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02 Showing Up the Enemy

Dave Fiedler
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Dave Fiedler

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  • June 21, 2021
    10:45 AM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen father in heaven. Lord, we are vessels standing before you to day. And some of our personalities see ourselves as half full and some of us. Yes. As half empty. But however we, sir. See ourselves today. Lord, our vessels need to be filled with your spirit. The Lord were asking you to fill us with your holy spirit because it is through the spirit that we can discern the things that the word of god shares and the spirit of prophecy. So bless us, lord with the fullness of your spirit and anoint the lips of our, your Brother as he shares with us today from his heart. And we thank you for it in jesus name. Good morning. Ok, there's supposed to be a title slide. I don't know why it's not showing up. I guess we'll go without it. The, the title was supposed to be showing up the enemy. Sometimes in, in some of my presentations, i've used an illustration which not everyone catches as an illustration right off the bat. It is entirely fictitious, so no spear, you the necessity figuring out for yourself that I'll explain to them as you know, you don't really know me because I'm a stranger here. But one of my little hobbies is, is weight lifting and I can actually bench press 400 pounds. And occasionally i get very naive people say, wow. And occasionally i get more knowledgeable people who go Because there's something about my physique that probably does not look like the kind of guy who can bench press 400 pounds. But if you laughed at my claim, wouldn't it be sweet to just do it? Yeah, there's nothing quite so satisfying perhaps as doing what they said you couldn't do. It's very convincing argument, actually. Hagen argue at it. Ok. So let's the idea of showing up the enemy and I don't mean that in a negative sense. I don't think that christ would enjoy the you know, the kind of Human emotion of ha ha. But nonetheless, the key word there is actually showing showing up the enemy. Ok. So we left off yesterday with this list of satan's accusations. And I left you the question, suppose you are god, what are you going to do now? If you study formal logic, they have what they call fallacies. And for whatever reason they've given some of these really cute little names. And one of the cutesy fallacies is poisoning the well now it works like this. Let's just pretend for the moment that I am candidate a running for me. I don't care to say governor of Michigan, and over here I am candidate be running for governor of Michigan. And so we have one of these civic evening, you know, for on type of things. And we're going to have a debate, see. So candidate a gets the speak 1st and he says, well done, I'm so glad that you came out as soon as you care about the welfare of your state. And I'm just, it's a wonderful thing, michigan's a great state. But before we go any further, i have to tell you something. My opponent here is a notorious liar. You can't believe anything. He says, That poisoning the well. Now when the candidate be gets his turn to talk, what's the 1st thing he's going to want to say? I am not a liar. Whereupon candidate a was supposed to be quiet right now, breaks the rules and says he just lied. Can you trust him? You don't know, You don't know. Once the question of honesty has been tarnished, the well has been poisoned and god's well had been poisoned. Henceforward, anything that god had to say was of limited value. Well, so what would god do about it? You know, we like, I think I mentioned this yesterday. You know, god has a 1000 ways to provide for us of which we know nothing. And yet when it came to his problem, there was only one way. And it was incredibly expensive. You only had one way. What's interesting is that when we went talks about this, she actually spends more time talking about, I don't know, but that's literally true. But she spent quite a bit of time talking about what god couldn't do. How shall the universe know that lucifer is not a safe and just leader to their eyes? He appears right to stop and think about that for a moment to their eyes he appears right. They cannot see, as god sees beneath the outward covering they cannot know, as god knows, then to work to unmask him and make plain to the angelic hope that his judgment is not god's judgment, that he has made a standard of his own and exposed himself to the righteous indignation of god would create a state of things which must be avoided. But god can do anything. And not now he can't. This must be avoided. God desired that a change take place and that the work of satan be brought out in its genuine aspect. But the exalted angel standing extra christ was opposed to the son of god. The under working was so subtle that it could not be made to appear before the heavenly host. As a thing, it really was. Some things can't do. Satan could not be presented the universe at once. In his real character. His crooked course must be made for me must be allowed to continue until he should reveal himself as an accuser, a deceiver, a liar and a murderer. God could not say. Lucifer is an accuser, a deceiver, a liar and a murderer. I could say it, I'm going to convince anyone I know that sounds redressing but, but you know what? I really liked that. Because what it tells me is that god didn't create easily manipulated population. You created a, a population, the universe full of thinkers. Unlike some worlds, i know Where the population seems to be. You know What I put this politely seems to be valued for its ability to be manipulated. Satan had disguised himself in a cloak of falsehood, and for a time it was impossible to tear off the covering. The hideous deformity of his character could be seen. He must be left to reveal himself in his cruel, artful, wicked work. Now that look in a 2nd line there impossible. Impossible. That's not a term