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02 Persisting in Prayer

Doug Batchelor
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Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • June 22, 2021
    11:30 AM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen They say in real estate, there are 3 rules. You know what the 3 rules are? That's right. Location, location, location. You might get a beautiful mansion, but if it's out in the desert, it's going to be worthless. But if you get a grade location and you've got an old shack on it, you can tear it down and build something that will really be worth something location in raising children, there are 3 rules, and you're all wishing you knew these 3 rules sooner, right? You know, they are example example example In the christian life, there are 3 rules, prayer, prayer, prayer. But it is possible for people to be born and raised in a church and not know how to pray. If you go with me and your bibles to the look, luke chapter 11, I just want you to notice it will not spend all of our time here. But Something I hope will give us all a little bit of encouragement. Luke, to live in verse one. And it came to pass as he was praying in a certain place when he ceased than one of his disciples said to him, lord, teach us to pray. As john also taught his disciples, now these were adults. These were adults that were israelites. They had grown up memorizing prayers. They had heard the scribes and pharisees prayed long prayers. But when they saw john the baptist pray and when they saw jesus pray and jesus sometimes would come from his place and prayer, and his face was radiant with light and he had been energized then they could tell he had been in the presence of god, they said, wow, that really works. What we're doing doesn't seem to be working. Maybe we're not doing it right. Lord. Teach us to pray. Some people go through their whole christian experience in the symbol. The single greatest struggle they have is they never really learn how to pray. The bible tells us that we are to be persistent in our prayers. Prayer is not something that you do where you, you know you recite a hail mary or in our for our father from wrote and or see it over and over again. The prayer is really the deep cry from sincerity of your heart to the heart of god. And so we're going to talk a little bit about the importance of prayer and the importance of train persistently. I don't know if they have them anymore. I see you got the fire extinguisher on the wall there and maybe you don't want to. I see one, maybe you don't when they're ever seen these a little square boxes. They've got in the halls of schools and it says in the event of emergency break glass, some people treat her that way in the event of an emergency. Well, maybe we should pray as like the last thing christian think Were how many of you have parked your car in some shopping mall or a parking lot. And you weren't really paying attention and you walk out afterwards and you press the panic button on your keys to find your car, who will admit that they've done that. Thank you. Who's done it, but you didn't want to admit it. I saw another hand Or you get on the airplane and you sit down the notice a little tag on the chair and it says in the event of an emergency landing, use your cushion for flotation. Where we think about prayer is this panic thing. This emergency thing that we do, where it really needs to be the breath of life for the christian. The bible talks about noah and abraham, and enoch that walked with the god. That's what prayer means. It means that you live in an attitude of communion with god. And it's something that you do consistently and persistently when jesus said, when the son of man comes, will you find faith in the earth? You know that word faith is really talking about endurance. Talking about persistence, he's it endures to the end. The same will be said, this is the patience of the saints. Christians show that we continue to like jacob, we wrestle with god and we will not let go. It's an attitude of living and walking. Being aware of jesus who said I will never leave you or forsake you, but if the truth be told, a lot of us go through our day and we scarcely think about jesus. If you could physically see him by, you would be hard to ignore. But he is by you. He said I will never leave you or forsake you. If you could see him by you all day long, you talk to him more am I right? He wants us to spend time in communion with them. Jesus shared several parables. Here's another from luke. If you go to luke chapter 11, same chapter. Go to her side. They asked and they said, lord teachers to pray and what does he do? Jesus takes them to a parable about persistence. He said to them, which you shall have a friend and go to him at midnight and say, friend, let me 3 loaves for a friend of mine has come to me on his journey and I've got nothing to set before him. And he'll answer from within and say, don't trouble me. The door is now shut. My children are with me in bed. I cannot give you a keep in mind in bible times. Couple of things. One, the way this is word. It could be confusing. My children are with me in bed. That doesn't mean they had online kids in one bed with them. He's saying along with me and pensively, my wife, the children are also in bed. And he says the door is shut. You might think, well, what's such a big deal about that? Well, right now we've got re sophisticated hardware on our doors. Were you just open the shut the door, little claim to turn the