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01 Feasting on the Word

Doug Batchelor
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Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • June 25, 2021
    7:00 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. In my 3 presentations this weekend, i'll be sharing with you my favorite subject. And it's the disciplines of the christian life. The discipline of the christian life are not complicated. It's read your bible pray, they share your face. If you show me somebody that is reading their bible, talk about on a regular basis. Study in the bible. They're spending quality time with god in prayer, and they're making an honest effort to tell others about christ. Those people will be growing. I can almost always guarantee someone that is struggling with back sliding is neglecting one of those 3 disciplines in the christian life. If you've ever looked at the sanctuary, you know that there's one door in as jesus, he's the door and the, the bull's eye of the century as you're moving through. As you go through the courtyard, you go by the altered by the labor you and the holy place. And ultimately you get into the presence of god. We've been separated from god by sin. But once you go through that lever that baptism and you move into the holy place, you have the 3 disciplines of the christian life. You've got the bread word of god. You have the altar of incense, that's prayer. And you have a life, jesus, let your life so shine before men and sharing your faith. And so we're going to be talking about that. I'll be talking this evening about the word of god. Tomorrow morning we'll be talking about persisting and prayer and sharing in the power of the spirit tomorrow evening. So you kinda know where I'm heading. These are my favorite subjects to talk about. In the beginning, god said everything around us now has been brought into existence by the word of god. God still creates by his word And the word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus is the word of god incarnate. We do not know exactly what jesus looked like. I ask you to close your eyes and try and picture jesus. Many of us will conjure up some image that probably looks like some painting we've seen. But we really don't know. He looked like probably normal, galilean because even when they came to arrest him, they had to ask judas, which one is he? You know, we always see him. He's wearing this beautiful white robe and he just kind of stands out. But he was able to mix into a crowd and disappear pretty quick. It wasn't what jesus looked like. It wasn't because he could sing like david. We only have one record that he's saying at the last supper. And he wasn't necessarily as strong as samson. Might change the world about jesus in his 3 and a half years of Public ministry is what he said. And of course, his sacrifice for us, which was the culmination of that message. 10 percent of everything. Jesus said he is quoting from the bible. Jesus said, you search the scriptures for them. You think you have eternal life? These are they that testify of me in the volume of the book. It is written of me. The bible is telling us about jesus. Now the key to the christian life is love. 10 commandments are summed up in love, love, god, love your neighbor. It's difficult to love someone you don't know. I mean, a lot of people just have, you know, kind of a generic love of god in their hearts. But, you know, if you're gonna marry somebody you want, don't want that generic love, it's a little more specific, right? A man. Want to make sure you're still following me? How do you get to know somebody you talk with? Yeah, you communicate with them. They communicate with you, and through that communication, you find you love the character, the essence of who that person is, which is conveyed through time and through communication. We communicate with god through our prayers. He communicates with us through his work. If you love god better, you'll obey him better. If you love god better, you want to talk to him more. If you love god more or you will share more with others about god. No, I find people have no problem involved, talking about what they love to Talk to person 15 minutes and they're all wrapped up in airplanes. They're going to talk about airplanes. And I've, I've talked to people that I meet and I kind of fish around to find out what their interest started as soon as you touch their, their interest. They come alive and you know, some people, it's all about football or baseball or whatever it might be. And you mentioned that you can just see them sparkle and they're happy to talk to him about that on and on because they love it. If we love god more, the gospel would go a lot faster because you couldn't keep us from talking to people about god. So the key is really in loving god or how does that happen? You've got to know him and we know him through his where. Now as we're entering the last days, I think it's critical that god's people individually really need to be rooted in the word. We heard some great testimonies about the importance of a book. And over 40 years ago, jewish atheist hippy was living in a cave. And I read a lot of books, but I read the bible and that just changed my life. It was different. And then I read the great controversy after accepting christ, you know, I never even heard of 7th day adventists. But after reading the book, i thought I have no other options. This is the truth. And so this power in books, there's