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03 Power for Witnessing

Doug Batchelor
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Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • June 26, 2021
    7:00 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. We've been sharing 3 presentations talking about the all. Notice I said 3 presentations. A hell of a whole him 3 presentations that are talking about the priorities in the christian life. 3 main disciplines to prosper and grow as a christian. And it is reading the bible. Prayer, sharing your faith. When I was a baby christian living up in the mountains, there was a very dedicated man, as we all called him brother harold. I don't even know what his last name was. He was a jewish convert, an older man. And he had gone to a dramatic conversion experience from being a devout jew to christianity. And he had a ministry working among the street people in the hippies of which I was one. But this man was probably one of the most dedicated christians i've ever met. I mean, he woke up like test 3 or 4 in the morning. He prayed for an hour, he'd read his bible in greek, hebrew, and latin. He then go to the hospital, any visit, all the rooms back then you didn't need to be the hospital chaplain. He would just go walk into the rooms and say like the coach of scripture and he from memory quote, the 23rd psalm record, something when ever heard of the bible as voice would quiver. I used to go to these early morning prayer meetings and please hold joshua house and brother harold would be there and I'd see him praying before the meeting and it is look up and pray and I saw his face with glow. I mean, the man was walking with god. Well that's just to introduce him to you a little bit and I'm walking down the hall me avenue in Palm springs one day and he comes up behind me in his 3 wheel bicycle. He wrote a little 3, will bicycle with a basket on the back and he saw me and recognized me. It's Doug, how you doing as well? Okay, so how are you in the Lord doing? You know, Okay. He said, how long can you hold your breath? I thought, where would that come from? But I was glad to answer because I could hold my breath for 4 minutes and 10 seconds because karen helped me under once and she time And no actually I used to, you know, I grew up with a swimming pool. We used to scuba dive and snorkel and I would freedom, so I was glad. Yes. He said you shouldn't go any longer than that without praying. Is that how often do you eat 2 or 3 times a day? So that's how often you need to read or meditate on god's work as what's going to happen you, if you do not exercise, i feel well you get weak and flabby. So that's what happened to your faith if you don't share said you've got a physical body that has very real nice. You have a spiritual body that has very real needs. If you do not take care of those practical means, there is going to be a cause and effect. We need to read our bibles need to praying. We need to share our faith, let our lifetime, but we cannot do it in our own strength. We need to do it in the power of the holy spirit. This is one of the few times you're going to notice in the bible and we heard a scripture reading from acts. I'm going to read what jesus says and lou 24. Jesus told the disciples, i want you to be witnesses, but notice what he says at the end of his ministry. And luke chapter 24 verse, 49. Behold, i send the promise, my father upon you, but carry what is carry me wait in the city of jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high. You cannot live the christian life without the christian power, and you cannot share the message without the power. Jesus said, unless you are born of the water and the spirit, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Now you could work with your past or if you've not been baptized and you could set a date on a calendar for your water baptism. It's a little different for the spirit baptism, but the spirit baptism is even more important than the water baptism. There will be people in heaven who may not be baptized in water like the thief on the cross, but you must be filled with the holy spirit jesus that unless john 5 sorry john to reverse why and less you are born of the water in the spirit you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. And I know a lot of pastors and evangelists, i'm one of them. We love to tell how many were baptized, and it always makes her a good report with the conference. But I almost never have any conference present and say how many were baptized in the holy spirit? Because they're only halfway there. So how do we received the baptism of the holy spirit? Now you may not be able to schedule the date or there are things you can do to bring about the gestation and the conception and the ultimate delivery of the holy spirit in your life. The bible tells us of the holy spirit came upon merry, and jesus was born within and we need that spiritual bird to happen within us. How was the holy spirit poured out in the book of acts, chapter rate, price don't go off, preach and teach, and you're going to receive the power of the holy spirit. He ascended to heaven after 40 days of meeting with them, but the holy spirit didn't come until 50 days pentecost. After that means they spent 10 days doing what they were in the upper room reading the bible and train you know what jesus did every time the jesus appeared to them before his resurrection, he opened to them the scriptures. Even the bible study. Then they went to the upper room, they prayed, and then the sound came from heaven as a mighty rushing when the place was shaken, where they were assembled and tongues of fire appeared upon them all. They were filled with the holy spirit, and they spoke with other tongues, as the spirit gave them utterance that happened after they had bathed themselves in the word and bathed themselves in prayer. And it's the next sequence. You know, the greatest revival in the bible happened in the way in the name of the times of jonah, jonah, that reluctant prophet, it says the word of the Lord came to joe in chapter one that he wasn't listening to the word