knob back. Then they used to kind of lift their doors. Not everyone can afford to hinges, they might have some leather hinges or something, but they lift their doors into position and then they bind them or secure them with the board and wrap it all up and tie it off. Talks about if you can't, the thief cannot enter the strong man's house to secure their houses and tie him up for the night. Do you get your household tied up for the night? Kinda like you're in Michigan when you could, you get your, you know, 6 year old all bundled up for school and right after you get him all bundled up. If I got to go to the bathroom, you'll find time to tell me. So they at the house all bundled up, it's all tied off as old bolted. And then you're frances hein, can you open the door and give me some bread? And he then explains why he says, a friend has come to me and I need 3 loaves. Now, in bible times, it was considered really a custom and an obligation that you showed hospitality. If a guest came, you were to provide for their needs and several cases i could cite in the bible where travellers stayed with someone. They said, let all your needs rest upon me. It was considered very poor hospitality. If a traveller you brought them in, you help supply their needs. And he said, someone's come, I just didn't have enough. Could you please help me? And he goes on and says, I said you though, he will not rise to give him because he's his friend. Yet because of his persistence, in other words, you know, jesus a seek, ask and he will receive knock it, it will be open to you. That means his friend is down there saying stanley, come on, stanley, please. I'm your body, your friend. You got to help me out. I've got nowhere else to go. The stores are all closed. Can you please 3 loaves in the east and you know how to ride? You know? Now if you're going to ask a favor and you've got to, you know, borrow something, you usually go to the neighbor that, you know, write a friend. Is jesus our friend. Now he's saying, even if you being humans might be annoyed at a friend that wakes you up. How much more will god is god ever bothered by us asking him for anything? Is there anything that you could ever do that would make god anxious? Did you ever picture god like wringing his hands or saying, I'm just so stressed right now. Don't bother me now. Sometimes, you know, I'm travelling with karen. I'm in the room and she sharing with me something I'll see. Dear, i'm writing a note. Let me finish this because I can't do 2 things at once, but god will never flee that he always gives you his undivided attention. God says if you have a son and he says, can I please have a low for bread? Would you give him the stone? If you say, can I please have a fish? Would you give him a serpent if he asked for an egg? Look at this one additional example. If he asked for an egg, would you give him a scorpion? If you then being evil will get good, give good gifts unto your children, how much more will your father in heaven give? And the one thing he mentioned is the holy spirit, which is the subject for tonight. So forget, i ever said that. How much more willy give to those that ask him god is more willing to answer your prayers when you are to pray them and prayer works. God has warehouses full on the answered prayers with your name on it in heaven. And the angels are mystified that you're not wanting to make withdrawals. God is wanting to do miraculous things for you if we would ask him. But the asking does not mean necessarily once when jesus talks about asked seek not there in the greek and implies it is ongoing. We continue to seek, we continue to not it says because of his persistence. So when they said jesus teaches the pray, jesus said keep at it, you know, the bible says you'll search for me and you'll find me. What's the rest of that? If I've ever signed a book for you, I almost always put jeremiah 2913. I don't even start with verse 11. I just go right to verse or dean. You will search for me and you'll find me when you search for me with all of your heart. What's the great commandment? thou shalt love the Lord your god with all of your heart. How do you demonstrate all of your heart? You stay after it. You know when I want karen to date me. I did something really corny. I don't handle rejection very well. So I bought a date, I got a big module date, really good. When I put it in a nice plastic case, I think I put a red low around it or something like that. I attached a note and said, would you like to date? I said you want to date and she was going through all her knickknacks and she found it. I said, you never ate the date. She's no one see me and her mother still has pieces of our wedding and we've been married 30 years. Her mother still has pieces of our wedding cake. After 10 years she made us eat a piece in her freezer. It was awful. She tried to get us to do it after our 30th. We said, no, There's a lot going around this year. We're not going to eat 30 year old wedding, katie, But I stayed after her. Why and you know when I think she liked that. I could be wrong, but I think women like to be pursued because they want to know their want. It is god any different this is how love works. God wants to know, do we want him? So don't pray in such a casual, brief, flippant way with the almighty. Seek after the Lord that he might be found. Call upon him. You know, it says all the call upon the name of lord will be saved and someone think that that means that at the end of your life, if you just happen to mentioned jesus name, god