power in worse of right now, I should close my eyes. I could feel free to sermon. If you were to duct tape my feet together, i could feel free to sermon. I'm glad I can walk. You could keep my hands behind my back and take my feet. Plug my ears, pinch my nose off so I can smell and put a bandana over my eyes. And I could still change your life by sharing the word of god. There's nothing more powerful than the word. And so if you want your life to be transformed, we need to be spending quality time in the word. Now, it's more important now than it's ever been because you're living in a culture now where you are being bombarded by so much information. Unlike any other time in history. There's never been a time like this where we are literally living in a blizzard of information. And you know, we started to get addicted to it sort of get used to it. And I remember when blackberry fonts came out, we had one gallon our office. And her husband called it her crack barre because he said it was like an addiction. She's always checking her phone and, and get to know better yet just constantly couldn't have it out of reach and she was busy needed it in for business and everything like that. Well, you know, I sort of started getting that way where, you know, I used to just, I didn't even keep my phone with me. It's one of those smartphones a lot. So I don't know half of what it does. I know less than half of what it does. I probably don't know, 10 percent of what it does. I probably don't know one percent actually of what it is. I'm being honest now that I think I'm more think about it. I might not know 110th of one percent of everything my phone or do but I found that, you know, I just keep going back to it is low, be a little text or, you know, some new news alert and all the stuff in a freight. I'm going to Miss something, it might be new, amazing fact that I could use, I could be missing or something. And if you're anything like me, it just gets where the information is just your bombarded on every side. So to compensate because you are the sum total of what you're taking into your mind, you are what you're taking into your mind. You are, would you be that's true physically and it's true spiritually. So what are you eating? ho, every one, the 30 come to the water, z that have no money come by and eat. Why do you eat that? Which is not brand lot of people out there. There are christians that do not eat much of the bread of life. You know, I understand that 90 percent of the advertising budget in North America is spent on the most or the least nutritious foods. 90 percent of the advertising bucket budget in North America is spent on the least nutritious foods. Why do you eat that? Which is not good but it's also true that the majority of christians spend a fraction of their study time reading. The bible now be checking out all kinds of websites and involved and all kinds of chat and catching up with all of their friends on Facebook. And you said what percentage of your time are you studying the word? You know, the bible very rarely says read the bible. It all come to study the bible study to show yourself approve under god. Now I emphasize this because I think as we're entering the last days we're going to be challenged. There are so many subtle messages that are going out in our culture right now. And I see christians buying into some of this stuff. And it really worries me to some toxic things. You know, the devil was the 1st one to create the cancel culture to try to cancel god's word. He said the eve, half god said, asking believers the 2nd guest, the word of god. Questioning the word of god, all the misery in the world today is because the devil planted doubts about the word of god. Look where it got us. And so it's so important friends, a, we know every man needs to be ready to give an answer to anyone that asks the reason for the hope that is in US with meekness and fear. We need to be ready to know why we believe what we believe. And the reason I'm going to vandalism is that because I put in an application to be an evangelist, it's just, I started sharing my faith and my other christian friends would challenge me and I had to look it up so I could give them the scriptures. And the more I studied, the more convinced i was the adventist church was the truth, but I needed show it from the bible. Now I'm a 100 percent believer of the spirit of prophecy. And I believe we need to know the spirit of prophecy. And in our family we read it every day. But 7th day adventists right now. One of the principal criticisms that you're going to hear when you tell people of other face that your 7th day adventist. You base your teachings on l. Y. How many of you've heard that? And they've got all these really bizarre anti ellen white websites. Most of them are very ill informed. And that's why it's all that much important, more important for us to be able to say I can show you from us, thus saith the Lord, why like why I believe everything I believe. And by the way, that's what white said we should be able to do given scripture. And so friends, do you read your bible? We're going to look at a story in the bible. And if you have your bibles with you, you can turn with me to 2nd chronicles chapter 34 2nd chronicles. 