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04 Toleration, Liberty, and Personal Freedom

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • June 25, 2021
    9:30 PM
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In you are about to enjoy a presentation recorded at the 2021 michigan conference camp meeting held at cedar lake michigan. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you listen. I father in heaven and asking that you will be with us during this hour and this afternoon that you would show me what to share and how that you'd speak through me and more particularly speak to those who are here. I ask in the name of jesus, a man I was on my mountain looking out a large glass window in my say my mountain. I don't mean I own that. I just mean that's where I spent a lot of time looking out a large glass window and I saw a troop of monkeys moving from our banana orchard to the jungle. Probably their bellies were all full. And you might not know this about monkeys, but they prefer green bananas. And so if you wait till your bananas are right, you just, you know, that's not gonna work out. And anyway, so there they were going. When monkeys are going from our banana orchard to the jungle, they have to go on the ground because that's the only option. And they tend on the ground to be much more organized than in the trees. On the ground they go single file and they're about equal distant kind of like soldiers. Monkey monkey, monkey monkey, monkey monkey. And there was one of them that was far be far behind the others. She was the slow one. He was the obese one. I don't really mean he wise, but I mean that for some reason he just wasn't with it. He wasn't paying enough attention. And when all the other monkeys were up in the trees, me go the way of these people. So they feel comfortable coming in. When, when all the monkeys were up in the tree, he was still 2 or 3 were in America, yards here, yards from the tree. And that's when I saw jackie. Jackie is one of our mountain dogs. Jackie, is a boy. You don't know whoever named him, jackie, but he as a boy that loves to monkey. And rarely does he ever see a monkey on the ground. And when he came around the corner and he saw that monkey, jackie was excited. He didn't bark, she didn't growl, she just sprinted. And that monkey wasn't paying attention, so the monkey really didn't see jackie. If the monkey is that trash can, jackie was this close before the monkey saw him? And at the rate jackie was going that as much less than a 2nd. That's like no time at all to finish that and died, jackie bit that monkey. I thought I was going to see a monkey die. But then I saw the strangest thing. Jackie looked up and saw I looked up and they were underneath the tree where the monkeys had gone up. All the monkeys were jotting down as fast as they could. The entire troop was coming to the ground, like like, like falling like water. And jackie let go of that monkey. And he put his tail between his legs and ran away. Because jackie against one monkey, jackie wins jackie against 20 monkeys. Monkeys were So that's a real story now. May I tell you the fake version of that story? That was real, the next is imaginary. I want you to imagine that you are in the troop of monkeys, and that all of you managed to get up in the tree. And you're up there when you see jackie, come around the corner of the building. And you say, this is bad. I don't want to watch. Why is, why is that monkey so slow? Why would it be paid attention? He's probably going to die. Then I could say to you, I am so glad i'm up here in the tree, aren't you? Glad you're in the tree, you know safe up here where we are. Dogs can't climb trees. What happens if we talked that way? What's gonna happen to the monkey on the ground? Yeah, he's going to die and you know how we're gonna feel about it. We're going to feel like it's sad and shameful, but it's sort of what he sort of had it coming. That's how we're gonna feel about it. Right? I mean it's his fault, isn't it? He should have been paying attention. If I didn't make any mistake that caused him to be bitten. Do you have your bibles with you? Look at galatians. Galatians chapter 6. Relations. Chapter 6. Welcome. We're in galatians chapter 6 and we're going to look at verse 5. Elation 6 1st 5 says for each one shall bear his own. Lo would. That verse says that it's your job and my job to be in the tree. I wasn't make any sense to you right now just that just just maybe it will later, but it's our job to be in the tree. Our job is to get there and to be safe. And to do the right side look back at verse to bear. What does it say? Bear one another's burdens and soulful filled the law of christ. That verse says it's our job to get out of the tree. That's our job. When my wife and I were church planting in arkansas, my life has my life is one continuous series of unexpected interesting events. And when I finally got married, which was a bit late in life, I was in my thirties. I had been You know, I'd been living by myself or with men for my entire adult life at that point. And I went in just from marriage day when I didn't, I moved into our home together. I went from being a man with no woman in my life, having 2 ladies and 4 children and one week Because someone that was very