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02 Toleration, Liberty, and Personal Freedom

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • June 24, 2021
    3:30 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen to Our father in heaven. I'm asking you to bless our, our here most laid by giving me wisdom to know what to say and what not to say. Also by speak into the minds of those here. Teach them what you Well even if it differs from what I say. Strengthen the influence of whatever I teach that is useful and weak and the influence of whatever misrepresent you are your cause. I asked for these gifts in the name of jesus a man I was sitting there in malaysia and room that was similar shape to the US, but that was the only similarity. It didn't have any walls, just had corner post and a roof, a lot of buildings and age are made like that because that's the nicest way to get air conditioning there. And so I was sitting there and there was a man in front speaking like I'm speaking to you, but you're paying more attention to me than, than I paid to him. Because behind him was a troop of monkeys. And what I saw there, and that situation is that there was a very steep mountain 123456. So there's a seat for all of you. And then one more seat left after that. And that's it. And you won't be sitting together. I'll tell you that we got 1234. Yeah, yeah, there's some around yeah, I'll be doing it as necessary. So for, so there's plenty of room. Now, don't forget, you're in the midst of a story. So there's a, there's a mountain right here. It's very steep, and most of the trees on this mountain are about 20 years old because someone came to malaysia and just log to the place of all the great, huge jungle trees there would have been so gorgeous to see trees. You know, you can hardly imagine the size of those kind of trees, but they're not there anymore. So you won't see them. But in the base of that valley are huge, granite boulders, and those boulders were difficult for the machinery of the loggers to get around. So trees that were growing out of the boulders weren't cut. Now as a consequence, the biggest trees in this area grow out of these boulders Because I have a 60 year or 100 year head Start and all the other trees that make sense to be what I'm saying. So the type of monkeys that are in this forest are least eating monkeys. And this particular group of them learned that they could climb here. And they couldn't manage to jump to this. And they were really enjoying themselves in that tree. It had so many juicy little baby leaves just what they love to eat. And, you know, monkeys copy each other the 1st one to do it all the rest for doing it. They all made it to the tree happily. But on this tree, i mean, I drew trees the way that people don't want to draw do. But if you had drawn the tree correctly, there would have been other lands and, and there was one lay i'm right here that's relevant to the story. One monkey that was here, notice that no one was eating the leaves on this limb. So he jumped down as about 10 or 11 feet and began eating. And he enjoyed himself. But when I saw that I knew that he was in trouble. Because monkeys don't have the kind of closet squirrels do, they can't climb up a tree like this. They can't climb down the tree. Monkeys claim the way you do by grabbing branches and swinging and jumping, that that's how they do their thing. And there was no way from this branch that he could get back up to this one. And there was nothing to jump to. He had just put himself in a little trap. And he didn't even know it for about almost as long as the guy in front was talking and he was eating here peacefully. And when he was done, he went to the and look for a place to jump in. There wasn't the nice we went back to the trunk, couldn't find anywhere to go. And he just went back and forth for quite a while in denial of your been in denial. He just couldn't accept the fact that he was really in bad shape. But eventually he just thought he accepted it, it took maybe 1015 minutes. And when he did, he decided to do what you might try to do. He tried to put his arms around that big trunk and shoot me down. And he made it only about to hear before he fell. And I do your bibles with you hearing the seminar, look up products 22 verse 3. Proverbs 22 verse 3. I have a bible to, I should also turn to be a good example to you. If you don't have one, just listen. Proverbs 22 verse 3. It says, a prudent man, you like that word prudent, like in england, proved is become almost like a, almost an insult. But really it should be a badge that we would enjoy to have to be prudent. Says a prudent man foresees evil and hides himself. But the simple pass on and are what What I learned from this monkey is the value of foresight that it's valuable to be looking ahead and to see what's going to cause trouble. What, what's going to lead the wrong way? The monkey would have been better off before he went down to think about what comes next. You know, I mostly deal with young people and mostly you aren't young people. But mostly i deal with young people. And when I ask them, what are some things that people do where they don't show enough foresight, they come up with a group of answers, you might come up with a different group. Do you think of anything people do that doesn't show enough foresight marriage, right. The Why, why so much noise about that? Yeah, but it's for real that in marriage, many people seem to think that all that matters is warmth and fuzziness and chemistry. And I had a call from a lady in New York once she wanted me to talk to her husband. You see he was catholic and she was adventist and they had made ideal when they got happily married. He would attend mass and she would attend church and that worked out pretty well. But they had a baby. And as the baby got older, he went to both mass and church. But he was coming up to the age where it was time for him to make his 1st confession to a priest. And mom didn't want him to make a confession to a priest and dad did. So mom wanted me to talk to dad. And still I talked to mom, I told her that your husband has as much right to raise your son as you do. He has as much right to make a decision about your child as you do. And