is obligated to save you. They totally misunderstand that verse. All they call upon the name of the Lord, the word call there is talking about all those who have a life of calling upon god will be saved. It's not a one time call. The people who are people who are calling on god will be say, this is what it means to walk with a lord to persist. Psalm 55 or 17 evening morning and at noon while I pray and cry aloud and he will hear my voice. Reason the daniel daniel chapter 6 verse 10, when he knew that the writing was fine, he went into his upper room and he knelt upon his. We needs is Windows being open towards gruesome. And he prayed 3 times as he had done since he was a child. He had learned to be persistent, inconsistent in prayer. I went to pick up karen for at the airport and you know, now you can just pull up all, you gotta kind of wait till the land and, and you get the text and you company pick them up. And while I'm waiting in the parking lot there, all these cars are there, park to kind of waiting for the tech said I got my bags in. Come get me now. And I saw this man get out of his car and he took out a little match that was rolled up any unrolled the man. And they knew walked over to there was an outside one of these plastic outhouses and I had a hand washing apparatus next to it. And he washed his hands. He washed his feet and all these cars are parked in there watching. He went over to his mat, he got down on his knees and he prayed, and he bowed towards mecca. A dedicated muslim. And while I would respectfully disagree with what his religion is, I had to admire his boldness that he was not afraid to pray. And his god had a priority would to the Lord, the gods people had at least that much dedication about prayer, but not to just do it as a ritual to do it as a way of life where we're constantly people who are walking with god and talking with god, you know that song in the garden, christians go out to eat and you can look around, we wait until nobody's looking and we can lower ahead just for a 2nd. We lifted up, afraid I heard about this old man a night farmer and he went into this cafe and he bowed his head and he prayed out loud and some teenagers were sitting in a booth over there. And they started to giggle and laugh at this old man and a man who was praying out loud, asking god to bless his food before he ate. And one of the wise guys among the teenagers, he said, old man, does everybody pray like that before then? He he said no, sun hogs don't do it. Yeah. Don't be afraid to let your light shine in the book. Steps to christ is a great quote. Each morning consecrate yourself to God for that day. Surrender all of your plans to him to be carried out or given up as his providence shall indicate. Thus day by day. You might be giving yourself your life into the hands of god, and thus your life will be moulded more and more after the life of christ day by day. Now there is a time for prayer. I talked about pray without ceasing, but I think you should at least have regular times. You can't go around all day long with your head bowed. You're bump into things or be on your knees all the time. But you should also have a regular times. It's not bad to be religious. People think that, you know, being regimented about something means that your religious and religion is bad. It is good to have a regular times of prayer for daniel did morning evening and I knew the bible says next chapter 3 verse one. Now peter and John went up to the temple at the hour of prayer. It was probably about 3 o'clock, but they had an hour of prayer. We sing that song sweet hour of prayer, but honestly very few christians pray an hour a day. Many of us kinda does mumble a little something and it's often the same thing before we dart out the door. How many you have heard someone in your church and when it's their time to pray? They always seem to say the same thing. You could almost, i had an elder and you don't know who he is. Even gone a long time actually. But whenever he prayed, i've just memorize his prayer. And I used to think if I was god, would that per mean anything to me? Because you keep saying the same thing. Now it's ok if you're praying like for your kids or if you're praying for a particular problem, you can pray more than once for the same thing. I'm talking about just repeating the same prayer. I think we ought to challenge ourselves whether you're asking god to bless the food or whether you're having your morning prayer or your evening prayer that you mix it up. I mean, if I had a conversation with a friend, we always had the same conversation. Then it was start getting old after a while, right. What makes friends friends is that you are sharing new things. You're opening your hearts, you're making it interesting. And our prayers with god should be that way. He says, come, let us reason together. Think when you pray, do you keep saying the same things a lot? Give me a new word. I know you're tired to hear that old prayer. And he will. I've actually plagiarized prayers. I had some other people tray, some beautiful prayers before they eat, and I thought that used to be years. It's now hours And so let prayer be from the heart. You can have regular times of prayer, but it doesn't have to always be the same words losers. Habit was he proposed, praying twice a day. The 1st business of the morning and the last night. John wesley had a strict habit of spending one hour in prayer in the morning than another hour in the evening. Someone said he shook the world by his preaching because