close to Heidi, her husband left her for a teenage girl, the father of her 4 children. And heidi and I invited her to come live with us this mother with her 4 children. And she did. And while she was with us for a few months, she quit drinking and quit smoking and began to keep sabbath and adopted a lot of adventist ideals and goals and was baptized and became a 7th day adventist. And then she moved out into her own apartment with the help of the government. And I and she began doing home Care, you know, the taking care of elderly and sickly people. And she fell in love with one of the sons of a lady that she was carrying for that way. He wasn't an advantage, she was hardly a believer and that she married him. I'm skipping all kinds of efforts i made to prevent that and she married him and when she did, she stopped attending church and even to day like like 13 years later, she still isn't attending church. The few met her the day. She would say she's a 7th day adventist, i'm just, I know I've seen her even in the last year. And when, when she stopped attending church they had elder called her and he wanted to visit with her. You know, I think some of you are had elders and you would do the same sign. And she would always say, I'm sorry, it's not a good time. I'm busy not today, maybe later. But it was always that way. And if you're the elder calling in there, and there's always reasons, you know, really the finance, she doesn't want to see right now. She don't, you know, that's the real sign. And the password tried calling and it was always a bad time. And she didn't want to it any way, and so they never did visit her because she never did welcome. It was interesting to me, years later when heidi and I were back in that area, welcome to you all. We were back in that area and visited her and she said to us, speaking about that event, you know when I stopped attending church and no one ever visited me. Well, we can fault her if we want. But what I'm trying to say to you is don't call just go that's what I'm trying to say. Don't call just go just get down from the tree and go that verse that says resist the devil and he will also works if we all come down the tree at the same time, Which really tempting for us when someone makes a big mistake, is to gap about it You know, to talk and in Michigan, which has a reputation as being one of the more principal parts of the north American advent of them. You have a reputation that way, you know, this is one of the more principal parts the way last year is one of the less principal parts like that. Well, when you're in a more principal part it's, it's particularly tempting to talk about the monkeys that are on the ground getting bitten because there really is no reason in Michigan to get bit Does anyone understand i'm trying to say. And so, yeah, out of the tree, we go. That's the children's story. But now that story for adults, I, because a covert was stuck in South africa, away from my students, away from people I planned to minister to and but there were, at least for 2 weeks in South africa, the people I could minister to, I ended up speaking to a ministerial conference, they had invited me to speak at that conference as the early morning devotional, which is code for not important and most conferences. And I had been the plan they are. But what had happened is coven had stopped one of the seminary professors from anders from coming. He couldn't come. And so they asked me to take his place because I couldn't leave, you know, I thought it worked out kind of that way. And so for I got to speak to all these ministers and maybe I'll tell you more about that some day, but not right now. But after that conference was done, I was stuck in a home with a family for almost 3 months. And if you're used to like speaking to groups and witness seen in supermarkets and, and speaking to students and you know that limits a bit your style. And I, and I really got into facebook outreach and welcome. If you're in the Philippines, you'd be the 1st one here. So while I was there, I decided to look on Facebook for people, muslims, you can tell them by their names. You know, most muslims, you can tell by lots of disease. And those names. I was looking for someone that I could write to that was had some nobility and I found a guy name, sod, yod. Now if he was right here, he'd price, his name was so different than that, but it's S A J, j A D. And I say sod, yod, and you can just say, whatever you like. I began to write to him, to share with him some gospel ideas. And daniel too, and daniel 7, you know, within 40 hours, sa, john told me that he thinks maybe he'll become a christian. He lives 90 miles south of baghdad in an area where he's never likely to encounter a christian. And I right now he's working with me writing an arabic book, reports on the great controversy deserve ages. Pedro, some prophets actually, apostles that it might be different for you. But the book that really impressed him deepest was patriarchs and prophets. That was the 2nd one. He wrote, i remembered the day he wrote me and said that he never knew that small sins were so terrible the story of eve and the tree just really convicted him to just turn away from every small family. Because you know, they're so terrible. Sunshine is a missionary minded believer. A 7th day adventist, who is probably won't be baptized, ever. I lottie baptizes himself. How in the world did I find him? That's a miracle. It's not like every person in that city is seeking for the gospel. That's not like I have time to write 200000 people to find him. But god had the 100000 be the one that I wrote to. What I'm trying to say to you by way of illustration is that the closed countries of the world, a large number of sound use facebook. If you don't use facebook, don't start on account of this. But if you do, and even if you don't know if you use google, you can find websites related to the universities and those close countries. It's possible for you to interact with people in close countries. We live in an age when you can interact with people and close countries. And if you do, they get a chance and if you don't, well I just don't know if they're going to get a chance there. That's the story for you. To day we're talking about authority authority as a big part of the religious liberty issue. And when you understand the principle of authority, it's much easier to think through the complicated specifics we mentioned yesterday afternoon about what are the limits. So let me give you the, the big idea that we're building on. And that is that when god, it gives you a responsibility. He always gives you sufficient authority to carry out the responsibility. I'll say it again and then illustrate it lots of times. When god gives me a responsibility, he always gives me sufficient authority to carry out my responsibility. If you understand this idea, you'll see parents. That's why you have authority over your children. Why do you have authority over your children? It's because you have a responsibility and God gives you enough authority to carry out your responsibility. As your responsibility becomes less, your authority also decreases at the same time. And when they become old enough to be responsible for themselves, your authority over them changes completely. What does god give you? He gives you authority. Not because you are so capable, but he gives it to you because you need to carry your responsibilities. So god, it gives man a responsibility to be at the Hudson bay and the house band to care for the home. That's why he gives them authority. That's why the bible says why, submit yourself to your husbands. Peter says that it's not because men are brighter as because men have responsibility. And when it be right for god to give responsibility if he didn't give sufficient authority to carry out the responsibility. This is why we need to pay taxes. Because god has given the government some responsibilities and those responsibilities include repressing evil and defending against hostile governments. That's a huge job that god gave the government. It requires a lot of resources. So if he's going to give that responsibility, he has to give the government enough authority to carry out that responsibility. So the government certainly has authority to collect taxes. It wouldn't be fair for god to ask the government to take care of us that way and not authorized them to collect money. Can you see that how they go together? authority and responsibility go together likes that always. This is why the church has authority because the church has responsibilities. And if you understand this principle, then it can really help you when authorities end up contradicting each other. Let me give an example. You can see it. Suppose the government says to your 18 year old son, that he must register for the draft, and in fact, he is drafted and must come to the military. And you as his mother father said to him, you must not. Now he has 2 authorities in his life that are contradicting themselves or each other. I mean, and he really can't obey both. You see, he can't be both, he can't by the government and he can't obey you at the same time. What is the principal say? The principal says that you, as a parent, have as much responsibility when you have enough authority to carry out your responsibility. At that age, you're responsible, your authority is to teach and you have that's what you have, responsibility and authority to teach. But the government is responsible to defend against aggressive nations. And to do that, they need a military. So they have authority to raise a military. So they have authority to draft your son Even though you don't like it. What about the church? Some of your pastors and I think hopefully that this won't be a new idea to you, but it seems to be new to many pastors in asia. Pastors god has not made you responsible for the individual decisions of your church members. He hasn't made you responsible for the decisions of your church board. He hasn't made you responsible for the How your church board spends its money or uses the sanctuary. The responsible to God has given pastors is to regulate the teaching of the church and it really that responsibility isn't given to that. Paid pastor only it's to the elders, both the local and the paid it to the elders of the church. They have responsibility to guard the teaching of the church that it's not their responsibility to do all the teaching of the church. They could do that. This is why I don't mind at all when a church asked a lady to preach, i understand it