there is no way that I can tell him that he should violate his own conscience or do what he thinks is wrong. Just because of what you think is right. I didn't need to tell her, but it was definitely when I said that there was a mistake when she married the man and now and now it's now it's pe time and I and I don't know how that worked out, but I'm just telling you. Yeah, that's a good example, isn't it? And that foresight a sensible drugs and maybe even alcohol and tobacco and the whole bit, I hope you won't get angry me, but when I say this one but the out, let me try to say it is tac, please. I can by no, you're going to get angry. Please don't just be mature. Be mature in bangladesh for I was 2 weeks ago. The poor people told me that cova doesn't kill poor people, only kills rich people. Do you know why they said that? It's because the poor people are outside working on a low fat low cluster or die at the ARD, and they just, none of them have heart disease, obesity, or diabetes. They don't have enough money to have those diseases. I think here in America we don't show much foresight in our aging where we don't show some we don't show enough. And when we don't show enough foresight, the prudent for sees the evil and he hides himself, but the others pass on. And listen, it says in the verse are punished. Did you see that in the verse? Yeah, it's not punished by god. It's punished by their lack of foresight. That monkey wasn't punished by god. He was punished by a lack of foresight consequences if you will, is what punished him. So this is not highly related to religious liberty. It's just a bonus for you. Oh fell, and I drew the picture for you. But for I was setting my view ended right here. So I really can't say, but I do suppose you can hope it was instant traits. That's what you can hope. But when you don't have foresight, things aren't always painless. It's not always true that things are painted, that things are painless. I decided in malaysia to try to reach out to loosely people. And I was in an elevator when one of them, a lady named me dot very kindly, held the elevator for my wife and I, which we had luggage. So it was kind of awkward to get all in there. And she just very politely did that. And I decided, but I'm always looking for I hope you will look for this. I'm always looking for nobility. The way I think is that the spirit isn't waiting for us to get started and let people's lives. The spirit is already working in your neighbors, already working in, and the people that live around you, the spirits been working for a long time. But not every one is receptive, not even all of you are probably receptive and certainly in your churches, not everyone is receptive. So I'm always looking for those people who are receptive. And when I see someone who goes out of his or her way to show kindness or compassion or, or that kind of beautiful character, that someone I really want to connect with. So since she's a moves lun, it's a bit awkward since I'm a man and she's a woman. My wife was with me, so I had my wife get her her phone number and it worked. My wife did it. And so I got to meet our phone number and once you send her a text message, she doesn't know which one of us it is right. She doesn't know. And I really tried to interest hung me die in the gospel. I'll just tell you quickly. I failed. I don't mean I did something wrong. Maybe I did, but I think the fact that you fail to when someone is approved, you did something wrong. Jesus last, almost everyone in John chapter 6 and it was it because he did something wrong. Just the fact matter is not everyone is going to make hard decisions to go with the truth. And I, I last time you, she concluded the, all religions are the same. And it really doesn't matter whether you're a moslem or a christian, or a buddhist or hinder, you just need to live a good life. And that's more of a hindu doctrine than muslim doctrine, but that it was her moves one doctrine, that's what she concluded. It, it was easier for her because if she changes religion, she is going to have a world of trouble could die just a world of trouble cell before I stop talking to her. And even afterwards i've talked her once a year. So just to see if something changed, I went through her facebook list of friends. This might be called troll in, but it's part of my evangelist effort. And I was looking for someone else to make friends with. And I found a man named mohammed that was in charge of the International student club in a city, 40 miles from me there in malaysia. He was from yemen and I thought maybe because he made some comments look kind of noble minded. And the best thing is he knows english on a bit crippled in language. If they don't know english, i can't really talk to them. And so I wrote to mohammed, he was friendly, i sent him prophecy studies. And daniel too and daniel 7, he loved them. I sent him one in daniel 9, and then maybe by providence, i was invited to speak at the church in his city. So I wrote him and said, I'm coming to your area mohammed. I'm gonna be given a lecture at this address. Maybe you can meet me after the lecture about 1 o'clock. He said, can I come to the lecture? The I said sure. And he came to his very 1st church service. I'd been asked to, I've been asked to come there to actually speak about the anti trinitarian movement. But as soon as he showed up, I knew I couldn't speak about what I'd been asked to speak about. Because that is not a good 1st sermon for anyone to hear. Maybe not even a good 2nd or 3rd sermon. And so I just changed my sermon and the people who invited me to speak, they're just looking at me like, you know, they paid for me to come and, and there's no delivery, you know, and, but anyway, we need to prioritize people that have needs over people who have wants and eyes. So I gave a different sermon, and afterwards, during the meal, i began to review with him daniel to and daniel 7. And he could finish my sentences. He really knew maybe better than your children. No, he knew those prophecies. I had good hopes for mohamad. He came to my house, you my wife's food. He went camping with us, but I'll tell you, I lost him. It was the day that mohammed realize that if he really accepts the truth, he's gonna lose his