he 1st shook heaven and hell with his train. His preaching had a sense of eternal urgency because he had touched eternity on his knees. George whitfield said, believers keep up and maintain their walk with god by secret prayer. What did I tell you? The 3 rules are prayer, prayer, prayer believers, keep up their walk with god by secret, for that means of personal prayer. The spirit of greece was always accompany with the spirit of supplication. It's the very breath of the new creature, the fan of the divine life, whereby the spark of holy fire kindled in the soul by god is not only kept in but raised into a flame. Some of us have just a spark of the holy spirit in our lives, if you want a fancy into a flame that happens through prayer. Talking to the Lord. I like the we spurgeon put this. Prayer pulls down the road below, and the great bell rings above and the ears of god. Some scarcely stir the bell for they praised leisurely. Others give only an occasional jerk on the road, but he who communicates where they haven't is a man who grasp the rope boldly and pulls with all of his weight. Kinda like that old picture of clumsy moto, in the hunchback of notre dame, who swinging from the rope with his weight, that rope or prayer putting all of our our heart and soul into it. Jacob said, I will not let the go except you bless me, wrestling with god in prayer. And I think we see more marvellous answers, you know, 11, the one thing that makes your purse eloquent with god, you don't have to have a fancy vocabulary. Anyone who's listen to me knows that but what really makes your purse eloquent with god is your desperate need If you have an urgent need, if your heart is mixed up in your prayer, that's what the Lord really wants. One of the reasons I came to believe prayer you'd probably read my testimony book is, is I had an amazing answer per, of in many, many mazing answers to prayer. But I had been hitchhiking on the road and I got stuck in Oklahoma. And I stood on the interstate for hours freezing sometimes got to make you wait. And after hours I just, I was desperate as I'm going to die out here. Something has to change. Nobody would pick me up. I was, it was freezing cold. I was hungry of the little hung over to tell the truth. I had no money, No prospects. And I said, laura, i've been a terrible person. And God, if you're there, I didn't know about the bible and jesus said, will you please help me? And if I'm going to ask when he be specific, i said I need a ride to California. I need some food and need some money and please help me get a ride with someone normal. I got picked up by some really strange characters. And the next vehicle right after I pray, pick me up, I thought, wow. And he fed me all the way to California drove me to California to the door where I was going. And he gave me $40.00 when he dropped me off and he preached to me all the way from Oklahoma to California. I was wondering, I did not pray for but looking back now, you know, god waited until I was desperate to see so many amazing miracles to prayer that I'm surprised. I know god is that we pray. So little pre, persistently, luc, again, jesus talks a lot about this. You're going to luke chapter 18 verse one. Then he spoke comparable to them, the man ought always ought to pray and not lose heart, nor does jesus saying they're just what he means. Pray always, don't lose heart. Well don't why? Why would you say don't lose heart if you don't get an answer right away and you're praying, according to god's will keep praying. Persist in your prayers. Many shares an illustration. There was in a certain city, a judge who did not fear god nor regard man. Now there was a widow in that city and she came and said to him, get justice for me from my adversary. And he would not for a while. So there's a judge and he's the dishonest judge. He doesn't fear god, he takes bribes. And he only takes care of important cases with rich people because they can pay the biggest bribes. Well, there's widow comes and she's been mistreated by somebody and she's got a just case but she, she's poor widow. She can't really help them financially. So he's like, no, no bother me. Just keep putting her off and putting her off. But bless her heart. She kept him in and she kept him in and she kept coming. And she persisted, get justice for me. Now the word adversary. You know the word satan is the word adversary. Get justice for me from my adversary. How many of you have been harassed by the adversary and new and deliverance? He would not for a while, but after work or he said within himself, no, I don't hear god or man. He admits. It's really yet because his widow dribbles me. I'll venture lest by her continual coming, she weary me. Now will you ever weary god, god is not wearied. He does not slumber or sleep. He said, even humans will respond to persistence just to get you to leave them alone. How much horrible god who wants to answer your prayers? answer your prayers. Why does he make us persist in prayer? Because he didn't hear is the 1st time. Does prayer bring god down to us or does it lift us up to God? Sometimes god does not answer a prayers right away because every time you pray you are humbling yourself. Every time you prayer like jacking up a jack, you are ratcheting yourself closer to heaven. You don't know it, but that's how it works. So by god sometimes requiring you to continue to persist in prayer, your faith is being strengthened. You're being drawn closer to God and you know you need it. So you keep brain keep brain. And I was a lot