to work this way that god gave the leadership of the church to the elders. The elders should be man. He gave the leadership of the charge to the elders with the responsibility to guard the teaching of the church. And how do they guard it? They decide who can and who cannot teach in church. They don't decide who can and who cannot teach in their private homes. If I'm a minister and I think that you're a heretic in my congregation, i cannot refuse. I cannot tell you that you are forbidden to have a bible study in your house. I don't have any authority over your house. I can say to you, I think you're a dangerous teacher. I can say that I'm going to warn people not to go to your house for bible study, because I have a responsibility to teach. But I can't forbid you to do it, No matter how dangerous i think you are. Because god didn't give me responsibility that extends that far. So last forward he doesn't extend that far. But there are many persons who as soon as they're employed as pastors seem to think that they have something like kingly authority on the local level. Authority to forbid to tell what can and what can't happen, where it can be when it can be how it can be. And what I would say to them. I wouldn't say you're evil for trying that. I would say that you're misinformed about your authority. You don't understand what god has the responsibility. He's given you and you're trying to carry a responsibility. He never has given you. All right, let me just see how many of you are pastors. Got your hands, asters here. Only she's like maybe are you about? No, you're not a passer, you're a dentist. Yeah. Okay, p k. All right, so to hear so the to her I hear would you say I'm telling you the truth or is it sound like I'm going over the top and saying something that's not true? What do you think, sir? True. Okay, good. All right. I just wanted to have you do it right now instead of after I leave that say say the guy was off the wall and you know, give me a chance to defend myself. So I'm not gonna ask you down, I figure you agree with me? Yeah, figure authority. Well in the bible were told to obey 4 different entities that I've been mentioning. Children are told to obey their parents. Ephesians 6, right, shown obey your parents and were told in romans 13 to a bay the government and were told in 1st peter, that wife should obey their husbands. And let's look at one. Let's look at hebrews 13 that now the way you look, you may also want to see that one in future. But right now let's go to hebrews 13 hebrews 13. We want to see what it says about church authority. Hebrews 13 will start in verse sovereign and then we'll go to verse. 17 hebrews, 13 verse 7. Verse 7 matches what we st. Ver 17 doesn't. So we'll just get 7 1st. Remember those who a rule over you who has spoken to the word of god to you, whose faith follow, considering the outcome of their conduct. The only word in verse 7, the strikes as badly as the word rule. Everything else looks good in that verse. So what do the rulers do in verse 7? They teach you the word of god and they live pretty well. Ideally, that's what it says, right? It teach you the word of god and they live. Well, if you know a minister that skips either one of those, you might show him this verse because at, for sure that should be, that should be the baseline for ministers to preach the word of god and to live well. And then you ought to imitate him. That's where it says, right? This faith follow. Now look at verse 17. Obey those who have the rule over you and be submissive. That is the part that strikes us ill, but I think you'll see the principle i'm teaching in the next part of the verse for they watch out for your souls as they that must what so that means they have responsibility. Do you see the logic? converse? 17, it says they have responsibility, therefore they have authority. It says they have responsibility. Therefore they have what authority ought to obey them. But it's implied that you ought to obey them in those signs that relate to their responsibility. Let them do so it says that is give account, let them give accounts of joy and not with grief for that is unprofitable for you. So what is the authority of the elders? They have authority to teach. They don't have authority to tell you what to believe. There is a difference in the 2. I believe that I, well, I'm a local elder. I was ordained as a local elder many years ago. And as far as I can understand in the bible, that is the same church possession as a minister who's been ordained to the gospel ministry. But they're different in some regards in the level of authority in our church. But in the bible, it's the same business. So I have a responsibility to teach. I have authority to teach, but it doesn't mean that I'm inspired. Which means you can't be responsible to believe me. The authority god gives me to teach does not give me authority to demand your conformity to my opinions. I can't hold you accountable for disagreeing with me. I can't say that opinion can't be shared in this church. I can with the other elders say that you aren't going to have a teaching position in this church because of your opinion. That is, we have responsibility to guard the official teaching of the church, but we don't have responsibility to guard the opinions of