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05 Where the Battle Lies

Dave Fiedler
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Dave Fiedler

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  • June 25, 2021
    10:45 AM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. Oh, gracious father, god. We want to say thank you. Lord is we're coming to our final moments of camp. Mean it feels like preparation day is here, and the Lord we want to receive a few more. Bless, learned things like it's been too long that we've been able to come together. And now we just want to be that dry sponge to soak up as much as we can. So we'll be with those that are yet trying to make their way here to the meeting. Bear them here safely. The rain has trying to keep them away. I'm sure, but we're, we want to be here. So I just pray that you would provide that way for each one. Father, we just thank you that we can have these times to come aside and be refresh to be encouraged to be challenged in our walk. And I want to pray for our brother dave, and thank you so much for the heart of study and the desire that he has in his heart to continue to be a teacher for the people of god. We ask your blessing in jesus man, a man. Well, thank you everyone has then coming along to the meetings, when I was teaching hours used to tell people that the teacher wasn't having fun. There's no reason to expect the kids to learn anything. And I've been having fun. This is, this is what gets me up in the morning. So I could, I could talk about it all day long. And the problem is that sometimes they do and I will warn you that I did some revising on this presentation. I got done with it about 15 minutes ago and I'm not positive if I'll be able to hold tight to the schedule and may go a little bit long. So if you have to leave no hard feelings, i understand. But if you can stay the some really Good Stuff at the end, Well screened her up where the battle lies to day. You know, we traced trace to story starting 6000 years ago, give or take. And now we're down to day. There is a temptation even within the adventist church to assume that life will go on as it always has that what we see is what will always be with variations. And God says no. But if the process to get there, We looked at lucifer's accusations on Monday. I believe it was. And I think again on Tuesday, maybe not so much yesterday and Wednesday and Thursday. And I know I haven't really done a thorough job of explaining every detail about this, but I postulated to you that the 1st 6 accusations were resolved and eliminated by the life death, crucifixion, and resurrection of christ res alert. But I also said that the last 3 are still on the table and that's, that's kind of a, you know, that's an interesting assertion. And I, you know, I thank you for your patience and not having produced ample evidence to support that yet. But I want to try and do that today. One thing I should point out though is that god has already been proven right on the 1st 6. So if he's proven right on 7 and 8, number 3 just or number 9 just evaporates, right? See how that works. So we're down to 2 things. This is where the battle lies today. We're going to have a plan for that. Well, yeah, of course he has a plan for that. Do we know what the plan for that is? Or that statement, we must know the plan, the battle in order to cooperate with a lawyer. That's my burden in life. I want to understand the plan of the battle. As we enter these closing scenes of the great controversy at this stage, the great controversy course continues for another 1000 years and speak. But this part of the great controversy. Here's an important hot fading, the thieves and corrupts the world. But in so doing, he is only carrying on his original work. He has introduced no new arguments, yes. Created no new empire of darkness from which to draw supplies from the further into this deception. Then that was seen in the beginning as in today, and the apostle declares is a transgression of god's law. This is why we started with lucifer. If we understand how he worked in heaven, we have a leg up so to speak, and understanding how he's going to work in our day. He has no new arguments. He has no new empire of darkness. There's nothing new here name it goes on. In these days it is satan's determined purpose to intensify sin by making it legal in the children of disobedience. He is to reveal to the world and to have and what is the order or result of a government carried on according to his ideas of administration and law. He is working with secret, yet with intense zeal in both church and state. Because men to throw off all the restraints of god's law and take a decided stand with him in the ranks of rebellion. But when his work is accomplished, the Lord will interpose and vindicate his honor as the supreme ruler of the universe. He is seeking to make sin legal And we're talking both church and state. So we're talking laws and the state side. There are a few things that I think classify as in that have been may legal and various countries of recent years. I think it gives us some idea of where we're at in this process. Well, we looked at this as a series of events. That's what we've covered in the last 4 days. And the stunningly object seems to me after having looked at a bunch, but the stunningly obvious thing to do is to recognise that those 2 columns there are all pointed down. And we've got 2 more events that were called to deal with in the last days that were were at the plan for today will be to get an idea what these last 2 development will look like. And then see how that plays out and into resolving those last 2 accusations with me, that's where we're going. Oh, that's not throw up on the bottom. Don't worry about that. Back until August they always spoke of the alpha of apostasy and said that there was an A mega which was yet to come. Ok. And I liken that to the a corn and the oak tree. So let's just get a little quick look at this here. The most obvious problem in the alpha was pantheism actually is kind of funny. It was not the most obvious problem in the day. It become the most obvious problem from our writings of the, of the, the era. A lot of church members didn't really recognize the whole pantheism issue much at the time. That's a little alarming in some ways. But whatever, in the writings of ellen white, that's the area that she does deal with the most. And so that's what has attracted and you know, how held our attention in the decades in them back to the century. Now since under the concept, the pantheism, all men and ladies do saints and sinners alike become at least partially divine because god is everywhere. And the heavenly sanctuary becomes wherever god is. And that was the meaning of that book. Title, living temple. This was the living temple right here because I am god's sanctuary. You see, god dwells within me because there's divinity and everywhere beyond the theoretical theological issues. This raises, there comes a very strong sense of entitlement or, you know, maybe, yes word i could probably think of some sort of a year sooner than i'd like better privilege or exalted position. Right. You know, hey, I'm god, that makes me pretty important. Ok. Spiritualism, predicted to be part of the final policy, of course, has more facets doing that. We often think of, we often think of the, you know, and margaret coming back from the dead type of spiritual. That's a real thing. I know too many people have experienced that within my own family, but that's not the only aspect of spiritualism. Spiritualism declares that there is no death. Ok, that's where we get that part. But there is no sin, no judgement, no retribution, that men are