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08 No Regrets

Gem Castor
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Gem Castor

Prayer Coordinator of ASAP Ministries



  • June 26, 2021
    7:00 AM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. Our great god. Oh, dear, loving, heavenly father, lord, we praise and we thank you for, for your faithfulness, for your goodness that have gotten us through each and every day, each and every joyful day, the Lord. And even though today's quite challenging, you're quite wet and our voice are fading away, but lord, our desire to be in your presence, never faith, but we praise and we thank you. That is, you who gave us that desire a lot of a desire for more with desire for more of your spirit. The Lord please fill us. An especially steward said a while ago that that the rain that we're receiving right now is just a preview of what you're about to do to your church. So dear god, we ask that you please be fair, our hearts for the great out pouring of your spirit. But today, dear lord, we pray please The tie us with your spirit fearless lloyd, sir leicester overflowing, that we may be able to hear your words and receive them. I may behind the shadow of your cross. Oh lord that I may not be seen nor be heard the jesus and jesus alone be seen, be heard the lifted up and exalted the ass of this in the loving and precious name of your son jesus. All your children say him. And When I want to go back again to that 1st quote that I read yesterday, it says it would be well for us to spend a thoughtful are each day in contemplation of the, of the life of grace. We should take it point by point and let the imagination gras each scene, especially the closing one. I'd like to dwell on this on this thought right now. Imagination let the imagination what grass each scene. I remember pastor dr. Nelson when, when he was preaching one time, he was talking about journaling is a read and re read the story of jesus just one story per day. And he said, do not stop reading until everything becomes real. Until you could smell the fish. When you walk to galilee until you feel the water as you walk through this to the shores of galilee and rather eugene pruitt in his, one of his thoughts that talked about imagination. He said there and it's found in, in the spirit of prophecy. He said that imagination was given by god to every human being so that we will imagine the reality of the gospel isn't as beautiful. So friends, if we are not using the imagination in this way of imagining the reality of the word of the promise, my dear friends, we are not maximizing it. And have you noticed the enemy is trying his best to destroy the imagination that we will use? It in the other any other form. So this morning I would like to invite you, let us ask that the holy spirit will give us this reality of the things that we are studying this morning. That we will join in with the disciples as they follow jesus. And the last and the last few minutes that jesus was staying with them. Remember, what was jesus by now? A message to them. One of the final messages, let not your heart be troubled because he knew that they will be in trouble. So friends, let me go on. You have heard the beautiful promises that accompanies the reception of the holy spirit. Remember the presence of the holy spirit is the presence of jesus in our hearts and and by welcoming the holy spirit in our lives. We are near the jesus than he was when he was with his disciples fence. But all of this things, the disciples failed to grasp the disciples failed to understand and listen to this. The disciples still failed to understand christ's words in their spiritual sense. And again he explain his meaning by the spirit. He said he would manifest himself to them. The comforter reaches the holy ghost, whom the father will send in my name. He shall teach you all things the holy spirit will. What? teach you all things. Can you say a mentor that friend? There is a lot of things that we do not comprehend what right now that we do not even grasp even the imagination could not imagine the way it's supposed to imagine. Why? Because the holy spirit needs to do that in US. And this is such a hopeful thing for me because I know I have to learn a lot of things. A lot of things needs to be to be made plain in my sight. But the problem is that the holy spirit will teach us into all truth. This is just a beautiful promise for us, especially the days that we're living in right now says here The disciple spence, remember they do not comprehend all those things. They just gives me as well the hope. Just remember the disciples were walking with jesus talking with jesus, eating with jesus and sometimes sleeping in the same house or the same room with jesus. And yet they missed out on a lot of things that jesus had thinking. Wow, it took them 3 years and a half and more to fully grasp it. And I said to myself, I have hope we have hope we because of the holy spirit ministry, we have a home. Can you say a man because of the holy spirit ministry. My defense, everything will be made clear soon sooner than we could ever think or imagine it says here. One of the reasons as well. One of the reasons that they did not comprehend what jesus was trying to tell them is this. Because of their selfishness and earthiness, even the disciples of jesus could not comprehend a spiritual glory which he sought to reveal to them because of the selfishness of the earthiness. Can anyone relate to this prince? I believe all of us, especially me. And I remember before my prayers were all just