in chapter 2. Jonah does a lot of praying all chapter 2 is a prayer of donor. Chapter 3. The holy spirit comes upon him. Joanie you might say, was born again. You get that. If you've been in the belly of a fish for 3 days and 3 nights you come out, that's like a resurrection. Jonah was born again and after he was born again, god said the word of the Lord came to jonah again the 2nd time. This is chapter 3 said arise and go to nineveh. He said, yes sir. And he went and the power of the spirit. And he preached. And the whole city was converted. You can find a place, I mean, you know, if you're going to have jonah for an evangelist or no, No, or reached 8, john reached the whole city. That's probably not a good comparison. But he was born again. It's a lot easier to let your neighbors know about jesus when you experience this new birth. So we're going to look at some vineyards in the bible of people who are successful in witnessing and what brought that about. Because we need that baptism of the spirit and you see me and if you look with me in the 2nd book of kings, now time will not permit for me to read all of the story, but I'll, I'll bring you up to speed 2nd kings i want you to go to chapter 7. And 2nd kings chapter 6 is a battle between the nation of israel and the syrians and the syrian surround the Capital of samaria. In the besieged the city and the besieged the city for so long. It may have left a couple of years so that there are starving to death in the city. In fact is very troubling passage in there about the people turning to cannibalism because they are so hungry, says they're selling donkey heads, her 80 shekels. A silver and a pint of dug droppings or seed pods are not sure what that word was. But either way, you don't want to eat it And if conditions in the city were horrific, sometimes these bible sieges would last a long time. You can read in the bible where it says nebuchadnezzar besieged jerusalem for 2 years. People couldn't go out or get in. And it was a good thing that has a kind of raw water into the city. They wouldn't have nearly last that long, but they used to starve them to surrender. They would starve them so they couldn't fight. They don't ultimately surrender. By the way, the devil still does that man doesn't live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of god and the devil doesn't want us to eat the bread of life and he wants to starve us into surrender. That's why I keep saying we've got to read our bibles. This is how you fight temptation. And after you get a picture of how bad things are in the city, then you go to chapter 7 and you read and verse 3. Now there were 4 leprous men at the entrance of the gate. You know, they used to have leper colonies outside the city. And some of these leper colonies, you know, they may have had 5100 people in them. But these lepers are in a really dire straight. You've heard the expression of being caught between a rock and a hard place. It's bad for the people in the city was bad for the lepers, because the lepers cannot leave. The assyrian army has surrounded some area. And they can't get past the syrian army, they can't get in the city because they're unclean. They're lepers, and they're in no man's land land where everyone's firing arrows back and forth from each other. There's no food and they're starving. They've all died off and it says there's 4 left. By the way, I think it's josephus, it says one of them was get his i, who had been struck with leprosy in chapter 5. Keep that in mind. Finally, they say to one another, why do we stay here till we die? If we say we're going to enter the city, well, the famines in the city either starving there. If we stay here, we're going to die. Our only option that offers any hope all is let us surrender to the syrians. If they keep us alive, will live if they kill us will but die or die in any way. And they take a vote and they say that's our only option. So with great trepidation they get up and they start to tiptoe towards the camp of the syrians. That is completely surrounded. And you know, there maybe hundreds of thousands of soldiers surrounded the Capital scenario. And as they get closer, they're a little surprised because they don't see any soldiers. They see the tense, they see donkeys in camels, they see camp fires were smoke with b. Now they see something on the barbecue, but they don't see any bunny. The Capital is a little dishevelled and you read on you get the whole story. It says they came to the camp of the syrians and there's no man there for the Lord. Had caused the syrian army to hear the noise of chariots and the noise of an army. And they thought his great armies approaching and they panic. They weren't expecting great resistance. Now they are expecting to surrender, but they thought, no, the king of israel is hired again. For the kings of the hittites, so the egyptians to attack us and in one of them began to drop everything and run the others began to drop this. What is it? There's an army coming, and they fled in a panic and it says they rose and they love to camp as it was, horses, camels, everything, all tied off their tents full of treasure. Because you know, when you went on a 2 year siege, you took your bank account with you and you, you took your possessions. So the lepers went crawling into one of the tents and a ravenous, they found true and water. Nicole, they're wearing rags. I mean, these poor guys are poor, wretched, miserable, blind and naked. And they find clothes, silver goal, the what they can they fill their arms, i think, and who knows where they are. Maybe this is a trapper. They're out of committee meeting somewhere and they carry what they can carry on their spindle legs back to the city walls and they dig a hole and they buried. And then one of them says, you know, we don't know how long the seat is going to last. Maybe we ought to go back for another load, see if they're back yet. So they go, tiptoeing back, there still got no flight of any soldiers. They go into another 10, they get some more provisions, they load up and they carry it back and they probably ate so much. They look like a boa constrictor