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Creation, the Heart of SDA Theology

Jacques Doukhan


Jacques Doukhan

Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis at Andrews University


  • June 29, 2010
    6:20 PM
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him as well into the attendance to the beginning end of the day I like this did the distinct needs a good time for me because they haven't dismal morning to night vision so yes he was to be in the heart of Seventh-day Adventist theology creation and you may question that cycle and that topic and perhaps they would like to type me to stop it tenants try to find in anything which constitutes your identity of the seven damages a person which has nothing to do with creation I believe that everything which makes our identities and expertise people is essentially related to creation is a convicted creation and this is what I would let you showed you these is the gold of night a Mexican station this evening CNN I would do it is through a play and playing on the name which makes our identity and that is Seventh-day Adventist theology Seventh-day Adventist and the link to take villas to ingredients of what makes our identities seven great and Adventist and try to show it to you that in both of these two ingredients three have a direct essential important connection with creation it starts with seventy of course it there is a reference to creation I mean the Senate did not of course and they are looking at a seven day happens to be saying yes to these creation the swear these high this fresh this matter and by doing that we are by the way as the since people in Seventh-day Adventist movement putting our side I was putting us outside of the traditional Christianity we chat and had been CQ despise work spice creation saying that creation is bad evil it contains a smoothie which characterizes Christianity throughout the centuries saying that to really spend too busy for us from these creation which is by e-mail is a know that the body master and and therefore it is one of the reasons voices that they like to set this Sunday has been taken which echoes assigning is supposed to disintegrate the deliverance from these not turn the deliverance from these body why is that such a data set is supposed to say yes to creation so in that sense we are really different than additional course anything you know when we coming closer to the history of additional session with me the first reason the first point showing the importance of all of the seven dates of the yesterday venue of the secretion to the score to the slack he's not deputy 's race to define entities of course the information to creation has affected anything with it because each of the building effect of what was the love of our life we affirm creation the week delete the way we do we would drink and and the Sony have we are a firm creation when we are talking about Hecht Hecht is not just for us a way of becoming better and enjoying life which is of course another mental exhibit has is also religious beauty meow eight its exact amendments of popular religion to be had and the reason for that he is because first the money is reminded that the ideal of the Christmas arranging this one where we were all passing the shade that that that that that has not stopped us as yet and also because the bathrooms the value of life over death and or still another day out of the lifespan of the joint committee turn influences with Dyson is not in a deficit even though there is no dispute by Edna Tony reminds the ideal of creation in Genesis one win there was no death and everyone was eating without dealing that it reminds Visa vegan is this one but also because not eating the dead flesh affirms the value of all of life over death he got the first sacred sacredness of life by the way there is also connection decrease in on another level not enough on on the perhaps lower level there is another connection integration between and the choice of cleaning and obtaining my friend here are the most guys with no station by romantic tips for your reading where he shows clearly that there was a connection between creation and that and that the choice of these particular the needle clean meat and also of course it effectively don't it should not supposed to eat blogs is that because of Mary's life because we affirm the sacredness of life to our lifestyle the way we eat and drink or so is a part of automation of all of creation Mitchell met Nick Jonathan apology is an estimation of all of these creation of these but because our body is also spiritual we don't have the spiritual separated from the body so did his wife and the firm these creation B FMV Cosby is all likely it is him something briefly and then letting them use normal price you know what's happening with the about athlete so add in the final Mary is nothing when you are starting the Bible about these there's nothing about afterlife because afterlife bikinis afterlife in the morning so it doesn't say cut other estimate the time think it's just in some people may think it's on the left a remnant from the mythical thinking that I is also an affirmation of creation because the fabulous that you take the profession with the material the matter seriously it's a possible reagent to is not something begin outside in our religion we don't have that kind of spiritual idea so at all mechanical stations via on earth is about the mother of a region and would need the Molokai it's a way of expressing our all face in the God of creation who created in kind words just dreaming and maybe have of course I fixed the importance of the Commandments to guide us in this life importance of Rosso righteousness in every town life from eating drinking sexual life social life are rituals the best use of the room supper is all ours automation of Chris that even reminds Christian water were the spirit it reminded them remember between myself was the miracle of creation and hero separate source of information of question we eat and we drink we are say something about the value of the body the value of the matter is ideal for that drink and me or saw from God in flesh the God who came down and was the top of these