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03 What Converted People Do

Dave Fiedler
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Dave Fiedler

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  • June 23, 2021
    10:45 AM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. Gracious father, god. We simply want to say thank you. Thank you that we can have this experience. Thank you that we can have a time to come apart. But we can experience such a convocation as this can't meeting time together. Time to be field time to be fed time to be challenged and encouraged. Truly, lord, there is a season for everything. And in this season we pause to recognise you to praise you to thank you. Or do we want you to be our special guest was got our brother dave here to continue teaching and sharing as you have laid upon his heart. And lord, I pray that we would not come simply as consumers. What can I get out of this? But that we would come asking and seeking, lord, what can I gain that I might have something to share? So father, give us attentive mind. Open hearts, willing spirits fill, our brother with your spirit. Hide him behind the cross. That what he has to share would be from on high and that we would be filled and encouraged in jesus name a man. Ok, hey, this is Wednesday and that should be time for quiz. Don't you think? So what was lucifer's? Great loss. One word And I'm hearing things, I'm not sure I'm hearing the the one I'm looking for. What did he lose that started the cascade of the dominos of faith. There we go. Faith, faith is a big deal. Asker qualified zillow, jan. And I think he agree with me. Faith, it's a big thing gang. What was the most severe limitation on christ ability to reveal the character of his father? He could not do it through words alone. Unless it be any surprise to you, I think maybe on Friday I have a statement that says that you can't either I found that the number of things that I can do successfully that christ could not is very limited. So if, if he could not reveal the father through words alone, i'm just, just a hot tip. You probably can't either That may require some adjustment in our thinking. I think that's great. Let's make an adjustment. Gone. Ok. Today we, we move on. We started with luther is rebellion, right? We jumped 4000 years roughly to the life of christ. We're going to jump, you know, not quite another 2000 and we're going to be looking today at probably, well hey, I'm in Michigan. You guys should know about this, so if anybody knows about this fella, guy, but I am a john harvey kellog used to hang out down and battle creek someplace. You know, it's funny with all my, all my interest and addresses. I've never yet made it to battle creek little weird. Someday i will notice the title here. I was converted. People do. There is an important note. I need to explain, and I'm going to, I'm gonna have to go pretty quickly because there's a lot of reading and be less talking today. But one thing to understand is that in the, the time flow of the VIN Different perspectives often overlapped ok. So to be honest, today we're going to be looking at the cheery side of things. There won't be too much that you know, will bring any, any frowns or tears. Most of it's going to be happy to day. That doesn't mean that there weren't some sad and unpleasant things happening at the same time game. One of the things that is really fascinating is when you're reading through white letters, especially is the way that she did her very best to tailor a letter to the recipient. And so you'll find that when she wrote to, for instance, doctor kellog, She often dwelt on the things where he needed to pull his ox up a bit. But when she wrote to those who had a tendency to give kellogg a bad time, she dwelt on all the good things he was doing. There's no sense giving somebody a mission. And when others made mistakes, you wouldn't find that in the letters the kellogg, you'd find their good points. You know, you could look at that and say, she's not being honest. You could do that. You want to I think she was being smart. And I encourage the practice, but let me bad mouth and people too much. Ok. Ok. What converted people do? So Dr. Kellogg is without doubt the most colorful character that evan to them has ever produced. We can get distracted with a 1000 different stories. And I will resist that diligently because it's just too much fun and we have to get through this today. So I won't, I will be dealing with basically what I co locally refer to as the good kellog years again. So we have to have a starting point and here is the starting point for our purposes in October, in November of 1888. There was a ministerial institute in general conference session held at minneapolis. Now those of you who dabbled in advance history to any degree will recognize this is the famous 1888 minneapolis general conference, right? A T jones, d j. Wagner. The 10 horns the the what else? One galatians, you know a G, G I, butler year. I shit that whole deal, right. Ok. 888 message. That's what we're talking about. That's probably the most disgust debated written about event in advantage history. One minor? No, no, no, I won't say that one overlooked major factor that came out of that is this little note. After the meeting ad minneapolis, dr. Kellogg was a converted man and we all knew it. We could see the converting power of god working in his heart and life. Well, now, given my sometimes irreverent personality, i don't mean it too serious a sense, but you know, I have a curiosity, right? So the 1st thing I think of is, what was different? How could they tell the guy was converted? No, it's not like he was just baptized. He'd been a advantage of pretty much all his life. He'd been the medical director of the sanitarium for a for 12 years already. It's. It's not like he was new. So, you know, I were looking what was different. Well, to make it nice and simple. He started being nice to people. That's a good thing. And it fits very nicely with the inspired council. When the believer is justified because of the merit of christ, he is not free to work on righteousness. Faith works by love and purifies the soul. Faith