scholarship. He's gonna lose his lot time in malaysia, he's gonna lose his family and maybe his life is going to go back to yemen, which was in war. And the price was very high. And I really don't know for you how many of you would accept the truth of the price was high. I think for us the price isn't so high. And so once let me finish a story that I'll get to your question. Once mohammed realized that he didn't cut me off, neither did he die, and I was still friends with him for a long time. But I could talk about anything but religion. He didn't want about religion anymore. I want talk about anything else. So there wasn't a lot of yeah, that, that was the end of our closeness anyway. That time. But before I had kinda dropped him, I went to his facebook list and I looked for someone else there. And I found a guy named new sob also from yemen. And I wrote to Miss sabi came out to visit my wife and I, he brought a friend abdulla. We began to chat and, and I'll just finish the story quickly. So I want to get to the lecture lou saab is a 7th day adventist. Do lie is a 7th day adventists. Diane, because of them is a 7th day adventist saw har because had done as a 7th day adventist saw her best friend because of them as a 7th day adventist. If I had given up on me die and said it doesn't work, I would have lost a lot If you began to reach out to refugees. I've heard them mentioned here a couple times to begin to reach out to people that have a very different view than you in your life. I am hoping that when you fail, you won't give up that you'll push. You need to do some push in. If you're going to get anywhere. And so I told you a story where I lost 2 times and then a great victory. But there are other stories where I lose 20 times and then a small victory. I think those are just as good. They're not just as tele will One of the big questions in islam is about religious liberty. That has to do with a very famous oh, let me get your question 1st. You had a question or comments? Yeah, that's a hard question. I think a lot of people say I love god and I love a lot. And when it comes right down to the big cost, what you find out is not well enough. There's a lot of people who, who will sing praises to God. But if they have to really change habits that are dear to them, they don't love him enough for that. So I think what the bible talks about as those who are lovers of pres, pleasure, and doesn't say instead of god, it says more than god. So that loving god isn't really sufficient. What relays required is that you love him most. And I'd say no, they didn't love him most. Not yet. Boy, if they're still, if there's no hope for them, there's no hope for a lot of people. What I've been doing with my cold contacts is about once a year, I write them again and some of them have become warm again. That might happen for me that's not likely to happen from ahamed. He blocked me. I can communicate with him any more. I was about a year after the end of our talking and I saw maybe someone else meet him. I don't know. I'll tell you there's enough lost people that we don't need to waste our time on those who say no. We can just keep hunting, keep looking, and if I tried this, like if I had in my mind, had an addiction to muhammad. So there I just try for 20 years to win him. I think it would be at the expense a little sob. You, anyone or some i'm saying about that a bit that there is a point to just let the 6000 go and spend your time on the 11 and you just can't go chasing after the people. What did jesus say that one time when they, when his brothers tried to stop him and his mother even, he said, who's my mother and whom I brother and so that hear the word of god and do it. Yeah, that's sensible. But let me carry on, because time really keeps carrying on. Ah, ah, me or ben john low. I have no idea how they'd say his name. I'll just call him amir. And I didn't leave out a letter. That's literally how his name is spelled on. Mir is a famous man from the history of medina in islamic thought. He was a pagan there, as islam was growing and his wife and his 2 sons both converted to islam. And he was still idolizing his idol, which was named mon it, the 3rd and quotations there. And his sons were trying to conspire how to convert their dad away from idolatry. Maybe some of you have conspired, how to, when your parents or family away from error. And the sons were thinking and they decided one day, I don't say it was a good idea, but it sounds a bit like gideon. They took mon it during the night and they went and threw him on the trash heap. Now I tell you in many parts of the world where you don't have nice trash collection processes, the trash sheep is a very unpleasant place. Lots of decaying not just vegetable matter. Ok. Other decaying things there and lots of flies in that particular spot. And they through the idol there and on mere when he found the idol was so angry he wondered who had done that. And he hung a sword around his idols, neck to communicate maybe to say, I'm going to do such and such. If you do this again, maybe to give the idol a chance to defend himself. Different versions of the story, say at different reasons, but who can know what his reason was? He put a sword around the neck, and the sons found the idol with the sword. They untied the sword, they put the idol in the ash heap, but they tied round at the carcass of a dead dog. In, in that part of the world, dogs are really dirty. I don't mean they are dirty, but they are. But I mean that people think of them about the way that you think of cockroaches. You don't like cockroaches, right? ladies like them. My wife screams a cockroach. So really dirty. That's about the way that they feel about dogs. And when the idol was found with that dog around its neck, mere was very angry. But his son came to talk to him. And they said, dad, if, if mana is a god, why didn't he defend himself? Why didn't he stand up and stop someone from doing that? Does this show his completely powerless? And that worked and the mirror gave up and dollar tree and became a muslim I tell you that story and not that we're glad to become a muslim right of another size. Yeah, I change out, but I tell you that story because the story is useful when it comes to the