that we often associate with god. I notice also the last line. Her last sentence, i guess that word must hast to required you. God can do anything he wants. No, I can't. He must do some things That seems kind of weird, but that's the way it was. God's purpose is to place things upon an eternal basis of security. Just remember before sin it wasn't eternally secure because it came up, right? god's purpose is to play things upon any eternal basis of security. Time must be given for satan to develop the principles which were the foundation of his government. The heavenly universe must be worked out. The principles which declared were superior to god's principles. God's order must be contrasted with satan's order. The corrupting principles of satan's rule must be revealed. The principles of righteousness expressed and god's law must be demonstrators unchangeable, perfect, and eternal. You've all heard these ideas before. I'm sure this is nothing brand new, but notice these words god's in a box. And notice the nature of the requirements. He had to develop his principles, the universe must see the contrast, right? god's order must be contrasted. Things rule must be revealed. Gods, all must be demonstrated. Everything that needs to happen here falls into the category of, I don't know, I'd call it school education, the University and learn some stuff and some stuff he can only learn by experience or by, by watching at least it's, it's a process of clarification of revelation, of of, of making clear issues. That is the nature of god's response to lucifer's accusation. All god can do, all god is trying to do is to clear things up. Let people see the reality. The revelation of god's character. Which is what lucifer was impugning here is in fact the only weapon in heaven's arsenal. Everything is based on stems from flows directly out of the revelation of god's character. And notice, as far as the scene is concerned, the damage was all self inflicted. He would reveal himself as a murderer. He would reveal himself as a liar, he was, he was shooting himself in the foot. Satan failure. However, even if he completely with who are embarrassed himself would not necessarily mean that god was off the hook. If you ever listen to a political debate or each candidate is telling everyone that the other guy's terrible, miserable, rotten. No good for whatever reasons. And if you ever stop to wonder what if they're both right? It's a risk. Just just say it's a risk just because satan demonstrated that he was a rotten guy, didn't get got off the hook. God had to respond to himself. And the universe knew that the unfold world saw that the character of god could be vindicated only through this trial and conflict of the 2 forces. The attributes of god must be made to appear of the stability of his government. There must be no question. You know, and I find it so amazing because as I read different comments miller white about the universe, sometimes they seem so smart. Sometimes they seem kinda slow. It's intriguing. It's just intriguing, obviously, but that ok. So god has to defend himself. How is he going to do that? How is he going to you yet? Everyone in the entire universe To want him to be the, the monarch that the leader, you know, whatever title want him to be god. How is he going to do that? Well, the simple answer is he had to convince everyone that his government was the only one they wanted. Okay? It's a pretty tall order. And what if there were other ideas out there someplace, right? Some countries have like 15 or 20 political parties noted, states, you know. Yeah, yeah there's, I don't know, there's a, there's a variety of other parties, but basically it's a 2 party system round here. Ok. Up in Canada. It's a little more fun to watch. They've got to, it's more or less the 3 party system up there. Things get a little bunkers up there. Sometimes it's enjoy or So. So what's to prevent someone out the universe from watching all this and thinking about it and then out of all the good millions of un fallen beings. What's the chances that someone would say, wow, you know, seems plan was really messed up. But I still think there's some problems with god's ideas. Here's where I think we ought to be Here. Gods here they want to be here or here or here or here or here here here. Yeah, I can straighten that. Mess out the only way to get past that is to be willing to do more, to go further for the good of those gazillion to the citizens of the universe. And how do you suppose god is going to do that? This is a key, steven right here. Notice this no verbal description could reveal god the world. Partially because of the honesty question and partially because some things he just can't describe well enough. No verbal description could reveal god to the world through a life of purity, a life of perfect trust and submission to the will of god. A life of humiliation, such as even the highest surf in heaven would have shrunk from god himself, must be revealed to humanity. You remember probably what is it story of redemption maybe or sphere prophecy volume was one of those earlier writings. Well, what talks about how, you know, when m E. C, in a god and jesus had a consultation and they came out and they announced a plan that the jesus was going to be incarnated in live and die. And the angel said no, no, no, let me do it. You know what they were talking about. We disdain the highest tariff and heaven would have shrunk from this aid, understood what he was going to go through. Not to mention the fact that they couldn't do the job anyhow. You big deal. So jesus says, god says, this is what I'm willing to do. Anyone else want to do the same thing? Anybody else going to do more? And there were no volunteers. Notice again, this statement, this is a matter of reviewing, of showing of clarifying, right. The god must be revealed to the world. A verbal description could not do it. God himself must be revealed to humanity. Ok. One of the hardest areas of medical science these days is a fascinating field known as