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How to share creation in outreach on secular campuses

Stan Hudson


  • June 30, 2010
    12:45 PM
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well you are having I know that one of the races you certainly have been sharing information on creationism is a very scholarly subject and reading about ways in which we presented in many many times in the last questions is there anything we can get on a secular college campuses and I have tried it and it sounds incessantly view Lumina today as we talk about how easier and secular college campuses I use as a model of a robust design and minds are scholarly minds as it was on the lines you that Hall had when he went to Athens to me that makes logical sense that amount be found in seventeen where all I encounters philosophers of spelling and urea in their background in both cases they had a tendency to be skeptical of religious people shall we say has nightly note talk about supernatural events things that were not easily explainable by Virgil reason it was that reads you might even call it raises on the proto- scientists of the world they were the first ones to discard narrative as a reliable source and when virtually entirely on raising human reason to try and come up with world music and ways in which they understood their universe they were skeptical of that the stories of the gods had built the world in this order ways of a guest elevated human reason and human research so with that kind of audience in mind we take a look at the story of act seventeen and says while all waited for them it happens his friends his spirit with promo within him when he's on the city was given over to idols amassing yesterday with Pro involved in the sense that God was not receiving the proper amount of respect and honor all right was a creator of all things he was bothered by the comparative lack of understanding and knowledge about this Bigelow Hinman am wondering do we carry that same amount of zeal shall we say are we worried that a great institution in the world primarily leave God out of any danger any worldview and cosmos understanding at all maybe we should be a little bit more promote anyway always revolve even bothered as he saw these various conflicting worldviews around this has been certain Epicurean and Stoic philosophers encountered him and sunset what does his best bachelor want to say all right apparently he was talking about his worldview then Paul stood in the news of the Areopagus he was invited to speak to them and he gave these approach he said men of Athens I received that in all things you are very religious brass I was passing through when considering the objects of your worship I even found an altar with this inscription to the unknown God therefore the one whom you worship without knowing him I proclaim to you now notice what he dies he's the first of all notices that they are interested in understanding the great questions the great membrane dynamics of the University were living in there were trying to come to some understanding he was acknowledging that and he also carefully said in a hearing willing to admit you don't know everything you have it on the altar to an unknown God let me see if I can maybe fill in our helper after the discussion and let's see what we can come to some understanding here is my understanding Paul goes on to say on the great worldview that that is reality God who made the world and everything in it that's a creator strong three hundred opposition since he is Lord of heaven and earth is not dwell in temples made with hands noisy worship with man's hands as though he needed anything what is a starting is a easy child immunization or ideas of God or rather smaller others lend engineers are kind of in temples and everything that C-SPAN are you honestly know how long his university is an wider range of God will take the creative and he doesn't really need your help and input examples hurling these times of ignorance God overlooked but now commands all men everywhere to repent because he is appointed in which he will judge the world in righteousness by the man he who hast ordained human assurance of this walleye raising him from the dead malware takes place at this point in this juncture it says it sounds off and others believe and what was he challenging that when he was saying that there is a greater dimension there is there are things that can't be explained by science there are things that have been witnessed there is always a narrative that usually taken very seriously there are witnesses that have seen someone who is who is now alive that's not scientifically support the light is part of my narrative and taken consider this as a possible source of vertebrate life information of course Paul probably gave his own story of how he seen Jesus himself and so on so the idea of trying to mouse and human more information talking to a philosophical world scientific world with the idea was raised in his universe is great there may be forces larger than remotely understand that considers another option is is not a terrible approach as as we think about the society in which we live these questions no doubt that were challenging them as possible being that may have a creator who gives and actively maintains a life of all creatures another was connected now in his creation someone who is properly represented by man's reason or are you can contain human assemblies much greater and beyond your ability to frankly contain engine in a laboratory of God whom we are responsible to identity about natural laws he can resurrect people from the dead of natural laws and fully capable of suspending them as well this Internet probably a challenge to an agreement mine certainly do a scientific mind today well as you think about the three Angels messages that I saw another angel flying in heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those of you while