where it's awesome definition of these screens and saying that God is with us that it is he even in mind when he's not just a God in heaven you must write it on earth obligations we went out is also an affirmation of creation our human concern on many can consent when promoting a dry wind up promoting the is an affirmation of creation is a way of saying that we are responsible for these words are responsible for this reason has been given to us and the same we had the same affirmation we are making when you promoting religious liberty and that trying to connect with the authorities when trying to quit her next also be the political life we are seeing the creation resting yesterday 's work got connected to the world got separated from the work are concerned about ecology about the environment she's also should be on some information upgrades we are responsible for Ms. Grayson because these crazy the gift of God and he's putting the value of these creations that something we despise we don't belong to those who say content is Monday Wednesday yet God you are great there and enjoying the receipt integration all West it is also information operation because the White House in Washington because he is a greater effort on that in a regulation fourteen creation is related to jujitsu that into to West and is languishing with everything which is given to us by God from the mind to the body to our emotions so we have a number in all points which are expressing identity which are related to the seventy seventy which is the information of all the excretion of these words which is ours now we have another aspect of identity wiki 's activities which is taking us on the other side which is actually affirming something is completely and a different immediately focus on the second coming of Christ not on the forthcoming year we focus on eschatology on the few should hold off easy on Leah and dependent is also indebted to creation will be leaving resources we believe BBC .co all God who is happening in nothing into a human being we are these these are the season and price off face in creation but refusing the future that belief also new heavens and new earth which is rigidly denies that C5 in relation twenty one from being the belief that they would be new better and you happen that is infected by creation and be using the language of praise which is big and maybe stupid I was just referring to and of course a rehab osteology observation which is almost unique in among the believers among the Christians it which makes I sometimes suspect from Chris adapting to that end of the breaches because believing in the day of atonement navigating the investigating these sets six frames a theology that I know that this is the damage women at the end of time to judgment against what kind of Christian event and what we are from easily actually talking about the rising of the century we are also among the other two guys running the necessity of the rising of the world we know that to be saved it was a day because of the save from the word summation of these costs need or there is no salvation that's what we offer roaming when we believe in that kind of gracious off I think this theology of creation within thinking of grazing grenades into the Adventist is also an affirmation of the on the spot to corrupt truth which makes us the different Internet that will sometimes slip the suspect which meets are the same unnecessary creation you there is no another Neil Webb there is no salvation that's what we believe our Jules is hope hoping a new creation is whether Disney's new creation in this life but also beyond we think this is a new creation we believe in the future beyond his existence of a new creation that's what that's also the meaning about when but I also believe we expressed the face of a Croatian in the future Inderal supper with us our ecological as you know this is a language which has been registered in one Corinthians elections when area possibly stocking about the rules and went on to e-commerce so that's what you are affirming naturally I was still through the Last Supper with burning video creation unto you he comes into there is something new and delirium you will you work you are then you have and so as to be a rant I think yet is that you have a attention right and maybe we should live yes there is something assignments you affirm in addition yes integration story the extension of talking about the director activity effigies you'll information off of one handpiece with an over the other hand the belief in another work is not too good attention is already registered at the very beginning of the Scriptures when you engage when you enter the first pages of the Bible the first two chapters on Penny is something about this part of attention I was suggesting for indigenous want talks about God 's creation of the universe where the everything is supernatural what everything is transcendent God we begin to be gotten in the second creation story suddenly we haven't gone this time God has changed his name is not longer the God of gods the God of the universe and you he he's in his baby brother was we got disconnected and got close enough here as I believe their perspective is different and you can see as the act of the Scriptures we have a tension here between the five year between the supernatural and even actual between us eleven Delaware and what's interesting is that even when you make the first creation story give us what you have to attach them in Genesis one the book that visited the text of doing this one Christian story is written in the sky of the genealogy that is a legal document are derived from April it's a historical document that this guy that's very strong very strong which is a good in the stylistics and you can see that when you study the style of the text actually at the end of the things he sees the genealogy noted in its clinic in the same time with all the dynamics which may be following that season again out of shelf of Adam to do now is a grounded out he tried to think of it and orange analyses this means that our history that the history of the Christian story is out the same historical plenty of our own history human history there is no