neuro plasticity means going to switch a nerves around ok. The plasticity, the, the ability to change how nerves work. You've done some really, really amazing things and found out that you can kind of rewire the brain in some ways that they never anticipated. Few years ago. That's good to doing is way ahead of the game. Of course. That's what god's doing with the revelation of the character of god. He wants to correct our perception of himself. You want to rewire our brains. Let's see, I was going to do that. Well ok, i've, I hear myself that this slide is not seeing how we're going to do that. But seeing what would happen if we don't. Ok, without the correct knowledge of god, the Human family would be divested of all divine strengths. With false attributes kept before the mind as belonging to God. The Human family would be the dupes of se tannic lies in the subjects of se tannic agencies and could be practiced upon, and he could practice upon their credulity with success. This is a fun paragraph for an english teacher. We got some great words in here. We're gather, is fun. Second line down, right in the middle it said renew it. Divested means taken away. Yeah. It's kinda like that's related to invests kind of the opposite of invest that it did take it away. They would be, well, who said they would have all divine strength taken away from them with the wrong understanding of not right. What do you think without the correct knowledge of god, ok. Divested of all divine. So that's not where we want to be just, you know, you know, that. Ok dropped down to the 4th line. The Human family would be the do of say 10 a like. What if they do Not a common word these days. You would like this, you know what the word duplicated. He means it's related to our word double to be do precipitous means to have 2 faces to one group. I say pleasant things to another group. I say other things that are pleasant here, but wouldn't be pleasant there. You know, that would be politicians. I'm just a little bit cynical when it comes to the Human ability to govern ourself. You know, it's not their fault. I'm not sure I could do a better job. I'm just saying, you know, human beings, we're not good at governing. That'll learn that any l. A duplicate is person is one who has to faced anyone who is fooled by a duplicity. This person is a dupe. That that okay, we would be, the duke says they panic lies in the subjects they tend to gauges and he could practice upon their could do a T. Okay. Not a good word. What's credulity? Today we would probably use the near synonym gullibility. We believe in too much. Okay. That's what happens if we have the incorrect knowledge of god. I'm thinking that support an issue. I don't just seems that way to me. How much misconception does it take to harmless? Is this a matter of just kind of generally getting yeah, getting the right idea or is this a matter of getting every detail right? How important was this issue of revealing the character of god? How important was that issue to jesus? Jesus came to earth to teach men how to live a life of self denial and self sacrifice and how to carry out poor, practical religion. In their daily lives. He labored constantly for one object. All his powers were employed for the Salvation of men in every act of his life tended to that end. Okay, so this is, this is a lead up petition, but I want you to notice one thing here is little kind of little logic course. You know, major premise, minor premise, conclusion, right? What would be true? All circles are round, this is round, therefore it's a circle, right? Again, something like that. Jesus label labored constantly for one object. Right? All his powers were employed for the Salvation of men. Everything he did was for the Salvation of men. Now go back to the beginning. Jesus came to teach men how to live a life of self denial, self sacrifice. Why would he teaches how to live the life of self denial of sacrifice? Because it's necessary for salvation. Everything he did was for the Salvation of men, and he knew he had to teach us how to live lives, a self denial and self sacrifice game. That was the go one of the you know, one way of expressing that go, but how did he go about it? What was the method? The great object that brought christ to the earth was to reveal the father. God is love. This was a great tuesday christ came to the world to reveal the object of christ mission to the world was to reveal the father in all his ministry, all his self denial, self sacrifice. Christ object was to reveal god to the world. I could give you another 20 of those type of statements. Christ exalted the character of god, attributing to him the praise and giving it to him the credit of the whole purpose of his own mission on earth. And I'm just going to stop there for just a 2nd. English teacher kicked back in. What's that thing right after earth class? What is that? What is that funny looking thing? There? It's a dash and we know what kind of day it is. It's an M dash, how great is that? Now for those who aren't familiar with the term, that's M as in money and monkey and major and that kind of an M ok. And an M dash is called an M dash because it's the same width is a capital m little topography lesson here for you. Okay? They also have in nations by the way, in days is a width of a capital in. And they're used for different purpose. There they go in between numbers like 5 to 25 dash 20. That's an index, not an em days, not a hyphen please. Let's get this straight. Ok. So this is an am day. What do m de says? Do m dashes set off parents medical insertions. You can do the same thing with a pair of parentheses, but that's more of an interruption. You could do the same thing with a pair of commas, but that's less interruption. The M dash comes in between just kind of stop you enough to get your attention, but doesn't stop. You didn't your tracks like a period or like a parentheses, something like that. And that parent teddy gl insertion. This case is an apostrophe class, which is to say it's a restatement of