you are saying with a loud voice with a loud voice fear God and give glory of the hour of his judgment has come where you may have an urgency and springs of waters in reference to creation a reference to the fly immediately are in these last days they would allow boys wherever that takes us maybe even in Athens allowing voice about our Creator God and our God who judges the world has done or will judge it in the future expect this kind of God to reenter Earth 's history in a big way I than great of course the great issues have to do with the way you see the same data we can ever get people to agree that the deity is a separate thing from his and no interpretation boiling hot things we can talk about common ground it depends upon the glasses through which you love and whenever you present with signs oriented community I think you can resonate a little bit with energy and help all of us understand that there's data and there is interpretation very often the data is presented today as in the interpretation is presented as data millions of years or whatever the issues are so bad as that is the area in Huntingdon later or not to debate when you want to go to a college campus traditionally I think we probably got involved with the names I have a number note here that involve intimate Simon and the days and then there's a certain and possibly a place for that I only will you learn about the days when I used to be I'm not so sure it is quite as much as we like to think it's certainly entertaining for some people you know you know that this approach to evangelism was an angel going to a County debate on the local preachers about right or wrong from the Bible so maybe it is ingrained in us I'm not sure and that is where the scientific and scholarly and everything human in terms of accomplishing things I'm a little cool in amazement maybe people can convince me the best way to go I think better sense the evolution shall we say arguments are presented twenty four seven in all venues in secular campuses to discipline up time with the baby I don't know what is going to give a different approach and they never get it just inherently good people they're not that you would avoid questions that leave it to them they are to consider the proper venue on a secular college campus over the way he would find a place is hopefully be invited by a group of men are hopefully you have 's personality there registered as a registered Republican campus like you and you are therefore also rise visitor you get access to the campus facilities you can put up posters are pruned and so forth and so you really need to work through channels when you do things on a college campus best way to do that is to be an invitee of finding relief in equity it is not and there's not an administrative error advancement of young people find it nondenominational religious group there's lots of them on campuses find somebody that will invite you and you have waited and started out the best couch is incidentally not aware of highlighting this in the beginning I immediately categorize me as a religious new note and put me in a box and then dwelling out of the box so anyway what you want to do is you want to come in and approach the subject of origins in ways in which you can be as polite and kind to all news because all views in these arguments basis a logical basis in approach to things now and that includes evolution has a logic to it and if I can suggested to you in just this way we understand evolution fully it's basically the best game in town or even the only game in town if you are set aside option of God creating things got out of the picture than what you have there's almost no other model or theory that is going to work and so that's why it is important as the logical approach if you understand that understand the basis for evolution that you can hot well with other people now to me how really good approach to this is to just go through my history of science and religion and how they used to be connected and what were the forces that separated them and just do a histrionic and you can talk about humanism people are affected by talking about humanism how that is encroaching Western culture and the universities and so on and if you put down the historical chronology of things people can kind of a relapse I think I listened to the rest of it so that's where we are today kind of thing that when you talk about holds an American believes that's good to present undeniable and you were to say it was solidly proud we understand what the basic science model is you know what Americans or Westerners or whatever culture you're in a league present not a whole artifact organization here's where we have the latest when they can deny that they are going to win the television when he is what most people in this country believe in you can see what the problem agencies conflicts on origins undeniable just going back and try not to spend too much possible topics well and you know you will follow alone here's how we got here series you can deal with origins you do in history science religion conflict giving him all reviews just do survey of police and so forth and there are ways of doing this and you can drop in to the discussion seems that you can use later on for it will be titled about that something like Darwin anything involving Darwin 's great Darwin is the man we just celebrated the two hundredth anniversary of his birth and hundred fiftieth anniversary party in the species publication universities are very openings on darling wife Helen went with some issue involving Darwin how he became agnostic towards how his views were receiving his name 's Tyler received today the social implications of Darwin and decathlon happened you don't tell the world that everybody was an evolutionist is something like a modern version of Adolf Hitler or something trying to improve the gene things and so he got to be careful on that unit talk about