the church members. We have responsibility also to guard the integrity teaching of the church. So if someone begins teaching that sunday is the sacred day than we actually, after some work, we might even remove that person from fellowship. But that would be, that's not the responsibility of me as an elder, that's the responsibility of the entire church. The entire church has a responsibility to guard it, doctrinal integrity as a body. And so we put away open centers and doctrine lead dangerous individuals as a body. I've said the same thing about 15 times. Let me see if any of you have questions about it or have any questions about this idea of authority? Give you go ahead. Oh no, it just does it. Is it really going to say that in a slice? So I don't want to spend the whole period on this topic, but I get if you wonder where I get the silly idea and be from 1st timothy. Let's just turn there just for a minute. It won't be for town. I promise. I mean, can I promise that I, I think 1st timothy chapter 3 and we're going to look at verse, well, you could look all the way from verse 2 to verse 16. I'm not going to take you all the way. There are even one dvr. Actually the whole chapter you could look at. But Look at verse for the quality of an elder, one who rules his own house. Well, having his children in subjection with our reverence for if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the Church of god? The logic in these 2 verses is that your home is practice for the bigger responsibility of church and in the home. If a man is not doing his priestly duties there appropriately or successfully than he should be given, the larger responsibilities of attempting that on the larger scale of a church. And I think probably all of you know, please don't say names of persons who would, who take church responsibilities, but I have not been very successful right here. Weren't, you know, people like that. Not very successful right here. A fact I, whenever I meet someone who has like 3 or 4 adult children that are in the operating the fear of the Lord. I just always like put my hat off to them and just really commend them as very successful people. I think that is just the ultimate success. So if you do want to see why I think that if you do a Google search for huge improve women's ordination, you'll find a book that I wrote on the topic. And you can just read the whole book and write me a whole book back and. And if it's less than 50 pages, i'll read it Like I think in the bible it's the same say, I think in the bible there are 2 groups of elders in the bible. The ones that have full time, secular jobs, and those that have full time ministry jobs. And what the bible says about the 2nd group is that they're worthy of a double honor. And in that context, honor is pay. And so people who give their full time to the work of ministry, they ought to be paid that way. But those who do it while they're carrying on their other business, they should earn their money in the other business. But a terms of authority, of the church at the when the church was growing very fast in the book of acts, it grew into the new cities. And you could have a new church planted in a matter of weeks or months. You're really in that church. There's not enough ministers in the world to put a paid, experienced, trained person in all those churches. They don't, they're not around the churches brand new. So what paul said is ordain elders in every city that means from among these brand new baby christians. Like I think if I asked here who here is been a christian for less than 2 years. And if some people raised their hand, we would all sorta think, oh, their new christians. But those were the old christians from the book of acts. And they, it wasn't a good time for many of them to become full time workers. They needed to carry on their secular business and grow and learn and grow and learn and tell they had enough. Where was all to be like timothy, traveling elders once it could oversee and be over others that to understand it. But if you understand differently, i'm not angry with you. Are you angry with me? romans 13. We're going to look at verse one. We looked at romans 14 yesterday, and romans 13 is related. Let every soul be subject to the governing authority. The king james has a nice word. They are says higher, right? So the higher authority is up to says the higher powers for there is no authority except from god. What a strange statement. I mean to us. And the authorities that exist are appointed by god. Republicans agreed with that a year ago, but not to day. And democrats agree with it today but not a year ago. But it's true both times Have you read it there in daniel for where it says that god appoints over the kingdoms is $417.00 over the kingdoms of men whom he will and he puts over them the basest of men. Yeah, that's what it says. It, that is Daniel for doesn't say that god is the one who puts in the abraham lincoln's. And then satan puts in the stollins at that's not what it says. Says god is the one who was just what it says here. The authorities that b R A deigned of god. He puts them in positions. And so you might be thinking, no, no, that can't be true. God can't do that. You can't put in a terrible ruler. Oh, but just listen to me for a moment. When