the noun clause. It just came before it. OK, so the whole purpose of his own mission to earth. What's the noun, the mission to earth? That's the 2 words as a proposition. Don't worry about it is mission. We're going to redefine a mission right after that m dash set man, right to the revelation of god. That's the mission. The whole purpose of his mission to earth is the set man, right through the revelation of god. Why I thought he was here to think centers. Yeah, it's the set men right part This is this, I find this actually amazing and a little bit a little bit strange sometimes. Since we seldom think of salvation in this way, but all right, says it over and over here we see that the whole purpose of christ's mission earth was the same and Right. And it was all to be accomplished by helping us see what god is like. We don't often 3, that revelation as being the active agent in the regeneration of humanity. But here One more thing raised the very end of it. All, you see those dots, if we know what those are, it's an ellipse. Now if you look carefully, you'll see there are 4 dots. Sometimes there's only 3 dots. Use 3 dots if he don't go past the end of the sentence, if you go past the end of a sense and you have to have 4 to pick up the period at the end of that sentence that you went test. Ok. The point is that the paragraph goes on. When the object of his mission was attained, m de redone re statement of the same thing. He and the object of his mission was attained. The revelation of god of the world, the son of god knows that his work was accomplished. The character the father was made manifest to men. Here's my question. When was that announcement? What was that announcer? It is finished. The revelation of the character of god 2 men could never be complete without the cross Because there's something very special about someone who's willing to die for you Jesus. Again, we have this object of his mission phrasing. There are lots of objects of his mission. So to speak, but they were all accomplished through the revelation of the character of god. And when you came to reveal the character of his father, he pushed it to the absolute limit. I. I find this precision incredible. God sent his son into the world to reveal so far as could be endured by human sight, the nature and attributes of the invisible god. You know, if you read desire wages, it never now and then you run across this phrase where divinity flash through humanity, right? Like when he walks into the temple, when he picks up that little weapon, he stood at the top of the steps. There was a smack and anybody around or anything just standing there. But his gaze sweeps over the temper temple court and everyone's attention is fixed on him and divinity, flash through humanity, and it scared the socks awful. They ran. Let us see you so far as could be endured by human sight. Think right. And those are those few occasions when divinity, flesh, or humanity, you know, I don't know whether it was jesus himself or god. The father, i'm not sure. But somebody was turning the dial up a little bit higher than that was comfortable. They could not endure it. Christ's reveal all of god, that simple human beings could bear without being destroyed. You know, when you, when you jump in the car it's, it's great to know where the gas pedal is. Probably a good idea to know where the brake is to I find this amazing, you know that jesus could push it right to the absolute limit and not go over the line. Crisis is the perfect representation of the father. His life of seamlessness lived on this earth and Human nature is a complete reputation of things charge against the character of god. We'll come back to that But Where am I going next? Okay. Yeah. The perfect representation. That's the part I want to focus on right now. Christ is the perfect representation of the father. His job was to reveal the father. And so he did it perfectly. Right. Had god the father come to our world and dwelt among us, veiling his glory and humbling yourself that the humana, that humanity might look upon him. The history that we have the life of christ would not have been changed in unfolding its record of his own condescending grace in every act of jesus. In every lesson of his instruction, we are to see and hear and recognize god inside. In hearing any fact, it is the voice and movement of the father. Actually, jesus kind of said the same thing, right? You see me has seen the father. So can you say show us father Phillip, 3 years you haven't figured that out. I was very disappointing to jesus. Jesus could not express in words the understanding of man, the love of the father. He could only say, god so loved the world, but he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. God had a problem he was having to deal with problem was words even jesus words. Even the most famous verse in the bible words weren't enough. Jesus could not express in words. That's wrong with words. I mean, you know, some words at least nothing wrong with reaching the gospel. Right. Nothing wrong with quote in John 316. It just doesn't finish the job. That's all. And fortunately, we have not finished the paragraph, But he did express a love of god in his actions. What a fascinating idea do something instead of just talk about This is probably why jesus being wise understood how things work work. And so, you know, if he were an investment counselor, he would say this is what you need to do to get the most bang for your buck. Right. He understood this process and that's why he did this. The savior of the world devoted more time in labor to healing the afflicted their melodies than to preaching Nothing wrong with reaching. I occasionally do it that day there's nothing wrong with my preaching is what's wrong with my preaching, but that's ok. We're going What strikes me as odd here's how little we focus on these. These matters. The revelation the necessity of action to make that revelation. How fragmented our ideas are of christ's work. We emphasize the sacrifice of the cross and rightly