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Do millions of years solve the problem?

Jim Gibson


  • June 30, 2010
    5:45 PM
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I pray for my own speaking as a sort of a hybrid Weavers with some science and some theology so please keep that in mind my intention is to try to think of some of the issues that come to the church member course will also work with the express a little more closely so these issues and to review some of the issues some of the thinking that my be involved in dealing with some of the issues so as your address so they is a response to the up he'll let me hear from time to time that the scientific evidence forces us to adopt along a bottle now here's the is a Bible story is set in a context of a few thousand years but the scientific evidence seems in a few billion years or less or why on earth I have colleagues and friends tell me that we must adopt the along a bottle with them when I asked him what what is that all how is unrelated to scripture what is worse implications suddenly there is radio a nice so let's take a look at the silly implications along a small question I want to ask is if we want to find harmony between the Bible and science then can we do that quite often along age view that incorporates billions of years in the spring of living water him unless the server where we might want millions of years of history of the world one way we might do that is by expanding the e-mail is the Asian week so the creation week plans to expand the millions of years can we harmonize the Bible and science of the idea that God 's creative activity will occur over long pages following the same sequence as the events of creation we will know that I must compare what the Bible says about this sequence of events and when the geologic column records is a sequence of fossils in the column and I have used the awesome colors indicated in the days of creation so you will always on more easily in Genesis on Dave's radio halfway plans for injuries there on the five you have a water creatures and the dear creatures and objects that you have the land creatures have many humans are of course is specifically set here with the sickness in the fossil record well the first thing also record other than microscopic things which are not as all of the things mentioned in Scripture the first things all are no more creatures plants and water creatures immigrating in the next week mentioned on the land lands of the land insects which are in the Devonian Carboniferous those are the flying insects can't believe Williamsburg resident apartment was written in the prior acid Cretaceous we in all falls that are classified as mammals on free mammals and birds were here in a upper Jurassic and Cretaceous fruit trees don't appear until the Cretaceous humans finally appeared on for a very long and you will call the only similarity really of the journalists and humans appear what was other than that but was clearly different they are in conflict we cannot find harmony between the Bible and science by expanding the Asian way into millions of years of the sequence of Genesis is quite different from the statements of appearance is false record MS rolled out in a theory in a theory that services is a condensed version of what God is overlong as tall as this but as the day age theory is that these theories were popular at one time but asphalt record as her Genesis we find that it doesn't work Ross triumvirate millions of years before creation week let's suppose there was some kind of history of why that went on for millions of years and then God came in and created what is recorded in Genesis can we harmonize the Bible and science by inserting millions of years before the Genesis creation well if that were the case we would expect to find in the fall record first appearances of living organisms at approximately the same place of all which it starts at someplace where the nucleation started were start saying new fossils that correlate with what we see living in here are some and will further appearances on marketplace of organisms for modern humans of your Pleistocene shading first appear in the upper Pliocene is a difference dogs which are mentioned on our in the lower biasing another difference in these differences are in the geologic timescale millions of years individuals snake neck turtles which are found in the southern hemisphere were not so familiar with the hearing North America about a zoo zoo 's other criminal organizations still living but in the lower Cretaceous his first appearance as a form is valid in the middle Jurassic and the long fish of the same family as the Australians will finish from it will try acid well there's quite a sprayer how do you get in creation we humans living organ don't know what we now wiped the day is created in the same time as possible of perseverance is scattered over literally hundreds of millions of years if you take the geologic timescale and starting from the Lord try asking for the lung is my conclusion is no there is no point in the vault record where different types of living organisms all appear together instead they first appeared in widely varying points in the fossil record this therefore rules out the theory that the Genesis creation replaced an older creation that have become corrupt this theory is is is the gap theory that gap theory was white of popular partly as a result of the influence of the Scofield Bible back in the early nine him has been largely abandoned by Christians of all things today what it will put appreciation week our approach is unreasonably long time ago when millions of years since