communism fell in russia, excuse me, in romania, after many years of the very worst persecution in Europe, when a 1000 people volunteered to be on the committee of riflemen that were going to execute the dictator and his wife because of the hardship that they had caused in that country, when for decades the advocates had been imprisoned and many times tortured severely repressed and followed and spied on and treated so badly. When communism broke the remorse adventist in romania then in germany and france and england, and switzerland and sweden and finland and portugal and spain and italy combined. That is, you might think that having a bad ruler is bad for the Salvation of the people. You remember hurricane katrina most. Do you have enough hair to remember that? I mean gray hairs i meant to say hurricane katrina, the one that came to New Orleans in 1993. I led a team of canvassers in New Orleans, chester van clark. The 3rd he might know was one of the he was one of the students in that program. Dr. Joe kim from yakima washington. One of the students in that program, christine boston, the neil's one of the students in that program in any way you might know him a lot, many, a manual back was one of the students and that program, a lot of kids in that program and end up becoming responsible people at some point, but at that point they were 1718 years old and they were just children. And we went down there to New Orleans and it was hard. New Orleans was harder than any place we had worked that summer. There was just a lot of secular catholicism there, like dad in the washer traditionalism and it was tough. After hurricane katrina, i took another group to New Orleans and it had become like the bible belt. It was very easy to sell books. The people loved the spiritual books. It was just wonderful how they were searching. So granted, a few 1000 people died in the hurricane. But it looks like to me, it was the best thing ever happened to that, said he what I'm trying to illustrate an idea to you and trying to illustrate that when god puts base man over governments, he often does that as a judgment on them for their wickedness, he often gives us as a people, a he gives us heads of state and heads of states. He gives us the persons that match our deserts, like what we deserve. He judges us on the basis of our corporate responsibility and he often does give evil rulers to people. But don't you think for a minute that that means that it's harder for them to get to heaven. When dobbin year was writing about the reformation of europe, he brought up, brought up this point. He said that the reformation really took off in germany and in sweden i. Those became protestant nations. So did switzerland become a protestant nation, france and the other hand, persecuted mercilessly the reformation, france never became a protestant nation. So that after some decades, the french believers felt like there a way behind the other nations, way behind. But if you look in the resurrection, i think you'll see far more frenchman being resurrected than germans. They were killed. They weren't lost. You understand the difference? They died but they weren't destroyed. So yeah, god, there I'm just trying to illustrate. I'm trying to help you believe what it says in verse one. Let every soul be subject to the higher authorities. For there is no authority accept from god and the authorities that exist are appointed by god. I don't understand that necessarily like this that god chooses every man that has a position of authority personally. But that god permits the choice of every man directly. You know what, what solomon says about kings? He says that the heart of the king is in the hand of god. Like the rivers of watcher. He turns it wherever he will. I understand that this way that when you pray for kings and all those that are in authority that you might live peaceable and what's the other word, what kind of life? peaceable in something, life, quiet life. When you pray for that, god can answer that prayer. The ideas you might think that the heart of the king is hands off for god that the king makes his own decisions about everything. But it looks to me quite different that as soon as you make yourself responsible as a king, that god reserves the rights and answer to prayer, to change your thinking. To change your thinking, not regarding your own decisions, but regarding the people that you are responsible for. So I think if I could give the example that bill clinton, god, it could cause bill clinton to take political positions. That bill would not be inclined to take when he was president for the benefit of god's people in answer to the prayers of god's people. But that would not stop bill from it. Being immoral with monica lewinsky, That is, Bill has a personal life and he has a public life. And God gives him full authority to manage his personal life because that's where he has responsibility. It's bills responsibility to go to heaven. Right. But when god gave bill authority over the United States, god reserves the right to interfere with his decision making process in answer to prayer. And you can a, I'm just curious since the bible plainly says to pray for all those that are in authority. Is there anyone here that does that? Anyone that price for those in authority? That's