unfolding. Demi gods, that desire is the highest law, and that man is accountable only to himself. The barriers that god has erected to God, truth, purity, reverence are broken down, and many are thus emboldened in sin. Okay, so spiritualism, i just want to make the point that it's embraces a little bit more than just margaret. This is more of the kind of spiritualism kellogg was involved. It's plenty popular in our day as well. You can avoid this is one part of the omega going on. The light is given to me in regards to the poor understanding of those that have been in the truth. That these soft stories speaking you've, kellogg's brand, is spiritualism that these off the stories and this mysticism and doing away with the personality of god and what the personality of christ will get. The whole room of the heart all ready for these miracles. That said will come to work right in our midst. Some shall depart from the faith giving he just reducing spirit and dock of the devil, miracles, miracle. That's what I want to pull your attention out of that statement right there. This mysticism prepares the way for a miracle to be accepted. What's the deal with miracle? Well ok, we want to try and get some understanding of the connection here. Ok? Perhaps the most basic thing to remember about satan's deception is he is fundamental frequent basic use of counterfeit. Right. I'd also take the place of god human sacrifice in the old testament take no taken place of the Animal sacrifice regarding this specified sunday for sabbath. The mass for the ministry of christ. All this sort of thing, right? At the end of time when we talk about the devil counter fitting something, probably for most of us, the 1st thing that pops into mind is this. As the crowning act in the great drama of deception, satan himself or person, a christ in different places to me, different parts of the earth state and will manifest himself among men as a majestic being of dazzling brightness, resembling description of the son of god, given by john and the revelation the glory that surrounds him is unsurpassed. By anything more lies have yet beheld the shout of triumph rings out upon the air crisis. Come, christ has come. That going to happen to get her. The counterfeiting begins, what if we wait till I know, Okay, I don't want to step on anybody's toes. But, Oh man, I cringe when I hear my brother and sisters say things like, well the devil's going to personal christ. But we can always tell the difference because jesus speak never really touched the ground of that's true. Yeah. But friends, if that's what you've been on to keep you safe to the time of time, the end, I really hope you do some more study somewhere along the line and just take on something a little bit more more than that. Ok. Satan doesn't just image to imitate or impersonate christ that starts long before before the final visitation of god, judgments upon the earth, there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godwin us as has not been witnessed since apostolate times. The enemy of souls desires to hinder this work, and before the time for such a movement shall come, he will endeavour to prevent it by introducing a counterfeit. Under a religious guys, they will seek to extend his influence over the christian world. What is that counterfeit? And different ones over different decade to propose different answers to that question. I remember growing up in the late sixties, early seventies type of thing. The there was a lot of concern and just we sold on minimizing it. But there was a lot of concern with the charismatic movement, and that was seen as the counterfeit to the revival of true gardener. Yeah. Ok. Does that mean the revival to godliness is speaking and tongue? You know, I mean, if I hand you a counterfeit dollar bill or a maintenance, they were something your, my hand, your account, 800 dollar bill. And I say that's a counterfeit. What's the real going to look like? Something like the counterfeit. That's a very bad counterfeit. If all right, so when we identify the counterfeit and say it's, it's speaking in tongues or the charismatic movement or a few other things that I've heard mentioned were really also defining the real with me on that are kind of illustrating it or saying this is what it ought to look like, if this is the counterfeit, then the real one I look about like that, you know, look similar somehow, okay? So what, what was work at the other way? Instead of saying this is the counterfeit going backwards. Let's start with primitive guns. What did primitive godliness look like? Today? We would call it medical mission. This is the early church love compassion, all that stuff. Did you know that the entire concept of a hospital is a christian idea? There was nothing like a hospital prior to christianity because no culture, no nation, no religion had a mandate to care for the poor. The 2nd the, the suffering christians did. They invented hospitals that's from the emmy not from The. What's the counterfeit going to look like? They they call missionary to st. Annessa, puerto rico. And why did the why did the early church look like medical missionary work? For jesus told them to do right, preach the kingdom and heal the sick every time he sent them out, he encoded heal the sick. Okay. So I pretty I propose that the counterfeit is going to look like medical missionary work at lucy profession. How do I know that? Well, it's a real tricky it's, it's a great research trick. I just kept reading book looking great, kind of kept on going to chapter 2. Ok. The idea of the devil's counterfeit just keeps showing up. It's not a new thought, but what worries means that we've been so focused on counterfeit doctrine, sundays, and established conscious dead instead of unconscious, dead that we might easily overlook the devils counterfeit of the practical tangible work christ people are supposed to be doing. The last great delusion is soon opened before us anti crisis to perform a marvelous work in our sight so closely. Will the counterfeit resemble the true, that it will be impossible to distinguish between them except by the holy scriptures? By their testimony, every statement and miracle must be tested. This is certainly true and a pickle to doctrine, right? It's proved by the words, by the holy scriptures right Up on line to what's his emphasis on the marvellous works. That's not doctrine. Right. It's the marvelous work that need to be proved and the doctrine don't get me wrong. But the marvelous worth also need to be proved by scripture. Barbara's work miracle. What's going on with that? satan can present a counterfeit so closely resembling the truth that it does see those who are willing to be C. All that's crazy. Nobody's willing to be to see. That would be foolish. Yes, it would, but there's ellipses at the end of that. None. What do you suppose it takes to qualify as willing to be deceived? Yeah, that's important. That's now with this statement says, What does it take to be willing to be deceived? Here I commenced to step on toes Those who desire to shun the self denial and sacrifice demanded of the true that's all it take to be willing to be to see How does that fit in? I mean, that's certainly can't keep me from finishing up my bible studies and understanding the truth. Oh, that's part of it Though. Oh, great controversy is over the issue of self denial. So sacrifice lucifer said, god didn't do that. I don't have to. God says yes I do, I'll show you on the cross. And yes, that's the only way that the universe works itself the non self sec. Okay, reality that's wonderful scenes with which they will be closely connected was soon take place. God's word declares that satan will work miracles. He will