of stories in the bible about how people persisted in prayer and then gone answered the prayers after a long time. I remember hearing that the navy have this apparatus that if a submarine sinks and they got to get off the bottom, they've got these very well made nylon bags. And they take these bags down with divers or submersible equipment and they hook them on the submarine. And then they filled with little bubbles. And as these bags begin to inflate with bubbles, the incredible power of displacement of the air in those bags eventually works against the weight of the submarine. And the little bubbles, live submarines off the bottom of the ocean. A grandmother with a bicycle pump to get along and of 2 can lift a submarine Through every time she puts a little air in that bag. It starts pulling up more and more and more. And that's how our prayers are. Every time we pray, some people have been storing prayers in heaven for love, ones for children. And God may not even make a withdrawal on those prayers until you're dead and gone. But they're there and it makes a difference. I was think about hezekiah is a good king. He had a son monasco, that was a scoundrel. But I think hezekiah knew that his son was going to be trouble. And he stored prayers in heaven for him and it wasn't until later in his life and nasa went through a dramatic conversion. And I think there's a number of other cases of that george mueller said he prayed for one friend for 50 years, and then he was converted. And then there is another friend, the george mueller said. He said, I've been praying for this man for over 50 years. And at the funeral of mueller, the man gave his heart to the Lord. After he was dead. So do not cease praying, god can do great things as we persist in prayer. John 15 verse for christ says, abide in me and I and you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine. Neither can you unless you abide in me. What does it mean to abide in christ? You know, the single most simple explanation is to trust in him and to continue to commune with him. As you are communing with christ, you are abiding in christ. He's walking with you. I am divine. You are the branches. He who abides in me and I in him, bear as much fruit for without me you can do nothing. If anyone does not abide in me, he is cast out at branches withered, and they gathered them up and throw them in the fire and there burn. If you abide in me and my words are biden, you catch this, you will ask what you desire, and it will be done for you. Abide, abide, abide, abide, answer, continued to abide, abide some more. Why a little longer answer. He says, if you are biden me, you will ask what you will and it will be done for you. What a wonderful promise that's underlined in your bible. It is a lot of promises, god answers prayer. One of them is worth to abide in him. An evangelist once asked if his mother ever sprang to him. He replied that he had a strap in the kitchen and a sign was above it. And he said, I need the every hour. Roman's 1212 look at these verses about persisting in prayer, romans 12 verse well rejoice in hope, patient and tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer. Ephesians $618.00 after talks about the armor of god, says, praying always with all prayer and supplication, and the spirit being watchful to this end with all purser therein. What does that mean? persistence, continuing, do not give up in your prayers. Some prayers do not get answered, cuz a personal subs brain 5 minutes too soon. Big prayers and the angel was just getting ready to pull the ring on the grenade and give you your answer. And you stopped colossal for verse to continuing earnestly in prayer, mean vigilant in it. With thanksgiving, i was thought it was amazing because when daniel knew the writing was signed that he was going to go to the lions. Then if he's caught praying, he went to his upper room and he prayed and gave thanks. Daniel was about to be given to the lions and he gave thanks. So is thanksgiving part of prayer, when things are going well only or thanksgiving. Part of your prayer all the time. Does the bible's in all things give thanks Whenever get I mean, if your gods, whatever he brings to you is ultimately going to be your, for your eternal good. You know, everything that you go through in life is going to work out to be a blessing for you. Or god is going to bless someone through you. Whatever trials you might be going through, god is going to use it to save you, or he's going to save someone else through you. So thank him. If you trust or lou. 2136. Watch therefore and pray always that you might be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass and to stand before the son of man. This is in luke 21 where he talks about signs of the 2nd coming in the end of the world. How does jesus appeal to his people at the end of time? watch, pray always, that you might be accounted worthy to escape all these things and to stand before the son of man, there's going to be a lot of temptation, a lot of distraction in the world. In the last days we need to be watching and praying, matter fact and Mark chapter 13 when jesus talks about the 2nd coming, you says 4 or 5 times. Watch, watch, watch, watch. What does he mean by watch? Doesn't mean just train your binoculars? Jesus said to the apostles in the garden, he says, come, watch and pray with me. And they have fallen asleep. He said, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Watch unto prayer, paul says, be sober, be vigilant. What does he mean being