34. And I'll give you a little backdrop of where this is transpiring. In bible history. Israel had gone through a bad spell. The church had gone through the time of apostasy. Probably close to 60 years. Manasseh had been king for 55 years and he had actually set of idols. And in the temple of the Lord, if you can imagine that he had offered human sacrifice, then he was followed by his son em non, and he was so wicked after 2 years, god said is enough, is enough. And then this young king who must have had some good mentors or a good mother. He just grew up out of that swamp and he turned into a lily. And it says that josiah was 8 years old when he became king. And he rein 31 years and as you read through the history of josiah, the bible says there was no king like him before him. And that's including david. And there was no king like him after him. He may not have been as strong or smart or is David or as wise as solomon, but he was consecrated. And when he became king, he realised that he wanted to seek after god degree that verse 3, in the 8th year of his reign while still young. Well, he begins to rain at 8 and the 8th year of his reign is how much? Quick, $168.00 and $8.00, right. He began to seek the god of his father, david. He went to a conversion experience. Maybe the priests were talking to him and, and he's really inspired by david and his dedication. And so those were the glory days. What made the difference, david thought after the Lord, he told solomon, if you seek after god and obey the commands of god, he'll be with you and. And maybe he was reading some of the proverbs, but he had a conversion experience. He began to purge judah and jerusalem of the high places in the wooden images and the carbon images in the mold and images. He says, you know, how did we get into idolatry? He knew about the 10 commandments, and they broke lemon pieces. Then you go with us in the 18th year of his reign, i'm inverse 8. Now. In the 18th year of his reign, when he had purge the land in the temple he sent, she found the son of as ally and massey. I had a governor of the city to joy and your whole house recorder to repair the house of lord his god. The temple had fallen into great disrepair. As I mentioned, manasseh had set of idols in the temple and it says that as he'll kill the priest and others began to purge and the clean You know, you know what a hoarder is, don't you Out of he ever been to the home of a hoarder maybe you're a hoarder, i'm sorry if you are, but if you're married one, I'm sorry to but I've gone and made home visits before and I don't want to put anyone on the spot make you feel guilty, but I literally had to climb over stuff to get to a place to, to visit with somebody and they, they apologized profusely. But the temple sort of started looking like that. It had turned into a catch all. It was a mess. And so they're cleaning out the temple. And in the process of cleaning up the temple, then verse 15, he'll klaya incidences, the sheaf and the scribe. The, here's the priest. Seen the shape and the scribe. What a scribe do. They copy out scripture. They also will be writing down the chronicles of the king as he spoke and made different laws in the minutes for the the different board meetings they had. He said, I've found the book of the law in the house of the Lord. I've underlined that in my bible Because it's just to me, it's comprehensible that here you are the people of god in jerusalem in the temple of god. The priest of god says look here I found the bible in the church. Is it just me or does that strike us just a really bizarre statement? And he actually calls over describe is look what I found. What is it? I think it, I think it's the bible. Let's read it. I don't. I feel I'm so Mr. Find even looking at you. Do I look mr. Find that here you've got the people who got their whole existence is based upon this book and somehow they had the template probably. So I'd rituals and they add jerusalem lonely city, and they're, they're chosen people. And it's what do you know? There's a bible here? Well, let's read it. This somehow lost the word of god among the people, god. Now that's not the 1st time that's happened in history. Even during christ time, he says you do air not knowing the scriptures of the power of god. And why do they call the dark ages the dark ages. Martin luther got a whole of a bible is looking here. The just shall live by faith. The church lol is magnificent and saint beers cathedral actually we're billing back then. And there is a hierarchy in millions of followers. And martin luther who is a priest in the church, had very limited access to the bible. Could that happen again? Have you read an amos where it said the whole the days are coming, says the Lord that I will send him is chapter 8. I'll send a famine on the land, not a hunger for bread or a thirst for water, but of hearing the word of the Lord who does seem as right to read into the church. He's talking about a famine for the word of god in the Church of god. You know, I think, I think it's still true today. Now when I talk about the church. Got a mattress, singling out 70 admin us. But karen and I just spent 4 days with christians from all or these are leading christians from all of our we were in the same room with kenneth copeland. I'm not saying that we're here to but I'm just saying a lot of the leaders were at this meeting and we talked to these people on the floor. Actually, karen got into a debate with one fellow. He stared at us for a little while. He stared our boots and he said, you're 7 a M S. As she said, yeah. Well you know, you've gone to church on the wrong day. And karen gave him a few bible answers. He got mad, he just turned and walked away. But most people were very nice. That