make people 2nd, that was done, they removed from them his fe tannic power. They will then be regarded as yield. These words have a parent healing will bring 7th day adventists. Do the test. Many who have had great light will fail to walk in the light because they have not become one with christ. His instruction is not palatable to them. Okay, well yeah, that's interesting. If you haven't heard the statement before, right, the, the works of pair healing will bring 7th day adventists in particular to the test. That's, that's kind of interesting thought, but don't let that overshadow the remainder of the statement there. What does it mean to become one with christ? It means to embrace self denial, self sac. What part of christ instruction are people possibly finding not palatable? self denial and self sacrifice. Go back to state and personally hear the shout of triumph rings out upon the crisis. Some crisis come the pot, the people prostrate themselves in adoration, before him while he lifts up his hand and pronounces a blessing upon them as christ blessed his disciples. When he was upon the earth, his voice is soft and subdued, not like me, who rattled ridiculous, yet full of melody in gentle compassion at tones he presented some of the same gracious, heavenly truth which the savior uttered. He, he of the diseases of the people and then in his own character, christ claims to have changed the sabbath, the sunday. We know this, but notice this part. Why is he doing that? Because he's counterfeiting jesus. And what did jesus do? He's doing exactly what he has to do. Satan will come in to deceive if possible, the very elect, he claims to be christ and he is coming in pretending to be the great medical missionary. Well if he's pretending to be the great medical missionary, what do you suppose god, people ought to be Medical mission. I don't mean you have to be doing appendectomies or something at now what it takes to be a medical major raking leaves for the little old lady down the street who can't keep her yard up anymore. That's medical missionary before we ever called it was the 1st time medical missionary was ever used in an advent publication was 893. Before that we called it christian help work or the benevolent work. Oh it means be nice to people. Now if you are a physician or a nurse or northwest sticky practitioner, or you know any of that stuff, right? If you are a medical professional, you have extra talent. Praise the Lord, use them. But be nice to people. Okay. Christ method alone will give true success. Notice the 2nd word in a statement here. It's singular. This is not talking about all the little distinctions we could find in jesus work, right? I'm one time he use clay your blind man. I as another time he touched the man, I just spoke words of forgiveness and healing. That's not what this singular method is. The bigger one, right? It's the one that stands out about above all others. We saw this in our 2nd meeting, right? The great object that brought christ to the earth was to reveal the father. That's the method we're looking for. God is love. This is the great truth that christ came to the world. Revealed the obs you christ mission the world was to reveal the father in his all his ministry, all his self denial and so sacrifice a christ object was to reveal god to the world. Praise the Lord jesus did that Ah, yeah. But the world needs today What it needed, 1900 years ago, a revelation of christ, which is the same as a revelation of the father, right. He that has seen me and seen the father. So What the world needs today is the light of christ example reflected from the lives of christ, like men and women for the simple reason the jesus is not here right now, he's in heaven to get a revelation of christ. He asked the work through you and me heart will be captivated, not by the glory of the man, but by the inward adorning of an abiding christ. It is the revelation of christ in the man that captivates art, women and women. They behold the beautiful character of christ, revealed by good works. Raquel are back in 18. 8337 good works. He was under Was more than them. God hurt in committing to men and women. The mission that he committed to christ is to disentangle his followers from all worldly policy and give them a work identical with the work that christ identical is a very strong word. Disentangled also a priest on work. What do you suppose a worldly policy might be supposed to get disentangled from it? And I'm not going to try to give you a point by point definition. I think I'm safe in saying worldly policy is anything that keeps you from taking up a work identical. Does that work? Right? That's where we're supposed to be. That's where we have to be. At the time. The glory of the character christ can never be at rest in words. Where did we hear that human language is inadequate to reveal it? It must be made manifest in a life. It is to be manifest in the individual christian in the family, in the church, in the ministry of the word and in every institution established got people that is our purpose, the manifest the character of the father. And we need, you know, need to be rude. That we need to wait a little bit and recognize that stuff. That was impossible for jesus, very likely, impossible for us. If he could not reveal the father's words alone. I submit the you know, I don't think we can need it. And that's why in our work or revealing the character of god, we need to use the same method with an S on the plural, this time that jesus use christ. The great medical missionary is our example. He healed the sick and preached the gospel and your service, healing and teaching were linked closely together. Today they are not. We need a combined ministry, a combined witness of preaching teaching, helping healing that what jesus did, the holy spirit never has and never will. In the future, divorce the medical mission works on the gospel ministry. They can not be bound up with jesus christ, the ministry of the word and the healing of the sick are one. The union christ like work for the body. Christ like work for the soul. Is the true interpretation of notice the definite article does not a true interpretation, this is the true interpretation. Which means I submit that any other interpretation is to a degree oh. Within that union a christ like work for the body. I work with or is the true interpretation. Ok. Ah No. Okay now ok, going to jump just a little bit a little bit. Thanks related video. Something that worries me is when I hear the thing, say something like, oh my, this world getting so bad. Jesus has to come soon memo though he doesn't He doesn't have to come soon. He's the general of the army and he never loses sight of the mission at hand. No waiting for the world to get some particular shade of terrible. He's working to finish off those 2 at last accusation. Notice this name is, this is scary When men and women very lady, where when people begin to weave in the Human thread, we compose the pattern of the web. The Lord is in no hurry. He waits until men shall lay down their own human inventions and worked up the lord's way in the border. This is why the loud cry began in 1892 and was smothered by 18. $9998.00 and It was a good start. It died, The game is not over till the game is over. Run the course, of course. Ah, let's see. Okay. So, again making a kind of a logical jump here. Remember I said that while I said that lucifer said the law is arbitrary, that was the 7th accusation. And remember I said that the 1st sixty's is dealt with, but the last 3 were still on the tape. Again, I appreciate your patience on that. How do I know that? Why would I even say that? I mean, come on. Jesus was here. You don't think he was