so, but too often we see it is simply some sort of an abstract payment for sin. And we fail to recognize its role in what we called the whole purpose of christ mission to earth. The revelation the father It's a cause and effect thing. It's reality. Please don't take offense, i don't mean this to be out of line, but I occasionally hear descriptions of the plan of salvation that I affectionately referred to as spiritual fairy dust. You know how superstitious and what's, what's the defining characteristic of superstition, right? Is the inability to trace between cause and effect. Right. So if I can remember my superstition here, a black cat walks across in front of me, so I have bad luck. Fascinated not sure exactly why, but it's the way it works. I broke a mirror. So what is it? 7 years, 7 years. Bad luck, right. Something like that. Not sure exactly why, but it works that way. Maybe. What's the thing with the song that good luck or bad luck? And we know so salt over shoulders. Net something or am I just making that one up? That Is still solid because they could come with that. If it, he said it was good luck. Okay, I was think it was bad luck. I knew I could figure that is if there's some really big guy and I throw salt or my shoulder getting his eyes and beat me up. That would be bad luck. I could understand that one. Ok. But the defining characteristic of superstition is there's no link between cause and effect. It's not cause and effect it's superstition and happenstance. If it happens, God doesn't work that way. This is why he could illustrate the truth of the kingdom of god with all the things of nature, because the things of nature work on cause and effect. You know, it's interesting when you read And what often, you know, cautions parents, especially she'll say things like, you know, it's not a good idea to try and raise kids in the city. Much better if you can get the kids out in the country. And she'll give a list of, of the objectionable features of the city. And it's really interesting because only in, i'd say the last 10 to 15 years has science been validating. Many of those things. One thing he said is there's, there's hustle and bustle of the city. And you know what they found that if you live in an environment where there's constant noise, it does damage to your nervous system. They want to not do that again. She speaks of the impure air. It's easy to understand your breathing, smog, or whatever else all day long. It's not going to be good for your lungs and anything that's connected to your lungs, which would probably be the rest of your body. Ah. But the one that really intrigued me is she says, the artificiality of city life. I wondered about that. I mean, you know, I mean if this as a block of wood, that seems really, that was in the country and that block of wood was in the city. I'd say now they both look pretty real to me. Took me a long time to come up with any ideas to really what she meant about artificiality of city life. And this is the last day of the day. So you know, whatever. Ok, it was just my idea, but the best i've been able to come up with is that the artificiality consists in largely in human relations. And specifically the one place I can best illustrate this is work. You know, in this, in a city job I can show up to work and fluff off and the boss will still pay me Try doing that on the farm. You slip up on the floor. The bus will be you at all. Everything just died. Roy, my wife, not here with me, she's back home taken care of the orchard in the garden because you walk away this time a year. Everything's dead. You can't do that. What do you get on that? I'm not sure it was interesting. Let's go on. There was oh yeah, superstition. There's reality. There's cause and effect that's. That's what I was trying to point out. That's going To use met lou more on this christ came to this world for no other purpose than to display the glory of god. That man might be uplifted by its restoring power. If somehow you have missed the cause and effect relationship of christ's revelations, the father, to the uplifting and the restoring of humanity, i invite you to focus your attention on that make sense with me. If you have been, if you grew up with a concept of god's plans is phase sinners, that was a spiritual fairy does concept where you to sprinkle the dust and everything's good. It doesn't work like It was to reality. It were so cause and effect christ in this world war no other purpose than to display the glory of god. Are you spending time looking? thinking about the characters. If you are not, I invite you to If you only chance, take it. Take it, go on. Christ revealed god to his disciples, to his disciples in away their perform in their hearts a special work such as he has long been urging us to allow him to do in our hearts. Last meeting. I don't want to misrepresent this. I believe pastor holland was citing a statistic. I think it was about adventist, They remember what percentage of administer read the bible more than once a week In my right was that ed mentor with christians. You know, I don't, I don't want to Miss rep if it wasn't in encouraging statistic. Whatever it was. Read your bible reading, saturate your mind with the character of god for jesus came for in passing here we need to notice one particular aspect of christ's revelation. The father, overall his life. It will help us out here. This is the way jesus chose to deal with judith. This particular statement comes from a time late in jesus ministry. Had christ on masked judas. This would have been urges of reason for the betrayal. And though charged with being a thief, judas would have gained sympathy even among the disciples. The savior reproached him not and thus avoided giving him an excuse for his treachery. Wow, I wonder which disciple would have would have felt sympathy for judas. After had been convicted as a thief, christ did not unmask judas. It would have created a condition which must be avoided just like lucifer. Jesus did say quite a few things like this. Take heed and beware of the love of the pharisees in the sadducees. If he never said that about judas. Yesterday we looked at this statement. The originator of sin worked with all his deceptive powers and the Lord permitted this rebellion to develop before anything was done to save the angelic host. Remember I said that when I read that I was, I was appalled. I was offended. Need god look really, really bad. In my feeble darken mind. I didn't understand that statement until I read the one about judas. And then find the little ray of white shawn in I got a little bit smarter. Maybe jesus treatment of judith may strike us as odd. He just let him go and do a thing. Right. Not so much because of the way it affected judas. But doesn't it seem like he has missed a whole lot of opportunities to help the other 11 disciples figure out what was going on with the apostasy. Write in their midst. 