vigilant? He's not, I used to be a security guard. Sometimes it is so hard. I mean I had the graveyard check and I was guarding boring construction site for nothing was happening and I had to stay awake all night long. I tell you what it is hard to stay awake and watch 2 by fours all my life. I don't remember struggling. Try and all these creative things to stay with you didn't know what you can fall asleep. Standing up. I got so tired sometimes The vigilant be sober because the devil wait until you go to sleep. When does the bridegroom come? Now and the that terrible and Matthew $25.00. Jesus said that there's 10 virgins, what percent as him were wise? What percent of them were foolish had what percent of them went to sleepy? Jesus is watch. Be sober. The vigilant if the devil's trying to do anything and the last day for the church was trying to put us to sleep. How did he put us to sleep? We stop rain. We stop watching and a prayer saw immediate verse one old lord God of my salvation. I have cried out, day and night before you let my prayer come before you. This is David crying out, day and night, james 516 confess. You trespass one to another, praying for one another that you might be, he'll be effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man of veiled much. Now when he says that he goes on then to talk about elijah, who is a man subject like passions as you and me. But he prayed that it would not rain and it did not rain for 3 and a half years because he was praying, it would bring revival to the people and they stop trusting and bail. Then he prayed again. And you know, I want to go there with you real quick. I see. I see that we're wrapping up here. But if you go to the 1st kings chapter 18 and tells us that olaja offers is forever 36 came to pass of the time of the offering of the evening. Sacrifice that elijah, the prophet came near and he praise lord, God of abraham, isaac in israel, let it be known this day that you are guarding me israel, but I am your servant that I have done all these things at your word hear me. Oh lord, hear me that this people might know that you are the Lord God and that you've turned their hearts back to you again. Do you know? I could actually say that hope for in one breath. That prayer probably takes less than 15 or 20 seconds. He prays that brief prayer at the end of a whole day of the bail priests ranting and raving, and leaping and shouting, and chanting. O vale! Here as old ale here, as cutting themselves with lances. Nothing happened, but aligned, your praise a simple, heartfelt prayer, and out of a cloudless sky. Lightning comes down and consumes the sacrifice. You know why he only needed that brief prayer. Because he had been praying for years. That's all it took. He started up and then after present prayer, he tells the king a ham 1st $41.00, a lie just as they go up, eat and drink. For this the sound of an abundance of rain. Sky is still completely brazen. There's no clouds. So I have went up to eat and drink after you know if I was a king after seeing a miracle, not knowing that I had led the people in apostasy for 3 and a half years i'd be fasting. The king goes up to eat and drink, but elijah goes, the prey, olaja goes up to mount carmel and he gets on his knees. He says there's a sound of an abundance of rain and the king, but I don't hear anything. He said that by fate and elijah went up to the top of carmel and I've been to that place. And he bowed down on the ground. He put his face between his knees, praying. He says, to serve and go up. Now look. Storms always came from the west over the sea there. He said there's nothing to go. Look again, nothing and look again. And finally, after 7 times says a little cloud register, that's what I was waiting for. It's going to happen now. He tells a light josie, him, he says you better head for the hills is the sound of an abundance of rain. And Sure enough, the clouds came, the sky grew black and the lun. Thunder cracked and I just had a down for we had a little down for on our way here. And sometimes you turn your wipers on mist. Sometimes you turn your wipers on one regular. Sometimes you turn your wipers on full speed. Sometimes you have to pull over and stop. We didn't pull over and flop, but it was a pretty good ram. And the rain came, this is because of the prayers of one person. What is james'? Say he was just like you and me. What made him different? He was amanda prayer, olaja pray. God once was to have that kind of experience with him. You know, there are number of promises. Why should the sons and daughters of god be reluctant to pray? When prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock heaven store house, where are treasured the boundless resources of omnipotence without unceasing prayer and diligent watching, we are in danger of growing careless going to sleep and of deviating from the right path. The adversary seeks can stimulate to obstruct the way to the mercy seat that we may not by earnest application and faith obtain grace and power to resist. Temptation never is a devil more free than when god's people are praying. Spurgeon said, when I think about the great men of prayer, who accompanied who accomplish great things for god, I think of a lie, jim. Here's a man who called down fire from heaven. He brought a widow's son back to life. He ran faster than a horse. He travelled 40 days and 40 nights on the strength of one meal. When he came to the Windows house, he told it to feed him. And when she did her jar of flower, an oil did not run dry until