was one when rare experience, but I was just amazed at, you know, these are the people of god and were handing out the magazine american prophecy and the kingdoms and time. And there is all me and we've been wanting to hear about prophecy is america and prophecy are interested even better because his hunger for the word gone in the church is gotten by the way in case you didn't know it in the book great controversy. Ellen whites is the greatest part of christ. True followers are in the fellowship of other churches. That's why the 2nd angels messages babbling has fallen. Come out of her, my people. And we met a lot of god's people this week. The just don't know. But if they're going to know, we need to know, Right? You know the share that would be tomorrow. So I want you to notice what happened when they read the book of the Lord. So kind of the priest finds it by the way, how did to get through if you're looking around me 31. I think they found the book due to ron me because of the book of the law. It says so when moses had completed writing the words of this law in a book when they were finished it around me 3124. That moses commanded the levi, who bore the arc of the covenant of lord sane. Take this book of the law and put it beside the ark of the covenant of the Lord your god, that it might be there is a witness against you. And somehow that scroll maybe during the days of amazon or mis manasseh it or just gotten stuffed off in a corner somewhere and clean it out. He finds his massive scroll dude around me. Signed by moses. Can you imagine? It's like the magna carta of the nation, and they had misplaced it. It's the constitution of the people. The bible is our constitution, a man. So they find that And he'll tie a gave the book to shave and shave and carried the book to the king, bringing king words, saying, all that was committed. I'm in verse 16 of 2nd chronicles. 34. All that was committed to your servants. They are doing and they've gathered the money that was found in the house of the Lord, and they delivered it into the hand of the overseers on the workmans. Are doing all this renovation. Then shaving, the scribe told the king hill kaya the priest has given me a book We found a book And sheep and read it before the king. Now you can read the book of durham is one of my favorite books in the old testament, by the way, every time jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness, every time he answered with it is written, it is written, it is written all 3 times he quoted from peter ami. So jesus, i believe, had memorized the book of deuteronomy And shaken, read it before the king, and you can read it in a couple hours. And it happened when the king heard the words of the law that he tore his clothes because not only does durronda have a wonderful section in chapter 20, called the blessings, you keep reading in the last half the chapters actually longer than half is the curses. The cursing that will come upon the people, if they disobey, and everything that moses had said there had happened. And josiah suddenly realized all these curses have come upon us because we have forgotten the Lord. Could that happen again? It happened to a nation. That's why the king, when he heard the words tore his clothes and he wept. And he sent sheaf and hell kaya and he says in verse 21, go inquire of the Lord for me and for those who are left in israel. So much of israel had been carried off at this point in judah. Concerning the words of the book that is found for great as the wrath of the Lord that is poured out on us because our fathers have not kept the word of the Lord to do according to all that is written in this book, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of god, the Lord says in deuteronomy chapter 5 or 29. 0, that my people. All that my people would keep all of my commandments in all ways that it might be well with them. And their children don't you want it to be well with your children? God promises great blessings if we walk in his word, but we're not going to do that. If we don't know it Should send inquire of us to the Lord. And it so happens that they went to visit, there's a prophetess in the land holder, the prophetess, the wife of salome, the keeper of took. Who are the son of harris keeper of the wardrobe? She dwelt in jerusalem in the 2nd quarter, and they spoke to her to this effect. And then she sent back a message to the king and I'm on summarizing the story cuz this is actually several chapters encourage you to read it. And she said there is great judgment coming upon the plan. But because you humbled yourself, god is senior tears. He's going to pull on your prosperity. This is what nebuchadnezzar. He had a dream about the tree cut down. And daniel said to him, I counsel you to humble yourselves mercy to the poor that it might be linked meaning of your prosperity, even wicked queen king ahab. When he humbled himself and he repented, god said, because a have is humbled himself. I'm not going to bring this judgement in his days, but I'll bring it in the days of his son. So if you want to lincoln, your tranquillity, god's people need the humble ourselves. Eventually jesus is going to come in. This can be a mess in the world, you know that. But I think we ought to do all we can do as christians to prolong our tranquillity to preach the gospel while we've got this freedom. And it's all rooted in the word of god that in the process of what the king did profit a sent back word and she said, god's gods heard you. Judgment