going to finish the job. Well, no, he didn't finish a job. That's what I think. Here's why. In the character of god, people living testimony will be born. That will contradict the fallacy of sin who has declared that the law jehovah is arbitrary and holds its subject under a cruel but That one still on the table. The Lord desires through his people to answer satan's charges by showing the results of obedience to right principle. That's actually very important because if I'm answering things charges by showing results, I'm working in the arena of cause and effect. This is not superstition. It's got more to it than black catherine over the shoulder and roughly remember the This is the language of reality. Not arbitrary law. This is, this is, this is real. This is the kind of stuff that can be changed or you can do is demonstrate it Kind of a summary page right here. God spinal work uses the same method that christ used during his life on earth. Revelation of the character of god. God's final work requires that human beings take up the same manner of work that jesus practice during his life on earth. Because that's what works. The revelation of god's character cannot be accomplished. Words alone, acts of mercy and healing self. The now self sacrifice are also necessary. In short, god final work is self sacrifice and self denial. Exemplified in, I don't care what you call it, but we often use the term medical mission. You can call it any one. But self denial of sacrifice trying to help other people. And here's the thing. Helping other people always involve self. Now it's going to take up your time. It's going to take up your thought. It's going to take up probably some of your money. It's going to take up some effort. It might take some clothes, it might take some food it might take. Who knows what? You don't help people For free because He who lynn who has pity on the poor lens to the Lord and he will repay that one. It's going to cost you. You'll get back. He's got to be patient. It may come back. You have a few things you read, read with, don't me. Second stipulations on god. I gave him a general a but you gotta, you gotta give me $10.00. You know, you'll get, you'll get something. This will end dresser. You'll pay you back. Okay. All of this helps us understand this statement. The truth for this time, the 3rd dangerous message is to be proclaimed with a loud voice. Right? Ross has been giving us a pretty good x exploitation of, of that idea. Okay. Ah, is to be claimed with a loud voice, meaning with increasing power as we approach the great final test The sup, just 2nd, this is I, you can disagree or you can, you know, twist this one or whatever this is. This is an optional happening. But in my mind, I rather suspect it's a great final test is a synonym for the omega. Omega is the last letter in the office. It's possible that o whitehead some other shade of meaning. I'm pretty sure their lease going to be about the same time that they're, you know, something like that. Ok, anyhow. Proclaimed with a loud voice, meaning with increasing power as we approached the great final test. This test must come to the churches in connection with the true dot. Now if you know what this says, don't don't spoil the fun thing. But if you don't know what the next words are, take a guess for me, nathan loud. What do you think? Don represents here in connection with the true Ok, those are all good. I really expected more to say 7 because I'm sure you know you got to have a Sunday and that's, that's up. That's. Yeah, that's, that's kind of a big thing in the admin world. I would think the other rog, good jew though, character her gospel or I may have heard somebody giving his father back there, but if you came up with it, honestly bless your heart. Here's what the statement says. This cast must come to the churches in connection with the true med, the co missionary work, a work that has the great physician. That would be jesus to dictate and presiding all it comprehend. I'm just telling you this whole thing and help people kind of a big issue because it goes right back to the heart of that other big issue. I keep harping on right. And I remember what that would be faith. Ok, right. Faith is a big thing. Doctor. Is the alone, and he'll tell you helping other people goes right back to the problem lucifer head. If I help you, I'm giving away stuff that I could use. Maybe it's stuff that I need. What will I do if I give you something I need? The proper answer is I will depend on god who is on the know, take care of me. It's like gina turned to philip and he says, philip is a lot of folks here. Why don't we feed him and fill up being rational day, much like myself said, that cost a lot of money And jesus said young ok now haven't fidel We will come to the point where we do not have what is needed other than the barometer Back in Illinois, they, she wrote about kellogg's apostasy, but her description of it included more than happened at that time. She painted a picture where the alpha was headed. It was the idea of the acorn and the oak tree, right? That description is, I think our best description of what the omega will be, that we will ultimately face. I want to go through this quickly cuz I'm going to be pressed for time in the enemy. So sought to bring in the supposition that a great reformation was to take place amongst the administered that this reformation would consist in giving up the doctrines which stand as the pillars of our faith in engaging in the process of reorganization. Were this reformation to take place, what would result the principles of truth that god in his wisdom has given to the run, the church would be discarded. Our religion would be changed. The fundamental principles that have sustained the work, the last 50 years would be accounted as error. A new organization would be established books of a new order would be written. A system of intellectual philosophy would be introduced. The founders of the system would go into the cities into a wonderful work. The sabbath of course, would be lightly regarded, also the god who created it. Nothing would be allowed to stand in the way of the new movement. Every specification there deserves some consideration and I'm not going to take time to do any of that. Sorry, we're going to the in the leaders would teach that virtue is better than vice. Oh thank you for that much. But god being removed, they would place their dependent on human power, which without god is worth their foundation would be built on the sand and storm. And tempest would sweep away the structure. Ok. How is it that they would remove god and depend on human power? simple, they lose faith. I've got to take care of myself depending on human power. But notice this last sentence here, where's that come from? wise men. So all right, remember, let's get some really good thought. This is the parable of the 2 houses. There were 2 houses. There's only one storm that's key. This is not god sitting high and lifted up on his holy throne looking down and saying why there's a very righteous man. I will send him april showers when he can have mayflower. Well, over on this side is an evil wretch. I'm going to hit him with a cat 5 hurricane ha! It's not the way it works. It's the same storm. What, how stands, what house, ho, disorders, walt? For all that the bible path at the is so patting his the bible passage uses exactly the same words. I don't have a memorized but but the storm beat v. A mentally against that house. The wise man house, the storm beat vehemently against that house, nor whose mantle exactly the same word of god was trying to emphasize the fact that it's not the storm that makes the difference The house the foundation In