that it's wall to pig and they carry it back and then they say, what do you guys think? Another load and they go and get another load carried back. And while this is happening, when they get to the wall and they start to dig a hole to bury the treasure over the wall, they hear the people crying and moaning from starvation. And one of the interesting to find out if it was his i who, by the way, got leprosy because agreed, He said one of the best vs in the old testament, if you underline in your bible underline 2nd kings chapter 7, verse 9, He said, we are not doing what is right. This is a day of good news. If we remain silent until the morning, some punishment will come upon us. Now therefore, come that we may go and tell the king's household. This is a day of good news, and we hold our peace. If we terry, till the morning light, some mischief will come upon us. Now therefore, let us come that we may go and tell the king's household. They had found an abundance of food, and everybody in the city is starving to death. They've got the, the vaccine. That's maybe not a good analogy. Sorry these days I don't know that I didn't mean that way. I used to sure share the sermon that wasn't an issue as they got the vaccine for sin. It's like, you know, the gospel is the vaccination for sin. They've got the antidote, and they're keeping it to them. So they said come that we may go and tell the king's household, they're all doing and we've got the cure And we don't share, you know, if you really believe that those who have jesus have everlasting life and those who don't have jesus do not. And if you don't share that means you either don't believe it or you don't care. Is that right? helped me with my logic. If we really believe that those who have christ will live forever and glorified bodies in paradise. And if they don't have christ, they're going to make a fire And we don't ever tell anybody we're maybe more afraid for ourselves and we are for them. You wonder do we believe it or do we care those your alternatives? christians need to share their faith, but you must have the holy spirit to do it. These folks came to their senses. They said, this is a day of good news, and we hold it if we carry it till the morning light, some mischief will come upon us. We will not move. We've got good news and we're not sharing it. If we don't share it from mischief will come upon us. I'll tell you. I've been a lot of churches that are going through a lot of mischief. And it's almost always because they're not doing evangelism. I've seen so many churches that are all embroiled and all kinds of internal squabbles matter of fact, I off until pastor ross, i want mine pastoring it all, it wasn't for people Because whenever you get people you have problems. But some churches get so missed directed with the internal problems, they forget what their mission is and then we show up and because they've scheduled evangelism, we get them involved in focusing on christ and sharing the gospel. And it seems like so many of the problems evaporates when they get involved in sharing the good news. You want to get rid of darkness. You introduce light. If we terribly, till the morning light, some mischief will come upon us. There is a sign in front of a baptist Church and has said repent now and avoid the rush. We can't wait until the morning like before we start sharing the good news. Now while the doors of mercy are open, now we've got opportunities for sharing the gospel. Unlike anything, I don't know that we're always going to have the freedom we have right now. To use the Internet. Seems like more and more things are getting cancelled. There are some countries, amazing facts cannot broadcast certain messages because they would be called a heat speech. Just pre, if you just read in the bible, some places would classify that as heat speech. And I don't think it's going to get better. I hope there'd be a big revival in turn that around, but we know how the story ends. This is a day of good news. If we hold our pink, some mischief will come upon us. You've read the parable of the Richmond and lazarus. A terrible really has nothing to do with the state of the dead and that's what people use it for that parable as jesus talking to the jewish nation. And he said there was a rich man clothed in purple. This is Luke chapter 16 verse 19. Clothed and purple and he fared sumptuously every day and there was a certain poor beggar name lazarus laid his gate full of stores desiring to be fed with the crumbs that fall from the rich man's table. And the rich men died and he went to hades. But lazarus died and he carried abraham's bosom and the rich man in torment he looks and he sees lazarus and abraham's bosom. And he says, father abraham sin lazarus, that he might dip his one year in water and cool my tongue from tormented in this flame. And abraham says, I'm sorry my son. He said there's a great gulf fixed between us to realize that once his lives over there is a gulf fixed like it says in revelation $22.00 is a day coming, weather just will be just at the unholy will be unholy. And there's no change in teams anymore. It is forever eternally fixed. It says it's too late. In his all will perhaps you can send it back to my father's house. I've got 5 brothers. You could warn them against this place of torment. And abraham says they have moses and the prophets let them hear that he's talking to jewish nations all nay. Father abraham. If someone went to them from the dead, then they would believe. Now here's the moral of the whole parable. Abraham says if they believe not moses from the prophets, the neither will they be persuaded. The one should rise from the dead. It's interesting, not only did jesus rose from the dead, but he rose someone from the dead by the name of lazarus. And they still did not believe the matter of fact and wanted to kill lazarus because he was like living testimony of jesus power. What said parable telling us the rich man, the jewish nation in the church, Especially the 7th day adventist church. How's the truth? The jewish nation had the scriptures, they had loaves and loaves of bread, they were feasting on