issue, religious liberty. What you can see they are, is that if the government needs to defend the religion, the religion must not be true. Know are very on benjamin franklin said so much. He said, I'm strongly paraphrasing him. That what if a religion needs to appeal to the state for help? That seems like proof enough that god is not helping it. If God was helping it, when it need that kind of assistance, you know, of the state to make religious laws. And so I liked the store in particular because most countries that have a majority of muslims have religious laws. I'm telling them why I'm telling you that you could share with your friends that might be it moves lens is that a religious law is like an idol. It's saying that god doesn't have enough power to defend his own religion. He doesn't have enough strength. If God really, if father really wants to defend his land, does he really need the state to help? Can't you do it himself? You remember the idea? We don't have to go to the store if the idea, the idea is in the story of gideon. You're the story of gideon, that gideon destroyed his dad's idol. Such a similar story, isn't it? And the people were angry and want to kill him. Okay, it worked. All right, can I change? Or did he not wanted? I mean the people want to kill gideon, but his dad who owned the idol defendant gideon, didn't remember how he defended him. He said, let bail fight for himself if he's really god, if he's really god, he can do it. And of course, bail couldn't fight for himself. Bell never has fought for himself. And I think you understand a little more story then we'll get to a little bible study. Do you, have you read the great controversy in the last 20 years? It's not the same as having read it 30 years ago. You might need to do again in that story, you'll find that the puritans were trying to escape religious laws resists laws in the U. K, especially. But even in the netherlands, there came some religious laws. They really didn't have a great time in Europe. And so they came to america for freedom that came to massachusetts and connecticut to be precise. The puritans, also, the quakers came to escape persecution. And of course they started pennsylvania and the french, the huger knows they came to escape persecution, and they formed the Carolinas. And when mary, queen of scots was persecuting the protestants there in england, cuz she was catholic, while many of the protestants escaped and they started virginia. But when the, when the protestants were in charge, pershing the catholics, the catholics escaped, and they started maryland. So what you had in this country as a great number of states, each with its own religious background that came to escape persecution. Roger williams came to the puritan states. But he was a baptist. And as a baptist he did not like the puritan teachings and theology. He differed whether he did not like to attend their church as he doesn't attend the puritans made in their own little colonies, a requirement that you must pay, tie to the government, which paid all the pastors. I think in the out of his charge, if it was a requirement to pay ties, we'd lose a lot of people and, and the blood would disappear too, because it's the volunteer nature of that. That brings any sort of blessing. While the puritans made it kind of like attacks, it was the religious tax, and roger williams refused to pay it nay said, what is not the labor or worthy of his hire. That's quoting the bible. Right. And roger williams said it Yes from though to hire him. In other words, I don't want to support, but I don't believe in. It's not for me. I think you follow. Well, roger williams was persecuted there in the colonies. And he was one of the ones that made friends with the indians. That was a lifesaver for him because they, in a way they executed him, but they did it in a way that would make, would clean their hands. They banished him and winter time. You know, that's, that's about the same thing as a death sentence, but it's not on your hands. Well, he hid in a tree and the indians found him and cared for him. He had made friends with them before. And when he was able, in the spring time, Let me just turn my phone off around thing. They can call me some other time The. Yeah. But yeah, I had died with you know, objection? Roger williams asked the government in england to give him his own place. He founded rhode Island and in Rhode Island, he established something new, religious liberty. He sat here, you can be quaker, or puritan, or baptist, or an unbeliever, or follow the indian religion or whatever you like. There is just no 3 legion here in Rhode Island. I smiling at her because she is trying so hard to stay awake. You can, you can see the muscles in her face are straining just so hard and I understand okay, I did that mostly to help you out. That did work for 15 minutes. I thought that was Roger williams. When we formed our 13 colonies together into a union, it was his ideas that seemed like the only way the colonies could unite. Because they differed on everything and eyes. So his principles became the principles of our united States of America. And so, roger williams ought to be one of your favorite people in american history. You ought to be glad for him that the great work that he did. Do you remember this name an hutchison, from your American history books? At least 3 or 4 of you do I remember what I was taught in, in history class, and what I learned later about the reality differed a lot. I was taught to, an hutchison was anti know me and that is that she was against law. You know, she was, for a no laws, it all, everyone does what they want to do. What's the word we use for that anarchy kind of like this? And, and that for that reason, she was banished from the colonies. But I'll tell you, I ended up because of a T jones. As book the to republics, have you ever seen that large book? The 2 republics? Thought this big. If you'll get that book, you'll find a transcript of an hutchison trial in Boston or plymouth or whatever her trial was. You'll find a copy of her trial. You'll find out that she was quite pregnant when she was put on trial. And everyone was seated except her. She had to stand the whole time. You'll find that they grilled her and hardly