buds and blossoms and bears a harvest of precious fruit where faith is good works appear, the sick or visited the poor, are cared for the fatherless, and the widows are not neglected. The naked are clothed, the destitute are fit. That last sentence, there Is what converted people do. And so when kellogg was converted, it wasn't a big surprise that he started doing that kind of thing. One more statement, long outline faith in jesus christ as our personal savior. The one who pardons our sins and transgressions, the one who is able to keep us from sin and lead us in his footsteps is set forth in the 58th chapter of isaiah. Here are presented the fruits of a faith that works by love purifies the soul from selfishness. Faith and works are here. Come bind and noticed that word thy righteousness shall go before thee. She's quoting there for me. Is it $58.00? She asked, what does this mean? It means christ is our righteousness. There is a link. Lest anyone should doubt Between good works and righteousness by faith and care I was converted at the famous h E D D righteousness by face general conference. What would you expect to see? And so at the general conference of 1891, doctor keller was making a presentation in between. Well it's put this way in the summer of 1890. He had gone up to the tasking petoskey ascii petoskey. Ok. He had gone to petoskey, a river browsing at once and somebody laughed at me. I must have got it wrong getting help. And he had met ellen white up there. He had asked her a fairly simple question. He said, why should we start an orphanage at battle? creek Well, it's a fascinating story from there on our own. White wrote a letter back to the saints and battle creek and said, I've had some conversation with your physician in chief about this matter of our finish. I said that we were years behind in this, and it was a great idea. If I remember right, she used $45.00 words in that sentence as an additional $2300.00 words in that same letter which cover every problem developed in battle creek over the next 12 years. Kilo should have read the whole letter and kept it all in mind, but unfortunately he kind of focused on one part as we often do. I'm not trying to be heard in the game, but he, you know, he may have had some things a little out of balance, but he did certainly have the lord's authorization to start to finish. So the general concept of 1891, he gets up and he says this, I have given quite a good deal of thought and studied the subject. My wife and I have given considerable attention to this work for a number of years. We have been planning to raise 40 or 50 children ourself, just as fast as we get any money we will invest in children. I've done that for several years. Every single dollar that can be saved from other necessary expenses goes into the education of children. I do not believe we have any right to accumulate money. I think as long as we are well and have god's blessing upon our work, it is our duty to spend what we earn in god's work. I do not believe that in this age, any man has a right to accumulate money. No. For most people reading over, then there are 2 things that kind of stand out. Was he really serious about either of those 2 things? Well, I don't know all the details of his financial account, but he and his wife did raise 42 children, 18 were legally adopted, the rest would be more or less what we would call foster children or something like that today. So he was certainly reasonably serious about the 40 to 50 kids And he said a pretty good example when it comes to the money. He never really accepted a salary from the sanitarium. As I understand it, he earned his money off of the books that he wrote and don't know how he did that. It's not easy to do that to day. If you can get richer, it works out that that's the goal. But anyhow, anyhow, Just remember those 2 thoughts then you will have reason to come back to us a little bit further on in that in that session, the 891 session. He used a bible verse that I know I have read prior to seeing him call attention to it because I've read, you know, you do lo, yearly thing or whatever, you know, I've read, i've read through the bible, i know that, but I never noticed the verse before it's a great verse he who has pity on the poor lens to the Lord and he capital h, will pay back what he little h has given. And cal had, he had a colorful way of driving this point home. He said, if I came to you and asked, may I borrow $10.00 and you were kind enough to lend it to me. What now? What has changed in our relationship? I now Oh, you can dollars because you lent to me right. Every good on that. The one who receives the loan now owes it back. And so he said, how would you like to have god in your debt? You can have god in your debt Because he promised to pay back the loan when you have pity on the poor. That caught my attention. That was really an interesting way of putting that. Okay, what shall i was doing in all this? I would argue is simply encouraging the church to take seriously the teaching of the quote 888 message jones and wagner had certainly shaken things up a bit with their message that jesus was all that was needed. Jesus was what you needed. He could supply your need, he could take care of you, he would, he could forgive you. He could justify you can sanctify you. He was everything that you needed. You could rest assured if you had christ and though I have never found the doctor putting it in these kind of words, it appears to me that what he said is that's great. And I have christ. That's everything I need. So I can spend my life working to help others for several years. It seems to be what he did. It would be the practical component, the applied theology of the $888.00 message Well In 18. 