about me or all just about me, lord, please give me this. Please grant me this. Please allow me to do this a one time I was praying, lord, please bless this message that I'm, I'm preparing a still small voice in my heart as why and singing why. Why do you ask why? Of course so that your people will be blessed. And then the next question was, why? So that they will receive the message. Why? And it went deeper and deeper until it exposed what's really in my heart. And what was in my heart was so that they will appreciate me. Friends have been notice that most of our prayers is about us. It's not about him. We want to look good in front of people, but the most important thing is, is not us. He should look good, a man that god will look good. The moment friends, i realized that it brought me to my knees and I was, I was convicted. I'm saying, old hoard, please forgive this week at heart. And then I said, lord, do whatever you will do whatever you desire, even if this is the last time I'll speak in front of your people, even if I look crazy. But even if I look stupid, if, even if I sound stupid, as long as your name be glorified, even if I lose, what ever dignity that I have as long as your name be glorified, my dear friend, that should be our prayer. Can you say mental that that is the prayer of most suspense. And it says here, it was not until after christ essential to his father and the pouring of the holy spirit upon the disciples. That the disciples fully appreciated the saviors character and mission. You hear of this? Not until christ was offended. Remember when christ was was resurrected. He stayed 40 more days to decide with his disciples. And yet during those 40 days, the disciples were still asking. So when will you establish your kingdom? Still the selfish plans in their hearts, even jesus showed them that this is not the planet i have. But friends, this is one thing that I realize when our no fish, earthly plans are not set aside, are not surrendered. We will not be able to comprehend god's mission for us and for his church and listen friends. This is, this is a very hopeful thought here. But after they had received the baptism of the spirit, they began to realize that they have been in the very presence of the Lord of glory. Can you imagine yourself with the disciples when the, when the holy spirit came down upon them, the real life? Wait, wait, wait, wait. The one that was walking with us. He was the Lord of glory. The one at what she thing with us. The one it was healing with us on the boat. He was a lot of glory. Friends can you imagine? If you are one of those disciples, how your heart would have just like, oh, It's him. As the sayings of grace were brought to the remembrance their minds were open to the, to comprehend the prophecies and to understand the miracles which he had brought the wonders of his life passed before them. And they were, as men awakened from a dream, they realized that the word was made flesh and dwelt among us. And we beheld his glory, the glory as, as all the only be gotten of the father full of grace and truth. That's from John, one verse 14. And when the holy spirit came down upon them, this is their condition fence, listen, they never will read of rehearsing his words and works. All those things came back to their minds. All they could think about was all those things that jesus has done for them and with them his lessons, which they, but dimly understood now came to them as a fresh revelation. The scriptures became to them a new book. While the scriptures became to them a new book, prince, this is what the holy spirit will do through each and every one of us. How dimly they had comprehended the prophetic scriptures, but after they were illuminated by the holy spirit, how they longed to see him again and place themselves at his feet. Wow, reads this regret that they're feeling how we love to see jesus again. But you know what, the good news is that the minis ministry of the holy spirit, jesus would be nearer to them than when he was on this earth. The great news is, jesus could be nearer to you and to me as when he was with his disciples. And it says here how they wish that they may come to him and have him explain the scriptures, which they could not comprehend. How attentively would they listen to his words? Wow. How attentively they would listen to his words. Friends, you have any regrets in life. All of us have like thinking, if I have only done this, if I could only given this, if I would have let go of that, if I would have chosen this road rather than this road, those are the regrets. And have you add any regret or any thing in your life as well that any decision that you're about to make or, or in the past that you're thinking, if I would have done that, I would have regretted it. And one thing for me as well friends, while, while the Lord has said, has been prompting my heart to give all to him to be a missionary. I feared i feared that I might regret it. I might lose out on life. When I give all what's left for me, now those are our fears. If you give all then what's left for me, and sometimes we're thinking that this is the only thing that I have. What if I'll give all we're missing out on, on life that's, that's what I thought. But I realized france that god is saving me from a lot of things that could have crushed me. God was saving me from a lot of things that could have crushed me and and I did not realize that god was training me or something that would be very beneficial alive that absolutely lived for him. A life of absolute reliance. This is the life that god desires