would let her talk. But she managed to get her main point out that she was not against laws at all. She was only against religious laws. She was in favor of religious liberty, so they banished her. And can you guess what state she might have went to as she went to rhode Island. And rhode Island became a bastion of truth and freedom right here in the United States. And so this is where your freedom comes from. It comes via mister roger williams. But where does this idea of religious liberty come from? You have your bibles turn your bibles to accident chapter 20 I just want you to see some of the ideas. Actually chapter 20, only about half of you have bibles. If you want to look at it in your phone, I won't think that you're texting. You can just pull it out and, but if you to, otherwise you'll just let him. One of my very favorite commandments is the 2nd commandment. I just want you to look at verse for and we'll just observe some signs. You might not have noticed about the 2nd commandment before noticed the 1st few words you shall not make for yourself a carved image. You see the word yourself and that verse. Do you know the word iconoclasm, or an iconoclast, and someone who is a who destroys idols? And there are ban through the age of christians who felt the way gideon destroyed bale. That is a model for us that we ought to destroy the idols. But I want you to notice that when giddeon destroyed that bail, it was his dad's idol. She noticed that it was his own family idol, and it was in god's nation under god's direction. But really, god has asked in the commandment, he hasn't asked me to destroy your idol. That's all the commandment says. It says, don't make one for who don't make one for me. I live in a village for almost every home. Has a buddhist shrine in front of it. I'm so glad I understand this principal because I could feel a burden at night to go and bash all the shrines. And it would not be a way to help people change religion. I'll tell you that would not be, it would not be a successful move there. Look at verse 6, showing mercy to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments. It's the gospel that answer so many questions. From verse 6 alone, you can ask the question, is it enough to keep the commandments? And the answer be no. You need to be Yeah. And you need to love god, right. And is it enough to love god? No, you need to keep the commandment. If you love god kit the commandments as he oh you haven't or do you still need mercy? You have earned anything that he gave his mercy to every one or is it just to those loved him and keep his commandments? Well, what about in this verse? Who gets mercy in this verse in this 1st it's those love him and keep his commandments. And the phrase before from verse 5 says vision, iniquities upon the children and the children's children, certain for generations of those that hate me as the other class. But so you're not technically wrong when you say that god was mercy to everyone. But if you mean a saving mercy that gets you to heaven, that's not everyone as not everyone it to those. So I love diverse, it is so it has so much information, just simply put in a way it's hard to argue with it. When the catholic church decided to modify the law of god, they modified the 4th command met by shortening it. Remember the sabbath day? It says in the catechism, and it leaves out information about god being the creator. And so that doctrine of god as the creator of the earth is really soft right now. And the roman catholic church that they took out the information about why we should serve him. They modified the 4th be and they did the 2nd one all gone. It just, it has the gospel in it. They took out the power and they took out the gospel. And what they did is they left a bunch of do's and don'ts. When you read and saw 19 where it says that the law of the Lord is perfect, converting the saw that these are the main converting parts. That's the gospel and the creative power. That's the main power in the law to, to do conversion work. And that was taken out, what was left, it's a skeleton, it doesn't accomplish, sustain, it could do otherwise. I think you understand. So let me talk a bit about this idea and then we'll go further. There are 4 types of laws in the bible. For types a few will, there are moral laws, those are the kind of laws that helped you know what is right and wrong. Like, thou shall not commit adultery. That's a moral law. There are civil laws, civil laws mean laws that are enforced by the government. So to make a contrast that you can follow to lie is not really against the law in this country. But perjury is against the law. Perjury is punished in this country, but line is it. So there is a civil law against perjury, but a moral law against line. You follow the difference between the 2. A civil laws one that's in forced by the courts of the country that you're in. Then you have ceremonial laws. Those are laws that instead of print a line between right and wrong, they illustrate a right or wrong principle. Of course, the law that says that you should kill a lamb and to on sabbath. That is a law that it's not the killing lamb's is good. There's nothing good about killing lambs, but what's good as to understand the fact that jesus had to pay for our sins? That's good to special time spent. Spend special time thinking about that on sabbath. That's good. So the law isn't a law between right and wrong. Brett's law. That illustrates what's right and wrong. Those are ceremonial laws. And then you have the health laws. And these have a lot to do with our current issues about religious liberty. How do you say the name of the dictator of the Philippines? To 20? Anyone know how to say his name? So if I just call him mr. Deed, i'll be okay with you. Mr. D went on the radio this week saying that he is going to in prison, jail those people and forcefully vaccinate those who do not want a vaccination. He said that now in the Philippines, the constitution doesn't actually give him power to do that. So maybe that was a bunch of bluster and then again, he's done some things he doesn't have power to do. So maybe they'll be more than bluster to it. I don't know. But the question was asking is if the government decides to forcefully