91. Kellogg made a motion at the general countries that I move that we'd start an orphanage here in battle creek and that motion was passed. They formed a committee. I think there were like 9 people on the committee or something like that. And you know, it's not, it's a lot of work, but it's not rocket science, right? You raise some money, you buy some property, you build a building, you bring in the kids, hire staff, you bring in the kids need, you take care, right. You know, I mean, everybody knew what needed to happen. Well, your went by and what became apparent was that the church was not particularly enthusiastic about donating for this project. So after year they had enough money to buy a piece of property out on the west end of that creek, but they didn't have any money to build. And it was starting to get sticky because there was one group that was very enthusiastic about the new orphanage that was going to be built in battle creek. And that was the kind of scattered group of individuals who were carrying for orphans that they didn't really want. And so kids began to show up at the train station with a little note pinned on their shirt, bobby 4 years old, orphanage battle creek. After about a year, kellogg had $20.00 to $25.00 of these mostly very young children. He rendered a couple of cottages out behind the sanitarium and he'd go in now and then and raid nurses to come out, care for the havoc that was being created out there. And he began to get desperate and he said, god, I need a lot of money and I need it right away. And this is my interpretation. I try to be charitable. Maybe this is too harsh. I think it's safe to say that there were probably a lot of people in battle creek that would have been just as happy to see the whole thing. Fold up and go away. And then a mrs. Carolyn haskell came along and donated $30000.00 the largest single donation ever received up to that time by any element aspect of the denomination and with $30000.00. They build this If you ever have any questions as to what inflation does to the purchasing value of your money, You might gauge it by this particular feature right here. I don't think you could buy the doorknobs for $30000.00. I know you couldn't buy the Windows. Okay. It was the hassle home for orphan children. Was all paid for by mrs. Carolyn haskell, who was not a 7th day adventist. Well, about the same time there was a 16 year old girl came from Chicago. She was quite sick. She spent a period of time, I think it was about 6 weeks sanitarium. And then for reasons that I haven't been able to find out, she needed an operation and she went back down to Chicago to have the operation. Why exactly that would be I don't know, dr. Kelly was, I think just at the beginning stages. Right then of setting the world record for the rascal surgeries without a fatality. This isn't an arrow when 20 to 25 percent. The moment you slice into this or x 20 to 25 percent of patients who are expected to be did you went? I think it was a 136 or something like that without a fatality. While the young lady, nonetheless, maybe there was somebody who was specialized in that operation or something. I don't know what it was that she went down to Chicago had the operation. It was beyond the surgeon skill disorder backup and everyone knew she was going to die. On her deathbed, she played with her father and she said, daddy, i want you to do something as a memorial for me. There are no nurses anywhere on this earth, like the nurses and that sanitary up and battle creek. I want you to put up the money to bring a nurse to work for the poor people of Chicago. Or the young lady died. The father wrote a letter kellogg was busy. He ignored it by the road. A 2nd letter till I was so busy. He was pretty routinely busy. He ignored that when to father wrote a 3rd letter, kellog ignored that, and then the father, god know, lucky or smart. Take your pick. Yet his wife write a letter hello. Got a soft spot for moms who can turn down. Mom. So he marched over the sanitarium and he and he located what was commonly considered the the lady, the, the nurse there was called. They considered one of the best nurses and looking for her name. Her last name is shrouds. I can't think of it right now. I don't see if I have any notes here and you know, you looking at this nurse and said, would you be willing to go to Chicago work for the poor people? And she said yes and out of that came the visiting nurses program, which was also incidentally funded by non adventist In November of $892.00 is all happening. 89 in November of that year. I believe it was the 1st or 2nd friday night of the month. I forget the exact date. Dr. Keller gathered a bunch of people in the sanitarium cafeteria and he gave him a sales pitch on a new planet. He developed. He said, let's start. Christian help ban. So okay, what's the christian help man? The very technical issue. The christian help band is a band of christians who try to help people And so that night they organize christian help band number one fascinating interconnections. It turned out they chose as leader of christian help, and number one, a australian chap by the name of a W simmons. And his story is fascinating to follow, but we won't be having time to do that today. Here. What the christian help bands did is they were given a certain block of the street to that street. This avenue to that avenue. That's your part of town. Your job is to find out every serious need in that town. Is somebody sick? Has somebody been laid off, they don't have work today, or they poor. Did they have enough coal? Are they going to freeze to death this winter, which was always an option in that part of the world And help them? And so that started up to 3 programs. Then the car center was already going, but they orphanage visit the nurses program and the christian help bands all in 892 all under doctor kellog auspices. One more thing of the specific interest that happened that year was that on November 22, 892 l. Whites comment was printed in the review that said, the loud cry of the 3rd angel has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of christ. This is the high watermark of christian attainment as a, as the, the church as a body. This is the closest we've ever come to finishing the word gods. Given us to do is the beginning of the loud cry noted by the prophet in 1892. We have traditionally, very understandably, but I would say somewhat regrettably, we have traditionally seen that as the result of the theology of jones and wagner. I would not dispute that. But I would argue At great length, if need be, that the, the ology alone was not sufficient. It was the revelation, not the word she uses there. She does not say the proclamation of the righteous cries. She says the revelation of the righteous as a christ, and that can only be done through deeds and actions just as it was done by christ himself. And so I would argue the doctor kellog years as integrity, a component in the beginning of the loud cry as we're elders, jones, and wagner. Another couple years later they had a general conference in 1893. Well, not later than that is just actually about 3 and a half months after that statement was made, but couple years after the 18. 