to the sabbath. It's about loyalty to God and his law, and it, tess, above all the commandments, because the only real reason to keep it. Because god, that makes sense. While we're out of our time, and I appreciate you for being a great day hope to see you tomorrow. And we start at $215.00. Let's pray together. Father in heaven, father, we do. Thank you for the sabbath day for setting aside. Oh lord, you know, we think we're so busy. And yet you, the god of the universe set aside an entire 24 hour period in your schedule to spend with us. Oh lord, help us to avail ourselves that wonderful opportunity every week to spend time worshipping our god. The thank you for the data. We thank you for the bible truth in this, and lord, we pray that you help us to know how to effectively help others to learn about the wonderful blessing of the saturday. We ask and pray now for your continued guide us through the meeting and I prayed to God bless each one who has tom throughout this week, lord, that your holy spirit would be with him in a very special way. And I ask him crazy things in jesus name and To listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M. I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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