hell because the world is interested in the subject of hell and what happens in the end basically it is remarkable and you talk about Darwin 's view of hell which it was very very painful to him very they believe that hot afternoon Captain always numbers game is one of his arguments sound to talk about a lot of spiritual things with child resistant packaging looking like a science discussion will writers readers and more our something like that in open the doors outer things as visited Utah origins to talk about Big Bang and then from then on you as well as Isaiah is the house and all land and their united improvisations a working union working that way so anything Darwin is is really good as well I'll understand is that you will ask offers come in the last days according to this tax from second Peter scoffers will come in the last days walking according at all lessons and where is the promise of his coming present some fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation one of the interesting things in junior Iran agnostics especially is that if there was a lady who predicted huger than I would intend that I want to listen what they had to say that sounds little supernatural that sounds a little bit hard to explain otherwise how about this predicting the future from peters a few thousand years in the future saying that in the last days of these evolving over the issues of origins of these golfers and they would be in particular using the concept of all things continue as they were from creating or from the beginning without any interruption without any influence in an inviting God without any supernatural actions just and I mean that is gradualism that is uniform and carrying a zone that is lines his view of how things continue to the present is the past understand that things continue without the intervention of God and they will use that the calendar any any comments about the second coming they will stop at the second coming because God hasn't stepped into history this is what we forget that by the word of the heavens were of all the and the earth perished being letter with wine these two things ever got an at some point in the discussion you can imagine is not Thursday the first meeting but somewhere along the winding is a really interesting that we happy these issues been talked about today with lots of people thinking that God created the world and not thinking that the flood the place is interesting that here's a prediction that would be exactly the topics here two thousand years after it was talked about by Peter so this also should tell you that it always offers that come into any meetings that you have that out of the way you should maintain yourself is always why always behind never bashing evolution as if somehow being short on IQ and race her or something they are not they just have another worldview and you need to treat them respectfully and kindly annual build some bridges and make friends and that is what it's all about Susan be planted we had some good success with Seo and landing with wings on my one one Professor Ettinger in particular quarry and gentlemen who is teaching our university and taxes was definitely influenced by agreeing to seminar we had over at Washington State University and is considered me now we talk regularly on e-mail on things create and sell me stand whatever you're doing a series don't forget how well be one like being there so I don't know feel like you're not reaching anybody and so there are people out there you get graduate students and say that you are in the they have this image of creationists is being sort of narrow back where people don't understand the issues don't understand science and so forth and when you get laughed with them and joke with them and show them that you do understand the basic tenets of evolution you know understand what is based on and here's where you have the issues here here and here and as you a nice rapport with them it is amazing how far you can afterwards exempt coming up every needing a little warmer little friendlier a little more open and that would tend to hang around you a little immorality even tell you where building bridges for the things you are saying is easily planted it's a rare day that you have something stand out in the end of the series and say I'm how creationist thank you very much you pervert all is never going on lately you want them to go away and think about the things that they saw and heard and that point of course you are all dependent upon prayer because there's not a single argument that you and I have that can argue somebody into heaven is strictly a spiritual transformation that is done by the Holy Spirit and you are just providing what you know you pray God will make that germinate in the something special I was entirely spiritual manner at Hackensack I'll have to tell you that my observation is this that even though it's a scholarly pursuit even though there are a lot of things that happened with vaccinated everything to some extent I still rather feel that it is not a data driven issue for people I still think at some level our lease is not entirely data driven it still to some extent a spiritual issue of people wrestling over what does this mean in terms of meeting with this guy you know what what does this mean for my future what is this mean in terms of relating was expecting me all the things as part of the train that engine is pulling so there will be scoffers but there will be seen as planned and we can trust that God will bring you something great happened from this kind of presentation yes even as secular area like that remember it happens Paul Hasson who did believe in sure was born even though I think he was hoping for more he's still got some very precious souls to accept and become part of God 's young church there in Athens it happened today when a message is given is that you him


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