the creation of the idea here is you have is this phase of creation with simply seven and then you have billions of years since that time but that are already in which showed life to also record you can a Bible and science be harmonized with the creation week was millions of years ago well there's a problem here and that in the fossil record there is a sorting process we did not find all serves of creatures which together will regret their sorted out in the waves in the freaking rain which is more most portions it will follow we find mostly bacteria out there are no land vertebrates and abridging freedom to say the least of Paleozoic is a nice set of layers of law layers were together in the Paleozoic area find Marine animals plans some of the upper cricket is only software programmers but there are different sorts of things to what you find in the Mesozoic Mesozoic is the place to find dinosaurs are dinosaurs in the Paleozoic organisms only their sort it out somehow in this episode we find kinds of land vertebrates of the solos that we still have living today so how did you get a creation week in which all these things were greeted at the same time and overtime somehow over oh hundred millimeters the only things that were preserved were sometimes employing organisms and and for the next couple hundred million years the only thing is armored dinosaurs and that probably is not very plausible so closing is no in all types of animals were present for millions of years they should be mixed throughout all record and therefore either they were all present of the same or they were buried in a short time by some kind of process that shown them how the different layers so that theory doesn't work either here we have a question of faith we really don't have enough information given to us to resolve the tension between science we don't have enough evidence I believe God calls us to live the faith I believe it is choice a biblically correct to believe God 's word without scientific proof Salinas works very well if you know what signs to his own wonderful process it helps us to advance our understanding of how God works information however in the process we do not concern that God is working in nature you try to separate God out and see all that is the supernatural kinds of things and when you get into history historical questions you have a different context we can say we were in the laboratory we do not think God is intervening and we do not think that will work individuals together God is doing something different from what will I constantly sustaining major is is always there for his consistent one we make that claim about history when we say that in history God has never intervened I think most was when say that probably not a very good position for over an in science we can have scientific revolutions and in the experimental questions questions such as the nature of wind on the latest scientific revolution and on nineteen and twentieth centuries if you have scientific revolutions in questions and was in was whether laboratory analysis is possible how much more likely in questions that are historical which cannot really be captured in a laboratory the Bible views the world as part of a divine creation related and sustained by supernatural action while science is the world as part of homeless veterans so governing closed sister that means no God acting from outside nature governed only by physical laws can you see those two systems are the foundation likely to bring attention not defending that doesn't explain the answer to our questions but it does tell us that mop unexpected to find some tension I was one other aspect I don't have slide through more but that is the idea of a crime we consider a fourth way in which one he sometimes might be put in there and that is why the process for driving under the process that goes gradually over millions of years because the demolition we can call me where you have the sampling modification and the but not due to Darwin Darwin targeted this is something every unnoticeable to know the idea of the is evolution was totally honest in our Israeli-American botanist trying to persuade Darwin that he could put God into the process they were good friends Darwin said if you have gone processing not me my theory is a member of the ever thing that is not always an Darwinism or have they are different and they are infantile door one one rejected the idea that God was guiding evolution because of the problem of evil that God is guiding evolution that God is causing birth defects that God is guiding evolution then he's causing all the genetic defects that cause cancer and soul on it it doesn't seem the kind of dog barking talks there are some theological problems was eastern Aleutian such as product is described there are also scientific problems with the evolution when you look at major investment will be a continuous process there are gaps there are gaps in the process now theistic evolution can was can't say well God covers the gaps that is kind of the protocol God of the gaps approach in all sciences are very uncomfortable with the God of the gaps of so overall theological insight problems with using abortion and does not bring in between science and Scripture we can enjoy the benefits and conclusions or we can enjoy the benefits of both the Bible and science and the science brings many benefits where tensions arise we cannot make hostage in science but when she was a life of faith and we chose the life of faith knowing that we chosen by faith we were not compelled to that choice we freely chosen because of our faith in him


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