the word and the gentiles around them were lean at the gate desire. Indeed the crumbs that fell from their table. But there is your dogs, your gentiles, you unclean. But jesus wanted them to be a light to the gentiles. He gave them the truth so that they would share it. He wanted them to be a nation of kings and priests for the gentiles. What they do affordable walls around was often kind of lived in their own little community. And they forgot that the mission was to get the light out there to get the bread out there to save the hungry. That's what often happens. We're free to get out of our comfort zone and share the gospel with a loss. That's what that parable is about. If we, terry, till the morning light, we might find out, you know, that's an amazing, it's interesting, jesus uses the word abraham's bosom for salvation. That's obviously a metaphor for the jews of the same. And then he uses haiti's where the rich man goes. What christ did there is he is an in crash and incredible paradox. He has the gentile going to the jewish place of reward, and he has the due going to the gentile police, the punishment. See what he's doing. Jesus, they all understood what he was talking about. It was apparent that same people die and go right to heaven or hell when they die. These warning us about not ceasing while people at our gate desiring the crumbs that fall from our table. He gives us a message. You know, the best way for you to keep the gospel is to give it away. If you keep try to keep the gospel for yourself, you lose it. If you want to strengthen a muscle, you've got to use it. If you want to strengthen your faith, you need to share it. You want july to get brighter. Give it away. Pass it on. Did reason I know anything I know about the bible is because I got involved in sharing it with others and it fortifies it in my own mind. The biggest blessing for me is to be involved in sharing christ with others. It's a blessing for me. And I'm just, I worry sometimes because I grew up outside in the world. And when I got into the adventist church, quite honestly. And I'm sure it's true with any church, not just ours, but I was, I was bewildered that people were not more excited about what I just learned. And you all know there's sometimes people come into the church and they are just there on fire. They go, how, where do you guys been? I've learn more about the bible in 6 weeks at the savannah, loosely program that I learned in my whole life and my church. I never heard of you folks before, where have you been? And they said, we got to tell the world, people need to hear those folks come down, we'll settle down We hope they don't, but yeah, we don't want them to lose their 1st love. This is a day of good news. We hold our peace, if we terry, till the morning light, some mischief will come upon us. Come now that we may go, I like the way that's where to come that we may go. How does that play out? Jesus says, and the great invitation come unto me and then he says in the great commission, go and tell the world 1st you come to jesus and then you go for jesus. We come that we may go and tell the king's household, and they did. And the people went storming out of the gates of the city the next day. And there was such an abundance of food that there was a, a great deflation. In the prices We all know the story of isaiah's conversion. Isaiah chapter 6, I'll read it to you real quick, doesn't take long. As a chapter 6 and I'll just read through one through 9 and a half in the year the king as iodide. I saw the Lord sitting on a throne high and lifted up. And the train of his robe filled the temple above, said sarah from each one had 6 wings. With 2 he covered his face with 2, he covered his feet and with 2 he flew. And one cried to another and said, holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts. The whole earth is full of his glory, and the posts of the door were shaken by the voice of him who cried out and the house was filled with smoke. Isaiah's seizes the vision of god on his throne in his glory. So I said, whoa, is me. I think and hebrew that translates, he's a, is me or I really will use me as americans. Whoa. Is me my grandmother just always there or you vague as to where it comes from? wo as me for I am undone because I am a man of unclean lipson. I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips. For my eyes been seen, the king says in the year the king is right, I saw the Lord And then it says that he, after re penson confesses of his sin, one of the sarah from flies to him having in his hand alive cold that he had taken with tongues from the altar and he touched his mouth with it and he said, behold, this is touched your lips, your iniquity is taken away, your sinners. Purged. He receives the cleansing and this feeling. And then I heard the voice of the Lord, now he can hear, here's the word of god saying, whom shall i send and who will go for us. He says here am I send me and he said go tell this people. So what brought about isaiah's conversion, where he's willing, now to go and tell others he sees the Lord and he sees the Lord in the year that his king died. Let's talk about seeing the Lord on the cross. What was it that so mobilize the apostles were in one generation without the Internet, without radio, without television, without a printing press. Somehow they took the gospel to the then known world in just about 25 years. How could they do that? You know, there is no substitute for passion. There is no substitute for prayer. If we are in love with all they saw jesus hanging on their cross, they saw him dying on their cross for their sin. They saw the king lifted up. In his holiness they saw him ascend to heaven. They knew he was alive at the right hand of the father. They had strong faith and you could not, you know, before that conversion experienced people made fun of peter and said, you're one of his followers. I don't know who he is. Never saw me before. But after the cross, they told peter do not preach any more in the name is whether it's right in the sight of god who will be more than god. You judged, but we cannot be quite because they saw christ lifted up jesus, that if I am lifted up, I will draw men under me. So one of the things that will empower us for witnessing is having that borne against perience had just seen god's love for you. Seen what he's suffered. You know, there are 2 bodies of water in the land of israel that are prominent. It's interesting, in most parts of the world, you've got many rivers running to one ocean. But in the promised land you've got one river that is feeding 2 oceans. You've got the jordan river that runs into the north of the sea of galilee. And then it runs out of the bottom of the sea of galilee and then it feeds the dead sea as he had to seize, being fed by one river. Nothing else like that in the world at interesting that the dead sea is the lowest place on the planet where the jordan river runs into the dead sea is the lowest place on the planet. Now the fascinating thing is they got the same river running into both please, but the seas are opposite. The sea of galilee is full of life. They still fish it today. You think after all these years would be no fish left. But we were there a couple of years ago, there's still fish in it and still feeding people from the fish in the sea. The dead sea does not have a mosquito larvae oral poly wall. It has nothing in it. We went swimming with a passer ross and ruth and karen i were in israel took a little group with us. You all want to go one of these days And we were swimming out there and you can't float because it's so much you can't sink, rather because it's so much salt that you just, bob either had turn over my 1000000000 when my legs kept pumping out. The one I couldn't kick my feet And you look, you're out there, you're talking to somebody you think they're standing up. They're not standing on anything that is floating is really something. But because of the salt content, because it evaporates faster and because nothing runs out of the bottom, it's dead. Nothing can live there. It's just full of the salton chemicals. The difference between those 2 rivers, both rivers take but only both oceans take from the jordan river, but only one gifts. Not only does the sea of gallium receive, but then it's a conduit, it flows in and then it flows out. The dead sea only takes if you have been in the church for years and you only come to see what you're going to get. I hope you get something out of your church, but if you're only thinking about what you're going to get, you will die. We need to learn how to be channels of blessing to the world as christians and that's what keeps you alive and keeps you fresh be involved in doing whatever you can do, whatever your gifts are. And I know that may change at different seasons in life. Get involved in a prayer ministry, but everybody can do something to use their gifts in sharing the gospel after isaiah sees the Lord and that's really the conversion process for him. He sees the Lord what brought about paul's conversion process on his way to damascus. He saw jesus and had changed his life. He never forgot that the thief on the cross who his converter. What brought about his conversion process, he saw christ lifted up on the cross the kiss. What brought about his conversion process? He climbed a tree and he saw jesus that says he wanted to see jesus. Did he see him? By the way, the best way to see jesus is when you climb a tree. He was crucified with christ. Christ died on a tree from the cross that thief saw jesus and had changed his life. Isaiah saw the Lord in the year that his king died, the metaphor for seen god in the context of the cross. And after the see that it brings round this radical conversion experience. Now, once that happens, after isaiah sees the Lord heathen by contrast, sees himself. And he says, woe is me. I am undone, he repents, he confesses. How long does god make him wait after he repents and confesses immediately god since cleansing. When jesus shows himself to the kiss, how long is it before the key is repents and confesses. As soon as christ says, I see you, I want to eat at your house. Today's the key is comes down to the Lord. If I've taken anything from anyone by false accusation, i pay back for full half my gives the goods i give to the poor. He repents and confesses right after he sees jesus, and then jesus says salvation is come to this house. How long did he after? Wait? How long did I say away? As soon as he repented, he confess. What about paul ballston? 3 days praying. But as soon as paul, humbled himself, god forgave him. What about the thief on the cross? He turned to jesus and lord, remember me, he publicly repent. He says, my friend and I were getting what we deserved. But this man has done nothing amiss. He confesses christ says, lord, remember me when you come in your kingdom and immediately in spite of all of his suffering jesus, the devil could nail his hands to the cross, but they could not keep the savior from saving and jesus the brightest moment he had on the cross was when someone asked to be saved because that's why he came into the world. How long did that the fact away? You know, the good news in this story is that anybody here salvation is a prayer away. If we repent of our sins, and we confess that we are sinners to God, that he, we see jesus dying for us, that he will accept us. He will forgive us. That are so fill your hearts with a love. That is good news that you go from death to life. You go from being sick to being well from being lost to being found. And then after, after isaiah prays, says then I heard the voice of the Lord. The holy spirit is now speaking to him and guiding him. God can speak to you in a new way. You notice that when jesus was baptized with the symbol of what we expect, he wasn't baptized for a sand. He's a baptized as an example for us. Christ comes out of the waters. The heavens are open. For us, the heavens are open. The holy spirit descends like a dove. And they heard a voice saying, this is my beloved son. You hear god speak you in a new way. When you have been, when you surrender your life to the Lord, you belong to the Lord. He'll begin speaking to you in a new way. You know, I love the story that you find in