still coming because has been a lot of innocent bloodshed by your grandfather, manasseh. I want you to notice that they read the bible, the bible reading led to repentance. It led to request. It was related publicly. It brought reformation, restoration and revival. Now let's, let's look at some of these things and we'll talk about it. It says here, 1st of all, they had a little house cleaning In the process of the house cleaning. Any of you know, spring cleaning can be nice when it's over, but it can be our real painful process. How many of you have gone through a move after you live somewhere for several years? You know, they say there are several very traumatic events in a person's life. A death over a marriage, hopefully not in that order. A divorce in a move can be very dramatic. Some of us need to do an inventory and ask the holy spirit to do some health planning. You know, what often happens is we get comfortable. We get comfortable, we start storing or filling our houses with junk. And we get comfortable just kind of stepping around, things don't clean out the refrigerator as often as maybe it should be cleaned out. And we don't really do anything about it until something starts call out of that bottom drawer and chill. There's a problem. We just kind of get comfortable And it might be a little painful, but every now and then you gotta do house cleaning. So they were cleaning the house. I mean people that they come to christ and they're baptized. But even after the baptize, they find there's still that sin they struggle with. Then you talk from 20 years later and they still have the sin, but it doesn't bother him anymore. God's word does not change. Some of us, we just don't hear the train going by because we've lived so long by the tracks. I've talked to people that live at the runway end of a runway at an airport and I'm visiting them the whole house shakes in the roar of the plain, taking off right overhead. I say helping you guys live with that and they go To the are, you know here like the D. C. 3. Taken off for just right. Oh yeah. No. Used to it. And there are people who have been in the church for years and they've got this in that they know is wrong and they quieted their conscience. And because god doesn't strike him with lightning, the figure it must be okay. But god's word doesn't change without holiness. No man will see the Lord. Bless that are the pure in heart. They will see god, god is calling us to holiness, impurity. And those crews of course come from the bible. So they had a house cleaning. Then they read the book. The bible must be read. Everything that happened in this revival and reformation, and restoration all followed the reading. Do you have a regular bible reading program in your family? Every day you probably heard me say this ad nauseum, but I just, I, I know how important is in my life. I am like you, I'm surrounded by, like I said, this just this flood of information all the time. And unless I am saturating my mind where the word of god, every chance forget karen i driving here. I've downloaded mission stories just driving from where we live today in Grand Rapids, driving from the airport here. We saved these great mission stories. And by the way, listening to good one today called the heavenly man about the missionary work in China. About 700000 copies out the great. But we've been listening to stories about all the missionaries, everyone from at an iron judge and hudson taylor and sarah barton and all and, and it just inspires. You keeps your head in the right place. If you know what I'm saying, wake up, read my bible, and always reading through the bible every day. The only day, the weeks, and I'm not reading through the bible. And savage is unusually, touching off, touching up my sermon and sabbath school at that time. But I figured a man shall 6 days a week, none on sabbath. So that's what I do 6 days a week. I got my computer program tells me where I left off and I'm always reading through the bible. Then I'm studying the bible. As I do sermon preparation, right, articles and so forth. And then in my car we've got it preset to christian stations, christian music and I barely make in. I'm barely get enough spiritual nutrition because it's diluted with all the other noise. It's in the background in our culture today. You just constantly being bombarded with information. And so you need to make a conscious effort to spend time in the word Read it. Someone said, a bible that is falling apart usually belongs to a person who has not fallen apart. Sin will keep you from the bible. The bible will keep you from sin. It needs to be a priority. I remember reading an amazing fact that in the brief days of the pony express, you know, it looms very big in history, but it only lasted 3 years. It was replaced with a telegraph, but it went to from sat and from saint Louis to sacramento, where we are. And they would have these horses that would ride on these relays a horse could make it 50 miles and almost at full gallop. These little much things would, would run and then they get a fresh horse from the riders where, you know, sometimes right 100 miles a day. And they had these paper thin saddles. They could not use spurs because they were too heavy. Everything about the pony express, right, or they were not allowed to carry a weapon even though they went through often hostile territory. And the letters were like $5.00 a letter, which was astro nominal back. Then you can imagine that it was on tissue paper. So