nothing like yet another kind of history for the equations three and ending the standoff history when it comes to the history of all humankind it's the same question of history on Bill at this although Ms. Vicky Vesey Street is he struggling teens in the flesh 's office for the same nature there is also something 's first supernatural there is also something reaches its escapes off thinking understanding and in the text renders that through the poetry you have a written note or the MILF session the text of the creation it is made these him you have a similar whiskey with retirement because of the times and you have the first movers which is made of sand whether you have the second good verse which is made of fourteen birds with it and you have a similar key expressions which are repeated seven times ensued last of the lead in another air in another context supernatural secret confidential Kenneth for where human cannot do anything as easily have these tension with legions of historical listing financing that had begins he is working into their eighties something which is very much like an interesting what I found interesting is that there isn't a interesting expression which is a that you hear it when he woke up and it was an evening and it was a and warning drifting expression which is repeated some of curriculum six times seven times you have nothing interesting when you don't have we are not in human history and that would then suggest something that would perhaps a few for some time the stipulation you are not in human history not just be a costly spiritual we are in a spiritual context there each time as a regular refrain and that wasn't even and there was morning and it was an evening and it was a morning to make sure that you understand that although humans are not bad still of the same historical question when we come to this identity set it's interesting to me why because the humans of the end what is interesting when the Atlanta we are really there as humans it's a start no history Adam and Eve is out there thanks we don't need to meet the need that kind of people at an indication historical connection direct source of that shows you when you went into the woods I think basically a year is that when we are outside of human history right movement in the end we may be tempted it was another question of time can be then we inside the liquid will in a central human history importance of this creature equal to stop thinking them another time this is our set pieces like this set which is the historical time I sit off is also the time of time because the question weekend so you can see how dissension functions year and then we can and me me me red eyes here at about a note that we are not a end which is omniscient and are upcoming and I'm going to complete on this matter here and ask the question just as I was in the beginning saying is there something which is not related to creation the non- Seventh-day Adventist beliefs and you have understood that there was not one that have given you a number of examples of what makes us who we are is essentially related to creation and so that's the first question I have asked an effective and certain I have another question why that's so once you set what is it that I didn't achieve Seventh-day Adventists Church movement is an integer greater where we saw really didn't agree why do we have a low all we did was make me no more time reflecting on creation why do we decide the importance of grace by using solar related to important prize very simple we are coming at the time of the movement of the and because the movement of the end we are interested in what comes after we could write assisted in re creation than you know together that you know the original exhaust destiny it's our faith we are coming again and therefore we are concerned creation to the reject extending descriptors in books like the book of Jeremiah the prophet whose obscenity and reach the end of the ECE throughout Israel so much concentration the only book which uses the technical word for creation finish it in the beginning which you have immediately if one is used for five times in the book during a constant emigration because the recipient the same with the book of Daniel Daniel is of the book of yet fueled union about forty times the what and in the Bible twenty times you have the wood and then click doctors and the book that each chapter you have a reference to creation Jesus Christ expected Chapter 11 to make within the creation because which the Sunnis he is the reason why we are so concerned with creation because we are reaching the time of the pencil we are interested in creation because when you die you hope and we creation right so and so the season and Vietnamese the second is second number to complete the because I can even do we realize that this message of creation is today more than any other day more than any of the moment to be just around and your self the most relevant and the most needed message when you got talking about second state and God affirming the value will description our responsibility over these big composing world is what's happening these days more than any other day when we see the work being composed we are responsible for the VCR a fix all morals being we are responsible for when we see had been decomposed we are responsible for what I responsible for these that the testimony that is the message which we are conveyed through that second date this work is all over and we need of course mutual Ruidoso by the week and jaw into work when he got happy feet where affirming also creation importance of importance of ecology importance of the affirmation of love opening carrying her work address and so forth or so of course the more than any other time today and back comes intention ending compliments what they just said the world needs no an nature of all that he can not in whatever we can do whatever we want to do and you have to do and we should do with me not change and there is only one way to change the world as we have understood a second executes people is another work created by the creature 's disease the message of civic and him and


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