for his people. Friends. This is the life that god desires for you and for me. And I believe I believe without a shadow of a doubt. It will live our lives fully for him. That would be no regrets. There'd be no regrets. Listened to the disciples experience remorse, the cold of the disciples because they allowed prevailing unbelief to be cloud, their understanding. Wow. Remorse, too cold? Why? They listened to anything else. They listened to their hearts but not listen to the word of jesus. Remember, friend, jesus told them 3 times that he will die. No one believed him, except who does one person. Mary, mary, let's go to Mary. Later on, it says here. They often repeated his conversations and said, why did we allow earthly considerations? Who, why did we allow earthly considerations in the opposition of priest and rabbis to confuse our senses? I'd like to focus on earthly considerations, friends. How many times that we allow earthly considerations in stopping us from following him only? How many times in earthly considerations somehow shake or shaken our confidence in what christ has said listen, france. How did we, why did we allow all this so that we did not comprehend that a greater than moses was among us? And why sir? One wiser than solomon was instructing us well, of friends. And he's the one who's wiser than solomon did greater than moses. He's the one who was called you and me. He is the one who called you and me to work with him in this mission that he has given us. We also don't realize who has been desiring to walk and talk with you. We don't realize that this same person is wanting to fight your battles. And most especially this same jesus is wanting to live in you and we say a mental that friends. Oh, we didn't realize that that he could more than sat this by our deepest longing friends. Talking about mary. Remember when mary, when mary brought her offering to jesus, she was not braced. She was not praise, he was actually ridicule the words, spoken and indigo in indignation. To what purpose is this wave? While friends, when we give our all to jesus, that be criticisms. That be criticisms. And guess who was the one who criticized mary. Judas. Press, don't worry when you're criticize. Don't worry. Jesus fought for marry the anti and and friends don't be a judith. When you see people give their, all to the Lord instead of stopping them, pray for them. A man and, and this is one thing that ice i see in other religion, especially. And the brothers from you know who they are, the mormons brothers. I don't know if you have seen the videos the moment they receive their mission assignment, They hold it like a precious, freshest opportunity and privilege. They cry and there is the whole family waiting. You will go to peru and the whole family will rejoice. And they will save up their whole life savings to pay for this mission. And the sad thing is, in our church, there is no celebration like that. This even a discouragement. Like, why are you doing that? You should finish your, your school 1st. Don't be foolish. Have something have a back up, back up, plan. Friends. The biggest back up back up plan is. Have been a man. There's nothing could be more than that. And this one thing that I regret, my dear friends, is I did not give my heart to the Lord as early as I should have a late bloomer. But you know, was the most amazing thing. If God is not respecter of age Every day, as long as we have bread, this is the time to give our all can you say men? Listen friends, the work of Mary was just the lesson to the disciples. Remember the words spoken to what? purpose is this waste. They did not realize that soon they would be deprived of his presence that soon they could offer him no token of their gratitude for his great love. The loneliness of guys separated from the heavenly courts, leaving living the life of humanity was never understood or appreciated. But the disciples, as it should have been while friends, can you see christ sacrifice for us and listen to this. He was often grieved because his disciples did not give him that which should have he, they should, he should have received from them. It often grieved jesus that his disciples did not give him what they should have given him. He knew that they were under the influence. He knew that if they were under the influence of the heavenly angels that accompanied him, they would think no offering of sufficient value to declare the heart spiritual affection. And I like this next, the next thought, the after knowledge gave them a true sense of the many things that they might have done for jesus, expressive of the love and gratitude of their hearts. While they were near him. When jesus was no longer with them, they began to see how they might have shown him attentions that would have brought glad ness to his heart. Wow. Did you see this regret, my dear friends? When jesus was taken away from them all they could think about. I could have done this. I should have done this for him. They no longer cast the blame upon mary. But upon themselves, All if we could have taken back our criticism or censuring their presenting the poor as more worthy of the gift than was christ. That just imagine they said you should have a soul that perfume and get the money and give it to the poor. So they put the, the poor more worthy to receive the gift than that of christ. They felt the reproof keenly as they took the form of jesus, the bruised body of their lord. The fragrant gift which mary had thought to lavish upon the dead body of the savior was sport upon his living form. And at the burial its