11 disciples. On the night of the last supper, jesus says, what thou do us do quickly, and judas gets up and leaves and they say you're thinking of a buy some crackers or something. Why didn't jesus warn them? What's important here is that this circumstance helps us understand both the largest and past with lucifer. And what I hope is our near future Jesus face the same problem that we had here with lucifer. You faced the same problem with judith. Ok, i guess I talked about that. I'd forgotten that was going to be on the bottom side there. Yeah. How should the universe know lucifer is not a safe just mean leader. His eyes, he appears right, worked on masculine, create a state of things which must be for the same situation with, with, with judas. Remember that the disciples brought judas to jesus that he make a really good disciple, get this guy Get. It turns out the both, both of lucifer in heaven and with judas on earth. Jesus had done all that could be done up to that point in time for the angelic host and for the loyal disciples to saved an apostle. He already done everything that could be done up to that time. What had he done? He had demonstrated the love, the wisdom and the power of god. In everything that he done. The only thing that could save either the angels or the disciples was faith in god. Faith in christ. They didn't have the understanding. They could not walk by sight. They must walk by faith or they would fall. The only thing that could save him was face. What lucifer last member god said, pleased this mister said, no, that's better. He lost his faith in god wisdom or his love. What lucifer last is the only thing that could save the disciples. It's the only thing that could save the angels. And it was all by faith. This is the righteousness by faith, kind of faith. This is the victory that has overcome the world kind of faith. This is the, whatsoever is not of faith is sin kind of faith. Faith is a big deal. And faith in god is a simple matter its confidence and It was all part of the only plan that could successfully address the problem at hand. That problem, the big problem. The problem that threatened not only our world but the entire universe, god's creation. What seems accusations against the government of heaven, right? christ's life of seamlessness lived on earth in human nature is a complete reputation of satan's charge against the character of god. Where I want you to see here is that god is moving in a methodical categorical manner. Is walking down through the stream of time, kicking off accusations, as he goes is this is not a half hazard operation. This is plan. This is meticulous When the object of his mission was attained, the revelation of god to the world, the son of god announced it is finished that already every act of jesus life had been calculated to inspire his disciples faith in him. Up to the time of judas, upon the right. That was that faith was and would continue to be their only safety. And so he didn't say a word about jesus. Remember, words can only do so much. Jesus says, judith, you're a thief. Judas says, jesus, you misunderstand your misrepresenting me. And the disciples go Very bad idea. He didn't do it. We're not, it is so much. Instead, he did the one last thing he could do to get them and us to trust him. And that's the 2nd quote. We already picked up on the screen there. He died. We trust him. No. Will you trust someone who has infinite wisdom, infinite power and infinite love, and he wants to help you, will you trust? Can you think of a good reason? Not to Know, but I can give you thousands of bad reasons. I've tried plenty of all The world stride plenty of them. I want to make this about as stark as I can. There is no good reason not to trust god. It doesn't matter what he says To do. Trust him anyhow. Jesus modeled this horror. If it be possible, let this cup pass from nevertheless, not my will but die and be done. Ok. So now, in our stream of time after the crucifixion, let's take a look at the scorecard. How's the great convers to come along? These are the accusations. Remember these? God said the only way to deal with these accusations was through the process of demonstration. It was going to take some time. Ok, fair enough. Was that working out? How did things look at the time of say christ, ascension. So is 70 calvary resurrection that all just written path here? Well ok. Take a look at the say the 1st one there. Angels are wholly by nature wise enough to govern themselves, so they don't need god's law. Now, suppose you are, while I was you. Gabriel is examples because he's the only individual whose name I really know up there. But gabriel has lots of friends. So suppose you are gabriel or one of his friends you're looking on from that perspective. How does argument number one look in your site at this point? Not real. Good. Angels are wholly by nature. We could never do anything wrong. You just murdered the innocent son of god. And you're still in possession of angelic nature. I don't think that's a guarantee Number to God was unfair when he exulted jesus above luther. Remember, jesus has some good points. I've got some good points