vaccinate us, should we submit? Or should we resist? I'm not going to answer that right now, but I say that is that it's the reason why we need to understand about the nature of health laws. The health laws are the ones that tell you, for example, which food to eat and which ones not to eat, which means to eat in which not to eat. It is one of the evidences in favor the inspiration, the bible, that the bible correctly identified. Animals that are, are safer to eat and more dangerous to eat because there is no way moses would have had information to do that. He would not have known. The lobsters are more likely to be found where the sewage enters the sea. He wouldn't have known it would have had no way to know that catfish are not as healthy as trout and the fact that he got it right. That's just some evidence of some inspiration, higher than the level of the way people were thinking 3000 years ago. How are these laws enforced because a lot of not enforced is Because a lot like a lousy parent right. A lot, it's not in force is a lot like lousy parenting. The moral laws are enforced in the investigative judgment and in the executive judgement. The ideas of a man secretly, as using pornography on his phone. The government isn't going to punish him. That law, it will not be. He won't be punished for that until the judgment, right? That's when it's going to happen. He could get away with it here for a long time. Civil laws can never be made up to a moral standard. You can't do that. This is the reason why moses permitted divorce. It's not that moses made a mistake when jesus sad moses because of the hardness of your hearts permitted you to put away your wife. Jesus wasn't saying that moses did the wrong sign. Moses was making civil laws, divorce, and remarriage or civil laws. They have to be because money and custody issues are state controlled, be glad they're state control. If they weren't to take control to be the strongest man versus the weakest woman. And that wouldn't, that wouldn't be a good solution. So aren't you glad the status involved? So because it, these are moral because these are civil laws. Moses made a civil law. That is the best civil law that is to allow divorce. It would be poor policy for a nation did not permit divorce. If a nation did not permit divorce, except on the basis of idea of adultery, there be many man who had killed their wives It's better to let them divorce. Why is it better? Because of the hardness of their hearts. But jesus, sad, the moral principle is from the beginning, let no one put them asunder, but god has joined together. That is the bible and forces moral principles in the judgment and civil laws are enforced in our local courts. But I'm glad you just, you can't expect a local court to enforce god's prohibition against yelling and against anger and saying, you fool, i mean morality is high, don't you think morality is a high standard and God enforces that high standard. But that high standard is too high for unconverted people. An unconverted man really doesn't have any way to successfully control his thoughts. He really doesn't have. Maybe if he gets counseling, he might get a grip on up. It'll be something else in his life. Unconverted man really doesn't have a way to overcome temptation. He is a slave of it. So that if the civil, if the government made moral laws made civil laws at the height of moral laws, there'd be no way people could have bade them. Do you understand? I'm trying to tell you that you're seeing the to move on to the the ceremonial laws. We have them, they didn't all end at the cross. When jesus destroyed the ceremonial laws, he also gave some new ones. Baptism as a ceremonial law communion, as a ceremonial law. But we have that. It's not that eating the unleavened bread is something that's morally right and not eating it is morally. Iran has nothing to do with morality. It's an illustration of something that has to do with morality. It's why there is no sin in the man on the cross the thief that wasn't baptized. There is not no sin there. Baptism is an illustration of something that happened to that man. What happened to the me on it was a conversion, the end of his old life, the beginning of his new life that happened to him. Baptism would have been a picture of it, and sir monia laws are either enforced in the judgement or in the civil courts are neither that he has, if they have a punishment attached to them, the learned force in the civil courts. If they don't have a punishment attached to them and the nurse forced in the judgement so that if someone knows they should be baptized and they're not baptized in the judgement, that is a sin, not because baptism is a moral law. But because the 1st commandment says that we should honor god above all doesn't say that we should honor god above all. And that's why if a man knows to do right and doesn't do it to him, it is san i'm trying to explain about the enforcement of the ceremonial laws. What about these health laws? So those of you who are administered, you might have heard some things related to what ellen white teaches that I want to talk about here a bit. But 1st we talk about the bible deal of the bible. When you talk about health, you can't really make an on and off left and right switch. There are some health principles are very serious life and death and there are others that are a continuum. Would you please use a real illustration? Yes, I will like to use math. Amphetamines is a serious sin. I would opt for disfellowshipping. Someone who knowing lead shows to use math. It is such, it's a such a destructive force in the life that it causes mothers to cease caring for their, their children, their nursing children. But what if your head elder doesn't get much exercise? boot him for that. And if he does good exercise, what if it's 10 minutes a day instead of 15 minutes a day? Take a walk, walk along. What I'm trying to illustrate is that when they talk about help, not all the help principals have the same moral qualities that there are some that are very cut and dry. And our son that they're more like a continuum between what is best and what is worst when it comes to how much you should eat. That is certainly one of them that it's not like any profit. Fruit prescribed, 