passing on through here. Notice this thought right here, storm and tempest. Ok. So if we're going to make some sort of a, maybe an eschatological application of the parable. What would be the storm and tempest? What is all this going to happen? But we have a name word We call the little time of trouble. And you know, I must confess, i am not a Brother. I'm not the son of abroad. I'm pretty sure I'm not the grandson of abroad in a really good chance. I don't have a single pathetic gene in my body. But look at the raw data. It's not hard to believe it might happen soon. I'm just saying ok, the financial, political, medical, social systems of our world are close to falling. Who know what might make it all collect? That's the little time at all. That's the conditions now. When all goes down, it will not be pretty. In the last scenes of this history, war will rage, there will be pestilence, plague, and famine. The waters, the deep overflow. Their boundaries property in life will be destroyed by fire in flood perilous times are before us. The whole world will be involved and perplexing distress. Disease of every kind will be upon the Human family. Such ignorance is now prevails concerning the laws of hell would result great suffering and the loss of many lives might be se in the loss of many lives. That might be said. If you are a competent physician, you are. Well, if I did, you can fall more good as a missionary for god. Then if you were to go forth merely as a preacher of the word, i would advise young men and women to give heed to this matter. Let me you. Everybody has to be a fully licensed m D is a great if you're use it, use it. Ok, but at the very least, within the next one. As a religious, aggression subverts the liberty of our nation, those who would stand for freedom of conscience. We placed an unfavorable position for their own fake. Is what we call a word to the wise for their own sake, they should, well, they have opportunity become intelligent in regard to disease, its causes prevention and you are to do this will find a few of the labor anywhere there will be suffering ones. Plenty of them who will need help. Not only among those of our own faith, but large among those who know not the truth. This is medical mission. For your own sake, learn something. Learn how to give charco, like that pretty cool. They've been teaching some he's been teaching i deserve. Of course I didn't make it. Do it, learn a little I to therapy not heart. You know what, this is? Great. L Y cause that stuff, you remember the term she uses for that that collected kind of category of things. What, what she call it Then union union Get here thing. Okay, the one I'm looking for something to call it natural remedies. The doctors of her day, like to call it rational remedies, which is the term i really like. White, commonly call that simple run. You know, what's cool about simple remedies. Their simple. Yeah. They're simple. You don't have to be a genius or hurt you are often, you don't have to be a genius. You don't have to take, you know, 15 years of college circle, you know, like, for about Oh, okay. But at this point in time when, when the, when things break loose and you know, they've kind of done that a little bit this last year. But when things really break loose even more, when the collapse come, there will be 2 teams of medical missionaries. One team will be doing a work identical to the work of christ. While the other team will be doing a work that looks identical, the counterfeit, both groups will be quote, helping people. Why? Because given conditions is that time there's one thing is going to have any impact, right? The guys die in a fever and starve to death in the I rated. And you're going to give him a bible study that the time. Save it. You know, he can use it, but you know, the need to know he need from water. Who else something, you know, some forget God, followers will be ministering to the people. Both were their physical and their spiritual health. This is medical missionary work. And the 2 are never to be divided. When you divide it, you end up with either right theory the missionary part with no application or you end up with what I politely and affectionately referred to as medical mercenary work. Where you're making a living, which is not unlawful. Lord, dental doctor should make a living. Yes. But now he'll be missionaries. Ok. Ok. Ah good people will be doing the same thing jesus did when he was here. And faint and followers. Much in appearance anyway. Until the storm and tempest sweeps away their structure. What, how could this storm sweep, where the devil house, but not the lord's house? Is the Lord working a miracle to protect his people? No, thanks, nor both houses they thanks to him. So what's the difference? Well, foundation, right, one guy built on the rock, The very foundation of christ mission was self denials of selfishness lies. Foundation of all. Here's what happens when everything hits the fan and life is tough and resources are limited, there will come a point where the selfish heart is going to look at the supplies and say, and I given that There's only enough food for one here in england to you I'm going to eat that and if you're going to fight me for that, I'll kill you if I have to Because that's what's in is god's people on the other hand, Are going to come to the point where they have nothing. They have no resources. And yet somehow god provides for them to be sure and imagine imagine the in by bible worker, by ward maginnis. Here's a guy he not one of gods people, but the spirit has not left his heart entirely little decency left in him. He hasn't eaten for 4 days and you see anything menu pretty hungry and when was the last time he was then here's a sandwich. And because he's a decent guy, he says, I can't take this Well, I don't have anything. I can't take your food. Taking no one can take, take it, you have to take it. What are you going to eat? I don't know, but god will provide for me. You don't have that. You need the food. But if you'd like to know how god could provide for you to, I could give you a little by wilson. I know, you know, rule out exactly like that, but you get my point right. There is nothing so powerful as the manifestation of the character of god in a manner which obviously requires the faith that is depending on god to support it. It's one thing if I've, you know, if I'm bill gage or something and I'm giving away $20.00 bills, that's very generous. But if it To be a lot of people would ask, you know, that that's, it's kind of cheap. Yeah. How are you gonna kick it up to a 100? I mean, you're not like it's gonna hurt you. But when you get don't, you have nothing and you're giving it away anyhow. That's impressive. That's what you remember. Jesus lived in a society were well, was interpreted as divine honor. And here's this homeless unemployed. I generate x carpenter, wandering around feeding 5000 people with a shot or it was Okay, I'll it is one. The storm and temper hope make the final demonstration to character both of those who have chosen to st. And those who chosen the statement and desire of agent, you know, I used to read and take medicine in the last great conflict of the controversy was satan, those who are low, the god will see every earthly support. Cut off a tough time movie. That is a tough time and then I was reading wrong one time and I just kind of stumbled onto this statement. It is safe to let go. Every earthly support, take the hand of him lifted up and said to thinking disciple in the stormy sea. Wow, that's kinda cool. It's safe, tough time, but safe. But I got my curiosity up. You have some level of curiosity here. And it's so easy. So I just type in every year