the gospel of luke. You go to luke chapter 24. Last chapter and tells about these disciples. Course it's the day of the crucifixion. They just saw jesus ny form than the hear rumors at his body's disappeared and that sunday afternoon, there's so discouraged, they don't know what to believe. And they're walking down the road 7 miles from jerusalem to a mass and stranger joins them in the fork of a road, just walks alongside him. It wasn't uncommon for people to walk together for safety as they went down some of those roads you heard about this good samaritan? What happened to him travelling alone and talking about all that happened and jesus said, what manner of communication is this your having one with another as you walk on the road and you are sad gospels. Good news, man. He said, are you just a stranger andrews? Well, what a thing to say to jesus, haven't you heard about what's happened recently? christ sorta humors and he says, what things? Oh, concerning jesus of nazareth, a troth mighty and word indeed before god and all the people and how our rulers condemned him. And he was crucified now as bodies disappeared and this is the 3rd day since these things happened. If you would think that they would the 3rd day and what to remember. Yeah, jesus said about 20 times after 3 days. All right. In fact, he said that so often that his enemies remembered it. They went to pilot and said, didn't this deceiver say he's going to rise after 33 days? You better guard the tomb. And then jesus says to them all fools and flow of hard to believe all the profits of spoken ought not the christ to have suffered these things and entered into his glory and beginning it moses and all the prophets. He expounded under them. And all the scriptures, the things concerning in jesus gives them a bible study. Unlike any bible study, i have often thought, boy, when I get to have an, i'd love to get a, a CD or cassette tape or attract depends on what they have up there. And I, I'd love to hear jesus sermon translated, of course, into english. I'd love to hear jesus sermon to find out what did he study with him on that hour and 40 minutes. Walk in 7 miles from jerusalem down to a mass. Whatever it was, the bible says their hearts were burning within them. And then they said they come to a fork in the road. Jesus makes like he's going to keep on going. This is getting late. Look some going down. He didn't want to, they didn't want that bible study to end. You ever have one of the sermons you didn't want to in? I hope this is one right now. And they said no, no, no, no. You come to our house. You know, we on that point karen had travel around the world. We just, we've been a lot of wonderful places and I tell you when, when they bring us to places like india and they take you from place to place. And they said we've got one more group. Could you meet with there waiting for you? And I say it's 9 o'clock at night or so. No, no problem, no problem, no problem. And then they tell you, they don't tell you it's a 2 hour drive to this place. And you get halfway there and you go there, it's 10 o'clock. They're not going to be, don't know, that will be there. And you get there. There's like 900 people still waiting Because they're so hungry for the work that happened to us in fiji. We drove and got in is like 10 o'clock at night, this of this group waiting to hear. They want to hear the word of god. And we go on another vac, karen and the other teams that we're going to the hotel and there's a, me and wayne and it were, they weren't so tired and Sure enough you get there and these people are out there. Do want to hear the word of god that way. Me right up. I don't know how our camera man felt, but I feel pretty good. And he said don't leave us. And they constrained him and he said okay, he came in to abide with them and then they said, maybe you can have the prayer for the bread and jesus then how to know if he had maybe had a hood on him. Maybe they hadn't seen his hand for some reason. They didn't know who he was. I believe the bible says their eyes were close so that they shouldn't know him because if they had seen him, they would have been so excited they would've heard him. But he wanted them to hear the word, to understand the scriptures that was more important to them than seen him. And after they asked him, would you like to have the prayer? He goes like this, the holds out his nail scarred hands and he says a jewish prayers, the only jewish per i knows one for the bread are hot or annoy. Hello, he knew mel, hold on multi let him in order. And he says that prayer and he go she yes and poof, he disappears. I wish I had kind of a gary trip. I think he looked at them and he smiled. And then they said to one another, ah, did not our hearts burn within us when we walked on the road and he opened to us the scriptures. Now these guys have just walked 7 miles from jerusalem to amiss. And the sun is now down. Isn't that what it says they said abide with us for it's sundown where we get the song. Now they are so excited. They've had this new birth. They know jesus is alive. They've had this bible study. They cannot even wait till the next day. They arose the same hour and they go 7 miles. That's 40 miles round trip. They go 7 miles up hill in the dark, but they're happier now going up hill in the dark. Then they were going down hill in the daytime because going downhill in the daytime. They didn't know. Jesus was alive now. They know jesus was alive, they're ready to go up hill in the dark. Why to tell their friends that are san they don't know the good news that he's alive. And while they're up in the upper room telling their friends he was known to us in the breaking of bread. You think that's an excellent journal life is knowing jesus, you'll say to the last, I don't know you he's know, you must know him. How do you get to know? He was known to them in the breaking of bread. He revealed himself in the breaking of bread. They saw him there. There's a tiffany. I think the spirit of god came upon them and they were so excited and energized. They had to go and tell, i tell your friends that god's church would go to