more than I thought. I thought would be about one percent and it looks like about 40 percent. How many of you more than once a month? Let me see those hands again. Still pretty good, especially still pretty good. I didn't think you'd be that many. Maybe that's why we still have freedoms in this country. So if you follow these ideas, it'll help you understand why calvin got confused about predestination. Is because he was looking at data about rulers, and he extrapolated the false lay to the non rulers when what god said he could do is that he could arrange and put up and take down. And you'd get the idea if God puts up rulers and takes down rulers, that maybe everything that happens on planet earth is his decision. But it's not true. You're the one that shoes as what you eat, breakfast. God does not pick up the 4 can swallow it down yourself. I'm trying to say to you that calvin miss extrapolated a true principle. It's true that god interacts with responsible persons. There is a way he does it in the church that should modify your behavior. Perhaps So I don't like the idea that I have a fan club, but I think there are a few people that really liked to listen to me talk. I want to speak to that for a minute. It's not healthy. It's not good. We really can't afford din church to have favorite speakers. I think to night doug, it's speaking that right. It really isn't good for doug if you really have him as a favorite speaker. I don't fault doug for there. I fought you for that. I might thought doug for that, depending on what he says or does to make that happen. But let me get myself off of that hook. I'll just say, I hope you never believe me because I say something. I hope that you look my data and you try to see whether it follows. Like, like you look at how I got to my conclusion and you decide yourself whether you should get to the same conclusion. I hope that's the way you listen to me. Because that way, I'm not responsible for your mistakes. I suppose I make some. What if I'm wrong about women's ordination? For sure. Don't just believe me on it and be a disaster. Romans 13 verse 2. Therefore whoever resist the authority, resist the ordinance of god. It doesn't quite say resist. God doesn't quite say that. What it indicates is that god ordained authority to exist. Do you know where god 1st ordains, human authority over humans in the bible? Well, yeah, in the garden of eden there you might have. Well, just outside of the garden of eden, i think maybe it's where it happens. We're adam has given authority over eve, just outside of the garden. But I need to go back and re genesis 3 and see whether it's inside or outside, whether maybe they're still inside as a snake, as they are. So probably still inside the garden. Anyway, so there you have one, but I was thinking a genesis 9, genesis 9. When they come out of the art, that's when god says, if any man sheds man's blood by man, his blood should be shed. What's that? That is god establishing capital punishment for murder. Got so sometimes people seem surprised when they asked me if I believe in capital punishment. I say yes. And they look at me like how could you believe in the 10 commandments and leave a capital punishment? Oh, just listen. It's because the church is not the sort holder. That's the state. The church represses evil by teaching righteousness. The state represses evil by killing bandits or whatever way it chooses. I mean the state represses evil. We'll get to that share in romans 13. It goes into this rice sign, but who established that principle in genesis 9? That was god. God didn't say that if you kill a man, I'm going to kill you. He said, if you kill a man, mention kill you. That government, god established government on this planet. Because if there is no government here than the earth would have become a place where the strong ruled a week and that terrible even communism entered isn't as bad as anarchy. You can hardly imagine where that goes. So god established government. So we were saying why do you say the same thing 3 times? It's a bad habit. Yes. OK, so This has been recorded, so let me repeat what you're saying a bit. Okay. So the question is, what it's government oversteps their authority. And if God chooses kings, does he also write constitutions? Which is a good question. I would say to the 2nd question. First, know that god gives man the authority to establish their own government. And our constitution very, our constitution is very well written. It even mentioned this point. Our constitution mentions that the people have the authority to make a constitution and a change of constitution. I like our constitution, not that god inspired it or wrote it, but god organized things. We talked about this yesterday with roger williams and otherwise to have a nation that was founded on some good principles. What happens if a nation oversteps its bounds like white? If mister d and the Philippines begin to inject anti vax people, whereas their sheep vaccine there That's overstepping his legal authority in the Philippines. The philippine constitution does not give him that kind of authority. I think as soon as someone oversteps their authority that you are not obligated to a bay, but then suddenly you end up in a situation where you really need to weigh your