overall. I think I'm the better pick you think so now lucifer, we don't Because we just saw what you did. So I would suggest that argument $1.00 and $2.00 are pretty much toast. Number 3, god is selfish. Yeah, right. After the cross, you're going to make that argument. God is unloving and revengeful lucifer. This is not working lucifer, please get out here. 5 and 6. Now load different, maybe here god's law is defective and needs to be changed. Going to take both these together. Neither angels nor human beings can obey god's law. You know what jesus had just bench pressed, 400 pounds. The technical, i don't know if they would do this in heaven. I don't want to misrepresent anything but that the check the co term for doing that is now nan, nan. Nan You said I couldn't and I just did you know, I think I get probably an inappropriate joy out of that. I don't, I, I think I fall short of christ attitude right there. I have to say that I wish I wish I could accurately represent him. You know, I, I imagine trying to be serious about this now, which I probably should have a moment ago. Jesus was probably crying for lucifer as he did. It Was a fascinating account. Again, one of those early writing type of things may be sort of redemption, something just after lucifer's fall is kicked out of heaven. And he's sitting around and he's thinking and he's feeling kind of depressed because things are not working out so well out here as he thought they were going to. And remember, there's a story, is the angel going path and lucifer flights him down to a commit correctly. I want to talk to, I want to talk to and jesus comes out to talk to lucifer and lucifer says, you know, I, I messed up. I really messed up. I'll go back, I'll be good. I'll do everything I'm supposed to. Of this, you know the take my job back and walk all be good again. I don't know why it says that jesus wept for satan's woe. But had to tell him as the mind of god, that the seat of rebellion was still in him. And it would not be safe to take him back into the city and could never come back. But he wept for satan's woe And trying to learn how to do that. I'm afraid i'm still a little too much in the narr side. Well, $5.00 and $6.00, I would suggest they're pretty much gone. After the cross lucifer's 1st 6 accusations didn't make any sense to any one Off of this planet. There were still a lot of people who didn't understand things down here. But in the rest, the universe, it had taken 4000 years. But now everything had changed. Even lucifer knew The pivot point of all history had just given 4000 years. God had waited. Nathan like a long time to wait before responding satan's accusations. But it was the fullness of time. The perfect moment, the 1st moment that earth and all the unfolding worlds were prepared to see and recognize the truth about lucifer said. Satan saw that his disguise was torn away. His administration was laid open before the fallen angels, and before they have in the universe, he revealed himself as a murderer. By shedding the blood of the son of god, he had brooded himself from the sympathies is a heavenly being. The last link of sympathy between state and the heavenly world was broken. This is desire of ages 761 in the chapter. It is finished. As some fascinating thing to note here, the 3rd and 4th line, he had revealed himself as a murderer. Ah oh, what about keen enable He just like came killed a when that's murder didn't fate and get any credit for that. It been 4000 years. I'm guessing there were quite a few murders during that time. Didn't any of that attach to saying, how could he just now reveal himself as a murderer? And this is where we need to start seeing a difference in apples and oranges. Again, you've got to make some distinctions along the way. There are some categorical assessments that need to go on. This was the 1st time in all of history the last time too, by the way, that an innocent being died. All the deaths before that murderer. Otherwise, lucifer had the perfect dodge. He could say, no, don't blame me. It's god's law that says all sinners have to die. You may remember I tried to get him to change that. Don't blame me. He couldn't say that when jesus, jesus wasn't a sinner. And those were killed him anyhow. He'd crossed the line there for the 1st time, he had revealed himself as a murderer and noticed that word, sympathy. Evidently angels in heaven, sympathize with lucifer for 4000 years. Now I should point out there are 2 kinds of sympathy. There is the oh, poor thing, type of sympathy. And there's a well, he does have a point kind of sympathy, right? You can, I sympathize with that argument, but I'm not sure I understand, but there's the intellectual. There's the emotional oh, sympathy Which kind of sympathy is this talking about? Which kind of sympathy did the angels in heaven have for lucifer? Have no idea. I can't tell you. If I were going to guess, i'd say probably both. Doesn't matter. Which is worse. To feel so I for someone jesus wept lucifer's. Whoa, right? Or to think that the guys lies might be true, which is worse. I like this because it tells me something about god. Because god knew all along the angels or sympathizing with lucifer angels in heaven were sympathizing with lucifer. But god also knew that even though it might have been balanced pretty close, in some cases, they still had enough faith in god to trust him rather than this. It is all that made the difference. Some angels left heaven, some angels stain the one dade said, I don't, I can't explain the whole situation. This is a mess. This whole rebellion things, the methadone understanding, but I trust god. And the other said, this whole things a mess. I don't understand it but, but you know it's, it's crazy. I'm going with him. That's the dividing line. Righteousness is by faith. Salvation is by faith. Justification is by faith, whatsoever is not a faith is in the face kind of a big deal. Well, ok. We're talking progress here. That's 2 3rd of losers. Arguments near there are still 3 down at the bottom aren't