they could carry as much as possible and keep the weight down. But every pony express writer carried a bible. Did you know that My father had an airline couple airline. And once he donated or a life raft, to my brother had a camp for kids with cystic fibrosis. And I was a counselor, i go down to the Florida keys and we'd had the summer camp for kids with c f. And my dad, she said here we get this wrapped up after a certain amount of time. They're no longer stamped safe and you've got to be replaced, even though they're perfectly fine. As I said, we are, we dumped these life wraps and maybe the kids will have funds. So we took this package out into the water in the shallow water in the Gulf. And then we pulled the red cord and the kids hit so much fun watching a little c O 2 cartridges explode and all the air began to come to the thing, just like a monster began to open up and make all this noise and creak and pop and unfold until pretty soon you get this 20 man, half the fun was watching the kids eyes. The thing unfolded. You get this 20 man life raft. It's you know, designed for these jess and they all got in. They jumped around, they had some fun, and then After one of the kids came out and said, mr. Bachelor, they said there's a big lump in the middle. We keep hitting ourselves on the long so we forgot to take out the survival, deary. So I pulled it ashore, said, you know, they're going to play in this. I better get it out of there. So I, I unzip the cartridge to get this, this little pouch in the middle. So no matter how the raft landed in the water, you could always access it. And I am zipped and I pulled it out. It's got a really neat survival here. They've done a lot of studies to find out what do you need if you get lost at sea, or you're in a life raft in a storm or they don't find you and they had a water distilling, kit, need water to live. They had vitamins a little crackers. I don't know how they probably take like hard tack or something. The little crackles in there, it's vitamins, they had a patch kit, his women would jump into the life. Rats were their high heels on even though they're told not to do that. They took a hole in it. First thing that patch kids. And they had just like everything you need to survive 1st aid kits and all these things. And it was amazing to me how convinced it was. And I'll never forget when I was this, a book must be a survival book. It was a bible. And I did a little research and said what? I thought there must be someone at the F d A there christian least knock a bible in this life here. You know, the giddeons are working, undercover in these factories and and I found out that I don't know if they still do it. You know, lot of change, but back in every life boat that was on every jet that you flew, had a bible in it because during world war two's the pilots they got shot down like eddie rickenbacker and others. And they were floating around in there. They had their little army issue, new testament was psalms and proverbs in it. And they said the only thing that kept us alive that gave us hope and helped us keep our faith was the bible. So they said we don't understand it, but it works. So you going to wait until you're like out in the middle of the ocean surrounded by sharks. Before you take your bible series, I told you that just come in here today. We're listen to the tape about the work in China. And there's one man prayed and fasted for a month that he could have his own bible. He only knew one person that had a bible. And then he had a dream that, that someone was going to bring him a bible. And he told his parents that you're crazy and they're praying for their son sanity. And that morning someone knocked on the door and said someone, god told us to bring you a bible. And there did the, the rejoicing here, and I went to russia. We were the 1st admin missionaries installed. Recall this whole section around the caucus mountains since communism and we brought shrunk, slow loads of gear there. With this matter of fact, it was amazing because we somehow it's hard to believe, you know how they charge you for every little excess bag. Now we brought like 13 canisters of baggage. And when we got to the airport every time we just kept praying, and they said what's all this extra bags? And so we're taking him in the touring. So what we had, this has not been approved and we'd have a long discussion and pray. And they put it on the plane and we got it all the way. And we did have to tip the guys $50.00 in russia to, to do it. But they put it on the plane. And among the things who brought were bibles and I made of, I did a really dumb thing during our vangelis big meetings and stuff or poll through the translator. You know, I thought well that when in America we do our seminar, we were there for several weeks doing an evangelist program. And upon my own, you know, still risky. I still speak a little bit russian right now. But through the translator, I said will tell them that after the meeting tonight, everyone will get a bible. But you'll then you can have the bible to fill out your lessons. And she looked at me like I thought maybe I cursed that she didn't want to translate it. She went like she, I tell him that after the meeting tonight will be giving everybody a bible. And then they use a bible to fill out her lesson. So she obediently translated that and I saw the shock look on the pastors faces And I just begun the meeting and I said I will be here for several nights in the bell. So is all the big