risks and opportunities. So for example, when jesus was on trial, his trial was quite illegal. The way it was done was contrary to all the principles of trials in israel. Really, it was badly done. Jesus could have stood up for himself there and demanded that the constitution of their nation be followed. He did it. And I don't think that we ought. I'm gonna give you a principle that I think relates to this and it relates to many other signs. There is a big difference between 80 jones defending the right of freedom of conscience. And I tried to defend my rights in court. So I mentioned yesterday that we were offered an exception. Were you here yesterday? Ok, good. So I'll review this for you and they'll be glad to hear it again. I mentioned that in 1888 that we as a church for offered an exemption to the sunday law, the U. S. Government said that's 70 baptists, something advents and jews could go to church on, on Saturday. And others would go on Sunday. And the government thought that that would be a good work around and that would make everyone happy. And they were quite surprised when the address church said no, that doesn't make us happy at all. We said we object to this law, even if it was a sabbath law. We object not to the day we object to the principle of forcing worship or regulate and worship. But that was, that was our position as a church. It's a good position. But if I have a job and my employer demands, i work on sabbath and I refuse to work on sabbath and he fires me for me to take my employer to court to defend my own rights is an entirely different situation. So jesus said, when they strike you on one, she turned to them the other also, when they can tell you to go a mile, go with them too. He said, resist not evil. And everything inside of us is to resist evil as to smite. The smiter is it to pay our due tax and not a penny more ever at it. What he said, there must you 5 doesn't match our principles very well. But what he was saying is that when they ask you to go a mile and you go with him twain who to you're allowing them to take advantage of you Dan, you gave me a documents yesterday, but of course you gave me a lot of them. And I, I tend to read slowly, believe it or not. And so I picked one of the small ones. So I could possibly make some progress in it because you gave me like a years worth reading yesterday. Let me read you this. In the world, the christian will be slighted and dishonored and will consent to be least of all and servant of all he will submit to be injured to be despitefully used and persecuted, but wherein the yoke of christ he will rest. He will find rest unto his soul and the yoke will not be galling. Signs of the times, august 22, 1895. None of you are taking notes so you don't care about that. Did you? Did you catch it? Maybe I'll review with you what it said, in my own words, it says that the christian has grown to allow himself to be treated badly. He consent to do latrine duty To take the least least to be in that position. It says that he will submit to be injured to be the spitefully used and persecuted. What we are inclined to do is the opposite of this as that heavy business of defending ourselves. And it's heavy. What this passage says is the sentence i've been telling you before I read it to you. That's the same principle as that we are not responsible to guard our own rights. That selflessness is the principle, the actual weight, sus, actuate, such a 19th century, word for motivates it. It is selflessness as the principle that gets us going that makes us move. And what satan would like to do is to get us on to the duty of defending ourself. If we defend our, oh, and I'm 4 minutes over time. That true. I'm just going to finish the saw and close, because I just need to do it. The principle of authority, we need to recognize just authority and submit to it. But when there's overreach, we're not obliged to obey. I'm not obliged to obey my parents when they tell me things. They don't have authority to say to obey the government and it tells me things it doesn't have authority to say to by the church that told me it's already. But I do have some responsibility to use my good sense and think through consequences. Because not obeying my parents could have some consequences. Now to be the government could have some consequences, not to be the church could have some consequences. I can think of real examples of all 3 of those so. So there are times when we submit to unjust authority for the sake of peace and effectiveness. That is it. That is putting myself in bondage. I'm still a free man where the spirit of the Lord is daria's liberty. When paul said I make myself a servant of law, he wasn't saying that he suddenly loses his freedom. He means that he freely submits to be in that position for the benefit of gaining someone. Yeah, that's the right principle. Selflessness is the right principle. Let's pray our father in heaven. I asked that she would help us to have principles that match your own. I asked for that gift in the name of jesus, a man To listen to more of these presentations, you may visit the audio archives at M. I S D A dot org slash audio 2021 or search for michigan conference camp meeting wherever you get your podcast.


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