sweetness, if mary would have given that to jesus, it would have perfumed only this. A broker would have perfumed only the tomb, but now it glad in his heart with the assurance of her faith and love it. Glad of jesus heart. What mary has poured out it had in the heart of jesus a joseph of re matea and the good deem was offered not the gift of love to jesus in his life. What they had offered was way, way, way more than what mary has offered. With bitter tears, they brought their costly spices to be scold and conscious form and remembered the women who brought the spices. When they went to the tomb, that to me was empty. They were not able to give it to jesus. But mary, pouring out her love upon the savior while he was conscious of her devotion, was anointing him for burial. And this is my most favorite line in this narrative for Mary listened friends. And as he went down and as jesus went down into the darkness of his great trial, he carried with him the memory of that deed. To hear this, he carried with him the memory of that sacrifice of that offering of that gift. That mary gave him. Wow, an earnest or the Fruit of the love that would be his from his redeemed ones forever. You know what, friends? That D that mary gave. Jesus was reminded, this is the reason why I came to die. Because people like Mary will give their all. And it's all going to be worth it and isn't as beautiful it in spite the heart of jesus it as it inspire the heart of jesus, then it still inspires the heart of jesus. Now to see his people give their all to him. Can you say men ok, let us move on. It says here inside of the times, december 8th, 18. 87. I love this, this thought here. By the way, friends who among you here are highlights. When you read something in a book, how many highlighters do you have? 53, then my highlighter is this. It looks like a coloring book, isn't it? And you know what? This is the one thing that I read loosely blew my mind. God desires to highlight, god loves to highlight as well. You hear this? God highlights, listen, god, mart, and remembers every act of liberal reality performed by his people. Did you hear this? God, march. He marched out and remembers every act of liberalism performed by his people. Can you say a man every time a heart is rendered to him? Every time a heart is given fully to him, up a session is given fully to him. Highlight underline. Change that that make it mould enlarge it. This is our god friends. In less than friends, nothing would be god too costly to give to christ, no self denial or self sacrifice too great to be endured for his sake. Another beautiful line that says nothing. We both s is too precious to give to God nothing we process my dear friends, if too precious to give to God. And this is one thing that I, I learn here as I look at the life of the disciples and those who are with jesus when he died. The only one who had no regret is the one who gave off. Did you hear this? The only one that does not experience regret is the one who gave all jesus showed us what a life that be. He gave up all for us. He surrendered for us. And the only way to live a life without regret, a defence is to give all we are living at times the closing times of earth's history. My dear friend, this is not the time to hold back. This is not the time to keep something for yourself. Whatever you keep for yourself, you will lose. But whatever you give to the Lord will last for eternity. John wesley says whatever is given to God is immediately touch with mortality. As it is beautiful, whatever is given to God is immediately touched with the mortality. Was a beautiful thought, friends, if that is how we see things. If that is how we live, we could not wait to give everything and we will get to the point who even cheerfully surrender what he asked us to surrender. Oh friends. You know why the Lord is asking us to give all because we are facing a very difficult time ahead of us. And the only way to survive my defense, if it's if, if it's the holy spirit, if it's god who takes over with our lives, with our families, with their ministries, with our churches. I hope all of you would have good had the chance to listen to scott myers sir mayor sat workshop yesterday. It was very eye opening. What is ahead of us? My dear friends. This is not a joke. And you know what? Something that inspires my heart. We are nearing home. Can you say a man? We really are nearing home, but before we go home, there'd be storms. There be deception, there be craziness that we could not even comprehend that he could only overcome that in the name of jesus vents. Less than they are to contend with supernatural forces, but they are assured of supernatural help. Wow pens, no matter how. How dark, what's, what's approaching us, we are assured of supernatural help all the intelligences of heaven are in this army. And more than angels in the ranks the holy spirit, the representative of the captain of the lord's host, comes down to direct the battle proof. I don't know why aren't you excited as I am friends? This is so exciting, friend. It is use. It is not you is going to direct the battle. It is god himself. It is god himself. And with you. With you. It's all the intelligences of heaven. When said, then comes in like a flood. Jesus puts his arm around you and with a face like this, not to day, Not to date, and then all the heavenly angels. Not to day brand. How are we looking at this? And times right now sometimes we're looking at, it would fear, you know, why? Because we don't know the munitions, the munitions that god has given us. You don't know what