to support the button and now We can never perfect a round for christian experience until every earthy support is removed and the soul centers its entire affections about thought. Exactly. When was the last time that it was a good thing for christians who depend on earth to support just live all we're all used to and God has to for the sake of developing our faith. He has to assist assist us in cutting loose from every or the support because that's the goal. Oh, I don't have it in here. It's in that little pamphlet i asked her again, nothing about that. The sweetest and most wonderful i can't root the sweetest and most wonderful experience for the Human on condition or something like that is the entire dependence on something. I forget the wording. You know, it's a great day but didn't ok going on On what to do now. Ok. We are unfortunately still working on some really basic issues. Most of us know if there are exceptions. My apologies. Slight you're, you're so presented. But I think most of us are still working on the whole softer now self sacrificing part of the Human condition that apart the generally speaking, the christian condition. Generally speaking, a part of the adventist condition. We've got some work to do there yet. That being the case, we clearly need bonehead christianity Or currently, god is big on remedial education. We should all sign up for this class. God desires everyone to understand the hateful character, selfishness, and to cooperate with him in guarding his human family against its terrible deceptive power. The 1st result of the interest in, in the world was the birth, The principle of selfishness. The design of the gospel is by means of remedial missionary work. To confirm this evil of selfishness and destroy the destructive power by establishing enterprises of the novel pool. Are you thinking you wouldn't think that one doesn't mean remedial? missionary who is being remedied? The thought were the ones who need the remedy. We need the experience of enterprise of benevolence. We need to seek out intelligence, opportunities resolved and out of the Don't look at that neurons, but there should be that should be invisible right now. Could it be? Could it be this? This is a very serious question. In my mind. Could it be in 1892. The loud cry had already begun in the revelation the races of christ. Though the world that nothing about it. Very likely no one the church would have known it either. If God hadn't told no white. It was a classic case of despise, not the day. A small beginning was too small for our radar to catch god thought. What were those beginnings? The proclamation of the 18? 88 message. The ology by a T jones, your wagner and others. Don't argue that in addition to the revelation of the righteous christ through the applied theology of athens and typing late at night again. Oh, okay. Of these 3 things. There we go. Of the orphanage, the visiting nurses program and the christian help bands. Remember we all, we went over all that on Wednesday. I guess it was ok. Now if there's anybody in the sound booth, i forgot to mention this to anybody in the sound booth. I want to play a video, i hope the audio will accompany it. Hello, anyone in the sound? I see so much standing up waiting at me. I like people like that. They're on the ball and you're paying attention even listening to you to get to tell them in advance. Okay. That's what happened in 1892. These were the enterprises of benevolence. I think back of the last 7 years. All about this free clinic which runs through Friday, and it's not just about dental care. We're talking about massages in here because the new name is good morning, sandra. And today is the final day of the 3 day health clinic at the los Angeles convention center. People who are uninsured or under insured, can get free medical and dental services. No insurance or identification is required and you do not need an appointment. This is so extensive, they're offering haircut, free clothing as well as surgery for a lot of the people here who have been lined up overnight to get this free medical service. The mega clinic was organized by a nonprofit called your best pathway to help a humanitarian service of the 7th day adventist church that puts on mega clinics all over north America. A humanitarian clinic put on by 7th day adventist church. No id, no insurance, No problem. We believe that jesus served this way and love this way, and that's what we want to do. We want to love like you, the serve, like jesus in Los Angeles services are offered on a 1st come 1st serve basis. They include pediatrics and more even catch you removal, free clothing, free haircut. Take a look right over here to my right. People already lined up. We're talking about free medical services to anyone who comes to the convention center today. Anything from root canal to even a gall bladder removal. Free of charge, sky 5, h. G captured aerials of the crowd outside the convention center. In downtown les, yesterday, 10000 people are expected to pass through here over the next 3 days. And organize or say they're going to try to process as many people as they can. This was so special to watch all the healing being done. It's called the best pathway to help unlike any other mega health clinic. I've seen it out later. We're talking there were actual surgeries being performed inside the convention center. Today. I have an ear low that is with that needs to be reconnected. So I thought about it in time for them. They helped me do it here and they told me yesterday you have a plastic surgeon here of all things. I was fascinated that they have a blessed clergy near and he's going to fix my ear to the $30000000.00 worth in health Care services. All provided to those in need and this is just a one. These are not, you know, they give you the get everything renewed and they give auditors want to turn one of a kind clinic that ends on noon on Friday, being a free stop. Thousands of people are lighting up again this morning for a 2nd day of free health clinic at the convention center in downtown lag were talking everything from I checkups to full blown root canals. One person even had a tumor removed organizer say they're able to offer the services for free thanks to thousands of volunteers. Still flower says without medical insurance, No job has not been able to get glasses until now from I really need it. And if they were not doing this today, I wouldn't be getting my glasses. The 7th day adventist church has put on this method clinic in cities across the country. It's the 1st time organizers that brought it to Los Angeles, and it's 30 well last and you have such a huge marketplace and there's so much need we hear about and see on the news, the homeless, the, the poverty and when business services put this together, our hospital felt a deep sense of joy about being part of this. And again, anyone is welcome. No questions asked. They like thousands of others can't afford insurance or the co pay and stood in line for hours even days outside the convention center to make sure they got it. This couple flew all the way from Washington after seeing the same 7th day adventist organized health Care clinic in spokane maturity called your best pathway to health offer free medical care to all comers in Los Angeles. Look at the reaction with carter evans. They lined up by the 1000 for a chance to see a doctor, dora ometer, all medical volunteers offering their services for free. Denison. Hi janice. You see here are just some of 4300 volunteers who make this clinic possible as 2 and a half days. They expect to treat 10000 patients and give away 30000000 dollars in medical services saving lives. This is just like a doctor's office. That is once