81. Ok. The 1893 general conference session. This one is, you know, famous. There's the dates. It's famous because elder 80 jones presented a 24 park series of studies on the 3rd angels message, which went from start to finish of the session. That's a great series of, of sermons and reprinted at least 3 times that I know of. And, you know, probably do for another printing. I encourage your read it to great series. There was something else that happened though. Dr. Kellog presented a series of 8 talks on medical missionary work between february 5 and 15. Now what's kind of interesting about that is that for reasons which I'm not even going to try to explain because I don't know for certain, but I have well established no hunches for a variety of reasons. Perhaps nothing that doctor kellog said was reported in the general conference bulletin. It was lost sight of 410115 years basically Through a convoluted series of providential events spanning 28 years, which started when I was hitchhiking from Colorado to Washington and got one ride that took me all the way by way of southern California. And convoluted anyhow. 28 years later because of that he taking ride. I inherited 32 boxes of manuscripts that came to me and in there I found The sermons, the duck. Hello the actually the 3 of the sermons dr. Kelly preached at that $880.00 jan. I had never heard of them before. I knew from the dates it was in the middle of the general composition. Well, where does come from? I looked through the general conference board and I looked online. I look, I actually remembered, i have an original copy of that. I look through that. It's not there. The only notice of it you'll find is actually on the very 1st page general correspondences. Dr. Kellogg will be giving a series of talks on medical mission work in the afternoons. Beyond that blank while they were eventually published in. Okay, in that magazine, you'll notice it's an extra, ah, it mentions an extra number to which I have never yet found. If anybody finds the medical missionary extra number too, from probably sometime in about march of 893. Do please let me know. I heard very much like to see that. But this one we, we medicine located and get get her fingers on OK. But because of that oversight, or that omission from the general comfort, the book and the work of medical missionary work there, I hit the wrong button. Come on this, go this way and we go Ok, something's gone with way quicker. Let's try this button instead. It has vanished. It just vanished even really white writing several years later he says the beginnings of christian help work under this name date from the year 1893. Although the printed addresses of the 1893 general conference include no talk by doctor kellog on this phase of gospel work. Evidently there was something said for the 62nd resolution of the 293 conference reads as follows and mentioned christian help work. That's all really new or use an australia the time so he wasn't in attendance, but that's all he knew he'd i don't remember her mccallegh said. So what did he say? Well, he started off talking about good works command. Those who are rich in this present age, not to be haughty, nor did trust in uncertain riches, but in the living god, who gives us richie all things to enjoy. Let them do good that they be rich in good works ready to give, willing to share, storing up for themselves the good foundation for the time to come, that they may lay, hold on eternal life. Now notice the end of the 3rd line. God gives us richly all things to enjoy. Yes. Isn't that sweet? I like that. But it's, you know, it can be a little confusing if I'm supposed to be enjoying all things that god gives me. What's this stuff about giving and sharing? How can I enjoy something if I give it away? And the answer is actually quite simple. It is more blessed to give than to receive. The enjoyment comes from the giving not from the having used a lot of her bible verses, we won't cover them all, that the man of god may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. Those are believing god should be careful to maintain good works and let our people also learn to maintain good works to meet urgent needs like this. This is a defining clause right here, adds a phrase, actually propositional phrase. It's defining phrase. What are good works, meeting, urgent needs and I would caution you against meeting frivolous needs doesn't qualify to not wise. It doesn't further the gospel. Can you follow me on that? urgent need important needs legitimate needs. Yeah. You should be there. Frivolous needs no. Not so much as a fine line there. You have to work that one out for yourself. Love, spirit, rossi, council. That direction. Know you can probably find it and figured out that he capital age might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for himself, his own special people zealous for good works. Then kellogg went on to say in axe 1038. Peter tells us that christ went about doing good. It is evident then that if we are christ servants, if we follow christ, we must also go about doing good. We are not to wait for the opportunities to for doing good to come to us, but we must go about doing good seeking opportunities to do good to help the needy to bless and comfort, sorrowing to uplift the fallen. We must search them out, not wait for them to hunt us up and move us to action by their appeals. We are not to be narrow in our charities for Paul state says to us in glacial 610. Let us do good unto all men. It is true, he adds especially and though them who are of the house of the faith. But this is not, excuse