revival and really have an encounter with god like that. You couldn't keep the members from doing evangelism. We will not need more methods and programs and machines and money. If we would all go through a real conversion experience and if we were all born again, you could not keep the members from sharing their face. We need is that new birth experience. The bible tells us that when people meet jesus, they've got to tell someone else you read about philip when he found nathaniel, after they heard john the baptist say this is the son of god. This is the lamb of god that takes away the sins of the world. They heard that they were so excited. Peter andrew found out you read in 1st john 43 through 46. The following day jesus wanted to go to galilee. He found philip and he said, follow me. Now philip was from besedia, the city of andrew and peter philip then found nathaniel said, we have found him of whom moses from the law and the prophets wrote as soon as he had heard from peter an engine and John, we found the messiah. First of the natural reaction, as you've gotta tell somebody else, when you discover when you encounter jesus, it's the most natural thing in the world. You've got to tell someone else I remember when a evangelists were make all the recalls and they have people come forward. This they need to repent of your sins and you don't always hear that. Now they said, come say this prayer, and often it's me very watered down that I liked to say you need to pray, pretended your sins, confess your sins to God. And then after you thank the Lord for hearing your prayer for giving your sands go tell someone else we leave that part out. One of the best things you can do to seal your faith is when someone comes to jesus, get them involved and sharing with someone else. I remember years ago I didn't evangelist meeting in middle, oh thing in Texas. It's just outside of keen, not effect someone found a videotape of me preaching back then. In the eighty's. I show it to our africa students sign up for afco and I'll show you. I had a full head of hair max in. Someone sent that to me, who is that? And I was doing a revelation seminar, but I still remember that meeting because we did this meeting in this couple. Got baptize and they were from a Spanish family and they were so excited. Each of them had a live in brothers and sisters. They started to study with a brothers and sisters, and they started to come like the last night. There's a passer. This is good. You got to do another one, and I did another one a mediately. I had one right after the other because there's so many people that were telling their friends didn't know how it all happened. Evangelism should be generating more of angel. This thing ought to go like, what did they say viral? That's not a good analogy, is it? I can't use any of my old illustrations anymore. But you know, you want to just, yeah, it's supposed to grow exponentially. Everybody telling everybody? I love the story and John for 23 jesus meets the woman at the well. He sends the disciples with they don't want jesus to risk contamination from a samaritan. So they leave him by jacob's well they look, we've got a, we're in some area and we've got to buy from these people, but we don't want you to be contaminated. They call them the dogs matter fact if you wanted to curse someone out back in christ a, you'd say that you are a, a dog, your demon. Possessed in euro, euro, euro, some merit. Just want you to understand that. So they leave trying to spare jesus from contamination. So they go get lunch. And while jesus is there, a samaritan woman comes to get water. The asks are for a drink. And in that dialogue, i'm sure you've read it many times, you only find it here in John chapter 4. She starting to argue about where to worship. And he says, woman, the hours coming and now is when the true worshipers will worship the father in spirit. And in truth, for the father is seeking such to worship him, god is spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit. Notice the emphasis, spirit, spirit. We must worship him in the holy spirit and truth. Where is the church i word is church. Jesus said, And the woman said to him, she hears something in his voice or something about him. And her mind stares and she thinks this is a holy man. And she said, I know that messiah is coming. Who is called christ. When he comes, he will tell us all things he's right about that jesus said something to her that he didn't say to anyone else. He said, I who speak to you, am he? And I like the gospel of john because you find more I ams in John you know, moses said, who will I say has sent me and he said I am that I am. And jesus lets us know who is in the gospel and John, because he says, I am the bread of life. I am the living water. I am the good shepherd. I am the door. I am the truth. I am the way I am life. And he says to this woman, i who speak to an he her mouth falls open, he had revealed herself to him, she has his encounter with christ. What's the next thing that happens? She says look, we can talk any more. Course he noticed that he, he had to put his finger on a particular sin in her life. Said go call your husband. Oh, strange, you should mention that I don't have a husband. He said, that's actually correct. You've had 5 husbands and the character you're living with now you're not married to. Jesus wasn't wanting to condemn her, but she needed a little conviction, didn't she? But she saw the love and mercy this faith that he was willing to reveal who he was to her. So I think she went home at 1st thing she did, she kick that character out. And then she had to go tell everybody else in the town. At this point it says the disciples so well, and they marvel that he's plucking with a woman a marriage and no less. And no one said what, what do you seek? What are you talking to her for? The woman left her water pot and she went her way into the city. You know, I think when those 2 disciples in a me as when jesus said that he was the sire and he blessed the bread. I don't think they sat down and eat, they probably threw the bread in a napkin and ate as they ran uphill. She dropped