strong and weak spirits are again, that was put on by the 7th day adventist church. The clinic is thing stage by your beth pathway to health. That is a group that helps bring medical care to the needy, repairing the whole body, mind, and spirit. San Francisco, oakland, san Antonio spokane, los Angeles beckley, west Virginia, phoenix fort Worth was dozens of amen clinics coordinated through the advanced medical evangelistic network. Could it be Could it be that we could claim to be in the beginning of allow, but I'm not a problem. I can tell you I think we can, for one more reason, As lucifer sees that we are making efforts to work the cities as if we meant to give the last message. Ok. Now the stopped it. What do you suppose? And if we meant to give the last message me, how would you paraphrase that? By your I'm over time where I got to have to re here's my editorial gloss on that. I would say, why don't we follow the directions? Just ok as if we meant to do it. Let's do it. Do I got asked to do it? Ok, now, when he shot that statement up at the top, ignore the bottom so far about that. When lucifer sees that his wrath will be aroused, and he will employ every device in his power to hinder the work backup. What does it mean to follow the directions henceforth? Medical mission work is to be carried for with an earnestness with which it has never yet been carried. This work is the door the door singular thought, definite article, the door through which the truth is find entrance to the large city. What happens if we follow directions on our work to the city? lucifer gets mad. You know, there was supposed to be a pathway to hell this last summer. Didn't happen Though, one of the odd that his panoramic might be one of the, the vice president seems pretty nervous about city by the way. Right. I mean, just was when he sees that we're starting to do the right thing. He freaks out. Right. What does it say is that every device in his power, like he throws the kitchen sink at it? I have had a tendency to look at cities as being encouragingly evil. And there's lots of that around you know what the don't have a whole bunch of unhappy and I'm happy customers and city. And if anybody ever came along, show them something better, I think is a little nervous. The followers of christ to know little of the plot which satan and his hosts are forming against them. But he who citizen, the heavens will overrule all these devices for the accomplishment of his designs. The Lord permit his people to be subjected to the fiery ordeal of temptation. Not because he takes pleasure in their distress and which is that because this process is essential to their final victory. He could not consistently, with his own glory, shield them from him cation for the very object of the trial is to prepare them to resist all the allure men of evil. Oh the phone Not going to shield us from temptation without a promise for that you can just dont burst with the bible says god is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but what the temptation also make away with good you may be able to bear it. What do you mean? He can't shield us from temptation? Of course he keeps. But at the end of time he keeps that promise by preparing them to resist all the alliance of evil. He has to in the different nature of the great convert. He has to step back like he did with job and say, your witness give him your best shot will stand. We are to be prepared to resist all the lumens of evil. Knew what that's going to mean self denounced And those of us and I count myself at risk, who find that unpalatable Will be to see Because that's all it takes to be willing to be to see How is god going to make this final and hold demonstration remember losers? ac he says he said the law was arbitrary. That it was what it was just because god said that's what it was going to be. God. God could change anytime he wanted by just saying the new law is right. And God said, no, it's not arbitrary and it's impossible change. So lucifer came back with he has that number 7, right? accusation 7 at the right way had a very high. Yeah. At this one. And number 8 is this one, right? This comes back with his killer punch. Ok god, if you can't change your law, that means you can't forgive any one. The good, the law beyond your control. So it's a penalty That the only way that, you know, I used to read that argument. Lucifer says the law means you can't forgive, and that's like the stupidest thing in the world. How could that make any sense? And it wasn't until it finally em. I'm a little slow at the gate. Sometimes i'm, I'm talking decades here trying to figure this one out. Ok. Finally I recognize the correlation between accusation 7. An accusation 8. He says you can change it. God says no, I can't. And he comes back to that. You can change it. You can't stop the panel, ignore that scene, laid his plans to rest from god, the noble adam and his companions. This is just really after the creation of earth, of course, if he could in any way be guy of them into disobedience. God would make some provision or they might be pardoned. And then he, himself, and all the fallen angels will be in a fair way to share with them of god's mercy. You fall with logic here. He says these, these, you know, animals have been created his thinking, man, I'm in a mess. I've been kicked out to heaven. I can never get back in. This is, this is really bad. I've got to do something about this. And I know god loves these guys over here really in a special way. He loves them because I remember the whole argument about creating them. I was there, I find it. God loves these guys over here. I can get them to see in god's going to find a way to see them. And the only way you can do that is changed. A lot of you just wrong. I went Down the bottom. You reason that if God pardon simple man whom he had greeted, he would also pardon and receive into favor him and his angel. But he was disappointed. That's like pretty classic understanding. Was there? Like maybe enraged the chipped over the edge into permanent homicide romania. I don't know, it's like, yeah, he was disappointed. All right. Well, how does this work? lucifer couldn't imagine any way to forgive without changing the law. He thought he had got in a box. Those humans, you thought it was such a good idea to create. Yeah, they thin, so they have to die. Unless, of course, you decide to be reasonable and change the law. But either way, I, when Think If it's proven that creating human being has a bad idea lucifer, when god erred in his judgment and lucifer was right. If it's approved at the law has to be changed in order to save human beings loose for when he said the law was changed. This guy's craft st. Numbers, the world as his subjects. But a little company who keep the commandments of god are resisting. Is the premise you know, this is the end of time. If he could block them from the earth, his triumph would be complete. Stop right there. And think about that if he could bought them from his triumph would be complete. We think he's done defeated. Didn't just post haste. History gone. He doesn't think so. If he could defeat, got people. His trial would be complete. I don't know what all that means. But just notice that he still in this race is, is he still a dog in the fight with that? What? Ok, he's transferred because you see now this is the code he sees that whole angels regarding them any infer that their sins have been part. But he does not know that their case have been decided. The sanctuary above. He has an accurate knowledge of the scenes which he has tempted them to commit and he presented these before god in the most exaggerated light representing this people to be just as deserving