us from doing good to those who are not of the house or the faith for he says, all men. And certainly we cannot hide behind his this apology for we have not been good even to those belonging to the household. Oh, that's brings a little bit of a darker flavor to the comment here. What's he talking about? Who had they not been good to The orphans And thee the age to day today we would call them the senior citizens, the retired. Hell I wanted to address both of those issues. He says, for years and years we have been will able to furnish a home for the age, the infirm, the homeless for poor widows worn out ministers, aged pilgrims and helpless children, members of our denomination, old pioneers in the cause, gave liberally of their property in the early days when their work was just beginning and whose faith in the truth which we profess has led them to put all their earnings into the cause, instead of hoarding up a competency for themselves. All these worthy and deserving ones to appeal to us on fraternal, as well as humanitarian grounds, we have neglected in a manner which is become a denominational disgrace. Okay, that's a little bit pointed. But let's work on the vocabulary. So 5 lines up from the bottom near the right hand side. What is that big, long, 25 sent word mean? You find it competency. What would be our synonym today? A retirement fun. Exactly. A competency was an amount of money competent or suitable to keep me alive for the rest of my life, or keep me fed or quote or something. Whatever needs might be kellogg saying something quite radical. Here he's saying, as he said earlier, I don't believe anyone has the right to accumulate money as long as you are well, and the Lord is blessing you, you should use your money in his work now that poses an interesting problem. What about those retirement years? I'm not saying that kellogg had the perfect balance in this, but it does make for an interesting question. Well, okay. Kellogg saying that there were all these people. And there certainly were, you know, that whole 1st generation of the, well, probably 2nd generation to you could count of the advanced pioneers. They had no retirement funds. So, you know, Yeah. And it kind of comes back to the same question. Lucifer started with incidentally, will god take care of me? Is he smart enough? Does he love me enough to take care of me? We might ask the same question of our brethren, the collective body of the church? Will the church take care of me? That's kind of god's hand in many ways for his work on earth today. Well, kellogg continued, now these next few slides, you'll see some text in read. That's where kellogg is, quoting ellen white. Ok, just to so you can keep that straight. Quote. We have seen the widowed mother with her fatherless children who are working far beyond her strength in order to keep her little ones with her and prevent them from suffering for food and clothing. Many a mother as thus died from over exertion. Now you remember I told you can get a soft spot from others write. A mother who has the true instincts of self respect will not go from door to door begging. She will suffer rather than complain. And because people do not complain because they do not clamor for assistance, we do not stop to think they may be suffering. We seldom inquire after them. This is simply my comment. I think society has, has changed somewhat in the last 120 years or so. In society at large has become much better at clamoring for assistance. In fact, some of that clamoring represents frivolous needs rather than urgent needs. I'm not sure that's an overall benefit to society. But I think it's something that anyone who wants to engage in christian help work or to take into their calculation of things that's going How little has been done by us as a people for this class. Kellogg says, please think of that, that was said 2 years ago. 2 years ago. We haven't done it yet. It's been 2 years. What was this 893. So we do the math here for me. How many years as have been quoting our white, how little has been done by us as a people for this class, for mothers, for widowed mothers have we not come far short of our duty? We are not doing as much as is done by other denominations. Now I don't say this, don't blame me that for quote, that's no way kellogg. You know, don't blame me. We have set ourselves up on a high pinnacle and say we are god's special people. Our cause is the Lord cause and we talk about ourselves as being the peculiar people and yet we are not doing as much christian work and christian work of a very important character as others. And I'll mention to doing again, it is right that more should be expected of Austin, of others. Now the question is whether the 7th day adventists are going to lead in this work, or is it going to be left for someone else to do? The Lord has given us here a very precious work to do. It is not the whole of the 3rd ancient message, but it is a part of it you read in. Isaiah 58 the great medical missionary chapter. How we can make our light shine if thou draws i saw the hungry and satisfy the afflicted, so then shall the light rise in obscurity and darkness. Be as the noonday quoting, when the advocates of the law of god, plant their feet firmly upon its principles, living out in their daily lives, the spirit of the commandments, and exercising true benevolence to men, then will they have power to move the world. That's a pretty sobering steam and read with a young. Just think that one through one more time. Right. When we learn to exercise godly benevolence to men, then we will have power to move the world killer. We shall never have the moral power to move the world. We shall never see the allowed trying or make the 13 or message go to any great extent. We will never see it go so as to move the world, at least until we carry out these truths in our daily lives. Now, I'm reading through this stuff that I, the sermons that I found in this trove of manuscripts that was bestowed upon me. And I got right there And a yes, gulped loud cry. Kellogg is linking medical missionary work to the success of the loud cry. How many of you recognize name, robert. We learned a few these. Yeah. Other we, linda