8 and a half ounces. Right? It takes some thinking and the way you think day might not be the way you were thinking 6 months ago on that at your thinking might change over time. My wife's does Somewhere about a year ago, she read that the proper amount of food each meal is kind of like a somewhat open fist. I don't think that's enough. Anyway and Yeah, there you go and saw health laws, health principles, maybe a better way to say it ellen white has said about them that the health laws are as sacred as the 10 commandments and even to be sick as a sin. So I just want to clarify you a bit because I think if you misunderstand those statements, you're going to go where no man ought to go. Ellen white herself was sick routinely because heaven made her sick not to learn early in her ministry and how many, how many of you've had cobra? I've had it in her head covered. It's not and you survived 10 points to all of you. All right, now everyone does real and I It is a sin to smoke. It's a san to drink. It's a san to who are you going to dislike me for saying this? This is my opinion. You guys are going to say that it's a san to climb sheer cliffs without ropes and protection Which you're like Yeah. It's serious that there are some signs are foolhardy hazardous and those ought to be a test of fellowship we ought to. We ought to discipline people who choose to keep drinking and keep smoking. They are denying the Lord who bought them by the way that they're abusing their body temple. But we really can't extrapolate from those serious vices to start for me to start regulating every aspect of your life telling you when and how and where a really, really can't go that direction. And where this is really becoming an issue, a religious liberty is on the issue of vaccinations. So I have seen impassioned writing directed to me that would tell me that to not get vaccinated is about the same as killing the people who have co morbidities. You know, because I'm going to get sick and make them 2nd, they're going to die. And I've seen others right and say for me to get vaccinated every so my body is going to be changed and is going to become a, an abomination to God. Because a dna has been manipulated, i'm going to become an abomination. Haven't you heard either of those ideas? Has they ever heard both of them? You've heard them both. Yes. Yeah, and so do you have your bibles handy? Turn your bibles to romans chapter 14 or romans chapter 14 allows you look angry now You're just thinking okay, you know, you're just thinking okay, ok, all right, hugh, it's becoming a huge right? It's a device. Okay, so this is why I was brought to Michigan. So, so you've just let's, and I'll agree with you. Are you in romans 14? Well, if I did, I met 1414 verse wine. I said 13 about 20 minutes ago. We'll get to that some other time. Receive one who has week in the face, but not to dispute over doubtful things. That principal, let me say that in more simple english you and I really don't have to agree on many things. We do need to agree on some things. If we are going to be united and church fellowship, we need to agree that the world was made in 6 days and that the sabbath as a sign of sanctification. We need to agree that jesus came back in a literal way and fairly soon relatively soon. We need to agree on the 3 angels messages. If we're going to work together to share them, we need to agree on our mission. But there are very many signs that though we agree on the fundamentals, you might put together a family of 20 individuals who agree on all these signs. But there are some other things that they might disagree on, even though they're equally studious and concentrated in the time of the new testament, one of those issues was pass over, pass over was quite confusing to the 1st century church. Keep your bible open. We're going to read more, but let me explain a bit why? Because the ceremonial laws ended at the cross. But just before the cross, jesus kept the pass silver with his. And he said at the passover this do as often as you do it in remembrance of me. You see right there a bit of confusion so that some other people thought that communion is not to pass over. We don't keep the passover and they would keep communion as a completely separate event. That's what I do. But others, a sad communion is the christian version of the passover should be kept on the passover, and in fact is the pass over meal kept without the killing of a lamb. And both of them at thought they can make a very strong case from the bible. They both didn't make a case. You might say, how can you make this case? Well, the bible says the passover is a perpetual, a perpetual holy day that were perpetually used. And when we talk about the Mark in the forehead and the hands that attracted to the 10 commandments in deuteronomy 6. And actually the 13th connected to the passover. But I'm telling you those who are saying we should keep the pass over. They can make a pretty good case, but they'll just be shut up. They can make a pretty good case too. And I could make that one for you. Also. It just wasn't an issue that that studious consecrated people came to the same answer on. And that slides discussed right here in romans 14 look at verse 2. For one believes he may eat all signs. Another who has weak eats the king, james, says herbs, a new king, james has vegetables. Herbs is better. He was referring to the passover. What do you eat on the passover roasted lam and bitter herbs. But if you're not going to kill the lamb anymore, what's left? That's what some were doing. Verse 3, let not him who each despise him who does not eat and let not him who does not judge him who eats for god has received him. Who are you to judge another servant to his own master he stands or falls. Indeed he will be made to stand for god is able to make him stand one person as teams one day above another. This is like the advent churches, least favorite verse in the whole bible. One man esteems one day above another, another as teams every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind he's talking about the pass over. The passover was the day when that some people were keeping there and some were keeping every day the same summer in bitter herbs and summer, eating just