god is willing to give because we are so focused on the storm and not on the one who desires to direct the battle with us. Friends, listen, oh, our infirmities may be many hours since and mistakes grievous, but the Grace of god is for all who seek it with contrition. The power of a nipple thence is enlisted in behalf of those with trust in god. How can we fear? How can we fear? This is one thing that I realize as well. Why should we fear? When we look at what jesus, a sacrifice for us? What god, what god has given up for us that alone, that alone my dear friend, isn't assurance that he will never leave you nor forsake you. That alone. Just imagine yesterday we talked about the most essential and complete gift was given to us, and yet we do not make use of it. Or that's the wrong term. We cannot make use of the holy spirit. And yet we do not submit to it. And yet we do not yield and yet we do not surrender. That's why we do not experience power because we are somehow reluctant to submit the power friends. Listen, this is what jesus was willing to lose. Even before he took humanity upon him, he saw the whole length of the path. He must travel in order to save that which was lost. Every bang that rent his heart, every insult that was heaped upon his head. Every privation that what that he was called to endure was open to his view before he laid aside his crown and royal robe and stepped down from the throne to close his divinity with humanity. The bass from the manger to calvary was all before his eyes. He knew the anguish that would come up on him. He knew it all, and yet he said, low. I come, prince. Just imagine that he knew it all in I believe he felt it all. And yet he said, lo! I come fence. Even before he saw the result of this mission is earthly life was so full of doyle and self sacrifice was cheered by the prospect that he would not have all this travail for nothing. You know why? Because he saw the future. He saw you giving your all to him. He saw mary pouring out that perfume on his feet. He saw us in Michigan can meeting that even if it rains. I don't care even if I get wet a flaw as I get wet by the spirit. A man, he saw it all and for that he endured everything fence by giving his life for the life of men. He would win back the world to its loyalty to God and I like this 3 all those although the baptism of blood must 1st be received. Although the sense of the world what to weigh upon his innocent soul, although that shadow of unspeakable will was upon him. Yet, for the joy that was set before him, it chose to endure across and despite the same, despite the same for the joy that was set before him, he chose to endure the cross. France. You are that joy. You are that joy. You are the pearl of great price and he will do it all over again. Friends, you are the reason you are the reason why he endured it all and he will do it all over again. Just when you and friends. Remember when a disciples finally get it, when the disciples fully understood the mission of christ. This is what happened. And this is where the Lord, once all of us to be in, listen a sprees and rulers combined against them. And they were brought before councils and thrust into prison. The followers of christ rejoice. His. You hear this, the followers of guide what they did not murmur. They did not cry out. The reason why we are murmuring right now is because we have missed out like the disciples. We have not received the holy spirit. Our eyes are blocked by our earthly considerations. The Lord desires for you and for me to fully gras what his mission for us, his friends, our mission is not just to live in Michigan is not to stay here. This is just a lay over check your tickets, friends. Check your tickets. If your final destination is here, change your travel agent. That's not the right destination. Friends. It is just lay over even though the weather here is perfect. Heaven is better. He men, friends, heaven is better and listen to dispense the followers of grace. Rejoice that they were counted worthy to suffer a shame for his name. And they rejoiced to prove before men and angels that they recognize the glory of christ. And chose to follow him at the loss of all things. Wow. And this is where the Lord wants you to be in. This is where the Lord desires for you. And for me, like fall in acts 21st 24. We could declare none of this things move me. None of this things move me because a lot of things will move you. Believe me, a lot of this, a lot of the things around us will shake you a lot of things that are coming will shake you to your core. But if we fix our eyes upon him, if we fully understand his missions, we could declare none of this thanks moved me, not with pride full declaration, but with submission and humility. You say none of this things moved me because I am only moved by him. Can you say a man france pandemic or not move? You locked down? Will that move? You rejection will not move you. Bankruptcy could not move you even single ness could not move you even death will not be able to move. You remember the disciples when they passed away? Remember the Martinez spence, when they were burn at the state, they were singing. They were singing. It's as if like they were going to their wedding. My dear friend, that is the state where christ want you to be in. If we could not smile right now when we are not yet facing trials and difficulties like they face. How much more? How are we going to stand in the times? The biggest trials of our life will hit us near fence. That's be in his presence. Can you say him in lastly, friends? Remember, crisis, let