was a relative of mine. In the very last time I had a conversation with him, we were discussing the loud cry and its rise and apparent fall. And I remember I said other I think there's something more than abstract theology. And he stopped and looked at me said, and what might that be? Dave? And I said, I don't know And he very graciously. I mean, he could, it could have really kind of maybe like done, but he was a gracious man. You're a very graciously said, well, if you ever think of something, do call me. But in the meantime, I'll keep working with what I have. And I read the statement from kellogg is tying medical missionary word. Isaiah $58.00 to the success of the loud cry. And it was like, house, stupid, could I be that I never thought of that? It was like, dall obvious. It just, it is made so much sense. The sad news is the other way. Linda died 3 months before. So in a read the chance tongue found on it. Well, keller goes on. We cannot get moral power to move the world until we get where we will do what the scriptures and the testimony say we must do. We have not done it yet. We have waited for outside people to come in and build our orphans home. I would be misses haskell. The Lord may be ready to start a loud cry, but we are not ready. We have not done our part in the Lord is waiting for us to do something in the direction of good works. No less. Do you think the doctor kellogg is arguing against ellen white? It was 3 and a half months before she said the loud cry has begun. He's not arguing against the way. He was perhaps always strongest supporter in battle creek in 18. 93, at least 10 years later, be a different story. But in 1893. He was known as, as the strongest supporter around for why he's not arguing with her. He's saying that he, I wish she'd had a good editor. I wish you'd gotten touch with me on this one. He's confusing the, the full, the fullness of the loud cry with this very tiny beginning said what was addressing. That's, that's the way I make sense of this. Ok. If we want the loud tried to begin brethren, that is the place where it is going to begin. The loud cry is going to begin with. Are doing the thing, is that the Lord in this chapter, i say 58 says come before the loud cry. So he says, we must draw our soul the hungry and satisfy the afflicted. So he says, if we will do this, our light will shine if we want the lo group of, I'm sorry, the gospel is ok. This is a white same and through the seniors are but the mix myself all up. The bottom part is on what the gospel is, the power of god under salvation. When it is interwoven with the practical life, when it is live and practiced, the union of christ like work for the body and christ like work, the soul is the true interpretation of the gospel. Again, little grammar, v, true interpreted is not a true interpretation. This is the definite article. This is the true interpretation, the union of christ like work for the body christ. I work with all other interpretations of the gospel must of necessity be Some degree untrue. Ok. Back to kellogg. If the loud cry has been begun by our people, it must be because we have just begun to do a little in the way of letting our light shine. We've done so little in that way that seems to me that before the loud cry will make any great noise in the world, we will have to let our light shine a great deal brighter than we have ever yet done. Because the works come 1st. The light must shine through these good words before we can be called the repairs the breach in the restores the past. The dwelling for that promise comes after all these conditions you see I think I can have nailed it right there. Again, with a good editor, he might have been more clear If the loud cry has been begun by our people. As I waited said, he's not questioning. It must be because we have just begun to do a little in the way of letting our lights and what had they done? Well, the senator, him orphanage, the visiting nurses, the christian help and that was the beginning of a loud cry. How many times had the loud cry been noted on the front page of the New York times? None obviously had it been noted on the front page of the what was eastern or whether the battle creek paper wasn't an or whatever. And had it ever made the newspaper and battle creek, no, it had not ad finish themselves would not have known the low grade begun of ellen whitehead central. It wasn't making a lot of noise But it was following the pattern. The union of christ leg work for the body and christ like work for the soul. Ok. Now how important was this kellogg? I can do this liquid. Ok. Dr. Kellogg has done a work that No man I know of among us is that qualifications to do? ethnic, my dear brother, as I have before written to you, I know that the Lord is placed you in a very responsible position standing as you do as the greatest physician in our world. Oh, that's nobody ever wrote me a letter like that. God says of Doctor kellogg, he is my physician, respect him and sustain him. Doctor co op with earnest, untiring energy, as testified by his work that he believes the word of god and that he is not content to be merely a theoretical believer. He has put his belief into works, he has faith and works combined. He has undertaken to educate his students to do service for the Lord. In this, his only tried to walk in the light. He has been doing the very work the Lord is specified should be done. The Lord has reproved those who claim to believe present truth for failing to cooperate with Dr. Kellogg and his faithful co workers in walking the light of house reform. Doctor kellogg is a standard guard physician and is to do an exalted work. Lord has given doctor kellogg his work. It is a fact that our ministers are very slow to become house reformers. Notwithstanding all the light which the Lord has given upon this subject, this is caused doctor kellogg to lose confidence in them. Now, before we jump on the ministers too hard. What does this mean? This is I think this whole statement is going to be in 1900 or 3 statement. 