whatever they cared to eat on that day. It was a device of issue. And Paul, in this chapter didn't subtle it, he could have, you know, he could have just said, it's this way or that way, but it wasn't best. Because if he had done that, we would have no way to do off the vaccination. Or whatever other issue would come up after the canon was closed. So let's just read on a bit. Verse 6, he who observes the day observes it to the Lord he who does not observe the day to the Lord. He does not observe it. He who each each to the Lord and gifts. Thanks to God. He who does not eat the Lord he does not even give. Thanks to God. It doesn't mean his fasting. He's not eating the herbs for none of us lives to himself and no one dies to himself. We will read more. We can read more, I hope you get catching the principal. But paul is saying, he says, people need to be conscientious. And so if they disagree on what to do, they both need to do what they think is right. That 1st commandment, thou shalt have no other gods before me in forces, conscientiousness, sister, don't even tell me if this is true. I'm just gonna pretend something about you and if it's fault, just keep it a secret until later. I'm guessing that our, our sister back here in front of that door, believes that ladies ought to wear something on their head when they pray are prophesied. If it's, if it's wrong, don't tell me I need, I need you to just pretend to believe that for a minute. When I teach shane in some parts of the world, eastern europe, in some parts of africa, there are lots of ladies who believe like this. Sometimes the entire conferences, the majority of ladies in most churches and of course they didn't just make it up. It's in your bible, then you read that in the bible. The lady ought to have a covering on her head when she prays prophesies it's right there. So it's not like we can say where they get that from what we all know. And some of you were wondering why, why don't I do it? I don't know why you don't do, let me just say something about it. Some people in study in that chapter if concluded that the covering referred to, they are referring to having long hair. And some of have concluded that it's referring to an art to some covering that isn't hair in addition to the hair. And I know people who can make a pretty good case for both sides. I. I have a possession, but I think I can't. I think if you're on the other side, my writing won't be very persuasive to you. But if you're on my side, just say, well, that's great. You can just see, I'm obviously right. You know what? You're look very easy. I'm trying to illustrate romans 14 that if our sister did believe that way than she needs to wear that when she prays. If she, because of the influence of all of us would take it off, she would be doing what she believes is wrong. Yeah. And that would be dangerous. If you understand that principle, then you'll begin to catch the idea of religious liberty. The principle religious liberty as that I am not going to stand in the judgment for you, so I must not tell you what to do. I can't do it because I don't stand in the judgment for you. You have to answer for yourself before the god of the universe, and he's not going to ask you what mr. Pruitt think. Right? So that means that your conscience to me has to be a hands off. I can give you counsel. I can tell you what I think and why I think, but if you conclude differently than me, I'm talking about limits and I hope you can follow this idea of limits. Many marriages would improve if they understood this principle. If I can understand that, maybe I gave you an illustration from my own marriage. My wife, heidi is sick with coven. It's why she can't come, but she's at home. But on my wife and I, we see differently about women's dress. It's as interesting maybe to you maybe just laugh about it, but it's interesting that if you compare the church, if you say that here's a group of a 1000 people in the church and here are the males. And here are the females. How many of the mail saying that ladies should always wear feminine clothing, usually dresses or skirts in a western context. You'd find a pretty big portion of them. Males that think that, but if you ask the females, you'll find a very small portion. Right? So, so you know that already I and I and so, well, I'm here, my wife is here, has what I'm trying to tell you, right? We don't see exactly the same on this issue, but who has to answer and the judgment for the way that heidi dresses? That's right. So if I understand the principle just liberty, i want heidi to live in harmony with her own conscience. I could, maybe this will be sensitive to you, but I can give her counsel and to just ideas and show her why I think what I think, but I really can't do this every day. I can't even do it every week. I probably can't even do it every quarter. Maybe once in 5 years is sufficient. Do you understand? I'm trying to say, just let me finish a bed and I'll get to you. That because she is the one who answers for how she ought to dress. She's the one who needs to have that opportunity. I just go over time by one minute. I did. I mean I let me just finish this thought and then I might take a 10 minute break and just start right ended when, when you come back, if you come back you certainly have a chance to escape The 1st commandment and force as religious liberty this way in requiring every one of us to serve god the way we think we should. And if anyone tries to get in between there and tell people how they ought to serve god, they make themselves into man, it. They make themselves into an idol. I could make myself into an idol by trying to get between my wife and God and tell her how she should live. And she could do the same with me so that we need to have that respect requires that. And you have a lot more to say, but I have negative 2 minutes to say it. So let me, I would pair with you and I'll let you go. Let's price our father and heaven. I asked that you will bless us. We study personal liberty and religious liberty. I asked for that gift in the name of jesus, a man. To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M O. S. D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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