is itself of exclusion from the favor. God. He declares that the Lord can not in justice forgive their sins and yet destroy human as angel. That arbitrary. You can't do that god. It's the same argument at the end of time, the cause of probation. What is god going to do? This final claim? He's going to show through his people why you could do it. Because now the demonstration has to be made by those who were once participatory centers. Because the different categories used in this one regard was an Apple and we're in Orange. You got to make that distinction or you get all can you is going to show there is people that he doesn't need to change the law in order to be just is going to be both Just and the justice of the one who has c N G if I haven't mentioned it yet, faith is kind of a big thing. Of course trade has a few words to say about this. Oh ok. We've heard that before I put in here for a reasonable that reason was I could put it to that. Integrate quote, It had something to do with something into it. Ah, as I said, satan has a few words to say about this whole plan of god. Well ok, there's no more to come here with god works, you prepare them to resist. Ok, that's kind of a rehash, going back of how what, how he's going to do that. But once again, 3 years, if you were to say earlier efforts, angel. This is the only time that satan argues against god, the power before it's love. And now it's power. It is, you can see that you are not going to get those guys to make that demonstration when pigs why. What that means is he still looking at the, as god, well as arbitrary There's no basis in reality to it in his mind. God, of course he's a differently. He knows that the law of heaven is every bit as real as the law of gravity. Think of the difference here. You've got a speed limit. Somebody don't city hall or someplace makes that up. You got gravity. Yeah, yeah. Gravity. Just kind of there, you know, it's like go to city council some time. You know, you know, I've been watched things down there at the skate park there been too many kids getting hurt. We need to back off on the gravity Or good luck with that. Now gravity is this is just an illustration, no illustrations, but god knows a lot of heaven has never been as real as the law of gravity. Laws like that, like gravity don't depend on the king or the parliament or congress or city hall. They come from a greater reality than any of those things. And so does the log in and then It comes from a greater reality than just god said. Thing can see no way but could change. How can you God, I did these guys kill him. There's no way to stop. He looks at god like she never goodness or he's stuck with a law that he cannot change even though it's going to cost the life of someone he love every wonder why that's the reason there. That's why that stories in their neighborhood, as you're a stuck with a law and you can change the law, the maids in the persians and daniel going to be thrown in the lions And lucifer looked at that and says, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, god, you had to send an angel, you had to work a miracle that's arbitrary stuff. Interference, we're not talking that's throw that out of court. You can't do that. God Do that for them. You gotta do But god is not like nebuchadnezzar. He's like, king has worth He's also stuck with the law. You can't. Janie is also in danger of losing one that he loves That they came up with an answer that there's another law, a 2nd law. It didn't do way with the 1st one, but it counteracted it in a, in, as, as natural away as those kind of laws could do you, I'm saying. So it works that way with wine. Big thought, why? Well, Why do claims don't do away with gravity. Did you use the law of air dynamics? God doesn't do away with a law of sin and death. He just uses the law of faith and the spirit of life. Roman, 82. In the end, you know, comes right back to where lucifer fell. It all comes back to faith And that's a huge challenge. And then leave you with, Oh, it was an amazing and yet kind of a downer statement. My last life an amazing statement. But the magnitude of the challenge should not escape The description of god's people in that final test. Time of jacob stop. Those who live in the last days must pass through an experience similar to that of jacob foes will be all around them ready to condemn and destroy the alarm, and despair will seize them for it appears to them. As to jacob in his distress, that god himself has become an avenging enemy. It is the design of god to arouse the dorman energy of his people to look out of and away from self to one who can bring help and salvation that the promise is given. For just such a time may be seen and the precious and relied upon with on wavering trust. Here, faith is proved. Faith is kind of a big thing. We're right back to where lucifer fell. And before gabriel and friends want to me, I mean, seriously, they have every reason in the world to say, jesus, you know, don't bring them up here yet. Let's get this bay thing straight out before we do that. We already went through it was supposed to, but let's not do that again. And God says that's a reasonable request. We're going to do that. We're going to prove to the universe that the law of god does not change, but the law of god has room for mercy. There has room for mercy for those who will. Why? faith, come back into harmony with This is no light call and look up there. Your god himself has become an avenging enemy. This is, this is the language of the avenger of blood from the old testament. Right? Remember the story, if you accidentally killed someone you ran from the nearest city of refuge and the avenger of blood was on your heels and his job was to kill you. And now here's jesus. The one who may all your promise is the one for whom you have given up your, your, your family, your home, your job. You're out in the wilderness. You're surrounded by. Yeah. Who's with a K. 40 sevens. They all right. And to kill you, you've given up everything for god. I'm standing up for you, God. Then to you the appears as an avenging enemy. Ready to kill you? This is the hardest test of faith. It's the test which must be path. It's the chest of job. Though he spray me yet, well, I trust him. It's the test of jesus. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? nevertheless, into your hands, i commit my spirit. This is the chest of undying, unswerving, unvarying faith. This is no light calling. We are told me the soldier's life is never intended to be soft. This is a war. And her only hope is in following implicitly the orders of the commander of the army of this is the way of life. This is the walk of. This is the great controversy In as far as stations go. Now there's another thing to be done a 1000 years later, kind of a mop up incident that's, that's a whole different story. It's fascinating to. We could go into that, but certainly not now. I hope this has made sense and I know it's kind of look into it from a different angle from on something, feel free to get touch with me. Barrett, father, We are not nearly motivated enough. And yet we would love to see this controversy and pray that you will be with us. You will piece by piece, gently ross if necessary, both take our dependence on the world away grant that we may depend only on grant that we may develop that faith that we might have that remedial benefit of enterprises of benevolence. Some of us at least father send us to the city. Let's shake the gates of hell. Rescue the prisoners. These things I ask jesus To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M. I S D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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