not your heart be troubled. He would have nothing for yourself. Vacation for my salvation. What are we still holding back from him? All provision was given, all the highest possible solution was provided. And what are you willing to give him? And God laid it all for you. Will you lay on for him? Will you give all for him? france, as we come before his presence this morning. Let us gather together. Let us remember the sacrifice that he has given us. Come, I like to invite you. And for those of you who have difficulty kneeling down, just occupy the nearest seats. And for those of you who are at the back, come closer. If you can not neil near here, just sit on on the nearby chair, you could even pull the chair so that you could be close. Yes, friends, this is our last time of coming together. Let us press together a man. Let us praise god for the wonderful sacrifice for the beautiful and amazing provision that he has given his church that he has given us all. Can you say a mentor that and asked and asked we we draw closer to him. Okay. If there is a space in front of you, move a little bit closer because that will be the space of the person behind you. So fence, let us open our hymn books, our digital hymn book, and let us sing this beautiful, beautiful song. One of my favorite songs vents. Take my life and let it be him number 33330. Take my life and let it be. Let us say egg, my alive bear handler. Did he cons the great lord to be my Move in And be Let us thing verse to a my d B O or the day my let me b O B O K, O re my be your father before we could even lay our hearts on your throw on on the altar. Lord, we want to appreciate 1st your sacrifice, your gift for us. So lord, I pray that you please teach us how to lift up our voice of depression. Acknowledge you for what you have done and what you are willing to do for in or for us individually and for your church. Friends, i'd like to encourage for those, even though you are near here, near, near the circle, lift up your voice so that the people behind could hear. And we could agree and we could all together say men. And they will know us well if they will begin to pray. So france, let us, let us begin this. I like to start this. The father, we pray soon with thank you that you did not desire to hold back heaven's gift for the Salvation of everyone here Will be great. Thank you. He said giving and pray says that goes up to happen right now. Even though sometimes we overlap each other's prayer, but every prayer, every braces, the 3rd and heaven and lord as we go into our next section, may we continually remember your faithfulness to your church and to in every individual gray. It is a great is More I saw this This In your father, the greatest i faithfulness or repression. We thank you that you are faithful to us. Even though we are not consistently faithful to you. We have held back a lot of things and yet the Lord day of their day, you do not hold back anything, especially for our Good friends at this at this time, let us group ourselves into groups of 2 or 3. Let us ask the Lord to forgive us of the thing that we have held back them. We may begin our prayer. Oh this. Oh Oh Oh, Oh dear father, that is our desire that our hearts will be your royal wrong. Take our real oh lord and make a dine and friends in this last section of our prayer. But as ask god to help us give him what we can give. Though. Fare format would be. Lord, please help me give you my blank. Whatever it is, lord, i'd like to begin this. The Lord, please help me. Give you my all my plans on This I I Might Be the o O D O B O B and their father. Lord su, you take away all those things that we have surrendered. We asked all or did you please tell us with your speed of it? Thank you so much lord, because we know that it is you who desire for us to be. Glens are all those rubbish to be cleared out so that we will have the pure and holy and filling of your spirit in US low repression. We thank you that you desire to feel us more than we could ever think or imagine exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or think. It's what you desire for your church to receive the Lord, please help us not to hold you back and help us, lord, not to hold back anything from you. If father, we pray that this sabbath will be the highest sabbath yet and help us, lord, not to be satisfied of what we have received here in this camp meeting. When we go home, dear father, please help us to bring our families to bring our friends to continually seek for the filling of your spirit to prepare ourselves for the lettering or replacing. We thank you that you are coming so soon and we praise and we thank you. Oh lord, that you did not leave us without help. You've given us the most essential, the most complete gift that you could give. Thank you lord for the ministry of the holy spirit. And again, your father would like to remember that beautiful promise and look 11 verse 13. Even. We are evil, give good gifts to our children. How much more is our heavenly father would give us a holy spirit? To them the asking. So there please help us never, ever to fail of asking the holy spirit. May that be the center of our, of our ascii lord, I pray that may you prepare our hearts to receive you today. Be fair, our hearts o lord, the beautiful sir, but that you're giving us this, not vs. And we pay in the loving and precious name of your son jesus. All your children say To listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M. I S D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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