19 o 3. You try being a vegetarian when you're living an itinerant lifestyle. They didn't have refrigeration. They didn't even have blenders. How can you be a vegetarian without a vita mix? Ah, the ministers were in a more challenging position. I want to cut them that much slack. Now l white says that they were kind of tardy. And then they were, there were some ministers who specifically were which they say and this is say they were opposed to the health and form they just and that going down the road. Forget it. Doctors off on some weird can, should again, they should not have been what they were. And sadly, this is cause dr. Kellogg to lose confidence in them. You know, when I do something stupid, as occasionally happens. Sometimes the worst effects are felt in someone else's life. That's a sobering thought. There, tardy work in health reform is created in him a spirit of criticism, and he is born down on them in a unsparing manner which the Lord does not sanction. He. Dr. Kellogg has the little of the golf ministry and in his regard and ideas, his place, the medical mission work above the ministry. I have seen that in the censuring of ministers remarks have been made, which have not been to the honor and glory of god. Were the ministers all correct in their approach to health reform? Know some of them. We're not There's not a call for unsparing censure. Some time, sometimes we take it upon ourselves To be a little hard on the Brother more than perhaps I think maybe we should it's a tricky balance. How do you hold up the, the goal that god is placed before us And reprove and correct as necessary, and yet not due. It was unsparing century but do it in a way that will encourage and bring along those. You are trying to win win, right? Well ok, there were problems. This work lives work is the work, the churches have left undone and they cannot prosper until they have taken hold of this work in the cities in highways and in hedges. Then angels of god will cooperate with human instrumentality in a religious system will be inaugurated to relieve the necessities of suffering, human beings who are in physical, mental, and moral need. Now I always point out that, you know, different personalities have different approaches to life. And there are some people who, the, the things, they weren't the most, the dis, this, the insatiable desire is to have a challenge. Well, you know, if that's you and you want a challenge, here's one for you. Try to get a church to prosper without taking hold. The medical mission work. You'll have a challenge. You will fail. But all your life you will have had a challenge. That's what turned your crank. There you go. Me I like challenges, but I like challenges where I have a chance of success. I'm not interested in taking on something that god says I cannot do and trying to make a church prosper without taking hold. The medical mission work cannot be done. Important point. My brethren in America and I was reading from australia course in the place of questioning and criticizing dr. Kellogg because he is doing the class of working is when you do your god given service, you will be heart and soul engaged in doing the same kind of work which will be of far more account in the sight of god than for so many to flock into battle creek where they become religious dwarfs because they do not do the word god has appointed them. How pretty harsh language from hill and cheese seldom waxes quite that steamy. So we said That over which darcy keller feels the deepest, is it? Some of the adverse have made his work so hard. They have not taken any pains to become acquainted with his earnest determined effort to train and educate workers. All who have reasoning minds ought to have seen that his work is far ahead. Of anything they have done or could do. They should have been very careful how they placed additional burdens on him by ignoring the work which they should have been forward to share. Long story short. We never really came up to, you know, we never really stepped up to the plate when it comes to medical mission, a Couple quick, one liners here, type of thing. This is not a fanatical and superstitious work. It is the work that christ did when he was in the world. Dr. Kellogg has not betrayed his trust. The Lord has wrought with him in surgical operations, giving him wisdom and success men, not of our faith feel that although dr. Kellog isn't some of the evidence yet he has wisdom and knowledge and white influence. They feel it would be the height of folly to ignore this. The American medical association, one of their official histories class doctor kellogg, is the single most influential and influential physician in american medicine for a period of 40 years that's. That's something you need to practice health or form just as conscientiously as those dr. Keller. Well ok, How did kellogg attain this success from 1891, he was talking to David paulson. He kind of told the story. This is Paul son's account of it. He said. Paulson is saying that, kellogg said, when a new thing is brought out in the medical world, he knew from his knowledge of the spirit of prophecy whether it belonged in our system or not. If it did, he instantly adopted it advertised it while the rest of the doctors was fully feeling their way. And when they finally adopted it, he had 5 years. The start of them. On the other hand, when the medical profession were swept off their feet by some new fad, if it did not fit the light we had received, he simply did not touch it. When the doctors finally discovered their mistake, they wondered how doctor kellog did not get caught. The success of Doctor kellog rose and fell with his adherents to spare prophecy. There's a lesson there for some of the rest of us. I will leave you to figured out. If Dr. Kellog will trust himself wholly with god, he capital, which will give him tact and perception and skill as a practitioner that has seldom been excel. Images of god will stand by his side when human life is in peril. And wisdom from above will be given him god designs, the Dr. Kellogg shall still advance. He has only begun to climb the ladder. The Lord will give him grace that he is now ignorant of and he will see as he has never seen before. He will realize that there is to be an intelligent discarding of all drugs, skill and knowledge is to be given him, which he is