there though with that. Those 3 items are still on the table. Those 3 items have extended the reign of sin for the last 2000 odd years. Why? Because responding to those final items requires the revelation of yet another categorical categorically, distinct aspect of god's wisdom and love. It's a different thing. What jesus dealt with was apple. But now we've got oranges. All the other murders were apples, but jesus was an orange. You know, I don't, don't, don't care though. No, nothing against apples, not the answer. Oranges are like and I'm just saying there's a categorical difference and if we don't understand the categorical differences, we will be confused. Ok. Why didn't jesus take care of everything when he was here? Well, in one sense he did, but another sense he didn't I am not going to have the time to give you documentation on this. You can read from deserve ages for 90 and you can get this thought or, or better yet. Hunt up a series of talks. My pastor cameron devane, lightning from heaven, i believe was the tyrique. I'm sure you can find him somewhere you tube or some such thing. Great series of talks. But maybe you can fall this outline. God work in stepping through this great controversy. Situation breaks down nicely into 4 stages. At losers, original fall 6000 give or take years ago. The members of the godhead understood things, plans and arguments, and rejected them. But nobody else could see and understand. 2000 years ago at the cross angels and, and fond worlds understood things, plans and arguments, and rejected them. But on earth we were too stupid. Sometime in the near future, i hope the 144000 will understand things, plans in arguments, and will reject it and will give evidence of that rejection by their actions. But that still leaves another group. And God is thorough if God is anything. And a 1000 years later, the wicked will understand things, plans and arguments, and will reject them. And at the end of the millennium, lucifer will be singing a solo. And no one Will be adding any harmony That industrial strength, peer pressure you will have been rejected by every intelligent being in the universe. God is thorough. If God is anything Ok, well just looking at that breakdown and again you can, you can get the basic idea off of the single paragraph and deserve ages 490 book that up or better yet. And that's a cam and series. Now taking a look at it, you can obviously see where we're at. We're in between 2 and 3, right? Jesus finish stage 2, which means of course that everyone in the entire universe is waiting for stage 3. Yeah. What's the hold up here? Well, it may have something to do with human beings being involved. Just to guess every eye in the unfolding universe is bent upon those who profess to be christ followers. Here in this atom of a world, an earnest warfare is going on a battle in which christ, our substitute and surety is engaged in our behalf and conquered. Great. But there's something really weird in this paragraph. Look at that 1st sense. Why in the world would that be? I mean, the rest of the paragraph goes on to say that jesus did the core stuff. Wouldn't you rather watch reruns of a great program rather than have 6000000000 channels of garbage? Why are they watching us? Well, it's because they know the plan sentence goes on, the paragraph goes on. Now we christ purchase possession must become the soldiers of his cross and conquer in our own behalf on our own account to the power and wisdom given us from above. The influence of the cross of calvary, the revelation of the character of god, is to vanquish every earthly and spiritual evil power. And we need to know the plan of the battle that we may work in harmony with christ rest. The universe knows the plan. We're just run a little slow down here. We need to know the plan of the battle that we may work in harmony with christ. While the government of heaven was confronted with a daring rebellion, charge of gross incompetence for selfishness, dishonesty. Human beings fell into sin and were hopelessly lost and heaven had a single response to both probably the revelation the character, the flood. It was the whole purpose of christ's mission on earth. And yet now there is a call for us. God's purchased possession, had begun soldiers of his cross. I want to understand I want to understand the plan of the battle. I'm rather sick and standing around and not getting into the war. You may recall the story back in world war world war civil war. It was a general mcclellan who was the top general, whatever the title was. And he was very reluctant to go to battle. He kept training and training and drilling and drilling it. Oh right face, love face for the red mark. Oh yeah. We can much around the feel all day long. We're pretty good at this. And after 2 months, abraham lincoln made it fascinating little comment. He said, if general mccolan has no real use for the army, i'd like to borrow it for a while. Well I am in no position to be borrowed anybody's army, but I'd sure like to see the army get on with the better plan nestor and leave you to dig. Ah, I do have a quick announcement after after a prayer with bernard for good father. We would really like to see your character clearly that seems to be The remedy for every error. We pray that that would be the remedy for the error of sin that has attached itself to each of our lives. We would like to understand the plan of the battle because we would like to be true, faithful, brave soldiers. We would like to have trust and faith That even if commanded. Take up a suicide mission. We would say not my will, but yours be done By the way. Just pray that you will work in US and through us and through your instruction and through every opportunity that you have. Change something in our lives so that we can get off dead center. Start to March, uses name. To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M. I. S. D A dot org slash audio 2021. Or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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