her water pot. Didn't even think about that water because jesus was offering her living water, him and she left her water pot and she went into the city and she said to the men, come and see. This is what philip said to nathaniel, come and see a man who told me all things that ever i did. Could this be the christ? She's not going to debate with him, but she said I met a man. I've had an encounter with jesus and they went out of the city and they came to him. First thing she does when she finds crisis, she has to go tell other people about jesus. You see friends, i'm not covered all the stories in the bible. Everywhere you look, you see this pattern when people really have an encounter with christ and it's always in the context of the word. He shares the word with him and then the holy spirit comes upon them and they pray. And then the next natural thing is the gospel goes like wildfire, she tells him and eventually the hotel comes out. This woman like jonah becomes someone who god uses to bring a great revival. Would god that we could have that experience in our churches that we would all have a personal experience. I forget to think it was each and this was it was each him as richard senior that said the gospel is not going to take off until all the pastors are in jail. Said when all the pastors are in jail, the members realize, you know, we just need to read the word and we need to do this ourselves. Few years ago I had a very incredible experience. You know, public evangelism is not allowed in China. But there was a brief window in 2014 where just the right people were at the right place at the right time. And they said maybe we will open up the country and we'll try some public evangelism and they invited amazing facts to go to china. And we went to the city of lucy, which is just outside are saying, I biggest city in the world by the way, shanghai and they let me do a full scale public of angeles. The program, 14 nights the place was packed, they were sitting outside the building, listening through the Windows and these are not administered. They're coming from what they call the 3 self and sort of a co mingling protestant church. And I said to the passers, i said now it's okay for me to like, preach the sabbaths and yes, state of the den. Yes, I said these are all sunday keepers here. Right? Yes. Mark of the beast. Yes. This communist don't care about the ology does, don't say anything about the state And I was able to preach and they recorded it and they pass the tape town. And you know what, the people who the church there is exploding because the more the government cracks down in the arrest the pastors and they destroy the churches, it goes into the homes of the people. And the people have, they understand what persecution is and the gospel is just, it's picking up and it's spreading on the underground. And they are praying. And they are getting incredible answers to prayer because they're having an encounter with jesus and his word, they're memorizing whole books of the bible because they don't have very many bibles memorizing a whole book. Or both is one pastor and they brought him to preach and he'd never preach before. And they said, well, what can you share it? And we'll have memorize the book of matthew. She said, let me read it. He quoted the whole book of matthew to The good news. You won't be able to keep it yourself if we really discover the good news Back in the 18 fifty's. They had a gold strike in the black hills of South Dakota. And a couple of prospectors found a rich gold vein And they said, you know, we don't have enough equipment. Mine. As we have found the mother lode, we got to go back to town and get some equipment. And each agreed to said do not utter a peep. Everybody was kind of home in the hills back and looking for gold. They found a little bit. So they went back to town and they bought their supplies. And as they were going out of town, they saw scores of people that were following them from a distance and they turned down one trail. They'd follow me on the trail. Finally, they stopped my river and all the people caught up and ran into each other and they said, where are you guys going? This is where are you going? So we're not telling you, why are you following us? Is it you found goal? And he whispered to his party, did you say anything? Is it I'd say a word? What makes you think that? I said it's all over your face. You can hide it. And when we really find jesus, you won't be able to hide it. You won't be able to keep it yourself, friends, you and I have the serum, you and I have the answer to the questions of the world. In the gospel, the world is starving for the bread of life. And you and I have a tremendous treasure of this. Jesus wants us to know that he is a living god. He his promise. He said, wait a truce on till I send the holy spirit. Did he send the holy spirit? Can you show me in the bible regard has withdrawn his promise. Now he is not today as a day of good news. Now therefore, let us come to jesus that we may go and tell the king's household. What do you say? Can I pray with you before we close? What stand together and ask your father in heaven lord, it is our prayer that we could experience the baptism of the holy spirit. Lord, we know that it is absolutely crucial that we are born not only of water, but of the spirit. Send your spirit once again. Lord and pentecostal power on your people, help us to all have this personal encounter with jesus. As the 2 disciples on the road to me as the woman at the well help us to see you like paul and like isaiah help us have a vision of our savior lifted up. That will transform us, florida and as a result fill our hearts with a burning desire to share the good news. Please, lord bless each member. Bless the church, the pastors, the leaders, and I pray that we can experience the faith that was once delivered to the saints. Lord, we know you're coming soon and time is short. And so please do this quickly. We thank you and we ask in jesus name, am mad to listen to more of these presentations. You may visit the audio archives at M. 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