in no case to keep to himself. He is to educate, educate, educate ok. Now, if you're susceptible the hot button issues, you will no doubt have noticed those words right there. Do notice the 2nd highlighted word. Just little caution. I would argue that an intelligent time to discard a drug is when it's not the only thing that's keeping you alive. Ok when you have an equivalent or superior quotes, whatever you want to call it, natural treatment by all means drop the drug. But this was to be an intelligent discarding of drug. That was the goal was to discard every drug I think that's the way I read it. I think the Lord has the means to accomplish what needs to be accomplished in the care of Human health. We don't know it though. I mean we may know 0, but we don't know the details. When I 1st started making this comment, i would contrast. Oh boy, if I can get the right terms here. I know maybe I should even tell that story. Anyhow. There are things yet to be learned how to just cut the story and move to the chaser, cut to the Chase on this. And so I'm, I'm a big fan of, of any successful natural remedy. I, I worry about ones that don't work. So let's be intelligent, bullets keep pushing in that direction. Going on. The greatest missionary work that can be done in our world is work in ministerial lines combined with medical missionary work, greatest at a superlative. That's a pretty cool statement. The truth is going forth from the sanitarium at battle creek, as from no other century in our world. Those who have stood up to criticise should instead of participate in the work showing that they have been enabled by the holy spirit to understand the Lord is used dr. Kellogg as his men of opportunity. You a great and good work There is nothing that converts to the people like the medical missionary work. This work makes the path straight before us and bears the impress. That it is of god. Jesus is in the work and he cannot be hid. For what do we make out of all this we make that god is consistent. Jesus came to reveal the father. He could not do it. The words alone. He had to combine with it. Acts of mercy and healing. A combined ministry preaching teaching, helping healing, That one has been largely lost sight of now as an interesting, interesting article. Ah, what was his name? Who I forget the gentleman's name. He was both a pastor and a physician. And he went looking for the history, is the medical work, a part of god's work down through the ages? And yes, it was the walden scenes were known to as, as, along with all the other things they did. They were known to be the best physicians or among the best physicians. Ah, you look at wesley, he wrote a whole book on natural remedies. Every time that god's work has moved forward with unusual power or unusual perseverance, it's been united with the work of preach the gospel, heal the sick, that's what jesus and the disciples out to do. And that's the good killer. The principles of jesus used during his life still worked 1800 some odd years later they weren't enough to initiate the beginning of the loud cry. Unfortunately, kellog story does not end on a happy note. Partly through the mistakes of others, ultimately because he refused to correct his own mistakes. The doctor's irritation with the many times at fault ministers continued to grow. This led him to ignore corrections in the spirit of prophecy and left him unprotected from the attack. He said in time he came to be more hopelessly tied to the devil than anyone else ever described by alan white that I've been able to find. We will look at some of that tomorrow. But this is the, this is a good color. This is the break picture. This is the picture that tells me the loud cry is achievable today. And I would just like to throw 1. 1 interesting thought. I don't have the stay mature, i should put that in. I think it's the volume. No, I won't tell you, I don't know where it is, but are the same. No white said that when we begin to work the cities as if we meant to give them the loud cry or give them the 3rd message. As if we meant to give the 3rd angels message when we work the cities as if we meant to give the 3rd dangerous message. Satan gets upset and cut loose with everything he's got to mess up the world. He's nervous about cities. A lot of people in the city and we might always think of them as being god, listen, irretrievable, and make cases that pretty whole true. I suppose that you know what satan has a lot of unhappy customers in the city. And if we could show them something that was better, he's very protective of cities. That really struck me as interesting when we begin to take the begin to work the cities as if we meant to give the 30 and his message st. Racks. And he rec, strong, he says, and over the next morning, but he cut flukes with everything he's got He's worried about cities there, his achilles heel. Now, the loud cry began with her sanitarium and orphanage, visiting nurses in the christian help. And how many of you attended the pathways to help event in recent years? You know what those things were shaking up city. There was supposed to be a pathway to health last year in indianapolis. Do you know why it didn't happen? Somebody scheduled a pandemic? Could we be in the beginning stages loud cry? Could it be the pathway to health aim in clinics, all those other things that were going on? Could it be that lucifer's reacting? I like also. Yeah, I think that's a great, a great option. Let's at least get back to where we were in 1892. So let me leave us today with bar heads for prayer, and then I do have some quick announcements and things to, to take her father. We haven't seen the loud cry in the front page, new York times yet, But wouldn't it be Nice if it had actually already begun again? We don't have the profit to tell us and I'm certainly not going to claim that manual. But wouldn't it be nice? And lord, it's achievable. You've told us what to do. You've shown us how to do it. We pray that you would firm up our resolve to do it. Jesus name a prey. To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M. I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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