the famine was over. He personally and boldly stood up to the wicked king, a ham and queen joseph bell. This man didn't even die when it was time for him to go. A cherry of fire came down and took him to heaven in a whirlwind as a man of prayer. Prayer works, god answers prayer, he's a living jesus christ is the same yesterday today and forever. And those great answers to prayer that you see in the bible. They still happen today and let me share One little story. I read the reading a book by f. B meyer and he tells us story that he was on a cruise boat. They didn't have airplanes back when he was administering he's travelling across the ocean. And he was traveling 2nd class. But he was a pretty well known pastor at the time, and someone said passer meyer, the people in 1st class will like to know if you'd come up and you to share a little message with them. He said I'd be happy to. So he went up in the 1st class and there's one man to sort of smirking as he preached. And he, he shared this message and talk about the power prayer and, and someone asked their friend who had been laughing this and didn't. You enjoy pastor myers, talk on prayer. So now I'm and I'm and ignacio current. Atheist, i didn't believe a word of it. Well, the others were very moved by it. And then the word came and this is the people in 3rd class want to know if you can come down and talk to them. He said I'd be happy to. And so he was on his way down to the 3rd class to talk to them. And some of the 1st class passengers said we want to hear it and they went down to the 3rd class. And the atheist started going down. And they said, you're going to go here. My thought, you said he didn't believe a word of it. He said, listen to see what the Bachelor has to say. Will this man, I guess, was quite a character and he had a couple of oranges in his pocket. As he was on his way down, he saw a lady was lean on the deck before they went down the stairs. There is an old lady who is laying on one of these deck chairs. She was sound asleep, her hands down by her side. And he carefully took an orange and he put it in each one of her hands. He thought it would be interesting, frank, harmless. She goes down to the 3rd class. Admire preaches another message. It talks about prayer and the gods are living god and God answers prayer. And this time the holy spirit is working on him, but he's resisting the power of the spirit. He goes back upstairs and he remembered the woman he saw her up on the deck and she is smiling and he can a ring. She said, grandma, why I'm so happy. She said my father gave me this amazing answer. Prayers said, well, surely your father is not still alive. She said no, my heavenly father. She says i've been up on deck because I've been sick for 2 days. And I've not been able to eat anything. And I thought, oh lord, if I could only have an orange and I was praying, lord, if I could just have an orange, but they said they had no honors on board. I woke up and I had to oranges And the man said, madam, i've got to tell you I'm the one to put the oranges in your hands and I don't really believe in god. She's all praise the Lord. He can even use the devil to answer my prayer. Yeah. That man came around and ended up believing in the power of prayer. You know, when we get to heaven, i think one of the regrets of the redeem you're going to have is that we did not take advantage of the infinite resources that god wants to make available to you. He is so much more willing to answer our prayers and we are to pram. God wants us to pray and don't give up, continue to pray. One time his father could not. Disciples could not cast the devil out of his son. And the disciples said, jesus, they asked them later after christ cancel them up. I said, why could we not do it? He said, this kind does not come forth except by prayer and fasting. Do realize you cannot fast in 5 minutes. Why fast? 5 minutes every day. You're really fasting means a little time. So when jesus talks about fasting and prayer, he's talking about a while of train. God is calling his people to spend more time in prayer and we will get bigger answers. You're going to see more miracles, you'll see more people converted to the faith. God wants to baptize his church with the holy spirit. And I believe you'll learn a little more tonight that is going to come in answer to prayer. How many of you would like to join me and say, lord, teach us to pray. We want to learn to pray. Why don't we stand? I'd like to have a prayer for you before we sing our closing song. Loving lord. We want to begin by again asking you to forgive us like the disciples of this crucial time seems we go to sleep when we should be praying there on the mountain with moses and elijah, the disciples went to sleep in the garden with a jesus. They went to sleep, and here we are on the threshold of eternity in your churches, snoring lord, forgive us. Help us to wake up and hear that cry. The bridegroom is coming to start praying like we've never prayed to wrestle like jacob, not let go. I pray that you'll bless each of these people, lord and give them the gift of the holy spirit. And we ask you through your spirit, through your word, teach us to pray. Let the re revival in our lives in our families, help us to see answers to our prayers and just be present here in this camp meeting. We thank you and asking christ name hayman To listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M. I S T A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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