hall will be during this meeting and it will give a lesson every night when you come in and once you fill it out, bring it back. That's what we did with our revelation seminars of everybody got up at the beginning of the sermon and left. And they all went on the hall was where they go on. They said you're giving out a bible. It was at the end of the meeting, they said they're, they have been living in line for years. Whenever a story gets cheese or something, they'll get in line back then in russia, you'd see a line. You get in the line, you say, what are you in line for? I don't know, but there's a line you better get on the line. It's true. And they thought there's going to be a line for bibles and they all left the media and I saw. So it's a tell them they really do get to keep them, but they got to come back in and so we had to wait to to stop a whole meeting where everyone went out. We gave out the bible, they all came back in the pastor said, I'm not going to come back. So I think we'll come back and they did. But then karen and I would walk around town and we would see people who had these bibles and they'd be sitting there stroking them. They come in, they're holding their bibles. These are people who had like when hand typing pages of the bible under tables covered by blankets. So the communists want to hear them to get a few words and then they copied with, you know, 3 or 4 pages of mimeographed so they could share with everyone. And they were just the word of god are so precious to them. But here, how many of you have 5 bibles in your own and it's on your phone on your computer? absence can make the heart grow fonder. And familiarity can breed content. And sometimes because we have bibles all around us and almost like we take it for granted, i think sometimes we thing owning the bible is a substitute for reading the bible grounds. We need to read the bible. As the king, the young king read the bible, he humbled himself, he repented, he, there is a revival in the land. There was a purging in the land. He called the people together. He related the bible publicly after you read it, then you relate it. You share it. This brought about a reformation and a cleanser midland and they had a great revival. They returned, they had forgotten the feasts of the Lord. And again agreed passover. They came back to gun. I told the other michel before I got up, and so I got 5 hours of sermon. So I'm just going to stop. When my time's up. Henry family. He went to africa looking for David livingston. And he had, he had hundreds of porters carrying all of his stuff because he was on a big epic expedition. He'd been subsidized by the New York times or new York paper. I forget it was at times to go find this missing, missing missionary. And when he started out, he had porters that were helping him carry a 180 pounds of books. But as the road got tougher and tougher, and some of the porters either got sick and died or abandoned the mission and the expedition, he was eventually reduced. The one book stanley started out an atheist on this expedition. The one book he kept was the bible. And he finally did find david livingston off in the middle of africa. And through spending time of their missionary, he was ultimately and reading the bible converted livingston. I should mention. He died on his knees at his bed with his bible open. He used to always read his bible on his knees, george whitfield. I think you've got to do this. I'm just saying they revered the word of god. George whitfield, always read his bible on his knees. You think you'd probably have a short bible reading these guys would read a long time, but this, this is the message of god to me. I think we've come to where we're taking it for granted trans clothes with a little quote from my home. John greenleaf whittier, we search the world for truth. We call the good the pure, the beautiful, from carving stone and written scroll from all old flower fields of the soul, and weary seekers of the best. We come back laden from our quest to find that all the sieges head is in the book. Our mothers read. Sometimes we forget that the answers are in the bible. I'd like to appeal to you, read your bibles. Know your bible study, your bibles. If you want to love jesus, jesus is the we're the way you're going to get to know him is through his word. It is love letter to you. Would you like to know better? Should we stand together as we ask him when close loving father liked the young king. We'd like to begin by repenting forgive us, lord, for our neglect of the sacred message that you've given us or we sometimes just take for granted. Forgive us for the hours that we've wasted land. Our minds were foolishness when the word of god is right at hand. As moses said, the word is not far from you, but is very nigh and to you. And I pray, lord, that we can take advantage of this incredible blessing that we can be feasting on your word that we might know you better love you more to serve. You better to share, you better and to represent you. Lord, I pray you pour out your spirit on this camp meeting this sabbath, help us to since your presence in your holy spirit, we thank you lord. And then I pretty will have a revival in our personal devotions where we really will be once again the people of the book. We thank you and trade this in christ name, aim To listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M I S D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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